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The Kamen Rider series after Drive will feature Kamen Rider 3 as the protagonist.
To celebrate the 45th anniversary.
  • Jossed, the next series is called Kamen Rider Ghost.

     General WMG 
Ghost will be written by Yasuko Kobayashi
This sounds like a story Yasuko would write.
  • Jossed. The writer has been revealed to be Takuro Fukuda.

Kamen Rider Ghost's emotional theme will be letting go and moving on
Maybe the monsters could be ghosts unable to let go thus being corrupted and forcing Ghost to fight them before they can move on.

Despite the title, Kamen Rider Ghost will have nothing to do with ghosts
It just reflects something else about the rider being a "ghost" in a sense.
  • Completely jossed. The main character and every monster is a ghost.

Obligatory Ghost Rider connection.
Kamen Rider Ghost will be literally the Ghost Rider of MCU Japan, and the formal announcement of the show will announce Disney buying Toei. Probably not, but hey, we're all thinking it.

Humans are the bad guys
Building off the WMG of the second rider being a ghost hunter, the innocent in this series will be ghosts and spirits just trying to "live" their "lives" however a group of ghost hunters is tracking them down and sealing/forcing them to move on. Cue Kamen Rider Ghost defending the ghosts from the people.
  • Jossed... for now.
  • Confirmed, but only for the title. Turns out, Ganma with human forms are actually humans who have infused their souls with Ganma Eyecons.

At the end of each episode, there will be a countdown listing how many days Takeru has left.
Seems like a good device to increase tension.
  • Zigzagged. While the ending just shows Ghost's current Eyecons, each episode seems to keep track by Takeru telling the view in the beginning.

It would turn out Akari was right about everything being scientifically explained
The Ganma, Ghost Driver, and everything else in the show was created with a form of advanced technology and science, maybe with some mystical elements involved.
  • Not looking too hot. Igor explains that science to the Ganma is the equivalent of the "black arts".
    • Confirmed. Apart from the Great Eye and the luminary Eyecons, most of the rest was developed by Ganma scientists. The Ganma are revealed to be humans in capsules with their souls in their Ganma Eyecons, and the Eyecon Drivers were made by Edith.

At some point down the series, Akari will accept the existence of the paranormal.

Edison, Nobunaga, and Billy The Kid will actually be discounted in the fifteen needed to grant a wish due to their less than heroic properties

Every 12 episodes will represent 99 days.
The series would need to last roughly 48 episodes.
  • Jossed. Ghost lasts for 50 episodes.

The second set of 99 days will last for the entire series
  • Confirmed

Saionji and Ryu both arranged to have Takeru die on his 18th birthday
Seemed pretty coincidental that Takeru had the Eyecon that would eventually be his own right as the Ganma that Saionji summoned attack the temple and then Sage pops by and revive Takeru. However, to give them a morality license, they'll reveal a reason for why Takeru had to die and be Ghost.

     Kamen Rider Ghost WMG 
Ghost is a ghost defending humanity from non-friendly ghosts
  • Confirmed.

Ghost is designed after a firefly
There is a Japanese legend saying fireflies are the spirits of the dead. Fireflies have orange lining. Seems to fit the motif.
  • I'd say this was already confirmed.

Ghost will need to possess a different person each episode in order to henshin
  • Or possibly having the same type of Henshin as Den-O with different friendly ghosts creating different forms for Kamen Rider Ghost.
  • Jossed. Ghost does the henshin by himself.

The protagonist will be like a grim reaper...
And the monsters this time around will be Yurei or Poltergeists who hate the living so much that their hatred transforms them into monsters and Ghost's job is to make them move on, peacefully or forcefully.
  • While it's unclear if that's his role, his primary form certainly has the vibe.
  • Jossed for the name of this series Kaijin. They're called Ganma. Whether or not they used to be human is still unknown.

Ghost is... a ghost.
Ghost dies at the beginning of the story and becomes Kamen Rider Ghost due to circumstances forcing him to. He will find the perks of being a ghost cool at first, but will slowly realize that he's dead and will have to move on in the future.
  • Confirmed.
    • Except for the bit that he's trying to come back to life.

Ghost will be similar to Kiva
Kamen Rider Ghost will have a horror theme to its plot just like Kiva's. And if Ghost is dead, the story will switch back and forth between his present (dead) and past (alive).
  • Jossed. He dies in the first episode, and the story takes place during his 99-day time limit.

If Ghost is a ghost, he will be searching for his own murderer
  • Well, he won't have to work hard for his killer; the Ganma are behind his death.
    • And he destroyed his killer (the Katana Ganma) in the same episode he died in!
      • Twice when Katana returned!

Ghost is the only one able to see the monsters thus being the only one able to fight them
  • Judging by the last episode of Drive, you can only see Ghost and the Ganma if you're holding an Eyecon.
  • Confirmed in Episode 1. The only ones who can see Ghost and the Ganma are those holding Eyecons, to everyone else they're invisible unless they allow them to see them.
    • Of course, the show then introduced Shiranui in Ep. 3, which allows everyone to see Ganma when in use. Then the Kumo Lantern.

Ghost's physical form is his Rider Form
If Ghost will be an actual ghost, his Driver will make his Rider form his physical body in order to fight.
  • Jossed; Ghost is still as spectral in his Rider form as he is in his human form.

The protagonist is not a ghost, but rather a ghost whisperer
Thus giving him a tie with both humans and ghosts.
  • Jossed. The protagonist is a ghost.

When Ghost gets his wish after collecting the Ghost Eyecons...
Instead of using the wish to bring himself back to life, he will use it for the sake of his childhood friend Akari and possibly this selfless act will bring him back to life anyways.
  • Partly confirmed. Instead of using his wish to bring himself to life, he uses it to bring Kanon back. What will happen next is still in air.

In some point during the series, Ghost will run out of time but...
He will figure out a way to extend the deadline just in the nick of time.

Takeru is protecting Akari for himself
She is a miko or something who is keeping him alive, perhaps through her Eyecon; if she's killed, he'll be gone too.
  • Or Akari is his anchor to the living world, being the reason why Takeru became Ghost. Without her, he has no reason to stay in the living world.

