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    Kamen Rider Drive WMGs 
Kamen Rider Drive will get an American adaptation next year.
It will premiere back-to-back with Power Rangers Ninja Steel in 2017.
  • Jossed - all 20 episodes of Ninja Steel have aired, and a Drive adaptation is nowhere to be seen.

Kamen Rider Drive was a police officer.
WAS. After becoming a Kamen Rider, he had to stay away from the police department before he gets busted.
  • Jossed. Tomari is a member of the Special Police. But he does have to keep his identity secret to most of the force for reasons unknown at this time.

How Drive's mode-changes work
Less wild, more logic-based. Drive's Rider System is a cross between Kuuga and Gaim's styles. The four basic Shift Cars (Shift Speed, Shift Wild, Shift Technic, and Shift Fruit) activate basic forms, akin to Kuuga or Wizard: the red Type Speed, black Type Wild, green Type Technic, and orange Type Fruit. The rest just switch out his chest armor (akin to Gaim's Armor Parts, albeit on a smaller scale) to grant various abilities, and can activate similar abilities and wheel armor when used on Trideron. Also, any of the "chest armor" Shift Cars can be used in any of the basic forms. Essentially, cross Fourze and Gaim's styles.

Drive moves a lot faster than the Roidmudes
Think about it. The Roidmudes themselves conjure up Donyoris/Slowdowns, so they are immune to their own ability.So how is Drive able to move normally? He moves faster than an average human, fast enough to resist and cancel out the Slowdown effect on him.Which could mean, should a Slowdown be nullified, he should be able to overwhelm the Roidmudes with this true speed.
  • There is also a chance an upgrade form could be able to nullify the Slowdowns, allowing Drive to make use of his true speed.
  • I don't know. It's implied that the reason he's immune is that, like the Roidmudes, he's powered by a Core Driviar, meaning it cancels out Slowdowns automatically no matter what form he's in.

Drive's ultimate form powers
Drive will be able to put a Slowdown effect onto the Roidmudes themselves, not only increasing his combat capabilities against them, but also allowing more civilians to get away.
  • Jossed, that's a power he already has! He's just not using it for moral reasons and the fact that Roidmudes are immune to Slowdown, so this is an impractical effort!
    • Further jossed thanks to new info about Type Tridoron, which allows Drive to combine Shift Car tires.

Drive's Type Speed, Wild, and Technic forms each arm him with weapons modeled after Tridoron's respective modes.
The Handle Sword and Door Gun are respectively based off of Tridoron's steering wheel and driver-side door from its sports car mode. On top of that, they're both primarily colored red like Type Speed.
  • Jossed, as the Finishing Move of Drive's Type Wild requires the Handle Sword to be used.
    • Jossed, but not as the above one had believed it to be. There are no other weapons exclusive to a Type (except the Trailer Cannon for Types Formula and Tridoron), but the weapons are more geared to one type, with the Handle Sword being more geared for Type Wild and the Door Gun being more geared for Type Technic. Type Speed can use both at the same time.

Drive will use all of the Tire Exchanges in Type Speed, yet barely use any in his other forms.
This one was made after realizing just how little a previous season Sanjo had helped penned had used his Modules very rarely in anything other than in the default form.
  • Seems to be Jossed, as three of the vehicles are reported to only be usable in Type Wild. If that's the case, it's logical to think the same will hold for Type Technic.
    • That would later be proven wrong with Type Speed Doctor and Type Speed Dump.
      • However, Dump seems to be uncontrollable with Type Speed. Mr. Belt seems to think it can be used safely with Type Wild.
  • Jossed, in a way. Certain Shift Cars are compatible with certain Types. For example, Rumble Dump was too heavy and wild for Type Speed to control, but Type Wild's enhanced strength allowed Shinnosuke to use it properly.

Type Technic's Finishing Move will involve the Door Gun.
According to a recent scan, Type Wild's finisher is called the Drift Slash, which utilizes the Handle Sword, so it could be possible that Type Technic's finisher utilizes the Door Gun in a shooting-based attack.
  • Not a direct confirmation, but the DX toy comes with Shift Technic, just as the Handle Sword came with Shift Wild.
    • It's more like the other forms utilize one weapon better than the other. Type Speed is the balanced aspect of course, with Type Wild being more suited for close combat gets more usage out of the Handle Sword. Type Technic gets the Door Gun due to the form's computing optics allow it to not only fire with great accuracy, but do so while facing away from Shinnosuke.

Drive must be cool, calm, and collected in order to access Type Technic.
Since Type Wild requires passion to be accessed, it would seem possible for Type Technic to require the exact opposite of that for Drive to access.
  • Confirmed!

Or similar to the WMG above,
Type Technic required a different kind of 'shift gear change', when Type Wild required a shift gear up from Type Speed.

Type Technic is Weak, but Skilled.
While Type Wild is Unskilled, but Strong. Type Speed, as the Jack-of-All-Stats, is the balance between the two.
  • Confirmed, somewhat. Type Technic has a lot of skills, but sits in-between Types Speed and Wild in power.

Drive's Super Mode will...
  • Have Tridoron break apart and fuse with Drive. Or have four or six tires attach to Drive's suit.
    • Confirmed!

Type Technic will debut in episode 9.
  • Considering the title for that episode will be "How Do You Get Used to a Cool Body?", I'd say that's a given.
    • And confirmed!

Drive will get upgrades to his basic forms, like Kuuga's Rising forms.
Through hacking of the Drive Driver, you can hear Belt-San announce a "High Speed", "Get Wild", and "Ultra Technic" Type. And with the announcement that there is indeed a Shift High Speed Shift Car, it looks probable that Drive will function as Kuuga does, enhancing his base Types.
  • Not likely to happen in the main series, as of now. High Speed seems to be exclusive to the Hyper Battle Video, and nothing seemed to pop up about Get Wild or Ultra Technic from the 2015 first quarter toy leaks.
    • Considering Shift High Speed was nothing but a reskinned Shift Speed in said Hyper Battle Video, and the fact the series is in its ending arc as of typing, I say this one is Jossed.

Type Formula will be Drive's Super Mode.
Formula One cars are considered one of the fastest vehicles ever, so it would seem like the best choice for the motif of Drive's ultimate form.
  • A Super Mode.. this early?! Mach's not even in the show yet! Nah man, if anything, Type Formula will be like Gaim's Kachidoki Arms. There's still Type Next and Type Over to be covered.
    • Type Next's sounds are made when Drive uses a Signal Bike.
      • Jossed. It's Type Tridoron.

Type Formula's mental state...
Place your guesses on what it will be!
  • Shinnosuke must be competitive in order to use Type Formula
  • Shinnosuke must be very happy in order to use Type Formula
    • Jossed. He doesn't need to be in a specific mental state for Formula.
      • Not entirely true. According to Mr. Belt in ep. 24, Shinnosuke must believe in his allies in order for him to access Type Formula.

Shinnosuke is a Roidmude but doesn't know it
Much like Takumi, Shinnosuke is really a Roidmude who thinks he's human. Kiriko has said that she can't become Drive. Mr. Belt has said that Shinnosuke is "irreplaceable". Proto-Drive was almost certainly Chase, who is also Roidmude 000 and the only known human-type Roidmude. The logical conclusion is that only human-type Roidmudes can become Drive, and the only two in existence are Chase and Shinnosuke. The real Shinnosuke Tomari died a long time ago, and the one we see in the series is a Roidmude who took his form and subsequently lost his memories. To mirror Chase being Roidmude 000, Shinnosuke is Roidmude 108 (or 107 if we're counting C-style).
  • If Shinnosuke is a Roidmude, then the real Shinnosuke must've died during the Global Freeze.
  • There's one problem with this theory: Shinnosuke has been shown to be affected by the Slowdown when he's untransformed/has no Shift Cars, whereas Roidmudes in human disguises aren't affected by the Slowdown. So Jossed.

