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When a character's costume doesn't include underclothes; their bra, panties, or both, seem to be AWOL. They're usually female, but the trope isn't gender exclusive. The outer clothing may be made from a translucent material (with strategically placed lace or tape for modesty), feature a window to show off some Absolute Cleavage or Underboobs, or may be something backless, but whatever the case, it's obvious that the outside costume is all that the person is wearing. If she's wearing any underclothes at all, they must be made of air - or, should we say, Vapor Wear.

Of course this is often Truth in Television, perhaps as a way of being daring or flaunting convention. Today, it's common among celebrities and in runway fashion. During the 1970's the look was even a part of mainstream street fashion (the more obvious a woman's lack of a bra was, the better).


Vapor Wear is the default dress code for The Vamp and the Femme Fatale, whose personality traits match up well with the need to not waste any time removing her knickers, and who (if seen in something less vampy) will specifically mention the lack of underwear, which can present even an ordinary outfit as something interesting or unusual. As such, it is frequently a significant factor in the Theiss Titillation Theory. A similar trope applies to succubi, the female Horny Devils (with the exception of one popular succubus who tend to avert or even invert this trope).

This trope can also apply to male characters, but rarely does, because nipple nubs tend to be more socially acceptable than a certain bulge. If something should be there but isn't, it's probably thanks to Barbie Doll Anatomy (common in most forms of animation), as well as a sign you might be overthinking things.


The trope is common in Science Fiction and Fantasy, regardless of the medium, perhaps because it's easier to insert fetishes in an invented world than in the real world. It is also common in Historical Fiction (but more often than not this is not historically correct — most people did wear underwear even in ancient times, though it may not have looked like what is worn today).

This is occasionally known as "itenai" (a shortened form of 履いてない: "haitenai", which means "not wearing (over legs/hips)") in Japan, especially when the question "is she or isn't she wearing them" is left deliberately ambiguous.

Since the 1990's the trope is quite commonly inverted, with people wearing skimpy or see-through clothing to show off the undergarments beneath. Interestingly enough, the effect is more or less the same as playing the trope straight: titillation by showing what is not supposed to be seen.

Not to be confused with Censor Steam, Vaporware, or Vaporwave, nor with the similarly named Real Life clothing company that, alas, bears absolutely no relation to this trope. For a more generalized version see Going Commando (which means just not wearing underwear, without necessarily being obvious about it).


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  • There was a commercial once showing a pretty girl standing on a busy street wearing a tartan skirt. She turns to the camera and says cheerfully: "No, I'm not wearing any." Referring, of course, to the famous vapor wear of the Scottish people.
  • That sounds very much like a commercial in which the girl says "Do you want to see what's under my kilt?" The ad was for tartan patterned sanitary napkins.
  • The female reporter in this Diet Rite commercial isn't wearing a bra, as shown by how her breasts are bouncing up and down.

