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Delac & Hasegawa

    Hardestadt Delac 

Hardestadt Delac
The main character of the saga. A mysterious man with a talent for finding things, particularly those entwined with the supernatural. His real name is Daemon Satanael Lucifer.
  • Action Dad: Ever since Grete was born, Hardestadt has been as action oriented was ever.
  • Ain't Too Proud to Beg: Heroic variant. Hardestadt thinks nothing of his dignity next to innocent lives and begs Jacobs for the life of an innocent woman without hesitating.
  • Amazon Chaser: Hardestadt Has a Type for strong women. He loves Erin because of her spirit and drive, and prior relationships included a warrior named Maria who was nearly his equal in combat. As far back as his youth in Hell, he also had a relationship with the devil Satannus-the most powerful of all of them save for Lucifer himself.
  • And This Is for...: Has a habit of repeating the names of those he's avenging.
  • The Anti-Nihilist: He slowly comes to accept he cannot create a perfect world like he wanted, and the dream he took on is impossible. It doesn't mean it's not worth fighting for and for all his failures, he's achieved so much to be proud of as well.
Hardestadt: They say paradise cannot exist. So why can't I stop looking for it?
  • Arbitrarily Large Bank Account: Hardestadt is wealthy enough to own at least two houses, an apartment, a vintage car, with seemingly limitless resources while being able to pay Erin a large salary. He later reveals he's quite embarrassed that his wealth comes from his aunt Mammon, the Sin of Greed, dumping in billions of dollars to his account every month and refuses to let him turn it down.
  • Arch-Enemy: Nyarlothotep considers him this and the feeling is fully mutual.
  • The Atoner: Part of what he does is driven by guilt for failing to save his mother. It is also revealed that he had a hell of a Face–Heel Turn centuries ago until he came back from it and has never stopped trying to make up for it. It is made fully clear he never will stop trying.
  • Badass Boast: Doles these out pretty regularly.
  • Badass in Distress: Spends the second half of Girls On Film in Rich Jacobs' clutches.
  • Bed Trick: Hardestadt is raped by Lucia, the Shadows Consultant, who takes the form of his lover Eliza when he is drunk and despairing.
  • Been There, Shaped History: Hardestadt's played a role in a number of historical events.
  • Benevolent Boss: A very friendly boss to Erin in Girls on Film, who's reasonable, pays very well and even cooks.
  • Blood Knight: Under that kind attitude and friendliness, Hardestadt admits he is truly joyful when he is fighting and killing.
  • Broken Ace: Hardestadt is the son of the most powerful angel and most powerful devil, the student of Satannus herself, and a Child Prodigy with a legacy of heroism behind him. He is also emotionally devastated by countless failures and losses, suffers from a horrific sense of Survivor's Guilt and PTSD, along with the knowledge of a truly monstrous Face–Heel Turn when he became an outright villain out of despair. He usually keeps it together well, but sometimes it's easy to see how broken and damaged he is under his confidence and relaxed demeanor.
  • Broken Pedestal: Aleviel, the mother whose ideals he's venerated his entire life, becomes this over the saga. Nights in Lonesome Arkham leaves him confronting that his mother wasn't the perfect paragon he's worshiped her as, and Gives Us Forever essentially tears them apart, where Hardestadt lets centuries of pent-up frustration explode at Aleviel and the amount of times she's broken her promises to him, eventually leaving her to suffer with her regrets alone.
  • Bullying a Dragon: A racist tries throwing a punch at him when he's enjoying a meal. Hardestadt leaves him with a very injured hand as a result, and he gets off easier than the next people to attack.
  • Calling the Old Man Out: Even moreso when your dad is Lucifer himself and you're angry he refused to fight in a major war to assist your mother.
  • Chick Magnet: Sometimes. He doesn't exactly seek it out overmuch, but he's had a fair number of relationships including Erin, Thorunn, Satannus, multiple women from past eras and also Cthylla herself and Eliza Cortly of the Never Mythos.
  • Chronic Hero Syndrome: Has a hard time not protecting the innocent or getting involved to help others.
  • Crazy Jealous Guy: Averted. Due to being raised in Hell, he has a complete detached view on jealousy. Erin's confession an ex once got her pregnant brings zero judgement from him, and when 'Aoife' remarks she was quite close to having a random fling with someone who bought her a drink in Loves Lost, she's a bit annoyed with how blase Hardestadt is about it, which he justifies with "your body, your choice."
  • Combat Pragmatist: As revealed in None Too Holy, he does not fight clean when he has to. He'll use any trick to win a fight.