Type Technic's Full Throttle...
  • ...Animates every machine in the vicinity and sics them on the Roidmude, all at once.
    • Or a variation of the Speedrop that Drive used to destroy Volt Ghost, where Type Technic Tridoron grabs the target and runs towards Drive, who jumps up and slams a Rider Kick into the trapped foe.

Trideron can combine with Mach's bike.
To form its own Type Dead Heat.
  • Jossed. Tridoron is getting to combine with red and blue go-karts called the Ride Booster Set.

At some point, Shinnosuke will be forced to create a Slowdown
And he will not take it well.

Drive will inherit Chase's Ride Chaser bike.
Considering that it's been revealed Chase was originally Proto-Drive, as well as how the Ride Chaser can combine with Mach's Ride Macher to become the Ride Crosser, it might seem inevitable Drive will receive something belonging to his predecessor. Not only would it help make Drive more like a traditional Kamen Rider, but it would also double as a Mythology Gag to Kamen Rider BLACK RX by giving him a bike to use alongside his Tridoron car.
  • Jossed. The Ride Chaser is still utilized by Chase after becoming Kamen Rider Chaser.

Shinnosuke actually died in the incident that crippled Hayase, and a Roidmude copied his memories so thoroughly it now thinks it's him. Japanese always answer their phones with "moshi-moshi" because it was believed that any creature other than human wouldn't be able to pronounce it; and Shinnosuke always answers with "hai, Tomari".
  • Again, from a WMG above this one, Shinnosuke had been seen being affected by Heavy Acceleration waves without Shift Car protection. And isn't "moshi-moshi" kinda informal in his line of work?
    • Unsurprisingly jossed.

The physiological factor that prevents Freeze from altering Shinnosuke's memories is also what allows him to become Drive when others, such as Kiriko, can't.
  • Supported by the fact that Gou, who is also a Rider, is also immune to the brainwashing.

Type Tridoron's influences on the Trailer Cannon with Drive's other upgraded Shift Cars.
Obviously, Drive using either Shift Wild or Shift Technic in the Trailer Cannon while assuming Type Tridoron would result in him firing an energy-filled Tridoron in the form of one of its corresponding modes. But what about his 2 Mid-Season Upgrade Shift Cars? Here are some possibilities for them:
  • Shift Dead Heat
    • Ride Macher
    • Both Ride Macher and Tridoron, side by side, allowing Drive to hit two enemies at once.
  • Shift Formula
    • Booster Tridoron
    • The Ride Booster Set and Tridoron separately, allowing Drive to hit three enemies at once.
      • Turns out the Trailer Big Impact always fires Tridoron in Type Speed, as seen when Shinnosuke loads Shift Technic into the Trailer Cannon.

Shinnosuke will become a Roidmude
Or at the very least, some kind of hybrid. After episode 33, Krim and Shinnosuke are fused in a single body, with Krim fusing the Drive Driver's Core to Shinnosuke's heart. That alone would make him some sort of cyborg. Now, recent data from the summer movie suggests that Shinnosuke will cause an Apocalypse How kind of event. This is even more supported by the fact that Super Dead Heat is essentially Drive in Mashin Chaser's body. My guess is that, since Shinnosuke and Krim's fusion went beyond what the later intended, the use of Type Tridoron will slowly transform Shinnosuke. In a best case scenario, he would be a cyborg. In the worst case scenario, he would become a full-on Roidmude, which leads us to...

Shinnosuke is the Promised Number
The Roidmudes want to wipe out the human race. Dark Drive comes back to the past to vanquish Shinnosuke stating that the Drive System will mess up the future BAD, and that he's to fault. See where I'm getting at?Jossed. The Promised number is a literal number—Four Ultimate Evolutions working in concert. One of the for is Gold Drive, however, though although it isn't Shinnosuke, Drive is one of the four.

The director will go all the way to avoid showing the Tires of Burning Solar, Colorful Commercial, Deco Traveller, and Amazing Circus.
Even if Type Trideron uses a Tire Mixing mode involving them. See also: Trolling Creator
  • Jossed. the Only Tire Mixings we have saw are for Attack 1-2-3, People Saver, and Kouji Genbar.

Shinnosuke will use his own Density Shift in the final battle against Gold Drive
However, it will only be during his opponent's own DS, leading to an Overclocking Attack that, while destroying Gold Drive, will also end with either Shinnosuke, Krim, or potentially both Killed Off for Real
  • Jossed.

    Kamen Rider Proto-Drive WMGs 
Proto-Drive will be the overall Big Bad
  • Jossed from a story telling standpoint. In an odd twist though, confirmed in a meta sense. The suit was later used to create Gold Drive, the true Big Bad.

Krim Steinbelt was Proto-Drive.
  • Jossed.

Chase was Proto-Drive
  • It's starting to make more and more sense. Already you had to ask why Chase needs a Transformation Trinket instead of turning into a Roidmude, though of course we've seen similar cases before. But now... well, he can't attack an innocent, to the point of having left a battle while having the upper hand twice now. That combined with the who-am-I questions he's starting to ask bring to mind a similar enforcer in purple. Purple is also Proto-Drive's color, and while he is using systems based on Proto-Drive according to Mr. Belt, that doesn't explain why Chase always wears purple unmorphed. By now they're practically screaming it: Chase is the original Drive. (It'd also explain why he's usually used to keep Roidmudes in line, and when confronting Drive, demanded that he transform first. Metal monsters, he can attack. A guy in armor that makes him sorta look like a metal monster, he can attack. Humans? It's against his nature to the point that it makes him ask dangerous questions and risks jogging his memory. Brain and Heart don't ask him to take part in plans that harm humans because they know it.)
    • All but confirmed by the simple fact that Proto-Drive is voiced by Taiko Katono in episode 0, who portrays Chase in the series proper.
    • Even more possible once you remember Proto-Drive's weakness. He couldn't destroy Roidmude cores. The perfect ability for Heart and Brain to use on reckless Roidmudes who hinder their plans.
    • As of the new episode, it seems pretty possible, as Heart almost takes a fatherly instinct in asking Chase to trust him, and considering what he did to Proto-Drive.
    • Confirmed

000 Human-type Roidmude was Proto-Drive.
He was created by Mr Belt, destroyed by Heart, memories wiped by Brain, then rebuilt into a new identity, Chase.
  • Confirmed.

Before the series is over Chase will become Proto-Drive once more
He still has the Protodrive Car even though his new gimmick is bikes, we're going to get an episode where Shin gets hurt, Chase's driver gets damaged and he has to go out to help Mach. Bonus points if it's the part that finally gets Mach to accept Chase.
  • ... Why? Proto-Drive is inferior to Drive Type Speed in every aspect. Punching power, kicking, jumping, running... Proto-Drive is obsolete at this point, and the fact Roidmudes get stronger as time passes, Proto-Drive can't fight as well anymore. Heck, Proto-Drive probably would be overwhelmed by Low-Class Roidmudes after so long after the Global Freeze.
  • Jossed. Prior to Chase's death, he transformed into Mashin Chaser.