    Anime & Manga 
  • Mostly good guy version: Anko Mitarashi of Naruto wears only a jacket over a combination of fish net stocking and chain mail. (And a skirt.)
  • Kotoko-01 in Divergence Eve, in both seasons, she definitely dosen't wear panties underneath her piloting suits.
  • Lust in Fullmetal Alchemist.
  • Yura of the Hair from InuYasha. Of course, bras didn't exist back then, but they didn't dress like that either.
  • Princess Kraehe from Princess Tutu. There's also Mytho, who has this quirky little habit of not only forgetting to wear pants, but apparently also underwear.
  • Bleach has this a lot.
  • Rosario + Vampire: As shown in one chapter and stated in an end-of-volume 4Koma, Nekonome-Sensei doesn’t wear a bra over her rather ample chest.
  • One Piece
    • Kalifa, Iceberg's secretary and an agent of the CP9.
    • Nico Robin is probably most guilty of this among the Straw Hat Pirates. Though the true masters of this trope are the Kuja Pirates. One in particular, Rindo, has the same unzipped leather jacket mentioned in the Tokkô example below.
    • Subverted with Tashigi after the Time Skip. Due to a "Freaky Friday" Flip with Smoker, it looks like she doesn't wear a bra under her shirt because Smoker has a habit to wear his jackets openly and without an undershirt, that's why he has an Absolute Cleavage all time he spends in her body. However, a fan asked Word of God if she really doesn't wear a bra, so Oda asks Smoker if it's true. Smoker answered he ripped it off.
  • The girls of Ultimate Girls may fit this trope — seconds after expanding to 100 foot tall, their skintight spandex uniforms begin to disintegrate. This wouldn't be so bad, except said skintight spandex uniforms are all they are wearing. Not to worry, however, they use the feeling of humiliation at being seen naked by millions as a moe power source.
  • Precia Testarossa in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha goes with this and Absolute Cleavage.
  • In her mindscape battle with Evangeline during the Mahora Festival Tournament Arc of Mahou Sensei Negima!, Setsuna is shown wearing the clothes of the bird tribe which doesn't come with a bra. This is for practical reasons, as a bra would get in the way of her wings.
  • Some shots in Code Geass, especially the first R2 ED, strongly suggest that Kallen goes commando, though we do see that she does occasionally wear panties. Not a bra, though (at least, not all the time).
    • Knight of Twelve Monica Kruszewski has the same implication, since both her dress uniform and pilot suit both show enough leg to make the existence of her underwear highly suspect.
  • Yumiko in Yoku Wakaru Gendai Mahou has gone running around without panties twice. The first time was some unspecified number of years in the past where she threw them at a group of boys who were teasing her about it and then found herself on the run without them later. The second time, they were stolen by a daemon and she went running around without them.
  • Queen's Blade:
    • Nowa, a forest elf, never wears any panties at all, to the surprise of Leina. She's totally comfortable with it, too.
    • Her fellow elves don't even bother with underwear. Alleyne only has leaves under her skirt, and Echidna has her snake as her underwear.
    • Cattleya, a well-endowed Gentle Amazonian Giant and mom, wears an outfit that resembles an apron... and nothing else underneath.
  • Yuuma from Magical Pokaan accidentally defeats K-ko in episode 1 when this, along with the Chunky Updraft from her spellcasting effect, causes a rocket-powered Nosebleed. The same thing happens in episode 11, but this time on live television.
  • Urabe Mikoto, from the Mysterious Girlfriend X manga, shares a sort of psychic "bond" with the male protagonist that lets them share emotions (and memories, to some extent) with one another by tasting each other's drool. For real. When some other guy asked her out, she tried to test it on him, but nothing happens. Then, she went with the protagonist (worried at the moment that she might actually switch to the other, "cooler" guy) and uses their bond, whereupon he immediately gets aroused without knowing why. Then, she pulls a pair of panties from her schoolbag, revealing that these were the ones she was going to use that day, and she was, in fact, wearing nothing under her uniform skirt. And it's not the weirdest thing she has done, either.
  • Mizuki from No Bra. Despite what the title may suggest, she seems to be the only one.
  • The leotard Miu wears in Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple. Her nipples are more defined while wearing this than if she were naked.
    • When Silcardo Jenezad obtains his disciple Bulu, it appears as if she wears nothing from the waist down except for the bottom section of a tunic. Once the inevitable Clothing Damage starts to pile up, we see her rear end is indeed completely bare.
  • Black Butler II: Episode 6 reveals that, underneath her usual maid outfit, Hannah doesn't wear underwear, only a corset and a see through slip. Probably a case of Go-Go Enslavement, though.
  • Honey Kisaragi is often revealed, via Clothing Damage and Wardrobe Malfunctions, to not wear a bra (though she definitely wears panties, at least most of the time). As of Cutey Honey, her Absolute Cleavage makes this obvious all the time.
  • Ghost In The Shell Standalone Complex. In "ANGELS' SHARE", Kusanagi is in London, wearing a trenchcoat as opposed to her usual Stripperiffic battle teddy, when she has to lure a police Special Weapons officer into an alley so she can steal his uniform. She keeps the trenchcoat, but the exposed cleavage shows she's removed everything beneath it.
  • In SHUFFLE! (both the anime and the VN), Primula at first has no idea she's supposed to wear something under her shirt. Rin finds this out when the clothes get wet in Sexy Soaked Shirt fashion.
  • As Fairy Tail has gone on, it has become increasingly apparent that none of the women wear bras and that at least Erza and Juvia may not normally wear anything underneath their heavier clothing if Clothing Damage is any indication.
  • Yuka from Kemonozume never seems to wear a bra, but her breasts are small enough for her to get away with it.
  • Maicchingu Machiko Sensei has almost every Fanservice you can name. Whether or not she is wearing a bra varies from episode to episode. We can usually tell by the time her clothes are torn away.
  • Kureha from Tokkô walks around bra-less and shirtless with only an unzipped leather jacket covering her. Sakura also doesn't appear to wear a bra under her tank-top.
  • Eriko from Dragon Crisis! goes bra-less sometimes - in particular, her dress from episode 6.
  • The Yuurei Shoujo from Gate Keepers 21 wears a transparent dress, scarf, and nothing else.
  • Ranma ½: Ranma Saotome, being a guy half the time, never wears bras when he's in his female form. All the male students at his high school love it, I assure you.
  • Saki:
    • The show in general has a strange tendency to have characters in very short skirts and to routinely show them at angles that logically should show a panty shot, but perhaps for reasons of modesty never actually shows any panties. Going Commando jokes are far and wide popular in the fandom and indeed Canon for a few characters.
    • Saki Achiga-hen: Shizuno wears a (zipped) jacket, shoes, and nothing else. She's flat enough not to need a bra at least...
  • Question Fairy, a Japanese animation created by the Japanese government to teach kindergarten children what they needed to bring to their first day of school. Some.... fans pointed out she can't possibly be wearing underwear. This is one of the reasons the Japanese government abandoned the project. See it here.
  • When the characters of Seitokai no Ichizon each attempt to write a novel about their "adventures", Ken simply writes a parade of Harem Genre tropes. This culminates in Mafuyu tripping, then admitting that she's not wearing panties.
  • In Gun Frontier, every time Sinunora loses her pink dress, she has no bra nor panties.
  • The titular character of Puella Magi Kazumi Magica has this going on. She does wear underwear in her civilian outfit, so apparently she loses it in her Transformation Sequence.
    • Sayaka from the main series doesn't seem to wear anything under her puella magi uniform, either. Not so obvious in the anime, but more obvious from certain shots in the film.
  • Mikan from Rising × Rydeen clearly doesn't wear a bra under her Sailor Fuku as the top is open from the collar down and shows off a bit of Under Boobs.
  • While Merlin from The Seven Deadly Sins wears a Badass Long Coat, she very clearly doesn't wear a bra what with her coat being open.
  • Tsugumi from M3: The Dark Metal wears a white nightgown. A long rip on the lower part of it and a strong wind in later chapters show us that it's the only thing she wears.
  • Jessie in Pokémon, though by way of an animation error. Gardenia, the Eterna City gym leader from the Sinnoh region, was also subject to this, again by way of animation error.
  • Cross Ange has a lot of this with the main character if not almost every female character in the show. Justified because the characters go through a body cavity search where their bra's and underwear are ripped off with them only wearing thongs in their combat suit and not much else.
  • Sailor Moon has the Amazon Quartet wear little beneath their stripperiffic outfits. Bes-Bes and Cere-Cere wear bikinis, and Para-Para a leotard. And Jun-Jun's low-riding pants prove that she isn't wearing underpants. This actually resulted in the Japanese anime adding color-coded leggings to make them a little more dressed.
  • The Gods of Destruction in Dragon Ball Super wear pants, but no underwear, as seen with the ones with tails, such as Beerus and Champa. Though, even when the camera's in a position where you should very clearly see their ass cracks, they aren't visible.
  • Axis Powers Hetalia: Moldova is a male example, and often only wears his patchy, oversized and shabby Badass Longcoat, likely due to his Perpetual Poverty. During the Hetalia Hetaween 2013 event, he asks for underwear instead after he's already gotten candy.
  • Heaven's Lost Property: All of the angeloid's uniforms lack bras. There is a scene where Nymph protests against ever wearing any kind of underwear, followed by the protagonist stating that he now sees why she's beautiful. Yeah, now he can really see everything...
  • In KonoSuba, Aqua does not wear panties underneath her dress, which is evidently shown.
  • Ilulu from Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid doesn't wear a bra, instead opting for adhesive bandages over her nipples. It's justified, since her Gag Boobs make it impossible for her to find a bra that would fit, and she isn't skilled enough in transformation magic to form her own.