  • Curbstomp Battle: Delivers a brutal one to Rich Jacobs after tearing apart his men.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: He turns out to be a half-devil who freely admits he'd be harmed by holy magic. He's still a good guy.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Gets a number of dry, witty comments. Most notably when he sees a revived Jacobs working for Nyarlathotep, he asks how good the healthcare must be for the employment. Then comments it must be really good after delivering a beatdown on Jacobs.
  • Declaration of Protection: He gives those to people who seek out his help.
  • Defiant Captive: When captured by Jacobs, he doesn't yield.
  • Despair Event Horizon:
    • Crossed it long ago with the loss of his beloved mother. On earth, he hit it when his attempt at a supernatural utopia, Arcadia, was destroyed, turning him into a villain known as the Dragon.
    • He also crosses it at the conclusion of The Wolves of War when Eliza vanishes and leaves only a note telling him not to look for her.
  • Determinator: Hardestadt refuses to ever give up, ever since he was young with the name Daemon; He had to push himself hard to become Satannus's student and since then, he pushes through immense pain and suffering to see happy endings brought about.
  • Did Not Get the Girl: Happens to him in The Dreams of Lonely Stars when he and Maggie are forced to part. Also the case with him and Eliza Cortly of the Never Mythos, the two being former lovers who are no longer together in present day. Loves Lost even shows them as a happy, loving couple, but the chapter title? "Never to be."
  • Dissonant Serenity: Eerily serene when he brings his worst enemies to their end.
  • Embarrassing Nickname: He loathes the name 'Hardy-Boy' Jacobs gives him. He's not altogether very fond of 'Stadt' either but allows it. Maggie Isla once gave him the name 'Day' which he eventually just resigned himself to.
  • Empathic Weapon: The sword given to him by his father has its own consciousness and gets very angry if anyone but Hardestadt tries to use it with often lethal consequences. It isn't happy Hardestadt threw it away long ago, either, which he has to apologize profusely for.
  • Everyone Has Standards: He really, really dislikes misogyny and racism.
  • Experienced Protagonist: Hardestadt is thousands of years old and a veteran of many battles, being a capable warrior from the word go.
  • Fights Like a Normal: He prefers to use his sword and fists in combat as opposed to devil powers.
  • Friend to All Children: Emphasized most clearly in None Too Holy, Hardestadt is exceedingly gentle and amicable with children, eagerly reading The Little Prince to a bunch of orphan kids. He deals especially brutal retribution to those who harm them, too.
  • Game Face: Puts on one with fangs and red eyes when he goes all out.
  • Good Parents: Lucifer and Aleviel loved him dearly, as did his foster mother Nephera Vallikan. He was also a loving, caring father to his only daughter.
  • Good Thing You Can Heal: As a half-devil, he has a solid healing factor, which helps when he's shot in the head so bad his brains spill out.
  • Handicapped Badass: After his fight with Nyarlathotep, he's left badly crippled and has to walk with a cane. He still has all his skills.
  • Has a Type: He has a thing for strong, capable women. Loves Lost and Founds contains flashbacks of some of his ex-wives and all of them fit the bill, up to the dedicated, moral and capable Erin.
  • Heroes Prefer Swords: He carries a gun but he really loves his swords, using a basket-hilt schiavona in Girls on Film and a Chinese dadao in Nights in Lonesome Arkham.
  • Horror Hunger: If his body is too badly damaged and is in need of repairs, he'll start seeing anything around him as 'just flesh' to be consumed.
  • I Have Many Names: Hardstadt is just an alias, his true name being Daemon Satanael. He's had many over the years as revealed in Loves Lost and Found. Some of them include Lucian, Deveraux, Godric, Diarmuid, and Sung-yeol.
  • Interspecies Romance:
    • Hardestadt is half devil, half angel, in love with a human.
    • There's also his brief stint with werewolf Thorunn, which ended up producing Hardestadt's werewolf daughter, Grete.
    • Later stories reveal he's had many of these. In the Castle of the Night showcases a glimpse to a warrior named Maria, and Nyarlathotep names several as Grainne, Ceoladh and Tomoe, which are given more detail in Loves Lost and Found. Most tend to be human, though Ceoladh was a former mermaid.
  • It's Personal: He sometimes gets quite personal with his enemies when they cross him and harm those he loves. Especially Nyarlathotep, his Archenemy who has a history with him going back 5,000 painful years.
  • Let's Get Dangerous!: Slips into this at the end of Arkham against Nyarlathotep when he goes all out more than ever before to take down the evil Outer God.
  • Like Father, Like Son: He and Lucifer are more alike in ways he'll ever admit. He and Grete share a number of similarities as well, notably their strong senses of justice, their Deadpan Snarker tendencies and their penchant for Tranquil Fury.
