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TV Series

     Episode 1: Why Did My Time Stop? 
  • The Shift Cars get their badass moment in the Cold Open of #1, which is apparently from Proto-Drive's command because once left on their own, Funky Spike, previously able to bash through a Roidmude, simply waits for one to trip up before extending its spikes and placing itself right below where the Roidmude's bum would be.
    • The Shift Cars have little signs that are based off of warning signs that are of a sort of dry wit in context. For instance, Funky Spike has "Tunnel Ahead" before the aforementioned bashing through a Roidmude, with Max Flare getting "Big Explosion".
  • When Kiriko zips up her boot after throwing it at Shinnosuke, it sounds like a crack closing.
  • A minor one from #1 comes from the very first Tire Change. The Max Flare tire flies by and detaches the Type Speed tire... which flies off and smacks the Roidmude in the chest, causing him to stumble and fall flat on his ass.
  • "Nice Drive!"
     Episode 2: What Is A Kamen Rider? 
  • Justice Hunter, a police shift car, introduces himself by repeatedly and uselessly slamming himself into Shin's arm. He later demonstrates his Mundane Utility by creating railings that trip him up when Hunter and Kiriko chase after the fleeing Shinnosuke.
  • Shinnosuke and Kiriko, being the good cops that they are, stop at a red light on foot, running in place all the while.
  • Shinnosuke Lampshading Kiriko's super parkour skills.
    Shinnosuke: What's with the gravity defying stunts?!
  • The end of the episode. Shinnosuke tells Kiriko that the Roidmude called him a Kamen Rider, and she actually smiles.
    Shinnosuke: Did you just smile?
    Kiriko: *promptly stands up with a siren sound effect* You're mistaken.
     Episode 3: Who Stole The Women's Smile? 
  • At the start of the episode, Kiriko is chastising Tomari for slacking off again. He retorts that he needs to stretch out from time to time... at which both the screen and audio literally stretch out.
  • When Shinnosuke uses the Dream Vegas finisher to destroy the Paint Rodimude, it lands on a bust and spits out one little coin that doesn't even hit the target, leaving both him and the monster speechless. That's what happens when you use slot machine-like weapons, folks!
    Mr. Belt: It appears that was a bust.
    Paint Roidmude: *reacts to the absurdity with a slight Face Fault*
    Shinnosuke: Huh?! What kind of finishing move goes bust?!
  • Practically every scene with Kyuu. There is just too many to list.
     Episode 4: What is That Prideful Chaser Thinking? 
  • Shinnosuke does his usual banter against Chase, whose only reaction is shooting him.
    Shinnosuke: Strong, silent type eh? Must be a big problem during dates!
    Chase: *Replies by shooting*
    Shinnosuke: No reaction at all?!
  • The christening of the Handle Sword, a sword with a handle (steering wheel) on it...looks like Shinnosuke's got a bit of Ryotaro in his sense.
    Shinnosuke: This thing's obviously a steering wheel sword!
    Mr. Belt: Er... that's a little too blunt. Can't you think of something more... excellent?
    Shinnosuke: Nah! It is Handle Sword!
  • A little one from Brain after a newly awakened Roidmude, Crash, revealed himself:
    Brain: Why is it only the disorderly, rude, problematic ones are awakening their powers?!
  • The Paint Roidmude is shown how Dimension Cab's powers work, along with the confirmation that that's how Drive took the paintings of its victims. He angrily calls Drive a thief. Shinnosuke's response is a thing of beauty:
    Shinnosuke: Says the kidnapper!
     Episode 5: What Are The Steel Robbers After? 
  • The Crash Roidmude becomes Hit and Run Victim #1 of Tridoron.
  • Shinnosuke's snarkiness with his enemies is about level with Spider-Man at this point.
    Shinnosuke: Huh? What do I look like, the pizza guy?
  • Shinnosuke's entire fight with Crash's Mooks. Just to give a good indication how it fared, Shinnosuke merely leaned to the side to avoid the first blow.
    • He even gives one of the lesser Roidmudes a good pimp slap across the face!
    • The Spider one tries to give Drive a left hook. He instead got hooked by Drive. As for the Cobra one...
      074: *gets left arm into an arm lock* Ow! Come on, let go!
      Shinnosuke: Are you whining? *lets go* Pathetic...
      074: I'm not pathetic! That's just my voice!
  • Shinnosuke hamming it up by speaking to the the chief.
  • Chase shows up at Crash's hideout, announcing that he is to be reformatted. The latter's response? Throwing popcorn at Chase. The look of offense on Chase's face is priceless.
    • When Brain comes to Crash's rescue and tells them to go, Crash and co. sounded like they won the lottery or something. Considering that not many Roidmudes live to tell the tale from crossing the "Reaper"...
  • Shinnosuke's remark about the Roidmude attacking a truck with health supplements, getting Kiriko to shush him for it.
    Shinnosuke: You think this Roidmude might be worried about his weight? Maybe he needs more collagen in his diet.
     Episode 6: What Does The Warrior Fight For? 
  • Drive just got poisoned at the end of episode 5, and is probably going to die in a few minutes. In comes Mad Doctor, eager to heal his injuries. Shinnosuke is a little wary of the name, but he'll take what he can get since, well, he's about to die. He activates Mad Doctor's Limit Break, right before finding out that he was right to feel sketchy.
