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Darth Wiki: Blissrune
"The world is only two years away from being corrupted."

A fictional Fighting Game by Wax.

In a far future, mankind has discovered magical items and used them to expand society greatly. Though, in trying to find the source of holy magic, the "Gate Halo", a religious organization, channeled its being into a vessel, a stone, which became the Blissrune. Though, they discovered that the Blissrune was not exploitable, and very soon, it started modifying the land around and channeling its power into everything around it. Two similar incidents were reported in completely opposite locations, with much more evil-looking powers infesting the land instead. None ever returned from the surroundings of the runes, and humankind lost its hold on Earth progressively.
Over the two following years, the "Gate Halo" was overtaken by a part of it and renamed to "New Gate Halo", with the new aim to govern humanity's new settlements. Its government soon grew tyrannical though, and they monopolized all the existent Magitek weapons for their personnel's use. The country of Japan rebelled against the New Gate Halo's behavior, but one year of war brought the country to surrender. Though, mere months later, another organization proposes an alternative to the Halo: the R System, promising a more peaceful world, lures people away from the New Gate Halo, causing a cold war between the opposing factions. They are currently planning an attack on Kanmuri City.

The saga is divided in 5 games.
  • Blissrune: The Kanmuri City Siege
  • Blissrune 2: Strife in Heji City
  • Blissrune 3: Barrier of Horizon
  • Blissrune 4: Tate City Waning
  • Blissrune 5: Primordial Struggle

Tropes associated with the story or characters:

