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"Cho Kaigan: Mugen! Keep Going! Go, Go, Go! Go, Go, Go! Go, Go, Go! Gotta! Ghost!"

Episode 1: Awaken! Self!

  • Takeru as Musashi Damashii fighting a horde of Ganma mooks all by himself, just as the man had done centuries ago.
    • Bonus points for the Parka Ghost itself destroying some before even combining.
  • Most shows would have the hero's killer be an important antagonist later in the show's run, but on Kamen Rider Ghost? Takeru defeats both of his killers in the very first episode!

Episode 2: Blitz! Invention King!

  • First off, the Denki Ganma. This was a Monster of the Week that really pushed it for such an early monster, not because he was strong, but because how smart he played the game!
    • He contracted with a scientist, Sonoda with a stubborn streak a mile wide, making it hard for our heroes to knock any sort of sense into him.
    • He manipulated his thoughts to keep him ignorant.
    • He beat Ghost to the Edison Ghost and was this close to not only killing a lead, but opening a Ganma Hole!

Episode 3: Bullseye! Bow and Arrow of Justice!

  • Onari discovering the weakness of the Ono Ganma's barrier and telling Takeru, allowing him to win the battle easily.
  • Takeru easily figured out who Little John was simply by the reporter mentioning Robin Hood.

Episode 4: Amazing! The Castle in the Sky!

  • Yurusen hands Takeru the Newton Eyecon and the Rider actually recalls meeting Shinnosuke during his finale. Normally when a show uses continuity, it doesn't count as an awesome moment, but after the last show ignored Gaia's Vengeance and the show before that ignored the entire universe of Riders, it's nice to see continuity be used in an actual Kamen Rider show.
  • How does our secondary rider make his grand debut? By coming in, kicking Ghost away, and he somehow convinces the Nobunaga Ghost Parka to ally with him, stealing away one of the Eyecons from Takeru.

Episode 5: Impact! The Mysterious Kamen Rider!

  • Specter's debut. He beats poor Takeru into the ground twice, and steals Edison. Not to mention that poor Ganma...
    • Nobunaga's Omega Spark has Specter call up rifleman infantry and lay waste to whatever poor schmoe happens to be in front of him. Tutankhamen meanwhile creates a pocket dimension that destroys his foe when using the Omega Fang.
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  • Minor as it is, Takeru managing to reclaim Newton's Eyecon.

Episode 6: Destiny! Reviving Melody!

  • Akari steals back Takeru's Eyecon after he gets beaten up by Specter. Even when Specter's got her at gunpoint, she still doesn't give the Eyecon up.
    • Another point for Akari is her speech to the older brother about how living is important, for both those alive, and for the dead. Not only does it inspire Takeru, it also convinces Makoto to let him have a win and obtain Beethoven.
  • And speaking of Beethoven, his ability to attack with sound as well as defend makes him one of Ghost's more versatile Eyecons. Plus, that melody was awesome.

Episode 7: Fast Shooting! Legendary Gunman!

  • After Takeru's lost his fear of Specter, he's now able to equal Specter in combat and nearly win.
    • To wit: Musashi, who would have been a mere Samurai, to Nobunaga's Warlord, not only outdueled the tactician, but seeing as both are lending their powers to the Riders, this also means Takeru straight up overpowered Makoto, who's been fighting longer. Then to top that, Ghost changes back into his Ore (Self) soul and comes at Specter, still in Nobunaga form with a Rider kick, like we saw two episodes ago...except this time, not only is Specter knocked back as well, but Ghost maintains his Rider form and stands up moments later.
  • Say what you will about his hero status, but death sure as heck didn't slow down The Kid's eyes or reflexes.
  • Onari and Akari managing to swipe the Billy the Kid Eyecon from the Mysterious Man.

Episode 9: Imposing! A Man of Loyalty!

  • The Seiryuto Ganma. First, he is based on Guan Yu and his guandao, Green Crescent Dragon Blade. Second, he has a green dragon head for A BEARD! Said "Beard" can extends to attack from afar and breathes fire!
  • Ghost vs. Specter. Using Benkei's Omega Bomber, Ghost was able to counter Tutankhamun's Omega Fang and knock Specter out of his transformation.
    • Not only that, but Specter managed to activate his Gan-Gun Hand's finisher by scanning it with Takeru's Driver instead of his own.

Episode 10: Gather! The 15 Eyecons!

Episode 11: Magnificence! The Divine Eye!