    Comic Books 
  • Empowered wears a skin tight super suit that gives her super strength and super toughness. Unfortunately the suit itself is about as tough as tissue paper, though it retains its power as long as some of the membrane remains intact. She can't wear anything over or under the outfit because anything touching the suit kills its powers and even a thong would be horribly obvious. Her lack of visible attributes while wearing the suit is a running gag because otherwise the suit makes her look "more naked than naked" in the words of creator Adam Warren who also says he'll never actually tell us how Emp gets around that problem.
  • The Engineer from The Authority. Her "outfit" was created when her nanomachines came out and covered her skin. Earlier issues showed how form-fitting it was quite clearly. If, for whatever reason, her nanomachines malfunctioned, well, they get reabsorbed into her body leaving nothing behind. Picture of a cover with her on it here. The Engineer straight up admits to being an exhibitionist when challenged on why she doesn't wear anything over it.
  • At least one Marvel artist draws the Scarlet Witch in outfits that make it clear she can not be wearing any panties. Said artist stated Wanda goes commando, and insisted there is no canon artwork of her that shows her wearing panties.
  • In Spider-Man, Joystick doesn't wear underwear under her costume.
  • Girl One, a police officer from Top 10, surprises her partner by revealing that she's not wearing a funky color-shifting outfit — she can change her pigmentation expertly at will and uses it to simulate the appearance of clothing while she's really naked. Later, she punches out her superior officer Caesar without any warning, because she found out that dogs are color blind (he's an intelligent dog in a mecha suit — it's that kind of series) and, thus, he's seen her naked all the time without saying anything. It Makes Sense in Context when you realize the true horror of Girl One: She's not a nudist or exhibitionist. She's an artificial human created by 2 horny geeks based on video game heroine and fanservice tropes, who programmed her with a compulsion to never wear clothing but not an Innocent Fanservice Girl mentality. When asked by her partner why she doesn't wear clothes, she says she's more comfortable without, and it's not like anyone can tell the difference, but when she found out her boss was aware — no one else is outside of her partner — she assumed he was getting his jollies from looking at her. He explains later that he's a dog, and she's a human, and thus she's about as interesting to him as a random poodle is to her. And then he married a human prostitute and adopted an Anubis-like dog-headed human girl. It's that kind of series. This is later subverted when Girl One dies, and her replacement, Girl Two, has an early and unfortunate run-in with some would-be rapists. Girl Two promptly begins dressing conservatively, and changes careers from cop to lawyer.
  • Cobweb from Tomorrow Stories, oh so very much.
  • In one Justice League of America story, after Black Canary defeats Giganta, she goes, "If you insist on wearing a skirt into battle, put on some underpants, or at least learn to sit like a lady." Seanbaby pointed out the same thing, albeit more crudely.
    Bystander: Son, I wanted you to learn about the female body; I just wish your first sight of it wasn't twenty feet wide.
  • Gotham City Sirens makes it very clear that Catwoman cannot be wearing a bra underneath her Spy Catsuit. It's possible that Catwoman does not wear any underwear in other stories.
  • In Gemini Storm has Elizabeth Rose, whose clothes are all strapless and we can see she doesn't wear a bra underneath.
  • The cleavage window in Power Girl's leotard is almost always drawn in a way that would make it impossible for her to be wearing a bra underneath. Although being a Kryptonian, the functionality of a bra for her is questionable. And sometimes even drawn so wide that it seems she has no nipples, either.
  • In The Intimates, Destra doesn't wear a bra — or, for that matter, a shirt. She's got a little sheer cape draped over her shoulders that barely covers her up (and is probably held in place by double-stick tape), but it's, you know, sheer. Her nipples don't seem to exist in the comic, but artist Giuseppe Camuncoli did a few sketches where they're plainly and completely visible.
  • In Nancy In Hell, cheerleader Nancy was not wearing underwear to distract her quarterback boyfriend while she was alive.
  • Alana from Saga clearly has nothing under the poncho-like jacket she wears, but it's justified since she's nursing her newborn daughter and needs access at a moment's notice.
  • Sonya Savage from Danger Girl wears skintight snakeskin trousers with lacing up the side that reveals that she cannot be wearing anything under them.
  • It's popular fanon that Cyclone, of the Justice Society of America, doesn't wear anything under her dress. The artists seem to play along, because despite her garments flying up in her self-generated winds, there's never been any artistic evidence to the contrary.
  • Kate Bishop, a.k.a Hawkeye does not wear any underwear underneath the costume.
  • In her first appearance as She-Hulk, Jennifer Walters does not wear any underwear under her torn dress.
  • The same case of Kate Bishop applies to Kimura.
  • Red Robin villain the Wanderer is definitely not wearing a bra under her very revealing outfit. For one thing any style of such an article of clothing would cover more of her breasts than what she uses as a shirt. It's indicated but never specified that she's not wearing anything under her shorts either.
  • Red Sonja
    • In the Unchained miniseries, she is not wearing any underwear underneath the cursed skin dress throughout the story! This is highlighted during the story because her armor is damaged.
    • Depending on the Artist, there may be nothing under the bottom of the armor, in other words, nothing covering her intimate parts, as we can see here.
  • The Superman's villain Anguish can not be left out of this trope.
  • In X-Factor Vol 1 212 published in 2010, Hela wears a dress that makes it clear she is not wearing any underwear.
  • In some of her outfits, Satana Hellstrom wears a catsuit with a large side opening that exposes the waist and hip.
  • In Belladonna, the protagonist Belladonna is not wearing any underwear under her short miniskirt.
  • In Megalex, the protagonist Adamâ is not wearing any underwear under her outfit.
  • Marvel has a character called Cloud whose costume is literally vapor. S/he can manifest as either a male or a female and maintains strategically-placed wisps as needed for either form.
  • Mike Deodato's art on Wonder Woman (1987) makes it clear the Amazons don't wear any undergarments. This is especially visible in "The Contest" as most of the characters are scantly clad Amazons, who are generally less covered than they would be in lingerie.

  • The braless look became popular in the late 1960s and remained quite common in mainstream fashion until the mid 1980s, though not quite as common or blatant as some media depictions would let you believe.
  • The ancient Egyptians were infamous among the Greeks and Romans for their immodest fashions. At least some clothes were made of linen so thin it was almost completely transparent. If anything was worn underneathnote  it was probably transparent as well.
  • The ancient Spartans considered it a sign of weakness to wear more than one garment at a time. While the other Greeks of the time had no objection to male nudity, even they were scandalized by the Spartan fashion for teenage girls: a dress that was open in one side, only held together at the shoulder, and worn without any underwear, leading to inevitable exposure when the girls were running.
  • In 2014, a number of celebrities wore see-through shirts which showed off their nipples at various events. This was a part of the "Free the Nipple" movement; a protest against the censorship rules of social media (which tend to remove any images that show even a hint of female nipple). Others who didn't want to go quite that far wore shirts or bras with nipple prints which made them look like they were topless; actress Rumer Willis made the headlines for wearing such a shirt with three nipples.
  • Runway models tend to avoid undergarments that may show through clothes and ruin the lines (unless the designer intends that the underwear show through, of course). Their lack of bras is often quite obvious.

