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    Kamen Rider Gaim 

Gaim will not have the Multiform Balance of his predecessors.
We already know that there will be five Riders in this show, way more than we are used to in recent years, so its unlikely that Gaim or any of the other riders will have around the same number of forms as Kuuga and Wizard. He will probably have only three like Faiz, Blade, Hibiki, and Kabuto or maybe even only two like Ryuki.
  • Already jossed. Gaim has at least three other forms, not including his eventual Super Mode.

Gaim's Super Mode will be called as "Salad" or "Smoothie" with a Transformation Trinket that looks like a blender used to access it.
Consisting of multiple fruit ingredients!
  • The current Mid-Season Upgrade uses Orange and any (Energy) Lockseeds and is announced with MIX to signify the blend of fruits.
  • Jossed. It's a key-like Lockseed called the Kiwami (Extreme) Lockseed that upgrades Kachidoki Arms into Kiwami Arms. And it grants him access to ALL the Arms Weapons. Or at least most of them, as there's no way the Suika Arms' Arms Weapon would be used. The only ones that haven't been confirmed are Ichigo Arms' Ichigo Kunai, Kiwi Arms' Kiwi Gekirins, Kurumi Arms' Kurumi Bombers, and Melon Arms' Melon Defender. It's likely Kiwami Arms isn't able to summon any of the weapons summoned by Legend Rider Lockseeds.

Gaim's Super Mode
It will be Meat Arms.
  • Apple Arms. Simply for Law of Chromatic Superiority.
  • Dragonfruit, duh.
  • Or Starfruit.
  • Or Pumpkin.
  • Or that D-class Sunflower Seed
    • None of the above, especially the Sunflower Lockseed. It's a key-like Lockseed called the Kiwami (Extreme) Lockseed that upgrades Kachidoki Arms into Kiwami Arms.

Kouta screaming in the end of the OP indicates he will eventually regret becoming Kamen Rider Gaim
Hard to say, he might regret losing his humanity but not his choice of sacrifice to save the world. Basically Madoka.

Kouta will undergo a Break the Cutie while Kaito will go through a Break the Haughty
Kouta/Gaim seems like a nice guy, with his determination to do right and save people he barely knows, no matter what. However, this will be depicted as being a rather naive and impractical philosophy to have, and these beliefs will be challenged at every opportunity. He'll find that it's not easy to do the right thing, and that he won't be able to help or save everyone. This will cause him to do through a period of darkness, but emerge a stronger person in the end. Kaito/ Baron on the other hand will learn that his ruthless philosophy of the strong ruling the weak is equally impractical and unrealistic. He'll be forced to rely on the weak people he derided, and learn that showing weakness is not a flaw in an of itself.In the end, both Riders will grow as people and have more fully developed world-views by the time the series comes to an end.
  • While Kaito undergoing Break the Haughty is ... doubtable, Kouta undergoing Break the Cutie is practically guaranteed. Look at what happened to good guys in the series that Urobuchi name dropped as inspiration (Ryuki, Faiz) or in Urobuchi's works (Fate/Zero, Madoka).

Gaim's sister will advise him....
wrongly, deconstructing listening to people's advice as well.

Kouta is a Decoy Protagonist and Kaito is the real hero
Think about it, Kouta has slowly been developing bad character traits as he became a Rider sooner or later he'll become a Tragic Hero, pull a Face–Heel Turn, or become the Big Bad or True Final Boss. In the opposite direction, becoming Baron will slowly make Kaito become a better person because of his self-discipline and code of honor as he learns to use his powers responsibly eventually ending with him becoming The Hero. Seriously, the show basically takes every moment to remind us that Kouta and Kaito are Not So Different, it's completely possible.
  • With Kaito's moment at the end of #20, I would sincerely hope not.
    • With what's been shown in canon, Kaito's stance can be summed up as "If it won't fight for its right to live, it deserves to die." Meaning he won't fight for people, but he's more than willing to fight alongside them.

Gaim's army in the war sequence is created from all the Lock Seeds he wins for Team Gaim against other teams.

Gaim is going to be an expy of Spider-Man
When he gets superpowers, Kouta starts using them for personal gain, though with good intentions: helping out his family and friends. However, a tragedy will ultimately force him to start taking things seriously and become a genuine hero.
  • Confirmed.

Kouta will lose an eye to parallel him with Date Masamune
  • Jossed.

Gaim's Early-Bird Cameo in the finale Kamen Rider Wizard will be shown later in the series ala Gokaiger in Goseiger vs. Shinkenger.
Since the connections between the Kamen Rider series' worlds has been shown more in recent years while Sentai series are standalone with the exception of their crossovers. Gaim also mentioned that he was in the middle of something in Wizard, so it would show what he was doing at the time.
  • And it's important to the main story because this adventure is what gets Kouta to get it together for the final fight.
    • It may just be coincidence, but Kouta was wearing the same shirt in #2 that he wore in the Wizard appearance. The thing he mentioned could've been the Inves Game with Baron. If so, then he jumped into the portal sometime between getting challenged and actually participating.
  • Jossed.

Gaim and Zangetsu will form an Enemy Mine against the True Final Boss in the Grand Finale.
  • Not quite, They do form an alliance but not quite against the final villain.

The Multiform Balance categories for Gaim's upcoming 2 new forms will be as followed.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Orange-Melon Energy Arms
  • Super Mode: Kachidoki Arms
    • Jossed he have more one Orange-Cherry Energy Arms
    • Oh yeah? Where's your proof?
    • Not the guy who said the above, but the box of the Cherry Energy Lockseed has a silhouette-image of another form for Gaim.
    • And Jossed again, the preview shows Jimber Lemon Arms. This, along with the previously reported Jimber Melon and Jimber Cherry. Gaim seems set to gain all the energy Lock Seeds.** Considering that the Kachidoki Arms seems to require a key, as seen on the image in the link below, and the fact that it has all of the cut Lockseeds on it, it might be safe to assume that Kachidoki Arms is the final form
    • Maybe, maybe not. The Lock seems to grant two forms, the second requiring the key. Kachidoki Arms might just be the inital Arms that grants the DJ Gun.

Kouta will gain all the Energy Lock Seeds from the Yggdrasil Riders.
Either from help from DJ Sagara or Alternate Mai. Then either she or Helheim will use them to create the Kachidoki Lock Seed. These pictures seem to show all the cuts of Gaim's fruits and those of the Yggdrasil Riders.
  • Lemon Energy Lockseed: Given to him by DJ Sagara along with the Genesis Core needed to help create a Jimber Arms.
  • Cherry Energy Lockseed: Defeated Kamen Rider Sigurd in a one-on-one fight as Jimber Lemon Arms.
  • Peach Energy Lockseed: Takes it right off of Marika's Driver soon after the Yggdrasill Rider powers down.
  • Melon Energy Lockseed: N/A
    • Jossed - aside from the aforementioned Melon Energy Lockseed, he never gains the Dragon Fruit Energy or Pinecone Energy lockseeds

The Big Bad of the series will in fact be Gaim himself.
  • Jossed. Oh so very Jossed.

Gaim will access Jimber Peach Arms and Jimber Melon Arms somewhere down the line.
Seems likely after the reveal of Jimber Cherry Arms.
  • The Arms Change Jimber Arms toy has options for all four, which is another point in its favor.
  • Jimber Peach: Confirmed. Jimber Melon: Jossed.

The Kiwami Lockseed will be created when Gaim gets all four Energy Lockseeds.
He has three now, just needs Melon.
  • Actually from how the Kiwami Lockseed works, it seems more likely that he'll get it after beginning to collect the Locks from the other Beat Riders.
  • Jossed. He got it from DJ Sagara. Who got it from Roshuo.

Each Jimber Arms form has its own unique ability.
Since all 4 Jimber Arms are most likely going to have the same stats and with Jimber Cherry Arms using Super Speed in its debut, it would make sense to give each of them some type of ability in order to distinguish themselves.
  • Seems to be on the money. Recent scans tell us that Lemon grants strength and some increased durability, we've already seen Cherry grants Super Speed, and Peach is said to grant Super Senses. The only one unknown thus far is Melon.

Jimber Melon Arms' special ability.
Okay, so with Jimber Lemon Arms confirmed to possess Super Strength, Jimber Cherry Arms possessing Super Speed, and Jimber Peach Arms possessing Super Senses, who would like to take a crack at what you think the unique ability of the final Jimber Arms will be?
  • How about either increased defense, to the point of Nigh-Invulnerability, or increased agility?
    • The above seems likely - while we never see it in the show, it does exist in the toyline; instead of showing what a melon slice looks like on the armor, it shows the rind of the melon - not to mention that the Kiwami Arms summons the Melon Defender's shield alone, thus suggesting that Zangetsu/Zangetsu Shin's highest stat is defense.

Gaim will acquire the Melon Energy Lockseed...
In a similar manner to how he got the previous two Energy Lockseeds: by defeating Zangetsu Shin, and taking the Lockseed from him directly. Except this time, Zangetsu Shin will still be transformed when Kouta snatches it (possibly either directly off their Genesis Driver, or off their Sonic Arrow), and taking it reverts their transformation... revealing Mitsuzane behind the mask. Kouta will be shocked, and ask how this is possible, causing Mitsuzane to reveal just why he's done so (which boils down to "I tried to keep you out of this war, but you just wouldn't leave well enough alone, would you?"). And then he either runs off, or, in full grip of a Villainous Breakdown, pulls out his Sengoku Driver and transforms again, intent on defeating Kouta. And gets his butt kicked again.

On a related note, Kouta will pity Mitsuzane as he sees him having a Villainous Breakdown, and takes him back to Zawame and leaves him in a hospital somewhere to recover.

  • Pretty much jossed, since his Genesis Driver no longer functions. Alternate theory: Mitsuzane winds up giving it to him after his revival.
    • Jossed. He never gets a Melon Energy Lockseed, unfortunately.

Gaim's movie-exclusive form with be Jimber Pinecone Arms.
Could be possible, since Kurokage Shin will be in the film. One way he could obtain this form is that Peco has a Jerkass Realization and tries to redeem himself by giving Gaim his Pinecone Energy Lockseed. Plus, I'm sure some fans would be interested in seeing what kind of ability Gaim would gain while assuming Jimber Pinecone Arms.
  • Jossed. It's Gaim Yami/Dark Gaim. A monochrome repaint of Jinber Lemon.

Gaim's Movie War (Drive crossover) new Form will be a green version of Kachidoki
...because oranges aren't always orange. Easy repaint ahoy!
  • He will also, if that turns out not to be enough, get a "Decade Complete" themed Kiwami Arms... which will be pink, but will let him use various Heisei-Rider weapons, including Drive's.
    • Jossed.

Kouta would eventually evolve into an Overlord
It's already mentioned that part of Kouta's fight would be to understand what it means to "become an Overlord". #33 has Kouta losing his sense of taste much like another main Rider who lost his sense of taste when he became a monster.
  • As of episodes 40 and 41 confirmed

Raise Up Your Flag will also double as Kiwami Arms' theme song.
It evolves from Kachidoki Arms, so its possible.
  • Jossed. Episode 36 reveals that Kiwami Arms' theme song is called "Ranbu Escalation".

Kouta will use Jimber Melon as his final Rider Power Up
Think about it. His first power up was Orange Arms, followed by Suika, followed by Jimbar Lemon/Cherry/Peach Arms, followed by Kachidoki Arms followed by Kiwami Arms. It's either Jimber Melon as symbolic of him going back to his alliance with Takatora to save the day or symbolic of him casting off the need to use the power of Helheim to save Earth.
  • Jossed.

Kouta's Overlord form with be significantly Rider-like
And it will harken back to Hibiki.
  • Jossed - his Overlord form is the same as Mai's.

Kouta will claim the Golden Fruit and save everyone
And after saving the world he will wonder it to use the power of the Golden Fruit to make the lives of others better as an answer to Minato's questions about what he'll do with his power once everyone's saved.
  • Confirmed, except for the improving people's lives after saving the world bit.

Jimber Melon Arms will only appear in Gaim's Movie War crossover with Drive.
Since the chances of this form making any sort of appearance in the series are looking slim, perhaps it could at the very least serve as Gaim's movie-exclusive form for what will essentially be his epilogue film.
  • Jossed. Gaim's movie-exclusive form in that film will be Drive Arms.
    • Jossed even further, since while it did eventually appear, it's in Gaim's novelization (and later, the SIC Hero Saga), and it's used by Zangetsu.

Kiwami Arms' appearance was altered during the production of the show.
For the longest time, the short clip appearing after the OP (in which the show's sponsors are listed) showed a hazy reflection of what appeared to be a new form form for Gaim. However, once Gaim's actual Super Mode, Kiwami Arms, appeared, said clip appears to have been altered so that the reflection more closely resemble Gaim's default Orange Arms. It's possible that this happened because Kiwami Arm was originally intended to look more like Gaim's other forms (for example, having a blue and orange color scheme), but was changed to it's current appearance due to some sort of Executive Meddling.

Kouta's true counterpart is the Overlord Queen
If you think about it, it's entirely possible. Kouta's actor said his overlord counterpart would come out in the movie, but it's actually left ambiguous. Lapis states that he made Kouta come in his world, so he wouldn't have to suffer. However, what's the point in making him come if his world's Kouta is already happy ? It can mean that this world's Kouta has fallen in great misfortune. Lapis could easily have modified everyone's memory so that they would "recognize" Kouta, even though their Kouta actually has a different appearance. If you think logically, Kouta's true counterpart still hasn't come out in the series, so he/she still has to be revealed. The movie has elements which can be used in the tv series canon universe. Also, the person in the bed in front of Zangetsu at the end of the movie could very well be this world's Kouta.
  • In the TV series this might be the case, but his true counterpart is Lapis from the summer movie.
  • Also, Roshuo and Kouta still have to interact, and it feels like the creators are leaving this for the end on purpose. Another thing is that Kouta states he would rather give the fruit to someone, than have it for himself. And earlier, we had a flashback of Roshuo's queen giving him the fruit.
  • Jossed. She's Mai's counterpart.

