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Odd's costume theory
Some fans may think that there is an Alice reference somewhere, but this troper has a theory. This troper theorizes that some of Kiwi happened. Remember, Kiwi sheds. So some of his fur must've gotten on Odd's hands before his first virtualization. But since fur is already dead cells the scanner only tried to make him a dog but ended up making him a cat.

XANA is Nyx.
The monsters are Shadows, William is Takaya, Ulrich is Akihiko, Odd is Junpei, Yumi is either Yukari or Mitsuru, Jeremy is the MC, and Aelita is Aigis. The Lyoko forms are Personas (who seem to only know Physical skills) and the scanners are Evokers.
  • I like this theory.

XANA is Franz Hopper.
Fan-theorising on Lyoko Freak has suggested that Franz Hopper created XANA's AI using his own brain-waves. The catch? Once Franz was dead, how does the supercalculator tell the difference?. Also, it's at least heavily implied by Franz's journal entries that by the end he was a couple of sandwiches short of a picnic; an insane human mind is likely the last thing you want to try to model as a computer program, even on the world's most badass Quantum Computer. It's entirely possible that a combination of this insanity, simple data corruption and the inherent instability of a Multiple Agent System (like the Marabounta, which didn't even have an AI and still went badly wrong) caused Franz to either merge with XANA or replace him outright. Result: Instant lunatic, just add water. The result is either some strange form of Split Personality or a Gambit Roulette that has yet to see fruition. Or both. There is some evidence for this:
  • First, XANA seems quite happy to allow the Lyoko Warriors to survive between attacks (in "Hot Shower", he actually destroys a meteor headed for Yumi when he could have let it kill her).
    • It's worth noting however that XANA's goal that episode was to destroy the Quantum Computer with Aelita in Lyoko to trap her inside it. The meteor would indeed have gone on to kill Yumi, but Aelita would be separated from Lyoko contrary to XANA's plan.
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  • Second, XANA seems perfectly willing to help with threats that weren't created by him and therefore not part of his plan (like the Marabounta, which was one of Jeremie's programs that went wrong; with the Warriors unable to deal with it on their own, XANA sent in monsters to help them and prevent Lyoko's not-convenient-at-that-point destruction).
  • Third, in one episode XANA attacks just before Aelita has to undress for a medical exam, the possible act of a father trying to protect his daughter's modesty (or just the writers being bastards, since Sissi had been shown undressed (again) moments before).
  • Fourth, we never did learn exactly where Franz was being kept before Lyoko was temp-deleted (the tower in Sector 5 was suspected by fans, but nothing was ever proven).

XANA is Antea Hopper.
A variation on the above, for those who think Franz wasn't several sandwiches short of a picnic. In this case, Antea was kidnapped sometime during Franz's last days on Project Carthage. In disgust, he leaves the project and uses its resources secretly to rescue his wife. Trouble is, the MIB have turned her into an AI construct. Counter-theories to the above bullet points follow:
  • Letting the heroes survive between attacks? We've got two theories on that.
    • A: Antea-XANA has a GLaDOS-like Morality Core that malfunctions periodically to make her do various diabolical deeds.
    • B: Overclocked human brainwave-based AI means overclocked mood swings. Every attack is a Roaring Rampage of PMS.
  • Helping out in Enemy Mine scenarios? Simple self-preservation protocol, not too far off from the "XANA is Franz" theory above.
  • Attacking to get Aelita out of a physical? Maternal instinct.
  • Franz's whereabouts during the big cliffhangers? Simple: he operated out of Sector 5 until "Revelation/The Key," in which he depleted his power to restore part of Aelita's human memories. From there, he escapes to the Internet proper, bumming energy off Windows XP users to reconstitute himself. After the 10-Minute Retirement of Lyoko at Season 3's end, he returns to the supercomputer to secretly affect repairs on the Skidbladnir, occasionally popping up to rescue Aelita from the Digital Sea if her wings don't kick in.
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  • Jossed, she appears in Evolution in the real world. Same for the novels.

The story is the final chapter of the .hack saga, .hack/LYOKO
Sometime after the current .hack series, the World is pulled offline permanently. It turns out that Jun Bansyoya's journal lied, and Harold Hoerwick returns from years of study into molecular manipulation to gather up the remaining The World computers and reconfigures their data into a new version on a quantum computer, creating Lyoko. He then retools Aura into a more realistic version, Aelita, and prepares to finally bring her into the real world as a testament to his love for Emma. He even goes as far to create a fake identity, papers, and photos, so that he and the new Aura will look like a convincing family and be able to hide from CC Corp. Something goes horribly wrong, though, and Morganna remanifests from the hidden depths of the New World as XANA.
  • There is a fanfic in which XANA crosses over to the world of .hack//Sign and the players therein have to fetch the Lyoko cast to help defeat him.

Code Lyoko takes place in the Marvel Universe.
C'mon, Marvel bankrolling the short-lived Code Lyoko toyline and MoonScoop producing a short-lived Fantastic Four animated series? It can't be a short-lived coincidence. Now that XANA's gone, our heroes will move to England, become the Ultimates X-Calibur team, and work in at least three Doctor Who references a year.
  • On a related note, Ulrich is a Skrull, as are both his parents.
    • Nah, only Ulrich's Jerkass father is a Skrull. However, Ulrich will use powers derived from his Skrull heritage to usurp the position of Captain Marvel.