    Mr. Belt WMGs 
Mr. Belt was the First Drive
Proto-Drive introduces himself by having the Shift Cars attack, exactly how Mr. Belt later summons them to attack the first monster. Like Roidmudes, he's an AI that gained a body during the same event and used it to save the world, but his body was destroyed in the process. He now lends his power to Shinnosuke to fight in his stead, no longer able to do so on his own.
  • Jossed. Episode 3 shows that he talks about Proto-Drive as someone else who died fighting the Roidmudes.

Krim Steinberg's consciousnesses was installed in Mr. Belt
After an incident involving the Roidmudes, he might have been 'killed' and somehow had his mind transfered to the belt. Thats a bit of a stretch, but its possible.
  • Episode 2 lends credence to this theory: He has nightmares about his previous life as a man, where he swore he wouldn't die while the Roidmudes were still running amok.
    • Confirmed in Ep. 10 with his body killed by Heart and his consciousness uploaded to Mr. Belt.

Mr Belt wasn't supposed to eventually go crazy.
He was hacked and sabotaged.
  • Confirmed. Apparently in #40, Banno added a surprise into Mr Belt's programming while duplicating the belt.

He was the one who made the Roidmudes, not Banno
He just shifted the blame to him when they went berserk.
  • Jossed, Banno did create them.

    Shift Car Power WMGs 
Come one, come all! Take your guesses as to what the abilities of the Shift Cars listed in this folder will be when they are eventually used in the series.

Amazing Circus
  • Allows Kamen Rider Drive to fight in the style of an acrobat.
    • Alternately, it gives Drive a hand-held cannon, and the Full Throttle makes the cannon grow so Drive can shoot himself out of it.
    • Or he can use the powers of different animals in the same fashion as Vixen.
    • Gives Drive hula-hoops or circus-themed weapons that specialize in tricking the opponent and lowering their guard.
  • Exclusive to Type Technic.
  • Type Technic Drive becomes a Fragile Speedster, but not in the same way as Type Speed. Its jumping power and running speed are just as high compared to Type Speed's running speed being higher.

Burning Solar
  • Allows Kamen Rider Drive to Light 'em Up.
    • We have a winner. Confirmed.
  • Exclusive to Type Technic.
    • Alas, Burning Solar wasn't used in the series, so we'll possibly never know.

Deco Traveller
  • Allows Drive to use some form of light fixture to attack
  • Based on a dekotora.
    • Confirmed.
  • Exclusive to Type Wild.
  • Allows Type Technic Drive to become a strong fighter similar to Type Wild. His arm power is strengthened, and he is equipped with chain flails on both hands.
    • Alas, Deco Traveler wasn't used in the series, so we'll possibly never know.

Fire Braver
  • Allows Kamen Rider Drive to Kill It with Water.
  • Based on a fire truck
    • Jossed on the water bit. It gives Drive an extending ladder arm to grab/punch with.

Hooking Wrecker
  • Equips Kamen Rider Drive with an Epic Flail.
    • Seems to be confirmed. It arms him with a hook weapon.

Mad Doctor
  • Makes Kamen Rider Drive The Medic.
  • Based on an ambulance
    • Confirmed on both accounts.

Road Winter
  • Makes Kamen Rider Drive An Ice Person.
    • Confirmed.
  • Based on an ice cream truck.
    • Jossed on the ice cream truck bit. It's actually an ice resurfacer.
  • Drive will not be hindered by icy terrains.
    • Not likely.
  • Exclusive to Type Technic.

Rolling Gravity
  • Makes Kamen Rider Drive a Gravity Master
  • Based on a steam roller.
    • So far, what is known about Rolling Gravity is that it gives Type Technic Gravity a weight to fight with.
      • Confirmed on the Gravity Master, but only when the weight is thrown and lands on the ground.
  • Type Wild can carry the weight easily to slam it on enemies. Drive can only use its gravity powers as Type Technic.
    • No longer the case in #38, where Type Technic Gravity could swing it around just fine fine.

Rumble Dump
  • Kamen Rider Drive Dishing Out Dirt.
  • Based on a dump truck.
    • Confirmed on the dump truck. Oddly enough though, it arms Drive with a drill.

    Kiriko WMGs 
Kiriko is a robot
She never smiles, has apparent superhuman agility, and it would explain why she can't just become Drive herself.

Kiriko is a Roidmude.
One that managed to become human.
  • Jossed. She was attacked by them during Global Freeze.

Kiriko will become a Rider
Even if it's only temporary, even if she only transforms ONCE, Kiriko will get to be a Rider.
  • The previews for the Blu-ray only episodes showed Kiriko transforming into Drive. Not exactly confirmed yet though.
  • Confirmed, sort of. She becomes Drive Type Speed for a few seconds in a flashback, but can't handle the strain.

    Kamen Rider Mach WMGs 
Chase will become Kamen Rider Mach.
Not only do both use guns as their primary weapon, but Mach's bike is said to be able to connect to Chase's Ride Chaser. Either he will simmer down a little bit and become an aloof ally, or else will fight for justice, but still oppose Drive.

Hayase will become Kamen Rider Mach
However, due to his injury, it will take a toll on his health.
  • Jossed.

Kiriko will become Kamen Rider Mach
It's already been established that she would have been Drive if she could.
  • Jossed. It will really be her younger brother.

Mach is a Boxed Crook
To contrast with our detective main rider.
  • Jossed. He's actually a freelance photographer.

Mach is a Roidmude
Who after gained sentience, decided to help humanity.
  • Jossed. Well, at least, if he is a Roidmude he doesn't know it. Given the WMG that Shinnosuke is one and that this is why he can become Drive and Kiriko can't, it's possible that Gou is also actually a Roidmude, which is why he can become Mach.
    • Considering #15 shows us that Mach has an intense hatred for Roidmudes, this would be rather awkward and earth-shattering.

Mach is Proto-Drive and Chase is a Roidmude duplicate.
Proto-Drive might have gotten into a huge disagreement of some sort about the effectiveness of the Proto-Drive system, and left to create Kamen Rider Mach as his own improvement. At some point before the main story, Mach fought one of the Roidmude higher-ups, which inspired them to create their own version, which resulted in Chase.
  • Since Heart was the one that killed Proto-Drive, the first part is Jossed big time.
  • Doubly so since Chase was revealed to have been Proto-Drive

Mach has already killed several Roidmudes.
Seeing as Gou was working aboard and it's already confirmed that the Roidmudes are plotting worldwide, it would be strange that he wouldn't already have battled some of them.
  • He will also have a bigger kill count than Shinnosuke, which he will use to irritate him.
  • Seems to be jossed. The Roidmude count didn't deduct by his off-screen kills.

Mach is this world's version of Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V 's Yuya Sakaki.
I can't be the only one who sees this. Gou is basically like Yuya; A funny guy who loves to entertain, has a funny personality, and even he says Yuya's catchphrases!! And, given that Arc-V shows that different dimensions exist, each one with their own Yuya... It's not a big stretch to say that Mach is a version of the Pendulum Duelist.

Mach's Dead Heat form will be a reversal of Drive's Type Dead Heat.
Just as how Drive Type Dead Heat resembles Mach's default form with aspects of Type Speed in the helmet and torso, Dead Heat Mach will be similar in design by resembling Drive's Type Speed form with aspects of Mach's default form in the helmet and torso.
  • Jossed. Beyond the helmets, both Dead Heat forms are identical.

