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Tear Jerker / Kamen Rider Ghost

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How to keep on moving when you're already dead?
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TV Series

    Episode 1: Eyes Open! It's Me! 
  • While he does get revived, it is still sad to see Akari and Onari crying over Takeru's corpse.
    Episode 6: Destiny! Reviving Melody! 
  • The victim of the week, attempting to commit suicide so his work can be famous. This is especially so for anybody who has actually lost somebody from suicide.
    Episode 7: Fast Shooting! Legendary Gunman! 
  • The spirit that resides in the Sister Eyecon? Makoto's deceased young sister, Kanon.
    Episode 8: Activate! Another Monolith! 
  • Takeru realizing just who Specter is: His childhood friend Makoto, who seems to think that Takeru and everyone else forgot about him and moved on with their lives after his disappearance ten years ago. The raw fury in Makoto's voice as he lays into Takeru is almost painful to hear.
    • Even worse is Takeru's reaction: Nothing. He doesn't even try to fight back, going exclusively on the defensive once he realizes that Specter is Makoto and begging him to explain what happened to him, to no avail. Even when he escapes using Newton's gravity powers, his head is hung low.
  • A bit more subtle but the fact that Makoto does not give a dang about Takeru's life and is perfectly willing to let Takeru die by the day he runs out of time.
    Episode 10: 15 Eyecons, Assembled! 
  • Onari's reaction to learning that Kanon is dead and Takeru is planning to wish her back instead of himself. He doesn't react with his usual overblown hamminess and instead just holds his hand over his heart with a devastated look on his face. The fact that he's not crying just makes it worse.
  • This episode shows just how far gone Makoto is. Even after hearing Takeru pour his heart out to him about how he wants to help, he refuses and attempts to kill Takeru with Nobunaga Soul's Omega Drive. Made even worse is the fact that Akari was trying to shield Takeru. It's only due to the intervention of Kanon's soul begging him to stop that Makoto doesn't commit murder.
    • The fact that his devotion to Kanon is so deep he basically ignores Kanon's pleas to not fight Takeru at the beginning of the encounter is disturbing and tragic. What happened to him in the Gamma Dimension to make him like this?
  • Kanon's plight is made even worse. She tells Makoto that she no longer wishes to be brought back to life. Sent into, essentially, hell, she is killed, with her soul trapped in an Eyecon. She witnesses her brother willing to kill their old friends on her behalf, with no ability to truly stop him, and it gets to the point that she'd rather die than see him continue down this path. Someone give this girl a hug.
     Episode 11: Magnificent! The Mysterious Eye! 
  • When Makoto sees Takeru being taken to the Eyecon-created glyph, he completely breaks down due the fact that everything he has done, including attacking Takeru, is now basically for nothing as seemingly his only chance to revive Kanon is being taken away from him right in front of his eyes.
    Episode 12: Heroic! A Man's Resolve! 
  • The days leading up to the 99th day. All of Takeru's friends are desperately trying to find remaining Eyecons or find some other way to prevent Takeru's death but to no avail. When his time finally runs out, Takeru smiles through the tears while his friends break down in front of him. Even the Sennin and Yurusen are crying when Takeru disappears.
  • Ryu's Heroic Sacrifice. Giving up his afterlife in order to give his son another chance to get his life back.
  • Makoto declaring he'll fight the Gamma in Takeru's place and protect what was dear to his childhood friend.
    Episode 14: Magnificent! Dawn for Earth! 
  • The reason Nagamasa's father distanced himself from satellite development. Originally he was incredibly passionate about space, and he used to develop satellites with Nagamasa and Nagamasa's older brother Yoshiyuki. That all changed when one day after an argument Yoshiyuki got flustered and ran out, only to get hit by a car and die. Imagine having to live with the fact that the last time you saw one of your beloved children was a petty argument that got him killed.
    Episode 19: Explosion! Paint From Your Heart! 
  • From the episode's trailer, we can see a Gamma that isn't hostile toward human and has a hobby in painting. This maybe Heartwarming, but remember, beside those who were the main characters (Ex: the Taros, Arm Monster), every monster that attempts to become good end up being killed by someone from his own race (besides Dopants and Zodiarts, as they are human to begin with) for betraying them and their ideas. To name a few, Regenade Orphnochs, Grizzly and Tortoise Fangire, Roidmude 072. and if the next episode trailer is any indication, Gazai is going to sacrifice himself to save Takeru.