The Supercomputer has enough power to determine The Ultimate Question Of Life The Universe And Everything.
In a rare occurrence of reaching through the other side of the Fourth-Wall Mail Slot, it's "How long will CL fans have to wait, in years, before the entirety of Code Lyoko comes out on Region 1 DVD with French audio?"

For starters, notice that throughout the present day of the series, Franz Hopper has never taken corporeal form. Turns out his doing so would trigger a paradox and/or causal loop that would spell the end of the Multiverse as we know it. Thus, the Men In Black needed to ensure a Stable Time Loop by forcing him to shuffle off the mortal coil, through death or other means. Since death would throw a wrench into future events, they chose "other means" - if Franz and Aelita didn't evacuate to Lyoko of their own accord, they'd drag them into the scanners. Kidnapping Antea (and possibly turning her into XANA or a XANA-prototype as denoted above) was insurance to make sure Franz would continue his work on a virtual world derived from Project Carthage and eventually take up permanent (or at least permanently disembodied) residence in the end product.

Aelita learned how to use Energy Fields in the Time Skip between Seasons 2 and 3 by marathoning Naruto.
Alternatively, she knows Jump Super/Ultimate Stars.

Harold Hoerwick was on the Project Carthage staff.
Largely a concession to the ".hack//LYOKO" theory above. Other notable scientists include:Furthermore, the Project Carthage staff is the group responsible for the creation of many A.I.s.

XANA's name is actually "Xana".
When Franz Hopper created the super computer he designed it to use a case-insensitive character encoding to get a (very) small boost in performance. Hence why everything, including XANA's name, appears in all caps.
  • Actually, no. The reason for the mostly-caps thing is that the "Lyoko Font", Gunship, has nearly all the lower-case letters appear in uppercase, with the exception of "b" and "d".

XANA is a prototype of the Hunter-Seeker Algorithm.
Formless in its structure, horrifyingly versatile in its offense, XANA's activities fit the Hunter-Seeker's FMV to the letter.
  • But if the fake Franz was right and XANA was made to combat multi-agent systems, how did Jeremy manage to overwhelm it with one?
    • XANA follows the Alien Crossfire rules: Jeremy wasn't OHKO'd because he had Algorithmic Enhancement, and mounted a successful counter-offensive because his Probe Score was +5.

Franz Hopper isn't Harold Hoerwick
Although Franz and Harold had the necessary knowledge to accomplish their goals separately (destroying Carthage and materializing Aura respectively) neither had the necessary resources so they decided to work together to accomplish their goals. However, Harold was kidnapped and tortured for information by the Men in Black, he eventually committed suicide, but not before revealing he was working with Franz.The Men in Black then kidnapped Antea hoping to use her as a hostage in order to force Franz to work for them. In order to ensure she wouldn't escape or kill herself they virtualized her using an older model scanner. However, she managed to escape onto the network and eventually made her way to the super computer where she became merged with Morganna and they become XANA.Furthermore, when Aelita Schaeffer was virtualized onto Lyoko, XANA merged her data with Aura's (creating Aelita Stones) in order to both protect her and prevent Aura's materialization.

XANA was made with Progenitor technology.
Yes, yet another SMAC-themed WMG, I know, but bear with me.
  • First, see the Hunter-Seeker WMG above.
  • Second, consider XANA's modus operandi: the manipulation of electric current, electronic computational functions, and bioelectric impulses to affect a variety of attacks. These come as easily to XANA as the manipulation of electronic and thermal resonances for Progenitors - in fact, the latter is their primary communication medium.
  • Finally, nobody seems to agree on which set of gender pronouns to refer to XANA with, if even to use ones denoting gender at all: the show has a secure grip on referring to XANA as male, while several Fanon interpretations depict XANA as female (if not having a separate female avatar to ship with William), the Let's Talk Tech team at Lyoko Freak seems to like gender-neutral pronouns, and the games (or at least "Fall of XANA") switch between the three with reckless abandon. Solution? Reference to XANA is designed with gender fluidity in mind: much like in communicating with a Progenitor, it doesn't matter which pronouns you use or how frequently they're shuffled, as long as it's clear you're referring to the same entity the entire time. Also, it's either this or we take the Squick route like with Pikachu and Vaarsuvius.

XANA turned William into an Espada.
Jeremy provided the BFS, all XANA had to do was write all the jokes at Ichigo's expense. And possibly Chad's, with all the times William wound up getting Worfed.
  • Meaning, of course, that all Jeremy had to do in the end was Reject XANA's programming.
  • Also, Antea Hopper a Mod Soul eventually installed into Mister Puck.
  • Not to mention Ulrich's dad is a Bount in addition to being a Skrull as denoted above.
    • Nah, Ulrich is a kinda similar name to Uryuu... I bet he's a Quincy.
      • Couldn't be. Ulrich lacks mad sewing skillz.
      • Ulrich is a Soul Reaper. He fights with a sword. Odd's the Quincy.
      • No, Yumi is the Soul Reaper. Take a second look at her first Lyoko outfit. The right side of the kimono is over the left.
Franz Hopper survived. AGAIN.
Admit it, the guy never seems to die when he makes a Heroic Sacrifice, and whenever he shows up afterwards, it's always a good thing he could heal. This means, of course, that he'll turn back up eventually, but it'll take something as drastic as Un Monde Sans Paix to necessitate it.
Why does the dub deny any personal attachment to Paris?
Simple: Lyoko or some analogue actually exists, and the MIB aren't all that keen on admitting the French beat Area 51 to it. The lack of editing on MoonScoop's part, by association, is a subversive measure to break the Masquerade, spearheaded by none other than Sharon Mann herself. And possibly himself.
Aelita could come into some massive alimony payments should she choose to forgo her Undead Tax Exemption.
Let's see, that's 10 years of data stasis and emotional damages thereof, plus child support from Franz (because he's STILL ALIVE, as noted above), multiplied by punitive damages to be assessed against the Men in Black, minus a rod of U-235... I think I'll just toss her this catalog of Upper West Side apartments and she and Jeremy can call me back when they find something good.
  • Minus unpaid tuition for Kadic, which seems to be a private school.
    • Nah, Jeremy hacked in a free ride scholarship for her. Because love makes you do those sorts of things.

