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I am a student in informatics. Aged 23. I like fighting games and roleplays, but also strategy and card games (Magic: The Gathering or Yu-Gi-Oh! for example). I love creating original characters, though I am prone to expy-ing before I get to use (massive) Divergent Character Evolution. I'm sometimes a real motor-brain when it comes to useless things like creating move lists for Original characters in roleplays. I'm French but I hate it.
Also, I need a link to check out my PMs, so I suppose I might put a link here just so everyone can have access to PMs without having received a new one.

Pages started:

Character entries:

Darth Wiki entries

  • All the entries for my nonpublished works below.

Fan of:

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     Professional Wrestling 

Past wrestlers:


Present superstars:


Non-wrestling personnel:


     Video Games 

Non-fighting games:

  • Advance Wars: Played the four games.
  • Final Fantasy IX: The previous ones never caught my eyes, and the later ones are just not quite as good in my opinion.

Fighting games:

  • Arcana Heart: Loosely, I don't really know much about it yet.
  • BlazBlue: Fan who doesn't even own any of the games. It's a bit sad since I loved the few experiences I had playing CS.
  • Guilty Gear: What made me stumble into BlazBlue. Anyway, both series are awesome.
  • King of Fighters: By August 2012 only.
  • Street Fighter IV: The game that actually made me acknowledge the Street Fighter series.
  • Tekken: Fan since aged 6. Tekken 2 was my first fighting game experience.
  • Touhou: I played the fighting games: Immaterial and Missing Power,Scarlet Weather Rhapsody and Unthinkable Natural Law.

Tropes that I think apply to me:

Tropes that I like:

Tropes that I dislike / hate / loathe / even more / pet peeve:

Place for everyone to leave a message or a stamp here. (Note: I take insults, and greetings, everything. I just happen to take compliments better than insults.)

Sadly, vandalism has come to an end.

My works:

Touhou Musouhen ~ Unprecedented Catastrophe

Burning Rhapsody

My main fictional Fighting Game. Knight Templar Villain Protagonist Yoi is on his way to a fighting tournament organized to fight demons.

Operation G

Another fighting fiction. Tournament organizer Ringoto Teisou is intent on creating God to change the world forever.

Japan 4000

Yet another fighting fiction. In year 4000, isolated Japan is prey to Youkai who have merged with human post-modern civilization. Mega Corp. RYU hastens the preparations of Burei Academy's school tournament.

Beyblade C-Square

A work with my brother, and a new page of Beyblade is turned.

Pokemon Ass Version

My Pokemon Red romhack, still under work.


A project originated from mixing up Blazblue and Terraria together as inspiration. Result is a world that is already halfway-corrupted, an oppressive government ruling over what's left of humanity, and revolutionary movements.

Speed Sounds

An original fiction, all happening within a City divided in two that progressively collapses due to wars and its selfish rulers when rebellion pops up.

Shin Metsuboshi no Kishou

Written in short as SMnK. It was the story of Shuno Metsujin, a young boy who was just released from a 7-year imprisonment at age 12. He has his demonic ancestor Ten Metsujin sealed inside him. The following years and arcs had him grade up in the village of Keimei until he discovers that the heads of the village are secretly manipulating him in order to take hold of his old memories and use the power of his old persona called Dorima. Shuno ends up retrieving his memories, screwing over Ten by forcing him off of his body, and betraying his village to join with the secret organisation called Akagun, who had been waiting for an opening to retrieve Dorima and Take Over the World. Along the way, he gives up the rest of his life and becomes the emissary of the Fire Dragon. Dorima quickly takes over the Akagun, remaining in secrecy while the shogun in each city gets wiped out. Shuno has no possibility to enjoy the consequences, because while fighting Ten, he is stalemated, and therefore asks Toki to take them both down to hell.
Then the second part begins by Shuno planning to go Like a Badass out of Hell, but he initially only releases his second persona Dorima. After problems due to an enemy organization (and the fact that Shuno has become a Nominal Hero), Toki does manage to bring Shuno back, and he wipes the floor with the enemies. Though, one city has been building up industrial power and declares its independence. After months of war, the city is wiped out not by the Akagun, but by a mysterious group of assassins, the leader of which is recognized as Shuno's older brother Tsuchiro. He doesn't hesitate to try and murder members of the Akagun on a regular basis, forcing them to disappear into secrecy again. With the Akagun receeding, they lose control of the part of the world they had hands on, but they're laying down while the land is at war. While the assassins disappear too in search of the Akagun, they never find them until it is too late: to destroy Ten's growing influence, Shuno and the Fire Dragon have prepared a plan: having dug a huge underground tunnel that goes under the whole continent and filled it with essentially a Fantastic Nuke, Shuno triggers its explosion, ruining on the whole continent. He then goes for his final attack on Ten. Though he is discovered and assisted by the hosts of the three other Elemental Dragons, the four cannot destroy Ten whose power has grown so much with all this war that he has essentially become an eternal Eldritch Abomination. The four Dragon hosts are forced to target something else. The four fuse the energy of the dragons to strike the center of the earth, destroying the world and Ten with it.