Mach will die to make way for Chaser
Is it any coincidence that Kamen Rider Chaser has Mach's Driver?
  • Considering there is spy footage of Deadheat Mach Arabull and Chaser fighting, this is a big fat Jossed.

The Mach Driver is actually meant to be mass produced
Mr. Belt refers to the Mach Driver as the "Next system", not the Mach System. Add that onto the fact that Mach and Chaser both use Mach Drivers even after the original was destroyed, and it seems like Mach's belt was made to be used by multiple people. Plus this means we might still see Kiriko become a Rider, so...
  • Finally realized with leaks of the Mass-Produced Mach units!
    • ... Which were used in only one episode as a gag.

Mach's status as a villain will be temporary
It might just be a double agent thing he's doing and didn't tell the others for realism's sake. It would also be a call back to episode 13, where he did something morally wrong to try and fight the Roidmudes
  • Confirmed!

The other two Signal Bikes prove far more useful on their own than those two jokers.
Think about it, Kikern could probably turn into a monster on its own and Kaksarn could do a Kage Bunshin no Jutsu.

Gou's Sanity Slippage from #27-#28 onwards was all just a ruse
Gou probably just wanted to find a way to convince the Roidmudes to let him join their side as well as make his apparent Face–Heel Turn more convincing in the eyes of Shinnosuke and Chase.
  • Confirmed.

    Mashin Chaser WMGs 
Mashin Chaser will be a deconstruction regarding the Kamen Riders classic modus operandi.
A masked, motorcycle-riding lone hunter of the monsters - on this description alone he seems more Rider-like than Drive does. Note that not many Riders cooperated with officials in the past. This way, the creators will show how that's not a good thing.
  • For more points, it will turn out that he isn't exactly human, thus making him just like the Showa Riders.

Chase is Steinbelt's son
Optional - He's the one who gave Chase his motorbike.
  • Jossed. Chase is Proto-Zero, a Prototype Roidmude. If anything he's Dr Banno's "Son".

Chase was Proto-Drive
  • Something went wrong and turned him into Roidmude.
  • not to mention Proto-Drive's armor is seen as purple a color that is chase's.
  • It's explained that Proto-Drive was killed, but perhaps the Roidmude's revived him to serve them.
    • Take these points as you will: 1. Mr. Belt said in #4 that he believed Chaser to be based off Proto-Drive. 2. He seemingly confirms this in #5, when not only does Chaser use Max Flare for a Tune attack, but the Spider Viral Core as well. Mr. Belt says that this is only possible if Chaser is in fact using Proto-Drive's systems.
    • You would think that Mr. Belt or Kirikio would have recognized him somewhat though...
      • In Kiriko's case, there's no evidence she ever saw the man under Proto-Drive's armor. For Mr. Belt...well it's clear he's still hiding somethings. Perhaps he did and just hasn't said anything? After all, if P-D really DID die, then reviving him would be a feat that even Mr. Belt could be skeptical about.
    • Confirmed

Chase is Shinnosuke's partner from the prologue
  • Jossed. Episode 2 reveals that Hayase, Shinnosuke's partner, wasn't killed during the Global Freeze incident. He just ended up crippled.

Chase will undergo a Heel–Face Turn.
I don't know, his Mashin Chaser form does kinda resemble a Kamen Rider. Anything can happen.
  • While this isn't confirmed yet, there seems to be a lot of evidence leading to this, as recently (by which I mean Episode 8 onwards) Chase seems to be doubting his own actions. Plus, it's been revealed that Rider Mach can merge his motorcycle with Chase's to pull off some sort of super move, so it seems likely Chase will become good.
    • Confirmed, Chase is now Kamen Rider Chaser.

Chase will die before the Second Rider is even introduced, or early on in the series
Many people draw comparisons to Kirihiko and needless to say, they drew the same conclusions.
  • There have been images of Mach and Chaser together, so the first part is Jossed.

Chase is among the 108 Roidmude.
He will not show his true form until he loses all his gears first.

Chase will soon gain the ability to change forms like Drive...
And possibly even a Super Mode.
  • Confirmed, Mashin Chaser will gain a new form in April 2015.
  • Given that his Roidmude form counts as a unevolved form he may use a special Human type Viral Core to achieve his Super Mode.
    • That part's jossed, he uses a duplicate of Mach's Driver to transform into a new Rider.

Mashin Chaser is not a Roidmude.
He will be revealed to actually be a CyberRoid, an artificial Roidmude of the same type used by Lupin in Movie War. The reason why he can't kill humans is that he is actually a Three Laws-Compliant robot.
  • Jossed.

Mashin Chaser will become a Dragon Ascendant
In #10 Heart reminds Chase of a promise they made and given that Heart is willing to die in order to defeat Drive for the Roidmude revolution maybe he plans to have Chase be his successor in case he dies?
  • Jossed. The promise was that he would stop Heart if he entered the Dead Zone.

Mashin Chaser's reason for his inability to kill humans is...
When they copied Proto Drive's system to create his powers, he also copied Proto Drive's personality and perhaps some of his memories. So while he he isn't Proto Drive, he still has his conscious and morality.
  • Jossed It's really because he's Proto-Drive himself and has residual programming that's telling him to protect humans.

Mashin Chaser is taking traits from Shinnosuke...
  • Hence why he doesn't want to hurt humans, he's unknowingly copying Shinnosuke's heroic traits.
    • Either that or his original programming was awakening the more he fought Drive.

Mashin Chaser will...
  • transform into Proto-Drive again later in the story. Either by borrowing Belt-san or with a replacement Drive Driver.
  • Jossed. He will become a Rider again, it seems, but not Proto-Drive. The latest scans revealed that, with the Mach Driver and a new Signal Bike, there will be a third Rider: Kamen Rider Chaser.
    • Plus, Heart had the Shift Speed Prototype Car all the while until he returned it to Chase.

Mashin Chaser allowed Brain and Medic to brainwash him
If you notice, Mashin had a bit of a Freak Out! over the Awful Truth and ran off. Throughout the series, he has hated Kamen Riders for killing Roidmudes, so finding out that he is also a Kamen Rider is a pretty scary thing for him, especially if he considers the Roidmudes his family instead of the humans. That and going back to your supposed enemies does raise questions.

Chaser will kill Medic
She said she programed him with protecting Roidmudes and she's shown that she will be killing a bunch of Roidmudes... So...
  • Jossed. Chase died before Medic did, and they were definitely allies at the time.

Chase will do a Heel–Face Turn and become Kamen Rider Chaser
And it's because of a case of Because You Were Nice to Me from Kiriko saving his life, thus reminding him that humans aren't bad
  • Confirmed

The second explosion from Chase's defeat was actually his gun
It would explain why he'd become Kamen Rider Chaser. His old trinket is destroyed.
  • Jossed. In the preview for the next episode, we see Kiriko trying to kill an unconscious Chase with the Break Gunner.
  • Actually, Kiriko is heard saying something along the lines of "Doctor, please!" It seems she might be trying to revive Chase using Mad Doctor in the Break Gunner.
    • Confirmed that Kiriko's attempting to use Doctor to repair Chase. Further, between that small clip and a leaked video showing Kamen Rider Chaser using the Break Gunner in battle, this WMG seems jossed.