    • Persuing the matter would likely see them knocked off by the government or thrown in some off the books prison due to the whole project carthage thing. Also, proving the whole data stasis thing would be difficult without revealing the existance of lyoko (which would be siezed by the government) Also Franz hopper is likely dead (or of unknown whearabouts), so collecting from him would be difficult, even assuming that the men in black somehow did not have him unpersoned or sieze/froze his assets. The men in black, as government agents ( even without invoking plausible deniability) would never even see the inside of a courtroom, getting off quite easily. Jeremie could end up going to prison for forging Alieta's identity.
Sissi is a clone.
Blame Carth for semantically introducing the possibility that Sissi might not have (or have had) a mother. Then again, tossing a cheerleading baton into the air, never to return, isn't something that can be easily done with natural human strength. (Technically, she did it twice, but I (you should know the one by now) am using "XANA Awakens: Part 2" as my frame of reference because XANA wasn't mucking with the Earth's gravity that day.)
  • Wow...I just wrote that cause it was missing, and someone's already commented on it. O_O Anyway, all I think is that Sissi's suspicious lack of mommeh is, well, suspicious. My guesses fall in several categories- one, she's a clone, like you said (which would make for a really cool plot if she ever joined the Gang), two, Jean-Pierre is at least not her father (maybe she was a foundling or something, abandoned on the Kadic doorstep...but that's straying into Fan Fic territory), or three, I'm reading too far into it and Sissi's mum is simply not important.
    • Perhaps she's the mastermind behind all the conspiracy!
      • Perhaps Sissi's mom is Antea Hopper.
      • Hey, this works! Canon says Sissi's mother is alive and away. So is Antea. In the novels, at least, Jean-Pierre Delmas has some awareness of Project Carthage and Waldo Schaeffer's true identity. The only hole in this theory is that Sissi must have been born during Franz's tenure at Kadic.
      • Maybe Sissi is in a similar situation to Aelita, in that she's a clone of the original Sissi (ok, maybe not THAT similar...).
Taelia is Aelita's half-sister.
Antea Hopper is still alive. She escaped the custody of her kidnappers after some 5 years thanks to the help of one of The Men in Black who fell in love with her and betrayed his cause. Believing for a while that her husband and Aelita were dead, she started a new life on the run with her savior. A girl was born some 2 years later, and Antea gave her a Significant Anagram name of her lost daughter: Taelia. The father discovered some years later, from a lasting Men in Black acquaintance, that Waldo Schaeffer survived but was almost captured again, and then disappeared for good. Antea still wanted to find him and Aelita, but doing thorough researches was difficult and risky. After many years, they uncovered his last whereabouts: he had lived under the name Franz Hopper and had been teaching at Kadic Academy. To not attract the attention of any potential Men in Black surveillance, Taelia was enrolled for a short while so that she could glean some information about Franz Hopper by peering through the school files or discreetly interrogating the principal. She pretended being an orphan to deflect any question about her parents.

What? That makes a LOT more sense than the Identical Stranger scenario...

  • If she dies and Jeremy installs her DNA into Aelita, will it unlock her true power? Just curious.
  • Extra credit for getting your timeline right — 7 years is absolutely spot on.

Project Carthage (though not necessarily Lyoko or XANA) was originally a time-travel project.
Instead of Carthage being a tactical reference, it was their goal. They could already travel forward in time, by uploading themselves and then having the programming frozen from the outside, rematerializing once the physical computer reached the intended destination, having travelled at the speed of 1 second per second. They did not, however, have any idea what they were doing trying to go into the past. The 24 hour limit was either a result of Jeremie's inability to unlock it any further, things went haywire if they went too far back, they decided it wouldn't be worth going back in time too far since anyone who died in the interval would still be dead, or, this troper's favorite, nothing exists more than 24 hours before the present.

Code Lyoko takes place in the CLAMPverse
One of the rules of the CLAMPverse is that the dead can never be brought back to life, despite this time travel is possible.

Code Lyoko and Oban Star-Racers take place in the same world
Not only do they share at least one creator (Thomas Romain), but a motif of facial tattoos is present in both series. Odd has several on his face in his CGI Lyoko Warrior form, and in hers, Aelita has two thick vertical lines on her cheeks, similar to the ones Molly and Maya have on Ōban Star-Racers. Coincidence? This troper thinks otherwise.
  • hmm...Maya, you say?
    • M-Maya? Oh God, it's Carnegie Hall all over again...
  • This troper thinks you're on to something. OSR takes place in either 2081 or 2082, judging from a banner glimpsed in a flashback to a time shortly before Maya Wei's death. Assuming that Jeremie was eleven or twelve in 2005, that he and Aelita grew up, married, and had kids, that pink hair is some sort of recessive trait, that Maya was somewhere in her thirties when she died in 2071/2072, and that Maya was actually French... Jeremie and Aelita could be Eva Wei's grandparents. (Unless this troper's math is wrong. She double-checked, honest!)