    Shinnosuke: NOW you say it! You know, you really are sketchy! *devolves into a screaming, twitching mess* Cripes, that hurts! Owowow!
    • Once everything is over, Shinnosuke is unceremoniously dropped onto the ground.
  • Kyu-chan interrogates Otta for what the Kamen Rider looks like: He's red, and his hand. The disappointment on Kyuu-chan's face was classic, and the scene only gets better when Kyuu-chan insults Otta and the two eventually start a chest bump war!
  • Drive has been kicking Crash's butt left and right with the new Type Wild, and after knocking him into a building he decides to finish him off with the Handle Sword. He summons it... and nothing happens. The Idiot Crows come in as he calls for it again and again, Mr. Belt informs him under his breath that it's not in the Tridoron and to please stand by. In comes Rinna, cheerfully walking into the middle of battle and handing him his Sword, while Drive looks at her utterly perplexed by her presence.
  • After all that, Shinnosuke's tie undoes itself, then does the ignoring game to Rinna and even Kiriko. The reason? His annoyance at Mr. Belt for not telling him about Rinna's participation in the Drive business. Not even Kiriko smiling can cheer him up, and he gets into Mr. Belt's face plate.
    Rinna: Come on, cheer up Shinnosuke! You don't have Public Security on your back, you've got some new tech and last but not least, now you've two beauties brightening up the Pit! That makes everything better, doesn't it?
    Kiriko: *Does an Un-Smile with the sound of straining metal*
    *Shinnosuke takes one look at her and walks away*
    Kiriko: You're going to ignore that?!
    Shinnosuke: Listen, I've had enough of this secretive crap! There's nothing else, right?!
    Mr. Belt: *silent*
    Shinnosuke: *exasperated sigh and slump* No answer, huh? You're one shifty belt! *bonks the belt and storms out, closing the door on Kiriko*
    Kiriko: Wait!
    Mr. Belt: Well, that's just rude... You can't just leave off the "Mister".
    Shinnosuke: ARGH! I'm done thinking about it!
  • How Shinnosuke says the above is like seeing a child being fed up with something!
  • Shinnosuke has his Heroic Resolve and goes to fight the Crash Roidmude... only for Chase to be in his way. The brief moments he has in his car as he realizes he has to fight him shows that he's probably thinking something along the lines of Here We Go Again!.
     Episode 7: How Was The Pivotal Moment Captured? 
  • More of the chief being the chief.
    • During the briefing of this case, he was making deeply concerned remarks. Turns out, he was trying to figure out what his fortune of the day meant. The rest of the crew were not amused.
  • Shinnosuke takes a nap with Burning Solar, and Kiriko is pissed because Shinnosuke didn't accompany her for something important. With Solar being fully charged, she proceeds to make her frustration known by constantly flashing Solar in his face.
  • Shinnosuke and Kiriko argue over who gets to drive. Shinnosuke even does his signature wrist cradle to show how serious he is. It ends about as well as you expect.
    Shinnosuke: I'm not fond with other people's driving.
    *Gilligan Cut to Shinnosuke decidedly NOT driving. A moment of silence passes*.
    Shinnosuke: *pouting childishly* GRR! *outside shot of the car passing by, making it sound like Shinnosuke's screaming*
     Episode 8: What Is The Secret That Dwells In The Heart? 
  • The Door Gun. When your gun is literally nothing but a car door with a muzzle, you better believe your first outing will be hilarious.
    • Even BEFORE IT EXISTED, when Shinnosuke heard of the new gun he immediately fantasized about having a Handle Gun, all while Rinna's very loud reluctant compliance at finishing up the Door Gun.
    • Shinnosuke is the one who named the Door Gun. It's official; never let the man name weapons with a obvious motif. The fact that he fanboyed over the ridiculously stupid name made it even more hilarious.
      Shinnosuke: Oh, the Handle Gun is ready?! (*Beat as he inspects the weapon*) No wait! This is more like... THE DOOR GUN! (*Gaussian effects go off, and the name "Door Gun!" appears in katakana and kanji for little to no reason.*)
      Mr. Belt: ... *under his breath* Could you perhaps reconsider your naming system?
    • Shinnosuke's first usage of the Door Gun, and his first attempt at reloading, which involves opening and closing the "door" part of the gun. When he messes it up by leaving it in the open position, he has to dive back behind cover and asks Rinna if it's really a necessary feature.
    • Shin really warms up to his new toy though. After finishing the Roidmude off, he exhales on it and polishes the door. While still wearing his helmet.
  • The scene where Takasugi goes to interview the Special Division in hopes of getting some info on the Kamen Rider. Let's... just say he didn't expect to run into a group of Bunny Ears Lawyers.
     Episode 9: How Can I Get Used To The Cool Body? 
  • Shinnosuke needs a cool mind to use Type Technic. Shinnosuke... is anything but cool.
     Episode 10: What Happened In The Belt's Past? 
  • Chase comes to the local library where Shinnosuke & Kiriko are at, and demands a duel. When the two shout in shock, he snarks about how humans have a rule against being loud in a library.
  • To help ease the tension, Shinnosuke jokes that Mr. Belt's name is actually pretty appropriate, causing everyone to have a good chuckle. Doubles as Heartwarming.
     Episode 11: Who Can Prevent The Unholy Night? 
