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  • If Mr. Belt built Tridoron so he could have a body to fight alongside Drive with...why didn't he just build a body instead? Why not a more humanoid body?
    • A car is faster, more inconspicuous, and can be outfitted with more tech, as shown by the Tire Extension and transformations.
      • But why not also build a human form to fit in with society? To be at least human in form again?
      • In Movie War Full Throttle, Mr. Belt exposes that he actually planned at first to upload his mind into an android, the CyberRoid ZZZ, but operating that body required an insane amount of will to move. Not feeling confident enough, he opted to transfer his mind into the Drive Driver instead.
  • So why exactly does Mr. Belt need Shinnosuke to keep being Drive a secret? Wouldn't having the police in on Kamen Rider activities help in fighting the Roidmudes?
    • Seeing as the Roidmudes are shapeshifters, he maybe worried that there can be some spies within the force. Alternatively, he may be worried that the technology behind Drive's tech would fall into the wrong hands. After all, the one time he did let someone else use his research, it resulted in the Roidmudes. He didn't compare himself to Alfred Nobel for nothing.
    • Episode 25 more or less confirms this when Shinnosuke asks why the secret identity is such a big deal, though Mr. Belt seems to support him when he does decide to transform publicly.
  • Why are the Special Unit so small and looked down upon? People know about the Roidmudes and the Global Freeze. Things like monsters blowing up buildings are kind of inconspicuous.
    • While the Global Freeze is a well known event, the Roidmude involvement is less so. While more and more rumors about them pop up, they are, as far as the police is concerned, an urban legend. It may be that the Special Unit was created only as a political play in order to calm the populace after the event. That, and the Special Unit's purpose was to only try figure out the Slowdowns. In a way, they were nothing more than a clean up crew.
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    • It is also revealed that Freeze has altered most of the police's memories so that they cannot focus on the Roidmudes. This is also why Genpachirou cannot say the word Roidmude. While he sees them regularly, and therefore knows about them, he cannot say the name because the memory is locked. Any police not directly confronted by Roidmudes are basically forced to ignore them, which resulted in them looking down on the unit that seemed to be tracking down an urban legend.
  • How does the Density Shift works exactly? Are dealing with actual Time Stands Still ability, or do the Roidmudes just make the air around much more dense? The latter one would explain how Genpachirou survived his fall in episode 12. On the other hand, he was seemingly in danger when Crush deflected a bullet at him during a Slowdown in episode 6. So do objects retain their momentum? Or better yet, if they actual cause the air to slowdown, how come there are explosions, or that people don't die from the lack of oxygen?
  • With The Reveal that Kyu has a Roidmude impersonating him to fill his role any time, why would Kyu still have a Written-In Absence?
    • It's stated that they'll would go simultaneously to events happening at the same time. Like in ep. 20, when Kyu went to sign of his books, while 072 was off to a press conference about their favorite anime.
  • Don't get me wrong, i'm thrilled that Chase did not die at the hands of Type Formula's finisher, but in his supposed "death" we see two explosions, one for his body, and a presumed second for something that floated out of the first, seemingly his core. Yet he's later found to still be alive. Hell even the Break Gunner is still operational! What the heck actually exploded in that second one?
    • Maybe it was the Chaser Viral Cores? He doesn't seem to have them when we see him and it's possible that Heart or Brain could track him through them. However, they could also be tucked into his jacket, so your guess is as good as mine.
    • If it was the Chaser Viral Cores, the Chaser Spider Viral Core seems to be the only one left, as prior to Kamen Rider Chaser's birth, Chase used Mashin Chaser and the Fang Spidey one last time to protect Heart and break Shinnosuke's arm.
  • Why is it that the Drive Driver (for Japan's Kamen Rider) primarily uses English, while the Mach Driver (for America's Kamen Rider) uses Japanese?
    • It's Rule of Cool for both languages. People have a tendency to think words in a foreign language - which they're unused to hearing - sound better than the equivalents in their native tongue. (This is why many subbing groups translate "henshin" as "transform" despite fans complaining that "transform" sounds cheesy - because "henshin" sounds just as cheesy to Japanese viewers.) That's why Rider belts have been using English a lot over the years, because even if it's engrish to us it sounds really cool in Japan. Mach's belt is just the inverse of that, where Japanese words sound a lot cooler in English even though it's just shouting out the names of traffic signs. So it's sort of a meta nod to both English and Japanese fandoms.
    • They need a way to learn each other's languages.
  • This is less of a Headscratcher and more a question I want answered but how fast are the maximum running speeds of the Riders in this series when converted into Kilometres/Miles per hour and not the 100 Meters per X Seconds that the official site lists them as.
    • Type Speed's 100 meters per 5.7 seconds is 63 kilometers per hour, or 39 miles per hour. Just plug it into Google: "100 meters per 5.7 seconds in miles per hour".
  • In Episode 32 why did no-one in Team Drive (especially Kiriko even consider freeing Gou of the memory altering mojo?. Even if it incapacitates him while it takes effect it's still a net win for Team Drive.
    • Because Chase told them that he isn't brainwashed due to his misguided attempt to spare Kiriko suffering.
    • Chase does try in the very next episode... not that it matters, since Gou really was never brainwashed to begin with. Gotta give the guy an Oscar for his performance.
  • In episode 36, Shinnosuke is finally able to arrest Nira Mitsuhide. He charges the villain with the murder of his father, and... that's it? You'd think there'd be more charges than that to lay on him. Even if you don't count anything he did as a Roidmude, there's still a lot of conspiracy charges for his work with Brain, attempted murder of Shinnosuke, and oh yeah, treason against humanity. Sure, Shinnosuke got him for the charge that was really important to him, but it still feels like he went a bit easy on him!
    • You're forgetting that A) Police can add charges later, and they'll likely be going over ALL of the evidence he's left, and B) He was outed to have tried to kill Shin and Yukari on live TV, as well as working with the Roidmudes. Trust me, they'll get to it.
  • If Krim knew that Banno was an evil jackass from the word go, why did he speak to Shinnosuke about him like he was some sort of tragic incident? Why didn't he just tell him "So Banno was a villain who went about abusing Roidmudes until they understandably snapped and killed him" instead of "Banno put the Core Driviars in them and somehow they went berserk"?
    • Well he though Banno was dead at the time as I understand it, and maybe he'd spent the past decade blaming himself since blaming a dead guy won't do much really.
    • Also just because a guy is a bastard doesn't mean you can't still feel bad that he died he probably didn't feel the need to mention Banno's character when he thought that both body and mind were dead. He also seemed to know from the beginning Gou and Kiriko were his children so felt the need to spare their feelings.
  • In #43, how did Shinnosuke and Kiriko recognized Krim's human form when they first met him in his belt form?
    • In type Tokujo, Shinnosuke and Kiriko investigated about a professor who is Krim's colleague when he was a human. So they could, for convenience, take a look at Krim's profile and picture.
  • Who is Sachiko Emoto?
    • It was the other name on the gravestone where Kiriko and Go's mom is buried, shown in Episode 13. From what I saw of the year of birth and the fact that their places of rest are side-by-side, she could be their grandmother.

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