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  • Acting for Two: Expected, due to form-changing characters being involved:
    • Annette Bening plays Dr. Lawson and the form the Supreme Intelligence takes when Carol communes with it, although it specifically takes that form because of Carol's memories of Lawson.
      • Similarly, in a deleted scene, Jude Law plays Yon-Rogg and the form said Kree sees in the Supreme Intelligence - an older version of himself.
    • Ben Mendelsohn plays Talos and Fury's boss, whom Talos shapeshifts into. Said boss only appears once when he arrives in front of the Blockbuster store.
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    • Clark Gregg plays Phil Coulson and his Skrull impersonator whom rides with Fury while chasing Carol. The real one was left at the Blockbuster store the whole time.
    • Lashana Lynch plays Maria Rambeau and Talos's comrade Norex who is with Monica to ensure Carol and Maria's "cooperation".
    • Brie Larson plays the eponymous protagonist and Norex who meets Yon-Rogg as a decoy.
  • Acting in the Dark: Marvel Studios were so paranoid about spoilers for Endgame getting out that Brie Larson shot her part of The Stinger alone against a greenscreen, with no idea what her line "Where's Fury?" meant or who it was directed towards.
  • All-Star Cast: Just like the previous Marvel Cinematic Universe films, the Japanese dub sports a very renowned voice cast. What makes the cast different this time, however, is the fact many of the casting choices would not be out of place in a regular Anime series, as many voice actors has previously worked together in other shows in similar roles before (see below): So far, we have Nana Mizuki as the titular heroine, Toshihiko Seki as Talos, Toshiyuki Morikawa as the Star Commander, Yoko Hikasa as Minn-Erva, Satoshi Hino as At-Lass and Hiroki Yasumoto as Bron-Char.
  • Approval of God:
    • Jamie McKelvie, who designed Carol's Captain Marvel suit in the comics, praised the movie costume for closely adhering to his work.
    • Kelly Sue DeConnick, who wrote the run that turned Carol from Ms. Marvel to Captain Marvel (and which most of the movie is based on), also gave her approval and was, in fact, a consultant for the movie. She also has a brief cameo as a commuter in the train station (for those who don't know what she looks like, she's the woman Vers walks past with big black glasses and very red hair).
    • Senator Martha McSally of Arizona, who is the real life first woman to fly combat in the Air Force, reportedly enjoyed the movie.
  • Backed by the Pentagon: Backed by the U.S. Air Force specifically, since Carol used to fly with them. Scenes were shot on-location at Edwards Air Force Base, and Brie Larson met with pilots in preparation for the role.
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  • Banned In China: The film's release in Pakistan was delayed and then cancelled. This was due to the Disney regional office being based in India and it refusing to license it to Pakistani distributors, after relations between the two South Asian rivals became acrimonious following air clashes in Kashmir in February 2019.
  • Billing Displacement: Lee Pace gets the fifth billing, despite Ronan having a very minor role in the plot, bordering on a cameo.
  • Cast the Expert: Kind of - the security guard outside the Blockbuster is Barry Curtis, Marvel's actual head of security.
  • Cowboy BeBop at His Computer:
    • When Brie Larson's casting was announced at Comic-Con, CNN ran the headline "Shazam! Brie Larson is 'Captain Marvel'," apparently not realizing that they were thinking of the wrong Captain Marvel. Hilarious in Hindsight, considering that the other Captain Marvel being referenced in said article is also getting a movie within the same timeframe.
    • One article reported that Captain Marvel's '90s time frame sets it at an earlier time period than any other MCU movie. If the author saw Captain America: The First Avenger, he would've realized the '40s period piece has Captain Marvel beat by about 52 years.
  • Dawson Casting:
    • An older adult variation. Samuel L. Jackson, who was 69 during filming, plays a much younger Nick Fury, with CGI making his face look younger. Fury's date of birth is established in a blink-and-miss moment in The Avengers as being 1951 (three years younger than Jackson himself!), meaning Jackson is playing a man in his forties.
    • Clark Gregg plays Agent Coulson, who in The '90s would be at least a decade younger than his initial appearance in Iron Man back in 2008. Like Jackson, Gregg was digitally de-aged.
  • Defictionalization: Even though the actual Nine Inch Nails shirt that Danvers wears is most likely a bootleg (which to be fair was a cottage industry among the American middle class in the time the film is set), the band did put out an official version of the shirt she wears throughout the film, alongside a "NIN x MARVEL" collab version.