  • Shinnosuke hates his birthday. Is it because of some tragedy that took place? No, it's because it's on Christmas Eve, meaning that he gets less presents and parties since both happen at the same time.
    • This receives a hilarious Call-Back at the end of the episode. When he thought he was having a nice birthday dinner with Kiriko, the rest of the Unit pop out from behind the tree, with the Chief giving news that they have decided to mix Shinnosuke's birthday party, the Christmas party, AND the New Year's party into one occasion. Naturally, Shinnosuke goes back into his Grinchy mood, but eventually joins the party.
     Episode 12: Where Did That White Rider Come From? 
  • Mach doing a 'vroom-vroom' motion after he turns into his Rider form.
  • Go. Just epic, Large Ham, Go.
    • To elaborate: Shinnosuke tightens up his tie and reveals more and more about the Roidmude of the episode, as we see the characteristic slideshow images and pictures that all lead up to his conclusion about the Roidmude... and in comes Go, batting all the pictures away with a hammer.
      Shinnosuke: Why did you do that?! Didn't you see I was in top gear already?!
    • Go interrupts Drive's fight against the Roidmude to make his entrance, reciting it in english even.
      Go: Ladies and gentlemen! It's time for... Superstar Action!
  • Shinnosuke's reaction to finding out Gou is Kiriko's younger brother.
    Shinnosuke: Go? Hold on, Kiriko, how do you know his name?
    Mr. Belt: He's Go Shijima, Kiriko's younger brother who's living in America.
    Shinnosuke: Oh, Kiriko's little brother. That explains everything. *Beat* Huh? *he looks up at them and it registers in his mind*. EEEEEEEHHHH?!?! *backs up and falls over on his back*
  • Otta's complete inability to say "Roidmude". Instead, it comes out as Rori Shojonote ! Everyone reacts with a slight facefault from the incorrect name.
  • Otta and Shinnosuke chasing after a suspect.
     Episode 13: Why Won't My Little Brother Put On The Brakes? 
  • Where was the Chief? Golfing, complete with stereotypical golfing clothing!
  • Kiriko loses it, as Krim didn't tell her that her brother was not only getting to be a Kamen Rider, but he's being set up to surpass Drive. Naturally, she didn't leaving it lying down, and began shaking Krim in anger after stomping a pipe twice before hand, with a Mass "Oh, Crap!" moment from everyone, even the normally unflappable Go!
  • Go single-handedly flusters Shinnosuke and Kiriko by remarking that they make a cute couple. The resulting embarrassed and fluster talk is just gold, even when Krim tries to get some order.
    • Rinna's jealous squeal in response to this moment which seems to suggest that she's taken a shine to Shinnosuke.
      • Later on in the episode, Shinnosuke and Kiriko accidentally touch hands while reaching for a box of milk candies, making Rinna bite her handkerchief (though her face is less "comical sadness" and more "bitch, I will END YOU".) and then very deliberately plop herself between them on the couch.
  • Lieutenant Otta has been catching glimpses of Drive over the last few episodes as he fights the Roidmudes. Problem is, it's only in bits and parts, so when he draws a quick composite for the rest of the Special Crimes Unit, he ends up drawing Drive with Type Speed's red gauntlets, Type Wild's black legs, and Type Technic's green helmet. On top of that, the drawing looks like dear Gen-san hasn't taken an art class since maybe second grade.
  • Kiriko lampshading her brother's Catchphrase:
    "Is he going to say that every time?"
    • As well as the younger Gunman Brother's response: "We heard it the first time!"
  • Mach's Signal Danger bike, which he warns is incredibly risky. He shoots into the air, summoning a foot-long CG creature that looks like an adorable mix between a bullet and a shark. And then it grows exponentially and starts chomping on the younger brother Roidmude, which terrifies even his Scary Black Man big brother. And just to add a cherry on top, Mach says I Told You So afterwards.
     Episode 14: Who Is The Black Shadow Chasing Her? 
  • Go tries to do his signature Catchphrase against a Roidmude, but fails. Angered, he knocks it down and takes the time to complete it... only for it to have escaped while he was posing, leaving him dumbstruck.
    Shinnosuke: Gou, where's the Roidmude?
    Go: I was totally paying attention, but he managed to escape.
  • When the Ride Chaser and the Ride Macher are set to begin to combine, their horns go bonkers, knocking Chase right off of his bike, and when the bikes do indeed combine, the Ride Macher actually lifts Mach off, and then places him inside the new bike.
     Episode 15: When Will These Feelings Reach You? 
  • Despite being a rather serious episode, there's the revelation that unlike the Shift Cars, the Signal Bikes are totally useless for recon purposes, as Magarl trapped itself in a never ending turning loop and Tomarle was non-stop stopping itself into a light pole.
    Go: *disbelief* You can't keep turning! *turns to Tomarle* You're seriously gonna keep stopping?! *leans out of the camera in exasperation*
     Episode 16: Why Is Rinna Sawagami Nervous? 
  • Deco Traveller creates a distraction for Gou and Shinosuke to escape from a fight by, apparently, blinding Chase and Heart with the shining soul of a Japanese trucker.
    • Complete with a traditional Kabuki backdrop, giant kanji and Japanese music coming right out of nowhere.
  • The sheer cognitive dissonance that is Chase smiling.
    Chase: I'm so glad you came!
  • Shinnosuke arriving at event for his cover date... only to run into Rinna.