  • Lightning Bruiser: He moves fast and hits damn hard. Reaches its apex in Give Us Forever, where with his true power unsealed he's capable of exchanging blows with Aleviel billions of times in a second.
  • The Lost Lenore: He's lost every person he's ever loved at some point over the millennia. Though most notably? He and Eliza Cortly were lovers and it's implied they were engaged as of the early 1900s until she mysterious vanished. Hardestadt isn't over her almost 20 years later.
  • Master Swordsman: Hardestadt might well be the single greatest swordsman on the planet. Later revealed he used to be exceptionally skilled even by demon and devil standards.
  • Mayfly–December Romance: Is painfully aware he's going to outlive Erin and has been involved in many of these in the past.
  • Men Don't Cry: Utterly averted. Hardestadt uses tears as an apology and atonement for people he's failed to save. He inherited this from his mother.
  • Mystical White Hair: He's a half-devil, half-angel, and his hair is white.
  • Nice Guy: Hardestadt is pleasant and non-judgmental unless threatened or roused to anger.
  • Odd Friendship: He has a bit of a close-knit bond with the bubbly, optimistic Eliza Cortly of The Never Mythos. Later revealed the two became lovers for a time.
  • Older Hero vs. Younger Villain: Being thousands of years old, he is this to most of his foes, except the ancient ones like Nyarlathotep.
  • One-Man Army: Give him a sword, watch numbers stop mattering.
  • Papa Wolf: He's very, very dedicated to protecting children and he is especially protective over his beloved daughter Grete. Bonus points as she's technically the 'wolf' there.
  • Parents as People: Part of his arc is seeing Lucifer and Aleviel as less idealized than they truly were as parents. Hardestadt also dearly loves his own daughter, but was not always a perfect parent himself.
  • Pay Evil unto Evil: Hardestadt has zero compunction delivering painful deaths to vile individuals. This can verge into dark territories when he very cruelly toys with a Neo-Nazi vampire and offers him a Hope Spot that he knows the guy has no ability of fulfilling and kills Hargrove in the hospital. Even he reflects he surrenders to the worst impulses at times.
  • Really 700 Years Old: Looks like he's in his mid-late 20s, is far, far older. Just over ten thousand to be exact.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: When his eyes turn red? Watch out. It means he's well and truly enraged.
  • Reformed, but Rejected: He has come a long way since the days of his Face–Heel Turn but his one-time friend Koschei refuses to accept it.
  • Shoot the Dog: He did this on a very grand scale in Thinis...killing literally everyone still alive in the city to save the planet.
  • Slasher Smile: When he's in a bad mood, he tends to show with a very pointy-toothed, vicious grin more akin to a shark than a human.
  • So Proud of You: He becomes Emma's teacher in 'field work' and tells her how proud of her he is. He is also incredibly proud of his beloved daughter and the warrior he's become.
  • Star-Crossed Lovers: Hardestadt and Eliza Cortly of the Never Mythos were lovers for nearly two hundred years and Hardestadt was clearly deeply in love with her, but they were destined never to be.
  • Stealth Expert: Hilariously averted. Hardestadt tends to completely fail at stealth about once per story, which has begun to cause him no end of irritation.
    • Girls on Film: Shot in the head when preparing to infiltrate the prison.
    • Nights in Lonesome Arkham: Surprised by Nyarlathotep before he realizes it.
    • Under the Cold Moon: Immediately spotted by Siegfried when he enters Pine Creek.
    • A Conspiracy of Serpents: Twice caught by the serpents upon attempting to infiltrate their domains.
    • Sangue Serenissima: Caught by Eliphas Coyte in his manor when he tries to sneak in and gets chucked into another dimension for his troubles.
  • Supreme Chef: A master at cooking delicious meals, even admitting he gets genuine fulfillment from making them.
  • Surpassed the Teacher: Part of his training was to surpass his infamous teacher Satannus of Wrath. He succeeded.
  • Survivor Guilt: A veteran of the second great war between heaven and hell...on hell's side, where he lost his mother. He's never gotten over this. The subsequent centuries have resulted in this growing worse and worse with all the conflicts he's involved in.
  • Sword and Fist: He fights with a combination of the blade and his bare hands.
  • Sympathy for the Devil: He expresses great sympathy towards Thomas Nero, saying he's not a bad man, just a lost one.
  • Tranquil Fury: When he's well and truly enraged, he presents as bizarrely calm and relaxed.
  • Walking the Earth: What he used to do. After the war, Hardestadt traveled the world, meeting and saving innocent lives.
  • We Used to Be Friends: On the receiving end of this from Koschei the Deathless, who despises him for becoming the Dragon.
  • You're Not My Father: Threw away the name Daemon as a way of severing ties and relationships with Lucifer after the second great war.