Jim is a Solid Snake, and Code Lyoko is an Alternate Universe of Metal Gear.
Jim has plently of Noodle Incidents, and they both have brown hair. I imagine that Jim is really Snake in a world where Liquid died in a horrible accident, Ocelot's plan never got past "Snake Eater", and Snake really did get to stay retired. Snake himself got fat after years of enjoying himself, but fled the country and moved to France when he realized he might be tracked by a-li-lo-a-li-le La-Li-Lu-Le-Lo The Patriots. As for Lyoko, it could be one of the Patriots' AIs, with X.A.N.A. being Big Boss himself, and the MIBs in Aelita's flashback being Patriots who wanted to kidnap Aelita so they could blackmail Franz, just like they did with Olga.

Snake's rapid aging is still a hole in my theory, though. Either A. he never came down with it via being a FOXDIE vector, or B. Plastic surgery.

  • William is Psycho Mantis, by the way. "You LIKE Oban Star-Racers, don't you?"
  • Taking things into Konami's expanded universe for a stretch, Franz Hopper is actually an alias for Waldo Schaeffer Petrovich Modnar. Which makes Aelita a Snatcher of Antea Hopper intended to keep up the Masquerade of a nuclear family. Except she accidentally became human through interaction with XANA, who happens to be an Immortal. A decade later, Jeremy and pals Shot The Core so that Aelita could spend her days in peace, playing children's card games.
  • Further addendums to the above:
    • The laser satellite is actually the Patriots' "John Doe" server, which would make XANA some sort of zeitgeist of the "rule the world" half of the Patriots' proprietors (Sigint, Para-Medic, Major Zero).
    • Jeremy may or may not do all his less scrupulous hacking under the alias "Shalashaska," depending on whether he can remember to put in that last S (Lord knows I have trouble with it).
    • The Hoppers Schaeffers Hell, maybe both could be distant offshoots of the Gurlukovich line, following a bizarre and improbable path to rebuilding Russia that was mostly extrapolated from an old Betamax of the Soviet movie Aelita, Queen of Mars. Insert your own Zone of the Enders joke here.
    • The only reason Jeremy says the supercomputer can't bring people back to life is because The Sorrow would have his ass for it. See also Big Boss's spiritual shenanigans in The Last Days of FOXHOUND.
    • Yumi is actually a Model 3 Test Subject, complete with rack designed by Team Ninja.

Jeremie wasn't the first person to find the super calculator after Franz Hopper and Aelita were trapped on Lyoko.
The people who originally found it they also tried to materialize Aelita, but instead only succeeded in creating imperfect infant copies of her, which they adopted and named Jeremie and Taelia. At some later point one of XANA's attacks proved fatal and the decision was made to shut down the super calculator (quite possibly by Aelita herself).
  • As cool as that theory is, it doesn't quite work timeline-wise. The supercomputer was shut down for nine years, and Jeremie was twelve when he first discovered it...

Odd and Love Momozono are related. More likely cousins.
Both are blonde, both are lively and chirpy, and Love acted like a cat in episodes 14 and 15 of FPC, while Odd's Lyoko avatar just happens to be a kitty-boy. The reason for them having different surnames was that Ayumi (Love's mother) and Odd's father were siblings, and once Ayumi married Kentarou (Love's dad), she took on his own surname.

Similarly, William and Setsuna/Eas seem to have connections: both have black hair and had an evil phase, but in reverse directions: William was good and he became evil, and Setsuna started out evil and became Cure Passion.

Odd's affinity for purple and his flirty attitude might be caused by the excessive number of females in his family.
Seriously, having a mother, five sisters, and (referring to the Love theory above) a female cousin (no, Aelita does not count since she was pretending) might just influence him. And make him want more.
  • It could also be argued that his five sisters have led to his Casanova Wannabe tendencies. He mentions that they bully him (e.g. by locking him in the bathroom all night) and have complete control over him due to being older. Thus, when Odd is away from them at Kadic, he decides that he wants to be the one in control instead, and thus dates every girl he can to try and assert his control and sense of confidence.
    • Alternatively, Odd's Casanova Wannabe tendencies are a result of him trying to settle down his five sisters. He likely got this attitude from his dad.

The World is a Simulation
The "Real World" is actually a simulation like the Matrix (or is the Matrix), and Lyoko is a simulation inside of a simulation, or perhaps, a different layer of the same one. This would explain XANA's ability to seemingly violate the laws of physics. It also explains the Return to the Past: a type of loading of a saved state (or backup as it may be), but those excepted from it overwrite their old selves. Could also be why Jeremy's hacking is so effective at things which would seem to have other checks and balances (like Aelita's identity).
  • But if the "Return to the Past" works by restoring a "back-up" of the world, then why do dead people stay dead?
    • The same reason the Lyoko Warriors overwrite themselves. Every actor is simply reset back and physically restored, and the relevant memories erased should they not be exempt from retrieval, but a glitch in resetting makes most people who die fail to continue function and simply die again or simply fail at being sent back entirely and just don't reappear. The 'autosave' feature only holds up to 24 hours worth of frames of existence, and does not accommodate for deaths in any form related to the incident they're undoing for. There may be a stronger save feature that allows for longer storage and bringing back the dead, but this savestate is either a complete undo and does not allow for in-universe memory retention or anything else that would make it useful or cannot be activated from the shown layers of the simulation, at least not without something extremely impractical like individually activating every single tower in the entire simulation.
    • Alternatively, it's because Lyoko keeps a backup of memories from the previous timeline, it also backsup "dead" memories.
    • If it works EXACTLY like the Matrix, then your body does not survive your mind, meaning that if you die no backup can bring you back to life.
  • OP, In English, please!