     Episode 17: Who Will Control Deadheat? 
     Episode 18: Why Is Lt. Otta Following Him? 
  • Rinna gets all excited about a news report. Why? Her Heavy Acceleration particle detector was on television. What sold it is that she called that get-up "beautiful as it's creator". Everyone in the room wanted to disagree, but didn't had the guts to do so, as Rinna entered a state near-Laughing Mad.
     Episode 19: What Can Judge The Police? 
  • Go is set up as a scapegoat for Judge. Following a fight with the roidmude, he sits in the drive pit, in his Mach suit, fuming. When he finds out thanks to Kiriko and Colorful Commercial, he looks like he wanted to strangle him.
  • Go and Judge each arguing that the other is the real Judge during their fight, quickly degenerating into them shouting "no, you!" at each other.
  • Chaser goes to activate the Ride Crosser combination, only to get an error. Mach's response:
    "Tough luck, looks like you won't be able to use the Ride Crosser. And that's because my bike...isn't here!"
  • The Unit reacts hilariously to the Chief and Kyu-chan suddenly appearing in the office.
     Episode 20: When Did Kyu Saijo Become A Roidmude? 
  • When Roidmude 072 geeks out and asks Drive to do a flashy pose and catchphrase like Mach did, Drive obliges with the Carranger pose.
    • When the Roidmude continues to fanboy over the two of them, Shinnosuke immediately goes from posing to asking what the hell is up with 072.
  • Go, Shinnosuke, and Kiriko's faces when they see two Kyu-chans, and then both are arrested.
  • In order to sniff out an Otaku Roidmude impersonating Kyu, they fabricate a limited edition collectible plate by having Spin Mixer use his cement-shooting power for 3D printing. Rinna, Gou, Kiriko and Shin applaud.
  • During Shinnosuke's Roaring Rampage of Revenge, Go took one look, threw up his hands, and sat down, almost like he was saying, "I give up. There's no way I can match him right now."
     Episode 21: What Can Be Said About The Irregular Death? 
  • Gen finally sees both Drive and Mach in action, learning that they're two separate Riders... unfortunately, this leads him to believe that both Drive Type Wild and Type Technic are two more Riders, and due to him not seeing either of them, he had to improvise sketches of them both. Type Wild's tire is on the center of his chest, the helmet looks a lot less like Master Chief's, and Type Technic looks almost like a girl with the tire now being on the waist.
  • Despite being a serious moment with Chase attempting to try and kill Shinnosuke, they still manage to work in some minor laughs with Shinnosuke's snarkiness.
    Mr. Belt: S-Shinnosuke, we have no other choice... for you to survive, we must use a Shift Car that I've kept hidden from you.
    Mr. Belt: But be warned, using this without proper preparation is even more dangerous than using Deadheat!
     Episode 22: How Can I Use The F 1 Body To Fight? 
  • All Shift Cars are out of commission until Rinna manages to get rid of the stuff that Medic put on them. Monster tries to make a run for it, but Kiriko catches him. She chastise him for acting like a puppy not wanting a bath, and in response he whines like a puppy would.
  • The Chief's epic Oh, Crap! reaction to seeing the dead victims arriving in his office.
  • In order to make Shift Formula combat ready, Rinna deduces that Prof. Harley left some clues in the box he left when he last visited. She opens it up to find... sweet pies. She is not amused.
     Episode 23: Who Can Stop The Wicked Smile? 
  • Formula using Shift Mantan to run faster. It involves keeping his arms stretched out like he's pretending to be an airplane!
  • Shinnosuke not being able to wait while the Trailer Cannon drives towards him.
  • The fact that Kamen Rider Mach is supposed to 'surpass' Kamen Rider Drive, when Drive gets more gear than Mach, and Mach's only other form is shared with Drive. The fact the Mach Driver is destroyed continues that trend.
     Shuriken Sentai Ninninger VS Kamen Rider Drive Spring Break Combining Special 
     Episode 25: Why Has The Battle Changed Like This? 
  • Rinna's... more than enthusiastic approach to upgrading Mr. Belt.
  • After being saved by Shinnosuke from being attacked by the Sword Roidmude, the police officers at the scene started fanboying over him as they realized that Kamen Riders are actually real and started swarming him. Shinnosuke had to run away to get away from them with the police officers chasing after him.
  • Kyu and the Chief wearing cut-out masks of Drive and Mach, and proceed to be utter goofs with them. Shinnosuke is a little weirded out at the sight of Drive on Saijo.
  • After Drive beats the Sword Roidmude, Kyu and Otta are in awe at the fact that one of the Kamen Riders has been their colleague all along. And then Gou casually deactivates his own driver in view of them.
  • The revelation that Honganji's been in on it the whole time, and nobody knew, except for Mr. Belt. Whom he calls "Krim-chan."
    • Honganji also is the one responsible for leaking Drive into the public, much to everyone's dismay, especially Shinnosuke.
     Episode 26: Where Is Chaser Heading? 
  • The Chief holds a meeting with "all team members present." It cuts to another angle revealing all of the Shift Cars flying around the room like flies.
  • Kamen Rider Chaser goes to finish off the De-evolved Sword Roidmude with his Signal Axe, but it then tells him to wait as it hasn't charged up yet. What really sells it is his genuine befuddlement about the delay. Even better is 007's attempt to get a cheap hit in, prompting Chase to just shoot him with the Break Gunner.