  • Aerith and Bob: There are very few Bobs though, to the point that Johnny D. Flash and Ken Shepard count as the bobbiest of the Bobs, not counting some of the Japanese, for example Ichiro or Kyo.
  • Ambiguously Evil: Several characters, enough for a list to be too long.
  • Anti-Human Alliance: To a degree, the Guild of the Night, who intend to do right to the many victims of Fantastic Racism. Though it does accept some humans, those shunned for using Black Magic. This aspect of the Guild comes more to the picture with Merilith, since she is the leader of the group and it was formerly the New Gate Halo Night Branch, all fired in one shot by Soujirou.
  • Apocalypse How: Starting. When the Blissrune was created, its two evil counterparts came into being and the three started infesting the world. Needless to say, infested zones also corrupt everything within, with a preference for human minds.
  • Artifact of Doom: The Blissrune. What's worse? It has two Evil Counterpart runes in the Bloodrune and Blackrune.
  • Artifact Title: "Guru" for the New Gate Halo's leader. The New Gate Halo ceased to be a religious group long ago to redirect itself towards governing the remains of humanity.
  • Beat the Curse Out of Him: Youna gets Claire beaten out of her by Dougal in Tate City Waning. Similarly so, Dougal had been beating on all of the Amano Clansgirls from Barrier of Horizon to the beginning of Primordial Struggle.
  • Big Bad: The three runes.
  • Black and Gray Morality: Everywhere.
  • Bloody Bowels of Hell: Bloodrune-infested zones.
  • Card-Carrying Villain: The New Gate Halo Fright Branch.
  • Crapsack World
  • Demonic Possession: Many different examples. The Spirits possess their owner (with the exception of Rin who just talks Shinju into acting as she wishes), and Crystal-A is permanently corrupted by the Blissrune. They're not the only ones.
  • Evil Counterpart: To XEH Drive. More than a handful of the character designs common to both are harsher on this side.
    • Ken Shepard is the local Alex Cage. Unlike Alex, Ken is not the friendly type as he proves over the story, being defiant and wary of Mint to the point of almost-open hostility. Until he discovers she's a Crystal clone. He then starts a war with the R System over that simple lie.
    • The Amano Clansgirls might be this to the Divines. Also, the clansgirls' have negative aspects brought to light: Shoumi's abusing the system to get away with driving without license, Chiharu's Mafia background, even Youna's selfishness, Ai's Shoumi-like abuse of the system to justify mass murder, Yuriko's extreme passive-agressiveness, and Shinju desperately trying to sacrifice herself for her friends.
    • Maju and Shibi got replacements in Shiori and Kayana.
      While Shiori mellows out, Maju is essentially The Brute even though she's in a neutral party. The only person she's less of a bitch to are two of her fellow Z-Oners. And yes, this list doesn't even include her long-lost relative Zero.
      And while Kayana is guilty of minor thefts, Shibi is a serial killer behind her nice girl attitude and even though she mellows out a bit as a Japanese leader, her serial killer habits phase back in when the runes get involved.
    • Reiei got replaced by Eishin, who is the leader of a quiet rebellion. Reiei is a shady person, actually collaborates with the Fright Branch when not relaying information to his real allegiance, and serves a neutral (and very dark) faction rather than any greater good.
    • Koizumi subverts this trope in regards to her inspiration, Shinju Shimotsuki. While she starts out as an arrogant bitch, she mellows out when she joins the Saints after being literally fired. And then the Blissrune corruption kicks in, making her a different kind of evil.
    • Akihiko is this to XEH Drive's Itsuki Kannazuki, big time. Itsuki is Haraku's faithful lieutenant and friend while Akihiko is a selfish bastard who betrays everyone to gain power over the world, no matter the shape, as he proceeds to demonstrate by seizing the Blackrune.
    • Kyo was intended as the replacement to Kim Yeong-Su. Turns out said replacement is cocky and Oblivious to Love to such an extent that he dates a girl to get rid of his stalker who is one of said girl's best friends. He mellows out upon discovering his girlfriend is responsible for his violinist Career-Ending Injury, but the damage in his and their relationships is done even when he becomes a leading figure to the Neo Japan Faction, and he doesn't even attempt to repair them.
    • Engel got replaced in XEH Drive by Yasushi Moraku. While Yasushi's role is unclear, Engel in the first game is clearly attempting to blow up his hometown by buying explosives from Z-One. And then he forms Neo Japan with Shibi and Kyo, where he is the most ruthless of the three leaders, willing to take drastic actions until opposed by the two late-teenagers.
    • Zero Ashsol is the local Tsutomu Hibi. Except Zero is actually willing to pull the Deus Ex Nukina to answer his problems. He blows up Heji City without a hint of remorse when he hears Belle is spreading The Corruption there. While not really evil, he is at least more of a callous Jerkass.
    • R' to Jay Fernandes. R' manages to be much more of a threat, namely succeeding in cloning a Crystal (and cloning said clone) and taking over a whole city.
      Despite this, he is protective of the people under his care even though very much disliked, and evacuates Heji City before Z-One bombards it, making him a possible subversion.
    • Gouta is this to Haraku, despite looking frankly nice and not going out of his way to Kick the Dog (not that Haraku even does). Gouta was well-aware of Soujirou's world takeover ploy and supported it, so he at least has a certain willingness to make blasphemous boasts and snatch credit from others.
    • Norou can possibly be this to Malar.
      Even though Malar himself is an egotistical bastard, Norou also plays on mental warfare, treating Ginji and Cristina like they're his and Soujirou's toys, being evil to his own subordinates as he also subdued Miree by playing on her envy, and using You Have Failed Me to great extent, such as catapulting #41 when it reported failing to stop the Saints or ditching Miree when Akihiko betrayed both and corrupted her. Though his firing of Reiei for helping Ginji take Nami was entirely justified as a professional fault: in his eyes, Reiei had been a Karma Houdini for Nami's kidnapping.
    • Averted with the Saints who aren't evil at all. Then Ginji's reckless overkill and #38 being impliedly misguided as well as Koizumi's arrival make the group seem as such, except it's almost entirely subverted... until the up-to-then-crystal-clean Cristina and Koizumi both fall to Blissrune corruption.
    • Averted with Miree, created to fill in for Mika Noubi. Since the basis for Miree was very evil, she couldn't get so much higher. But instead of Pragmatic Villainy, Miree does this for revenge, fully intending to torture Norou and Merilith mentally like she does to any of her victims. Though she doesn't get much pedigree as her attack on the Guild of the Night was entirely misplanned and caused her to lose to her, then falling victim to Akihiko. Despite being much lower on the Sliding Scale of Villain Effectiveness, she is very close in evilness.
    • Johnny is this to Sadamu due to his Jerkass Façade.
    • Rei's status as this to Marlene is unknown considering Rei's redeeming points (friendship with Zack, eventual Heel-Face Turn) and all making this a possible inverted example.
  • Evil Versus Evil: The Halo vs. the Runes. Or versus the R System.
    • Evil Versus Oblivion: A Mêlée à Trois version, adding the Crystals N and M to the mix. Crystal-M being the Oblivion to the Halo's Evil (as in "The Halo wants to rule mankind, Crystal-M wants to Kill 'em All."), but the Evil to Crystal-N's Oblivion (Crystal-M only wants to kill humans. Crystal-N's aim is to destroy the entire world.).
  • Fallen Hero: The Spirits reveal themselves to have been this, complete with Was Once A Woman, Dark and Troubled Past, And I Must Scream.
    Koizumi and Akihiko become this with the New Gate Halo, complete with rivalry between them and corruptions.
  • Fantasy Kitchen Sink
  • Fantasy Metals: Even normal metals count as such to a degree. While tungsten is one of the toughest metals in Real Life, in this work it is one of the least potent magically. Even glass is superior, not even talking about gold or emerald. Also, it's been discovered that metals block The Corruption. Any rune's corruption.
  • Five-Man Band: Averted. The Rogue Walkers are only five in one game, Barrier of Horizon, in which they fit.
  • Magic Genetic Engineering Is The New Nuke: The Crystals.
  • Gone Horribly Right: The creation of the Blissrune. They wanted the embodiment of holiness, they got it, but Holy Is Not Safe and it has two Evil Counterpart elements that are just as unforgiving.
  • Gone Horribly Wrong: Sealing the Blissrune via Crystal-A. Crystal-A shut down instantly and went comatose, and two years later, in Primordial Struggle, she awakens as the vessel of the very thing she was made to combat.
  • Government Conspiracy: The New Gate Halo is full of it within. Especially obvious with Soujirou who attempts to manipulate the corruption to maintain his hold on the government, especially obvious from Barrier of Horizon when Kaname and Belle awaken in Heji City and the R System can't do a thing about her, leading Soujirou to work more on developing his "anti-corruption" to persuade people to join the Halo rather than the R System; His takeover ploy also counts.
  • The Good, the Bad, and the Evil: Loads of comparisons can be made this way, but this is the primary visual motif between the Blissrune, the Bloodrune and the Blackrune.
  • Holy Is Not Safe: The Blissrune is made of this.
  • Japanese Spirit: Averted. The Japanese having no specific "talent" were just on par with the New Gate Halo, in a 3-on-1 war.
  • Ki Attacks: A factor of Japanese ascendance that is highly-valued as almost nobody can do anything close to magic by themselves. Those who used to teach magic were corrupted by the runes and / or killed.
  • Knight Templar: Almost every evil character, can be said to be one. Even good ones are rather ambiguous and could get here.
  • Made of Evil: The Bloodrune and the Blackrune. Literally. When the holy magic was concentrated into the Blissrune, natural balance condensed the bad and the evil into two other stones.
  • Magic Genetics: The Crystals have magically-modified genes.
  • Magitek: Very present as Holder Magic (magic performed via an object that does the magic for you) is way more common than Caster Magic (magic performed by the user). Everyone carries a weapon because almost none is able to perform magic by themselves, excluding the Crystals, who were made for this, and their clones.
  • Names to Run Away From Really Fast: Quite the Long List. The spirits are notably averting this, hiding their hideous nature behind names like Belle, Claire...
    • Darkness von Gothickname: An equivalent in Reiei, meaning spirit shadow, and Eina, meaning shadow field. Continued with Shibi (dead beauty, which ties into the "corpse" part of Nouns to run away from really fast), and Hyouya (icy night). One-upped by Merilith, whose name is composed with Meril (a name derived from Merle, meaning blackbird) and Lilith. And overkilled with Dougal, that means dark stranger.
    • My Hero Zero: Zero Ashsol, the Meaningful Rename of Johnny's adoptive father and co-leader of Z-One.
    • Demons Or Angels: Engel, which stands for angel.
    • Flamme. Gratuitous French + flames = We have a problem.
    • In a league of their own, we have the Munabuchi family, represented by Norou and Ginji. Munabuchi means dreamless abyss.
    • Nouns to run away from really fast include cinder. Subtly present in Shoumi (shou standing for ash, or setting things on fire), but present in Zero Ashsol, again.
    • Colors: Black gives us Dougal. Red is the kou in Kouma (and Akai, Maju's family name as well as Zero's actual name: Shuji Akai, playing it double as the shu in his first name also means red). Also, Mint Viridia is entirely named after shades of green. Gray, especially silver, gives Ginji. Also, add Peach.
    • Titles: The New Gate Halo, with their overflow of titles, has Major Koizumi Takigami (until Homura fires her literally in Strife in Heji City), and Lieutenant-General Akihiko Egami, but of course Generals Gouta Teragami and Norou Munabuchi. Not forgetting of course Guru / Grandmaster Soujirou Mikami. Z-One's Johnny and Zero occasionally go by the title "Doctor".
  • Natural Weapon: The Crystals have automatic Wolverine Claws, Breath Weapon, Flight, and are able to cast magic unlike everyone else.
  • Nebulous Evil Organization: The New Gate Halo's leadership. Tate City Waning and Primordial Struggle reveal that only Soujirou was calling the shots.
  • Obviously Evil: The Blackrune.
  • Person of Mass Destruction: The Crystals.
  • Science Is Bad: Averted. While science does have drawbacks, magic has even worse if misused.
  • Sliding Scale of Villain Threat: Global Threat for everyone, since they want to either Take Over the World or destroy it.
  • Take Over the World: The New Gate Halo did this in the years following the creation of the Blissrune. The R System are trying to do this to the Halo.
  • Theme Naming: Every character's moves.
  • Title Drop: The Blissrune is one Artifact of Doom out of the three that are infesting the world.
  • Transhuman: A lot of them.
  • World-Wrecking Wave: The three runes, when they came into being.