Takeru will go through some Break the Cutie moments, causing his character to mature and realize how dire his situation is
It's been said that Takeru is carefree and reckless, but he could go through a similar character arc as Kouta/Gaim did during his show

The 99 days plot point is complete bunk
The 99 day plot point will merely be an excuse to give Ghost his super form. He'll die, get revived and kick ass just like Gentaro did in Fourze.
  • Well, might not happen yet. Takeru got a deadline reset when he got the Toucon Boost Eyecon.
    • Getting Grateful Damashii didn't get his deadline reset. Time will only tell if Mugen Damashii will indeed bring him back to life.
      • Turns out Mugen did bring him back to life, but only as a ghost with the 99-day time limit still counting.

The 99 days plot point...
...will indeed run out, but a loophole involving the H. G. Wells Eyecon allows Takeru to travel back in time, resetting the 99-day count, allowing him to make background adjustments throughout the series itself without getting spotted... mostly.
  • Jossed.

Ghost's Final Form is yet another All Your Powers Combined form
  • Well... That's what happened with Double, Fourze, Wizard, Gaim and Drive. Most likely Ghost will be able to use all 15 Eyecons for his final form.
  • Either that or it'll be like OOO and be a Game-Breaker form that changes the rules on how his powers work.
    • Potentially Jossed due to news about Grateful Damashii, which is slated to be a second Mid-Season Upgrade on par with Drive Type Formula. It's apparently able to utilize most, if not all 15 Eyecon's powers.
    • Jossed big time. Ghost's Final Form is Mugen, which synchronizes Ghost with the emotions of his friends.

It will happen time to time, and when it does, he will be stuck in his ghost form for a while.

Ghost's bigger Berserk Button than someone not caring their own life
is someone else pushing another person into risking their lives.

Ghost's final form has him wearing a cloak/robe
Because it seems like the most logical evolution from parkas to show that it is Ghost's final form.

For Grateful Damashii, Ghost will pull a Baron Lemon Energy Arms.
Specifically, if Takeru is about to transform into Grateful Damashii while already in Rider form, he'll swap out his Ghost Driver for his Eyecon Driver G similar to how Kaito sometimes alternated from Banana Arms to Lemon Energy Arms by exchanging his Sengoku Driver with his Genesis Driver.
  • Confirmed from a hack involving, of all things, Battride War Genesis! The Eyecon Driver G is a separate belt that Ghost slaps over the Ghost Driver.

Takeru and Kanon will hook up.
He came out of the big glowing eye-thingy holding Kanon bridal style. PRIME SHIPPING MATERIAL!!!

At some point, Ghost will dual wield the Gan Gun Saber and Sunglasseslasher.
Because why not?
  • Confirmed. It's been revealed that if Ghost connects with the spirit of an Eyecon normally reserved for Ore Damashii, he can use it in conjunction with Toucon Boost Damashii to assume a stronger version of that form. One of the forms revealed so far includes Musashi, who is shown utilizing the Gan Gun Saber and Sunglasseslasher instead of the former weapon in its Nitoryu Mode.
  • He had also used both weapons as Ryoma Damashii against Necrom to soften the impact of his Rider Kick.

The Eyecon Driver G will be the Ghost Driver fused with the 15 Great Hero Eyecons.
Instead of simply just being a separate belt.
  • Jossed. It is indeed a separate belt. For bonus points, the Ganma were the original inventors of the belt.

Grateful Soul will be able to kill Ganma off permanently.
Similar to Kiva Emperor, it will be able to completely finish off Ganma to the point where resurrection is impossible.
  • Jossed. [[The only way is to kill them is by releasing them from their capsules and killing their original human hosts. Correct for the Gammaizers, as only Mugen can pernamently kill them]].

The Eyecon Driver G and the Grateful Damashii will be made to compensate for the possible loss of the individual Heroic Eyecons.
Likely from the unification of those Eyecons and new ones would have to be found for Specter and Necrom.

Takeru disappearing for good is simply him turning into a Ganma.
And he will loose his memory and sense of identity until he somehow encounters his friends again.
  • Jossed.

In the end, Takeru have to give up his resurrection chance to someone else.
One of his comrade will be killed by one of the Ganmas.
  • Jossed. However, [[he does give up his wish to restore the destruction caused by the Great Eyezer, but he is revived by the Great Eye as a token of thanks.]]

Takeru will Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence, explaining his appearance in Surprise Future
Think about it. In Surprise Future, Ghost didn't fight like he does in the main series; he floated around, using his ghost abilities to their full extent, showing a calm and emotionless demeanor while doing so. It could also explain how he managed to use the Newton Eyecon to its full potential at that time; he just went back in time to help.

     Kamen Rider Specter WMG 
The Second Rider will be a ghost hunter
If Ghost turns to be a ghost, a so-called "ghost exterminator" can arrive to clear out the monster of the week. At first, he will be dismissed and mocked by Ghost and/or the supporting cast until the revelations. Cue mandatory Rider vs. Rider battle.
  • Jossed.

The second rider will be an inspiration to the Hammer Horror Van Helsing, that or a Cleric

For the Gan Gun Hand's modes...
The "rod mode" will be used in his default form. The gun mode will be used in his Nobunaga form, referencing how Nobunaga revolutionized musket tactics in Japan during his active years.
  • Confirmed for Gan Gun Hand Gun Mode/Nobunaga Damashii form.

Kamen Rider Specter is a secret agent.
I know this is probably a stretch, but it could be possible that Specter is a secret agent sent to take down the Ganma. Why would this be? Well, it would be to coincide with the new James Bond movie that's coming out in late 2015. And what's the name of that film? Spectre.
  • Jossed. Specter will be like Ghost.

Specter will be in a coma.
As opposed to our hero who dies, Specter will be in a coma, caught between life and death
  • Jossed. Specter is still alive.
    • Also more importantly, he's not in a coma.
  • Surprisingly, it was right after all! In a sense. Turns out the Makoto we have been seeing is a body copy piloted by Makoto's soul, while Makoto's real body is trapped in the Ganma World.

Kamen Rider Specter will be Ghost's mentor.
Teaching him how to use the Ghost Driver and the Ghost Eyecons. The two will then become a team like Knight and Ryuki, fighting the Ganma and collecting Ghost Eyecons together.
  • Jossed. It's said that they are rivals, and recent spy shot footage shows the two fighting.