    • The sound the Signal Axe makes to get Chase to wait is hilarious too.
      Signal Axe: HOLD IT!
    • Shinnosuke and Kiriko have to look at this in utter disbelief, with Shinnosuke even chuckling.
      Shinnosuke: Rinna's designs are out of control.
     Episode 27: What is Go Shijima's Reason for Fighting? 
  • While the circumstances around it are anything but humorous, seeing Mr. Belt chained to Honganji's daruma by police tape looks hilarious. What sells it is the ">_<" face he has.
    • Then its revealed the Tridoron has been impounded. It cuts to the car practically mummified in police tape being hauled away. Rinna takes this well.
  • Otta and Rinna masquerade as a newlywed couple to draw out a Roidmude. Gen gets a little bit too into character.
     Episode 28: Why Were The Families Targeted? 
  • The Plan to lift the ban on Drive's transformation: letting Nira be attacked by Chase in his Roidmude form. Complete with Bad "Bad Acting", and Shinnosuke impersonating Nira's asshole attitude. It's nice to see Nira get his just desserts.
    • The backdrop that rolls down behind Drive once he can transform again adds a wonderful cap on the ridiculousness. Also, seeing Chase wave his arms around like some kind of costumed haunted house worker. Where'd he learn that from?
      • When the gambit succeeds and everyone celebrating their "Anti-Mitsuhide Nira Plan"... Chase does too. While still holding Nira.
     Episode 29: What Really Happened To The Robbery Event? 
  • When Kamen Rider Drive Type Technic was about to use the Door Gun's second round, the Open Roidmude uses its powers to open its door and render it useless. It did not happen just once.
  • Kamen Rider Drive Type Technic getting knocked back by a nearby car's sudden opening of its door.
  • Open bouncing Drive and Chaser around like they're pinballs.
     Episode 30: Who Can Expose The Culprit? 
     Episode 31: Why Did The Important Memories Disappear? 
  • While it came after a disagreement between Mr. Belt and Shinnosuke, the way Belt leaves the office is just hilarious. Poor Gen-san...
    Episode 32: What Awaits At The End of Evolution? 
  • Chief posing with Mr. Belt on, pretending to transform, causing some Mood Whiplash after a heart to heart talk will make you grin a little.
  • Chase's reason on saying critical information in the last moment: "You Didn't Ask." Cue awkward silence in the SIC.
  • Nira and the Chief fighting over the right to be the comic relief, they even get into a posing duel.
     Episode 33: Who Stole the Life of Shinnosuke Tomari? 
  • Although quite the serious episode, Chaser's Mach Driver seems to have a level of sarcasm whenever he gets beaten out of his transformation.
    Mach Driver Honoh: "Otsukare (Good work)."
  • Earlier, Genpachiro and Kyu-chan decided to head to the Drive Pit, even though no one's likely to be there. Cue their shock when everyone's there, and Kyuu's reaction to seeing Shinnosuke's body in Tridoron.
    Saijou: "Are you trying to get cursed?!"
  • Saijo, Genpachiro, and Nira's Big "WHAT?!"-like reaction when it's revealed Shinnosuke's body can't be considered a corpse.
     Episode 34: Who Stole The Life Of Eisuke Tomari? 
  • Shinnosuke accidentally headbutting Kiriko when it's case time. Poor Kiriko had to put on a bandage on her forehead afterwards, but not just a dinky little one, but a big one that obscures her entire forehead.
  • Forensics Researcher Mariko. She's almost like the Chief early on.
     Episode 35: Why Did The Siege Happen? 
  • Belt-san manages to track down Shinnosuke entirely on his own. How, you ask? By roping in six Shift Cars to form his own Combining Mecha! It's as ridiculous as it is awesome.
     Episode 36: Where On The Side of Justice Will The Bullet Fall? 
  • Chase and Go are secretly reporting to Shinnosuke that Yukari is alright. Chase looks at Gou, sees the other rider giving a thumb up and tries to do the same with his usual emotionless expression still on.
    • What makes this one funnier is that Gou immediately looks over as if silently saying "Really?" and Chase looks back as if replying "I dunno."
    • Also the video's somehow been online long enough to be covered in comments, Nico Nico Douga style.
  • Brain was defeated by the teamwork of three riders. His core (the number) stumbles across a road, crying cartoonish tears. And then Medic appears. And she is still really angry at him. Poor guy.
    • Heart ignores Medic crunching his Core. For someone that wants the two of them to get along, this makes it that much funnier.
  • When Kiriko reveals that Yukari is alright during Nira's press conference, Brain says that her survival is impossible, as his poison should have killed her. Out loud. In front of a room full of cameras and cops. For a guy called Brain, he's not very bright.
    • What sells it is the fact that he lets out a little shout and covers his mouth the second he realizes what he's said. Nira's reaction is just the icing on the cake.
      • Though Nira's not much better, since he, again with an audience and on live TV mind you, angrily cries out that Shin should be dead since he shot him in the heart. Kinda destroys the "self-defense" argument.
     Episode 37: Who Is Aiming For The Ultimate Taste? 
  • Honganji being upset they can't move out of their tiny office despite recognized as a major crime unit due to the Garage being in the basement. He asks who approved of that idea, then Krim states it was his idea in the first place.