Gaim will acquire Jimber Melon Arms during his battle with Ryugen Yomi.
The main reason being that it would serve as poetic justice for Micchy's actions of betraying his brother and stealing both his Genesis Driver and Melon Energy Lockseed.
  • Jossed.

Kouta will save Micchy and Kaito... somehow.
Kouta's resolve is to remove the need for sacrifice in order to advance/evolve. Compare that to Kaito's willingness to let Helheim invade(effectively sacrificing a large amount of humanity) to create a stronger world or Micchy's willingness to sacrifice himself. The best possible outcome is that Kouta sacrifices some aspect of himself to save Micchy at the very least.
  • Both confirmed and jossed - He does save Micchy, but he ends up killing Kaito.

    Concerning Other Riders 

At least one rider will fight against Gaim.
Probably Zangetsu.
  • Confirmed. Zangetsu will assault Gaim in Ep 4.

There will be a Sixth Rider
  • There are seven initial Sengoku Driver Riders. Then one gets destroyed, one upgrades to a different Driver, a huge amount of mooks appear... The numbers are all off.
    • Confirmed.

There will be a female Rider at some point
  • Semi-confirmed with the ELS 02 Cherry Energy Lock Seed and ELS 03 Peach Energy Lock Seed. The sketch design for the Riders look distinctively female.
    • Confirmed with (Kamen Rider) Energy Rider Marika, the Peach Energy Lock Seed user.

Gaim and the other riders are Vegans.
And the lifestyle is necessary to keep their powers!
  • Jossed by Kouta's hunger for a nice juicy steak in episode 3.

That's why this season's Monsters of the Week will be after them.

One of the important characters was literally found in a cabbage patch.
  • Jossed.

This series will have a Tomato Surprise or Tomato in the Mirror situation
  • Does Kouta realizing he's been turned into an Overlord count?

There will be a female rider
Wizard tested out two things in its run, how audiences will like multiple riders and how audiences will like female riders, since we're getting the former, chances are we're getting the latter as well... Especially considering one the writer's famous works involve super-powered girls...
  • Confirmed with (Kamen Rider) Energy Rider Marika, the Peach Energy Lock Seed user.

One belt will get used by someone other than the main user.
The belt's are what determine which rider you are (see symbol next to the lock). So at least one person is gonna get their belt used by someone else, similar to Faiz
  • All the belts are the same. The Lock Seeds themselves are what make each Rider distinct. More likely a Lock Seed itself would be stolen.
    • The belts are the same models, but they bear faceplates on the left side that determine the Rider suit they grant the wearer.
  • Jossed as seen in episode 2 that Mai was unable to get Kouta's Sengoku Driver to belt her. As it turns out, the Sengoku Drivers lock themselves to the first person who puts on the belt. Then again that same episode shows that the employees of the Yggdrasil Corporation also have Sengoku Drivers to pick the Lockseeds but their drivers have no faceplate to indicate transformation.
    • All of the Armored Rider belts are locked with the exception of Knuckle, who uses an updated Sengoku Driver that anyone can use.

The battle between Riders will similar with Fourth Holy Grail War
.Because the writer is the same person who write Fate/Zero, the battle system between Riders may or may not will similar as Fate/Zero's Fourth Holy Grail War, with Kamen Rider Ryuki taste.
  • With the mysterious girl playing a role similar to Irisviel.
  • Confirmed! In this case the final reward is God-like power from the Fruit of Knowledge.

Most of the riders we've been shown will actually...
Die within the first few episodes, notice how they barely look like traditional riders? Only question is, who will lose their head first?
  • Hase lost his Driver, but didn't get killed there. It happened later due to turning into a monster, so he's more Sayaka than Mami.
    • Gen actually calls him the Mami, I believe.
      • Semi-confirmed - while the rider body count isn't as high as Ryuki, of the riders introduced over the course of the show, Hase, Sid, Ryoma, Yoko, and Kaito all bite the bullet before the end in that order (and possibly Zack, depending on how you interpret the ending of Knuckle Gaiden. If you include riders who simply had their belts destroyed, Jounouchi, Oren, and Takatora are included as well; the only riders who didn't die or have their belts destroyed are Kouta and Micchy - although the former has to leave Zawame City, and Takatora does gain a new belt in Gaim vs Drive.

Kamen Rider Gridon will be this season's Butt Monkey
Considering his three Lock Seeds are Acorn, Pinecone, and Durian (A fruit infamous for its foul smell, to the point where some train lines refuse passengers that have them on hand), it seems this way.
  • The Pinecone and Durian lock seeds belong to Kurokage and Bravo respectively.
    • Confirmed. Kurokage gave Gridon his name (Which is a bad pun on donguri/acorn) and uses him as a shield. The two become comic relief characters for a while. Then Gridon becomes Bravo's chew toy.

Alternatively to the above, Gridon will be this season's Leangle.
His Lockseeds are different from the other Riders', in that the others' are more in-line with what we think of when we think of fruits. Gridon is using Acorn, Pinecone, and Durian, the first two of which are actual seeds, and the third of which is known as the King of the Fruits. Gridon seems to be another class of fighter altogether, maybe a Super Prototype or he's as strong as the other four combined, in his basic form.
  • Jossed, since Gridon only uses the Acorn lock seed.

Gridon will be a female Kamen Rider.
Which is why they haven't announced who it is, because it's going to be a surprise.
  • Interestingly, look at the position of the actors and of the riders in the press release. everyone is in the same position as their counterpart except for Mai and Gridon, who don't have one...or do they?
  • Jossed. Gridon is a male.

Gridon is transgender.
Think about it. Gridon is the only "male" member of an otherwise all-female dance troupe, and despite using a masculine pronoun, his speech patterns are suspiciously feminine, as is his clothing. Furthering this is his character growth over the course of the series mirroring gender transition to an extent. He starts out the series hiding behind other, more masculine characters (Baron and Kurokage) and acting very uncomfortable in his skin. This becomes more pronounced after Hase dies and his former teammates make fun of him for his "fake" behavior and obvious femininity—possibly an analogue for the closet. He only begins to accept himself after undergoing serious mentoring from the only (canon) LGBTQ character in the series—Oren—who trains him to become his "genuine" self. The fact that this training involves dressing in drag only adds credence to this theory, especially after he charges into battle still wearing his dress and makeup, and puts up a good fight for the first time in the series. After this point, Gridon appears to be much more comfortable with himself, and he seems to adopt even more "authentically" feminine mannerisms in the latter half of the series.
  • Then again, Oren is a very effeminate male, so it's possible that Oren simply rubbed off on him.

Ryugen will fill the standard Second Rider slot of the show.
He used to be on the same team as Gaim and he's shown transforming next to him in one trailer. He'll basically be like Kagami from Kabuto.
  • Jossed - if anything, his role is more akin to that of Zolda.

The Secondary (or sixth) Rider sides with Gaim
Becoming a similar case to other secondary riders in previous series.
  • Confirmed, only for a while.

Kamen Rider Gridon will be one of the members of Team Baron
During the war sequence you can see him on Baron's side. My money is on the dude who shot Mai with a slingshot.
  • Jossed. Gridon is the leader of Team Invitto.
    • Though considering that he joined up with Team Baron, this is now confirmed.
      • And jossed again. He and Kurokage betray Baron only an episode or two after they joined up.

The peach-themed Rider seen in catalogs will be the 2nd Rider this season.
And she will debut in the Movie War.
  • Jossed: she shows up in the series and after seven riders have already been around.
  • However, the part about her debuting in the Movie War is confirmed.

Kamen Rider Gridon's powers will be used by multiple people over the course of the series.
Early promotional materials revealed four of the five rider's identities right off the bat. Gridon is the only one whose real identity is unknown. That's because different people will use the Gridon Sengoku Driver over the course of the series, possibly with one person ultimately serving as the "official" Gridon (like IXA from Kiva's series).
  • Jossed. A Sengoku driver only works on the person who first used it. Not to mention we have an official Gridon.
    • Kurokage ended up being the one whose powers were used by multiple people, although it was more akin to that of the Riotroopers from Faiz than what the troper who posted this WMG had in mind.

Kamen Rider Gridon's identity will be a secret.
Gridon will actually be one person, but his/her identity will remain a secret and act as a plot point later in the series.
  • Jossed.

Ryugen and Zangetsu will have a Cain and Abel relationship
In the opening, you can see Zangetsu pointing his sword towards Ryugen in the reflection. As for the Sengoku War thing where the two Riders are together, Ryugen might be forced into a With Us or Against Us.
  • Confirmed! They're brothers, Zangetsu is working for Yggdrasill while Ryugen is secretly street-dancing. Later Ryugen is discovered and seemingly joins Zangetsu, but proceeds to manipulate the situation in trying to preserve his dancing group of friends.
  • Inverted.

Zangetsu will obtain the Genesis Driver through killing the female rider who has it
Word of God said that Zangetsu will be the Ohja of Gaim, which could be interpreted to mean that he'll have a high body count, or at the very least be more willing to kill someone. Add the facts that 1) Female Riders tend to have a higher mortality rate than Male Riders (though that's seemed to stop starting from Kiva) and 2) Urobuchi is famous for an Anyone Can Die story involving Magical Girls. Of course, it's not conclusive evidence that this may happen, but it might be worth guessing.
  • Jossed Zangetsu and the female Rider will be working together

At least one of the main Riders will die in a Heroic Sacrifice.
Perhaps one dies to permanently seal the Inves' world, or dies trying to save someone. Or Zangetsu might pull a Redemption Equals Death and die trying to save his brother. This could happen to any of the Riders, really, even Gaim.
  • Half right. Kurokage dies, but it was far from a heroic sacrifice.

Zangetsu will kill Ryugen.
As a result of Sanity Slippage or a Villainous Breakdown, or alternatively to have a Shoot the Dog moment, Zangetsu will brutally murder his own brother.

Ryugen will pull a Face–Heel Turn and join Yggdrasill.
He will become The Dragon to Zangetsu, and will eventually either get Killed Off for Real, pull a final Heel–Face Turn, or both. Could serve as a good Tear Jerker.
  • Or will serve as a mole for the heroes
  • Although according to the series' website, his crush/teammate Mai is in love with his other teammate/fellow Rider, Kouta; by the end of #12, it seems like their friendship is slowly starting to crumble. That and if Mai ends up choosing Kouta, that might serve as the final straw for Micchy.
  • Confirmed! Ryugen is discovered and seemingly joins Yggdrasill, but proceeds to manipulate the situation in trying to preserve his dancing group of friends.

Ryugen will fight and possibly kill Zangetsu.
In the opening, Ryugen is shown being separated from Zangetsu by a chain-link fence. However in the reflection, Zangetsu is shown in his transformed state pointing his sword at Ryugen. Ryugen is later shown shooting down a fence and this is the only "fighting" scene in the opening with Ryugen.
  • Confirmed and confirmed. Or not, as Zangetsu survived.

Zangetsu is NOT a homicidal Rider.
Word of God is that Zangetsu will be an Expy of Ohja, but they might mean to Ohja's dedication to his goals.
  • Confirmed. When he fights the Riders at the end of the first Story Arc, he goes out of his way to NOT kill any of them and instead just wants them to get out of the forest so his men can work.
    • Though he might have held back because he was told to make sure the drivers were not damaged
    • Well, given he's actually one of the nicest riders in the series and a Well-Intentioned Extremist, this is all but confirmed.
      • Confirmed - Turns out that Urobuchi wasn't referring to Takatora, but rather, the rider itself - and as it just so happens, when Micchy becomes Zangetsu Shin, he fits the role of Ouja perfectly.

Zangetsu will be one of the main villains of Gaim
You can interpret Word of God as Zangetsu being a main threat to the heroes, like how Ohja was.
  • Confirmed but with a twist as explained above..

Who gets Super Modes
Not gonna guess what they'll be but other than Gaim, Baron and Ryugen will get a super mode. One of the Energy Lock Seed users may as well.
  • Gaim is obvious, but more surprising is the Super Mode for Zangetsu!
  • Also, Baron and Ryugen. Duke might be getting one in the Movie War 2014.

Hase Ryouji, the leader of Raid Wild, will become one of the Riders to appear after the five we already know of
They made it a point to show Ryouji be badly beaten by first Kaito and then Kouta, making Raid Wild fall on the ratings. It's likely he will become a Rider and fight other Riders to pull himself and his team to the top of the charts.
  • Confirmed. He'll eventually transform into Kurokage.

Hase Ryouji: Heel–Face Turn impending
He's more likely than Jounochi to see what's right and ally with Gaim. Since there's no sign of him in the war sequence, chances are he'll ally with Gaim to even the numbers, not to mention they both have the Japanese warrior theme going (Gaim = samurai and Kurokage = footsoldier).
  • Also worthy of notice is both Gridon's and Kurokage's music after they put the Lock Seed in the Driver but before they use the sword implement to slice through the fruit part to complete the transformation. Gridon has the same music as Baron, while Kurokage has the same music as Gaim.
  • Jossed. He's dead.

Kurokage will ally with Gaim and die soon after
For irony points he will die taking a sneak attack from Gridon or Baron that was intended for Gaim
  • Jossed, Kurokage is dead, but hasn't allied with Gaim

Zangetsu ISN'T a bad guy.
He will be later revealed as the Big Good or some version of either a Trickster Mentor or a Sink-or-Swim Mentor, and that this was all done to stop some bigger threat, possibly whatever is leading or responsible for the Inves.
  • Bigger threat confirmed. He convinced Ryugen join him by showing it and now plans to show it to Gaim.

At some point, one Rider will have a "With Our Swords" Scene
Perhaps for the Final Boss, the other Riders either give one of their number their Lock Seeds, allowing said Rider to use the Arms of the others to fight against a powerful foe.

Any Rider not seen during the War Sequence from episode #1 will die before the series is over
  • Jossed - Knuckle and Bravo were nowhere to be seen in that sequence, and yet they're still alive.