Tropes associated with the gameplay elements:

  • Always Accurate Attack: All the Crystals have their Mythical Arcane in common: Raw Crystal, which is a screen-filler. The Runes have Major Influence as their Mythical Arcane, and you probably won't notice the difference with Raw Crystal until you realize this attack works as a Non-Standard Game Over.
  • Anti-Frustration Features: Lose against someone and you can get a battle boost. These are much stronger against the bosses, allowing you to Pay Evil unto Evil on the SNK Bosses. note 
  • Attack Reflector: Several characters have attacks that reflect projectiles right back.
  • Awesome, but Impractical: The Mythical Arcane. It can finish off an enemy below 50% health and are very usable even in comparison to supers, aside from the three meters necessary to use it, and you can only use it in the round that wins you the match.
  • Boss Bonanza:
    • The Kanmuri City Siege starts with Shoumi (or Eina if you did enough Spellbreak finishes), then goes to Akihiko, and then Gouta, and finally Norou or Crystal-M as the true final boss.
    • Strife in Heji City starts with Rei, then Youna (or Eina, again, if you didn't continue), then Nami, then Loke, and then Zack. If you didn't continue against Youna, Eina, Loke or Zack, true final boss Zee awaits.
    • Barrier of Horizon starts with #41, then Ai (or Eina, again, if you beat #41 by timeout), then Koizumi, and finally Belle or Zero as the true final boss if you met Johnny as your stage 6 opponent by having dealt at least 4 Spellbreak (or Mythical Arcane) final round finishes.
    • Tate City Waning starts with Rain or Koizumi (depending on who you play as), then Ai, then Claire, and finally Merilith. And right after comes Peach as the true final boss if you finished Claire off too quickly. But if you did finish Merilith with at least a Spellbreak, Peach's true final boss fight will be (or not if you didn't unlock it) overwritten by Crystal-N.
    • Primordial Struggle gives us Gouta, Homura and Soujirou as a 3-boss rush. Beating Soujirou without continuing unlocks different true-final-boss rushes depending on who you're playing as.
  • Character Roster Global Warming: Averted.
    The Kanmuri City Siege starts the series with already 3 Mighty Glacier characters: Kouma, Ichiro and Gouta.
    Zee and Homura are the glaciers of Strife in Heji City.\\
RJ#38, a straighter Mighty Glacier than the above two, appears in Barrier of Horizon, along with #41 and Zero.
Tate City Waning brings Miree and Peach.
Primordial Struggle brings Flamme and Rin as its two slowest characters.
  • Charge Attack: The Knockdown Attack, with its specific button, can be charged. Only the offense rune enhances the attack's power, though: charging it with the defense rune heals you, charging it with the speed rune makes you move toward the opponent, and charging it with the mana rune charges your Mana Meter.
  • Combos: Enforced with very little scaling ratios and Runedrive.
  • Counter Attack: None are universal, but several characters possess one.
  • Dash Attack: Loads of them, prevalent even in non Fragile Speedster-type characters.
  • Difficulty Spike: Stage 6 is your rival fight. Then come the bosses, who outright disrespect the rules and pick several runes while you only have one.
    • The spike is steeper in Primordial Struggle: Homura, the sub-boss, is Stage 6, and Soujirou is the Final Boss at stage 7, contrasting the other game's stage 10.
  • Double Jump: And no-one is forbidden from using it, not even the Mighty Glacier characters.
  • Fake Special Attack: Youna's Joke Character status in Strife in Heji City makes her moves Cool, but Inefficient at best. Later iterations make her able to hold her own.
  • Finishing Move: The Mythical Arcane can only be used on opponents below half health and instantly one-shots them.
  • Fixed Damage Attack: The Mythical Arcane, again, always deals 1000 damage, which makes it a One-Hit Kill.
  • Gradual Regeneration: With the defense rune, while you're charging your Knockdown Attack, you heal some life progressively.
  • Grapple Move: There are several grapple specialists.
  • Knockback Evasion: Called Stonebreak. It has an offensive and a defensive variation. The offensive Stonebreak strikes the opponent and knocks them down while the defensive stonebreak is a dash.
  • Life Drain: Several attacks have this effect, though they're few. Shibi, Nami, Hyouya and Gigou have life-stealing attacks naturally. Continuing can give you this.
  • Limit Break: Spellbreaks. To a larger scale, we have the Mythical Arcanes.
  • Shockwave Stomp: Present for several characters.
  • Shoryuken: Many characters have one such attack.
  • Slide Attack: Many of those, especially for Fragile Speedsters.
  • SNK Boss: The bosses from stages 7 and 8 always pick several runes while you only have one, giving them an unfair advantage. But the true SNK-ness comes at stage 9.
    • The Kanmuri City Siege starts with Shoumi or Eina. On top of the normal rune pick, Shoumi and Eina always pick a mana rune. Then you meet Akihiko, who picks the defense and speed runes on top of another randomly-choosed one.
      But then comes Gouta. He has three runes, always being attack + defense + mana. But contrarily to the aforementioned bosses, he is in constant Runedrive, meaning he deals 40% more damage, takes 50% less, and charges his gauge at double rate. But the constant Runedrive gives him lengthened stun periods when his attacks connect, he is utterly Immune to Flinching and has free supers all the time! Keep in mind, most of Gouta's attacks are command grabs, and two of his specials are "just" openers for his powerful Nether Grail Halo super which already deals around 35% of your life when you're playing as Gouta with no power advantage. Which means that when he combos into it directly from his openers, his will take over half your health.
      But Gouta isn't the Final Boss. Welcome Norou, who has all four runes and permanent Runedrive. His attacks are naturally faster than Gouta, and while you can try to keep the Mighty Glacier at bay, Norou, with his speed rune, can be at his preferred range in no time. This speed rune and constant Runedrive also gives him a power that Gouta didn't have: cancel specials into any attack. Add to that an Unblockable Attack of his own, another attack that will stuff almost everything (especially projectiles), his own projectile attacks (thankfully, only the predictable one goes fullscreen), and a nigh-instantaneous Mythical Arcane that hits almost everywhere on the ground; and he will whip it out if he has three bars.
      Or maybe you did well and met Crystal-M instead. She's even more dangerous than Norou, since she has exactly the same rune advantages as him and makes much more use of the boosted movement speed with her more movement-oriented specials and supers. Plus, if she can use her Mythical Arcane, she can (and will) cancel a super into it. Her Mythical Arcane being a screen-filler, it will always hit. Which means she can kill you in two moves from around two thirds of your life, if you're hit high enough that the screen-filler hits you before you reach the ground.
    • Strife in Heji City starts with Rei, who picks two random runes. Then comes Youna, who has constant Runedrive. Except that she doesn't even have any rune, making it completely useless aside from the always-complete Rune Gauge. Also, in match-winning rounds, she won't even try to use supers, building her three meters to use her Mythical Arcane at the last second.