Specter is slowly dying
If you look at his suit's design, you notice that he has an electrocardiograms design for his Tron Lines. So it would be possible that he has a condition what will eventually kill him and is trying to find a way to prevent that from happening.
  • Jossed. He's not dying from a condition. However, he will die if his true body is killed.

Just like how the Ore Eyecon holds Takeru's soul, the Specter Eyecon holds the soul of a bad guy that Makoto himself doesn't know about.
  • Jossed.

Specter will be the next Mitch-slap victim.
In the last two Kamen Rider series, the female protagonists slaps a secondary Rider. This Rider either is friend has ties with the female character from infancy(Micchy and Mai and Go and Kiriko, respectively). So, if Akari has a tie with him, he may also be slapped in the face.
  • And that will be for suggesting Takeru to let himself die, while the cast are not aware about his younger sister he was going to use the Eyecons for.
    • They learnt about his sister in #9.

The Gan Gun Hand in Rod Mode will be used for the Mitch-slapping.
Being it Kamen Rider Specter being the one using it, or Akari becoming a female rider with the ability to use other rider's weapons. This is appropriate for a hand-shaped weapon.

Makoto isn't that level of Jerkass...
...but he is in possession of Ganma! And later on, depending on the story's mood, Specter will either be free or die.
  • Jossed. He is. Or rather, was.

Makoto is a Ganma.
Calling it now. Why else would he stress so much that he intends to live "as a human"?
  • Jossed. He's human. At least, his body still in the Ganma World is.
  • Un-jossed, technically. Since every Ganma was a human in Ganma pods, technically Makoto was a Ganma.

     Kamen Rider Necrom WMG 
Necrom will be female
Because we seriously need more female Riders.
  • Jossed. Necrom is the very much male Alan.
  • If we assume Alia becoming Necrom Pink falls under this, it's a confirmed as well.

Necrom will initially be a third party
They'll attack both the Ganma and the Riders.
  • Jossed. Necrom is Alan, a member of the Ganma higher-ups.

Necrom will operate similarly to Diend and Basco
In that they'll summon warriors to fight for them, maybe even empowering the Parka Ghosts.
  • Jossed.

If Necrom is female, then all of the female hero Eyecons that appears will be used by her
It'd be kinda awkward if any of those Eyecons were to be used by Ghost and/or Specter.
  • Jossed. Toy catalog scans confirm the Himiko Eyecon as one of Ghost's, and Necrom so far has only the Sanzo and Grimm Eyecons.
  • Jossed a second time. Alain has been revealed to be Necrom.

Alain is Necrom
He either always had the ability to turn into Necrom, but only starts using it when Ghost and Specter start to become too bothersome or he finds a way to transform into Necrom later down the line.
  • Toy catalogue scans confirm that the Mega Ulorder was created by analyzing the Ghost Driver's functions, so even if Alain was Necrom, he doesn't have the methods to transform into that form right away.
    • Confirmed. Alain has been revealed to be Necrom.

Necrom will be in a coma
Similar to the WMG about Specter being in a coma. Where Ghost is dead and Specter is alive, Necrom will be in between the two.
  • Very much jossed, since Necrom is Alain.

Necrom is a necromancer.
They got their own Eyecon by summoning a dead spirit into a blank Eyecon.
  • Confirmed with a variant: he can control Ganma Commandos.

Necrom's real identiy will have a family name that translates to Earth.
In contrast to Ghost's Sky and Specter's Sea.
  • Jossed. Ganma don't use surnames.

Necrom will make an Early-Bird Cameo in the upcoming Super Movie War Genesis
Just like Accel, Birth, Meteor, Beast, the New Generation Riders and Mach, Necrom will appear either in the middle or at the end of the movie.
  • Confirmed.

Necrom and his forms will have three horns
Just like Ghost having one horn and Specter having two horns, Necrom will have three horns on his rider forms.
  • Jossed. Necrom has a single horn, though it's more straighter than Ghost's.

Jabel, aka the Ganma Superior, is Necrom.
He's a human who can transform into a Ganma using a Ganma Eyecon that's green and black, which is the same colors as the Necrom Eyecon. What if it's possible Jabel starts out as the Ganma Superior, but then later on he acquires the Mega Ulorder and his Ganma Eyecon evolves into the Necrom Eyecon? You know, kinda similar to Chase from the last series.
  • Jossed. It's actually going to be Alain.

Necrom will be working for Chikara Saionji.
He can simply rent Eyecons 14 and 15 from him.
  • Jossed by Necrom appearing long after Saionji's death.

Necrom's personality will be even anti-heroic than Specter.
  • Jossed. Since Necrom's Alain, he's very much on the Dark Side of the Rider Force.

Unlike Ghost and Specter, Necrom will be a Bare-Fisted Monk.
None of the promotional images featuring Necrom show him with a weapon.
  • Zig-zagged. While Necrom himself doesn't have a weapon and most likely fights bare-handed in Necrom Damashii, both Sanzo and Grimm Damashiis have their own weapons (a giant ring for Sanzo, a pair of shoulder-mounted pen nib-shaped whips for Grimm).
    • Jossed. Necrom gets his own weapon named the Gan Gun Catcher, which is Specter's Gan Gun Hand with an Eyecon slot.

Alain won't be the only user, merely, the first one.
At some point he'll be killed or the Mega Loader stolen from him and used by someone else, perhaps a hero.
  • Jossed. Alain remains alive and is promoted to main character.

Alain will get a bad defeat...
When the heroes manage to kill off Commando Ganma before he can absorb them to recharge, leaving him vulnerable. Regardless, the heroes will eventually realize how crippling a weakness the limited power supply can be and focus their efforts on holding him off until his power supply runs dry.
  • That is, if they can last a fight against Necrom. He's comparable to Gold Drive at this point in time.
  • Completely jossed. Alain is on the good side now.

     Ganma WMG 
The monsters are dead and trying to find a way to return to life. However, this method harms the innocent leading to Ghost stopping them
Bonus points if Ghost is allowed to return to life at the end.