Future Lock Seeds and powerups include:
  • Coconut Arms, a remold of Watermelon, but with an amphibious mode instead as coconuts float
  • Pumpkin Arms, a Super Prototype with a ghastly grim reaper design. Pity it's too late for a Halloween Episode.
  • Walnut Arms, a common one that either Gridon or Kurokage can use. The weapon is a mace longer than the Mango Arms one. Bonus points if Baron shows up cracking two maces in his hands.
    • Jossed on Walnut. It belongs to Knuckle, a new Rider. The weapon is huge armored gauntlets.
  • Peanut Arms, another common one that has a horribly inaccurate machine gun, which only proves useful against One-Winged Angel Inves due to the larger target. Bonus points if it's an elephant type.
  • Hazelnut Arms, another common one with a gladius weapon.
  • Pecan Arms, an axe weapon.
  • Chestnut Arms, explosives.
  • Lime Arms for Gaim, faster but more vulnerable than Strawberry Arms
    • Lemon Arms, a remold jacked by Baron instead
      • He got Lemon Energy, with a bow.
  • Energy Lockseeds for Raisin and Prune Arms, for Ryugen and Baron. Since raisins and prunes are created by drying out grapes and plums, these Super Prototype Arms exert a lot of power and are prone to overheating
  • Raspberry Arms. Gaim with Guns Akimbo.
  • Starfruit Arms, Baron's Super Mode with a BFS.
  • Winter Melon Arms for Zangetsu, a remold and recolor into light blue. Zangetsu gains a large gun for yep, ice attacks.
  • Rambutan Arms for Bravo - another fruit from the same region as the Durian, a defensive setup with Not Quite Flight
  • Straight recolors and Evil Twin versions like Blood Gaim:
  • Cacao Arms, intended for any female Riders.
  • Cranberry Arms, bouncing bombs for Ryugen.
  • Dragonfruit Arms, with a BFG. Based on Tokugawa Ieyasu.
    • Sadly, just Lemon Energy rehashes.
  • Pomegranate Arms, with bumpy armor (like pomegranate seeds) and maybe a revolver. Could be for Baron?
    • Used by gaiden villain, appearance not as described.
  • Tomato Arms, with an Absurdly Sharp Blade. note 
    • Pepper Arms, with flame-based offense.
    • Cucumber Arms, a heavily-armored form with a cudgel as the weapon.
  • Cocoa Arms (Grade B or C+ Lockseed with a print of a cocoa bean) that gives the user chocolate themed armor. Does not give the user any weapon, but instead gives it can ability to create chocolate bar-shaped walls to block enemies' attacks. Using Squash and above allows the user to move those wals to crush enemies.
    • Walnut and Lemon Energy are the only ones from above confirmed.
  • Mostly jossed.

Truly Evil Rider Lockseeds
  • Hades, Pomegranate Arms, which would be a bident, crossover evil rider between Gaim and Heisei 16.
    • Continuing on the Date Masamune thing, this Rider would be based on Oda Nobunaga.
      • Jossed for the TV series, but there IS a Pomegranate Arms in Duke Gaiden.
  • Gringo, Apple Arms, revolver style gun, Gringo refers to a foreigner like Gaijin but contains Ringo meaning Apple. Based on the Man with No Name.
    • Used by movie and spin-off characters, no gun though.

Red Hot's Sonomura will become one of the Energy Lock Seed Riders
  • We see in #6 how he obtained a Sengoku Driver, only for Oren to take it from him by force. Sonomura will be wanting to become a Rider, not only to rise in the team rankings, but also as revenge for Oren taking his Sengoku Driver from him.
    • It could be said his attitude has turned sour…
      • Jossed. The Lemon Rider, (Kamen Rider) Energy Rider Duke, is Ryouma Sengoku; Sonomura becomes a different type of antagonist for episode 16.

A Rider's life is tied to his or her Sengoku Driver
In that if it's destroyed, the user will suddenly drop dead.
  • Jossed, Kurokage's Driver was destroyed by Zangetsu and he survived. For a while.
  • Further confirmed: as of episode 45, Gridon, Bravo and Knuckle are still alive, but their Drivers have been destroyed. Takatora may or may not be alive, but if he's dead, it's not because his Driver was destroyed.

Takatora is secretly The Un-Favourite of his father, who will establish himself as an even Greater-Scope Villain.
Yggdrasill is testing the Drivers and Lock Seeds on a few select guinea pigs. What if that includes Takatora as well?
  • Jossed.

Oren considers himself an Anti-Villain.
He explicitly sees the Riders as nothing more than boys playing games, and seeks to show them what a real fight is like, yes? Perhaps what he means is, he wants the fighting to stop; he wants to show them the horrors of what a real fight can be, because as a responsible adult he's only trying to make sure the kids play safe. Unfortunately, there's only one way they'll even listen to him, and that's if he can beat them at their own game, so to speak.

Gridon and Kurokage will be back...
After joining forces with Bravo and getting in some serious training, becoming Lethal Joke Characters in the process.
  • Jossed for the latter, he's dead.
  • Gridon, on the other hand, does get some serious training under Bravo and does become competent enough to keep up with the other riders.

The rest of Team Gaim get in on the action!
With temporary Kurokage forms. Alternatively…
  • If all of Team Gaim were to use temporary, incredibly watered-down powers, perhaps the weaponless Himawari Lockseed would be more appropriate.
    • Branching from this, the Himawari Seed will eventually become Mai's Lockseed, after she somehow acquires a Sengoku Driver, similar to how the Kurumi Lockseed was originally another blank until it became Kamen Rider Knuckles' Kurumi Arms. If not in the series, than in a movie, we'll see Himawari Arms with Mai, and the updated Lockseed.
  • Jossed. Mai has a different purpose.

The rest of Team Gaim does cardboard cosplays of Armored Riders.

The Beat Riders will team up against the Energy Riders.
There are scans showing Gaim using Bannana arms and in the same scan is the Energy Riders fighting the Beat Riders.
  • A bit jossed: Gaim used Banana against Bravo, not Energy Riders. He is joining forces with Baron against Yggdrasil, though, so teamup is likely to happen at some point.
    • Never quite happened.

Ryoji will become Sigurd.
  • Jossed. it's Sid and Ryoji's kinda 6 feet under.

Duke will be Baron's Evil Counterpart.
They both take their names from European Nobility. They both have Lockseed's representing a yellow fruit and it is very likely that despite Yggdrasil ruining Kaito's childhood and causing his current demeanor it is possible that Ryoma was very poor before joining Yggdrasil.
  • Jossed.

Sid will become Sigurd.
He has that weird 'S' Lock Seed, and mentioned that his 'time as a dealer was over' or something similar. Seems as if he will finally join in on the fun.
  • Confirmed! But not with his S Lock Seed.

Hase will either gain a second belt or become an Inves.
After getting his belt broken by Zangetsu, he is going to look for more power and try to get another belt or some Lock Seeds. If this goes wrong, he might just end up being turned into a new Inves. Bonus points if Hideyasu is the one who has to put down Inves-Hase.
  • Confirmed on Hase becoming an Invesnote . As for who got to kill Hase, well Sid/Sigurd managed to do so.

Sonomura, the leader of Team Red Hot, will become one of the three upcoming Energy Riders (either Sigurd or Duke).
Robbed of the chance to become Bravo by Ouren, Sonomura will somehow acquire a Genesis Driver along with an Energy Lockseed.
  • Well, with the confirmation of Marica being a female and the reveal that Ryoma Sengoku will be Duke, that leaves Sigurd as his only option to become an Energy Rider. Actually, Sigurd would fit him the best, considering the motif of his primary form is a cherry, which is red, and the name of his team is Team Red Hot.
  • Jossed. Our "favorite" dealer Sid becomes Sigurd.

Oren is going to be a deconstruction of the Donut Shop Manager
  • Jossed.

Whoever uses the Durian Lockseed will be a Joke Character
And boast about durians being the king of fruits, with characters replying that real durians actually smell awful.
  • Jossed. The user of the Durian lockseed, Kamen Rider Bravo, is actually a quite strong fighter, even without transforming into a rider.
    • Admittedly he's still pretty humorous to watch; perhaps Lethal Joke Character would be more accurate. Against other Riders/alliances, just like in the first scene of the show.

Kamen Rider Knuckle will be Team Baron's second Rider/Kaito's sidekick, serving the same function as Micchy for Team Gaim/Kouta
Right now scans point towards Kaito giving his stolen Driver to someone else, and Knuckle also appears to be fighting alongside Baron.
  • For what it's worth, the rumors state that Zack's going to take up the mantle...
  • Semi-Confirmed: Kaito quit his team, Zack becomes the leader and Knuckle in his place. They team up against an Inves in that episode too.

We get a third-generation Driver...
...based on frosted slushies. These Riders get massive Freeze Ray guns.
  • At this point, pretty much jossed.

How Marika dies. (Yes, "how" not "if")
  • Sacrificed by Ryoma for some meaningless shit. Bonus points if she thinks she's doing it all for him when it's all just his manipulation.
    • The second bit is probably jossed since Marika's already given up on Ryoma.
    • She falls to her death when she's caught in a bomb blast, shoving Kaito out of the way.

There will be one last Sengoku Rider, using the blank Driver Kouta stole and the Himawari Lockseed.
The Heisei VS Showa movie's main villain is Kamen Rider Fifteen, and while it symbolizes that both Eras now have 15 main Riders, it's a bit odd considering that, even counting both forms of Zangetsu as two separate Riders, Fifteen will only be the 14th Gaim Rider. Kouta took the other Sengoku blank for a reason; it's got to be to bolster his forces, and the Sunflower Lockseed is the only one now to not have a corresponding Arms, so it would make sense at this point for it to be the last one.
  • Jossed: that Driver is used in the series with a Walnut Lockseed.

The blank Drivers create different helmets based on which Lockseed is used.
Zack's Knuckle helmet is different than the Kurokage Troppers', despite there being no way for the Driver to tell what to go for aside from whatever Lockseed is used; Orange might give the black suit a Gaim-style helmet, while Melon would look more like Zangetsu.
  • If you mean as in "gives them different hats"

The movie-exclusive rider will have non-fruit lockseeds.
Either using vegetables or even meat. Or, for that matter, maybe using lockseeds based on something that is regarded as a fruit from a botanical perspective, but not from a culinary perspective.
  • Could be based off animals and the food they eat instead.
  • Well, Kamen Rider Fifteen had a skeleton theme, but the others have all been fruit.
    • Confirmed, although it was a Pinecone Energy lockseed instead of what the WMG suggested.

The Gridon seen in the Cold Opening isn't Hideyasu. It's Zack, in a new Arms for Kamen Rider Knuckle.
Kamen Rider Knuckle is noted to look similar to Kurokage AND Gridon. Maybe he'll get his hands on Hideyasu's Lockseed and use it in the final fight (Or whatever that scene was supposed to be) and fight on Kaito's side, with an almost identical look to Kamen Rider Gridon.
  • Jossed.

Kaito will be forced to kill Zack
All of the non-protagonist Riders (except for Gridon) will have to eventually bite it in the end somehow, and doing this would be Kaito's final moral obstacle standing in the way of ultimate power.
  • Well, he isn't dead, but he DID lose his Driver. As did Gridon.

Alternatively, by the end of the series Kaito will be dead and Zack will be the new Armored Rider Baron, with Peco as Knuckle.
Kind of like the end of Power Rangers S.P.D., where the one at the top leaves and the other two move up a notch. Kaito is getting dangerously obssessed with power and has said some scary almost evil things concerning the survival of the fittest, the weak must die, the strong must be on top etc, he is going down a dark path where there may be no way back. On the other hand, Zack (and Peco) are now more like your nice bro-type Secondary Riders. It will still be Kaito in the big future battle against Gaim, he will likely meet his end there, leaving Zack to take his mantle to protect the weak after Kouta finally saves the world.
  • Another crazy twist would be if the Baron and Gridon in the opening of #1 are actually Zack and Peco. Jonouchi got an upgraded Driver awhile ago so someone else could possibly become Gridon later.
    • Jossed - Micchy has taken on Kouta's mantle, and the next person to technically become Baron is a movie-exclusive villain.

Learning of Hase's fate will shock Jonouchi deeply
And will jumpstart his character development, which will grow to the point where we learn why he was in the opening of #1.
  • Confirmed, except for the "opening of #1" part.

And he will return as the original Zangetsu to dismantle Yggdrasil, culminating in the ultimate Mirror Match with Zangetsu Shin.
  • Perhaps he'll go one better: get his hands on a second Melon Energy Lockseed and a Genesis Core, and go Melon-Jimber Melon!
  • Well, he survived the fall and returned as Zangetsu... but was defeated.
    • Confirmed. He doesn't use Jimber Melon Arms in the TV series though - that happens in the novel of the series.

Kouta and Kaito will each get a Forbidden Fruit
It's stated that Roshuo actually has two Fruits of Knowledge in his possession. One will go to Kouta and Kaito each.
  • No, one is the Forbidden Fruit he first got, the other is the one for humans that Sagara was talking about.

Kaito will be shown to be the stealth protagonist of the Series...
  • ... instead of the guy in the title, much like how Homura is the stealth protagonist of PMMM. Kouta is important to the climax, but Kaito is the one making it possible.
    • Jossed.

Takatora will get his own version of Kachidoki Arms in the next movie wars.
Do I really have to explain this one?
  • Jossed.

Takatora survived his SECOND fall as well.
  • After being defeated by Mitsuzane and falling into the water, Takatora revived and swam, underwater, out of sight. He'll turn up in Yggdrasil's HQ, having gone there and acquired one of the upgraded silver-belted Sengoku Drivers, a copy of his old Rider Indicator (to indicate the pre-arms suit), and the aforementioned Genesis Core, a replacement Melon Lockseed and two Melon Energy Lockseeds. And he'll give one to Kouta, while using the other himself, to allow both of them to access Jimber Melon and defeat Mitsuzane.
  • Survival confirmed. The rest of the guess is jossed.

