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  • The Australian sex comedy Alvin Purple opens with the title character lusting after a woman in a see-through top riding the tram with him. In an Imagine Spot, he expresses his appreciation, to her delight. "I've been wearing it for days; I didn't think anyone had noticed." Then we're shown what actually happened.
    Alvin: (voiceover) Of course it wasn't like that at all.
    Alvin: (to See-Through Blouse Girl) God, you've got great tits! (Armor-Piercing Slap)
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  • The 1991 romantic comedy Career Opportunities is livened up somewhat by having busty Jennifer Connelly spend the whole movie wearing a white tank top with nothing underneath.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End: After an Extended Disarming sequence in the third movie while in Singapore, Swann is left wearing only a shirt. One of the fellow pirates, who is hiding under the floorboards, gets a peep up her dress and informs his friend. During the interval, however, Swann has moved forward, resulting in the other guy getting an eyeful of the privates of one of Sao Feng's male group. Unlike Elizabeth's "corset", this is a rare bit of authenticity: panties hadn't really been invented yet and very few women wore anything between their undersides and their clothes but a "shift" (the garment Elizabeth spends most of the first film in).
  • James Bond:
  • The writer's wife in A Clockwork Orange who Alex rapes isn't wearing a bra or panties under her jumpsuit.
  • Sharon Stone in an oft-parodied scene from Basic Instinct.
  • Rene Russo in The Thomas Crown Affair (1999) goes to a ball wearing a very see-through black dress.
  • Black Mama, White Mama: For most of the movie, escaped convict/revolutionary Karen wears the only clothes issued to her by the prison: a T-shirt and panties. It is quite obvious that her uniform doesn't include a bra. About halfway through the movie she uses her panties to create a false track (she and her co-protagonist Lee are being tracked by dogs) leaving her wearing only the T-shirt (it's just long enough to preserve some sort of modesty).
  • Star Wars:
    • Carrie Fisher didn't wear a bra in A New Hope, which isn't noticeable... until she gets wet. According to her, George Lucas decreed that bras didn't exist in space, so for running scenes, she was protected from bouncing via duct tape.
    • She also confirmed that the gold bikini wasn't exactly good at covering anything. (In one interview, she said that Jabba's puppeteers were perverts and liked standing above and behind her for some reason).
    • Similarly, Natalie Portman has a scene in Attack of the Clones that confirms that 1) Amidala didn't wear a bra either, and 2) Tatooine can be surprisingly cold.
    • The actress playing Jabba the Hutt's dancing girl, Oola, in Return of the Jedi is wearing a costume that basically amounts to black fishnet and body paint. This is exceptionally visible when she is struggling against her chains, and visibly "falls out" for a split second.
  • Comes up in Shock Treatment, when Janet's parents are upset by her new outfit.
    Mr. Weiss: She's practically naked in that thing!
    Janet: Well I can't wear anything under it, Daddy, it would spoil the lines.
  • The Mike Myers vehicle The Love Guru parodies the Real Life examples below with the titular Guru caught by the paparazzi getting out of a limo without underoos.
  • Avatar: there's an occasional glimpse of Neytiri's nipples because her "tops" tend to be nothing but a bunch of strings.
  • Pretty much everything Milla Jovovich wears in The Fifth Element, much to her protector and acolytes' collective chagrin.
  • The very silly 1960's beach party movie The Girl In The Invisible Bikini. Yes, the bikini was invisible, but everything the bikini covered was invisible too.
  • In Sex and the City 2, Charlotte's nanny, Erin (Alice Eve), never wears a bra, making Charlotte jealous.
  • The alternate title of the 1968 British-French film The Girl on a Motorcycle is Naked Under Leather.
  • Alisa's red dress in the Night Watch. Also, the black dress she wears on stage in the first movie. There is no possible way she's wearing panties under that.
  • Faith's chain-link concert dress in Strange Days. Very clearly not wearing a bra. Barely wearing a dress.
  • In The Mummy (1999), Imhotep's lover appears to be wearing a long gown when she secretly meets him - but then he touches her shoulder, smearing the body paint which is all she has on.
  • In The Little Devil, Nina doesn't wear panties under her dress. Not only that, she lifts it up, due to the summer heat as she says. The viewer doesn't see anything, though, as they only see her either from behind or from the waist up, but little devil Giuditta (and everyone else around him) does. In fact, Nina was sent from Hell to seduce Giuditta and take him back home.
  • Judy Garland in Easter Parade seems to not be wearing a single bra through the whole film.
  • Joy Ride: Leelee Sobieski in numerous scenes.
  • Eight Legged Freaks: In a short scene by Scarlett Johansson.
  • The female residents of the City in Logan's Run wore costumes that were little impractical wisps of nothing. The costuming department reportedly had to sew these garments together around the women, as they had no buttons or zippers.
  • In one infamous scene in Coffy, Pam Grier's character wears a dress with a slit up the side that makes it clear she isn't wearing any panties. The scene evolves into a Cat Fight where all the women end up with Clothing Damage that shows that none of them is wearing a bra.