The Executives/Commanders will be based off angels and demons seen in the afterlife

At least one of the villains will be a Ghost Eyecon or at least have some connection to them.
Which will prevent Ghost from collecting all of them until he's strong enough to defeat them.
  • Alternatively, one of the villains will use Ghost Eyecons of history's greatest villains such as Jack the Ripper
    • And he will be an evil Kamen Rider called Kamen Rider Geist and possibly be a movie villain or one of the endgame villains.

Ganma used to be humans...
They died like Ghost but become monsters due to being unable to accept their death and are collecting the Ghost Eyecons in the hopes that they can live again.
  • Kindly confirmed. [Spoiler: Most of Ganmas turn out to be bunch of Humans who have their soul put into an Eyecon]]

Ganma Evolution.
They evolve by either obtaining an Eyecon or being close to an Eyecon, and gain a motif close to that Eyecon. This is based off seeing spy footage of the Composer(?) Ganma that Ghost & Specter were fighting against.
  • Jossed. Regular Ganma evolve by gaining powers around objects around them, like a sword, spear, and a book.
    • Un-Jossed: While Ganma evolve past their Primal Body by fusing with objects, they can evolve further by combining with Parka Ghosts like Denki Ganma fusing with Edison Parka Ghost to turn into a giant monster.

Ganma Motif Predictions
Word of God confirmed that the Katana and Yari Ganma were based off historical figures too (Katana being Sasaki and Yari being In'ei), so that leads to question who else would have motifs.
  • Denki Ganma
    • Tesla motif? Most definitely Edison's rival Nikola Tesla.
      • Confirmed
  • Book Ganma
    • Alice In Wonderland motif brings to mind Lewis Carroll
      • He is at least inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Whenever or not he is meant to emulate Lewis Carroll himself is in question, though.
  • Ono Ganma
    • Knowing the past connections (Samurai for Musashi, inventor for Edison, fairy tale for Robin) I'm guessing Ono's figure had something related to Benkei.
      • Jossed in that regard, as he's facing off against Robin Hood.
    • Kintaro or at least his real life basis. Both Robin Hood and Kintaro are based on real men, the main differences being Kintaro has his singled down and Robin Hood's is still up for debate and the irl influence.
  • Machine Gun Ganma
    • Al Capone? He has a mobster motif.
      • Confirmed
    • How about Baby Face Nelson?
  • Insect Ganma
    • Calamity Jane?
      • Jossed; Insect Ganma is based on Bee Woman, the very first female monster a Kamen Rider has ever faced, having fought Kamen Rider Ichigo. She's also based off Jean-Henri Fabre.
  • Onpu Ganma
    • Mozart?
      • Confirmed!
  • Seiryuto Ganma
    • Something loosely connected to Benkei's story?
      • Confirmed. He's based off Guan Yu, who also had a sense of Undying Loyalty that he ended up dying to protect.
  • Sohei Ganma
    • Something loosely connected to Ikkyu's story?
  • Planet Ganma
    • Neil Armstrong?
      • Jossed. He's based on Yari Gagarin, the first man to journey into space
  • Knife Ganma
    • Jack The Ripper? His victims are women, too.
      • Confirmed.

Regarding the above, Ganma that appear to grab the remaining Eyecons will be based on...
  • Goemon Eyecon - Toyotomi Hideyoshi
    • Jossed. Katana makes a return.
  • Ryoma Eyecon - Tokugawa Ieyasu
    • Jossed. Planet Ganma is Ryoma's opponent.
  • Galileo and Darwin - something Roman Catholic church-themed
  • Napoleon - Admiral Lord Nelson, basically something English-army themed with one eye and hand missing
  • Nightingale - Typhoid Mary
  • Da Vinci - Three at a time, based on Donatello, Raphael and Michelangelo. I'm not sorry.
    • Actually Da Vinci, Raphael, and Michelangelo are the villains of the Drive/Ghost movie.
  • Shakespeare - Edgar Allan Poe, or Charles Dickens
  • Sanzou - the Monkey King himself
  • Grimm - the other Grimm

Some of the Ganma will based on famous people whose names were used for units of measurement
  • Lord Kelvin with the ability to freeze things absolutely.
  • Coulomb, Volta, Ampere, Ohm, Watt, Faraday can form a team of Electric Ganma to hunt for Edison Eyecon, in case Ghost get it back.
  • Celsius, Fahrenheit can either be a duo of Ganma or Lord Kelvin Ganma mentioned above's bodyguards.
    • All jossed.

The reason why the Katana Ganma and Javel were able to return
  • Is that they're already ghosts. Takeru and Makoto don't actually kill the Ganma off, they just send them back to the Ganma World, and the only way lower-ranked Ganma can return is if they're given the same item to possess again.
    • Jossed. The Katana Gamma "returning" with Jabel is actually another Katana Gamma, and as for Jabel, he does return...but as a mortal.

The connection between Ganmaizer and Eyecons
  • Now we all knew that Eyecons are selected to beat Ganmaizers, so shall we find some connection between them?
    • Fire Ganmaizer: the purple Ganmaizer's power is fire, the same thing that claim Nobunaga's life. Nobunaga Damashii is purple and has power of 'firing' bullets. Himiko might be chosen to beat this Ganmaizer as she Playing with Fire.
    • Jossed. The chosen Eyecon to fight Fire is Nobunaga.

Adonis won a Holy Grail War
  • And created a world with his wish where there would be no suffering after his wife died, and the Holy Grail took the form of the Great Eye. It is possible that Adonis and the Ganma scientists changed the wish-making system to prevent any more bloodshed from the Holy Grail wars.. However, due to the nature of the Holy Grail, the world was not perfect, and the Gammeizer, which were created to protect the Great Eye, were corrupted by Avenger and rebelled. This makes sense, due to the wish-granting nature of the Great Eye, the Great Eye's connection to Heroic Spirits, and the Great Eyezer.

