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Nightmare Fuel / Skylanders

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"Think I sound crazy? Perhaps. I was locked in a jar for thousands of years, but I can also prove this claim, and take you to a place known as NIGHTMARE WORLD. Want to go?"
Brain, Skylanders: Imaginators
  • A witch tricked Ignitor into wearing a magical suit of armor that was said to resist fire from a dragon. When a dragon's fire rained down on him, Ignitor was instead transformed into a flame spirit who was forever bound to the suit of armor, which turned out to be cursed.
  • Grave Clobber's backstory stated his brothers buried him in an underwater tomb while he was asleep.
    • Another Grave Clobber one, for older audiences, it might not be, but it definitely would be for most kids: during The Golden Desert in Trap Team, you fight him. The first thing he says? "I'M GOING TO BURY YOU."
  • Shroomboom and his fellow sentient mushroom were born in a pizza topping garden owned by Kaos and were on the verge of becoming his dinner. An added story detail is included that although Shroomboom saved himself and his fellow mushroom brethren, it is believed a family of pineapple chunks weren't lucky.
  • It seems like a lot of young kids find Ghost Roaster, with his sharp teeth, claws and the ability to turn into a flaming skull, pretty frightening. The fact that he's Ambiguously Evil doesn't help.
  • Eye Five and especially Eye Scream are pretty creepy.
  • The villain Dreamcatcher from Trap Team. Her levels are a Mind Screw, she eats dreams and has More Teeth than the Osmond Family. She's also a disembodied floating head.
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  • The Wilikin in Giants are eerie enough, but one of the houses in Facadeville seems to have a female Wilikin ghost running around through the air that you can't interact with other than standing under her to make her stop. On top of this, the furniture is floating off the ground and the music is replaced with a version that has childlike laughing in the background. The other Wilikin never mention the house.
  • This one is more likely to weaken with age as well but, Hood Sickle's redesign in Imaginators takes his grim reaper/executioner vibe Up to Eleven. With a catchphrase of "Any Last Words?", he's way less friendly than any of the reformed villains. Which is fitting, as he was never actually evil, according to his backstory, but simply very, very committed to his job of being ominous and frightening. It's also worth noting that his new combat style revolves around summoning and consuming fragments of the souls of his slain foes to power up his attacks.
    • Eon actually exploited this fact when he recruited Hood Sickle as a Sensei, as his Sentinel-class trainees are always perfectly attentive during his lessons, being absolutely terrified of their teacher.
  • Near the end of Skylanders: Trap Team, Kaos is empowered by The Ultimate Weapon's Stinkocity and Traptanium, becoming Traptanium Kaos, which allows him to see the Portal Master through the fourth-wall. He then planned to not only conquer Skylands, but to also pull the new Portal Master from their world and trap them in Traptanium. During his boss fight, Kaos actually makes an attempt to pull the player Portal Master from their world, but luckily only manages to pull their personal belongings into Skylands instead.
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  • Superchargers gives us Kaos' latest creation, the Sky Eater (or, if you find the name too scary, the Doomstation of Ultimate Doomstruction), which is designed to do EXACTLY when the name implies, tearing open rifts as it proceeds to destroy Skylands, as well as disable Skylands' portal network so that Skylanders CANNOT USE PORTALS AS MEANS OF TRANSPORT. Now remember what you use to bring your Skylanders to Skylands? Oh, and the magic the Sky Eater consumes? That's used to empower the Darkness AND A HYDRA HATCHLING. Yes, apparently the Hydra from Spyro's Adventure had a BABY. There's a reason Eon assembled the Superchargers in the first place: the Rift Engines, an alternate means of portal transport, are not connected to the main portal network, so the Skylanders simply switched to those until the portal network got back up.

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