The hallucination of Takatora tormenting Micchy is actually the First Evil assuming his form.
Taking the form of a recently deceased man to torment his brother deeper into insanity, as well as being incorporeal, this has got First Evil written all over it.
  • Jossed.

Kamen Rider Jam's true identity...
Assuming it's an existing character? DJ Sagara, as a final test for Kouta after he defeats Kaito/Lord Baron. By facing and defeating him, Kouta will prove himself truly worthy of whatever Sagara/Helheim ultimately has in mind for him.

Alternately, Jam is the Big Bad of the Movie War 2014.

Or, he could be the standalone villain of the final episode, in very much the same way Amadum was for Kamen Rider Wizard.

  • Standalone villain confirmed, though there are apparently ties to the summer movie.


    A word on Inves 

The Monster of the Week will be either of the following
Here, you may add in your own guesses here:
  • Plants to go with the fruit arms
  • Junk foods for the fruit-themed riders to fight against
  • Vegetables as a contrast.
  • Monsters made of sweets
  • Weapon based monsters
  • Monsters based on various chemicals that are certainly NOT edible, with a couple that are downright cancerous if not just poisonous
  • Scans seem to show animal themed enemies like a tiger and deer.

There will be a Bat and/or Spider monster.
Because we have animal based enemies this year. And tradition dictates this.

The specific animal Inves are the result of humans eating unripened Lockseeds.
As an expansion on the above WMG, the Byakko was Yuya after eating off the vines and dropping the Sengoku Driver.
  • Confirmed

The Inves will turn out to be the victims.
Not as in 'the Riders are evil', but in that the Inves are just animals being taken out of their habitat and forced to fight. The actual villain is the Yggdrasil Corporation, who are exploiting them. Either the Inves will eventually cease being the bad guys and be replaced with another set made by Yggdrasil, or the final arc will be leading them against the corporation.
  • Jossed.

There will be Commanders like with the previous shows
  • Energy riders are kinda this.
  • More like the Overlord Inves.

Eventually, criminals will start using Inves
After more and more Inves begin going on the rampage, people will start to realize how dangerous they are and begin using them as legitimate weapons.
  • Bonus points if this causes the various Rider Factions to call a truce (temporary or otherwise) to deal with it.
    • Confirmed in Episode 16 one of the Beat Rider teams sends Inves out to commit crimes.

The Inves Army from the War sequence have their own agenda
We know that the Inves eat Lockseeds right, well what if as the Riders get stronger the Lock Seeds get stronger as well. Maybe a strong Lockseed can produce a tree to feed a lot of Inves. Maybe the Army is gathered to determine which Rider is the strongest and once they know that they'll turn on them and take the Lock Seed to feed themselves.

At some point Baron will fight a Monkey based Inves
Probably as a breather episode after the heavy stuff.
  • Jossed.

Eventually, the show will return to the human-guised monsters from the previous Riders
  • Does DJ Sagara, the avatar of Helheim, count? Also Lord Baron.

The Riders will build armies of Inves
They will take after Kaito's demonstration of Inves-summoning that he did in #5 and build armies to stand against him.
  • Kouta is, at least.
    • Not really, he just summon the lot.

The riders are meant to be eaten.
As in literally nom nom'd. Fist hint is their big fruits that transform into their armor.

It will be revealed that some Inves are humans
In episode 9, the Bat Inves had some kind of torn cloth, that was the technician from the beginning who ate the lock seed and transform into an Inves.
  • Episode 13. CONFIRMED!

Someone will exploit the fruits
For example, if an armored rider has someone they don't like, they could have the person eating the fruit and become an Inves. It will conveniently become a I Did What I Had to Do moment if no one else knows the full story.
  • Jossed.

There are two more Overlord Inves
The one that has been revealed is red in colour and the normal inves come in red, green and blue so this is a viable idea.
  • Confirmed.

There will be other colour Inves
Either a fourth colour will be added to the trio or we'll get colour variations of previous inves for the two colors they didn't appear as.
  • Confirmed.

The Inves have come from...
The same guy who sent in Deboss

There exists an "Inves King".
  • Recent scans show that there will be an "Inves Overlord" to appear soon. Confirmed.

The "Overlord Inves" is actually being directly controlled by Helheim's mind.
The forest invades worlds and takes them over. Who's to say it isn't fully sentient, and can make certain Inves into direct extensions of its will?
  • Jossed.
  • Not really. DJ Sagara is the avatar of Helheim. And while he wasn't directly controlling anyone, he did give them orders.

The Helheim Forest is really Gaia's Vengeance
Particularly with the shrine tree that Yggdrasil cut down. That, or they have some connection.
  • Jossed, though the tree does originate from Helheim.

An Inves will get its hands on a Sengoku Driver.
Similar to how the monster from the Shinkenger episodes of Decade got his hands on the Diendriver, an Inves will either get its hands on a driver and have enough logic and reason in its mind to use it, or a driver-wielding human will succumb to temptation and turn into an Inves with a driver. Either way, they'll transform and become some sort of Inves-Rider combination.
  • A Lockseed has to be raw for human consumption, and wearing a Driver automatically ripens it, so it'd have to be the first idea.
  • Demushu does steal a driver and passes it to Roshuo, but Roshuo, although impressed by it, isn't interested in using its power.

The Overlord Inves are actually the Inves forms of the Riders we saw in the first episode's first scene.
We have seen Demushuu, the red Overlord Inves. Coming soon is a green overlord Inves. Demushuu has a somewhat European feel/design to it, and the green one has a more Eastern/Chinese aesthetic to it. It's possible that they're the end forms of the Baron and Ryugen, respectively, of the most recent world that Helheim took over.
  • Jossed.

Oren will either become an Overlord or become their slave.
  • Oren's actor has confirmed that he's going to be around for a while but the way the series is going I don't see a place for him, so either Redyue will transform him into an Invase to spite Kouta or he'll be brainwashed into his slave, once more, to get his kicks watching Kouta suffer. This will also give Jonouchi a place in the plot, motivating him to become stronger to either put his mentor out of his misery or save him.
    • Jossed. Neither happened.

Gaim, Zangetsu Shin, Bravo, Gridon, and Knuckle will form a Five-Man Band
  • Since its likely that Oren is going to either become an Overlord or pull a Heel–Face Turn, along with Takatora beginning to sympathize with Kouta, plus with Zack and Jonochi becoming less evil, they will soon rally behind Kouta as an Anti-Yggdrasil and Anti-Helheim faction with Kouta as The Hero, Takatora as The Lancer, Oren as The Big Guy, Jonouchi as The Smart Guy and Zack as The Chick.
  • Jossed. Takatora lost his Zangetsu Shin and didn't last long, half of them never really worked as a team.

The Overlords can promote human-Inves to Overlords themselves
It makes sense for the Overlords to start suddenly having animal motifs and get treated more as monsters of the week than actual Overlords, but notice how the Phoenix Overlord answered to Redyue like a subordinate. This relates to the idea that these Animal-Overlords are actually Inves at one point before being granted intelligence from the higher Overlords.

Gen Urobuchi's final twist to the Kamen Rider Formula:
The Big Bad will be female.
  • ....Confirmed. Redyue is currently the primary antagonist.
  • Jossed. She's dead, and Kaito's still around.

    Where in the World is Yuya? 
Yuya, Team Gaim's leader, is either dead or turned into an Inves
Worse, he might actually be the Byakko Inves that Gaim took out.
  • Or... stay with me here... eating one of the fruits seems the most likely cause for a human to turn Inves. Assuming it develops into a hunger that human's can't control, Yuya eats another regular Lockseed to turn into his Monster of the Week form, then another one for the One-Winged Angel form. Where is this all heading, you ask? The Bishōnen Line, where eating an Energy Lockseed turns Yuya into an insanely powerful despite being man-high Inves that could almost pass for a Rider, just like the Sagittarius Zodiarts. And then the Inves could also gain the power to shapeshift back to his human appearance, taking all that power and hiding it in plain sight. After that point, the only thing he could possibly turn into would be the One-Winged Angel form, in the traditional near-death state, as a suicidal last resort before he's Killed Off for Real.
  • Confirmed that Yuya was the Byakko Inves Kouta killed. He ate an unripen Lockseed.

Yuya is Kamen Rider Gridon
Gridon's identity is a unknown implying it will be an important revelation, and Yuya is mysterious and he has white hair.
  • Jossed. Not only is Hideyasu Gridon, but Yuya's 6 feet under.

Yuya is the Big Bad
Let's see... a character that's important to the hero gaining his driver and then disappearing for what might be a few episodes (assuming the above theory about him being an Inves is false)... Where have we heard that before?
  • It's kinda hard to be the Big Bad if you died in the first episode.note .
    • In an indirect sense, semi-confirmed, since the movie-exclusive Kamen Rider Mars disguises himself as Yuya. Jossed for the series itself though.

Yuya will appear working for Yggdrasil, possibly as Kamen Rider Sigurd.
Sigurd is the only Energy Rider whose identity hasn't been revealed, and it would really add to the drama for Yuya to end up as a possible Rival for Gaim.
  • Jossed. Sid is Sigurd, and Yuya was the Byakko Inves that Gaim killed.

Yuya is still not quite dead
All Inves respawn inside the forest upon death.
  • Yuya as a person is still dead.

    About Yggdrasil 
Yggdrasil Corporation is a toku equivalent to Sybil System.
  • Jossed.

Foundation X will make a cameo
  • Confirmed - not in person, but episode 27 does have a bunch of prototype drivers on a screen...and 6 of the belts are listed as transformation trinkets of the past 6 rider series.

The prize for solving the mystery of the Helheim Forest...
Will be allowed to make a wish. Any wish at all.
  • Making another connection to Ryuki though.
    • Well, the power of a god kind of counts...

Kouta's brief disguise as a Yggdrasil mook, as well as saving them from the Inves might have consequences
For one, his sister might catch wind and think he's actually getting a job. Then he has to join Yggdrasil to keep up the lie.
  • So far jossed.

Takatora knew his brother was Ryugen
But he wants to avoid the I Know You Know I Know situation, so he feigned naivety.
  • Judging by the look on his face when he sees Micchy transform, I'd say this is Jossed.

Foundation X is behind Yggdrasil Corporation.
  • So far jossed.

Foundation X approached Yggdrasil and their encounter is what drove Takatora into not being able to trust others
Wouldn't be the first time they've driven someone to the dark side.
  • So far jossed.

Foundation X approached Yggdrasil, but Takatora refused to deal with them
Considering Takatora's personality and how he works, having Foundation X look at his back and request papers from him, with the very possible chance that they'll attempt to control the Inves is a very bad thing for Takatora to have on his plate.
  • So far jossed.

Yoko is part of Foundation X
It's implied that Yoko has her own schemes planned, and she fights in a way that brings to mind Reika or Igna, characters who have faced off against Foundation X with just their bare hands.
  • Jossed.

Yggdrasil is a front for the SCP Foundation the middle of handling an XK-class end of the world scenario. Unfortunately they may have been infiltrated by the Chaos Insurgency.
  • Jossed.

Foundation X is the same as or connected to the Foundation that appeared in Kamen Rider Gaim Gaiden: Kamen Rider Baron
The Foundation in that special funded the Yggdrasill Corporation, and this is generally the kind of thing that Foundation X does. sure, the members that appeared weren't wearing white uniforms, but that doesn't mean they aren't connected.
  • So far jossed.

    That Girl... 
The mysterious girl arrived with the tree that became the landmark of Takatsuka Shrine and the persistent crack through which Yggdrasil members can enter Helheim
  • We know that the tree's seed arrived through a crack into Helheim. As a result, she may have been the Last of Her Kind that isn't assimilated with Inves genes. Seeking refuge in dimension to dimension, she may have been from the place where either the original Sengoku War took place (as in the opening sequence), hence her knowledge of what happens next.
    • To add to that, the reason why she looks exactly like Mai is...
      • Jossed in episode 43, it's Mai.

Mai is her descendant.
  • As the tree was had grown in what would (in Mai's time) then be Takatsukasa Shrine, she may have been reputed to be a 'woman of otherwordly beauty' and married off (though knowing full well that she would outlive her spouse).
    • The descendants of that child would found Takatsukasa Shrine and the mysterious girl may have repopulated her race.
      • nope, jossed. It's Mai, alright.

The Unknown Girl witnessed the Sengoku Rider War several times
Her vague warnings are essentially her trying to be discreet. She's actually saying "dude, I've seen this happen before, and shit will not be good."
  • If you interpret it as such, her taking off the Orange Lock Seed could be seen less of "use this for your finisher" and more of "Dude, seriously, stop before you regret it."
  • Her look on her face when Baron scoffs at her warning might contribute to this WMG.
  • How about the one where Ryugen shrugs it off as well in #5?
    • sort of confirmed in episode 43 as she tries to look through the past multiple times.

Kaito and Unknown Girl are working together
In the reflection with Kouta and Mai, you can see Kaito and the Unknown Girl, indicating a similar relationship.
  • She's certainly trying to change his path, but he isn't interested.

Mai and Unknown Girl are the same person
  • Jossed. In point, the Unknown Girl appears before Mai.
    • Nope, confirmed in episode 43

Blond Mai is Mai from a bad future
Urobotchi has said in an interview that the opening scene represents something that might happen in the second half of the series. Blond Mai has lived through a timeline leading to that scene as we saw, somehow becoming as she is in the process (seeded by Lock Seeds?), which had a terrible outcome, and so she has somehow come back to prevent it. For whatever reason she's unable to physically prevent the Armored Riders obtaining their gear, so she is instead trying to steer them away from the choices leading to the battle.
  • Maybe confirmed? Mai seems to want to make the current timeline into a bad future and creating a new timeline.

The brunette Mai and blonde Mai are twin sisters who were separated at birth.
  • jossed as of episode 43.

