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  • Ash Can Copy: Captain Mar-Vell in various forms has never been the best-seller of Marvel Comics at its height but titles are published every so often just so they can hold on to Captain Marvel as a brand and prevent DC from giving Shazam his name back.
  • Dueling Works: Peter David's run on the series was this with Bill Jemas's Marville and Ron Zimmerman's Ultimate Adventures, all 3 series having been created as a result of a bet in a contest called "U-Decide". To say that Peter David's run was the winner (both critically and commercially) would be an understatement - Ultimate Adventures ultimately wound up suffering from Schedule Slip, and was ultimately forgotten, whereas Marville is widely considered to be one of the worst comics of all time. David's run also outlasted both, going on for 25 issues (whereas the other 2 series only lasted for 6 issuesnote ).
  • What Could Have Been: When Mar-Vell first appeared he wore a white and green costume with a finned helmet that vaguely resembled that of a gladiator. The white and green color combo was one of a couple of test color schemes by the artist, the preferred one being made up of primary colors, but Stan Lee chose the white and green color scheme after looking them over, presumably to help differentiate Mar-Vell from all the other Marvel superheroes who were running around in primary color schemed costumes. Some fans liked it but the artists themselves never did so when the chance came to make a new one they made sure that it would be red and blue.
    • For that matter, Stan Lee and their team might've come up with something rather different had they known they had a full five years before DC and Fawcett would get their acts together and revive *their* Captain Marvel.

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