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Headscratchers / Kamen Rider Ghost

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  • During the events of Chou Movie War Genesis, Specter is seen fighting Mach and a recently restored Drive. But then we see Drive fighting Ghost. He's met Ghost before and knows he's a good person, so... what's the deal with this?
    • Maybe he thinks it's a Roidmude mimicing Ghost's appearance? Wouldn't be the first time they copied a Rider.
    • Maybe we should actually wait till the movie is released to start asking questions, since all we've seen are a few short snippets.
      • Apparently Gou and Shin see Ghost fighting but can't see the Ganma, making both think he's crazed and thus both are trying to calm him down.
  • Why is the Naginata Mode of Gan Gun Saber called that? A naginata is a type of polearm with a curved blade on the end. However, the Naginata Mode doesn't even function as a polearm, as it works more like a Double Weapon.
    • Same reason Gaim's was. It's as close as we get.
  • So will it ever be explained why Houdini's soul is in Makoto motorcycle?
    • Don't forget Houdini was very accomplished at disappearing acts as well as escape tricks. His soul likely used it's power to make it appear as though he had been there the whole time, when in reality he moved from the eyecon to the bike just moments before.
  • In episode 49, it's revealed that Sage/Edith and Yurusen's capsule where their true bodies were sleeping for 10 years was right in the Tenkuuji Temple the whole time, unprotected and out in the open. So, the show is saying that absolutely no one who worked at the temple over the course of a decade noticed a conspicuous looking capsule that contained an old man and his cat? Not even during times when they were likely cleaning up the temple?
    • I presumed that the capsule was moved there from somewhere else, maybe the Ganma world.
  • Where did the Captain Ghost come from, and what does an iguana have to do with a pirate ship or ghosts anyway?
  • Why does Takeru perform archery like a southpaw? He uses swords in his right hand so it makes no sense for him to favor his left hand when shooting arrows!

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