Blonde Mai spent the last 10 years as the only sentient being on the planet
If we take it as fact that Blonde Mai is in fact Mai, and Hellheim is the future, we know Mai will become Blonde Mai by the time the war occurs, which will probably lead to the forest consuming earth. While it looks like the upcoming Overlord Inves may be sentient, she'll still be the only thing vaguely human.
  • Probably jossed as of episode 43

The Unknown Girl is artificial human.
  • Jossed unless Mai counts as artificial now.

Mai will become the Unknown Girl.
Because Mai will be the one chosen by Helheim.
  • confirmed

The Unknown Girl is an extension of Helheim Forest's will.
In episode 23, when Kouta is grieving over him killing Yuya, the mysterious girl tells him "There is hope if you retreat", and later in the episode, berates Sagara for causing him to resume fighting. If Kouta were to give up his role as a rider, he would probably become an Inves himself to due to power of the forest, so she might mean that he would become an Overlord Inves, as the "hope" for him, relating back to the resemblance between to the main riders of the series.
  • Jossed. It's actually Sagara.

If the forest is Helheim, then the mysterious girl is Hel.
At least in name. She is a resident of Helheim, but she could anything from its ruler or Overlord, a survivor of the Inves' last invasion, or the forest's will, as mentioned above.
  • jossed as of ep 43

The Unknown Girl represents the Fruit of Knowledge of Good and Evil, and the snake is...
DJ Sagara The Unknown Girl has been giving snippets of knowledge to a lot of characters. Now watch how DJ Sagara appears in front of the Overlords in episode 24. It's very snakelike. Hasn't he been doing a lot of tempting since the show started?
  • Totally confirmed as of ep 43

The Unknown Girl is the daughter of Roshuo
She wears primarily white and is heavily associated with Helheim. That's all I got.
  • jossed as of ep 43

The Girl is a projection of Roshuo's queen.
She's not totally dead, but the last thing she wants is for another world to be torn apart like hers was, so she kept trying to convince the Riders to not get involved, thinking she could handle things. None of them listened, and now she's out of options. This can, of course, only end badly. For everyone.
  • Jossed. We see his queen in episode 41, and she's portrayed by a different actress.
    • FYI, she's Oren's actor's wife.

The Woman is from the first world Helheim took over
We know she's "first woman" somehow, since that's how DJ Sagara addressed her. As of Roshuo giving Mai the Golden Fruit in episode 41, it seems that in each world, a woman is given the Fruit, and, in turn, gives the power of the fruit to the "Chosen One", who becomes the new King. For Roshuo's world, his queen was the chosen woman, and for ours, it's Mai. The First Woman was the chosen woman in the very first world, which is how she's seen this happen so many times, and is trying get as many people as possible to not get involved.Also, the chosen woman is marked by her heterochromia, as evidenced by Roshuo's queen and Mai in episode 41.
  • jossed as of episode 43.

Blonde Girl is Mai from the future who has the golden fruit
Based on all existing evidence up till episode 42, we know the following:
  • Blonde Girl looks like Mai.
  • Blonde girl has appeared before 3 specific armoured riders: Kouta (Gaim), Kaito (Baron) and Mitcchy (Ryugen). Mai is on best terms with the 3 of them.
  • Blonde Girl resembles Roshuo's love. We know that she gave Roshuo the golden fruit. She has the red Overlord eye, and has white hair(being equally bright). Mai now has the golden fruit, as well as the Overlord eye.
  • Her appearance to the 3 guys is to try and change their course. She tries to do this to Mai as well. Now, with knowledge of what happens, it makes perfect logical sense(Kouta doesn't sacrifice himself and become an Overlord, Kaito doesn't become an Overlord and Mitcchy doesn't go full evil).
  • It is also implied in the first episode that Blonde Girl is the one who tells Kouta how to insert his Lockseed into the Musou Saber, who then finishes off the Byakko Inves. Mai knows how the belts work.
    • Also, her sadness in the scene makes sense. If Blonde Girl really is Mai, then she knows that the Byakko Inves is none other than Yuya. So she's forced to help her best friend/crush in killing their friend/mentor figure less Kouta died to Yuya, knowing that this event would be one of the primary driving force behind Kouta's actions in the future.
  • Sagara specifically tells her that the future is coming, and a new beginning will happen. Blonde Girl, as well as Roshuo's love, have been referred to as "Lady of Beginnings".
  • Mai's actress, Yuumi Shida, has also blogged that Mai's importance will become apparent in the later part of the show.
  • Confirmed, but she's the present Mai if by future you meant further future.

With the evidence listed, it's safe to infer that Blonde Girl is Mai from the future who is now the Lady of Beginnings.

  • confirmed as of episode #43 where she uses the fruit of Knowledge to achieve that.

    Legend Rider Lockseeds 
We know from the toyline and scans that they exist and what their transformations calls are. As for appearances, weapons and finishers, place your guesses here.

Kuuga Lockseed
Styled for Ryugen:
  • Appearance: Gives Ryugen Kuuga Mighty Form's chest armor and gains Mighty Form's Red Eyes and Gold Antenna.
  • Weapon: Normally none, but gains them during finishers.
    • Bonus points if he removes the blade part of the Sengoku Driver to make it morph into either of the three weapons.
  • Squash: Dragon Form! Gains the Dragon Rod and then performs a more dyanamic version of Splash Dragon with water energy effects added to it.
  • Au Lait: Peagasus Form! Gains the Pegasus Bowgun and performs Blast Pegasus with the arrow radiating a green light
  • Sparking: Titan Form! Gains the Titan Sword which then glows with purple energy before Ryugen performs Calamity Titan on the opponent.

Agito Lockseed
Styled for Zangetsu:
  • Appearance: Gains Agito's chest armor and shoulder pads. Agito's mouthpiece, eyes and antenna now cover Zangetsu's face.
  • Weapon: Dual wields the Flame Saber and Storm Halberd. Or, pass the Musou Saber across the Sengoku Driver to morph it into the Flame Saber.
  • Squash: Flame Form! Zangetsu ignites the Flame Saber into flame before he slashes the opponent, causing them to burst into flames.
  • Au Lait: Storm Form! Zangetsu twirls the Storm Halberd which gathers blue wind around himself before he runs through the opponent with the Storm Halberd.
  • Sparking: Trinity Form! Zangetsu performs the Rider Shoot.

Ryuki Lockseed
Styled for Zangetsu:
  • Appearance: Zangetsu gains Ryuki's chest armor and shoulder pads. Ryuki's faceplate now covers Zangetsu's face who gains red eyes in this form.
  • Weapon: Drag Claw or Drag Saber, bonus points if they fly in from offscreen
  • Squash: Final Vent! Summons Dragreeder to allow Zangetsu to perform the Dragon Rider Kick.
  • Au Lait: Advent! Summons Dragredder to allow both Dragredder and the Drag Claw to shoot a wave of flames at the opponent.
  • Sparking: Sword Vent! Summons the Drag Saber for a red energy slash.

Faiz Lockseed
Styled for Bravo and Knuckle:
  • Appearance: The user gains Faiz's chest armor and shoulder armor as well as yellow eyes and Faiz's antenna
  • Weapon: Faiz Edge
  • Squash: Exceed Charge! Summons the Faiz Shot to the user's right knuckle to perform the Faiz Impact.
  • Au Lait: Faiz Edge! The user performs the Sprakle Cut finisher with the Faiz Edge.
  • Sparking: Crimson Smash! The user performs Faiz's Crimson Smash Rider Kick.

Blade Lockseed
Styled for Baron and Gridon:
  • Appearance: The user gains Blade's chest and shoulder armor, as well as the silver Kabutomush horn shaped plate on Blades face and red eyes.
  • Weapon: Blay Rouzer
  • Squash: Lightning Sonic! The user runs before performing the Lightning Sonic.
  • Au Lait: Lightning Blast! The user perform the Ligtining Blast. Compared to the Lightining Sonic, more electrical energy gathers around the user's foot and there is a bigger explosion after.
  • Sparking: Lightning Slash! The user performs the Lightning Slash with the Blay Rouzer.

Hibiki Lockseed
Styled for Zangetsu:
  • Appearance: Zangetsu gains pupleish blue chest armor with Hibiki's silver chest straps on them, shoulder armor of the same colour and his head is now covered with the red lines on Hibiki's head with silver oni horns coming around of his head and his eyes are now purple.
  • Weapon: Ongekibou Rekka
  • Squash: Ongeki Da: Ikki Kasei no Kata! Zangetsu summons the Ongekikou Kaentsuzumi (Hibiki's belt buckle) and the places it on the opponents chest causing a energy drum to appear. Zangetsu then hits the opponent with both Rekka simultaneously several times.
  • Au Lait: Ongeki Da: Bakuretsu Kyoda no Kata! Zangetsu places the Ongekikou Kaentsuzumi on the opponents chest creating the energy drum. Zangetsu then hits the energy drum powerfully with both Rekka. The Oni symbols then appear on the opponent and starts swirling with opponent then being consumed in purple flames.
  • Sparking: Kitaetemasakura! Have no idea what this means.

Kabuto Lockseed
Styled for Gaim and Kurokage:
  • Appearance: The user gains the chest armor, shoulder pads and the helmet covering of Kabuto Masked Form. The user also gains blue eyes.
  • Weapon: Kabuto Kunai Gun
  • Squash: Cast Off! The heavy armor is discarded and sent flying to just like in Kabuto to reveal chest armor and shoulder armor based of off Kabuto Rider Form's chest armor and shoulder pads. The top of the head now has a red covering with Kabuto's horn.
  • Au Lait: Clock Up! The user enters Clock Up.
  • Sparking: Rider Kick! The user performs Kabuto's signature Rider Kick.

Den-O Lockseed
Styled for Gaim and Kurokage:
  • Appearance: The user gains chest and shoulder armor based of those of Den-O Sword Form. The user now has yellow line down their face and peach shaped red eye pieces.
  • Weapon: DenGasher Sword Mode
  • Squash: Full Charge! The user performs a red energy slash with the DenGasher.
  • Au Lait: Ikuze, Ikuze, Ikuze! Don't know though it could be the triple roundhouse kick finisher used to finish off Goldra.
  • Spraking: Ore no Hissatsu Waza! Den-O's signature finisher is performed where the DenGasher's Blade detaches and the user performs two longe range slashes from the sides before performing a downward slash that cuts the opponent in half.

Kiva Lockseed
Styled for Baron and Gridon:
  • Appearance: The user gains chest armor and shoulder pads based of those Kiva's Kiva Form. The user now has Kiva's bat wing shaped yellow eyes covering there face along with the bat head shaped red armor above it.
  • Weapon: Either the Zanvat Sword or none at all. Although the Arms Monster weapons may be summoned for finishers.
  • Squash: Wake Up! The user performs the Darkness Moon Break.
  • Au Lait: Gabu, Gabu, Gabu! Have no idea what this means.
  • Sparking: Garulu, Bassha, Dogga! Summons the Garulu Saber, Bassha Magnum and Dogga Hammer in quick succession. Each weapon performs their respective finisher before disappearing allowing the next one to come in.

OOO TaJaDor Combo Lockseed
Styled for Baron and Gridon:
  • Appearance: The user gains the same symbol on his chest as OOO's Tajador form, and shoulder pads based on the wings of the Taka Brave Head. The user now has red eyes and his helmet gets horns shaped like wings.
  • Weapon: Taja Spinner
  • Squash: Taka Squash! (Heightened sense of sight lets the Rider execute a regular Rider kick that shatters the enemy at just the right spot.)
  • Au Lait: Kujaku Au Lait! (Taja Spinner lets off a burning blast)
  • Sparking: Condor Sparking! (Two-footed Rider kick with massive energy talons)

Meteor Lockseed
Styled for Ryugen:
  • Appearance:
  • Weapon: Meteor Galaxy
  • Squash: Meteor Limit Break! (Kung fu Rider kick)
  • Au Lait: Hwacha! (One-inch punch)
  • Sparking: Mars, Saturn, Jupiter! (Summons three planets that lock on to three points on the enemy before punching all three of them and palm-striking the midpoint in rapid speed.)

Beast Lockseed
Styled for Bravo and Knuckle:
  • Appearance:
  • Weapon: Dice Saber
  • Squash: Saber Strike! (Summons one of the four creatures randomly to charge into the enemy)
  • Au Lait: Gochisō! (Summons a huge Chimera head from the belt to bite into the enemy)
  • Sparking: Kick Strike! (Summon a floating Chimera head to kick into the enemy)

Black RX Lockseed
Styled for Baron and Gridon:
  • Appearance:
  • Weapon: Normally none, but gains them during finishers.
  • Squash: Revolcane! Gains the Revolcane and then performs the Revolcrash finisher.
  • Au Lait: Robo Rider! Gains the Vortech Shooter and performs the Hard Shot finisher.
  • Sparking: Bio Rider! Gains the Bio Blade and performs the Spark Cutter finisher.

If attached to a Musou Saber for a Fruits Charge attack, it'll allow the user to effectively duplicate Black RX's Revolcrash technique.

Double CycloneJokerXTreme Lockseed
Styled for Ryugen:
  • Appearance:
  • Weapon: Prism Bicker
  • Squash: Xtreme Maximum Drive!
  • Au Lait: Prism Bicker!
  • Sparking: Double Prism Xtreme!

OOO PuToTyra Combo Lockseed
Styled for Baron and Gridon:
  • Appearance: The user gains chest armor and shoulder pads based on OOO's PuToTyra Combo. His helmet has horns shaped like wings, a pteranodon head crest, and green eyes.
  • Weapon: Medagabryu
  • Squash: Gokkun! The user performs the Ground of Rage with the Medagabryu in Axe Mode.
  • Au Lait: Ptera, Tricera, Tyranno! The user performs PuToTyra's Scanning Charge.
  • Sparking: PuToTyranno Hissatsu! The user converts the Medagabryu to Bazooka Mode and uses the Strain Doom attack.


    Other Lockseed/Driver guesses 
The Lockseed and Sengoku Driver are equivalent to Soul Gem
  • We have Hase's Sengoku Driver be destroyed, so whether this gets confirmed or jossed depends on his survival.
    • Jossed. He still dies but for a completely different reason. And Hideyasu, Oren and Zack have all survived their Drivers' destruction as well.