     Ghost Eyecons WMG 
Possible Ghost Eyecons (along with their powers/weapons).
  • King Arthur
  • Solomon
    • Wisdom + Magecraft
  • King David
    • A sling
  • Blackbeard
    • Water powers or commanding Captain Ghost
  • Goemon
    • A Goemon Eyecon is confirmed via hacks, and later magazine scans reveal Goemon is one of the 15 Great Heroes!
  • Julius Caesar
    "KAIGAN! Caesar! First of the Empire, Last of the Republicans!"
  • Vincent Van Gogh / Pablo Picasso
    • Magic paint
  • William Shakespeare
    • Magic quill (Similar to Abarekiller)
      • A Shakespeare Eyecon is confirmed via hacks!
  • Albert Einstein
    • Atomic power
  • Christopher Columbus
    • Fighting with an anchor
    • A Columbus Eyecon is confirmed via hacks!
  • Elvis Presley
    • Sonic blasts
    "KAIGAN! Elvis Presley! He Rules when he Sings, Hail to the King!"
  • Avicenna
  • King Leonidas
    "Kaigan! LEONIDAS! Tell Those Passing By, Here By Sparta Law We Lie!"
  • Nikola Tesla
    "KAIGAN! Tesla! A Genius never known before! Shock and Awe!"
  • Genghis Khan / Temujin
  • Liu Bei
    "KAIGAN! Liu Bei! Three brothers unite! For the Empire, they Fight!"
  • Hattori Hanzo
    • Ninja powers
  • Ip Man / Bruce Lee
    • Kung Fu mastery
    "KAIGAN! Bruce Lee! Fists faster than light! God of the Fight!"
  • Wilbur & Orville Wright
    • Flight abilities, possibly shared between Ghost and Specter as a Mid-Season Upgrade.
      • Jossed. The power of flight is given to Houdini, who is used solely by Specter.
      • In addition, the Wright Bros. are the inspiration for the Plane Ganma Bros.
  • Lord Kelvin
  • Yuri Gagarin / Neil Armstrong
    • Space traveling
      • The Planet Ganma was based on Yuri Gagarin
  • Leonardo Da Vinci
    • A Da Vinci Eyecon is confirmed via hacks!
    • He appeared as the enemy for the Movie War, but there will be a Da Vinci Eyecon for a future Hyper Battle DVD.
  • Alexander the Great
    • An Alexander the Great Eyecon is confirmed. But it's a Ganma Eyecon.
  • Paramahansa Yogananda
    • Meditation or mind-traversing powers
  • Shotaro Ishinomori
    • Granting the power of Kamen Rider in general (possibly for a Taisen movie)
    • Granting the power of ALL of his creations
      • An Ishinomori Eyecon is confirmed via hacks!
      • CALLED IT!
  • Fallen Kamen Riders
  • His father
  • Satoru Iwata
    • Video Game motif.
  • Houdini
    • Teleportation
      • Houdini confirmed via hacks, and is one of the 15 Heroic Eyecons.
      • Also jossed on the teleportation aspect, as Houdini combines Specter with his Machine Hoodie to grant him the power of flight.
      • Un-jossed. While in Houdini form, he can disappears in a rain of confetti and reappears somewhere else.
  • General Antonio Luna
  • Attila the Hun
  • Okita Souji
    • Confirmed by hacks, but combined with Hijikata and Kondo
    • Access to Mumyou Sandanzuki
  • Gilgamesh
    • Access to the Gate of Babylon
  • Cu Chulainn
    • Gae Bolg
  • Sasaki Kojiro
    • Used as the Katana Ganma's motif.
    • Tsubame Gaeshi
  • Vlad III
    • Spears that pierce the enemy
  • Minamoto no Yorimitsu (Raikou)
    • The weapons of his retainers?
    • Ft. a cameo by Kintaros
  • Francis Drake
  • Hans Christian Andersen
    • Similar to Grimm, but has less combat capabilities
    • Used in a
  • Babbage
    • Mechanical Armour
  • Jack the Ripper
    • Used as motif of Knife Ganma
    • Fog
  • Fuuma Kotarou
    • Ninjitsu
  • Spartacus
    • Immense endurance
  • Amakusa Shirou
  • Edmond Dantes

There will be more than fifteen Ghost Eyecons.
With each one possibly giving Ghost a different weapon or power.
  • Confirmed. The summer movie features a villain gathering one hundred Eyecons. Some appeared in bonus specials previously; others will debut in the film.

Possible Female Eyecons and possible powers
  • Joan of Arc
  • Cleopatra or Nefertiti
    • Cleopatra appears in the summer movie.
  • Marie Curie
    • Radioactivity
  • Amelia Earhart
  • Sacagawea
  • Madoka
  • Diao Chan - twin fan weapons
  • Wang Zhaojun - transmits a dampening aura from her traditional Chinese lute
  • Empress Wu
    • Torturers?
  • Catherine the Great
  • Suzuka Gozen
    • Tenkiame?
  • Tomoe Gozen
    • Fire arrows
  • Atalanta
    • Phoebus Catastrophe and Agrius Metamorphosis
  • Scathach
    • Twin Gae Bolgs
  • Marie Antoinette
    • Guillotine Breaker
  • Tamamo no Mae
    • Paper Talismans and element manipulation.
  • Florence Nightingale
    • Confirmed through Ghost Driver hacks!
    • Healing + Nightingale Pledge, which dulls blades and heals.

Apparently, one of the demo Ghost Drivers got hacked into, and this is what the hackers managed to extract that were lucid enough to deciphernote :