The second explosion from Chase's defeat were his Chaser Viral Cores.
In the same episode we see that they have sentience maybe even on the level of the Shift Cars. Who's to say that they didn't sacrifice themselves in order to save their master?
  • Could explain why only Chaser used the Chaser Spider Core before his ascension into a Kamen Rider; its compatriots must have sacrificed themselves.
  • Jossed. The Chaser Viral Cores, all three of them, arrived to help out Chaser Mach's fight against Gold Drive. So what the hell exploded after that fight?

Chase has the power of Self-Duplication.
How did he survive fighting Heart during the Global Freeze? Or Type Formula's finisher? He didn't. He created a duplicate of himself in a safe place, with its own identical Core.
  • Or Maybe his Divide by Zero.
  • When confronted on why he never mentioned this he'll just say "You didn't ask"


    Kamen Rider Chaser WMGs 
Ittsuu, Kattoobi, Toosaan, and Yukkuuri will be Chaser's Signal Bikes.
Considering that Chaser has been confirmed to transform using a Signal Bike like Mach, it would only make sense to give him his own set of Signal Exchange Bikes.
  • So far, not looking like that's happening.
  • And now completely Jossed, as neither Chase nor Mach got their arsenal expanded.

Chaser's Signal Panel will be on his left shoulder.
Not only would it be a reversal of Mach's Signal Panel being on his right shoulder, but if you line them up, their Signal Panels would resemble the wheels of a motorbike.

Chaser's powers will emphasize strength to contrast with Mach's speed.
While Chaser might come off as a Lightning Bruiser just like Mach, both Riders will have their own archetype in order to distinguish themselves (the former being a Mighty Glacier and the latter being a Fragile Speedster). Even their respective weapons seem to reflect this, with Mach utilizing the short light-sized Zenrin Shooter and Chaser utilizing the large heavy-sized Shingo Ax.
  • Sorta. It turns out that Chaser is better than Mach in almost all accounts.

Chase's methodology will be to only fight Roidmudes directly endangering humans.
As long as what they're doing doesn't hurt humanity, he'll leave them alone.

Chaser was meant to be the secondary rider, but Bandai forced the addition of Mach
Chase's secondary brainwashing was to prolong the story until the Chaser toys like the Signal Axe and Signal Chaser were released. Take away that entire plot line, plus the related Mach introduction episodes, and we have Chase's redemption story at around episode 18, which coincides with the typical secondary rider release, rather than nearly 2 months early in the case of Mach.
  • In addition to this, none of the Mach focused episodes recently were actually written by Sanjo. 23/24 and 29/30 were written by Komura. 27/28 were written by Hasegawa
    • There's a few (admittedly tenuous) things that point to this, they had the a suit almost ready since Mach's suit is essentially the Drive dead heat suit with a new chest piece and helmet (and were only an episode apart in introduction), signal bikes where already in motion for Chaser, and the way Mach has been reduced to lifeless dragon pretty much as soon as Chaser was introduced. Perhaps the original plan was Mach was the big bad's new enforcer after Chase's redemption but toyline reasons forced them to swap it around?

Chase will achieve Ultimate Evolution in the finale
Chase will use his passion for justice to evolve and become Kamen Rider Gold Chaser to save the day.
  • Tragically jossed. He died trying to save Gou by self-destructing to take out Gold Drive.

Chase is still not dead.
His first death in #22 is more than a Big-Lipped Alligator Moment; it supposed to foreshadow how he survives his core breaking.
  • Perhaps he'll be revived from his backup memories in the Shift Speed Prototype.

Chase will be revived in time for the movie
It happened to Phillip, Ankh, Kengo, and Koyomi in a way. Every season has an overly dramatic death scene that gets negated for the movie ruining the drama of the sacrifice.

    Roidmudes WMGs 
The Roidmude invasion seen in the preview is a straight example of Never Trust a Trailer.
It's more than likely that the scene in the actual show will be either an Imagine Spot of the villains, or first episode prophecy like they did it with Go-Busters.

Along with Heart and Brain, a third villain named Nerve, or Courage, will appear.
To complete the The Wizard of Oz reference.
  • Couldn't it also be a Neon Genesis Evangelion reference?
  • If it follows the Wizard of Oz theme, then it will likely be named Courage.
  • But if they're going for meaningful name, then it would be named Nerve. Cause he developed the nerve to rebel.
  • So far, the only other named Roidmudes in the command group are Chase and Medic, so this is unlikely. However, given that Brain and Heart are implied to have been two of the original three Roidmudes there's still the matter of the other one to consider...
  • If a third one with this name happens, it won't be Roidmude 001 - he's the Freeze Roidmude, with an advanced version of Heavy Acceleration that lets him freeze time.

Heart and Brain are among the 108.
At some point during their evolution, their numbers stay hidden within their bodies.
  • To be specific, Heart is 001, while Brain is 108, being the first and the last of the Roidmudes.
  • Alternatively, Medic is 108, while Brain is 002.
    • Jossed, as far as numbers go. Roidmude 001 is explicitly a Cobra-Type, while Heart was a Spider-Type, and all the evidence points to his number being 002. Medic's number was revealed to be 009.
    • Heart is 002. Brain is 003. 001 has also been revealed.

Rinna is a Roidmude.
Why else would she take Dimension Cab at the office so late in the night?
  • Jossed.

Rinna is a the person making Drive's Tech.
She picked up Dimension Cab to give it a systems check, and she made the sword.
  • To Quote Mr. Belt: "Exactly!" Rinna is confirmed to be the team's mechanic. However, the secrecy of this makes Shinnosuke annoyed.

Rinna or Harley's the Big Bad or at least connected to one
It seems more and more noticeable that the people who keep handing the Rider's power ups are secretly either the Big Bad or have a connection to one.
  • Jossed for Rinna, she doesn't seem to have had any connection to the man shaping up to be the Big Bad Professor Banno.

There is a Roidmude Number 109.
It is a Wild Card that no one knows about.
  • No, it'll be 000.
    • Confirmed, as a Roidmude-like figure appears in episode 11 with the number 000.
    • Turns out Roidmude 000 is Chase.
  • Confirmed. Even with 000 being Chase, Gou still labels him as the 109th Roidmude.

074 will be the next Monster of the Week
after his boss 023 Crush Roidmude gets destroyed.

All new Shift Cars are previous Roidmudes destroyed.
  • Or all Roidmudes/ Viral Cores used to be Shift Cars.
  • Where did this even come from?

Professor Banno isn't dead.
He's Roidmude #000, having willingly destroyed his flesh-and-blood body to become one of his own creations the same way Krim transferred himself into the Drive Driver on his death. The reason? Heart states that the Roidmude will eventually be humanity's rulers — the Professor wants to be one of them.
  • Jossed. Chase is Roidmude 000.
    • Further jossed thanks to him being revealed that his soul is imprisoned into the tablet Brain carries around.


Professor Banno is dead... for now, anyways.
He willingly destroyed his flesh-and-blood body, but his resurrection will be somewhat delayed. Roidmude #000 is the new Executor, Medic. The other two Executors, Heart and Brain, have decidedly anatomical themes. The Promised Number referred to so frequently is the assembly of enough advanced Roidmudes to create a full body, and when that number is reached, Medic will be the one supervising the fusion. Then, the combined form of all those powerful Roidmudes will serve as Banno's new body.
  • Semi-Confirmed/Semi-Jossed. Banno's consciousness survived after being uploaded into Brain's tablet, but he did't get a new body by fusing the Executive Roidmudes together. He got it by creating and inhabiting the Dark Drive Driver, apparently wielded by Roidmude 004.