The World is a simulation, and Lyoko is actually the world that runs this simulation.
Based off of the previous WMG. Why is it that resetting a tower returns to the past? Because that's what the programming of the simulation is; the resetting of a tower can be considered to be a "restore from previous backup command". Lyoko Warriors become exempt from the backup the moment they become Lyoko Warriors. Dead humans and animals cannot revive because all of their data is subsequently deleted, including those from the backups. Lyoko can only hold so much information, which is why time can only be rewound by a day.XANA is here actually a hacker trying to cause damage to the World.

This would also make it much easier to explain why Aelita happens to be trapped in Lyoko, and can't get into the World. Think of the Lyoko Warriors being transported from the World into Lyoko as uploading an AI into a robot's processor. Transferring a human's consciousness into a computer is much harder, and is comparable to Aelita's predicament.

Aelita's personality completely changed when and because Franz Hopper restored her memories.

The Aelita in Seasons 1 and 2 and the Aelita in Seasons 3 and 4 are two completely different Aelitas, because a new Aelita was created when Franz Hopper gave her memories back. As a blank slate on Lyoko, Aelita was probably closer to the definition of an artificial intelligence- or maybe simply an amnesiac. She shows marked traits- an overactive martyrdom instinct, a demure, naive personality (though this does evolve slightly due to outside sources), and, for the little time she knows about her parentage before the memory restoration, acute hatred of her father.

My best guess is that when Franz Hopper restored her memories, he also restored a bit of her previous personality, and maybe a bit more humanity. She becomes noticeably more outspoken, she takes many risks both physically and socially, the martyrdom instinct vanishes (maybe because of a renewed sense of dignity?), she receives different powers for no apparent reason (this I think is the big one- because her brain changed, the makeup of her Lyoko form changed as well. The energy balls could be symbolic of her assertiveness...or uh something.), and, big one, she absolutely adores her father. Aelita wasn't replaced, because she has memories and all, but she was definitely heavily modified.

  • Reminds me of another extraordinary girl whose personality shifted towards the assertive halfway through the story. You sure Aelita isn't a half-Esper?

Jeremy is Haruhi.
He probably created all of Aelita's past and a way to bring her to the real world because he was really in love with her, and it'd be troublesome if she didn't come to reality, like he wanted. The change in personality was because it was how he imagined her.And XANA's Game-Breaker status was just a way to keep away from the massive boredom. He probably created this new Universe after Haruhi saw that there was a game so awesome she wished it was real. Lyoko is this game.
  • We had to have one of these, anyways. 'Tis TV Tropes tradition, of course!

The Men In Black aren't with the government, but with Smart Brain.
Antea and Aelita are Flamingo Orphenochs, whose cellular degeneration issues were fixed by Franz using Project Carthage and/or Lyoko (an independent project to break Smart Brain's status as leading Mega-Corp by making their superhumans beholden to someone else besides the Orphenoch King for their gene fix). No word yet on how involved Decade has become in "Lyoko no sekai."
  • I have absolutely no idea what you just said. Keep up the good work.
  • If Smart Brain is involved, does this make Code Lyoko set in Faiz's world, Decade AR Faiz's world or another entirely? Plus, aren't orphenocs almost always grey in colour?
  • ZECT would arguably be a better fit for the Men In Black - after all, you could argue that Lyoko was a virtual predecessor to the Masked Rider System, and the Resets might be connected to the Hyper Zecter. It could be that the Worms never got to France, and as such, Franz was originally contracted to create a simulator to train ZECT operatives, but said project gained a mind of it's own.

A crazy, yet plausible theory to Odd's Lyoko form.
The night before he enrolled at Kadic, he read the original Alice in Wonderland book before sleeping. Then, he dreamed about Kiwi peeing on a random log, where the Chesire Cat was resting. Kiwi and the Chesire Cat then started fighting... and then Odd woke up. Hence why in Lyoko he is dressed as a purple cat with a picture of Kiwi peeing as his Chest Insignia.

Yumi grows up and becomes Yumi Azusa.
She eventually moved to Death City, and somehow became a weapon and decided to enroll in the DWMA. I mean, look at her. Azusa dresses similar to Ishiyama, the hairstyles are fairly similar.. as for the last name, it could have been her mother's maiden name that she decided to take, and the reason she's called Azusa most of the time is because her father named her Yumi and she now has a grudge against her father like Maka does. She never mentions Lyoko because, well, she has to keep a secret.

XANA possesses humans because he enjoys taking human form.
It's the best explanation we've got. When he first possessed a human (Sissi), he made a comment in her body that he had "never felt so good." Perhaps over the seasons, XANA developed a liking for, or even an addiction to taking human form for some reason. This is why he did so, again and again, even after it was long established that this method did not work. He took William as his slave in Season 4 in order to have a human to possess whenever he wanted.