  • Himiko, a shaman queen of Yamataikoku in ancient Wa (Japan). Most gamers will find her name familiar.
  • Sanzou, AKA Xuanzang, the real life Chinese Buddhist monk, scholar, traveler, and translator whose journey to India help inspired one of the greatest epics in the world.
  • Goemon, a Japanese outlaw who could be likened to Robin Hood, only Robin didn't get his son and himself captured and executed by being boiled alive following a failed assassination on Toyotomi Hideyoshi.
  • Ikkyu, an eccentric Japanese Zen Buddhist monk who greatly impacted the Japanese arts and literature with Zen attributes and ideals.
  • Sakamoto Ryoma, a prominent figure in the Bakumatsu period of Japan that seek to help overthrow the Tokugawa shogunate.
  • Kamehameha I, who was the man who conquered most of the Hawaiian Islands and established the Kingdom of Hawai'i.
  • Grimm, who were German brothers that were academics, linguists, cultural researchers, lexicographers and authors who together specialized in collecting and publishing folklore during the 19th century.
  • Galileo Galilei, the Italian astronomer who first used a improved version of a telescope to help the field of astronomy, his greatest being the discovery of the four largest moons of Jupiter.
  • Darwin, the English naturalist who helped revolutionize the world by discovering evidence of evolution in the Galapagos Islands.
  • Pythagoras, the Ionian Greek philosopher and mathematician who has the Pythagorean theorem named after him.
  • Florence Nightingale, an Englishwoman who's best remembered as the founder and pioneer of modern nursing.
  • Columbus, an Italian explorer, navigator, and colonizer, whose trip for the West Indies erroneously landed him on the Americas.
  • Shakespeare, an English playwright who's stories are known far and wide, and has been a huge influence to the English language as a whole.
  • Napoleon, the famous military official who rose to power during the French Revolution to becoming the Emperor of France.
  • Da Vinci, one of the most famous figures from the Renaissance and the definition of a Renaissance Man, having done invention, painting, sculpting, architecture, science, music, mathematics, engineering, literature, anatomy, geology, astronomy, botany, writing, history, and cartography. He's best remembered for giving us the the aerial screw, which would centuries later become the helicopter; the Mona Lisa, and the parachute, among other notes of achievements.
  • And finally, Ishinomori himself, who is the creator of the Kamen Rider series, the first two Super Sentai series installments, Cyborg 009, among others.
    • There's actually one more, though it's debatable about him being an historical figure like the rest. Santa Claus has a transformation call within the Driver too. There's a video showing his sound, along with the entirety of the above as well.
      • The Santa Eyecon is confirmed to come with the Kamen Rider Ghost Christmas cake. So it is either going to be toyline exclusive Eyecon or it will appear in a Christmas special of sort as an Eyecon not related to the other Eyecons.

15 Great Hero Eyecon match-ups
This latest news source reveals what Ghost Eyecons 01-15 will consist of. Now seeing how Ghost is already confirmed to be using the first 7 Eyecons and Specter is confirmed to be using Tutankhamun, Nobunaga and Houdini, I imagine the pairings of the remaining 5 Eyecons for Specter and Necrom will go as followed based on the latter's gender:
  • Male - Specter uses Ryoma, while Necrom uses Goemon, Himiko, Grimm and Sanzo.
  • Female - Specter uses the remaining 7 male Eyecons, while Necrom only uses Himiko.
    • Jossed. Ghost gets Eyecons 1-10note , Specter gets 11-13note , and Necrom gets 14-15note .

The hunt for the 15 Eyecons will end...
But another one will begin, but with different Eyecons, like Ikyuu and Phytagoras.
  • Jossed. Like the hunt for the 7 Dragon Balls, it has begun anew.

There will be Evil Counterparts of the 15 Great Hero Eyecons.
Perhaps they could contain the souls of the heroes' past rivals, such as Tesla for Edison and Leibniz for Newton. Oh, and just as a bit of a Casting Gag, the seiyu for this rival set of Eyecons could be Tomokazu Sugita aka the rival of the Great Heroes' seiyu Tomokazu Seki.
  • Jossed.
    • But partially confirmed with the 15 Gammeizers, which each are counterparts of the 15 heroic souls.

     Damashii WMG 
Ghost's forms will be called "Spirits"
  • Confirmed, to a degree. They're called "Damashii", which is the Japanese word for "spirit".

The motif of Ghost's Super Mode will be a Grim Reaper.
As such, his Weapon of Choice for this form will appropriately be a Sinister Scythe.
  • Jossed. Ghost's Super Mode motif is infinity and rainbows.

Ghost's final form will be an upgraded version of his Ore form.
Near the end of the series he'll prove himself to be a great man like the other people the Eyecons are based on and will get his final form.
  • Or possibly Ghost will fight and find out that none of his forms will work against his series version of Demushuu/Freeze Roidmude and has to realize his own soul's potential in order to stop the monster.
  • As brought up in the previous folder, Ghost could gain his final form through his father's Eyecon.
  • On the ropes with this. There is a "Toucon Boost" from which looks just like a fiery version of his Ore Damashii. If his motto about his life "Burning Bright" rings true, it's either a mid-season or final form. Rather weirdly, it wields a weapon... shaped like sunglasses called the Sunglasseslasher. Shades of Gurren Lagann.
    • No way Toucon Boost is his final. Not this early.
      • His final form is revealed to be Mugen Damashii, which utilised the power of Human Emotion.

Benkei Damashii will turn Ghost into a Mighty Glacier that uses a spear.
  • Jossed. 1. Newton Damashii appears to be Ghost's Mighty Glacier form. 2. Benkei Damashii's weapon has been confirmed to be the Gan Gun Saber combined with the Spider Lantern to form its Hammer Mode.
    • Another Troper wonders how those two points Joss this. There could be more than 1 Mighty Glacier, after all...of course there'd be differences, but still.
    • The first part is confirmed. Benkei is labelled as the second Mighty Glacier.

Beethoven Damashii will give Ghost sound-based powers.
Piano music is technically sound, so this could work.
  • Beethoven Damashii has been revealed to allow Ghost to create and control energy constructs of musical notes by waving his hands like a conductor, so this is technically confirmed.

Possible powers for the confirmed Ghost Eyecons...
  • Billy the Kid
    • Creates a pistol and gives Ghost the power to shoot rapid fire bullets.
      • Perhaps, but so far, what is known about Billy the Kid Damashii's weaponry is that it allows Ghost to use the Rifle Gan Gun Saber configuration.
      • The Bat Clock can also be used as a small handgun on its own, allowing Ghost to dual wield while using the gunslinger's power.

An important character will die and become a Ghost Eyecon...
  • Which in turn creates Ghost's version of Kachidoki Arms or Type Formula when he uses it.
    • Somewhat jossed. Takeru received the Toucon Boost Damashii from his father, Ryu who was already dead before the start of the series.

Like Newton Damashii, Beethoven Damashii will utilize its own weapon instead of relying on a Gan Gun Saber mode.
It just wouldn't seem fair to have Newton be Ghost's only basic Damashii form to possess its own personal weapon.
  • Half confirmed, half jossed. Beethoven Damashii doesn't have its own Gan Gun Saber mode, but instead of a weapon it possesses the ability to weaponize musical notes.