      Then the game starts the SNK-ness by including dynamic difficulty, with Nami. She doesn't have permanent Runedrive, but already picks three random runes.
      She is followed up by Loke. He has attack, speed and mana runes, plus constant Runedrive. Which means special-cancelling 140%-damage infinite-super antics in the form of a Shoto Clone.
      And then, the final boss: Zack. He doesn't look threatening, but he has all four runes and constant Runedrive like all final bosses. His special cancelling gives him the power to poke to no end with a double fireball and a trap attack, but also the possibility to launch from his Flash Kick attack, or just start an endless juggle from his command grab. The worst part: his Mythical Arcane is a command grab too, meaning he has an instant death radius as long as he has three bars and you have less than 50% of your life. Or maybe he will just combo into it.
      If you do well, Zee comes to you. While she is normally a hard-hitter reminiscent of Gouta, she gives you an idea of what he could've done with a speed rune. With her huge attacks that lead to big damage, she can kill in one combo, especially if you include her Mythical Arcane.
    • Barrier of Horizon brings a hidden SNK Sub-Boss: Johnny D. Flash. He doesn't have contact Runedrive. But he has all four runes simultaneously. Seeing him brings down the difficulty of the other bosses, since you move on even if you lost to him.
      RJ#41 only has the defense rune, but he is in constant Runedrive. Which means that he has 150% defense and is Immune to Flinching, which means he'll go through all of your attacks. Unless you beat Johnny, in which case he doesn't have constant Runedrive, only the constant defense rune pick. Which makes him just like a normal tank character who just happens to want to behave like an unstoppable juggernaut and go point-blank before attacking.
      Ai gets the attack and mana runes, complete with constant Runedrive unless you beat Johnny. Free supers and high damage will reminisce the Gouta and Loke boss fights. If you get Eina instead, she's almost the same, except she doesn't always pick the attack rune on top of the mana one.
      Koizumi comes off at this point, and she's the first character whose SNK-ness isn't affected by Johnny. She always has the defense rune, the mana rune and another one chosen at random. She at the very least combines #41 and Eina's cheapness. But she always has constant Runedrive, meaning that she'll tank 50% more damage and have free supers all the time.
      Belle is the final boss, complete with all four runes and permanent Runedrive. Since she resembles a void in a dress, her body moves are nigh-unpredictable, and considering their range, she can do very long massively damaging combos from a range where you could do absolutely nothing.
      And if you beat Johnny, you don't face her. You face Zero instead. All four runes and permanent Runedrive make him tough enough, but his intro has him go a new level of Super Mode, enhancing all his special attacks, all of which he can combo from and he has one that is (now) straight-up infinitely-looping by itself. He also gains new moves: a mana-charging channel and an instant mana charge after specials. If you try to time him out, he gets angry and attacks relentlessly, forcing an infinite blockstring and use the inevitable guard crush to combo into Mythical Arcane.
    • Tate City Waning's boss sequence starts with the Koizumi from the previous game, sans random-pick rune and more importantly sans Runedrive. Ai, who follows her as the second boss of the rush, isn't much different from the last game, Runedrive taken out of course.
      It really toned down the SNK-ness, since we're only starting the real SNK-ness at stage 9 with Claire. She looks like a Super Mode of Youna (formless tail and four arms aside), and while she indeed has several reminiscent attacks, she swaps out Youna's direct moves for better-ranged attacks, including a ranged grab which leads to you standing up at point-blank range. Complete with mana rune and constant Runedrive for free supers.
      The final boss is Merilith. She doesn't have anything particular aside from natural trickiness and high movement speed even in her playable incrnation, and the mandatory 4 runes + constant Runedrive combination. Except the teleport she can do after any special to be right in front of - or behind - you.
      If you finished Claire off quickly, you have a little cinematic where Ai gives up on life, unleashing Peach. She has just Ai's trademark rune spread (attack and mana) in opposition to all four runes, but this still means free supers and extended hitstuns. That, and she gains a special ability, 50% lifesteal on her command grabs. Note that she has three command grabs, not counting a followup. Which this boss incarnation can use out of the blue or after any special.
      Crystal-N, encountered under specific conditions, has all runes, constant Runedrive, and her specials AND supers are upgraded from her playable incarnation. She is essentially at Zero's level of SNK-ness, with an entirely different moveset.
    • Primordial Struggle brings back Gouta, but seeing as he doesn't bring his constant Runedrive from The Kanmuri City Siege, the fight is much easier than the slaughter it's supposed to make you remember.
      The next stage has you pit up against Homura (about damn time) as the sub-boss. She goes with all four runes, pure and simple.
      But Soujirou does the same with constant Runedrive. In contrast to the other games which would have let you face at least one opponent with constant Runedrive, Soujirou is fought immediately after a subpar rune lineup from the older rushes' standards. Hello, Dynamic Difficulty.
      Following a continueless victory on Soujirou, though, makes you fight solo against another opponent with 4 runes and constant Runedrive. Be it Cristina, Koizumi, Shibi, Miree, Loke or #41, they're not letting down yet. Worse? They're followed by two spirits. You'll have to fight them survival-style and beat the two with one lifebar, with at best a 30% life regeneration between the two rounds and if you go above that...
      Pearlei, Crimeida and Ebonsela, though, take the cake. Their specials are based on supers from the characters they influenced, and their supers take cues from their followers' Mythical Arcanes. More? Their Mythical Arcane (yes, it's the same for the three of them): instant unblockable screen-filler that corrupts your character for a Non-Standard Game Over. If you try to time them out they will use it, and there's no evading this.
  • Spam Attack: Light attacks can be rapid-fired, and several characters have this as special moves.
  • Special Attack: Special attack lists are often very long.
  • Spin Attack: Koizumi, Akihiko and Gouta all have one as supers.
  • Super Mode: Runedrive. The SNK Bosses are so hard because they have it permanently with several runes.
  • Unblockable Attack: Several specials are unblockable, not to mention many characters' Mythical Arcanes.
  • Videogame Dashing: Done more obviously with inhuman characters. People like Ken run, but Mint does this.