Ulrich's real parents are Kyon and Haruhi
Got the idea from a since-removed Youtube video saying that kyon and Haruhi are Ulrich's parents due to Ulrich being a slight expy of Kyon and other reasons. Haruhi just transferred the baby to the stomach of a French woman. She IS god, after all.

Jeremie is Jeff Andonuts
Both characters are very smart for their age and are great with technology, not to mention they both have a similar hairstyle, blonde and wear glasses.
  • Flaw in your theory: Michel Belpois and Dr. Andonuts look and act nothing alike.

Aelita is a suicidal, Death Seeker
Think of all the horrid stuff that have happened to her. Think of the lack of therapists. Think of her (failed) Heroic Sacrifice.

Xana was never corrupted

Xana was doing exactly what it was programmed to do: destroy Project Carthage. In order to do that it needed to leave the factory. The program was merely protecting itself when it trapped Franz and Aelita Hopper and was continuing to protect its mission for the entire series.

  • That's not a bad theory. It makes sense. Perhaps the reason he created all those extra super computers was because he needed extra power to destroy Carthage (and he created those robots to defend the computers should they come under attack). I mean, since the Carthage was started (in what, the '70s?) it had probably grown exponentially. Hell, depending on just WHAT it does exactly, it may be a threat to the entire world. Heh, it's probably some sort of system that keeps the entire world under the control... What was that theory regarding The Patriots again? If this is all true though wouldn't that make Xana the hero of the show, which is nothing but a bunch of Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! moments?
  • That could explain how it's plots start vague and turn more towards manipulating the kids. As soon as they succeed against plots it never really needed, they rewind time. This explicitly gives it more power (in what sense?); why not exploit its constant attackers to make it more powerful so it can eliminate Carthage?
  • Or perhaps he already destroyed it at some point in the past and, as a result, decided to destroy the ones who created it, the humans, as an extension of the original programming.

Xana actually trapped them in a different bubble simulation at the end of "Ghost Channel" and they just think they are in the real world
  • Odd and Ulrich were right in "Temporary Insanity".

XANA is 4chan!
The site has gotten self-aware and all the attacks are actually epic trolling! XANA is sitting on his throne of CP and laughing at them, thinking they destroyed him, but 4chan is still up! That means 4chANA is waiting, then will do an epic troll move and mess with their ego, by sending a giant Pedo Bear to attack them!
  • He already did that, in the first episode: "Teddy Godzilla".

XANA thinks that Yumi is the strongest Lyoko Warrior
It would explain why she's XANA's Designated Victim, after all. And there's some evidence to suggest that she is the strongest, at least emotionally - being a year older, she's naturally more mature and headstrong than the others. She's also had the most experience with the supercomputer other than Jeremie and Aelita (by season 4 she can perform Returns to the Past without guidance). And her performances on Lyoko are generally impressive as well. She's managed to beat William singlehandedly at least twice, and she's the only one to have defeated Aelita whilst she's under XANA's control. All that added together explains why XANA goes after her so much - he reckons that if she goes, the others will be severely demoralized, and it'll be much less difficult to put them down as well.

Hiroki is adopted
Think about it. He's nowhere to be seen in all of season 1, even on occasions where he really should have been, such as in "Holiday in the Fog" when Yumi's family were going on vacation. This is because Hiroki isn't Yumi's biological brother, but instead he was adopted by the Ishiyama family sometime between "False Start" and the beginning of season 2.

Replikas are XANA's equivalent of Horcruxes
Jeremie's assumption (which the show then takes for granted) is that if all of the Replikas are destroyed, XANA will die as well. However, here's a different theory - although XANA is free from the Supercomputer, he still has certain limitations based on his core programming. That means that he still needs towers to attack the real world, and so he began usurping other supercomputers to create new towers to do just that. However, in the act of usurping each supercomputer, XANA left his core programming increasingly exposed, because he'd have to siphon off some of his power to create Replikas, much like how Voldermort had to split his soul and siphon part of it into his Horcruxes. This means that destroying the Replikas wouldn't destroy XANA totally, but instead they'd leave him much more exposed to a final attack. That's how Jeremie's multi-agent program destroyed him - it targetted all of the Replikas simultaneously, and once they'd all been destroyed, the program launched a final attack on XANA itself, killing him for good. If the Replikas had simply been destroyed and the Supercomputer shut down, XANA would still 'exist', but he wouldn't be able to do anything until he usurped another supercomputer.
  • This explains how he survived since his return on Code Lyoko Evolution!

Code Lyoko will reset it all
Every time they use Code Lyoko, they get sent back in time. One day they might get sent back to the beggining of all creation.
  • That presumes a lot about the RTTP's range. It might simply not have the power to send everything back THAT far. Though I wouldn't put it past the Warriors to pull a Mighty Max (Resetting back to the time of Xana Awakens) as a last resort...
William is a fan of Final Fantasy VII
Which is why his Lyoko Avatar is based on Cloud/Zack.