The Gan Gun Saber's Naginata Mode is Beethoven Damashii's compatible weapon mode.
As an alternative take on the above WMG, it could be possible that the Naginata Mode for Ghost's Gan Gun Saber is actually reserved for his Beethoven Damashii instead of his Ore Damashii. I mean, think about it. The Gan Gun Saber has a total of 7 modes and, with the exception of Newton, all of Ghost's other Damashii forms whose Eyecon numbers are between 01-07 each have their own compatible weapon mode (Musashi: Nitoryu, Edison: Gun, Robin Hood: Arrow, Billy the Kid: Rifle, and Benkei: Hammer). What if the only reason Ore Damashii is shown wielding Naginata Mode in the commercials is to keep Beethoven Damashii's powers a secret until its toy gets an official release? Maybe part of its abilities involves utilizing this mode as a conducting baton to symbolize the form's musical element?
  • Well, each mode flashes a corresponding color to match the form that uses it. Orange for Ore and Blade, Red for Musashi and Twin, Yellow for Edison and Gun, and Green for Robin Hood and Arrow. Naginata flashes Blue, which you'd think would be for Newton, but obviously not. So if Beethoven's Parka Ghost is shown to be blue, then you're right.
    • Well, Beethoven has been shown to be a combo of black/white and gray, and he seems to not need anything other than his hands to conduct so this may be jossed.
      • And completely jossed.

Specter's Houdini Damashii will utilize his Gan Gun Hand's Rod Mode as its compatible weapon mode.
Ability-wise, we know that Specter's Machine Hoodie is supposed to combine with him to access Houdini Damashii and give him flying capabilities. Armament-wise, we know next to nothing. Aside from his default form, Specter could just as easily use the Gan Gun Hand in its Rod Mode while assuming Houdini Damashii due to his other 2 Damashii forms having their own compatible mode (Tutankhamun: Sickle and Nobunaga: Gun), thereby evening out his 3 alternate Damashii forms.
  • Appears to be jossed, as Specter has been shown to rely on both the Flight Unit's flying capabilities and Houdini's disappearing technique for combat rather than the Gan Gun Hand.

The Sunglasseslasher will carry over from Ghost's Toucon Boost Damashii to his Super Mode.
Similar to how the DJ Gun from Gaim's Kachidoki Arms carried over to his Kiwami Arms or the Trailer Cannon from Drive's Type Formula carried over to his Type Gridiron.
  • Confirmed. Both Sunglasseslasher and the Gan Gun Saber are used in Grateful Damashii and Mugen Damashii.

Shinsengumi and Tenkatoitsu Damashii will be Ghost and Specter's respective Super Modes.
The DX Ghost Driver reveals 2 Eyecon sounds that when activated announce the names of 3 Great Heroes in a row who share a common trait, with each one appearing to fit the type of Eyecons Ghost and Specter use amongst the standard 15 Great Hero Eyecons.
  • Shinsengumi - Kondo, Hijikata, and Okitanote 
  • Tenkatoitsu - Nobunaga, Hideyoshi, and Ieyasunote 
    • Jossed. Their final forms have been revealed to be Ghost Mugen Damashii and Deep Specter.
    • Though Tenkatoitsu is Takeru's Extra Final Form in the movie, and he uses Shinsengumi Damashii in a stageshow.

Like the Gan Gun Saber, each of the Sunglasseslasher's modes are compatible with one of Ghost's upgraded Damashii forms.
Blaster Mode will be utilized by Goemon Damashii due to its thief backstory, while Sword Mode will be utilized by Ryoma Damashii due to its samurai backstory. As for Himiko Damashii, it will be similar to Beethoven Damashii where its shaman backstory bestows Ghost with a special ability related to said form instead of granting him access to a weapon mode.
  • Potentially jossed. Goemon's Eyecon shows a slashing katana surrounded by gold coins for it's Omega Drive, while Ryoma's shows what looks like a six-shooter revolver. You might need to reverse your WMG.
    • And jossed for the respective finishers. Goemon gets Sword Mode, while Ryoma gets Blaster Mode.

The motif and powers of Ghost's final form will be that of a ghost hunter.
Once Takeru is recognized as a true ghost hunter and earns the title of luminary, he will receive a special Eyecon which grants him abilities that reflect his official ghost hunter status.
  • Jossed. Ghost's final form is modeled after an emperor with rainbows and infinity signs, granting him emotion-based powers (rage, sorrow, bravery, love, faith, joy, and happiness).

Himiko Damashii will rely on the Sunglasseslasher's Blaster Mode for battle.
Based on how Goemon prefers to fight using the Sunglasseslasher in its Sword Mode while Ryoma implies it can adapt either of the weapon's modes into its fighting style, it seems to infer that Himiko will prefer fighting with its Blaster Mode. Perhaps it will be like Edison where it channels its special ability into Ghost's weapon for shooting-based attacks?
  • Jossed. Himiko prefers Sword Mode.

Objects used to manifest the Damashii
We already know the objects for Musashi, Edison, Robin Hood, Beethoven, Billy the Kid, Benkei and Nobunaga but what of the rest?
  • Newton's might be an apple that is descended from the apple that hit him or his research notes.
  • Houdini's might be his Real Lifenote  missing Voisin biplane.
  • Tutankhamen could be any of his treasures.
  • Goemon's might be a sword or straw umbrella.
  • Ryoma's might be his gun.
  • Himiko's might be her headdess.

If Takeru draws an eye symbol on Class Cards, he can summon their respective Damashii. Ditto for the actual servants themselves.
  • ...because why not?

     Other WMG 
There will be a female Rider who uses Damashii based on famous women from history such as Joan of Arc
  • Let's face it, at this point, we're just trying to delude ourselves.
    • Well, there are two female Riders... Alia became Dark Necrom Pink, and a female Dark Necrom Yellow is set to appear in the summer movie, though neither of them are using new Heroic Eyecons that we know of as yet.

Shinnosuke will get 'stuck' when he meets Ghost.
Recall how he acted around the Ninningers, he got massively confused and unable to act. Imagine how he's gonna react to finding out he's working with a ghost. Shinnosuke's logical mind probably won't be able to wrap around this easily.
  • Alternatively by this point he'll admit he's seen weirder things and roll with it.
    • Looks like he rolled with it.

