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While not promoted as one, Ghost aired during the 45th Anniversary and has plenty of references to past Seasons.

  • Ghost joins the steadily-growing list of Riders who are not red but gain a red form change to rectify that, like Agito, W, Fourze and Gaim.
  • Takeru's summoning of the Ghost Driver is similar to how Kuuga summons the Arcle. And Robin Damashi, the green form armed with a bowgun, is pretty much Kuuga Pegasus Form.
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  • The driver sounds follow the standardised-jingle-into-unique-Transformation Sequence-or-Finishing Move system started by Kamen Rider Wizard.
  • Ghost's green form lets him duplicate himself? That sounds familiar...
  • Turns out the Mysterious Backer of the Ganma was secretly working with Tenkuji Ryu on something big, which may or may not have killed him, just like a certain Utahoshi Rokuro.
  • Toucon Boost Damashi is very similar to Kuuga's Rising Forms, simply being an upgraded version of his base form. And can allow upgraded versions of his other base forms to be used as well.
  • Heroic Eyecons suddenly have the ability to possess people as well, resulting in a new eye color (though they all turn blue regardless of Eyecon color, going by Himiko).
  • In ep. 35, Igor uses the Grimm Eyecon to mutate the Dreamworld into Helheim.
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  • Specter’s pre-transformation pose is similar to that of Kotora Minami.
  • On the topic of Minami, Takeru's ability to access his weapon via his belt has been done before with Kamen Rider BLACK RX and Kamen Rider Agito.
  • In Episode 4, the Ganma of the Week hatches a plan that involves encircling a certain area with energy, not unlike the moment from the Kamen Rider OOO summer movie- indeed, the scenes use Stock Footage from that movie.
  • Kamen Rider Specter is a light blue Rider whose first act is to steal the Nobunaga Eyecon.
  • Ghost Benkai Damashi can summon a bunch of floating weapons that fly at the enemy.
  • There is also a final form based around infinity in Kamen Rider Wizard, the crystalized hope, Infinity style.
  • Takeru said something when he entered space using Captain Ghost that would make Gentarou proud. He even does the signature pose!
  • The stage of Harp+y 4 is decorated with cutouts of donuts.
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  • Adel's One-Winged Angel form is a robed figure with a pointy red head that 'blossoms' open to reveal a more regular-looking white head, referencing the Shocker Great Leader's true form.
  • Eadith's transformation posing in Episode 47 is a giant one to the original Kamen Rider complete with the same intonation of "Rider... Henshin!"

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