Ulrich has dyslexia
Ulrich is often shown doing badly on his schoolwork, frequently getting 'D-' or 'F' grades. Yet when Ulrich is with his friends and fighting XANA, does he seem unintelligent to you? My theory is that Ulrich is actually fairly intelligent - not to the same extent as Jeremie and Aelita, but still quite smart. However, because he has dyslexia, he has difficulty in reading books and writing essays, thus leading to his bad grades. The problem is that no one else has noticed that Ulrich is dyslexic, and thus slates his poor schoolwork as being down to laziness and a refusal to study. For instance, when Mrs. Hertz is chewing him out in "Nobody In Particular", he apparently wrote that a nucleus was made of "croutons" rather than "protons". Perhaps he did know the right answer, but due to his dyslexia he ended up writing a different word. Likewise, when another teacher slated his essay in "Double Trouble", the main critique was about the multiple spelling errors. Unfortunately, Ulrich is too shy and embarrassed to talk about his problems, even to his friends, so he doesn't get the help he needs. Remember how reluctant he was to admit he had vertigo? Frankly I'm surprised that it took me this long to consider this possibility...
  • There's a simpler/alternate explanation for Ulrich's bad grades... having Odd for a roommate.

There are multiple XANA-esque programs across the world
While the gang are fighting XANA from Lyoko, and eventually delving into the internet itself to destroy supercomputers that XANA has taken over, there are multiple different groups fighting rogue computer programs just like XANA all over the world. Naturally, none of these groups know that any of the other groups exist, and so continue to fight computer programs in their respective virtual worlds in countries such as the United States, Australia, United Kingdom, China etc., basically every country that has powerful computers at their disposal. In the first two seasons, shutting down the supercomputer would only have removed XANA from the picture - the other rogue computer programs would still threaten the world's safety. Franz Hopper is aware of this, and so he sent data to Jeremie about all the other self-aware computer programs that existed. Thus, in "Fight to the Finish", Jeremie's multi-agent program was so powerful that not only did it destroy XANA, but all the other computer programs as well.

Lyoko is Franz Hopper's Minecraft world
Several years into the future (from the show's perspective), Hopper bought Minecraft and discovered the issue of lag when using too much TNT at once. So what did he do? He built a supercomputer that would allow him to blow up as much TNT as he could ever want. After a while, he got bored and added more features to the computer, including the ability to enter a read only version of his world and, for some reason, go back in time. After getting bored with that, Hopper made several mods that, among other things, replace the mobs we all know and love with more science fictiony mobs, make the world generate differently, cause falling into the Void to be more punishing, and, due to the computer's massive amount of power, add towers that can affect the real world with the right redstone sequence. And after a while, he used the computer to take it all back in time to the 70s where he settled down, got a wife, and eventually got his daughter so addicted to Minecraft that she went into the world and refused to leave. Consider these similarities:
  • The wirey cable thingies that lead to the towers are comparable to Redstone Wire.
  • The Digital Sea acts similarly to the Void. Instant death, loss of all data.
  • The four main Areas (desert, forest, ice, mountain) are comparable to the major biomes in Minecraft.
  • Carthage, likely the last thing Hopper built, appears to be made completely out of Lapis Lazuli blocks.
  • XANA, given all that he does, could be compared to Herobrine accessing towers allowing him to screw with people in REAL LIFE.
  • Replikas are worlds separate from Lyoko that Hopper made while testing his world generation mod, mainly to make sure each biome still worked properly.

So what it comes down to is this: Jeremy and the gang found this super computer, discovered Hopper's still Minecraft addicted daughter trapped in Hopper's world. The so-called "materialization code" was really a way to forcibly remove Aelita's addiction, allowing her to get out. Over the course of the series, the team goes and fights against Herobrine to keep him from screwing with real life in addition to just Minecraft.

Finally, Jeremy reveals that his hair is dyed, moves to Sweden, changes his name to Markus Persson, grows a magnificent beard, and makes a game called Minecraft hoping to one day make a less hostile but still with a fun amount of danger version of Lyoko that he and his friends can one day explore once more. He made Herobrine in an attempt to have something similar to but not as deadly as Xana, but removed him at some point after Franz Hopper went back in time, which was also before the Nether update. Endermen were his second attempt, but failed because they weren't sinister enough. Oh, and Ulrich went with Jeremy and took the name of Jen Bergstein.

In Code Lyoko: Evolution, Sissi will have a Lyoko form.
At the end of the first series, she became friends with the cast. Why shouldn't she, now? Also, evolution makes me think upgrade, including in character ages. If they're older, they should have become closer, so why not let her in?If she does get one, I think it will be a Zelda/Sheik type deal. The Lyoko form represents your inner desires, don't you think Sissi would totally be a princess in that form... But it has to be combat ready, making me think that it will be like Zelda and Sheik.
  • And then she'll get turned evil, because the Warriors really can't catch a break.
    • Quite possible (her having a Lyoko form, not her turning evil), since it's been confirmed there are SEVEN main characters despite only six (Jeremie, Aelita, Ulrich, Yumi, Odd, and William) being promoted, and Sissi's the one character who hasn't been showing up at all in promotion or previews. Coincidence?
  • Jossed, sadly.

