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Drinking Game / Kamen Rider Drive

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Start your alcoholism!

Drinking game for Kamen Rider Drive:

  • Obligatory Rider Rule: Take 1 shot every time two riders fight each other. Two if it's a movie. Three if one of the combatants is Decade, Diend, or a rider summoned by Diend. Four if Super Sentai are involved.
  • Take a shot whenever Shinnosuke eats a milk ball. Two if someone else does.
  • Take a shot every time Mr Belt shoves Gratuitous English into his dialog (not counting Tire Exchange phrases).
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  • Take a shot for every "TAIYA KOUKAN!" Two if a new Shift Car is introduced.
  • Take a shot when Genpachirou mispronounces a word.
  • Take a shot whenever Chief Honganji makes a weird face or reads out his fortune. Be sure to call an ambulance beforehand.
  • Take a shot whenever Kiriko smiles.
  • Take a shot every time Heart talks about friends or friendships.
  • Raise your glasses and take a shot for every Rider Kick.
  • Take a shot every time someone says his catchphrase. Two if it's Gou. Three if someone interrupts it or lampshades it.
  • Take a shot whenever someone gets in "top gear". Two if it isn't Shinnosuke.
    • Take a shot whenever Shinnosuke's tie mysteriously undoes itself.
  • Take a shot whenever two riders fight each other. Two if it's a movie, three if Decade or a past rider is involved.
  • Take a shot every time Chase is just waiting on his bike for Shinnosuke to drive by in order to fight him. Take two if Chase drives by to fight him.
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  • Take continuous shots for the duration of every Sherlock Scan flashback. Don't stray too far from the bathroom or a speedial for the hospital.
  • Take a shot every time they hint that Mashin Chaser and Proto-Drive are the same person. Any time after episode 14 doesn't count, since they outright said it already.
  • Take a shot whenever Shinnosuke acts like a dork. Two if its over his horrible Literal-Minded naming sense.
  • Take a shot every time Chase pops out of nowhere.
  • Take a shot for every time that Chase is brainwashed.
  • Take a shot every time Gou mentions how much he hates the Roidmude and wants them all dead. Two shots if he's directly referring to Chase.
  • Take three shots every time Brain uses three different adjectives to describe something.
  • Take one when you see somebody with those snowflake symbols indicating 001 did something to their memory. Two if it's someone involved in the robbery from 12 years ago.
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  • Take one whenever Nira or Brain starts overreacting. Be careful, they does this a lot.
  • Take a shot any time the father button's pressed.
  • Take a shot everytime Banno pisses off someone. 2 if it is the rider or roidmude side and 3 if it is both side.


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