Roidmude 001 will be the Big Bad
Heart is currently the main honcho of the Roidmudes, and his number was 002. While numbers are not used to measure their strength, it was stated that the first three Roidmudes were the ones to kill both Banno and Steinbert and kickstart the Global Freeze. If we assume that Brain was either 003 or possibly even 001, that still leaves one major player on the bad guys side that's yet to be seen.
  • Jossed. He fills the same role as Demushu... by evolving a step further and then getting killed by the main Rider's final form.

Medic's big role.
is to restore 001 back fully.
  • Jossed, because 001 has been disguised as a government official the whole time.

The Promise Number
  • really 001.
    • So close...he did archived Ultimate Evolution, but he got killed off too soon.
  • or 016, as Kamen Rider Drive is the 16th Heisei Rider.
  • or 007, following the Numerical Motif the started from Decade.
    • Both are debunked. 016 was destroyed by Shurikenjin UFO's hissatsu and 007 was destroyed by Kamen Rider Chaser.
  • or, given the Numerical Motif of the Roidmudes in general, the "number" could be Infinity.
    • Jossed on all accounts! The Promised Number is 4. As in four Roidmudes who have obtained their Golden Super Modes.

Roidmude 001 is still a Cobra-type.
But he's a Badass Normal who can put up a fight on par with Heart and Brain.
  • His combat skills are still unknown, but him not being evolved yet is confirmed. And apparently, he has the power to create Neo Viral Cores, which are capable of fusing humans and Roidmudes into a single being.
  • His evolved form, the Freeze Roidmude, has recently been revealed. And he has ice and memory-altering powers.
    • Sorta. He had his evolved form, he just didn't need it until Drive picked a fight with him.


001 has evolved, but simply doesn't feel the need to use his evolved form
It's entirely possible he's going to pull an I Am Not Left-Handed in his confrontation with the Riders.
  • Jossed. He not only has an evolved form, he went a step further to Golden Super Mode on Drive.

Medic will be gone soon.
Why else isn't she included in the recent OP when Kamen Rider Mach is?
  • Perhaps because Medic is not meant to be a front-line fighter? She's too valuable to the Roidmudes to lose again; they are not going to force her to fight Drive and Mach, where she'll get killed.
    • Or if something happens to Chase like he makes a face-heel turn or something (especially him starting questioning who he really is and that might bring him into conflict with his fellow Roidmudes), she might replace him in the opening.
      • Chase heel-faced. Mashin Chaser will be replaced by Kamen Rider Chaser in the opening.
  • Jossed. Medic died in the third-to-last episode of the season.

All the Roidmudes who appeared in episode 0 (and weren't destroyed during the Global Freeze) are executives.
For some potential wiggle room we could limit it to to just 001-004 and 006-009 (all of whom were in the special). 005 is excised as we know his fate already. Medic is apparently confirmed (at least on the website) to be 009, and we know Heart and Brain are amongst the initial after Chase. The other execs are currently overseas.
  • OP here, since 007 wasn't an evolved Roidmude I guess we can say this is jossed

Status Quo Is God regarding there being 108 Roidmudes.
Chase is among the numbers, while there is no Roidmude 108.
  • Jossed. Roidmude 108 is around, and is going to be part of the Surprise Future movie. As the Paradox Roidmude.

As a major Roidmude to battle against Drive for him to first use Type Formula.
  • Confirmed... well, to some extent. All Roidmudes that have 4 as the last number seem to be inducted into Medic's Reaper Legion. Whether 004 himself will be The Monster Of The Week or an Elite Mook is still unknown.
    • Maybe Confirmed, Maybe Jossed? Either way, Roidmude 004 is Banno's personal assistant.

Roidmude 007 has a saboteur motif.
Okay admittingly, this WMG is just for fun, but this is like prime grade material to reference James Bond!
  • Jossed. 007 was used for the Sword Roidmude.

Proto-Zero was with the Villains in the first place.
He was hijacked by Mr Drive to be the hero to humans unwittingly and unwillingly.
  • A big fat JOSSED. Proto-Zero only joined the Roidmudes because Heart beat him senseless and Brain, Heart, and Freeze forcibly altered his mind.

The Roidmudes are based on Cybertronian technology.
They work like faster-shifting versions of Alice. The Roidmude's numbered cores clearly function as pseudo-sparks. Sooner or later, Hot Rod is going to show up and disguise himself as Tridoron; the Ride Crosser, meanwhile, is obviously SideWays Playing Both Sides.

Roidmude 001's Advanced Form will be called King Roidmude and will evoke pharaoh imagery.
Up till now, as seen in the Fridge section, all Advanced Roidmudes retain a connection to their Low Class forms. Seeing as it is confirmed that 001 is a Cobra-type and assuming that he will become a major player, if not outright Greater-Scope Villain, the moniker "King" makes sense. Why? Well, what is the most famous snake in the world? Answer: the king cobra. And making some allusions to ancient Egypt wouldn't be so far-fetched anymore, especially since snakes were important in that society.
  • Jossed. He's the Freeze Roidmude, with ice and memory-altering powers.

The Promised Number is a Roidmude with the power to create new Roidmudes.
Why were there only 108 Roidmudes, before Drive & Mach started culling the herd? Because they have no way to make more of themselves. What power could be more vital to their future than ensuring the propagation of the species?
  • Jossed, the Promised Number are 4 Roidmudes that have achieved Ultimate Evolution.

The power may be limited to a specific Roidmude, or multiple Roidmudes may have the potential. Regardless, there's no way to tell which Roidmude is the Promised Number until it manifests.

  • As a corollary, Proto-Zero is a Promised Number. He didn't survive Heart's beatdown or Type Formula's finisher by being tough, but by the emergency manifestion of his power creating a Body Backup Drive.
  • Jossed. The Promised Number is four Roidmudes who have achieved Super Evolution. What they're needed for afterwards, however, is another question.

Heart will kill Medic
This is a guy who announces himself as a friend to all Roidmudes and honors their deaths considerably. Heck, Medic had to lie to him about one of the Roidmudes she killed, which meant if he found out the truth, she might be under thin ice.

Medic was originally put to sleep for a good reason
A Roidmude, probably 001, caught her and did something to her, though at a tough price as one of his comrades was Killed Off for Real in the process.
  • Jossed. She got overclocked on her healing abilities and shut down.

The resolution to Brain's increasing paranoia about Medic.
For one thing we know Heart hates the idea of his 'friends' dying, so regardless of the fact Medic's getting closer to him than Brain I can't see him turning against him. Further, even if she's condescending to him, Medic has shown concern for him in episode 15. I predict that the resolution will be the 2 resolving to work together after Heart is killed.Jossed Brain concludes that Heart cares for Medic more, so he sacrifices himself to save her.

Brain did something to Chase to either undo Medic's upgrades and weaken him, or undo her changes to his programming.
In #21 we see Brain visit Chase after fuming once again about Medic. He then dripped a bit of code into Chase. Later he seems to begin to remember Kiriko, even though after Medic got to him he couldn't before. I think Brain did something to sabotage Medic, which will facilitate Chase being beaten, and later returned to the side of the Riders.
  • Confirmed and Jossed. Brain sabotaged Chase's firewall, but Medic fixed it before Chase got seemingly destroyed.