    Films — Animation 
  • Jessica Rabbit in Who Framed Roger Rabbit. She was given panties in the DVD release, sorry to say, though she's still obviously going bra-less.
  • In Fritz the Cat, Bertha and Harriet both wear no underwear and short skirts that ride up in the back, so their butts are basically visible all the time. Oh, and Harriet's breasts are hanging out of her top during the entire first scene she appears in.
  • In A Goofy Movie, Goofy has to take a photograph of a little girl who just simply can't stand or sit still. Pete solves the problem by slapping velcro tape on her butt and planting her on the ground. Immediately after Goofy is done taking the photo, she manages to escape — by simply leaving her nappy behind.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • The 1991 romantic comedy Career Opportunities is livened up somewhat by having busty Jennifer Connelly spend the whole movie wearing a white tank top with nothing underneath.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End: After an Extended Disarming sequence in the third movie while in Singapore, Swann is left wearing only a shirt. One of the fellow pirates, who is hiding under the floorboards, gets a peep up her dress and informs his friend. During the interval, however, Swann has moved forward, resulting in the other guy getting an eyeful of the privates of one of Sao Feng's male group. Unlike Elizabeth's "corset", this is a rare bit of authenticity: panties hadn't really been invented yet and very few women wore anything between their undersides and their clothes but a "shift" (the garment Elizabeth spends most of the first film in).
  • James Bond
  • The writer's wife in A Clockwork Orange who Alex rapes isn't wearing a bra or panties under her jumpsuit.
  • Sharon Stone in an oft-parodied scene from Basic Instinct.
  • Rene Russo in The Thomas Crown Affair (1999) goes to a ball wearing a very see-through black dress.
  • Black Mama, White Mama: For most of the movie, escaped convict/revolutionary Karen wears the only clothes issued to her by the prison: a T-shirt and panties. It is quite obvious that her uniform doesn't include a bra. About halfway through the movie she uses her panties to create a false track (she and her co-protagonist Lee are being tracked by dogs) leaving her wearing only the T-shirt (it's just long enough to preserve some sort of modesty).
  • Star Wars:
    • Carrie Fisher didn't wear a bra in A New Hope, which isn't noticeable... until she gets wet. According to her, George Lucas decreed that bras didn't exist in space, so for running scenes, she was protected from bouncing via duct tape.
    • She also confirmed that the gold bikini wasn't exactly good at covering anything. (In one interview, she said that Jabba's puppeteers were perverts and liked standing above and behind her for some reason).
    • Similarly, Leia's mother has a scene in Attack of the Clones that confirms that 1) Amidala didn't wear a bra either, and 2) Tatooine can be surprisingly cold.
    • The actress playing Jabba the Hutt's dancing girl, Oola, in Return of the Jedi is wearing a costume that basically amounts to black fishnet and body paint. This is exceptionally visible when she is struggling against her chains, and visibly "falls out" for a split second.
  • Comes up in Shock Treatment, when Janet's parents are upset by her new outfit.
    Mr. Weiss: She's practically naked in that thing!
    Janet: Well I can't wear anything under it, Daddy, it would spoil the lines.
  • The Mike Myers vehicle The Love Guru parodies the Real Life examples below with the titular Guru caught by the paparazzi getting out of a limo without underoos.
  • Avatar: there's an occasional glimpse of Neytiri's nipples because her "tops" tend to be nothing but a bunch of strings.
  • Pretty much everything Milla Jovovich wears in The Fifth Element, much to her protector and acolytes' collective chagrin.
  • The very silly 1960's beach party movie The Girl in the Invisible Bikini. Yes, the bikini was invisible, but everything the bikini covered was invisible too.
  • In Sex and the City 2, Charlotte's nanny, Erin (Alice Eve), never wears a bra, making Charlotte jealous.
  • The alternate title of the 1968 British-French film The Girl on a Motorcycle is Naked Under Leather.
  • Alisa's red dress in the Night Watch. Also, the black dress she wears on stage in the first movie. There is no possible way she's wearing panties under that.
  • Faith's chain-link concert dress in Strange Days. Very clearly not wearing a bra. Barely wearing a dress.
  • In The Mummy (1999), Imhotep's lover appears to be wearing a long gown when she secretly meets him - but then he touches her shoulder, smearing the body paint which is all she has on.
  • In The Little Devil, Nina doesn't wear panties under her dress. Not only that, she lifts it up, due to the summer heat as she says. The viewer doesn't see anything, though, as they only see her either from behind or from the waist up, but little devil Giuditta (and everyone else around him) does. In fact, Nina was sent from Hell to seduce Giuditta and take him back home.
  • Judy Garland in Easter Parade seems to not be wearing a single bra through the whole film.
  • Joy Ride: Leelee Sobieski in numerous scenes.
  • Eight Legged Freaks: In a short scene by Scarlett Johansson.
  • The female residents of the City in Logan's Run wore costumes that were little impractical wisps of nothing. The costuming department reportedly had to sew these garments together around the women, as they had no buttons or zippers.
  • In one infamous scene in Coffy, Pam Grier's character wears a dress with a slit up the side that makes it clear she isn't wearing any panties. The scene evolves into a Cat Fight where all the women end up with Clothing Damage that shows that none of them is wearing a bra.
  • American Hustle is set in the 1970's, and con woman Sydney (played by Amy Adams) wears dresses accurate to the era — which means Absolute Cleavage and Vapor Wear for most of the movie (including the poster!) Amy Adams said that such a wardrobe required a lot of courage to pull off. Jennifer Lawrence also participates in this trope, to a lesser degree.
  • In Fair Game (1986), Cassandra Delaney's character wears a dress without a bra or panties to keep cool in the heat. Later she goes naked beneath a tight spandex jumpsuit.
  • The Five Wives in Mad Max: Fury Road wear strips of gauzy cloth and nothing else, seeing as they're sex-slaves for The Big Bad Immortan Joe who were locked up in a Gilded Cage until escaping. The actors are emphatic that wearing next to nothing was ridiculously uncomfortable in the desert.
  • In Hannie Caulder, after the title character is raped she pulls on a poncho, and eventually gets a pair of pants, but (as far as we can see) never wears a shirt, or anything else, under the poncho.
  • Prime Cut: Poppy wears a transparent green dress without a bra or panties.
  • The late Annie Brackett in Halloween (1978) didn't wear a bra.
  • Lacey Underall in Caddyshack never wears a bra.
  • This is standard for Loincloth-wearing characters in film like Tarzan. However, in Tarzan and His Mate, Jane, played by Maureen O'Sullivan, wears a loincloth with nothing underneath, too, and it sometimes reveals more than it should.
  • In Taxi 2, Petra is kidnapped by the Yakuza while sitting on the potty with her panties around her ankles. Since they pull her up from the loo, she accidentally drops them and leaves them behind. In the theatrical release, she remains without panties for most of the film including a fighting scene which reveals her actress' uncovered crotch during a high kick for a split-second. For the home video release, pink panties were added since, unlike a cinema, a DVD allows for freeze-frames.
  • During the famous "Unchained Melody" scene in Ghost, Demi Moore wears a large sweater — and nothing under it. There is at least one shot from the side that reveals the outlines of her pubic hair.
  • An early scene with Madonna as Breathless Mahoney in Dick Tracy shows her in her backstage room, wearing not much more than a sheer negligé under which her breasts are easily visible. But then again, this is Madonna.
  • Scrooged:
    • The dancers wear costumes that make it absolutely impossible to wear bras. A Moral Guardian on the set complains that one of the dancers almost reveals one of her nipples. Frank replies that Charles Dickens would have wanted to see her nipple.
    • The Christmas 1968 scene implies that Claire is naked under her large knit dress.
  • In The MCU, Scarlett Johansson has said that Black Widow's Spy Catsuit is so tight, she can't wear underwear beneath it.
  • In a related male version, Andrew Garfield said the same thing about Spider-Man's suit in The Amazing Spider-Man series.
  • The maids in Young Lady Chatterley II wear stockings and suspenders but no other underwear beneath their uniforms.