    Erin Hasegawa 

Erin Hasegawa

Appears in: Girls on Film | Nights In Lonesome Arkham | Under The Cold Moon | And to All a Good Night | A Conspiracy of Serpents | Loves Lost And Found | Give Us Forever | The Final Girl

"I have the people love. Whether that ends tomorrow, or in a year, you can't take away the fact that I had it. That is something that will never, ever disappear.

The deuteragonist of the stories. A woman who was saved by Hardestadt and became his assistant, and later lover as of Nights in Lonesome Arkham, Erin is resourceful, eager and intelligent, truly believing in the mission of helping others.

  • All Women Are Doms, All Men Are Subs: while she and Hardestadt enjoy some BDSM, Erin is the sub there with her safe word being 'moonlight.'
  • Asian Airhead: Not this trope at all, but plays it to lure a murderous vampire into a trap, even lampshading it by name and how sick it makes her.
  • Asian and Nerdy: Japanese-American, loves tech and science fiction. Her favorite writer is Ursula Le Guin.
  • Badass Bookworm: Erin loves reading fiction. She also manages to hold her ground against Nyarlathotep himself, and walks alone into the Dreamlands to capture the Necronomicon.
  • Big Damn Heroes: Manages to rescue Hardestadt from Rich Jacobs' nonexistent mercy at the climax of Girls on Film.
  • Blessed with Suck: Has Yog-Sothoth in her head, granting her incredible knowledge and insight to things most humans can't dream of. Shame it'll burn her brain out and leave her a dead shell of herself when Yog-Sothoth is through.
  • Brains and Bondage: Erin is quite intelligent, and when she uses the phrase 'moonlight' to snap Hardestadt out of a berserk rage inflicted on him in Carcosa, she briefly mentions it's her safe word. Further confirmed in Under the Cold Moon she goes for this.
  • Break the Cutie: She goes through this thanks to Yog-Sothoth, almost utterly shattering. She gets better.
  • Chronic Hero Syndrome: Even moreso than Hardestadt. Erin truly believes in saving others and won't ever rest until she does.
  • Cuteness Proximity: Is absolutely squeeing over the cats of Ulthar and has to remind herself not to "hug the king of cats and tell her what a cute little kitty she is."
  • Determinator: She will not give up, no matter what. Even when she realizes Yog-Sothoth is slowly killing her, she forces herself to keep putting 'one foot in front of the other' with the knowledge everyone is counting on her.
  • Did You Just Flip Off Cthulhu?: Tells Nyarlathotep to 'go fuck yourself' after he attempts his Deal with the Devil with her.
  • Everyone Can See It: Her feelings for Hardestadt are seen as incredibly obvious in Girls on Film. By the time the two are together, nobody is surprised
  • Face Death with Dignity: When her task is complete, she simply asks Yog-Sothoth for her happiest memory-the first time she and Hardestadt ever told each other "I love you" and accepts her mental oblivion with calm acceptance.
Erin: No more crying. You knew how this was gonna go. You knew how this was gonna end. No use being scared now. Going to happen whether you want it to or not. Be brave, even if the only person you're proving anything to is yourself.
  • Fire-Forged Friends: She befriends an ancient demon who's the Queen of Hell on their trek through the Dreamlands.
  • Good Girls Avoid Abortion: Averted. Erin is a very good person and reveals at the end of Cold Moon that she chose not to keep a pregnancy from a failed relationship.
  • The Heart: Her kindness is infectious and she's the moral center of the team. It's implied she even helped Hardestadt reconnect with humanity again.
  • Heroic Bastard: Nobody makes a big deal about it, but Erin was born when her parents Naomi and Ken were out of school and before they were married.
  • Heroic BSoD: Learning she's dying and Yog-Sothoth's utter indifference to it makes her break down utterly.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: One reason Yog-Sothoth chooses her as a repository of knowledge is it knows that even if she has to kill herself to save the world, she will.
  • Hidden Depths: She turns out to be highly resourceful, kind and determined when the chips are down.
  • Hypercompetent Sidekick: In Girls on Film, Erin puts things together and saves her far more experienced boss with little to go on.
  • Kindhearted Cat Lover: Erin is a sweet, moral person, and as she shows in the Dreamlands, she absolutely adores cats. Especially talking cats.
  • Jumped at the Call: Erin met Hardestadt when she was threatened by a Brahmaparusha that intended to drive her mad and eat her alive. Hardestadt rescued her, prompting her to go to him herself and say she wanted to help others just as he'd helped her.
  • Nerves of Steel: Delivering a Precision F-Strike to the Crawling Chaos itself while she's at his mercy. nets her some of these.
  • Nice Girl: Erin's assertive and not afraid to put it where it is, but she's still earnest, enthusiastic, and an incredibly moral woman.
  • Official Couple: She and Hardestadt get together by Nights in Lonesome Arkham and remain so. By the end of Under the Cold Moon, they're formally engaged.
  • Perky Goth: Favors black clothes, has numerous piercings and dyed hair, yet is quite cheerful and upbeat.
  • Secretly Dying: Thanks to Yog-Sothoth in her head in Arkham, Erin tries desperately to conceal her impending demise.
  • Sex for Solace: Due to the above issue with Yog-Sothoth, Erin initiates an encounter with Hardestadt that is more about relief and comfort for herself than anything else.
  • Supporting Protagonist: Is the true hero of Girls on Film, saving her far more experienced boss with little info to go on.
  • Took a Level in Badass: From innocent victim to Hypercompetent Sidekick to facing off against the Crawling Chaos and telling him to go fuck himself. This trend continues even more in Cold Moon when she takes out two werewolves via her cleverness.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: Before she and Hardestadt got together, they tended to snark at one another a lot while being best friends.
  • Your Days Are Numbered: Yog-Sothoth in her head means her mind will eventually be obliterated, much to her despair.

    Emma West 

Emma West

Lydia West's sister and a former victim of Rich Jacobs' trafficking ring, later turned into a vampiric field agent and fierce ally of Hardestadt Delac.