  • American Hustle is set in the 1970's, and con woman Sydney (played by Amy Adams) wears dresses accurate to the era — which means Absolute Cleavage and Vapor Wear for most of the movie (including the poster!) Amy Adams said that such a wardrobe required a lot of courage to pull off. Jennifer Lawrence also participates in this trope, to a lesser degree.
  • In Fair Game (1986), Cassandra Delaney's character wears a dress without a bra or panties to keep cool in the heat. Later she goes naked beneath a tight spandex jumpsuit.
  • The Five Wives in Mad Max: Fury Road wear strips of gauzy cloth and nothing else, seeing as they're sex-slaves for The Big Bad Immortan Joe who were locked up in a Gilded Cage until escaping. The actors are emphatic that wearing next to nothing was ridiculously uncomfortable in the desert.
  • In Hannie Caulder, after the title character is raped she pulls on a poncho, and eventually gets a pair of pants, but (as far as we can see) never wears a shirt, or anything else, under the poncho.
  • Prime Cut: Poppy wears a transparent green dress without a bra or panties.
  • The late Annie Brackett in Halloween (1978) didn't wear a bra.
  • Lacey Underall in Caddyshack never wears a bra.
  • This is standard for Loincloth-wearing characters in film like Tarzan. However, in Tarzan and His Mate, Jane, played by Maureen O'Sullivan, wears a loincloth with nothing underneath, too, and it sometimes reveals more than it should.
  • In Taxi 2, Petra is kidnapped by the Yakuza while sitting on the potty with her panties around her ankles. Since they pull her up from the loo, she accidentally drops them and leaves them behind. In the theatrical release, she remains without panties for most of the film including a fighting scene which reveals her actress' uncovered crotch during a high kick for a split-second. For the home video release, pink panties were added since, unlike a cinema, a DVD allows for freeze-frames.
  • During the famous "Unchained Melody" scene in Ghost, Demi Moore wears a large sweater — and nothing under it. There is at least one shot from the side that reveals the outlines of her pubic hair.
  • An early scene with Madonna as Breathless Mahoney in Dick Tracy shows her in her backstage room, wearing not much more than a sheer negligé under which her breasts are easily visible. But then again, this is Madonna.
  • Scrooged:
    • The dancers wear costumes that make it absolutely impossible to wear bras. A Moral Guardian on the set complains that one of the dancers almost reveals one of her nipples. Frank replies that Charles Dickens would have wanted to see her nipple.
    • The Christmas 1968 scene implies that Claire is naked under her large knit dress.
  • In The MCU, Scarlett Johansson has said that Black Widow's Spy Catsuit is so tight, she can't wear underwear beneath it.
  • In a related male version, Andrew Garfield said the same thing about Spider-Man's suit in The Amazing Spider-Man series.
  • The maids in Young Lady Chatterley II wear stockings and suspenders but no other underwear beneath their uniforms.
  • In The Warriors Mercy doesn't wear a bra.
  • In The Vampire Lovers, Carmilla tells Emma that, in order to wear fashionable clothing, she must "take everything off" and go commando under her gown. For the rest of the movie, the outlines of both actress' nipples are periodically visible. (Obviously not Truth in Television, as Regency-era ladies may not have been wearing panties, but they generally had shifts, stays, and at least one petticoat on under their dresses.)
  • In Mario (1984), Simon's girlfriend Hélène doesn't appear to be wearing a bra in some of her scenes.
  • Shortcut to Happiness: The Devil (Jennifer Love Hewitt) reacts angrily to Stone's scar survey, and rolls out of bed naked, pulls on her trenchcoat and storms out of the apartment with nothing on underneath it.
  • Hannie Caulder: When she becomes a gunfighter, Hannie takes up wearing a poncho which barely manages to cover her most revealing curves, and clearly shows that she isn't wearing underwear.
  • In Zig Zag (2002), a woman auditioning to work as a stripper puts her shirt on over her bare chest.
  • In Crystal Fairy & the Magical Cactus, Crystal never wears a bra.
  • In The Hazing, Marsha (Tiffany Shepis) is wearing a skintight silver bodysuit with nothing on underneath it, as she demonstrates when she peels it of in front of Tim and stands before him in nothing but a pair of boots.
  • Modesty Blaise:
    • It is frequently implied that Modesty, in marked contrast to in the comic strip, never wears any underwear. She even says so herself on at least one occasion. The effect is somewhat ruined by the actress's bra and panties sometimes showing through her clothes.
    • In Amsterdam's red light district, Modesty disugises herself as a prostitute by pulling down the zipper of her catsuit to below her navel, making it obvious that she isn't wearing any upper undergarment.
    • When Modesty is strip-searched by the bad guys, she takes off her dress and is then implied to be naked (but not shown to be, due to SceneryCensors). Mrs. Fothergill takes a look at her nether regions and says
      That's nice, but woolen knickers down to your knees is better for your health.
  • Sunburn (1979) co-stars Farrah Fawcett, who unsurprisingly doesn't wear a bra.


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