All Lock Seeds are compatible with the Sengoku Drivers
Leading to several Sailor Earths revolving around the Arms that each Lock Seed creates.
  • All but the Energy Lock Seeds are compatible with the Sengoku Driver. However, the Sunflower Lockseed seems to be worthless, as it seems to be worth nothing more than Inves Game fodder, if the toy version is any clue. Plus, it's the only D-ranked Lockseed (All other Lockseeds that can give Arms to the Riders are C-ranked and up) out of all the series, and it is numbered 0.
  • Confirmed with Gaim using Banana.
  • And Baron using Watermelon. The Hyper Battle DVD also shows various combinations.

The reason that the Lock Seeds are numbered higher
LS-01 was a super over-powered prototype, which will become Gaim's final form.
  • Pardon me if I'm wrong, but isn't 01 the Orange Lockseed?
    • The Orange Seed is LS-07.
  • Jossed. The Lockseed with 01 is the Pinecone Lockseed, and it has been revealed that said Lockseed is a C-ranked Lockseed, while the Orange Lockseed, #07, is a A-ranked Lockseed. Meaning higher numbered Lockseeds might be even more valuable.
    • Also wanted to add: Lockseed 00, the Sunflower Lockseed, is a D-ranked Lockseed.

The Sengoku Driver has Open Sesame as one of its responses.
The phrase has connections to both locks and seeds.

The lockseeds are expendable like the Zeronos Cards and Cell Medals.
Just as fitting for fruits.
  • Semi-Confirmed. As seen in episode 2 they can be eaten by the Inves to power themselves up.

At some point the falling fruit during the henshin will be weaponized
Because why not
  • Fairly early on, if the upper right shot here is to be believed.
    • Confirmed in #2.
    • Used to the extreme in episode 41, where Kouta's Kiwami transformation is delayed so that the fruit can attack Redyue.

The Himawari Lock Seed grants its user with a stick to whack people around with.
Those who played Mother3 would probably get this reference... and cry. For those who don't get the reference, a character whose name is based off Himawari is killed early on in the plot, and her husband, in a grief-filled rage, whacked people with a stick from a campfire before getting knocked out by a guy with a log.
  • Jossed - if anything, the Himawari lockseed is a medpack.

Only Lockseeds of a certain grade can be used with a driver.
Different Lockseeds seem to summon different Inves of differing power levels. So only a certain power level can be used to cause a transformation.
  • Confirmed, in that only C-rank and up work. However, the only Lockseed lower than C-Rank is the single D-Ranked Himawari.
    • Though Himawari can be used for body sustenance.

Lockseeds will be lost.
Similar to the Medals in OOO. This is because there are multiple of each Lockseed as seen in episode 1.
  • At least until Movie Wars.
  • This does indeed happen, as the Strawberry seed is eaten by the monster in episode 2 and Gaim later getting another one. Several Lockseeds are destroyed later in the series. Lock Vehicles are especially fragile.

Other Armored Riders will gain their own Jimber Arms from the other Energy Lock Seeds.
Such as Baron Jimber Cherry Arms or Ryugen Jimber Melon Arms.
  • Recent scans are indicating at least Baron will get a Jimber Arms.
  • No Jimber Arms for Baron... he's gone full New Generation Rider (though he can still switch out for and use his old Driver when needed).
  • And the Kamen Rider Gaim Gaiden: Kamen Rider Knuckle film confirms it: Knuckle is getting a Jimber Arms with the new Marron/Chestnut Energy Lockseed.
    • Further confirmed in the novelization, where Zangetsu used Jimber Melon Arms.

There will be a third generation of Driver in the third saga.
And it'll be based on fruit liqueurs or brandy. Childhood=juice, young adulthood=soda/energy-drinks, mature adulthood=drunken salary men.
  • Jossed, as we're well into the 4th arc, and only have one upgrade left to go, which doesn't involve a new Driver.

Kaito uses the Lockseed intended for his final form on...
...that concept racing car in the Baron base, turning it into the ultimate Lock Vehicle.

The Apple Rider/Arms will be the summer movie exclusive and/or involved in the end game
Why leave out one of the most obvious and common fruits, unless something big is planned for it.
  • Could be Baron's final form considering his forms seem to be getting progressively closer to apple red each time.
  • Apple Riders confirmed for the summer movie: one in red and gold, one in blue and silver.
  • And a third is either for the finale, or the 2014 Movie War.
    • Confirmed! In the last episode, the final villain uses the Black Apple lockseed, and in the movies, riders using the Golden Apple, Silver Apple, and regular Apple lockseeds appear, and in Baron Gaiden, Baron gains Apple arms.

Now that the belts can be used by anyone, we'll see more Riders from both Yggdrasil and the Beat Riders, and maybe more independents like Baron.
According to This Very Wiki, the belt that Kaito pinched from Yggdrasil in episode 15 will be given to Team Baron Member Zack, turning him into Armored Rider Knuckle. We have the Kurokage Mooks, and there's a possibility of other Riders as well. We may even see more Female Riders out of this series. Plus there's The War Sequence in the first ep. It was clearly Foreshadowing, but maybe in a way we never considered.
  • Well you might be right. It looks like Kouta nabbed a spare Driver too...
    • No, he didn't, but spare drivers could be taken from defeated Kurokage troopers.

What makes unripe Lockseeds so appealing is their smell.
You can't actually smell them, though, otherwise people would comment on their scent rather than their looks. But they emit some kind of pheromone that convinces your brain that they're absolutely delicious.Yggdrasill scientists wear hazmat suits while in Helheim to keep the pheromones from affecting them. Armored Riders are immune to it thanks to some function of the belt, once it's been bonded to them (note how Hase only eats a fruit after his driver is rendered nonfunctional). Dunking the fruits in liquid also keeps them from affecting people, which is why Ryouma is never tempted to try some of the samples he has in his laboratory and Kaito was able to pull one out and crush it without any of the normal hypnotic effects.

Sid will eventually use his personal Lockseed (the one with the S) to transform.
And it'll be so powerful, Gaim has to use his Kiwami Arms form for the first time to defeat it.
  • In part because in his "S Arms", Sid will be able to activate every Lockseed around him, creating a massive army of Lockseed Armors, and Kiwami Arms will be required to overcome that many foes.
  • Jossed on using Kiwami for the first time... Sid's dead (apparently), and Kiwami was used to face Demushu and end him.

Gridon will eventually rise up and defeat Bravo in a The Dog Bites Back moment.
And claim his Durian Lockseed for himself.
  • Jossed. They remained allies until losing their Drivers, and are still allied even afterward.

The Sunflower Seed Lockseed's weapon is…
Wolverine Claws. Just because.
  • Alternatively, its user is a Bare-Fisted Monk, and takes their cues from Kamen Rider Black and Kamen Rider Joker in terms of fighting ability.
    • Finally Jossed: the Sunflower Lockseed does absolutely nothing except become food.

Why did Kouta think the food in episode 33 was bland?
  • Because the belts aren't as safe as people think they are, and his prolonged use of it to not eat, not to mention his using it with two ridiculously powerful lockseeds Ryoma had never intended it to be used with, is turning him into an Overlord... just as Sagara hinted he needed to become in 32.
  • It's the Kiwami Lockseed that caused it, actually.

What the Energy, Kachidoki, and Kiwami Lockseeds summon if they were used in Inves Games
  • Idea 1: Nothing, as they were man-made.
  • Idea 2: Berserk Inves for Energy, Human Inves for Kachidoki, Overlord Inves for Kiwami.

The Suika Sojinto would get shrunken down if it was summoned through the Kiwami Lockseed's power.
How else could Gaim utilize a weapon that's normally wielded by a Mini-Mecha-like Arms form?
  • Like an automated missile.

The Pomegranate Lockseed will be used in both Knuckle and Duke's stories.
  • Semi-confirmed - it was used in Duke Gaiden, but Knuckle Gaiden didn't have it.

We will eventually see the other 85 regular Lockseeds.
The Lemon Lockseed from Kamen Rider Gaim Gaiden: Kamen Rider Duke is L.S.-99. The Kiwi Lockseed is L.S.-13. Lockseeds 13-98 must also exist, and will appear at some point. These will include the announced Pomegranate Lockseed and base versions of Dragonfruit, Cherry, Peach and Marron/Chestnut, and possibly some of the Lockseeds guessed in the "Other Riders" section.
  • None so far.

There will be more than 99 Lockseeds
  • Confirmed by Duke Gaiden - his Lemon Lockseed has the number 99, and the Himawari lockseed has the number 00, so you can probably figure out the rest yourself.

    Other guesses 
A Kyubey Expy will appear
  • Sid maybe?
    • Looking like to be Sid. Did you see his face when he overhears Hideyasu complaining to Ryoji about Kaito's treatment?
    • Actually, its Sagara.

The writer IS Gen Urobuchi, after all. Adding to this, every love interest and every female Rider will die horrible, gruesome deaths, and the Sliding Scale of Idealism vs. Cynicism will be locked in the cynism side.
  • Urobuchi has recently written extremely more idealistic work than you might expect, such as Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet. Urobuchi is not just a slasher flick villain in writer form, you know.
    • Urobuchi is already claiming it to be tonally more along the lines of the darker series of the early Heisei era, so this WMG may be semi-confirmed at the very least.
    • Fully Confirmed in Episode 14.

Gaim will be deliberately Harmful to Minors.
Going on the above, Urobuchi will exploit Getting Crap Past the Radar for all it's worth to inculcate plenty of real-life trauma to children. It doesn't even have to be gruesome — it could simply be Paranoia Fuel about your teachers, best friends, parents... Bonus points if this work a bit too well.

A Robot Buddy based on a juicer will appear.
Hopefully nothing like a certain mechanoid from Penny Arcade.
  • Pretty much jossed at this point. They've abandoned the concept for this series. Though the Genesis Drivers are based on juicers.

This will actually be one of the nicer stories that Urobuchi has written
Keep in mind that this is after he wrote an ending that had just as much hope if not more hope than depressing despair, so he might have moved on from the reputation that he once had...
  • Hate to rain on your parade, but Episode 14 josses this one out of the water.
  • Technically the series is still pretty hopeful though...
  • Confirmed, this series ain't no Saya No Uta.


The anticipation that he will write a Darker and Edgier Kamen Rider will result in a Then Let Me Be Evil moment
In which he does indeed write a dark toku show that would put GARO to shame.

This show will celebrate both the 15th anniversary of the Heisei-era Riders and the 5th anniversary of the Neo-Heisei Riders.
  • Possibly confirmed with the next Movie war with the Heisei Riders vs. Showa Riders.

The show will have a Bittersweet Ending, with at least one main cast member dying
He might be the Urobutcher, but This is a Kids Show.

The Numerical Theme is continued.
With the lock being standing for the 6.
  • Or alternatively, there will be six riders in this series altogether.
    • Six riders jossed, we already know it's more than that.
  • Both the shape of the lock, as well as the Japanese pronunciation of the word lock, are references to "6".[[note: "lock" is pronounced "roku", which is the same pronunciation as the word for "six"]]
  • See the main page for how they continued the numerical theme.

Kamen Rider Decade will make an appearance.
  • Semi-confirmed. Decade appears with Wizard and the other Heisei Riders in a two-part special in between Wizard's Grand Finale and Gaim's premiere, to introduce the new series.
  • Confirmed. Decade will appear with other Heisei and Showa Riders in the new Kamen Rider Taisen movie.

Decade getting a Kamen Ride: Gaim card
…will let him use the Rekka Daizantou Attack Ride without using the Complete Mode because both (ShinkenRed’s Shinkenmaru and Gaim itself) has Samurai motifs.

The series will not be Darker and Edgier or more depressing than any other Kamen Rider series, nor will it be incredibly wacky and bizzare
Urobochi will not do anything excessively dark, and the fruit theme is just a theme, and not a hint at tone of any kind.
Shocking, right?
  • With the advent of episode #14... I think we can say that this is pretty well Jossed.

The first one because of the Sengoku period references, the second one referencing the Forbidden Fruit and the Tree of Knowledge, and the third being a dragon who gnaws at Yggdrasil's roots. His Epithet will be "Demon King of the Nine Worlds", tying all three concepts together.
  • Jossed.

This season will deconstruct typical Gender roles in Kamen Rider.
Urobuchi has written women in the past, including superpowered women. So, it's likely that female riders will turn up, especially if recent seasons are taken into account. But Gen will use this to comment on the franchise's uneasy relationship with sexism and feminism. How he'd do this, I don't know. Perhaps the female riders will express discontent at how the show seems to favour the male battles, while they're pushed to the sidelines. A sort of Leaning on the Fourth Wall situation.
  • We do have a female Rider Marika who kicks ass of Kaito and Kouta, both transformed and not.

Sid is actually a secret good guy while Mai is the one who's secretly evil
It's no secret by now that the well expected formula is that there'll be an Evil Mentor somewhere down the line as well as an established villain in the form of Orcus on His Throne. However, there might be a twist, and that twist being the mentioned WMG. Sid was the one who supplied the Sengoku Driver (then again, several villains/anti-heroes supplied the Riders with their Drivers, so this might be moot) while you can see Mai pointing towards Gaim in a similar manner to a previous Evil Mentor: Shroud.
  • Jossed.

Aside deconstructing typical gender roles, Gaim also deconstruct some concepts in Kamen Rider franchise, similar like Ryuki.

The Beat Rider teams will be used as a subversion of True Companions
The director has already stated in an interview that the dance teams were used within the series since they appeal to kids, but that the characters would eventually move on and find other things to do in life. As such, most of the members probably won't be involved too much with the Beat Rider teams by the end of the series. This could end up dovetailing with Cerebus Syndrome; once things start getting serious, the supporting characters in the Beat Rider teams will start leaving, leaving only the plot relevant characters (like Kouta, Mai, and Micchi) involved.
  • Not quite, their roles did diminished but they didn't abandon the protagonists.