  • Action Girl: Cements herself as a skilled, talented fighter after training.
  • And This Is for...: She seems to have taken up Hardestadt's habit of delivering this to enemies. As Jacobs finds out.
  • Beta Couple: She and Dani are the secondary couple to to Hardestadt and Delac.
  • Did You Just Flip Off Cthulhu?: She puts Hardestadt's brother a powerful demon lord, in his place verbally.
  • The Dog Bites Back: Twofold. She's one of the vampiric women leading the fray against Jacobs at the end after suffering his abuses in Girls on Film, and later takes the honor of personally finishing the bastard once and for all in the next story by tossing him to Cthulhu.
  • Friendly Neighborhood Vampire: Emma was turned into a vampire for the purpose of Jacobs' "special" films. A few years later when she's liberated from the ring, Emma's still a vampire, but she's entirely pleasant and dedicated to helping those in need.
  • Knife Nut: In battle, she loves her knives.
  • Heroes Want Redheads: She loves Dani dearly, who has red hair.
  • Hooker with a Heart of Gold: Formerly a pornographic actress, but always a very kind, moral human being.
  • Lesbian Vampire: In a loving and committed relationship with Dani, another vampire.
  • Not Afraid of You Anymore: When Jacobs, the man who tortured and traumatized her, is resurrected to act as Nyarlathotep's minion, Emma is the one who faces him, no longer afraid of him. She kills him for good when she feeds him to Cthulhu.
  • Running Gag: Has a habit of mistaking Hardestadt's (mostly ageless) family members as "hot older siblings."
  • Shipper on Deck: She ships Hardestadt and Erin quite a lot.
  • Took a Level in Badass: From a tortured victim of Jacobs' trafficking ring to one member of a party taking on a Great Old One. The leap is huge.
  • Undying Loyalty: She is fiercely loyal to Hardestadt and Erin for saving her and her fiancée.

Hardestadt's Family

    Grete Ravenhallow 

Grete Ravenhallow

The deuteragonist of Under the Cold Moon, and a talented, competent Werewolf Jaeger sent to infiltrate Pine Creek. Grete has a long and complex history with Hardestadt.

  • Action Girl: Comes with being a trained warrior and werewolf. Grete is a particularly talented and skilled example.
  • Awesome Mc Coolname: Grete Ravenhallow does roll off the tongue. As does Grete Luciana Alevia Delac, which earns her bonus points as all three of those names belong to some of the most powerful, accomplished characters of the setting.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Has a dry wit about her when she wants to show it. Presumably she picked it up from her father.
  • Declaration of Protection: "This time, dad. This time I protect you!" She also extends this to Kasumi Akamine, inspiring her with a promise to defend her.
  • Determinator: Like both her parents, Grete refuses to stay down or give up.
  • The Dog Bites Back: After having lived for years with the trauma of Siegfried's attempt on her life? She's the one to finally kill him.
  • Embarrassing Nickname: Hardestadt called her 'mon ciel etoille' and 'mon petit loup' (meaning 'my starry sky' and 'my little wolf') in the past, which she's a bit embarrassed by in current day.
  • Fire-Forged Friends: Grete goes through a lot in World War with the Seers Elazar and Jeanne and with Saviri, forming a tight bond with them.
