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"Mr. Noisy and The Silent Night" and Mr. Christmas' story take place before Mr. Quiet's own story.

  • The two aforementioned stories portray Mr. Quiet as living in Loudland, yet in some stories, he's portrayed as living around the same place as the other Mr. Men and Little Miss.

The Little Monsters are the long lost children of the Mr. Men and Little Miss.

  • Jossed. The Little Monsters are humans while the Mr. Men and Little Misses are shape people.

Possible voice actors for the Mr. Men and Little Miss in a future cartoon.

Little Miss Stubborn has a death wish.
  • Why else would she ignore other people's warning about running into danger?

Mr. Mischief's story is supposed to be a Reality Ensues version of the usual Mr. Men formula.

Future story suggestions.

  • Mr. Men: Hanukkah
  • Mr. Men: European Tour
  • A crossover with Timbuctoo. Maybe leading to a revival of the latter series.
  • Mr. Men: Stage Musical. Make it a cross between a story book and a music book.
  • Little Miss Curious And The White Rabbit. If the Magic sub-series ever comes back.
  • Mr. Men Go To Japan
  • Mr. Men: Trip to Alton Towers

The Mr. Men and Little Miss are Legacy Characters.

Little Miss Trouble was forced to apologize to Mr. Uppity and Mr. Clever under a threat of violence from the two of them after they found out that she deceived them.

There will eventually be a stage musical parody of the series in the vein of Avenue Q.

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