  • Deleted Scene:
    • In the film's second trailer, the Supreme Intelligence assures Carol Danvers that they "made her one of them so she could live longer, stronger, superior". Such phrase is never heard in the actual film.
    • One of the first promotional images revealed was one depicting Yon-Rogg and Ronan the Accuser together in the same location. In the finished film, they just communicate via hologram.
    • According to Jude Law, before Yon-Rogg gets send to search Captain Marvel and the Tesseract, he had an encounter with the Supreme Intelligence. It is present in the Blu-Ray, and shows he sees Supreme Intelligence as an older version of himself.
    • There's an alternate version of the scene with the "smile" biker. Instead of him walking off and Carol taking his bike when he's not looking, he pushes his luck and Carol finally smiles and offers him a handshake, which he accepts...and then she turns it into a Crushing Handshake that sends him to his ground desperately trying to get away and threatens to do worse if he doesn't hand over his bike keys and his jacket (rather than the mannequin as shown in the movie). Presumably, the potential Disproportionate Retribution on display made them choose otherwise out of worry she would appear as a Designated Hero. This wouldn't have been a wrong assessment of the scene, as once it started making the rounds on the internet, many people called it out as being such.
  • Dueling Works:
    • With SHAZAM!, which is based on a superhero originally known also as "Captain Marvel". Interestingly enough, Djimon Hounsou stars in both movies. Shazam got slightly better reviews, but Captain Marvel won the box office battle handily.
    • Another with Dark Phoenix, which is also based on a Marvel superheroine learning about her hidden powers and secrets from past, and both films are period pieces set during the '90s. Dark Phoenix also happens to be the first theatrical X-Men film distributed by Disney after the Disney-Fox merger is completed. Notably, both films have shape-shifting aliens in prominent roles. Dark Phoenix had originally intended on using the Skrulls before changing their race to the D'bari to avoid comparisons to Captain Marvel. Unlike with SHAZAM!, Captain Marvel wound up delivering a Curb-Stomp Battle to Dark Phoenix, outperforming the latter both critically (CM scoring 78% on Rotten Tomatoes; DP scored 23%) and financially (CM grossed $1.128 Billion; DP wound up being a Box Office Bomb, making $252 million on a budget of $350 million, including prints and advertisements).
  • Executive Meddling: The main reason why this movie took so long to get out even after the MCU got rolling - Kevin Feige actually wanted a Captain Marvel movie (and for that matter, Black Panther) much earlier, but was constantly hindered by the notoriously meddlesome Marvel CEO Ike Perlmutter. On top of being notoriously cheap (to the point James Rhodes was recast for Iron Man 2 due to Perlmutter refusing to pay Terrence Howard's salary), he also believed that a movie with a non-white male lead wouldn't sell well (remarks that ring very hollow after the successes of Wonder Woman and Black Panther) and only relented after Feige agreed to make an Inhumans movie.note  However, after Age of Ultron, Feige gave Disney Chairman Alan Horn an ultimatum: if he had to keep working under Perlmutter, then he would quit after Civil War. Horn ultimately sided with Feige and restructured Marvel's film division to be separate from the comics division (meaning that Feige does still answer to Horn, but does not have to answer to Perlmutter; however, Perlmutter still has control over the television department of Marvel).
  • Fake American: British Lashana Lynch portrays the American Maria Rambeau.
  • Fan Nickname: "Dishrektor Krennic" for Talos, as a reference to Ben Mendelsohn's most famous prior role.
  • I Knew It!:
    • Some fans had already predicted the use of Talos in the movie, one of the few named Skrull non-extras who had no significant association with the Fantastic Four and met them only years after his comic debut, in and out of universe.
    • Jude Law playing Yon-Rogg rather than Mar-Vell was a popular fan theory after it was noticed that, despite seemingly being Mar-Vell at first glance, Feige and Law were unwilling to reveal Law's role.
    • Some fans semi-jokingly predicted that Fury will lose his left eye to Goose, whom they suspect isn't a cat at all, but a Flerken. Turns out they were right on both accounts.
  • In Memoriam:
    • The Marvel Studios logo in this film was altered to show a montage of Stan Lee cameos, rather than the usual clips from previous movies, ending on "Thank You Stan". Ironically, Stan had nothing to do with creating Carol Danvers.
    • The credits also contain a dedication to Major Stephen Del Bagno, who served as a technical consultant on the film and who was killed in a training accident in April 2018.