  • Friend to All Children: Grete is very fond of children.
  • Gayngst: Very briefly as a teenager when struggling with her orientation. Given this was in the 1700s, it's more than justified, and her Parental Substitute Eliza Cortly was there to help her become proud of it.
  • Her Heart Will Go On: She opts to continue and try to heal after she loses her lover Carmilla in 1888.
  • Heroic BSoD: She nearly suffers one when she learns Siegfried is the one behind Pine Creek, almost freezing up out of sheer PTSD when she sees him.
  • Heroic Lineage: Grete is of the line of the famous Gunhild, one of the greatest leaders and warriors of the werewolf clans. Her mother Thorunn was an even greater one, and, and through her father's side, she's the granddaughter of Lucifer and Aleviel themselves.
  • Hidden Depths: Grete spends the first half of the story being cool and professional with Hardestadt only to reveal a much more compassionate and kind woman who deeply loves him as her father.
  • I Am What I Am: Grete's proud to accept herself as she is and refuses to use Hardestadt's silver band to hide herself.
  • Interspecies Romance: She falls for a Kitsune, being a werewolf.
  • Little Miss Badass: when she couldn't have been older than three, she ripped out Siegfried's eye with her teeth when he had her hostage.
  • Not Afraid of You Anymore: She is finally able to stand up to Siegfried, and while she admits she is still afraid of him, it won't stop her from ending him.
  • Odd Friendship: She forms a close bond with the strange, antisocial Saviri, with their fathers being close friends.
  • Old Flame: Was seemingly one of these to Hardestadt, during his time among the clans. Except she's not. She's his daughter, and the product of a romance between one of his old flames, Thorunn.
  • Pre-Mortem One-Liner: "You chose your god. Now embrace his hell.
  • Really 700 Years Old: As a werewolf, Grete is much older than she appears, and she was born in the mid-late 1700s.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: When she goes all out, her eyes shift from gold to red, unlike other werewolves. Like father, like daughter.
  • Rescue Romance: She falls for Kasumi Akamine after saving her life.
  • Secret Keeper: She's the only one int he family who knows Eliza is back and where she is.
  • Straight Gay: Played with. She's calm, professional and doesn't advertise her sexuality on the job, but she's an out lesbian and clearly doesn't bother hiding it when she's back home in San Francisco.
  • Strong Family Resemblance: She greatly resembles her mother Thorunn, down to the same eyes.
  • Surprise Incest: She's just a wee bit cautious of this with Kasumi after seeing how close Kasumi's mother Oyuki Akamine was to Hardestadt, only to receive assurances from Oyuki that while she and Grete's father were lovers, he is absolutely not Kasumi's father.
  • Tranquil Fury: She tends to express pure rage with calmness.
  • Twofer Token Minority: She's noticeably not Caucasian, with light-brown skin. She's also gay. Beyond that? She's also a hybrid, with werewolf and human DNA in her — which makes her a target for Siegfried just as much as her mother was.
  • Walking Spoiler: The reveal she isn't Thorunn. She's Thorunn and Hardestadt's daughter.
  • You Killed My Father: One reason for her hatred of Siegfried is Thorunn's death when she was just a baby.