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Introduced in Blissrune: The Kanmuri City Siege

Non-boss characters: note 

    The Kanmuri City Siege Non-bosses 

Mint Viridia

"My name is Mint, and I'm on to my first mission, starting today. Fun things!"
The heroine of the series. She's a R System agent charged with investigating Kanmuri City, and destroy the Halo's presence in the city.

Tropes associated with Mint:

Ken Shepard

"I'm Ken Shepard, a R System agent. I'm supposed to watch over this girl's mission, but she's weird. And since I don't really like the System, I don't like her."
Mint's partner in R System. He is tasked with assuring Mint completes her mission and collecting the Crystal egg, but he's wary of his mission, Mint herself, and the R System in general.

Tropes associated with Ken:

Maju Akai

"Jee, go ahead and buzz off. I've had enough Halo creeps chasing after me lately."
A Japanese-breed Z-One agent, scarred in the War of Japan. She's been sent in Kanmuri City to report the latest developments, but she wants more.

Tropes associated with Maju:

Cristina Greengale

"I swear, whoever the Grandmaster is, he doesn't like us..."
Leader of the Halo-affiliated Saints. She's a proud defender of justice, but needs to go to the action as the Saints are getting less and less regarded by the Halo Grandmaster.

Tropes associated with Cristina:

  • Asskicking Equals Authority: Formed the Saints by herself, taking down several assassins sent on her way.
  • Deflector Shields
  • In the Hood: Until she takes it off and starts reciting you your rights.
  • Irony: She's of royalty and a very refined person, yet her fighting style is just cutting the opponent with her whip-blade and using flat-out power from her battle suit.
  • No-Holds-Barred Beatdown: Her Mythical Arcane, Purging of the Unholy.
  • Rebellious Princess: She investigates the New Gate Halo because her social status is getting ignored more and more as time passes.
  • Vigilante Woman: As a Saint. She's of the good kind, though the Halo isn't that much for trying to contradict her in this regard.

Kouma Sougou

"Yo, dude, I'm not buying any of that bull."
Cristina's bodyguard, he's a boar-man. His family is bound to the Greengale House by a mutual agreement, and he himself feels very entitled towards assuring Cristina's security.

Tropes associated with Kouma:

  • Sir Swears-a-Lot: In contrast to Cristina, he's quite the pottymouth.
  • Snap Back: Originally, Kouma used a shield as a weapon, but in developmental stages, the shield was set to absorb his inner defenses and Kouma would ditch it for a hammer. Then this fiction split from XEH Drive and as Ichiro took the hammer as a weapon, Kouma's design went back to a shield user.
  • Totally Radical

Ichiro Mito

"I guess I will have to move the Earth another way today..."
A Japanese traditionalist, he joined a contestant travelling rock band. His band's last travel take them to Kanmuri City, where they plan another manifestation. "Be it by rock music or rock throwing!", as says the band leader Michael Hearn.

Tropes associated with Ichiro:


"I don't care if I'm destroying my hometown. I'll be there, take the bombs, and use them."
A mobster from the docks of Kanmuri City. He is anti-Halo since the War of Japan, and is planning a terrorist assault on the Halo.

Tropes associated with Engel:


"Depressing, how fast work catches up to us..."
A Halo-affiliated intelligence worker in the Fright Branch, he is in fact a mole working for the Guild of the Night, formed by the vampires and werewolves victims of Fantastic Racism by the Halo.

Tropes associated with Reiei:

Chiharu Kamibashi

"Rules? You will learn my rule: don't tempt my friends into living your lowly lives."
Seemingly just a high-schooler, she lives in an extremely rich family with shady businesses. She has a personal beef against Shoumi and Eina because of their attempts at meeting her friends.

Tropes associated with Chiharu:

  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: Early on. Shoumi and Eina still think she is through almost the entire series. When Kyo and Eina shove her away, she starts to subvert this.
  • Corrupt Corporate Executive: At least her family; she's being raised to become one, and her few attempts at being a Honest Corporate Executive are not seen in a good light.
  • Downer Ending: Poor girl never gets her way.
    • The Kanmuri City Siege has Youna befriend Shoumi, the very event she was out to avoid.
    • Strife in Heji City has Kyo discover her family's involvement and break up with her, and he spills the beans to her friends.
    • Barrier of Horizon has her become lost since even Kaname doesn't try to guide her anymore, siding with Eina instead.
    • Tate City Waning has any of her attempts to help Youna and Shinju meet Eina and Yuriko respectively, and getting beaten or talked away for it.
    • Primordial Struggle has her being renounced by her family for costing them a third of their traffic (read: she's branded responsible for the Fright Branch's collapse), leaving her with absolutely nobody to turn to.
  • Dragon Lady: Her furthest-Hidden Depths, which is her family persona. She tries to renounce it in the later parts of the series, but she gets into massive trouble.
  • Green Eyes
  • Happily Adopted... into The Mafia.
  • Kissing Cousins: Subverted with Kyo. Though both their families were former Amano clans who betrayed their affiliation for political power, Chiharu and Kyo are not cousins by blood. Plus, they didn't have a kiss as it was an arrangement and Chicharu being Kyo's girlfriend was an act from him.
  • It's All My Fault: Blames herself for doing absolutely nothing to help out Youna after her Sanity Slippage. Though she can't act out on her regrets until Dougal already has done all the saving that she wanted to try and do.
  • Love Triangle: Hooked into one by Kyo when he chooses to hang out with her. Irony ensues when it's discoevered she has dealings with the ones who took his hand while Youna is fighting to restore it, and he goes with Chiharu specifically so that Youna will finally give up on him.
  • Muggle Best Friend: Subverted: her friends certainly think that she's a muggle, but she has Kaname to tell her things. Played straight from Barrier of Horizon onwards except of course for her alraune ascendance.
  • Plant Person: Descended from Amano alraunes.
  • The Power of Friendship: Her reasons for acting: she wants to ward Shoumi and Eina off her friends.
  • Screw the Rules, I Have Money!
  • Shipper on Deck: Part of the reason she doesn't notice Youna's interest for Kyo is that she thought Youna was into Shinju or later Ai.
  • Yamato Nadeshiko: Her outward personality.

Koizumi Takigami

"That assignment is a complete sham..."
A Halo major, put under Akihiko's tutelage regarding Kanmuri City's defence. She's actually a bit dubious of the organization after an incident in the Japanese War which drove her to rise up to become a famous figure.

Tropes associated with Koizumi:

Boss characters note 

    The Kanmuri City Siege Bosses 

Shoumi Himemori

"You shouldn't be uttering threats to experienced Defenders."
A Halo enforcer, and at the same time still a high-school student. The suspicions about the Halo rising, she investigates in hopes of finding out the reason behind the Amano Clans' banishment two years before.

Tropes associated with Shoumi:

Eina Mikazuki

"I didn't ask of you to even talk to me; let alone understand me."
A mysterious person all-clad in dark, working with the Guild of the Night as cover for her actual motives. She is watching over Kanmuri City's schoolyard district for reasons unknown.

Tropes associated with Eina:

Akihiko Egami

"The most perfect will survive, the other will die."
A Halo officer-strategist. He became Gouta's lieutenant after betraying the Japanese rebellion to end the Japan War.

Tropes associated with Akihiko:

  • Blade Below the Shoulder
  • Casting a Shadow
  • Dark Is Evil
  • Deceptive Disciple: He was on the Japanese side in the War, but betrayed them.
  • Doppelgänger Attack
  • Face-Heel Turn: He started in the Japanese faction before betraying them for the Halo, then betrays Koizumi and Gouta in Strife in Heji City, going for the Guild of the Night and then switches to the Fright Branch and stays as a mole in the Guild. Despite the ambiguousness of some of his affiliations, he remains a permanent heel.
  • Jack of All Stats
  • Manipulative Bastard: His thirst for power has him be this, first getting political power by joining the Halo, then using it to train even more and finally betrays them for the Fright Branch and the Guild of the Night to then get an idea of the Blackrune's whereabouts. And when he knows it, he suckerpunches Miree and Merilith, in theory both his superiors, by injuring and corrupting a defeated Miree to use as his servant. Despite being corrupted as a side-effect of his victory, he becomes a big player in Primordial Struggle's plot, facing off against the other rune holders, Zack and Crystal-A.
  • Shoto Clone
  • You Are Already Dead: His Mythical Arcane.

