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  • Empowered wears a skin tight super suit that gives her super strength and super toughness. Unfortunately the suit itself is about as tough as tissue paper, though it retains its power as long as some of the membrane remains intact. She can't wear anything over or under the outfit because anything touching the suit kills its powers and even a thong would be horribly obvious. Her lack of visible attributes while wearing the suit is a running gag because otherwise the suit makes her look "more naked than naked" in the words of creator Adam Warren who also says he'll never actually tell us how Emp gets around that problem.
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  • The Engineer from The Authority. Her "outfit" was created when her nanomachines came out and covered her skin. Earlier issues showed how form-fitting it was quite clearly. If, for whatever reason, her nanomachines malfunctioned, well, they get reabsorbed into her body leaving nothing behind. Picture of a cover with her on it here. The Engineer straight up admits to being an exhibitionist when challenged on why she doesn't wear anything over it.
  • At least one Marvel artist draws the Scarlet Witch in outfits that make it clear she can not be wearing any panties. Said artist stated Wanda goes commando, and insisted there is no canon artwork of her that shows her wearing panties.
  • In Spider-Man, Joystick doesn't wear underwear under her costume.
  • Girl One, a police officer from Top 10, surprises her partner by revealing that she's not wearing a funky color-shifting outfit — she can change her pigmentation expertly at will and uses it to simulate the appearance of clothing while she's really naked. Later, she punches out her superior officer Caesar without any warning, because she found out that dogs are color blind (he's an intelligent dog in a mecha suit — it's that kind of series) and, thus, he's seen her naked all the time without saying anything. It Makes Sense in Context when you realize the true horror of Girl One: She's not a nudist or exhibitionist. She's an artificial human created by 2 horny geeks based on video game heroine and fanservice tropes, who programmed her with a compulsion to never wear clothing but not an Innocent Fanservice Girl mentality. When asked by her partner why she doesn't wear clothes, she says she's more comfortable without, and it's not like anyone can tell the difference, but when she found out her boss was aware — no one else is outside of her partner — she assumed he was getting his jollies from looking at her. He explains later that he's a dog, and she's a human, and thus she's about as interesting to him as a random poodle is to her. And then he married a human prostitute and adopted an Anubis-like dog-headed human girl. It's that kind of series. This is later subverted when Girl One dies, and her replacement, Girl Two, has an early and unfortunate run-in with some would-be rapists. Girl Two promptly begins dressing conservatively, and changes careers from cop to lawyer.
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  • Cobweb from Tomorrow Stories, oh so very much.
  • In one Justice League of America story, after Black Canary defeats Giganta, she goes, "If you insist on wearing a skirt into battle, put on some underpants, or at least learn to sit like a lady." Seanbaby pointed out the same thing, albeit more crudely.
    Bystander: Son, I wanted you to learn about the female body; I just wish your first sight of it wasn't twenty feet wide.
  • Gotham City Sirens makes it very clear that Catwoman cannot be wearing a bra underneath her Spy Catsuit. It's possible that Catwoman does not wear any underwear in other stories.
  • In Gemini Storm has Elizabeth Rose, whose clothes are all strapless and we can see she doesn't wear a bra underneath.
  • The cleavage window in Power Girl's leotard is almost always drawn in a way that would make it impossible for her to be wearing a bra underneath. Although being a Kryptonian, the functionality of a bra for her is questionable. And sometimes even drawn so wide that it seems she has no nipples, either.
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  • In The Intimates, Destra doesn't wear a bra — or, for that matter, a shirt. She's got a little sheer cape draped over her shoulders that barely covers her up (and is probably held in place by double-stick tape), but it's, you know, sheer. Her nipples don't seem to exist in the comic, but artist Giuseppe Camuncoli did a few sketches where they're plainly and completely visible.
  • In Nancy In Hell, cheerleader Nancy was not wearing underwear to distract her quarterback boyfriend while she was alive.
  • Alana from Saga clearly has nothing under the poncho-like jacket she wears, but it's justified since she's nursing her newborn daughter and needs access at a moment's notice.
  • Sonya Savage from Danger Girl wears skintight snakeskin trousers with lacing up the side that reveals that she cannot be wearing anything under them.
  • It's popular fanon that Cyclone, of the Justice Society of America, doesn't wear anything under her dress. The artists seem to play along, because despite her garments flying up in her self-generated winds, there's never been any artistic evidence to the contrary.
  • Kate Bishop, a.k.a Hawkeye does not wear any underwear underneath the costume.
  • In her first appearance as She-Hulk, Jennifer Walters does not wear any underwear under her torn dress.
  • The same case of Kate Bishop applies to Kimura.
  • Red Robin villain the Wanderer is definitely not wearing a bra under her very revealing outfit. For one thing any style of such an article of clothing would cover more of her breasts than what she uses as a shirt. It's indicated but never specified that she's not wearing anything under her shorts either.
  • Red Sonja
    • In the Unchained miniseries, she is not wearing any underwear underneath the cursed skin dress throughout the story! This is highlighted during the story because her armor is damaged.
    • Depending on the Artist, there may be nothing under the bottom of the armor, in other words, nothing covering her intimate parts, as we can see here.
  • The Superman's villain Anguish can not be left out of this trope.
  • In X-Factor Vol 1 212 published in 2010, Hela wears a dress that makes it clear she is not wearing any underwear.
  • In some of her outfits, Satana Hellstrom wears a catsuit with a large side opening that exposes the waist and hip.
  • In Belladonna, the protagonist Belladonna is not wearing any underwear under her short miniskirt.
  • In Megalex, the protagonist Adamâ is not wearing any underwear under her outfit.
  • Marvel has a character called Cloud whose costume is literally vapor. S/he can manifest as either a male or a female and maintains strategically-placed wisps as needed for either form.
  • Wonder Woman:
    • Wonder Woman (1942): The Golden Age/Earth-Two Hippolyte often wears a skirt pieced so that there are large holes all the way up the sides which makes it clear she's not wearing any underwear beneath.
    • Mike Deodato's art on Wonder Woman (1987) makes it clear the Amazons don't wear any undergarments. This is especially visible in "The Contest" as most of the characters are scantly clad Amazons, who are generally less covered than they would be in lingerie as they climb cliffs and fight monsters.
      • Arguably justified, as the Greeks often held contests in the nude. In fact, they may well be overdressed.
    • Wonder Woman's costume in Kingdom Come does not appear to have any underwear underneath the loin cloth. This is very clear from the scene where she visits Superman at the beginning of the story .


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