(unnamed work)

Pokmon meets Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story. As weird as it sounds, Pokemon-likes playing Dodgeball is the trend there. Two stories take place, one with my lead character Ollias and one with my brother's lead character Fors. They're more linked by Big Bad Duumvirate Umber and Gondar, who more or less recycled the plot from the aforementioned movie and are expanding their corporate gym's domain.

Alternate Realm

A fiction which took the theories of a cataclysm the 21st December of 2012 and ran with them. All nations have been broken by private military contractors, and the Earth is now at the hands of six tyrannical corporations. The New United Nations rise to found the old world again, but even they are not so much better as the independent consortiums...

Tropes associated with it:

  • After the End
  • Corrupt Corporate Executive: Lots of them.
  • For Want of a Nail: What if a meteor fell on Wall Street on December 21st, 2012...
  • The Hero: There's a team labelled as "Hero Team", lead by Hiro Yazuchi, except he's not the sole heroic character.
  • The Mafia: Zodiac and its twelve branches are a new world-wide equivalent.
  • Magitek: I have to put this everywhere.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Several teams represent the very enterprise they hate so much. (The Hero Team are sponsored by Yi-An, both the Future Team and the Thundergate Club are sponsored by Zodiac, the New Order Team are sent on The Uriah Gambit by the New United Nations, the Bad Guys of Sol are sponsored by Bluecoal [though they hacked the funds themselves]).
    • To a more personal level, Youshi and Sho on the Hero Team are rivals, Mimiko is enslaved by Crimson, the Sandao Team's three members don't get along, and the Kamiya must tolerate Koji, their black-hearted serial killer of a cousin.
  • Time Master: The "Future Team".

"Gear Saga"

Another obscure fiction, which centers around the rise of four unknown persons. Since nobody knows where they came from, it prompts people to rise to fame and attempt investigations, which result in them discovering far more than they attempted to. The name should be changed as it is named after Guilty Gear.

Tropes associated with it:


Stratego Legends notes:

You have seen it on my brother's page: we both play this game and experiment with it. We created a ton of new factions.

Tropes associated with whatever we are doing:

  • Action Bomb: Overpowered magic units can be used like this.
  • Anti-Air: The Anti-Flight ability. A unit with that ability instantly kills units that fly above (or should land on) it.
  • Anti-Magic: The Dispel Magic ability allows creatures to cancel any magic effect of magic units they battle, which is a slight modification ruling-wise from the original in which it only worked on Magic units you attacked (since Magic units couldn't attack before, the text had to be fixed).
  • Auto-Revive: Several units have a Death Curse that revives the unit when the curse is over (or worse, before).
  • Boring, but Practical: The units that have never been reworked are most often a case of this, never being reworked because they're simple. Monster Reborn always revived any one unit, Chuck Norris has always been that 10-force unit with Dispel Innate and an innate of his own that instantly destroys any unit he fights. On the other side, House of Cards has always destroyed itself upon being revealed, and Trojan Horse has always made the attacker instantly teleport into a space of their choice after beating it.
  • Game Breaker: Almost every single created faction, the exceptions being the Hiwauz and Veelenz (being extremely plain or complicated) and the N0obz and Nbz (who too often devolve into killing themselves). And even they have Game Breakers (ones that turn the game against them for the later ones at least).
  • Gameplay and Story Segregation: Notable with the setting-inspired factions.
  • House Rules: Shitloads. New abilities and naming conventions saw the light of day.
  • Instant-Win Condition: Destroying a castle always bring instant victory, but the Noobz and Nbz have several going against their units. Fake King and House of Cards notably destroy themselves when revealed, giving any enemy unit that fights them instant success in their attacks (or the game regarding the House of Cards).
    • And my remix of XEH Drive's Terrorist Action can end up so since it can force the opponent to destroy their own castle.
  • Joke Character: The Nbz and N0obz.
  • Loophole Abuse: A lot. Several factions had to be remade due to loopholes.
    • A specific example is SMnK's Teruki Tomoya, who had an ability that moved him by two spaces. It was Quickness, except with unlimited use, and he could attack during the opponent's turn. It caused several strict rulings: 1- This ability did have not to be used more than once per turn. 2- He had to not attack units during the opponent's turn. And this ability was still so broken (especially since Teruki is force-9) that it was the reason SMnK (yes, the entire faction) spent months under revision and ended up scrapped.
    • Issue brought up 15/04/2014 is the status of attacks against units with innates or maluses that instantly kill them (example: The Nubz' Fake King instantly kills himself when revealed, or Noobz' Pikachu who gives himself a malus of -2 when attacked in the case this malus has him go below zero force). Discussion remains on whether an attack counts as successful when the enemies kill themselves via effects during the attack or not, for innates like Berserk.
      • Fixed: Such attacks count as successes despite the unit not counting as destroyed by battle.
  • My Rules Are Not Your Rules: XEH Drive and Blissrune do not play by the rules.
    Their magic units can move (some even have mobility abilities) and attack, and they cancel innates, meaning they're immune to Dispel Magic. Also, their Death Curses aren't cancellable by simultaneous death curse activation (their curse forcibly overwrite any other curse), and they can be ended at will. They can also be activated whenever one of their allied units fights and replace it in the battle.
    Blissrune's castle Air Fortress Pegasus can move, and also has a limited form of the Fly action. Also, my XEH Drive remix's QMR Homasubi Branch doesn't net the opponent an insta-win when it's destroyed because its Curse prevents such victories. You can also sacrifice a unit at any moment to bring it back.
  • One-Hit Kill: One moment in particular had me use Oobers' Landorus to land a first-turn-kill unwittingly. But some other examples exist, like XEH Drive's Triple Trouble, which lets you instantly kill any unit.
  • Power Creep / Serial Escalation: The epitome of it in our quick-winning overpowered factions.
  • Redshirt Army: Tends to happen in gauntlet matches where factions like XEH Drive are teamed up with factions like the Noobz, who of course Can't Catch Up.
  • Set Bonus: Several units function this way. The Nbz invert this with set maluses (namely Fake-types revealing each other).
  • Switch Out Move: Nubz' Naruto Uzumaki and Noobz' Abra, respectively force-10 and force-2, attempt to do this. Naruto can be forced to cancel this move and gets a debuff for it, and Abra can (and most often will) end up letting the opponent take out one of your more valuable units of his choice.
  • Team Killer: The Nbz, notably the Fake-type units, have a bunch of this. And there's the self-Griefer Magic Waluigi Time.
  • There Is No Kill Like Overkill: Nbz' Choice Band gives +5 force and Berserk to the enemy that attacks it. Most often, the unit will be a hugeass juggernaut whose strength just fits this trope, enough to make some units from normal factions able to beat XEH Drive units in terms of raw strength.
  • Unstable Equilibrium: The Nbz' Fake-type units have bad effects if they're revealed, several of which involving revealing or destroying other Fake-type units, often leading to snowballing destruction until no Fake-type is left.
  • Uriah Gambit: Happens most often to replace Death Curses from underpowered factions.

    Notes about Fan Fic/Unprecedented Catastrophe: Is the main character a Gappy Stu? 
WARNING: Spoilers ahead! I proceed accordingly to the DitR Analysis page.

The Notes:

The Character:

  • He is an Author Avatar, despite the fact that he remembers very little, his ethnicity is still French.
  • He isn't well-versed in Japanese mythology, except of course the knowledge that he got from Perfect Memento in Strict Sense.
  • He arrives empty-handed. He gets hosted by Reimu for two weeks, and then he dies.
  • He has a lot of different emotions, the only one mentioned not to appear is cocky since he is new.
  • He doesn't worry about his life back home because he doesn't remember it.
  • Just like me, he is single, virgin, and bad with girls.
  • He only tries violence once before dying, and it doesn't even get here.
  • He can be shallow at times, but doesn't base anything on looks, weapons or rank; he just offhandedly respects everyone but Nouwa.
  • He likes swords, but only had sword training with Youmu. He makes a sword of lightning once, as symbolism for a ranged attack.
  • He becomes a youkai, when he dies and his ghost lingers.
  • The only thing akin to an avatar he gained is a spirit born of his desire for death, wishing to kill him.
  • He is not motion sick easily, but never goes at high heights to fly. One of his attempts at flight pre-death even fails resulting in injury.