  • A Song of Ice and Fire: Lady Nym wears a very translucent garment to a feast. It makes some guests very uncomfortable, but as someone who knows her notices, it's actually safer: usually she has half a dozen concealed weapons in her clothes.
  • In Philip Kerr's SF novel The Second Angel, a woman named Veronica (a major character) wears a long lambskin coat, but no underwear, even though the Earth has become arctic, due to the melting of the icecaps. This takes Fanservice to the point of near suicide.
  • Done by Craye Sawtelle, the Evil Sorcereess of "The Spring", one of the Silver John stories by Manly Wade Wellman:
    "She winnowed close then. I made out that she didn't have on air stitch under her silky dress. She was proudly made, and well she knew it. She stood so close she near about touched me."
  • Piers Anthony is in a polygamous marriage with this trope and Panty Shot, and they recur regularly, separately or in the same paragraph, throughout all his series.
    • In On a Pale Horse, when Death meets Nature, she is wearing a dress made out of fog. In every other book in the Incarnations of Immortality series, she wears a dress made of leaves.
    • In the Xanth novel The Color of Her Panties, The Quest is to determine the color of a certain female character's panties. It's an unanswerable question for two reasons: first, the magic of Xanth means that any man who sees a woman's undies will freak out, and second, the woman in question is a mermaid. She eventually does get her panties — in plaid.
  • Kiss Me, Deadly opens with Private Detective Mike Hammer picking up a female hitchhiker in a belted trenchcoat. He doesn't realise she's got nothing else on until she slips his hand underneath it to encourage him to get her past a police roadblock.
  • Invoked and used for nefarious purposes in Turn Coat of The Dresden Files. Harry has just finished talking to another private investigator who has been tailing him. The other PI is a decent fella, so he backs off the case when Harry tells him lives are in danger if he keeps it up. However, he doesn't tell Harry who hired him because he's got integrity. He reports this to his apprentice, barely-legal Molly Carpenter, who decides to go ask him (ostensibly for a "job reference")... but not before taking off her bra and cooling her chest for maximum effect. Poor guy never stood a chance.
  • Conversed in the book Dork Diaries by Nikki in her diary. She points out about the habit of some celebutante/actresses of 'continuously forgetting to wear their underwears'.
  • J.T. Edson's descriptions of his heroines often mention that it is clear that they are not wearing anything under their clothes. This is usually a sure sign their clothes are going to be shredded in a Catfight.
  • In the fourth Claudine book, Claudine and Anne (set around the 1900s), Anne is on holiday with someone who often wears very skimpy clothes. One day this friend comes down to the beach in a very decent, very opaque dress. Anne compliments her on her modesty, and she explains that she had to wear something so opaque as she doesn't have a stitch of clothing on underneath.
  • Inverted in Eveless Eden by Marianne Wiggins. The protagonist is a foreign correspondent who meets his Love Interest (a photojournalist) when she's hauled in by two soldiers who insist on searching her, having seen her taking photographs of something she shouldn't. She refuses on the grounds that she's naked under her raincoat, but allows the protagonist to search her instead; he discovers she's loaded with cameras and film, but backs up her story.
  • Lampshaded by Drake in Margin Play when he identifies the woman who comes to Hansen's house as a call girl (through binoculars) because "Ladies remember to wear their underwear". Amber takes a look and concurs; the fabric of the dress is so thin and clingy that any type of panty, even a thong, would show if it was there.
  • Part of the fantasy of the "zipless fuck" in Fear of Flying. "Underwear blows apart like dandelion fluff," and clothes don't get in the way of raw passion.
  • In the Domino Lady stories, much description is lavished on how Domino Lady's sheer white gown clings to her body with nothing underneath it.
  • In The Wheel of Time:
    • Graendal, the most shamelessly hedonistic of the Forsaken, usually wears nothing but misty, translucent dresses that lighten and darken with her mood. The beautiful people she collects and reduces to empty shells have the same dress code, not that they are aware of it.
    • The female Big Bads in The Wheel of Time are partial to wearing gowns of "streith", which is basically mood cloth. Under certain conditions, it becomes transparent or smoky, showing that they don't bother with underwear, and making this "vapor wear" of the most literal variety.
    • Most of the Seanchan empire's slaves are only permitted sheer white robes that don't conceal much of anything. This is in part for their owners' enjoyment, particularly in the case of trained dancers, and in part to drive home their total lack of status.
  • In A Brother's Price, Jerin balks when the royal tailors tell him he must wear his new trousers without underwear; they're deliberately made to show off his, er, assets, and won't fit snugly enough unless he's going commando. He reluctantly gives in, despite saying he both feels and looks naked.
  • This happens to Mercy Thompson occasionally. There have been moments where she is forced get a quick change of clothes without any bra or panties since she was likely forced to leave her own clothes behind after shape shifting, usually in situations where her life was endangered.
    • One example in Iron Kissed. After taking a shower at Adam's house, Mercy needed a change of clothes as she left her own behind on the road after shifting to her coyote form to escape a monster fae. She borrows Jesse's clothes, which happen to be smaller and more form fitting. When Mercy puts on the shirt with her own skin still damp and with no bra, her breasts soak right through. In Mercy's own words she looked "like a refugee from a wet T-shirt contest."
    • Another example is in Bone Crossed. Mercy shifted to her coyote form to snag a bag from a snow elf, leaving her dress and underwear behind in a crowded bar. Uncle Mike was able to retrieve Mercy’s dress for her, but her bra and panties were lost somewhere. Mercy just wore the dress without the underwear, satisfied she at least wasn't naked.
  • The Belgariad: Nyissan women wear shear, see-through gowns (deeply embarrassing Durnik).
  • The Trouble With Bubbles, by Philip K. Dick, has a 'sideglance' robe. It's invisible out of the corner of your eye, but appears opaque when you look at it directly.
  • The One Who Eats Monsters: While clothes shopping, Naomi is surprised when Ryn mentions that she never wears any kind of underwear. Of course, Ryn is an immortal monster far older than the concept of clothing and no experience with humans, so it's not surprising that she neither knows nor cares about underwear. Even her "normal" clothing is actually a part of her, a hair-like substance that she can use for stealth, attack, or defense.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Sue Ellen Mischke, the "Braless Wonder" from Seinfeld.
    • When Sue Ellen is first introduced in the episode "The Caddy", Elaine goes off on a rant about how her old enemy from high school has never, ever worn a bra. In her first scene she is noticeably braless, and Elaine makes a face at the sight (internal monologue: "Look at her — she's totally out of control!").
    • The trope is inverted when Elaine gives Sue Ellen a bra as a gift, and she starts wearing it as outerwear. This causes whiplash and car crashes on the streets of New York, and leads to at least one lawsuit.
  • Played for laughs in an episode of the prison-based Brit Com Porridge. When Fletcher's daughter, Ingrid, pays him a visit (in the open-plan visiting room), he is outraged that she's not wearing a bra and all the other prisoners can see it. Next time she visits, she puts a bra on, and just to make sure he knows it, she lifts up her t-shirt to demonstrate.
  • Kelly Bundy on Married... with Children very seldom wears a bra and usually dresses to emphasize that fact.
  • In the "Dollhouse" episode of Wizards of Waverly Place, when Alex hugs Justin, she is noticeably not wearing a bra.
  • Servalan from Blake's 7. It's more obvious in motion, but still...damn.
  • Doctor Who embraced this trope whole-heartedly in its classic days. Professor Amelia Rumford in the story "The Stones of Blood" wore a silk blouse without a bra when the air was a bit chilly; companions Romana (especially the Lalla Ward incarnation), Tegan, Nyssa and Ace were seen bra-less more often than not.
  • 30 Rock: Liz Lemon counseled her assistant Cerie about wearing revealing outfits and going braless at the office, despite protests from the male staff.
  • Friends:
    • In one episode Monica's decision not to wear a bra results in embarrassing consequences when she chooses to sing at Mike's piano bar and the stage lighting causes her breasts to become very visible to the cheering male audience. She thinks they like her singing.
    • Rachel never seems to wear one.
  • Leverage:
    • In several episodes - including "The Nigerian Job," the first episode of the series - the need for a quick costume change requires Parker to strip off her top on-camera, revealing in the process that she is not wearing a bra.