  • Takeru manages to make his wish with time to spare!
  • Ghost and Specter finally team up and work as a well oiled machine, using all of their Eyecons and manage to overwhelm Javel together. In fact, had one of his monsters not sacrificed itself for him, they probably would have killed him then and there.
    • The music that plays helps the scene where the two transform together and begin the battle all the more awesome.
    • What makes this beat down even more awesome is that Javel states just before he transforms that Takeru and Makoto working together is useless. They prove him wrong, very easily!
    • The battle with the Gundari. It's basically a Colossus Climb on motorcycles and it is awesome!

Episode 12: Grand! A Man's Resolution!

  • Boost's power comes from Ryu adding his strength to that of his son's. Doubles as heartwarming.
  • Takeru, using the Toucon Boost Damashii, utterly demolishing Javel.

Episode 13: Exciting! A Free Man!

  • Remember when Takeru was painfully zapped by the Denki Ganma while in Musashi form? Well, he learned his lesson and used Edison to do the same thing to the Katana Ganma and was this close to killing him, if it weren't for the Planet Ganma's help
  • The debut of the Goemon Damashii against the revived Katana Ganma in a kabuki-styled fight scene.

Episode 14: Superb View! The Earth's Dawn!

  • At two different scenes, Specter in Tutankhamun Damashii and Ghost in Ryoma Damashii managed to wiped out a pack of Ganma with a single spin slash. Bonus point to Ghost because Specter had to activate his Omega Fang.

Episode 15: Anguish! The Stubborn Escape King!

  • The debut of the Houdini Damashii. Using the power of the famous magician, Makoto curp-stomps Gundari-Javel.

Episode 16: Perfect! The White Kamen Rider!

  • Necrom's debut, he effortlessly takes on both Ghost and Specter at the same time with the latter two unable to land solid hits on him. There's also him withstanding both Boost Omega Drive and Mega Omega Flash from Ghost.
    • On the heroes side, managing to last long enough for Necrom to run out of power and Commando Ganma to recharge with and have to pull back.

Episode 17: Gorgeous! The Fantastic Queen!

  • Call him lucky if you want to, but Onari manages to score a hit against the Knife Ganma, dodges his projectiles, Matrix-style, all the while laughing like a Large Ham he is.
  • Speaking of Akari, she manages to figure out the effects of the fog just by watching her projectile went astray and clocks/watches stopping, and she does it while the Knife Ganma is just a few steps away, impressing Igor enough for him to call down the Knife Ganma.

Episode 18: Turn-Around! Mysterious Science!

  • Building on the previous episode, Akari improves the Shiranui gun. Igor mocks her for using a useless weapon, until she blasts him so hard he falls down a big concrete stairway.

Episode 19: Explosion! Paint From Your Heart!

  • Debut of Ghost Toukon Benkei Damashii. In this form, he made his way through Igor's bullets by spinning the hammer, smashed him in the face repeatedly before he even have a chance to fight back, then activated his fiery version of Omega Bomber and quickly annihilated Igor's Machine Gun form under 2 minutes.

Episode 20: Explode! The Flames of Friendship!

  • Takeru, Kanon, and Makoto's Ghost Eyecons freeing Makoto from Necrom's power. Takeru and Makoto then proceed to fight Necrom and actually gain the upperhand on him through team work. Of special note is Takeru passing his Edison Eyecon to Makoto, allowing him to stun Necrom long enough for Takeru to set him up for a Bait-and-Switch ending with Makoto scoring a direct hit with his Rider Kick.
    • Though even that's not enough to put him down for long, the dark Rider getting back up and charging a truly frightening amount of power. Luckily, he's called away...
  • Gazai Ganma got a small one, managed to survive an Omega Drive to the face unlike most of his kin

Episode 22: Conspiracy! Adel's Trap!

  • The entire episode is pretty much one string of awesome moments for Adel. From murdering his own father and taking over the position of Emperor while framing Alain for the murder, to curbstomping Specter and Ghost without a breaking a sweat. He truly establishes himself as a formidable Big Bad
  • Takeru's entire fight with Katchu Ganma.

Episode 23: Intimate! The Giant Eyecon!