  • Inspiration for the Work: Kevin Feige previously mentioned in an interview that RoboCop (1987) served as the inspiration for an upcoming Marvel movie prior to 2019, although he didn't state which one. With the story of RoboCop being about a person who effectively becomes a stoic superhero after an incident that nearly killed them, transforming into an Amnesiac Hero who rediscovers their humanity as the story progresses, Captain Marvel most closely resembles that story.
  • Meaningful Release Date:
    • The film was released in some countries on March 8, 2019, International Women's Day.
    • The first trailer was released on September 18, 2018, the anniversary of the founding of the US Air Force.
  • Missing Trailer Scene: The shots of Carol getting her Kree blood transfusion are not in the final movie.
  • Name's the Same:
  • Never Work with Children or Animals: Brie Larson is highly allergic to cats so scenes that involved both Carol and Goose had to be achieved with CGI stand-ins, puppet cats and editing.
  • Playing Against Type: Ben Mendelsohn. Initially Talos is set up as a snide villain, as Mendelsohn is generally known for playing, but he is eventually revealed to be a much more heroic character. Talos is also a competent, badass character, while many of Mendelsohn's villains are Small Name, Big Ego types.
  • Production Posse: A few of note:
    • Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck previously worked with (and discovered) Algenis Perez-Soto, who plays Att-Lass, in the basketball drama Sugar.
    • Boden and Fleck also previously worked with Ben Mendelsohn in Mississippi Grind.
    • This film is the third collaboration between Brie Larson and Samuel L. Jackson, who previously acted together in Kong: Skull Island and Unicorn Store, which Larson also directed.
  • Quote Source: This movie provides the page quotes for:
  • Real-Life Relative:
    • Monica Rambeau as 11 and 5 year olds are portrayed by sisters Akira and Azari Akbar, respectively.
    • Luis Daniel Ramírez, the voice of Yon-Rogg in the Latin American Spanish dub, is the uncle of Jessica Ángeles (Carol's Latin American Spanish VA).
  • Reality Subtext: Carol got her Super Hero Origin in 1989, the same year Brie Larson was born.
  • Relationship Voice Actor: As mentioned above, the Japanese dub has plenty of them. What makes the dub cast interesting this time is the fact many of them are alumni from many animated adaptations either from the Shonen Jump magazine or the Mecha genre:
  • Spoiled by the Merchandise:
    • Despite Marvel Studios' attempts to keep it a secret, Jude Law's role was revealed through a leak of the Captain Marvel POP! Vinyl line. He's playing Yon-Rogg, not Mar-Vell as was previously believed. Further confirmed to be a spoiler by the fact that the official Funko site lists the figure as "Kree Military Star Commander", with the rest of the packaging, and the rest of the line, unchanged from the leaks.
    • Goose being a terrifying alien is apparent from the Nick Fury figure in the Marvel Legends line, which has alien eyes and is in high-tech restraints, making it clear that she's no ordinary kitty. Also, about a month before the release of the movie, plush toys revealed that Goose is a Flerken.
  • Star-Making Role: Brie Larson. She had already won an Oscar for Room, but despite the buzz from that, she was still hardly a household name before she landed the role of Carol Danvers.
  • Throw It In!: According to the directors, the joke in the Alien Autopsy scene where Fury peeks at the Skrull's genitals was improvised by Samuel L. Jackson.
  • Trolling Creator:
    • Samuel L. Jackson was so sick of being asked for inside information about the MCU by this point that he made up a fake spoiler about Carol being able to time travel, only revealing the ruse the week of the film's release.
    • Robert Downey Jr. would neither confirm nor deny "rumors" of Tony Stark appearing in this film. Tony doesn't show up at all.
  • What Could Have Been: Enough for its own page.
  • Word of God: On the obvious question of why Fury didn't page Carol for the likes of the Chitauri invasion or the war with Ultron, Kevin Feige simply stated "Who says he didn't?" Her next appearance backs this up as Carol says she’s been extraordinarily busy looking after a bunch of planets who don’t have the likes of the Avengers protecting them.
  • Word of Saint Paul: According to senior visual development artist Jackson Sze, Fury was inspired by Talos's outfit and modeled his iconic trench coat after Talos's, in "a little bit of design reverse engineering".
  • Working Title: Open World and Warbird, the latter being another alias Carol Danvers went by in the comics.


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