Gouta Teragami

"You dare raise your weapon against me? Very well, I hope you're ready, because I've stomped Japan alone! Witness the power that ends wars!"
The main figurehead for the Halo after he spearheaded the squad that ended the Japanese War 2 years before. The Halo overblew his reputation.

Tropes associated with Gouta:

  • Miles Gloriosus: Passes off as this given that he did only a minor part since Loke, Akihiko and Crystal-M did at least as much damage as him to the Japanese faction.
  • One-Handed Zweihänder: Some of his sword attacks.
  • Overranked Soldier: Just out of the Academy, he went from Private straight up to General.
  • Underestimating Badassery: Gouta's reputation is exaggerated, but he is very strong, whereas most people expect him to be a joke.
  • Wake-Up Call Boss: His single-hit damage capability is so high, he can take around 80% of your life off of one free Spellbreak.

Norou Munabuchi

"Walking over you will only be my next step towards absolute perfection."
Leader of the Halo's Fright Branch. He's an expert in weaponry, alchemy, and torture. He is called to defend Kanmuri City due to the Halo's vigilance.

Tropes associated with Norou:

Crystal-M / The Diamond Crystal

"Wretched human... You thought you could keep playing with forces you can't control?"
The 13th magically-made Artificial Human. She's responsible for the Japan War's end, unknown to all. Discovering she was a tool, she turned on her creators, but was re-sealed into her egg.

Tropes associated with Crystal-M:

Introduced in Strife in Heji City

Non-Boss characters note 

    Strife in Heji City Non-bosses 

Shibi Sekisei

"I did not know you were willing to die this much."
A victim of the Fright Branch, she was revived by her Soul Jar scythe and joins the Guild of the Night to get revenge.

Tropes associated with Shibi:

Hyouya Samufushi

"I'm not one for talking. Fight, or get lost."
A R System defector, he joins Mint's rebellion to bring them down.

Tropes associated with Hyouya:

Gigou Seigen

"Any and all presences count. One idiot is all it takes to change a world."
A Z-One High Executive who has a beef with the God Clans, especially Akihiko Egami who orphaned him.

Tropes associated with Gigou:

Kyo Uemura

"Fright Branch, God Clans... Why do all these stuck-up freaks have a thing with me?"
An Ordinary High-School Student who is just out of hospital, and out to unveil the machination that cost him his left hand.

Tropes associated with Kyo:

  • Berserk Button: Classical music. He didn't learn to play the violin for that, he did because he was forced to.
  • Bully Hunter: At school, he used to be this, which is why he looked like a hero.
  • Career-Ending Injury: An accident crushed his right hand. Unbeknownst to him, Chiharu is responsible.
  • Disabled Means Helpless: He defies the trope by starting to fight after his hand is crushed, and keeping on going even when it's gone for good instead of just being dead weight.
  • Elemental Punch: He can infuse his punches with fire. It is due to being from a former Amano clan and therefore having salamander ancestry.
  • Entitled to Have You: Youna thought she was entitled to have him. Kyo being Kyo, well...
  • Handicapped Badass: His right hand is completely crushed, yet he starts fighting. Worse? When he rejects Youna, she cuts it off.
  • Hidden Depths: Two-way. Those who know him at school aren't aware of the fact that he used to take violin classes, and those who know him from violin classes (such as Youna) don't know that he's only a tiny bit artistic and has a much rockier personality.
  • Hot-Blooded
  • Jerkass: Only by neglect and obliviousness.
    • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: He does what he thinks is right, and loves his family and friends, but he's cocky and somewhat self-centered.
  • Nice Job Fixing It, Villain: Kyo's accident was to avoid him fighting for his family to become one of the God Clans. Problem is, he wasn't going to fight wasn't it for the accident. Not only this, but his journey leads him to become more of a good guy than he would've been without their intervention.
  • Oblivious to Love: To the point of being an Ungrateful Bastard, but his being creeped out by Youna is perfectly understandable.
  • The Slacker
  • Threat Backfire: Kyo was forced into an accident by the Fright Branch so his family wouldn't become one of the God Clans. Except Kyo never wanted this for his family anyway.

Hikari Teragami

"I was 'destined for greatness' too, and then Crystal-M awoke again."
Gouta's sister who joins him into battle after Akihiko's betrayal and Koizumi's firing. She's one of the very rare Kanmuri City survivors.

Tropes associated with Hikari:

Homura Mikami

"I am only paving the way for our Grandmaster. And you don't belong on his stage."
A Halo enforcer and a special-status person with the highest level except the Grandmaster. She's part-dragon. She's afflicted with a split personality complex between her socially awkward calm persona and her actual violently sociopathic self.

Tropes associated with Homura:

Boss characters note 

    Strife in Heji City Bosses 

Rei Rokugawa

"Heji City is already a nice city. It only takes one act to push it to greatness."
A R System operative, she's hopelessly smitten for Hyouya. She's sent by R' to spy on him.

Tropes associated with Rei:

Youna Rokugawa

A middle-class girl who recently decided to be a Halo Defender, she's Shoumi's new student in fighting. She's also Rei's adopted little sister since the Amanogawa clan has been disbanded by the Halo.

Tropes associated with Youna:

Nami Munabuchi:

"I am to negate the action of the Saints. No more, no less."
Norou's Artificial Human creation. She doesn't quite rival the Crystals, but far surpasses the average human ability. He takes care of her much more than he did his son (it's mentioned offhandedly that he died in one of Norou's experiments).

Loke Yagami:

"Warriors don't scream. At least not this pitifully..."
A God Clans adoptee who eventually grew to oppose their politics. He is very discontent with his assassination of the Japanese leader being thrown into Gouta's list of awesome feats and himself being almost erased from history. He was sent to Heji City to serve under Zack.
  • The Ace: He has been such, but promptly was kicked back. Only Koizumi remembers him somehow.
  • Anti-Hero: After his Heel-Face Turn in the ending to Strife in Heji City. Though, he crosses the Despair Event Horizon when Heji City is destroyed and snaps.
  • Badass Biker: He even has a special intro against Shoumi where both arrives using their favourite vehicles. Shoumi drives in with her Cool Car while he arrives on his bike.
  • Blood Knight: Especially when he has lapses of awareness due to his mind being corrupted. Quite literally with his weapon, which lets him perform Blood Magic.
  • Blood Magic
  • Brainwashed and Crazy: He has brief moments of madness due to his mind being corrupted. He has more and more of these moments until Primordial Struggle, which he spends fully in this state.
  • Cool Sword: But it's an Evil Weapon.
  • Dangerous Deserter: From Barrier of Horizon onwards.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: Barrier of Horizon-only.
  • Determinator: He actually manages to fight off most of his opponents canon-wise in Strife in Heji City.
  • Dismotivation: He is a very neglectful aide-administrator in Heji City because he doesn't give jack about paperwork, so he goes off on his own.
  • Laser-Guided Karma: Loke's personality can be considered dead the moment Bloodrune corruption takes him over. Oddly enough, Loke, who hurts others' minds with his weapon, "died" to mind ailment.
  • Magic Knight
  • Names to Run Away From Really Fast: Loke -> Loki. Yagami means night god, much like Light Yagami.
  • One-Man Army: He's the sole actual defender of Heji City's Halo Headquarters.
  • Psychotic Smirk
  • Reassigned to Antarctica: He was sent to serve in Heji City after his murder of his clan because He Knows Too Much. Heji City was the place where nothing happens.
    • Reassignment Backfire: Subverted in Strife in Heji City, because even though he manages to fight off many people, he still falls, allowing the R System to take over the city. Homura tries to kill him over it.
  • Reverse Grip
  • Self-Made Orphan: When he heard of the God Clans' machinations and what was to be done of him after the Japan War. He slaughtered his whole family.
  • Straw Nihilist: At times, especially regarding the New Gate Halo.
  • Super Speed: Not really in his movement, but his attacks are really fast.
  • Tall, Dark and Snarky
  • Un-Person: In-universe. His assassinations during the Japan War all were remembered as Gouta's doings, while he was forgotten.
  • Would Hit a Girl

Zack Reed

"Your destructive stride in my city ends here."
The townsmayor of Heji City, he defends it after Kanmuri City was destroyed by Crystal-M.

Tropes associated with Zack:

  • Ambiguously Gay
  • Being Good Sucks: Constantly Knight Templar instead of good, but his condition isn't one he enjoys.
  • Combat Stilettos: Short-heels, but still spiky and they make stabby sound effects.
  • Dude Looks Like a Lady
  • Enigmatic Minion: To all the Halo in Strife in Heji City.
  • Fallen Hero: To the New Gate Halo, he is a townsmayor, but in Strife in Heji City, he gets his city captured. In Barrier of Horizon, it is bombarded and destroyed. Cue Sanity Slippage. Flash forward to Tate City Waning and he willingly contracts Bloodrune corruption.
  • Humiliation Conga: His whole schtick starting with Barrier of Horizon.
  • Light Is Not Good: Natch. And as he devolves, it becomes red.
  • Long-Haired Pretty Boy
  • Smug Snake: Though it flies out the window after Strife in Heji City.
  • The Sociopath: Devolves into this progressively.
  • Took a Level in Jerkass: In each game.
    • Villain Override: In Tate City Waning, Bloodrune corruption gets completely over him.
  • You Are What You Hate: After he failed to defend his city and emerged from the ruins, he grew to despise fighters and the like. Even though he was retrieved by R System, he still gets attacked and defeated, causing him to hate fighters even more. His form of retribution? Get corrupted by the Bloodrune and cause as much havoc on the world as possible by beating the shit out of everyone.

Zee / The Glowlife-iron Crystal

"Zee is my name. Fighting is my game."
The R System's princess. Also, she's a Crystal clone, and their ace weapon.

Tropes associated with Zee:

Introduced in Blissrune 3: Barrier of Horizon

Non-boss characters note 

    Barrier of Horizon Non-bosses 

Michael Hearn

"Let's rock this place!"
The leader of a rock band he formed with Ichiro and then Kyo, his Vitriolic Best Buds. He's known worldwide for siding against both the Halo and the R System since the latter seized his city. On constant protestation-against-the-order travels, he was interested in recuiting Kyo for his violin skills (hoping it would help his rock band with an actual soundtrack composer), but while they are partners, Kyo's just as cocky as he is.

Tropes associated with Michael:

Ginji Munabuchi

"I'm done with your little games, Father!"
Norou's son, he was supposed dead in one experiment of the Fright Branch. He joined the Saints following his return due to his personal vendetta against his father.

Tropes associated with Ginji:


One of the few RJs that actually turned right, it is one of the Saints' recent recruits.

Tropes associated with #38:


"Destiny isn't fixed. But it requires thought to subvert it."
The spirit "partner" of Chiharu, she tries to change destiny for the better, but even Chiharu is sceptic of her. As Dougal separated her from Chiharu, she tries to take her own way with the Amano clansgirls, joining Eina for having saved her.

Tropes associated with Kaname:

  • Affably Evil: And not evil on her own volition.
  • Because Destiny Says So
  • Hikikomori: Once separated from Chiharu, she stays invisible until the other spirits act.
  • Lady of War
  • Manipulative Bitch: Tries on Chiharu, even when taking into account her skepticism.
  • Useless Useful Spell: She apparently has some form of precognition, except the destiny she foresaw kept getting screwed, sometimes by Chiharu's own whims. Cue Tate City Waning and just from meeting Yuriko she guesses Eina and Dougal's whole plan.
  • We Used to Be Friends: With the other spirits. She sides against every single one of them, especially Belle for forcibly kidnapping her, thereby forcing Blackrune corruption on her.

Melody "Ronda" Hearn

"I know how you feel, but you're not ready to listen yet."
A R System high-ranker, she is directly below R' and his two direct subordinates. She was recruited shortly before R' even created the R System, when her hometown was taken over as the first R System base.

Tropes associated with Melody:

Boss characters note 

    Barrier of Horizon Bosses 

Johnny D. Flash / Jin Denzuki

"Everywhere, bothers. Can't even clean up my stuff..."
The current leader of Z-One, he is a robotized scientist. He used to be part of the old Gate Halo but left for Z-One upon its creation.

Tropes associated with Johnny:

  • Bonus Boss: In a way, he can only be fought at stage 5 under special conditions. Fulfilling them makes the boss fights easier (especially #41 who loses all his boss attributes), but also ensures you fight Zero at the end.
  • Brain in a Jar: His brain controls the robotic body that he now has.
  • Brilliant, but Lazy: Just a façade.
  • The Corruption: His human body fell to Bloodrune corruption when it came into existence right in front of him. That explains his "being accustomed to killing himself" line when he faces R Js.
  • Jerkass Façade: When hunting his creations. He doesn't take kindly to being interrupted.
  • Johnny McCoolname
  • Mr. Vice Guy
  • Swiss-Army Weapon: His body.
  • Teen Genius: Has been one.


A robot that seems to be the New Gate Halo Fright Branch's tool. Also, Johnny's hated creation.

Tropes associated with #41:

Ai Ochitayama

"Peh, justice. That word's rammed inside kids' heads these days so much, it ain't even funny..."
Youna's nemesis, an extremely embittered girl whose family was razed. She was Shoumi's former pupil until she disappeared.

Tropes associated with Ai:


"Welcome to my world."
The spirit possessing Shoumi, she is much friendlier (though not much less dangerous) than the other spirits.

Tropes associated with Belle:

Zero Ashsol / Shuji Akai

"You have two choices: piss off or die."
Johnny's adoptive father, mentor, and rival. He was supposed dead after founding Z-One, but still is an unofficial leader.