The Gapping:

  • He was in the Hakurei Shrine when he was absorbed in a fluctuation of the Hakurei Barrier, and pulled away from it by Yukari so that the barrier could be repaired. Obviously, he was not intact.
  • Yukari's excuse for saving it was to avoid a breach in the Hakurei Barrier, as well as "training" to see what she could be able to pull out of inexistence.
  • He encountered Yukari once or twice as she attempted to finish her task of managing the lost soul.
  • The fic stars three other Gappies: Luke, who is an important secondary character and assists Reimu in resolving the incident, Dondeo, a man who holds a restaurant in the Human Village and was gapped before Luke. The third hasn't appeared yet.
  • I fully acknowledge the character as a Gappy.

The Journey:

  • The first thing he does is wander into the Forest of Magic. Because he is scared of Kanako. Despite being barely recovered from his harmful "gapping".
  • He begins the story injured. The injuries never get properly treated because they are barely visible and Reimu and Marisa were more worried about anchoring his soul to Gensokyo.
  • He marvels at the sights once, when heading for the Scarlet Devil Mansion in the very beginning of Chapter 1. And he has trouble adjusting to the fact he's in a fantasy world. In about 1 month, he showed signs of adjustment as well as old habits that didn't die yet.
  • Noone walks, he gets carried around to the Hakurei Shrine, and then learns to fly by himself. Exposition is made while stationary (read: at the Hakurei Shrine, while Reimu trains him).
  • Reimu isn't ultra-nice, being aloof and at times borderline angry, Marisa doesn't say "ze" so much. Sanae assists in the training and he's a major Tsundere with an S in tsun to her.
  • He needs a book for research and goes to the Scarlet Devil Mansion. First: he tries by himself. Second: the travel isn't harmless, even a trade of blows with Cirno breaks one of his arms. He doesn't borrow a book from Patchouli, instead having gotten the right to read any books without taking them, and she took a sip of his blood first. He drinks no tea at all. Flandre appears, and he is mostly responsible for the terror he experiences, thinking she's an Omnicidal Maniac while she's being a Creepy Child whose idea of a game involves a Spell Card that burns him in several places.
  • He can't go in the Human Village or Kourindou now because he's dead. The passage involving the Human Village is seen by Remilia's eyes, and as she visits zones "far too mundane for her", most buildings are wooden.
  • The Gappy doesn't need inventions: he hasn't got time for spiffy things in his quest of mentality change and adaptation. Nitori of course doesn't have infinite resources as the Kappa face a more technologically-advanced enemy.
  • He didn't visit Sanae while alive: she did at times during his training. And while she is jealous of Reimu's incident-solving record, she isn't a villain, instead being more of a friendly rival.
  • The conflict begins way before he's met everyone, though the incident actually begins weeks after the first spark of conflict.

The Incident:

  • There are two simultaneous incidents: both throwbacks to PC-98 games. Of course, Mima and Yumemi are not Always Chaotic Evil.
  • None is Gensokyo's "most destructive incident yet". In fact, Yumemi building too much is what sparks the incident resolvers towards destroying her things.
  • Mima has nocturnal fairies, while Yumemi uses drones. The incident resolvers can beat those with ease.
  • No conflict spreads all over Gensokyo (though Yumemi has a zone of influence between the Misty Lake and the foot of Youkai Mountain), the incident resolvers are not specifically hurried, but the destruction that occurs is described.
  • Only the gappy is hesitating, the incident resolvers have plenty of time, and some characters even take seats as villains and pick fights for the lulz. The gappy even fails when he goes gung-ho by himself, disappearing twice through the story (first time being his death), and he won't stop the Big Bad, Reimu will.
  • You are spoilered: REIMU RESOLVES THE INCIDENT! NO EXCEPTIONS!: The hero is defeated, and still comatose as Reimu does the important fighting.
  • He doesn't sacrifice himself because he is already dead. He is defeated normally and remains unconscious. He was afraid to die enough when bleeding to death in the Scarlet Devil Mansion.

The Ending:

  • Since he did not sacrifice himself, he just wakes up slightly injured but with the incident over.
  • He did not make any lives better, but his.
  • By that time, he hasn't sorted out his love life yet.
  • He obviously remains in Gensokyo, or rather, his actual home would be the Netherworld.
  • Yukari might gap someone in. Who the hell knows..?
  • The outside world's fate without the main character is brushed but not extended upon, since Nouwa mentioned a killing spree of which all victims had a link to the gappy.