    • Nate's ex-wife Maggie tends to end up in formalwear that would be impossible to wear a bra with, such as the plunging neckline of the gown she wears in her introductory scene in "The First David Job" and a silky blue gown with a cutout window in the lower chest in "The Zanzibar Marketplace Job."
  • About half the time the main cast of Charmed are on screen, they don't seem to be aware of the existence of bras.
  • That '70s Show:
    • In the episode "The Third Wheel", Eric refers to Hyde's Girl of the Week as "Little Miss Can't Find a Bra".
    • In another episode, Eric and Kitty go to see a movie. We're treated to their Internal Monologue as they watch, and each one notes that the main female character isn't wearing a bra.
  • Brittany and Santana went on a date with Finn during the first season of Glee. Brittany later informed Sue that they tried everything to seduce him—Brittany, for example, didn't wear a bra. And asked management to turn up the air conditioning. Ahem.
  • Jaime Sommers in The Bionic Woman wears quite a lot of barely legal dresses with no bra, which, in reruns, are slightly startling to modern sensibilities.
  • Shamelessly employed on the Tremors series, when Rosalita taught a self-defense lesson to Burt's survival class, apparently without realizing her white T-shirt was soaking wet. Not that the guys in the class were complaining, mind you.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
    • The first Slayer's costume seems to be nothing but strategically-placed cheesecloth.
    • Let's not forget the slayer's own aversion to bras in seasons 3-5. note 
    • Faith is no stranger to this, either, though she usually seems to be wearing powerful push-up bras. When she sleeps with Xander in "The Zeppo", she takes off her shirt to reveal that she is not wearing anything underneath.
  • Game of Thrones:
    • In her first scenes in the series, Daenerys Targaryen wears a flimsy silk dress that can barely pass off as clothing with nothing on underneath. Justified, as she is being displayed to her new husband, Khal Drogo.
    • While the noble ladies of Westeros wear corsets under their dresses, most women don't seem to wear any kind of breast support.
    • And as we are shown on many and numerous occasions, nobody ever wears underpants in this world, despite various references to 'smallclothes' in the novels.
  • Susan Sullivan in the pilot movie of The Incredible Hulk was wearing a see-through black shirt with twin breast pockets. While it would be difficult to say for certain while watching, the DVD commentary specifically states she was braless and the pockets were the only reason they got away with it.
  • Fiona Glenanne in Burn Notice is rarely seen with a bra and at times it's blatantly noticeable.
  • Frequently seen on Rome. Cleopatra in particular, with that transparent dress. Yikes.
  • Played for Laughs in a sketch from The Tracey Ullman Show, wherein Tracey plays a Salsa dancer whose panties are stolen right before her routine. Hilarity Ensues, mostly resulting from her efforts to communicate her predicament to her partner, Dan Castellaneta, while trying not to reveal it to the audience. This is a reworking of an older Benny Hill sketch and may well be a direct copy.
  • The prime minister of Serbia, Ivica Dačić, once fell victim to a prank involving this trope, perpetrated by hidden camera show Nemoguća Misija (Mission Impossible). The show's producers invited the Prime Minister for an interview administered by a very attractive young woman in a very short minidress (who was in fact a glamour model). Shortly after the alleged interview began, the model/interviewer shifted her legs, revealing a distinct lack of underwear, in order to capture the Prime Minister's resulting downward glance and goofy grin on video. When the (censored) trailer hit the internet, the government instructed the show not to release the full episode.
  • When Penny on The Big Bang Theory slipped and dislocated her shoulder in her shower, she has Sheldon help her put on just a pair of shorts and a top, justified since she needs to get to the hospital as soon as possible. She insists that he help her with his eyes closed leading to:
    Penny: Just help me get my arm in the sleeve.
    (Penny's eyes go wide)
    Penny: Is that my arm?
    Sheldon: It doesn't feel like an arm.
    Penny: Then, maybe you should let it go.
  • On a Spring 1994 episode of the French children's variety show Jacky Show, singer/actress Mallaury Nataf performed her single "Fleur Sauvage" and caused a bit of a scandal thanks to this. As clearly seen in a brief video, she was wearing a very short dress, twirled a bit too energetically and ended up performing a Marilyn Maneuver that flashed both sides and showed she wasn't wearing any panties under her tights. Miss Nataf herself, however, claimed some years later that the video in question is not from the live broadcast but a separate performance after the show.
  • Space: 1999
    • In one episode, Sandra suffers Clothing Damage that exposes her back — and the fact that she is naked under her uniform. Unfortunately, the effect is ruined by a continuity error: in the previous scene, you can clearly see the outlines of her bra and panties under her tight jumpsuit.
    • As can be expected in a show from 1975, many of the women don't wear bras under their uniforms, and those that do wear "no-bra" bras designed to imitate the braless look.
    • In Maya's first appearance (in the first episode of season 2), she wears a dress that appears to be backless with Absolute Cleavage, but actually has a top part of nude fabric. That fabric is so sheer, though, that it's obvious that there is no undergarment beneath.
  • Trudy, one of the female detectives in Miami Vice, never wore a bra and usually wore tops that made this quite obvious. Didn't Miami P.D. have a dress code in the 80's?
  • In an early episode of Farscape, Zhaan takes off her robe in front of a captured alien soldier to demonstrate her lack of cultural taboos. This leaves her completely naked as she is not wearing any undergarments.
  • Debralee Scott had a wardrobe malfunction on the game show Password that revealed a braless breast.
  • Charlie Dimmock, the female gardener in the BBC's semi-cult garden-makeover programme Ground Force, didn't like wearing bras, and didn't mind if her nipples showed through her T-shirt. This was exacerbated by the fact that, being a British show, a lot of time she was outside in the rain. References to "Charlie's dimmocks" abounded for a while. She was well aware of the attention, and appeared flattered by it. When a US version of the series was shot, the producers made her wear a bra.
  • The Angels in Charlie's Angels are well-known for not wearing bras, and usually wear shirts that make this quite obvious. This was one of the two major selling points of the show (the other one being the at the time unusual concept of having strong, active women as protagonists).
  • Just Shoot Me!: Dennis Finch convinces Maya to go braless to a red-carpet function. Her blouse is opaque — until the harsh lighting at the scene renders it transparent. Yes, Dennis expected that.
  • In UFO the crew of the Skydiver submarine wear fishnet shirts that clearly show off the men's nipples and chest hair. The female crew members wear the same shirts but are filmed at such angles that nothing ever shows. The intention is obviously to hint at Vapor Wear but in the few close-up shots there seems to be nude-coloured lining and/or undergarments under the fishnet.
  • Hill Street Blues:
    • When the attractive gangster widow Gina Srignoli is being fitted with a wire, detective Mayo explains that the microphone will be attached to her bra.
    Gina: Well, we'd better get me a bra then.
    • At roll call one morning, desk sergeant Esterhaus mentions, with his usual Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness, that the request by female officers to dispense with supportive undergarments because of the ongoing heat wave has been denied. This is met by boos and catcalls from both male and female officers.
    • Subverted by Fay Furillo when she tells her ex-husband that she has joined a radical feminist group: she explicitly mentions that she will not burn her bra.
  • The protagonist of the 1970's series Police Woman, detective Sgt. Pepper Anderson, wears a bra in her official role as a police detective (presumably following the department dress code), but in her spare time and when she is going undercover she follows the braless fashion of the time. There are some scenes in most episodes where this is very obvious.
  • On Good Girls Revolt Patti goes noticeably braless quite often, specifically under her red jumper in the very first episode.
  • In this scene on Average Joe: Hawaii, Larissa isn't wearing a bra.
  • In the Hunter episode "Overnight Sensation", an investigative TV reporter is depicting Hunter as a dirty cop. When Sgt. McCall visits the reporter to try to persuade him that he's on the wrong track, she wears a thin, white sweater with her nipples and areolae clearly showing through. Unfortunately, it doesn't help in winning over the journalist.
  • In this scene from the Made-for-TV Movie Deadly Care, Cheryl Ladd's character Anne Halloran isn't wearing a bra, as shown by how her boobs are bouncing and jiggling.
  • On the Albanian network Zjarr Television, it's the style for female news anchors wear open blazers without shirts or bras.
  • Marlo Thomas stopped wearing a bra on That Girl when the braless look became fashionable. When the subject was brought up in an interview, her response was, "God created women to bounce, so be it. If I bounce, I'm glad to be a girl."