Tropes associated with Zero:

Introduced in Blissrune 4: Tate City Waning

Non-boss characters note 

    Tate City Waning Non-bosses 

Yuriko Hisanomiya

A part-time Defender who also recently transferred at school. Eina's her time-travelling "equivalent".

Tropes associated with Yuriko:

Shinju Hijiwara

The girl over whom the spirits and the girls they possessed fought. She has high innate magical power since she is able to use magic only via strong belief in The Power of Love.

Tropes associated with Shinju:

Miree Schwarzseele:

A Fright Branch Major, serving under Norou. Despite being Merilith's daughter, she isn't a vampire. She still has high battle ability, which causes her to be sent to shut down any threat to the Fright Branch. She attempts to overthrow Norou and solve her family issues with her mother, by stealing their political powers away from them both.

Tropes associated with Miree:


Norou's replacement Nami after the original has gone missing. Unlike the original, she's utterly incapable of emotion, and has much more in common with the Crystals.

Boss characters note 

    Tate City Waning Bosses 

Yuame "Rain" Samufushi

R's right-hand woman, and The Strategist of R System. She is Hyouya's estranged sister, and wants revenge for his leaving her when she was a kid.

Tropes associated with Yuame:


The spirit possessing Youna, she's a sinister four-armed mermaid thing. She manages to have Youna give in to her, at which point she starts deforming her body.

Tropes associated with Claire:

Merilith Schwarzseele

Leader of the Guild of the Night. She protects all nightwalkers including vampires, werewolves, zombies and liches, and any other. She formed the Guild of the Night after the New Gate Halo Night Branch's short life ended.

Tropes associated with Merilith:


The spirit possessing Ai, she resembles a headless unicorn-like centaur.

Tropes associated with Peach:

Crystal-N / The Celestone Crystal

The brand-new Crystal, barely born. Created by Soujirou to purify the world, reasoning and her own inability to erase corruptions without disintegrating everything lead her to her new solution: destroy the world.

Tropes associated with Crystal-N:

Introduced in Blissrune 5: Primordial Struggle

Boss characters note 

    Primordial Struggle Bosses 


The spirit possessing Yuriko. She tries to bring the other spirits to life by draining their hosts.

Tropes associated with Flamme:


The spirit possessing Eina, she bullies the spirit holders under some kind of hope.

Tropes associated with Dougal:


The spirit posessing Shinju, she's been plotting to take over Shinju's body for a while.

Tropes associated with Rin:


The R System's leader, and a former Gate Halo slave, which is his excuse for plotting revenge.

Tropes associated with R':

  • Badass Boast: He claims to be able to take on Koizumi, Akihiko, Gouta, and Norou 4-on-one, and with the Imagine Drive he isn't this far from the truth.
  • Bad Liar
  • Bad Powers, Bad People: Though R' still manages to make his power not so bad since his Imagine Drive has no effect on the environment.
  • Dark Messiah
  • The Engineer / Mr. Fixit: He's a great mechanic, being able to craft the magical motor he called the Imagine Drive, only by buying blueprints from Z-One. More? He grafted it into himself.
  • Fallen Hero: He intended at first to solve his problems with the Halo solo like heroes usually do, but eventually mounted the R System.
  • Full-Contact Magic: The bulk of his fighting style.
  • Instant Runes: Appear before his Limit Break attacks.
  • Ki Attacks: Subverted: he's mistaken as using Ki but it's Non-Elemental magic.
  • Knight Templar: His revenge against the Halo who exploited him as a slave? Take Over the World by using methods almost as bad as theirs.
  • Lightning Bruiser
  • Pragmatic Villainy: R' does not force anybody to follow him. He accepts Ken's departure and barely even gives a reaction to the massive desertion wave the R System faces in Barrier of Horizon, but he still fights off the people who attempt to destroy it in Primordial Struggle.
  • Slouch of Villainy: Finally ends in Primordial Struggle where not only he shows up, but he isn't slouching at all. Even though, he only can lament that he's late.
  • Super Speed
  • Utopia Justifies the Means

Soujirou Mikami

The New Gate Halo's Guru. He took over secretly in the aftermath of the Japan War by assassinating the former Guru, and maintains his firm grasp over the world via manipulation and force. He is researching a mass-produceable means of counteracting the corruptions.

Tropes associated with Soujirou:

  • Asskicking Equals Authority: Killed his predecessor with a guided drone kamikaze attack.
  • Blade on a Stick: His main close-combat weapon is an odd lance-sword hybrid.
  • Bling of War
  • Brilliant, but Lazy
  • The Chessmaster: Manipulates almost everyone related to the New Gate Halo to meet his end and affirm his control over the world, mostly via Homura.
  • The Emperor
  • Four-Star Badass
  • Hollywood Nerd
  • Klingon Promotion: Which allowed him to ascend from a mere Flight Branch captain into being the king of the world.
  • Like a Badass out of Hell: He has been sent on suicide missions around the Blissrune, but he knows how to not die in infested zone: keep moving physically and mentally.
  • Overranked Soldier: He one-upped his own teammates by assassinating the New Gate Halo's previous Guru before taking the place and the new title of Grandmaster.
  • Trans Human: Eventually changes himself into the Halo-iron Crystal.
  • We Used to Be Friends He originally planned a massive coup with himself from the Flight Branch, Cristina's father from the Light Branch, Merilith from the Night Branch, Gouta from the Might Branch, Zack from the Sight Branch and Norou from the Fright Branch. When the coup went wrong (due to Cristina's father disagreeing and the Might Branch being mobilized by the Japanese War), he went for a solo plan. And since he took all the reward for himself - and subsequently proceeded to ignore everyone else - he is justifiably disliked by a number of persons.
  • Wind is Green: His second outfit is his Flight Branch outfit, which he wore before his self-promotion.
  • You Have Outlived Your Usefulness: It's almost his modus operandi.

Crystal-A / The Blissstone Crystal

The original Crystal, who finally awoke again after her failed attempt at sealing the Blissrune. The Blissrune is inside her body.

Tropes associated with Crystal-A:

Secret characters note 

    Primordial Struggle secret characters: The Runes 

Tropes associated with the three:


The Bloodrune incarnate. She materializes upon the runes meeting each other.

Tropes associated with Crimeida:


The Blackrune incarnate. She materializes upon the runes meeting each other.


The Blissrune incarnate. She materializes upon the runes meeting each other.
  • Heavenly Blue: Some bits of her.
  • Holy Is Not Safe: She doesn't forget to underline why she rebelled on the Gate Halo religious figures. They thought she would not turn back on them because they looked good, but she can see any and all of their sins. Their attempt to manipulate her being a sin in and of itself for her.
  • Knight Templar: Views her corruption as purification.
  • One-Winged Angel: Her liberated form can be seen as this to Crystal-A.
  • Pillar of Light: Her Major Influence is portrayed as one so large it takes the whole screen in length.
  • Split Personality Takeover: She had done this to Crystal-A from the start of the game until Mint defeated Crystal-A and Dougal purified her.
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