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Fighting evil spirits and giving hugs goes together pretty well.

Episode 2: Blitz! Invention King!

  • It was pretty nice of Akari to try and cheer up Takeru.

Episode 3: Bullseye! The Arrow of Justice!

  • How does Takeru save someone from the influence of the Ganma? By giving them a hug.

Episode 6: Destiny! Reviving Melody!

  • Akari, more or less, risking her life to keep the Musashi Eyecon away from Specter after he scared Takeru away from it. She's not a Kamen Rider and she could've very easily have been killed by electrocution, but she took the Eyecon and refused to hand it over. All so she could help her best friend.

Episode 11: Magnificence! The Divine Eye!

  • Takeru using his wish—his sole ticket to coming back to life—to resurrect Kanon.
    • Takeru's selflessness immediately paid off as Makoto fights together with him to beat Javel. By using his wish to resurrect Kanon instead of himself, Takeru got his childhood friend back as well as a powerful ally against the Ganma.
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  • One from the Parka Ghosts. They have very different personalities, different pasts and came from different countries and time periods. Seriously, they're a master swordman, an inventor, a discoverer, a gunslinger, a conductor, an archer and some have bad personalities, yet they willingly join their power and help Takeru without hesitation.
  • Yurusen helping Takeru out while she's critically injured. The way she even weakly asks if she's the best is cute.

Episode 12: Heroic! A Man's Resolve!

  • Ryu giving up his afterlife for his son, because he wants Takeru to come back to life after seeing all the good he's done for the world. Talk about a Heroic Sacrifice...
  • Takeru spending his final days with his friends goofing off. The pacing in particular made it seem like a mellow, sweet Slice of Life, and was a much needed breather after the bombastic events of Episode 11.

Episode 13: Daring! A Free Man!

  • Sunglasseslasher's Finishing Move, in a way. To use it, Takeru takes out his Ore Eyecon and inserts it into the sword's slot with the Toucon Boost Eyecon, which just so happens to be his father's soul. Even after his Heroic Sacrifice, Ryu is helping out his son by combining their power to take down the Ganma.

Episode 18: Reverse! Mysterious Science!

  • Aran proceeding to agree to help Kanon look for Makoto. While he has become angry with Makoto, he still has a soft spot for Kanon.
    • The way the two walked together, something about it made Aran seem almost human.

Episode 23: Intimate! The Giant Eyecon!

  • Makoto proceeding to bring Alain food, knowing full well that without his Eyecon, he'll need it.
  • When all the Eyecons left Takeru after how he acted, guess which Eyecon (other than Ore, for obvious reason) remain? His Father's. He continued to believe in his son.
  • Hearing the luminaries talking about Takeru as he fights and comes to his realization. They've all really taken a liking to the youth.
    Robin Hood: Let's give him a hand.
    Ryoma: He's a little rough around the edges, but he's a good kid-de yo.
    Edison: He believes in the potential of humanity.
    Musashi: My siblings in arms! Let us entrust the future to Takeru!
    All fifteen nod in agreement and head out
  • Who brought Eyecon Driver G and lead all Damashii to enter in it, so Takeru can access his Grateful Damashii? Musashi.

Episode 24

  • While mostly a Big-Lipped Alligator Moment, the crossover with Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger does lead Takeru to a breakthrough. He realizes that if he can fight alongside Zyuoh Eagle even though he barely knows the guy, then he should also be able to fight with Alain, since both of them want to save Makoto.

Episode 27

  • Onari nursing Javel back to health and giving him food even after everything he's done.

Episode 28

Episode 30: Eternity! A Heart's Cry!

  • While Grandma Fumi's funeral is a sad event, a large number of people attend and we hear how important she was to all of them.
  • At the end of the episode, Alain is sitting on a roof eating Takoyaki in his new clothes and swears a vow to protect the things the world treasures. Grandma Fumi's ghost appears before him to compliment him on how good he looks in his new clothes that she made him before vanishing, leaving Alain to smile and continue eating his Takoyaki. It's the most genuinely happy he's ever been during the entire show.

Episode 33: Miracle! Infinite Thoughts

  • Some of the Parka Ghosts are actually holding Takeru back to prevent him from being sucked into the black hole created by the Gravity Ganmaiser before being sucked into it themselves.
    • And, of course, one of the Parka Ghosts that did it is Musashii.