    • Thankfully subverted, Gazai survives and is able to accept Takeru's offer of friendship without having to suffer Roidmude 072's fate.
    Episode 22: Conspiracy! Adel's Trap! 
  • The look of sheer betrayal on Alain's face when Adel kills his Eyecon body. Evil though he was, he still seemed to love his brother.
    Episode 27: Do-or-Die! Ready for Infiltration! 
  • Adonis' death. Alain, for the first time, is crying. Even Takeru was crying too!
  • The way Takeru attacks the army of Gammas after one of them kills Adonis is kindly heartbreaking to see him like this because it reminds him of losing his father and knowing he will bring him back to life, but unable to bring back Adonis.
    Episode 28: Current Burst! Power of the Depths! 
  • Alain is rendered an Empty Shell after witnessing the death of his father at hands of his brother. After Makoto punches him awake, he demands to be left alone as he doesn't have any reason to live anymore. Seeing the scheming Royal Brat consider himself worthless because he doesn't have a heart like Takeru and Makoto is even more saddening.
    Episode 29: Second Coming! Ordeal Of The Escape King! 
  • No Kamen Rider episode in existence will hit you harder with the feels than this one.
    • To be specific, Grandma Fumi, a recurring character over the previous 10 or so episodes, who has helped Alain through his transformation from confused villain to defender of Earth's beauty and a hero, dies. Not from a monster attack or any plot, just old age. Most of the episode is spent with the heroes paying their respects to her, giving reasons why she'll be missed, and Takeru assuring Alain that she'd always be with him, and proud of him.
    Episode 33: Miracle! Infinite Though! 
  • The Ore Eyecon is destroyed and Takeru vanishes. Nobody takes this well.
    Episode 42: Astonishing! Sennin's Truth! 
  • Magistrate Edith and Sennin are one and the same, and he admits that he doesn't know how Takeru can be brought back to life. From there to the very end of the episode, you will cry.
    Episode 48: Gather! Chain Of Grief! 
  • To sum it up, this episode brings out all of the feels. To wit:
    • Alain attempting a suicide attack towards Adel but then breaks down and begs him to stop the madness. Of course, Adel scoffs it off, knocks Alain down, and declares him as weak and pitiful as with who he's been with.
    • Takeru angrily fighting Adel for murdering his father, only for Alain to get him to stop, wanting to try to reason with Adel.
    • Makoto getting brutally pulverized by Adel trying to save Alain. As he begins to die and tell his copy to live in his place, Kanon starts sobbing his name. Copy Makoto then gives the real Makoto recovery by sacrificing himself.
    • As Takeru manages to get deep into Adel's memories, Adel revels that his source of villainy came from his mother having died and thought Adonis didn't care for him. Adel attempted to angrily scoff that Adonis actually cared about him, he then realized that Adonis told Alia to ensure her brothers' protection and happiness, stating that Adel was trying to make his vision into fruition. Adel then breaks down and realizes his mistakes, with Alia assuring them that they are all family.
    • Moments after his Heel–Face Turn, Adel then gets betrayed by the Gammaizers, who declare their independence from him and try to get the Great Eye for themselves, then absorbing Adel. Adel then forces Takeru to strike him down in an attempt to stop the Gammaizers, to which the Rider tearfully does so to free his soul.
    • Adel bidding farewell to his family and the rest of the heroes.
    Episode 49: Infinity! Potential of Humanity! 
  • It turns out that the Toucon Boost Eyecon not only contains the soul of Takeru's father, but his mother as well. With Takeru at the brink of Despair Event Horizon, the thing flashes and shows him scenes of his mother, including how she loved him even as she breathed her last breath. The scene will shed a few tears, and not all of them will be within the three walls.
    Episode 50: Future! Connecting Souls! 


    Kamen Rider Ghost × Kamen Rider Drive: Super Movie War Genesis 
  • Chief Honganji lying in a coffin with everyone in Special Investigation Unit visiting him. The last time we saw him like this, he sacrificed himself in the Shocker timeline.
    • And then becomes the biggest Mood Whiplash in the film, since his temporary death is Played for Laughs.
    • In the movie, Takeru tried his damnedest to make sure his father does not die again. Unfortuately, his father gave his life to protect his younger self. Then it's revealed that his father brought his future son to the past. His father sees how much he's grown and poor Takeru had to see his father die again before being back dragged into the wormhole by Shinnosuke.
    • As history is being restored, Chase is once again dying, this time from history being restored and Go can't help but watch him die again.


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