  • Madonna in the music video for Vogue. MTV wanted to remove such shots (which make up a good ten seconds of the video), but Madonna overruled them. Madonna is of course better known for inverting the trope and wearing visible undergarments.
  • Lynn Mabry and Edna Holt of Brides Of Funkenstein, appearing in Talking Heads' Stop Making Sense concert video.
  • The front cover of Stacey Q's Boomerang album; only her hands are covering her unmentionable parts.
  • In "Weird Al" Yankovic's song "TMZ", celebrities in Vapor Wear make up some of the photo opportunities pursued by the eponymous paparazzi.
    Those guys are all around
    So you really shouldn't dare
    Go to every club in town
    If you've lost your underwear
  • This photo of Cheryl Ladd on her album cover.

  • In Capt. Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy, all of the women are wearing T-shirts that emphasize (a) their large breasts and (b) their lack of bras.
  • Similarly, the women of Evel Knievel are shown wearing tight white "Evel Knievel" T-shirts that make their lack of undergarments clear. Crosses over with Sex Sells, as Real Life shirts were also available from Bally.
  • Farfalla, by Italian pinball maker Zaccaria, is infamous for the butterfly nymph on its backbox, who is wearing nothing but a very translucent gown.
  • The tight tops worn by the women of Truck Stop make it obvious they're not wearing any bras.
  • The female jogger on the backglass of Future Spa wears a skintight spandex jumpsuit that makes it clear she's not wearing any sort of underwear.

  • Mistress Mara the merchant from The Fallen Gods is covered head to toe in a silk outfit that clings to her body and leaves nothing to the imagination.

    Pro Wrestling 
  • Tends to go hand in hand with Clothing Damage/Wardrobe Malfunction.
  • At WWF Capital Carnage, December 6, 1998, there was a mixed tag match with Sable and Christian defeating Jacqueline and Marc Mero. After the match, Jackie attacked referee Tim White and was sitting on his neck (he was standing) and punching away at him. Sable casually grabbed Jackie's shirt and pulled it right off of her, leaving her topless on camera.
    • Jazz defeated Jackie on on the April 7, 2002 Sunday Night Heat with a reverse rollup and a handful of tights, partially exposing Jackie's bare butt on camera.

    Tabletop Games 
  • The Swedish RPG Playelf has "clothing penalties" — anything above the base necessities will obstruct your movements and give penalties to everything. Armor is useless because any advantage gained is negated by all the penalties. There are some options, but for the most part, you're encouraged to dress like a Boris Vallejo painting.
  • Some tabletop games acknowledge and actually provide statistics for the improbable amounts of protection offered by Stripperiffic "armor" (such as GURPS, which calls it "Bulletproof Nudity").
  • Warhammer 40,000: The Dark Eldar of field Wyches, evil space-elf gladiators who wear weapons, boots, and about a grand total of one square foot of black leather. Maybe two square feet for some of the guys. The reason for their lack of armor is that Wyches are so confident in their abilities, they believe that they can charge into battle without getting a scratch, and boast that armor is for cowards. They're wrong. Wyches also dress Stripperiffically because they're performers, not just fighters. They use sex appeal to gain audience approval in the arenas, which can make the difference between living to fight another day and being quickly killed off in a fight they can't hope to win.

  • The infamous black lace bodystocking worn by the late, great Anita Morris as "Carla" in the 1982 Broadway musical Nine.

    Video Games 

    Visual Novels 
  • In Tsukihime, apparently, Roa's favorite outfit when it was possessing Ciel in a previous incarnation was a partially open cloak. And only that. Given how he (or would it be a she?) went around raping people (regardless of gender) before he killed them, his choice of clothing is really not all that shocking.
  • Alice in Virtue's Last Reward is topless except for a short open-front jacket and a heavy gold necklace. The necklace stays perfectly in place even when she's struggling with people or lying on her back.

    Web Comics 
  • Concession
    • Angie's picture on the Cast Page has her in a miniskirt with no underwear.
    • On the male side, a couple of Artie's appearances imply he doesn't wear underwear.
  • Girl Genius: The dress Tarvek picked out for Agatha while they were in Sturmhalten is just asking for a wardrobe malfunction as it is a halterneck affair where the front and back of the dress do not connect until below the hips. There is also no way to hide that she's not wearing any undergarments while in the thing.
  • Almost everyone in Curvy.
  • In How I Became Yours, many of the female characters' dresses are so low-cut that it's obvious that there's nothing under there. Toph at one point wears a flimsy nightgown that obviously shows her nipples.
  • Ménage à 3 is pretty open about its fanservice aspect...
    • It seems that the ultra-voluptuous DiDi hardly ever bothers with a bra. It's amazing she can walk, let alone jog... She's shown to be wearing one in one strip, but she's in disguise there. Later, she's shown putting one on, but it turns out to be too small for her (strip #854, February 22, 2014, NSFW).
    • Zii seems usually to go braless as well, as does Kiley, but they're both notably small-busted and really don't need support.
  • In Misfile, Cassiel's wardrobe, to the point it seems that she only wears panties in order to do Panty Shots. Ash initially refuses to wear a bra, but comes around to the idea. S/he refuses to wear a thong, though.
  • Aurelina in Murry Purry Fresh And Furry. Even lampshaded.
    Melvin: Hey, how do you get your bodysuit to stay on?
    Aurelina: Magnets.
  • The Order of the Stick:
    • Celia is pretty obviously not wearing a bra most of the time, although you can only tell when she turns her back to the "camera": her clothes are all backless on account of her giant fairy wings.
    • Sabine does likewise; unsurprisingly, as she is a succubus.
  • Questionable Content: In this strip, Faye notices that her bra has somehow gone missing during a make-out session. She hypothesizes that the sheer intensity of make-out may have vaporized it, making it a rare literal example of this trope.
  • In Sluggy Freelance, the MMORPG "Years of Yarncraft" has all female Rose Elves start out wearing a see-through top with no bra. You have to complete a quest in order to earn underwear.
  • Saves-a-Fox from Goblins wears a loose top. It is not immediately apparent that she wears nothing underneath, until we see her upside down.
  • Initially played straight in Ennui GO!, since Izzy's low cut outfit makes it very clear that she isn't wearing a bra (she never bothered due to being unable to find a good looking one that fits). Inverted after page 569, when Tanya points out that she could just get a custom fit one. After that point, her bra is always visible under her shirt.
  • A kind of Flashback in General Protection Fault reveals that Ki didn't always dress as Tomboyish as she does in the present. Not only did she wear her hair longer, but she also wore dresses. When she tripped and fell one day, granting bystanders glances under her skirt, she reconsidered wearing dresses and skirts — as well as not wearing panties under them.