Episode 36: Furious! Idol´s Declaration.

  • When Sanzo declares that Alain lost his way, the man in question collapses face-first on the table in depression. Onari reaches out as if to pet Alain on the head. 'It will be okay. There, there.' indeed.

Episode 43: Connect! Genius Juvenile!

  • Onari laments that compared to Akari, Makoto, and Alain, he isn't very useful to Takeru. Akari reassures him that Takeru does indeed needs him, and that they are all a team. These words of kindness were enough to bring Onari to tears.

Episode 49: Infinity! Potential of Humanity.

  • The Reveal that the Toucon Eyecon contains not only the soul of Takeru's father but his Mother as well! It creates the feeling that Takeru's parents have been watching over him ever since he got it, and it even helps him break out of his Heroic BSoD.
  • You know that scene with Takeru flying with the Eyecons in the opening? As it turns out it's a foreshadowing for a similar scene in this episode. Only this time, Takeru is flying with all 15 eyecons and instead of just Akari and Onari waiting for him in the ground, this time it's all of his True Companions. It's as sweet as it sounds.
  • The entire ending scene, ranging from Takeru being able to be hungry for the first time in 198 days to the disabling of the Eyecon system, which reveals Cubi's human form and that Yurusen is a cat.

Episode 50: Future! Connecting Souls!

  • Almost the entire episode focuses on wrapping up a lot of different things and showing what the characters are and/or will be doing. It's pretty cute to see.
  • Takeru meeting his successor Ex-Aid and realizing that this Kamen Rider values lives just as much as he does.

Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider: Ghost & Drive Chou Movie Was Genesis

  • From preview images, it shown that the movie will show Shinnosuke and Kiriko getting married.
  • The debut of Toucon Damashii is a bit different here. The Eyecons that Takeru has actually summon the spirit of his father so he can come in and rescue his son. The announcements of the driver also says Tousan(meaning Dad) instead of Toucon

Kamen Rider Ghost RE:BIRTH: Kamen Rider Specter

  • Akari and Igor working together for the sake of World of Ganma. It shows that despite their diametrically different views of science, they managed to reconcile. Igor even prompts Akari to slap him.
  • After Danton is finally defeated, his third child, Chloe despairs over his death seeing no reason to continue living without him. Takeru wastes no time in comforting her with words about how she should seek her own path and uses the Ganma world's newly cleared skies as a visual metaphor for her. All she can do is ask his name, which he gives readily. This is especially heartwarming considering that Chloe was confirmed to be Takeru's wife in the Ghost novel, since it implies that she fell in love with him because he refused to let her despair.

Miscellaneous Stuff

  • Since Kamen Rider Decade, there are a lot of fanart custom version of Rider's collectable devices. Come this year with the Ghost Eyecons and its concept on historical figures, some fans didn't hesitated to use this chance... to create their favorite recently deceased or their national heroes' Eyecons to honor them. Fanart of Rider devices can't be this warming...
  • While Houdini was known for his debunking of the supernatural, this was mainly due to him searching for the supernatural himself, and finding himself disappointed that all he found were fakes. So Houdini having an Eyecon himself means that in Ghost's version of history, he finally found what he was looking for.
  • This article involving a three year old boy with blood anemic who is a fan of the series. Despite Shun Nishime unable to see the boy himself, the crew of Ghost came to see him with a video message from Shun himself. Manly Tears ensue.
  • This live stage show has Takeru meeting up with Kamen Rider W, and despite the way these stage shows for kids are usually done, they manage to sneak in an Action Film, Quiet Drama Scene - Shotaro tells Takeru about what he learned from one Narumi Soukichi, with "Nobody's Perfect" playing in the background. Kamen Rider Skull's lessons pass on to a new generation.
    • Another stage show, presumably done before the Kamen Rider 1 was filmed, has Ichigo show up and is eventually pulled into a group hug with Takeru, Makoto, and Alain. Fans have compared it to a grandpa being happily greeted by his grandchildren.
  • Crossing into the earlier season, Alain tried to grasp the emotions and succeeded unlike the previous non-human rider, Chase. Even more when you take Chase's Kamen Rider Saga into account.
  • The Ishinomori Eyecon may be toy line only, but it's still pretty sweet to see the producers honor the man who started it all.

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