The Tropes:

The Character:

  • Black Hole Stu: Even though his arrival attracts the most bored individuals, the incident involves other people separatedly of him. Also, he plays little part in Chapter 4, and utterly vanishes out of the spotlight at the end of Chapter 8.
  • Designated Hero: He's in no way presented as heroic, rather being presented as crazy, odd and with warped morals.
  • Instant Expert: Most of the training is done offscreen, and he succeeds, even though he's far from being expert in anything.
  • Marty Stu: So far, he seems to be the Anti-Sue type, as he's weak and unaccustomed to Gensokyo yet.
  • Mighty Whitey: Nope. So far, he sucks at danmaku and spouts off random Japanese, as well as being misunderstood due to Gratuitous Foreign Language abuse.
  • Teen Genius: He's 22 (evidently more, but how much?), and he knows much about Gensokyo because he's an Author Avatar of someone who did read the guides before the "gapping".

The Gapping:

The Journey:

  • Aborted Arc: Averted, but the Kudzu Plot is unconcluded in all aspects.
  • Anticlimax Boss: Averted, every fight has been a Hopeless Boss Fight.
  • Arc Fatigue: The fic is one single arc, even with the Kudzu Plot.
  • Genre Shift: Averted: the fic is about the action and adventure. Nothing else.
  • Infodump: The character read the guides, so he doesn't need it. Even though he only remembers part of it and sometimes acts Too Dumb to Live.
  • Magnetic Hero: Averted. He spends his time in different groups of people, and stays permanently with no one. He's picked up by Komachi when she goes investigate the incident, but she's the leader and he's the loose cannon.
  • Narrative Filigree: Sometimes, such as the description of Heaven.
  • Padding: I try to avert it, most long paragraphs are descriptions or tell someone's thoughts.
  • Prolonged Prologue: The prologue chapter is a little part of the fiction, but the incident is started at Chapter 6.
  • Random Events Plot: Averted: most things happen for a reason.
  • Strangled by the Red String: Averted: the romance is for later. Nobody even knows who is his love interest, though he has behaved oddly around Komachi, and probably Youmu as she remarked to her.
  • Those Two Guys: Averted: Marisa appears once with Reimu, but also Luke and Remilia. And then she makes a Face-Heel Turn.
  • Walk and Talk: In fact, everyone flies, but some characters talk despite the speaking never consisting of Infodump. The main character knows several things about how Gensokyo works. It's assumed you do.

The Incident:

  • Apathetic Citizens: The youkai mostly don't care, nocturnal fairies are attracted by the artificial night, and the cast definitely doesn't stay in place.
  • Ass Pull: None so far, I think.
  • Chickification: Nobody. In fact, Komachi and Youmu leave the main character to fight Nouwa because It's Personal: they could beat her one-on-one with relative ease.
  • Complete Monster: Averted with Nouwa: she's an ikiryo, a spirit that represents Wish Fulfillment. Since she has been made of rather obscure wishes (frustration, general anger, and suicidal urges), she rises up as an antagonist to erase the main character from existence, so she comes to an end with it.
  • Complexity Addiction: Averted: Nouwa is extremely straightforward. Her plan consists in:
    1- Find a way to erase the main character from existence.
    2- Use it to erase him.
    3- Cease to be as a result.
  • Deus ex Machina: So far, one: when the main character receives a Spell Card out of nowhere during his fight against Nouwa. It really was Sanae who "gave" him this card at his side by wishing for him to survive.
  • Distress Ball: Unused, except for the main character yet.
  • Dying Like Animals: Nobody other than the main character is dead.
  • Faux Action Girl: Averted. Even though Nouwa's weaker than most canon characters, she is a threat to the main character, much more so than everybody else.
  • Go Out with a Smile: The hero becomes a ghost because he didn't.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Averted.
  • Omnicidal Maniac: Averted: the targets of Nouwa's ire were specific. The main character is the last.
  • Put Them All Out of My Misery: It is mentioned the hero did this by proxy: Yukari mentioned that Nouwa went on a killing spree in the Outside World, as it was one of the wishes that created her.
  • Shadow Archetype: Nouwa, though much differently than the average Gappy villain. It's an Invoked Trope.
  • Smooch of Victory: The main character is on a losing streak.
  • Stupid Evil: Nouwa is much more about Pragmatic Villainy. The Chaotic Evil way, though.
  • Villain Ball: None exposed so far.

House Memes

All under this format: Meme name: Explanation 


  • "SIX IS OP": Explanation 
  • "OOOOOOOWNED!": Explanation 
  • Shielded: Explanation 

Game memes:

Stratego: Legends

  • "Gonna send big boy [insert name of powerful unit] on your sorry ass!": Explanation 
  • The God-mode Yeong-Jin: Explanation 


  • The Ra-Ky FRC: Explanation 
  • The deadly full-meter 69-damage combo!: Explanation 
  • Troll Badguile: Explanation 

Personal Status:

Finally I think about saying that I got my brother's old computer when he got his new one. Though I have to share it.

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