  • Shinnosuke, Kiriko, Gen, and Kyu experiencing Supreme's Food Porn with exaggerated bliss. Bonus points for Krim being extremely upset he can't taste it and he cannot analyze the food at the chef's request.
    • To make it even better, Krim is sitting beside Kyu's Murmur Mansion dolls, who all have tears running down their faces. Chances are Krim is metaphorically doing the same thing.
    • And by the time they're back in the Garage, they're still in their dream-like state of bliss. It takes Rinna to snap them out of it, with Krim still lamenting being a belt.
    • When Krim switches in in Type Tridoron, he aims to take out the frustrations of earlier onto Cook.
     Episode 39: When Will The Tornado Kidnapper Attack? 
  • Rinna is noticeably flustered about Tornado (008) talking about her as a mistake in his collection.
  • Chase is apparently taking driver exams just so he could rub it in Go's face. And he sounds incredibly smug for someone as stoic as he is when talking about it.
    • What did not help that the Chief and Shinnosuke were showing support in their own way.
  • Go is outnumbered and Chase comes in to help. After the battle, he asks Go if he is alright. Go angrily rebutts him. Chase's silent 'very well' sounds like if Gou injured his pride.
    • What's ridiculous is that Go had been sidelined the whole time, with Chase making him hold a charging Signal Axe for him. What sells it is Go impatiently waiting for the lights to change like it was an actual traffic stop (which also brings to mind Drive waiting for the Trailer Cannon to reach him). THEN, when the charging was done, Gou attempted to use the Signal Axe before Chase rudely yanks it out of Go's hands as if misinterpreting Gou's body language, with Gou yelling a very indignant "HEY!" at Chase's back.
     Episode 40: Why Are The Two Geniuses Having A Conflict? 
  • Chase shows his driver's licence. The included photo has him smiling for real, nothing like the Voice Roidmude business.
    • Fridge Funny when you realise that this was most likely taken by one of those photographers who's always snapping orders like "look higher", "look here" "no look lower" "smile bigger" etc. etc. and Chase is the one guy in the world who can follow directions to the letter.
      • A promo for the movie actually confirms this, making it even funnier.
      • The V-Cinema special reveals more, showing a hilarious scene where Chase tries to smile when Nina and Satsuki tell him to after seeing his initial driver's license photo. The cracking sounds as he attempts to do so are the icing on the cake.
  • Go tackles Shinnosuke while both of them are still in their rider forms. What does Tomari say? 'Get your hands of my tire!'
     Episode 41: How was The Golden Drive created? 
  • When the Special Crimes Unit arrives at the hospital to investigate the collapsing women, Chase is the first one out of the car. For whatever reason, he's wearing a pair of Aviators. It's never explained or brought up again.
    • Until episode 47 where we meet the person Chase's appearance is based off of and he's wearing the exact same pair.
  • To better understand unconditional love, Medic gets herself a pet dog. That isn't the funny part. The funny part is the fact that she forces Brain to take care of it when she can't. And if he refuses, she's installed a failsafe in his body that lets her revert him to a core at will.
    • The fact that Brain seems terrified of the dog, which is quite adorable looking, is kinda funny too.
  • Medic getting Brain to haul around and position the mystery woman on the hospital's security footage.
  • After Banno effortlessly beats Go, Brain tries to be as quiet as he can until he notices that Medic's dog is peeing on his shoe, which causes him to scream out. This segues into Nightmare Fuel quickly, as Brain's scream gave away his location to Banno, who approaches him menacingly and says that he needs to ask Brain for something.
     Episode 43: When Will The Second Global Freeze Take Place? 
  • Gen and Kyu's awkward fist bump.
  • Shinnosuke attempts to eavesdrop on Chase and Kiriko's conversation...and is promptly discovered by Chase seconds later.
    • Shinnosuke and Chase having an intense stare down while drinking. Then Chase asks if Shin loves Kiriko. Cue Shin spilling his orange juice and his Suspiciously Specific Denial as he spills more water around.
    • Another stare down occurs later with Gou and Chase, this time Chase is leaning in towards Gou.
    • Go's epic Triple Spit Take when Chase confesses his own feelings for Kiriko.
  • Shinnosuke asking Mr. Belt for relationship advice, thus the latter's Big "WHAT?!" reactions. We're not sure what happens but what we see is the Tridoron suddenly coming to a screeching halt, the window rolling down and steam pouring out. Not only that, Belt-san tells Shinnosuke that he's not the ideal party to discuss this with, for two main reason.
    Belt-san: But you're asking me that kind of thing? I'm a belt! And I was so devoted to my research that I was single all my life!
  • Brain is driving along in a van, smugly thinking that no one will find him in his disguise. Cue Medic and her Reapers ambushing him.
    Medic: Next time, try a disguise without the glasses and handkerchief!
  • In order to find a cure for Medic's brainwashing, Brain uses Heavy Acceleration to steal a woman's iPad. He actually finds a solution within a few seconds.
     Episode 44: Who Loved Heart The Most? 
     Episode 46: Why Must They Fight? 
  • A Gallows Humor example. It's mentioned in the series page that the Signal Ax's gag of waiting for the finisher is used in the context of executing the Big Bad. Not to mention that the person being executed is begging for a guy named Go to stop. By screaming out his name.
     Episode 47: Who Will You Entrust the Future to, My Friend? 