  • Grateful's birth. Throughout the episode, Takeru's overwhelmed by fear and doubt, causing him to grow paranoid and cold. Alain is similarly affected, which is why both lose their set of Heroic Eyecons. Makoto meanwhile knows EXACTLY what has to be done and fights for both of his friends, sacrificing himself for Alain. This rouses Takeru's soul and he commits to fight, even at the cost of his existence. All of the luminaries note his good character and strong spirit and bring the large Eyecon to him, infusing it with their combined life, awakening it.
    • This explains the name and nature of the form. The concept of a "Grateful Dead" is someone that finds a corpse and has it buried, typically at their own expense. The soul of that person would then grant good fortune to the kind soul as a repayment. The luminaries, noting Takeru's selfless nature and kindness towards others repay his kindness with a strengthening of his soul, and thus his power. However this also accounts for the bonding he's done with them, giving them a chance to pass on their beliefs and knowledge. Both sides are grateful!
    • The transformation sound itself is equally awesome.
    All Eyes Open! Swordsman, Inventor, Composer, Pharaoh, Samurai, Priest and Sniper! Grand Transformation! note 
    • While it's short when compared to other Heisei Riders' Super Form debut, Ghost Grateful Damashii puts up an impressive show, from landing very powerful blows on Javel, sweeping away the powerful fireballs launched by Fire Ultima Ganma and even reflecting one back at him with a single punch, and then ends the fight in spectacular fashion by using ALL 15 luminaries' power to create an energy ball that he then kicks right into Javel, defeating him and causing him to retreat.

Episode 28: Current Burst! Power of the Depths!

  • Alain breaking out of his Heroic BSoD and cementing his Heel–Face Turn. His shout of fury is so loud it echoes!
  • We finally get to see all three Riders transform together in this episode! shame the Ganmaizers don't let it last.
    • For that matter, the fact that the usually calm or goofy Hermit is dead serious freaked out when he realizes that The Ganmaizers are active.
  • The entire debut of Deep Specter. Especially the explosive battle between Deep Specter vs Ganmaizer Fire.
  • Javel Saving Onari from Igor to repay his debt for Onari saving his life.
    • No less awesome is Akari slapping Igor afterwards so hard that not only did it leave a mark on his face, he looks and sounds like he's going to cry!

Episode 30: Eternally! The Cries of the Heart!

  • The three Riders transforming together for the second time in this episode, and successfully destroying Ganmaizer Fire with Ghost assuming Grateful Damashii and Specter assuming Deep Specter Damashii (alongside Necrom, now in a more powered-up version of his default form) to deliver a Triple Rider Kick.
  • Immediately before that scene, Alain comes to fight the recent Ganma armed only with takoyaki and his new clothes showing us that he no longer doubts that his place is here, among humans.

Episode 31: Bizarre! Power of the Ganmaizers!

  • Mr. Kamen Rider himself, Seji Takaiwa, is going to be in an out-of-suit role for the first time since B Fighter Kabuto!
  • Gyro, aka Seiji Takaiwa above, takes on all three riders without breaking a sweat and utilizing the same time-reversal powers Adel used as Ultima.

Episode 33: Miracle! Infinite Thought!

  • "As a heroic soul passes on, the bonds forged in life, and light within its heart awakens its infinite potential." It's Mugen time, everybody.
  • The fact that, however briefly, ADEL TOTALLY WINS.
  • How about the fact that, for as repeated as it was, they managed to make it so that the death and revival took place in the same episode as opposed to how every other Rider did it (the character dies or in some cases, brutally incapacitated at the end of the episode and then we wait next week for them to revive and probably gain their Super Mode). It's awesome when Kamen Rider subverts its own formula.
  • To add to this? The theme song starts playing as Takeru royally smacks down two Ganmaizers and obliterates them!
    • The Riders managed to destroy the Ganmaizers 5 times in just one episode (Ganmaizer Fire 3 times, Ganmaizer Gravity twice). Few episodes ago all three of them were struggling to beat one Ganmaizer

Episode 34: Wander! The Dream World!

  • Mugen Damashii's tranformation sequence.
  • Just the very fact that Fire and Gravity Ganmaizer are permanently destroyed by Ghost Mugen Damashii is awesome.

Episode 35:Real Worth! Merriment Power!

  • Ghost Mugen Damashii tanks every attacks from the Ganma and beats them to the ground with ease. Even the combined attacks from 13 Ganmaizer can't scratch him.
  • How about the fact that Mugen Damashii delivers not only one, not two, but THREE curb stomp battles in its debut episode?

Episode 38: Resurrection! Hero's Soul!