Micchy's feelings for Mai will eventually drive him apart from Kouta
  • Confirmed.

Micchy is this series's Sayaka.
C'mon, just look at his motivations. Crushing on someone? Check. Rushes head first into battle despite a clear warning? Check. Heck, you could compare the episode where he becomes Ryugen to the episode where Sayaka becomes a Magical Girl and notice similar beats (the protagonist going BSOD, their friend saving the day at the last minute, next episode has said friend get beaten up by a spear user). He is screwed. Big time. Heck, his nickname sounds dangerously close to Sayaka's family name: Miki.

Micchy will become the Mitsuhide to Takatora's Nobunaga because Takatora does something to Mai.
As we've seen in the first episode war sequence Ryugen is standing along side Zangetsu but given the whole modern warring states thing they have going on it would makes sense that someone will be the Nobunaga and someone will become the Mitsuhide of the series. Someone (Nobunaga, Takatora) hurts the other's (Mitsuhide, Micchy) loved one (mother, Mai) the only difference is whom is blood related to whom. Heck, his name sounds similar. Then again...
  • Not quite, he betrayed him for a different reason.

Micchy will be Kouta's Mitsuhide
because his unrequited love for Mai can have a nasty effect on him.
  • Confirmed.

Takatora let Micchy take the Suika Lockseed.
Similar to the White Wizard/Wiseman in the previous series, its to see Gaim's "evolution" for whatever him and Sid are up to.
  • Possibly Jossed, since his response is "Dude, the thing's been stolen! How the heck did he get that!? Miccy! Lock the gates! There's a thief!"
  • Definitely Jossed now.

Despite not being in the preview, Ryugen's Kiwi Arms will debut in Episode 9.
Episode 8 features Mitsuzane picking a Kiwi Lockseed in the Helheim Forest. After that, Episode 9 is the last episode before the premiere of Sengoku Movie Battle, which will feature Ryugen assuming Kiwi Arms and I doubt the movie will be that form's debut.
  • Jossed. Episode 9 is the first episode of the series where neither a new Rider nor a new form is introduced, meaning Sengoku Movie Battle will be Kiwi Arms' on-screen debut after all.
  • Actually, it features in Episode 10. So OP isn't far off.

Mai's parents are dead.

The Riders will group together to form a Five-Man Band.
Kouta as The Hero, Kaito as The Lancer, Micchy as The Smart Guy and a possible Sixth Ranger Traitor, Hideyasu as a second Smart Guy or The Chick, and Kurokage as The Big Guy. With either Takatora or a different Rider eventually joining as a Sixth Ranger.
  • They might need to find a replacement Big Guy, since Kurokage is dead.
  • Well, they've allied on and off, but they were never this.

If and when Mitsuzane betrays Kouta, he'll do it in the style of the raid on Honnoji Castle
For those who don't know, in the Sengoku era, one of Nobunanga's soldiers, Mitsuhide Akechi, got his own men to turn against him simply by lying where the enemy was during a crucial battle.
  • Not really.

There was no actual way to saving a Human-Inves
Despite there being a sign that there might be a way to saving them, it's all going to be for naught, hence why the Energy Riders killed one regardless. One sign pointing to this: Takatora cared enough to yell at Hase to not eat the fruit. If he cared about that, then why does he decide to just downright kill him? Remember, he's friends with a researcher who studied on Inves, so he'd have some idea if Human-Inves can actually be saved or not.

Bravo, Duke, Marika, and Sigurd are going to die before the series' end
Notice that they didn't appear during the Cold Opening of #1 and since Ryoji is dead and he didn't appear I think that that scene was actually foreshadowing telling us that only Gaim, Baron, Ryugen, Gridon, and Zangetsu will make it to the final battle.
  • Confirmed with Sigurd. The other three are still open.
  • As of episode 45, of the eleven main series Riders: Kurokage, Sigurd, Duke and Marika are dead. Bravo, Gridon and Knuckle were depowered, and Zangetsu is MIA. Only Gaim, Baron and Ryugen remain.

The Yggdrasil Saga will end at episode 24.
The Beat Rider Saga is about childhood, which runs from episodes 1-11, and age 11 is the last stage of your life where you are viewed as a child. After that, episode 12 starts the Yggdrasill Saga, which focuses on adulthood. Age 12 is when puberty, aka the transition from child to adult, kicks in and from there up until the age of 24, you are considered a young adult. Now, if the Fridge Brilliance of the episode numbering coinciding with the sagas is correct, then episode 24 should close out the Yggdrasill Saga and episode 25 should start up the 3rd story arc of the series.
  • Jossed. Episode 19 is the true end of the Yggdrasil Saga.
    • Which is the end of the Teen years; also the majority of age in Japan is 20. Still fits.

Sid will turn out to actually be some kind of kaijin
We don't know a thing about the dude and he seems almost inhumanly evil compared to the other villains, doing things just because it amuses him. Would tie into the Kyubey parallel a bit too.
  • Jossed. He's just plain dead. Plus, Sagara is the Kyubey expy.

DJ Sagara is gonna feign being a prisoner of Yggdrasil
Either he's doing it to manipulate Kouta or to weasel out of getting hatred from him.
  • Jossed

Sid will be defeated by...
Kouta using Matsubokkuri arms as a way of honoring Hase's demise.
  • Or perhaps all the Riders using Matsubokkuri Arms at once.
  • He's still alive, but Gaim beat him with Jimber Lemon Arms and took his Cherry Energy Lockseed.
  • He's dead now. Roshuo killed him.

Mitsuzane will be on the dark side
Well, he's fallen pretty hard by the 20s... only time will tell if he gets better.
  • he didn't
  • He's gotten better as of the finale.

Ryouma is gonna pull a Dr. Maki
He's planning on using additional Drivers and try to achieve godhood... That's not a good sign.
  • Josssed.

The previous timeline did not have the Energy Riders
Assuming the beginning war with Kouta and Kaito was a flashback, one has to wonder why Takatora is using the original Melon Arms when he has Melon Energy to use. Answer? There wasn't any Energy Riders in that timeline... But now with the repeated timeline, they became possible.

DJ Sagara will be the eventual Big Bad.
Because at this point he's the only one of Yggdrasil's inner circle who isn't obviously antagonistic. He'll offer himself up as the only test subject for Ryoma's third-generation Drivers, and take out the Beat and Genesis Riders one-by-one.
  • Jossed. He's the spirit of Helheim, but never actually fought anyone.

Takatora will undergo How the Mighty Have Fallen moment.
Considering he really cares to his co-workers but they treat him like a crap, you can guess what happens next to him after several episodes...
  • Kinda, but he seemed alright by the end of it.

What Takatora showed Mitsuzane was the destroyed remains of an old Zawame City
  • Jossed.

What Micchy saw was the CURRENT Zawame City, but from the future. It was destroyed and the forest spread because the Riders could not cooperate.
Helheim is not another dimension; it is the future. The Cracks are not rips in space, but time. Therefore the opening scene of #1 is from the future as many predicted, but also the past: for whatever reason the Riders from that timeline would not work together to prevent Helheim's spread, and they eventually destroyed each other, leading to the extinction of humankind. The Mysterious Girl is Mai from that timeline who survived and has escaped through a crack in time to plead to the main characters, trying to change the future. Of course this all implies a Stable Time Loop, and so Helheim's actual origin is indiscernible.

There were fourteen Zawame cities before the one we see in show
The first we saw in the first episode with the Baron vs Gaim army battle. We also know that the forest is going to pick someone but in the previous fourteen times it picked the wrong person and the Helheim forest integrates that version of the city into itself as a result. Kouta is the only one who can handle the power given by the forest because he's the only one who has yet to be actually given the power in the previous fourteen versions and as his little speech to DJ Sagara shows, he doesn't want power for himself but to protect others.
  • Why fourteen?
    • Gaim is the Fifteenth Titular Heisei Kamen Rider. And counting Zangetsu as two riders, there are 8 Sengoku-Riders, 4 Genesis-Riders, Bujin Gaim, Fifteen, and there are rumours about a Fifteen Gaim Rider going about(if no one counts the Kurokage troopers to count as Riders).
  • Jossed.

Micchy will end up being more villainous than Takatora
Even though it's said that the Kureshimas have an inherently dark and manipulative side to them, Micchy's darkness is actually deeper than Takatora's. Takatora does evil things, but he only does them because he believes he is working towards something noble, and does not enjoy it. Micchy is overall a good guy, but his motivations are definitely more selfish: His attraction to Mai, his desire to be free, and wanting to rebel against his brother. The times he shows his dark side to Sid, it also seems like he takes some enjoyment out of it. He himself tells Sid that he may end up being more dangerous than his brother.
  • Confirmed.

We will see some Black Comedy in action
Butcher takes effect on around 14, yet the next few episodes are still comedic as if the Wham Episode did not happen.
  • Not really.

Zawame becoming Hellheim in the future will be a direct result of Yggdrassil attempting to prevent that.
  • Jossed.

Structures of the armies when the war scene comes along
Gaim's army will be Team Gaim (minus Micchi), fighting for the Inves' right to exist. (No Armored Riders)Baron's army will be Baron, Gridon, Bravo and Knuckle, alongside controlled Inves and members of most of the other teams using mass-production drivers to use Suika Arms, aiming to defeat Gaim and topple YggdrassilZangetsu's army will be him, Ryugen and the Energy Riders leading Kurokage Troopers and some of them using Suika Arms to put down the Beat Riders and destroy the Inves once and for all.
  • I'm changing my predictions based on episode 20. Gaim will stand alone, due to agreeing with Yggdrassil's goal but not their methods, (Team Gaim may or may not stand with him), Baron and Duke will lead Marika and Sigurd and an army of Kurokage Troopers in pursuit of letting only the strong survive, and Zangetus, Ryugen and their own Kurokage troopers will fight to stop Hellheim at all costs. Knuckle, Gridon and Bravo will either side with Baron or Ryugen, or split based on personal motives (Zack may feel he has to side with Kaito, while Oren will decide to side with Zangetsu due to his crush.
  • Changing again based on recent developments. Kouta will not stand alone (at the very least he'll be supported by Zack, and maybe Oren, Jonouchi and Takatora (as Zangetsu), with the aim of gaining the power of the Overlords in order to save humanity without resorting to genocide. Mitchy (as Zangetsu Shin) will be the lone rider on his side, now leading Yggdrassil's genocide plan and expecting that everyone on Kouta's side will agree with his plans once the 'toxic' (in his mind) Kouta is removed. Mitchy will only have the army of Kurokage Troopers at his disposal. Kaito, Ryoma and Yoko will be the third army, aiming to get the power of the Overlord to allow Hellehim to take over earth faster so they can ensure the strong survive.
  • Probable final guess following ep 32. Kouta will be alone after all (unless Takatora returns to being Zangetsu), Baron will be leading Marika, Gridon, Bravo and Knuckle, and Mitchy will be allied with Ryouma and Redyue
  • And now we know: the final battle was just Gaim Vs. Baron, with varied Inves on both sides, no other Riders.

Hideyasu's using Oren.
He pretended to be Ryoji's friend for the first arc and acted as a Butt-Monkey in battle with him. Perhaps, save for that incident in episode 17, there's something Hideyasu's getting from being Made a Slave?
  • Pretty much jossed. They legitimately become allies.

Micchy is gonna force Yggdrasil to shift the blame from the Beat Riders
Alright, let's look at the basics: Mitsuzane is now a mole for Team Gaim... However, they, along with all the other Beat Riders are on the verge of either breaking apart or actually becoming like what the news say about them. Bad news for Mitsuzane and Takatora if they want to keep this up. So he'll point that out to Takatora and force his hand to shift the blame. We also know that Mitsuzane can be very manipulative if he wants to, so this would probably something he'd do.
  • Jossed.

#18 will end the Yggdrasil Saga, or at least bring it to the next stage
First off, the motif of the Sagas seem to reflect age. The Beat Riders saga being about childhood and the Yggdrasil saga being about the transition between childhood and adulthood, or at least adulthood. 18 is the age for most people when they become adults. Second, the title for 18 says "Farewell, Beat Riders", which indicates something big will happen. Lastly, the varied catchphrase for Kouta ("This is everyone's stage now!") mixed by how hotblooded it sounded, it seems to pull off something grand and climatic.
  • Jossed. The end of the Yggdrasil Saga is apparently happening in #21, with the ending of #18 just setting up for a fight between Gaim and Duke.

Bravo is gonna bite it in #18
Random guess.
  • Jossed, though Kouta manages to hand him his ass again.
  • He's alive but depowered as of episode 44.

Kalafina will perform one insert song in this series.
  • Jossed.

Sonomura became traumatized after what nearly happened to him in Episode 16.
If a monster you summoned and controlled suddenly turned on you and came close to killing you, you'd be pretty shaken up too. It would also explain why Team Red Hot wasn't present for the All Teams Dance Event in Episode 18.
  • Jossed.

Zawame City used to be the village from Kamen Rider Hibiki And The Seven Senki
Both citizens have the same mentality of casting the people who save them as evil monsters, even with the knowledge that they're a) regularly saving them on a daily basis and b) capable of silencing their complaints forever if pushed too far, so it might be just genetic memory.

The final battle of the series will be either Gaim VS Baron, Gaim VS Zangetsu, or Gaim VS Ryugen.
  • Gaim Vs. Baron is pretty much confirmed, though whether it's the absolute last battle, or just the next-to-last, is still uncertain.
  • There's one more for the finale.

The World of Sengoku Movie Dai Battle is also being invaded by Hellheim
The Gaim character get there by travelling through the forest and the gates used to get there are similar but different to the ones used to enter Hellheim.

The final battle...
Will have Gaim facing Baron, who's been possessed by the spirit of Helheim. Gaim will be trying to free him and eliminate Helheim at the same time, while Zangetsu and Ryugen intend to do the pragmatic thing and eliminate Baron WITH Helheim. The battle will end with Gaim breaking through to Baron, but Baron ultimately winning: he sacrifices himself, giving his own life to eliminate the spirit of Helheim.
  • Half-confirmed. It WAS Gaim Vs. Baron, but he'd just become an Overlord, and wasn't controlled by anyone.