Roidmude 001 will be the Lung Roidmude.
In keeping with the "vital organ" motif of 002 and 003, it only makes sense for 001 to be the "Lung" Roidmude.. This could tie into his animal motif since certain types of snakes (albeit not cobras) crush/suffocate their prey.
  • Jossed. He is instead the Freeze Roidmude.

One of the Roidmudes copied Banno
Mr. Belt's testimony suggested that the Roidmudes' rebellion was an accident whereas Gou's suggested he made them rebel on purpose, but it all has one common trait: Banno's death. If Banno did try to get the Roidmudes to rebel, why would he have himself killed in the process? The answer: he wasn't the one who Gou saw in his flashback. Just a copy.
  • Jossed. Banno's mind was uploaded into a tablet when he was killed and later become Gold Drive.

004 leads another group.
It will be involved in this coming summer movie.
  • Jossed. 004 is not the villain of the summer movie. He is however, seemingly the avatar of Banno, the apparent Big Bad.

Not all 108 Roidmudes will be gone for good.
Some will be reserved for the future, like the upcoming crossover movie.

001 didn't replace his human identity
He fused with them. His human identity is The Quisling.
  • If that were the case, then the real Makage would have been ejected from the fusion during the fight against Drive in #32, so Jossed.

001's human disguise
is taken from Gou's father, impersonating him while convincing other Roidmudes to rebel.
  • Jossed. 001/Freeze's human form is Souichi Makage.

001 will be 31-32 Monster of the Week victim.
And even though he's destroyed by Kamen Rider Drive's new Super Mode, the fight is still not over.
  • Close enough... Drive did finish Freeze off in 32, but his core survived and he instantly regenerated. He's finished off just one episode later.

001 will job to Tridoron
It's inevitable. He's the Aries/Legion/Deemushu of Kamen Rider.
  • Confirmed

Brain being push is Medic's gambit
to trigger his golden evolution.
  • Jossed, it was triggered after fusing with Nira and resonating with his envy.

There will be equal amounts of each basic type of Roidmude.
  • Since there are 108 Roidmudes and three types, that equals 36 Spiders, 36 Bats and 36 Cobras.
    • As of this guess (most recent episode: 34), 24 Spiders (including one appearing in the summer movie), 24 Bats and 15 Cobras have been revealed (63 altogether), and 45 have yet to be identified.
    • Ultimately jossed. There are 38 Spiders, 38 Bats and 32 Cobras.

All Roidmudes previously Killed Off for Real will be back from the dead.
Particularly near the end, defeating the purpose of the Roidmude Count.
  • In other words, a Here We Go Again! ending. Though the fact all of the Roidmudes coming back would mean the Roidmude Count would be swiped clean, and perhaps the fight against the rogue Roidmudes would start again, only this time, with a possible way for people to detect Roidmudes in their disguised mode to avoid another Makage.
    • Jossed yet sorta-confirmed. It happened when Shinnosuke found the Newton Ghost Eyecon, but it wasn't the whole Roidmudes, just Freeze, Sword, and Thief.

Medic will kill Heart
The dude's a Nice Guy who wants the Roidmudes to get along. Well, we need to have something to establish what a scumbag Medic is after we forgot about her during the Eisuke arc.
  • Jossed. Heart is the last surviving Roidmude. And Medic died saving Shinnosuke's life.

Heart and Medic will pull a Heel–Face Turn
Heart has been getting a lot of sympathetic moments, especially in Episode 40, and in the trailer for Episode 41, Medic is saying that "The answer lies in true love!" which might mean she's going to actually start loving Heart as opposed to lusting after him. Oh, and maybe Brain will redeem himself too, but that seems less likely.
  • Possibly confirmed. Magazine scans show them teaming up with the Kamen Riders in the aftermath of Brain's death but the alliance could be just until Banno is defeated.
    • It's more of an Enemy Mine situation - Brain dies saving Medic from Banno, and then she and Heart join the Riders in stopping him.

There's another level for a Roidmude to evolve to.
It can only triggered after having them experience the opposite of the emotion that caused their Ultimate Evolution.
  • Jossed, mainly because this is too late into the series to even explore the possibilities of said form.

For the answer to Episode 44,
004 is another candidate, who willingly helps Banno to prevent him from destroying the other Roidmudes.
  • Jossed. He's programmed by Banno right from the start to serve only him.

The Zunbo Gunbo Roidmude is one of the Roidmudes who was Killed Offscreen before #43.
So it's either 011, 012, 051, 055, 077, 099 or 100.
  • If you're curious, here's the rundown of those Roidmudes.
    • Roidmude 011 became a Giant Roidmude and was destroyed in Kamen Rider Drive: Surprise Future.
    • 012 and 055 teamed up with Neo-Shade and their deaths were in a flashback in episode 48.
    • In Kamen Rider Drive Saga: Kamen Rider Chaser, 051 was killed by Super Mashin Chaser, 077 was killed by Drive and Accel, and 099 (Angel Roidmude) was defeated by Chase.
    • Roidmude 100 is the Monster of the Week in Type LUPIN: ~Lupin, The Last Challenge~.
  • Jossed. The Zunbo Ganbo Roidmude is Roidmude 007, the Sword Roidmude.

    Other WMGs 
The show will be Kamen Rider meets Knight Rider
According to this tumblr, the belt has an artificial intelligence.

Kamen Rider Drive will be Lighter and Softer, with a much heavier emphasis on comedy.
Since Gaim is one of the darkest Heisei-era Rider series in recent memory, it would only make sense that Kamen Rider Drive would go in the opposite direction, and make it sort of the Kamen Rider franchise's answer to Carranger or Go-Onger.
  • Jossed from the word go.
    • Unjossed...kind of. In comparison to Gaim, confirmed. Otherwise jossed.

Foundation X will return...
In either the series or a movie and they will have some involvement in the creation of the Shift Cars/Viral Cores. They'll have the ability to bring destroyed Advanced Roidmudes back to life. Drive will have to team up with the other five Neo-heisei Riders to fight Foundation X's monster.

The first time Shinnosuke tries to use Amazing Circus, it'll be unwilling due to its partnership with Gou
  • Jossed. Amazing Circus was never used in the series.

Type Dead Heat will in some way require Drive and Mach to be in a similar frame of mind
  • Jossed.

Shinnosuke and Kiriko will become a couple at some point in the series
A recent scan showed the two with Kiriko hugging Shin's arm and smiling.
  • The above happened in the imagination of Gou.
  • Confirmed in Ep 48; the two marry and Kiriko mothers... you guessed it, Eiji.

Shinnosuke and Gou will form the quintessential buddy cop duo formula
The way they both interact seems like the classic formula: Gou is the wild loose cannon, but is also pretty damn good at busting crime, who does what most would consider to be too wild or extreme, ex. Density Shift to get info. Meanwhile Shinnosuke is a lot more of the follow the books cop, probably a bit more of a moralistic contrast, also using the basic detective's ability of deduction. By the end of Mach's introduction they seem to get along pretty well, Shinnosuke saying he'll be his "brakes", really indicating that they need each other, as Gou is shown to very often throw his life on the line and Shinnosuke not being able to solve the case without Mach.