Hermit is the Big Bad of the series
Like Sagara, he's using Takeru for his own goals.
  • This is a trope that's been done to death in recent years. Double did it with Shroud, OOO did a variantnote , Fourze did a hazy feel with it with Emoto, Wizard did it with Fueki, Gaim did it, and Drive did a unwilling variantnote . Just... no more.
    • Zig-zagged. Adel is the true Big Bad of the series while Hermit...well, He's actually the Ganma Magistrate Edith.
    • Double zig-zagged. The Ganmaizers are the real Big Bad of the series through the Great Eyezer.

The hidden cyclops-like face on the Ghost Driver is a representation of its user's Superpowered Evil Side.
The purpose of its bed sheet-like cover is to conceal this mysterious dark power. Ghost and/or Specter can choose to remove this cover if they wish to strengthen their fighting prowess, but it comes with the risk of their minds getting corrupted in a similar fashion to Blue Buster when he gets too overheated.
  • Maybe like the tire's tread in Dead Heat mode, it'll pop when it's been pushed into berserk mode?
    • Jossed. Saionji's Ghost Driver, to reflect its unfinished state, lacks the cover.

The next Super Hero Wars will feature the return of Faiz and Kiva.

(Spoilers for those series) The werewolf Rider and the vampire Rider should team up with the ghost Rider, right? Also, I hear that Takumi's fate is left mysterious in the last Kamen Rider #4 episode, though I can't be sure because it's not subbed yet as far as I know. If that's the true case, we'll need to know what happened to him anyway, and what better time?

  • Surprisingly jossed - Ghost had no Super Hero Taisen movie whatsoever, much less one involving Kiva or Faiz.

Captain Ghost is the collective spirit of all the people who were killed on the pirate ship ride in Episode #1
After they died they got a chance to fight against the monster who killed them

The reason Ghost appeared during Drive way before he died and became a Kamen Rider is because of time travel
The movie wars with Drive has both riders going about 10 years into the past.

Ryu Tenkuji is deeply involved on actually making everything possible
The fact that Hermit suggest Takeru becoming Kamen Rider Ghost and the fact that he happens to have the Ghost Driver (which Makoto also has) is rather odd. Additionally, the fact that the Tenjuki Temple seems to have an underground lab with a giant monolith seems odd.

The idea is that Ryu discovered the monolith where the temple was built (or the temple was built to guard the monolith) and started investigating it, allowing him to find out about ghosts and such, and how to create Eyecons. Due of this, he was able to find ways how to use this knowledge like being able to develop the Shinarui spray and how to create the Ghost Driver. Additionally, he met the Hermit in the past who helped him along.

Unfortunately, his discovery also made him find out about Ganmas, and most likely fought against witht he identity of Kamen Rider Ghost. Of course, this gets him killed, but most likely before he was able to stop them for now. In case of his death, he set up so that Takeru would be able to take the role of Kamen Rider Ghost if the time comes, most likely creating the book what Takeru has to make it easier to figure out any Great Men, and Hermit is doing his job at helping him out.

  • It has been confirmed that Ryu was the one who gathered the 15 Heroic Spirits, but the Eyecon technology came from the Ganma World. He has been shown summoning Musashi from his tsuba to combat Sennin's Ganma form.

The hidden cyclops face on the Driver is...
...the way it looked when Tenkuji Ryu was Proto-Ghost. And one of his Eyecons was Shaka Zulu, with a yellow lion motif.
  • Jossed. The only way a Ghost Driver would lack its covering is if it is incomplete, like Saionji's.

Saionji will be a Disc-One Final Boss
And will either die or be written out of the story to make way for the other villains.
  • Confirmed... sort of.
  • Confirmed, and the main villain here is Adel.

Hermit is a Ganma
And he was the "Great Leader" at one point before being overthrown by a more ambitious Ganma. Possibly his son.
  • Jossed. The Great Leader turn out to be Adonis, Alain's father
    • Double jossed. The Great Leader is actually Adel, Alain's brother.
    • On Hermit being a Gamma, it's confirmed. He's actually the Magistrate Edith.

One of the future Kamen Rider in this series will be a human girl.
......but the plot twist is that she can only transform when she's possessed by a male ghost and he does the entire fighting.
  • Highly unlikely, and amazingly sexist to boot.
  • Jossed.

The postscript finale will see the return of the Rider Eyecons... battle the REAL final bosses of past seasons (Utopia Dopant, Uva as the Core Metal crucible, Gold Drive etc.) Then the past Riders reappear to help out. And when all that fails... cue next season's Rider.

Saionji will come back...
It'll turn out that his wish for power was granted and he became a very powerful Kaijin. However, he'll either be the final enemy of the series or a movie villain.

From the Summer Movie - Kamen Rider Extremer is...
Argos/Kamen Rider Dark Ghost's upgraded form. And it'll be created from his absorbing all the Parka Ghosts he's gathered to create his "Ultimate Eyecon", which becomes his Extremer Driver. (Also possibly involved: absorbing the spirits of the dead Gammaizer.)
  • Confirmed.

In a crossover with Kamen Rider Ex-Aid and Fate/EXTRA CCC...
Ganma/Bugster hybrid forms of the Servants in Extra, as well as Bugsters of BB, Passionlip and Meltlillith, will appear.

Ghost will have to fight the Servants and their Masters, who are their counterparts in the real world with their memories overwritten, and collect their eyecons to complete his part of the game.

Ex-Aid will have to contend with BB and the Alter Egos as she has turned the area into Sakura Labyrinth and is trapping people inside, including Ghost. BB will transform into Kamen Rider BB using a Buggle Driver Zwei and a Fate Extra CCC gashat.

There will be Damashii of the Servants and the Alter Egos for Ghost to use in his fights.

Finally, both will have to face Kiara as she plans to bring the world to Enlightenment. She uses the Buggle Driver Zwei of BB to capture and absorb BB and the Alter Egos and the Hans Christian Anderson eyecon (stolen from Takeru) will be used to turn Kiara into her Heaven's Hole form. Takeru will feel offended by the false Buddhism of Kiara, and Ghost will use the Alter Ego forms to weaken her before both finishing her off with their final forms.