    Alineia Vasilisa Maria 

Alineia Vasilisa Maria

Appears in: Give Us Forever

"Are you my brother?!"

Hardestadt's younger sister and the daughter of Aleviel, accidentally born after the events of Nights in Lonesome Arkham and rescued by Baba Yaga and Koschei. Debuts in the first part of Give Us Forever.

  • Affectionate Nickname: Ali, or "Ali Vasya" by Baba Yaga and Koschei.
  • Apocalypse Maiden: Alineia's power is such that the mere concept of existing is enough to potentially threaten the entirety of the Teraverse. She's eerily blithe about being willing to die for the sake of preventing this.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: As cheerful as she is, Alineia is the strongest being in all reality. Hardestadt snapping at Baba Yaga provokes her to almost crush Hardestadt under an unfathomable amount of power and lose her niceness for a brief second.
  • Catchphrase: She tends to add 'honest and true' as a way to emphasize what she says, or to ask others if they're sincere.
  • Cheerful Child: Her having been raised by Baba Yaga and Koschei hasn't affected her development into an excitable, well-reared, pleasant child whose nothing less than ecstatic to finally see her brother.
  • Children Are Innocent: Decidedly so. Alineia is untouched by the world's cruelty so far even if she is at the center of a lot of dark planning—her first taste of loss, ever, ends up being her "Uncle" Koschei.
  • Exact Words: She's the "youngest of the devils" Baba Yaga keeps hinting at, not Hardestadt.
  • Secretly Dying: Her power is so great it's literally killing her, hence all her references to constantly being sleepy. Aleviel's entire plan is to save her life.
  • Sleepyhead: She likes to sleep a lot. A darker take than most as it's strongly implied this is evidence of her slowly dying.
  • Story-Breaker Power: Alienia's mere existence constitutes as this, dethroning Aleviel as the strongest living entity in the current setting. This is all offset by the fact she's a child and doesn't really know how to control her power yet.
  • Walking Spoiler: Her mere existence is a gigantic spoiler for Give Us Forever.
  • World's Strongest Man: Alineia's potential power isn't just remarkable among demons and angels; she's literally the strongest being in the entire Teraverse in terms of raw power. The only problem is she doesn't quite know how to control it.


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