  • Adel & the Ganmaizers vs Takeru & the Heroic Eyecons. Adel and the Ganmaizers easily defeated Takeru and the eyecons. Bonus point for Adel who defeated Grateful Damashii without transforming.
  • The debut of Pefect Ganmaizer. All of the fight with Mugen so far always goes on Takeru's favor, not so much with Perfect Ganmaizer who manage to block God Omega Drive and actually pushed Takeru back without breaking a sweat.
  • The entire fight between Takeru and Gyro. Wanting to prove that the Heroic Eyecons power are still necessary even with him having Mugen now, Takeru refuses to use Mugen against Gyro and only want to fight him with the Eyecons. His faith is rewarded, when the Eyecons all lends him their power without hesitation. What follows is an epic fight with Takeru using his Eyecons against Gyro in succession and finishing him with an epic Rider Kick while in Grateful Damashii together with all the Eyecons, all while the entire song "We Think, Therefore We Are" is playing in the background song, from start to finish! This episode was directed by Koichi Sakamoto and it shows.
    • It's also a meta moment of awesome, since most other Kamen Riders will ignore the forms they have in favor of the power ups (Kiva being prime example). Takeru is showing that, even though he has a lot of cool power ups, he's not gonna ignore the forms he still has, including Beethoven.

Episode 42: Shocking! The secret of the Hermit!

  • Takeru destroys SIX GANMEISERS in this episode alone.
  • Takeru finally connects with Beethoven. This means that, as of this episode, Takeru has connected with all 15 heroic eyecons!

Episode 44: Activation! The Terror of Demia!

  • Takeru frees hundreds of souls from Demia using Beethoven Soul to counter Demia's brainwashing music. His choice of music to do so? Beethoven's Symphony No. 9 Ode to Joy! Not bad for the Un Favorite form.

Episode 48: Assemble! The Cycle of Sorrow!

  • Near the beginning of the episode, Takeru's friends hold their own against a group of Commando Ganma. Yes, everyone. Akari, Onari, even Kanon gets to fight some Ganma and win!
  • Two moments go to the Parka Ghosts:
    • Firstly, holding their own against Adel, transformed into Perfect Ganmaiser.
    • Secondly, they get a rematch against the Ganmaisers, and this time, they swiftly obliterate them- with the battle ending even faster than their first fight!
    • During all this, Takeru's Unflinching Walk towards Adel as the Ganmaisers are getting utterly destroyed around him

Episode 49: Infinity! Potential of Humanity!

  • Takeru's final fight with The Great Eyezer, with all the 15 Eyecons manifesting and fighting together with Takeru. Even more awesome is that Takeru is only using Ore Damashii, not Grateful or Mugen. Not to mention, the awesome finishing rider kick. It all shows just how much Takeru has developed throughout the series.

Episode 50: Future! Connecting Souls!

  • Genm beats the crap out of Specter and Necrom before retreating.
  • The crossover hasn't even happened yet and we're already getting Ghost & Ex-Aid fighting together.

Kamen Rider X Kamen Rider Ghost And Drive Super Movie War Genesis

  • Ryu Tenkuji single-handedly destroyed a Ganma Superior with a hatchet. Said Ganma used Michelangelo Eyecon to strengthen himself.
  • Seeing the non-Rider characters, even Onari helping fight off the Ganma mook army. Makes one wonder why he never did this before.

Kamen Rider Ghost RE-BIRTH: Kamen Rider Specter

  • Practically everything about Sin Specter Damashii, Makoto's Super Mode, which visually is a Specter-themed Foil to Mugen with six dark wings and attacks named for the Seven Deadly Sins
    • But especially the ending to the final battle: having taken a brutal Megaton Punch from Danton, Makoto stands back up and begins his "World of Cardboard" Speech, acknowledging Danton's efforts and conviction in trying to achieve his aims before declaring that he in turn will carry on his fathers' wills as Akari and Igor's machine fires in the background, turning the sky overhead blue. Makoto then flies up into the sky and we get a mix of Awesome Music and an immensely satisfying "Sin Dai Kaigan! Sin Specter! Deadly Omega Drive!" before he delivers his Catch Phrase and performs a Rider Kick straight downward onto Danton to end the fight.


  • Fans were able to hack out the sounds for the Grateful Damashii in Battride War Genesis, so fans all over the world can experience it early.
  • Toei has opened the competition for Japanese fan to submit their own design of Eyecons (albeit their own design of Eyecons from Toei's list of historical figures). Last time something like this happened was Kamen Rider 555.

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