Drive and Mach cannot assume their Dead Heat forms at the same time.
Given how Drive's Type Dead Heat form resembles a fusion between his Type Speed form and Mach's default form, with the possibility of Dead Heat Mach being similar to that, it would seem likely that in order for one Rider to assume their Dead Heat form, the other Rider has to be de-transformed so that they can fully utilize their powers.
  • Confirmed, in a roundabout way. Since there is only one Shift Dead Heat, only one of the Riders can transform into their Dead Heat form.
    • Potentially Confirmed: The two portions can be seperated, having Mach use the bike while Drive uses the car could allow them to both use it at the same time. However Dead Heat still has the Dead Zone issue so this will probably not be seen till that is fixed.
    • Confirmed. When Mach uses it, he folds the Signal Bike into the Shift Car, meaning only one of them can use it at a time.

The Dead Heat forms allow Drive and Mach to use each other's weaponry.
Considering how Dead Heat essentially combines Drive and Mach's powers into one, it would make sense for both Rider's forms to grant them access to weapons that are normally wielded by the Rider whose powers they're borrowing from. As a result, Drive Type Dead Heat can utilize the Zenrin Shooter, while Dead Heat Mach can utilize the Handle Sword and Door Gun.
  • Considering that they haven't shown any sign of doing that yet, I think it's Jossed.
    • It's the end of the series and nothing happened, I think it's safe to call this Jossed.

The Shift Cars can cancel out slowdown by causing it in the opposing direction.
The Roidmude are immune to slowdown by virtue of being covered in cells similar to the brain, and following this train of thought it is likely that this applies to the Riders as well. So how do the shift cars cancel the effect, and why is the AOE so small? Being as the slowdown applies to a circular area the Shift Cars may generate a slowdown with opposing vectors and a smaller area of effect. Cancelling it out rather than nullifying it. This would also explain the time delay that occasionally occurs between a Slowdown being caused and the shift cars cancelling it.

Slowdown works by increasing density rather than gravity.
It has been shown that one can survive a lethal fall while slowdown is in effect which would not happen if gravity was surging/increasing. As such Slowdown must be accomplished by doing something which as a result lessens the net effect of gravity on a falling object. Increasing the density of the air in the area might accomplish this. However there is probably a better explanation.
  • Possibly confirmed from the word go, as the scientific term for Slowdowns are 'Density Shifts'.
    • Note they are also called "Heaviness". However an increase in density does not explain how the Riders can move unaffected. If it really was a sufficient density increase to significantly lower terminal velocity the Riders would be fighting to move through air the consistency of water.
  • "Density Shift" is more of a Woolseyism from a fansub than the actual scientific term for the phenomenon. The Kamen Rider Wiki translates the term as "Heavy Acceleration". A more appropriate name for the effect would probably be along the lines of "Velocity Shift".

Nira is working with the Roidmudes
He's seen in 001's office right where Brain was and tipped off Shinnosuke about something about his father that sets him on the trail to finding out who killed his dad, right down to attacking any Roidmude with a remote connection to 001, which he always takes to his advantage.
  • Finally confirmed in #34.

Dark Drive is still Shinnosuke.
He's actually lying about the Bad Future to his past-self to get him in the right mental state to use Type Special, without which a Bad Future would actually happen.
  • Jossed. Dark Drive is Future!Roidmude 108, who combined with his past self to form the Paradox Roidmude. The original Dark Drive really was Eiji Tomari.

Dark Drive Type Next's Full Throttle allows him to time travel.
How else will he be able to travel back in time? Alternatively, he might use his Full Throttle to undo any of his defeats against Shinnosuke until he takes the Shift Next Special away from Dark Drive.
  • Jossed. According to the 1-Minute Backstory previews for Surprise Future, Dark Drive and Evil!Krim followed Eiji through an open "Time Road".

Alternatively to the above, NEXTridoron is the time machine
Would've been better if it was a DeLorean, but it's still a possibility.
  • The average DeLorean is not only a lemon, but it is also an antique as of 2015. Beyond nostalgia purposes, it is not a suitable car for something out of the future.
    • And jossed. See above WMG.

Jun Honganji was the one who killed Shinnosuke's father.
Except it wasn't a cold-blooded murder. It was a Mercy Kill as he suffered from Fate Worse than Death.
  • Jossed. It was Nira, who killed him out of jealousy.

Drive × Ghost Movie Taisen will be a Crisis Of Infinite Drives

Because we haven't ripped off The Flash enough yet. Basically, a backyard attempt at Global Freeze leads to alternate versions of Drive appearing, and every member of the squad disappears because the AU!Drives are all the squad members from alternate realities.

  • AU!Kiriko actually got to be Drive at last, but she never meets Shinnosuke and any of the others, even Faking the Dead using the accident that killed her AU!Gou to travel across Japan, mopping up Roidmudes in a black Chevrolet-Tridoron. Based on Knight Rider.
  • AU!Gou went on the straight and narrow due to the death of his AU!Kiriko, getting into the police force, before being picked by Belt-san to go undercover without ever telling them. Gou participates in illegal street racing in a tricked out Nissan Skyline Tridoron, on a mission that ultimately leads him to Banno. Based on The Fast and the Furious.
  • AU!Chase is still Proto Zero, but after witnessing his human archetype sacrifice himself to save Krim, Krim ditches the idea of putting his soul in Roidemude 000 and instead makes 000 copy the human so thoroughly he becomes the mask. Chase has to lie low due to being believed dead, running odd jobs for either side of the law in a sleek Audi Tridoron. Based on The Transporter.
  • AU!Rinna was discredited after her then-boyfriend stole all her findings, but Krim gives her the backing to get another shot. Which means she's more concerned with her research than Roidmudes, souping up an '80s Toyota Tridoron with all the blinky gadgets she can make. Based on Back to the Future.
  • AU!Kyuu gets a taste of the big time, his books are published and earn him millions, until someone discredits him and all his work. On Krim's advice, he lies low in the countryside while helping out the townsfolk with an old Honda Tridoron that's capable of more than its appearance suggests. Based on The Dukes of Hazzard.
  • AU!Genpachi is a far more capable policeman, but left in a daze after the violent death of his partner. Buying a new 'mid life crisis' car, he finds new lease on life as it turns out to be Krim's Ferrari Tridoron, allowing Gen to lend his hardboiled style to Roidemude hunting. Based on Starsky & Hutch.
  • And for some reason AU Honganji is from a world where the Roidmudes won a long time ago. He's leading a band of survivors with only Belt-san and a 70s Mitsubishi Tridoron to keep them safe. Based on Mad Max.

There exists a Special Tridoron in addition to Dark Drive's NEXTridoron
In Surprise Future, Dark Drive has a Shift Car called Shift Next Special which is based on his NEXTridoron and allows him to transform into Dark Drive: Type Next. Later, Shinnosuke uses the other side of Shift Next Special to transform into Drive: Type Special. Maybe there's a counterpart to NEXTridoron that the "Special" half of Shift Next Special is based on, since NEXTridoron doesn't have any yellow on it, but half of Shift Next Special is yellow.
  • Alternatively, NEXTridoron has another form that is the hypothetical Special Tridoron and can change into that, and the yellow half of Shift Next Special is based on it.

Banno's Roidmude project was sponsored by Foundation X
After that businessman declined to invest in Banno's work, he had to get funding from somewhere. Perhaps he contacted Foundation X to procure financial assistance. With that funding, he was able to create the first couple of Roidmudes, including 002, so that he could have 002 copy the investor who stiffed him and torture 002.

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