Tropers: Keitaro Hirochi

I am usually just yet another orthographic corrector. I had many Fan Fic ideas, but ended up only keeping 4 or 5 of them in my mind, and I've never written any in its entirety. Yeah, French people are lazy.

Vandalism goes to the Analysis page I guess.

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Keitaro's works:

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Fan Fic entries:

Tropes that apply to Keitaro:

Stratego: Legends notes:

My brother and I play this game, and invented several new factions.

List of new factions:

  • The Übers by me, and the 0obers by my brother.
  • The N0obz and the Nübz.
  • The Veelenz and the Hiwauz.
  • The Alliance and the Magica.

Tropes applying to effects:

  • Back from the Dead: A standard broken effect. Even though it already existed before, none of the users were as useful as the 0obers' Monster Reborn. XEH Drive's Heaven's Gate's was able to resurrect one unit per turn if you also used its ability.
  • Mind Control: Another standard broken effect. Again, it existed before, but the opponent was the one to choose, so it was not nearly as threatening as the Übers' Master Ball or the 0obers' Change of Heart.
  • House Rules: We have new rulings, which include:
    • Distance Strikes count as attacks.
    • An attacked unit can't use an Ability.
  • Teleporters and Transporters: Any unit with a terrainport can teleport from this type of terrain another tile of the same type.

Tropes that apply to our new factions and units:

Funny Moments entries:

  • Nov 3rd, 2013. Übers and 0obers' Pokémon and YuGiOh units vs Nübz and N0obz' Pokémon, Cards and Tarots. My brother starts with Landorus flying through my lines and falling randomly right on top of my House of Cards. It would've been an instant win if we did not decide it would be a rout game.
  • October 1st, 2014. XEH Drive and Blissrune vs A-Ko Project and Operation G Gauntlet Match. Approaching the end of the match, before the threat of Cristina Greengale, my brother (as A-Ko Project) revealed the adjacent A-Ko Project Lab to resurrect A-Ko right on top of her, fully expecting me to activate a magic to save her (Blissrune magics can do that). Said magic was Danger Z-One, which destroys units that are adjacent to its attacker. Take a look up to see where his castle was. note 

Awesome Moments entries:

  • Apr 11th, 2014. XEH Drive faction test run against me playing the Nübz. My brother uses QMR Homasubi Branch's action to teleport force-9 Itsuki Kannazuki right on top of the Choice Band. He then proceeds to go One-Man Army and inflict a Curb-Stomp Battle to all but one of my units, that I had to actually work to save. It was one of his first moves, and he pretty much roflstomped 30 out of my 32 units, because he was literally invincible except against the likes of Chuck Norris (force-14 with Dispel Magic and Berserk).

Some house memes:

  • "Your voice actor sucks, kid!" Explanation