  • Possibly in spirit of teasing, Genpachiro tosses one of Saijo's beloved Murmur Mansion dolls across the room.
  • Shinnosuke and Kiriko get pulled over by a patrolman. When he takes off the face obscuring sunglasses, it turns out to be the human Chase had copied for his human form.
    Shinnosuke: Smooth move, Chase. You copied someone on the same police force you were fighting against.
    Kiriko: Well, that explains why he was so serious.

Movies and Specials

     Hyper Battle DVD: Type High Speed 
  • First and foremost, everything that Roidmude 027/Imitation Drive says is hysterical. Tomokazu Seki was hamming it up to the max, and it shows.
  • The fake versions of Televi-Kun that Roidmude 027 tries to sell, called Tevile-Kun, LOOK real on the outside. On the inside is crudely drawn images of Shadow Moon made in crayon.
  • Once Roidmude 027 becomes Imitation Drive, some of the things he does to try and defame the real Drive is stealing a bike, walking while texting, and spraying graffiti on a wall.
    • Even better, said graffiti is the Drive logo with text that says "Idiot Loser Appears".
  • Drive Type High Speed's transformation is really classy. And some of Tomari's posing brings to mind a certain Swan Imagin
  • This exchange when Mr. Belt is describing Type High Speed to Imitation Drive:
    Mr. Belt: On the chest sparkles a single diamond. As anyone can see, this true jewel is imbued with such workmanship that (High Speed) must be the real one.
    Imitation Drive: Who's Takumi?!
  • Gou/Mach's attempt to yank out High Speed Shift Car after Shinnosuke/Drive defeats Roidmude 027.
  • And for the cherry on top, the reveal that their "upgrades" of Shift Cars Type Speed and Max Flare are only aesthetic. Cue Big "WHAT?!" reaction from Shinnosuke, Kiriko, Gou and Max Flare.
     Drive Saga: Kamen Rider Chaser 
  • The flashback of Chase sitting with Nina and Satsuki looking over his driver's license, revealing that his original license photo had him straight faced as usual. They tried getting him to smile, which elicited The Unsmile instead.
    • Although it's much more depressing when you realize that Chase is hurting deep on the inside because of it, his reaction to being compared to a mannequin by Hiroshi is to try to recreate this smile, and it goes so poorly that he crushes his license in frustration.
  • Brain spying on Medic in the library. He's hiding in the children's section pretending to read a kid's book, then he finds himself surrounded by a bunch of children telling him that they need to go to the bathroom, as if he were their teacher or something.
  • Krim and Rinna watching the solar eclipse and their over the top reactions, including a Big "OMG!" from Krim.
    • The sunglasses that they wear look like 3-D glasses. Krim has them over the eyes of his belt face.
  • Everyone's reaction when they saw Chase's natural, cheerful smile? Kiriko, Shinnosuke and Krim spit their drinks straight at Gou's face in slow motion, while the look on his face suggests he's trying to decide the order in which he's going to kill them. Then all of them started acting like Shinnosuke did when Chase asked him about his love for Kiriko and ended with a Big "WHAT?!?" from Krim.
    • The fact that Krim, a talking belt, can not only Spit Take, but also appears to be sipping milk out of a doggy dish (as seen in the page image). Especially when considering that he complained about not being able to enjoy eating food at the "Suprême" restaurant in episode 37.
    • Gō's reaction to Chase's emotions eventually becomes another Biting the Handkerchief moment like Rinna's and Brain's.
    • While it arguably counts as Mood Whiplash, the fact that this first scene of Chase expressing human emotions like joy comes immediately after he received those emotions from his encounter with the Angel Roidmude, where she undressed and undid his shirt. It kind of looks like Chase being giddy as if he just got laid.
  • Shinnosuke and Gō being unsettled by Ryū Terui's strictness.
    • When Kiriko tells Krim that there's a jurisdiction conflict between the Special Investigations Unit and the Fūto Police Department, Krim complains that it sounds like something out of a cop drama.
    • Also the victim that is in the borderline turns out to be a Roidmude but he collapsed from trying to insert the Gaia Memory for the first time. Everyone freaks out the moment this presumed corpse suddenly get up like a ghost possessing him.
     Drive Saga 2: Kamen Rider Heart and Mach 
  • The gang gets back to revive Chase! Except they revived Heart, Brain and Medic instead... and they all occupy the same body - Heart's! It's like Imagin shenanigans!
    • On top of that, Rinna, Gou and Kyu have clearly been burning the midnight oil trying to revive Chase. Every time Gou starts nodding off, it's accompanied by a slowed down version of the Mach Driver's horn as if his engine is stalling. He finally passes out, twitching on the floor while trying to give Heart a playful slap on the shoulder and the horn noise plays in short bursts with every twitch.
  • Brain lamenting that when Heart praises Medic again he can't hold his handkerchief in his current state.
  • Heart, or rather Medic in Heart's body, is enjoying bath time. However, Heart senses danger and so he stands up... naked with a rose bouquet censoring his crotch. But what sells it is the effect that played.
  • Gen ends up venting to Heart about his relationship problems with Rinna, causing the Roidmude to wonder why the man is crying.
    • Brain starts talking about the info he's dug up on Gen but since he's a disembodied voice, the scene has Gen running all over the place trying to figure out where his voice is coming from.