    Web Original 

    Western Animation 
  • During the first two-part on The Backyardigans' "International Super Spy", every time Uniqua, as the Lady in Pink, lifted her leg during her Villain Song, you could see clearly that she wasn't wearing anything under her jacket. Overlaps with Half-Dressed Cartoon Animal.
  • Futurama's Zapp Brannigan isn't wearing any pants below his jacket, as can be judged from Kif's reaction upon having a view up there. That is, his crew uniform does not include any pants at all (unless everyone except Zapp wears tight pants in whatever is their skin color, including Kif whose skin is green), but Zapp apparently goes without any underwear as well.
  • The creators of Kim Possible, in animating this scene, probably did not expect viewers to be paying quite so much attention.
  • In the first The Simpsons episode "Simpsons Roasting On an Open Fire", Lisa is seen dancing whilst wearing a grass skirt, with seemingly nothing under it. The creators said that she's wearing a skin-colored suit, but you can see her individual toes.
  • One surprisingly shocking moment in Teen Titans has most of Raven's clothes get torn away. A look at her bare back implies that she doesn't wear anything under that skintight leotard. Then again, most leotards are made to be able to be worn like that, not unlike a bathing suit.
  • In the Robotboy episode "Traffic Slam", Lola sits in the back seat of the Turnbull car with her legs apart, and she's not wearing any panties. A few scenes later, she sits in the same position and is wearing panties.
  • Batman: The Brave and the Bold: Princess Laethwen in "Sword of the Atom!". No wonder Ray Palmer is in love.
  • In The Legend of Zelda, Fairy Companion and Chivalrous Pervert Spryte is knocked over by an earthquake, briefly averting her Magic Skirt, and reveals for a split-second that she's not wearing anything underneath it. The radar for this show was not in working order.
  • In The Incredible Hulk (1982) episode "Enter: She-Hulk", She-Hulk wears a tattered shirt, with enough of her legs exposed to indicate that she's not wearing undies without violating standards and practices.
  • Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers:
    • In one scene in "Double 'O Dale", we see Gadget lying in an awkward upside-down position while wearing her infamous red dress as part of a disguise. Since it doesn't include a Magic Skirt, we see that she doesn't wear anything underneath it. There is absolutely nothing to see, probably because everything is covered in fur, but still. Better yet: The next shot shows her in the same position at the same place, but for some reason, she is now wearing her trademark lavender coveralls under the dress — under a dress that could impossibly conceal a pair of long-sleeved coveralls.
    • In "Adventures in Squirrelsitting", Tammy's nameless mother is unintentionally pounced by Chip and Dale. For one frame or so, we can take a look under her skirt and see that she isn't wearing any underwear.
    • Then again, there is no evidence that animal characters wear underwear in the CDRR universe at all, unless you count what Bink wears as panties.
  • Grammi from Adventures of the Gummi Bears sometimes wears bloomers under her skirt and sometimes nothing at all. This actually even changes within the intro. Then again, she's all covered in fur, too — as is Sunni who goes "commando" all the time under her dress that's so short that it makes her a female Half-Dressed Cartoon Animal.

    Real Life 
  • Britney Spears, the time that she was caught by the paparazzi. Happened several times with other celebs, too.
    Nip slips were so 2004. This year the thing to do was to denude your ladyflower, wear a short skirt and no underwear, and then spread your legs wide as you emerged from a limousine. Exposed O'Keeffes included those of Kate Moss, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and, of course, Britney Spears, who flashed so much cooter the week after her marriage broke up that at this point many of us could probably provide police with an accurate sketch.
    Rebecca Traister [Salon's "Year in Sex, 2006"]
  • A famous photograph of '30s/'40s actress Carmen Miranda, taken as she danced with Cesar Romero, revealed that she was not wearing underwear at the time.
  • Similarly, Tallulah Bankhead reportedly never wore underwear, and considered it "extremely inhibiting". Several of her fellow actors on the set of of Lifeboat discovered this firsthand when she repeatedly climbed the ladder to the set ahead of all of them.
  • Jean Harlow, film star and sex symbol in the thirties, never wore any underwear. Some even say that she put ice on her nipples before shooting a scene. This practice contributed to the introduction of The Hays Code.
  • While watching the 1994 Carnaval in Rio, Brazilian President Itamar Franco invited a parade dancer named Lilian Ramos to join him in the Presidential box. She was wearing an oversized T-shirt, and each time she raised her arms it rose a few inches, revealing to the press assembled below that she wasn't wearing anything underneath. Various newspapers and magazines ran major articles about it (translation), creating a bit of a scandal. Some time later, Ms. Ramos did a reenactment of the incident for some sort of documentary.
  • Many black dresses look normal under normal lighting conditions but become see-through when blasted with several photo-flashes at once. When an unlucky actress wears one onto the red carpet without realizing it, certain websites start making money.
  • A photograph taken at Dutch publisher Playlogic's booth at E3 2004 revealed that one of their booth babes was going commando at the time.
  • Taiwanese model Vivi Wang accidentally created a minor scandal thanks to this trope at the 2007 Taipei Motor Show. According to contemporary news articles, her costume was so extremely tight that her pantyline was visible. So, being a consummate professional, she was forced to remove her underwear before the show, and once it started she was so focused on modeling that she completely forgot all about it.
  • Czech-Indian Model and actress Yana Gupta was caught by Paparazzi at a November 2010 charity event in Mumbai wearing nothing underneath her Little Black Dress. She later explained the circumstances leading to this on Twitter.note 
  • Shortly before the 2011 Miss Universe pageant, Miss Colombia Catalina Robayo was caught wearing this trope at an official event in Sao Paolo. After photographic evidence of this appeared in a local newspaper, event officials reminded Ms. Robayo to wear underwear while in public.
  • When she wore a green Versace dress to the Grammy Awards in 2000, Jennifer Lopez was apparently modeling this trope. Her photo was much reproduced and much commented on. However, Entertainment Weekly confirmed via the designer that the dress came with a built-in panty.
  • Adrienne Bailon made headlines thanks to this trope after a red carpet event in March 2012, when a gust of wind blew the cream-colored ruffly thing on her dress to one side, and the skirt underneath proved unexpectedly transparent.
  • Miley Cyrus exhibited this with her backless halter dress at the 2013 MTV Europe Music Awards.
  • The black and sheer dress worn by actress Jamie Alexander to the premier of Thor: The Dark World made it very clear Ms. Alexander was wearing absolutely nothing underneath, and probably even more than her performance as Sif made her a household name overnight.
  • The contestants in wet T-shirt contests like Tiffany Ann wear only bikini bottoms and barely-there T-shirts during the contest. The main point of the contest is of course that the water makes the shirts clingy and see-through, provided that she keeps her shirt on.
  • An infamous backless sweater from Japan that is notoriously revealing became a minor media sensation.
  • British fashion designer and punk icon Vivienne Westwood openly admits that she almost never wears panties, no matter what the occasion, and be it any event with the Queen. Pantyhose, yes, if appropriate, but never panties. And she has shown that on occasions. In at least one interview, she said that she owns exactly one pair of panties that she only ever wears under scratchy tweed.

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