The Big Bad will be...
A Blue Overlord Inves that's based off Gaim.
  • Not the OP, but seeing as there are three colour varieties of Elementary Inves, this seems likely. Also, the existence of the Green Overlord Inves is another point in it's favor.
  • Jossed.

Kouta will gain the powers of the Overlords
Specifically the Blue one, and this will be how he controls his Inves Army in the war scene. Kaito and Mitchy may gain their counterpart's as well (at the least, in the initial scene each Army's Inves were coloured same as them)
  • As of episode 41, confirmed

Kouta will become the ruler of Helhelm and seals it away
While staying behind in the process. The idea came to me when I remember when someone mentioned Gaim's armor evolution: Foot Soldier (Normal Arms like Orange, Pine, etc...) to High Ranked Soldier (a squad captain with the Jimber series) to General (Kachidoki) to Shogun (Kiwami's conic silhouette bring to mind some of the depiction of Shogun in modern fiction - for example Tokugawa Ieyasu in Samurai Warriors 2 and 3).
  • Confirmed! Except by "sealed", we mean "transported it to a previously lifeless planet", allowing both Earth and Helheim to thrive. Kouta went with it at the time, but he'll be back.

Kiwami is the combination of Earth and Helhelm's power
Just a thought. To unlock Kiwami Arms, Kouta need the Kachidoki Lockseed and the Kiwami Lockseed. Kiwami - bearing the code of LS-infinity - would be the Helhelm part of the equation while Kachidoki - created by DJ Sagara from a normal Earth orange - would be the Earth part.

DJ Sagara, the Mysterious Girl and the Overlord Inves
All four of them are survivors of the last world that Helheim devoured. They tried and failed to stop Helheim, with all four being somewhat transformed by Helheim's power. Redyue and Deemushu were Baron and Zangetsu (or Ryugen)'s counterparts, who surrendered to Helheim's power and were transformed into Inves in the process, and are now leading Helheim's efforts to consume Earth and its people. Sagara was Gaim's counterpart, and is steering things in another direction so as to allow Kouta to succeed where he failed, and ultimately defeat Helheim's forces. (Or, also surrendered to Helheim's power and is steering things so Kouta ultimately ends up following the same path he did, with the same end result.) Finally, the Mysterious Girl also sees the parallels between her old friends and the Armored Riders, and is trying to stop them following the same path her friends did, which led to war and to their world's being devoured.
  • Confirmed for the Overlord Inves. Sagara and the First Woman seem to have been around much longer than that.
  • Sagara IS Helheim. The Mysterious Girl is Mai, who's become an energy being after becoming one with the Forbidden Fruit.

DJ Sagara is the blue Overlord Inves
His ability to create Lockseeds for use with Drivers; being able to speak with Redyue and Deemuushu; not to mention not really having any particular allegiance on Earth other than himself. Seems pretty obvious at this point.
  • Jossed. He's Helheim itself.

There will eventually be a Five on Five Battle Royale between the Riders of the series at some point.
It will happen when Ryouma/Duke tries to achieve his goal of finding the forbidden fruit with Gaim,Zangetsu Shin, Bravo, Gridon and Knuckle teaming up to stop him while Ryoma/Duke is assisted by Sigurd, Marika, Baron and Ryugen.
  • Gaim who is considered by his allies to be the only one who can possibly defeat Duke will battle it out at a location super close to Dukes goal. He will spend most of the battle using Jimber Lemon and will be constantly pushed back by Duke but later he will retaliate with Kachidoki and Kiwami or he will use Jimber Melon for the first time and kill Duke.
  • Zangetsu Shin and Sigurd. Zangetsu Shin will have the upper hand for most of the fight but Sigurd will summon a small group of Suika Arms using his S Lockseed which will tip the balance in his favour and he will then start pounding on Zangetsu Shin. Zangetsu Shin will eventually get back on track and kill Sigurd but his Genesis Driver will be destroyed in the process. This may lead into the aforementioned Jimber Melon scenario.
  • Bravo and Malika. The two will be on relatively even footing with Malika having a slight edge. At the end of the fight there will be clash between Bravo's Durian Sparking and Malika's Peach Energy Finisher. The Durian Sparking will be overpowered by the opposing finisher causing Bravo to suffer fatal wounds. But with the last of his strength he will run Malika through with both his Duri Noko swords. Bravo will then say Au Revior (Goodbye in French) before both collapse to the ground dead.
  • Knuckle and Baron. This will be the most uneven fight of the bunch with Knuckle getting no or hardly any hits in on Baron. Knuckle will also spend most of the fight pleading with Baron to reconsider what he is doing. After Knuckle is beaten down and unable to resist anymore Baron will deliver the killing blow. Which will take long to charge while another character (Either Peco or an injured Kouta having finished his fight) will run at Baron pleading for him to stop. However Baron delivers the killing blow with the untransformed Knuckle then dying in the other characters arms who will then call out Baron on what he had just did.
  • Gridon and Ryugen. Due to Gridons improved fighting ability this will be a lot more even then there pervious match although Ryugen's long range and superior Lockseeds will means that he has a slight edge. This will be the last one to finish with Ryugen beating down Gridon and about to deliver a killing blow. However Baron who having been impressed by Gridon's improved fighting ability will save Gridon and then escape with him.
    • Highly unlikely as of the most recent episode (45). Only three Riders are confirmed active: Gaim, Baron and Ryugen.

Takatora will be killed and Micchy will become the new Zangetsu
Just a hunch
  • Half-right. Takatora's still alive, though Mitsuzane DID take his Driver and become the new Zangetsu.
  • Still only half-right. Micchy became the new Zangetsu, and Takatora was believed dead for a while, but ultimately turned up alive.

Oren will be the key to finally getting the word out about Helheim
He's finally starting to get a grasp on the true conflict, and that things are much bigger than the Beat Riders. He also has a lot more credibility than said Beat Riders, and no-one is really paying attention to him. Right now he could be the best chance for people to not only learn about Helheim, but also inform people that the Beat Riders are totally innocent. It would be fitting for the one who launched the primary smear campaign against them to be the one to end up fully clearing their name in the end.
  • Jossed.

Bujin Gaim is an Evil Counterpart to Ieyasu
Ieyasu is a Warlord without a War God, while Bujin Gaim is a War God without a Warlord. There may be an idea that, like how Ieyasu wishes to unite the lands as part of something he promised his War God. Bujin Gaim's plans seem to be Take Over the World, which is essentially the same as uniting the lands. Perhaps it was something he promised his fallen War Lord?

Jiro (The Dog) was the Yari Inves
It's established that animals can become Inves too, and this would just be a perfect twist of the good ol' Urobuchi knife.

The Inves are a Disc-One Final Boss
Given the characterization of their true leader, it's possible Kouta will succeed in convincing them to stop the forest's invasion. After which, Ryoma will take the place of the Big Bad and the plot will switch to stopping him from achieving his goals.
  • Semi-confirmed? Baron's become an Inves, and is the Big Bad of the main storyline.

Roshuo will actually listen to Kouta's pleas.
Roshuo is shown to abhor the 'power for its own sake' mentality and consider it foolish. Kouta coming to him wanting peace and seeking power to protect others will earn his favor.
  • Confirmed.

Redyue's reason in #31 are different from Micchy's interpretation
It wouldn't make sense for him to consider the Energy Riders as a means to weaken or even kill Roshuo, as he knew Roshuo enough not to anger him (as seen when he talks to Demushu). He didn't send Sid to his death to weaken Roshuo but to either gauge how strong they are compared to Roshuo or to possibly off them indirectly.

Demushu will be killed in the Kiwami debut fight
He's the antagonist who caused the hero to undergo a troubling time that can only be fixed by his Super Mode power up debut, akin to Beast, Dr. Maki, Aries, and Leigon. It'd make sense for Kiwami's debut to make him the first major casualty.
  • Confirmed.

The other Overlords will become glorified Monsters of the Week
Just like the other Horoscopes.
  • Confirmed. The other three were wiped out easily. Lord Baron, on the other hand…

Finding out about Mai's positive relationship with Kaito will make Micchy even more insane
And establish a now mutual hatred between the two. Basically Micchy hates everyone.
  • Confirmed.

Takatora will kill Michhy
He'll realize he needs to be stopped. He'll then probably be racked with guilt and kill himself as well.
  • Jossed. He tried, but couldn't bring himself to do it.

Micchy will commit suicide by eating a Helheim Fruit.
And he'll specifically do it right in front of Kouta to force Kouta to kill him as an Inves, probably guilt-tripping him about Yuya as he does so.
  • Jossed.

Lockseeds (even Grade A) actually gives insignificant powers to riders all along!
Energy and Kachidoki lockseeds gives more power, but still to a small extent, while Kiwami provides power equivalent to Overlords, but it provides so much energy to the user for that power, his brain thinks he does not need to get any more food and the signal for his hunger turns off much longer, if not pernamently.

If Foundation X appears in Gaim...
... They will appear once Helheim has been beaten back, and they confront Ryoma for wasting resources and time when he threw Yggdrasil underneath the bus to cover his ass, as well as leaving Yggdrasil tower to rot when he escaped when Helheim claimed it.
  • Maybe Foundation X has some connection to that "Foundation" that appeared in Kamen Rider Gaim Gaiden: Kamen Rider Baron. They did turn out to be funding Yggdrasil, and investing in evil science projects is Foundation X's shtick.
  • Jossed.

The Forbidden Fruit will be the Big Bad
All the arcs so far are named after the current antagonist, so it would make sense if the Forbidden Fruit was a villain as well.
  • Played with. The Forbidden Fruit is needed to be able to control/stop the forest, but in doing so, one gives up their humanity, and has to choose to sacrifice the world or themselves. One could see that as a "villainous" act.
  • Jossed.

Episode 42 will begin the series' 6th and final story arc.
  • Jossed.

Kamen Rider Drive will make his Early-Bird Cameo in the final episode.
The summary for episode 46 seems to indicate that it will feature the final battle of the series, while episode 47 appears to be an epilogue. On top of that, the writer for episode 47 is confirmed to be Jin Haganeya instead of Gen Urobuchi. So far, every time Urobutcher isn't the writer of an episode, it always involves a crossover or a tie-in for an upcoming movie. Case in point, episode 30 was a crossover with the new Kikaider to promote Kikaider Reboot, while episode 37 was promoting the Summer Movie. Finally, Wizard had a two-part epilogue special where Gaim made his early bird cameo, so it might be possible that Toei is making epilogues the new common place for Kamen Riders to make their pre-series cameo debuts.
  • Jossed.

Ryugen's insert song, Point of No Return, will be played during the final episode.
It would seem appropriate, seeing as how the plot involves Micchy redeeming himself for all of the sinful deeds he committed.
  • Jossed.

    The movie 
The movie will tell the story of the Overlords world, or another world previously consumed by Hellheim.
Cast notes so far seem to have confirmed Yuya and Hase among the cast, which is odd considering you know.
  • Jossed.

Yuya will be Gaim
Assuming the above WMG is correct, in this world circumstances will not have lead to Yuya and the fruit.
  • Yuya will be Gaim, Jonouchi will die and Hase will live, there will be Gridon Troopers, not Kurokage Troopers.
  • Jossed. Yuya was Mars in disguise, and Hase died AGAIN. And a third time when the world was restored to itself.
  • Ironically, Yuya WAS Gaim in an illusion created by Redyue in one episode.

Yuya and Hase will appear as spiritial motivators for Kouta and Jonouchi
Which is the reason why their actors are returning.
  • Jossed. Kougane disguised himself as Yuya, and Hase was temporarily alive again.

The Movie will be an AU
It's a throwback to Old Heisei movies, as most of them took place in AUs.
  • More like "the world is temporarily reshaped into an AU", as occurred in the Wizard summer movie.

The movie is not an AU
"But Troper" you say, "it's already been clearly demonstrated that the movie is an AU, what with the football teams and Yuya and Hase and Sid being alive". To which I say, the promotional material is still making it sound odd that Yuya and Hase are alive (not Sid since that hadn't happened yet) and the latest synopsis seems to imply Kouta starts noticing things are off. My supposition is that either Lapis or Kogane is responsible for the world shift. If Kogane is responsible then when Kouta comes close to working out the truth is when he'll be forcibly made in to Gaim Yami. When all the Riders go to fight Kogane at the end, Hase will go knowing that if they succeed he'll die. Sid will be less graceful.

As part of the AU, Takatora and Professor Ryoma will have each others' roles.
Ryoma will want to save the world; Takatora will want to rule it.
  • Jossed - Ryoma is dead before the events of the movie, and Takatora is the same as his TV self.

Lapis is The Big Bad
while Kogane is Good All Along.
  • Jossed. Lapis wanted peace. Kougane's a psycho.

The Movie Tie-in will feature a fight scene utilizing Kurokage Shin
And he'll get a helmet formation scene if there isn't one in the movie. We may also see all 3 Baron Riders fight together

    Movie Wars 
Villains for the Gaim Portion
Mitchi and Takatora will fight the cyborg Ryoma, while Kouta will fight a more significant enemy.
  • Confirmed

Kouta will create the Drive Lock Seed himself
  • Jossed - like Gaim vs Wizard, Mai creates the Drive Lockseed.

Takatora will alternate between Zangetsu and Zangetsu Shin by swapping his Transformation Trinkets while transformed.
You know, similar to the way Baron alternated between being an Armored Rider and a New Generation Rider in episodes 29 and 37.

Zangetsu will execute the Melou Blast and Mujin Kick Finishing Moves, or at least one of them, during the movie.
The Zangetsu Legend Rider Lockseed reveals that Zangetsu has these attacks in his move set, and since he didn't get a chance to use either of them during the series, this film could be a chance for him to use one of those attacks.

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