  • Brain and Medic's first attempt at creating a Kamen Rider form for Heart doesn't go as planned and they end up creating the mash up form that Gen drew back in episode 12.
     Drive Saga: Kamen Rider Brain 
  • The whole general idea, considering that it was first conceived as an April Fool's Day joke.
    • The evil organization named Mu, consisting several other series villains and Movie-related Riders and Villains enlist the Mad Scientist named Dr. Crystal Peppler to bring back Brain. This results in him rebelling and turns Brain into a Kamen Rider to fight off Mu. All with a self-aware attitude and Brain whining throughout.
    • Mu's membership consists primarily of revived villains, with heavy hitters like Cancer, Deemushu, Graphite and even former Big Bads in Gremlin and Spider Great Leader. However, their Kamen Rider Ghost representative is simply a Ganma Superior.
    • Also once you realize the plot sounds rather familiar. You're completely right, because the series that's supposed to commemorate the end of the Heisei era is a Self-Parody of Kamen Rider... of the Showa era!note 
  • Brain is back. Just that. The weirdest, funniest and craziest of the trio that formed Kamen Rider Heart is back in action, and still quick to come up with an insult and scramble for his handkerchief. His first insult leveled at Mu is a massive Lampshade Hanging on reuse of old suits for Kamen Rider specials.
    Brain: I see... It's the bargain bin sale of leftovers that get together every so often just so a Kamen Rider can come clean up the mess. Is that what your army is?
    Spider Great Leader: (silently flicks his wrist to electrocute Brain)
    • This also later qualifies for Hypocritical Humor as Brain's own Rider form is a kitbash of various suit parts, including a weapon that isn't even from his own series. Something that gets a Hypocrisy Nod from Dark Ghost.
    Dark Ghost: That's just a recolor... It's not even your weapon...
  • Turns out the reason why Crystal brought back Brain is that, in order to prevent Mu's power increasing, he intentionally chose the weakest looking commander in all of history.
    Brain: *points at self*
    Crystal: *nods yes*
    Brain: EHHHHHHHH?!
    • Brain tries to counter this and cited them praising his 600 IQ only for Crystal to laugh it off saying it's actually 600 gigabytes. Explanation 
      Crystal: But if you leave out the unit it sounds pretty impressive.

    Miscellaneous stuff 
  • The OP gets this out of the way by showing how Kiriko keeps Shinnosuke under control, up to and including a flying kick over the Tridoron. The Dukes of Hazzard, eat your heart out.
    • While Mr. Belt looks on, looking less than amused.
    • The Shift Cars causing mayhem in the office, with only the Chief not reacting due to being on his phone.
  • The Juicy Kid is back!
  • For those of us into Toilet Humor, Drive using the Rumble Dump Shift comes off as chuckle-inducing, since "Rumble" is replaced in overall listings with his active Type (Speed Dump, Wild Dump, etc.)
  • During the Kamen Rider and Super Sentai 2015 live show, Chris Peppler (Krim Steinbelt & the voice of Mr. Belt) imitates the famous Shocker "eee!" During the talk show, he's generally the most serious of the lot, making his moments of joking all the funnier.
    • At the end of the Drive portion, Taiko Katono (Chase's actor) steals Shinnosuke's "I'm taking you along for the ride!" catchphrase, making the audience cheer.
      • Not one to be upstaged, Ryoma Takeuchi (Shinnosuke) runs back in and delivers the phrase himself, eliciting more cheering...
      • Then Rei Yoshii (Rinna) jumps in and says it herself!
      • Of course, Yu Inaba (Gou) has to represent the Mach system and delivers the Mach Driver's "Otsukare!" ("nice work!")
      • ...but the winner is Peppler, who delivers a mighty "TIRE KOUKAN!" completely straightfaced and getting the most cheers of all.
  • One of the promos for the movie has Chase nonchalantly skipping after getting a postcard.
  • The fact the DX Banno Driver includes a sound clip of Banno begging for his life. Also deeply satisfying, considering how much of a shitbag Banno is.
  • For the last scene of the Final Stage live show, a moment that was in all likelihood completely off the cuff. After addressing the audience and characters that helped them in battle during the stage show and a fade to black, the next fade-in has Shinnosuke holding Gou... in a bridal carry. Totally straight faced. At that point, the rest of the Special Crimes Unit begins walking on-stage, pause... then promptly starting to walk back off. This of course prompts the two to call them back on to properly continue the show.
    • Scene reenactments are always funny but seeing Brain's actor getting roped into playing bit parts for everyone else is hilarious; he plays a dog for Medic, 072 for Kyu, and child for someone else.
    • The Roidmude trio reenacting the scene of Heart lying down with his head on Medic's lap while Brain eavesdrops gets a twist at the very end: Brain sprints from the far end of the stage to jump onto Heart and starts kissing his face!
    • Chris Peppler wondering where he should stand for scenes between Mr. Belt and Shinnousuke, suggesting crouched down in front of the other man or standing to the side leaning over so that his head would be where the driver would be.
  • One for the toyline. Mr. Belt does not like the Viral Cores. If you insert one into the Shift Brace, Mr. Belt's angry face will show up while he scolds you with one word:
    *tyres screeching* Dangerous!
  • Chase Corpsing when Go gives him the look while sipping water when they were about to reenact the scene where Chase tells him he might be in love with Kiriko. It's a sight to behold.