Franz Hopper gave XANA a virus at the end of "The Key"
As we all know, at the end of "The Key" XANA managed to escape the supercomputer by stealing Aelita's memories, and Franz sacrificed himself to bring Aelita back to life. However, what wasn't shown on-screen was that while Franz was giving his daughter back her memories, he was also implanting a 'bug' inside XANA's core systems as he was escaping Lyoko. Throughout season 2, XANA maintained a link between him and Aelita so that if he died, Aelita would too. In this instance, however, Franz turned the tables on him, and the bug made it so that if Aelita died, XANA would be destroyed as well. This would explain why XANA never tried to kill Aelita throughout seasons 3 & 4, even though he's tried to kill the other Lyoko Warriors - doing so would lead to his own destruction. This also explains his actions in "Hot Shower", and indeed why he wants Aelita imprisoned within the Digital Sea - if she was trapped in the Network, then technically she'd still be 'alive', but completely unable to do anything. Thus, XANA wouldn't have to worry about the one key threat to his existence, and as soon as Franz Hopper was out of the picture, victory would be almost guaranteed.

Every episode after "Ghost Channel" never actually happened
In "Code: Earth", Aelita is finally materialised onto Earth, and in "False Start" she spends some time on Earth before being forced back to Lyoko. Then in "New Order", Aelita lives on Earth with everyone else. Well, that's what the show tells us anyway. In fact, every episode in the series except for the first 24 is merely a hallucination on Jeremie's part. On that front, so is the scene in "Frontier" where he touches Aelita's fingertips. What really happened is that XANA succeeded in one of his attacks for once, killing many people in the process. The gang realized that they could not handle XANA any longer, and reluctantly shut down the supercomputer. Jeremie, distraught by the loss of his one true love, even if it did happen to be a computer program, went completely insane and began hallucinating that he had finally managed to materialize Aelita (hence "Code: Earth" and "False Start"). Everything else that happens afterwards consists of further hallucinations from Jeremie - Aelita being able to live on Earth full-time (Jeremie's biggest dream), the revelation that she's human (thus making Jeremie's love for her less 'pathetic') and everything else... all of that is imagined by Jeremie as he lies in his bed, his friends having long since abandoned him, and the episode "Echoes" represents Jeremie regaining his sanity and letting go of his delusions.

There are two Aelitas
To be specific, the first Aelita lasts from the start of the series until the episode "Just In Time", when she's deleted. When the gang materialize the hair that was materialized, the implication is that it's the same Aelita. However, if you listen closely, you'll notice that they mention that the hair 'recreates' Aelita's code, rather than 'restoring' it. In other words, they made an exact copy of Aelita, with her memories intact. Now, at the time there wasn't much distinction, with her being assumed to be an AI and all. But this essentially means that the Aelita that went through so much Character Development, discovering her past and fighting XANA all the while, was not the real Aelita at all, but a computer-generated clone of the original Aelita.

XANA is a Knight Templar
For all intents and purposes, the show paints XANA as a monster, whose exact motivations remain unknown throughout the four seasons. However, a very distinct possibility is the idea is that XANA is a Knight Templar who holds a very firm belief that Humans Are Bastards. During season one, the only way he sees of removing their bastard-ness is to eradicate them totally. However, after season two, his motivations change as he grows in power - now, he instead wants to become powerful enough to possess everyone on Earth, and manipulate them in a way that he believes will 'benefit' the rest of the planet. This explains the robots we see late in season 4 - perhaps they are designed to get rid of anyone who manages to resist XANA's possession. More importantly, it explains why possessing humans is by far XANA's favourite method of attack, despite the fact that it has failed to produce results multiple times - he wants to stay in practice for when he's finally strong enough to possess millions of people at once.

The Supercomputer was Sailor Pluto's PC
And she built it herself, adding the Time Travel function and the holographic part out of boredom (she has literally nothing to do for a long time). Also, she powered it with plutonium to keep herself entertained when she had to recover the fuel. Then she grew bored with it too and hid it near Paris, where Franz Hopper found it.

Jim Morales does not age
This would explain the bandage, the five-o-clock shadow, and how he had so many previous jobs on top of working at Kadic Academy for 20 years. He also never mentioned the real reason he was embarrassed about Paco, King of Disco. It could have been made a long time ago, but Jim still looks about the same.

Mr. Puck's appearances in Aelita's dreams are a mental defense mechanism.
Besides the fact that some of her memories were removed from her and stored in Lyoko, she also partially repressed some of them. Mr. Puck is a mental avatar for Aelita (also helps explain why her Lyoko form is an elf), and she remembers herself as Mr. Puck in order to avoid confronting her traumatic memories directly.

Odd is Self-Abusive
Think about it. I can't offhand think of any real episode where Odd wears anything less than long-sleeved outfits. Ulrich knows, which is why he never complains about Odd hanging off of him. He mentions that his sisters abuse him in the most nonchalant of tones, and doesn't seem surprised when a girl pulls something particularly nasty. On another note, William also knows, but doesn't say anything.
  • He wears a short sleeved T-shirt at night to sleep in.
    • Not that I want this theory to be true but he doesn't have to cut himself for this theory; it could just involves bruises that could easily covered with make-up.

William is related to X.A.N.A.
William was the most easily possessed of the six, and having a genetic relation could be X.A.N.A.'s 'back door' into William's mind.

Carthage is a larger version of Lyoko

Aelita is not a virtual being who was materialized. Her mother is.
That's why they both have pink hair. Aelita's mother has it because she's a computer program, and Aelita inherited it from her. Aelita's father created Aelita's mother, and fell in love with her and managed to materialize her like Jeremie did to Aelita. The Men in Black kidnapped Antea because, being a computer program, she doesn't have rights and is a classified technology belonging to the government. They are after Franz Hopper because he "stole" this classified technology for his own purposes.

There are tons of people trapped in virtual worlds unable to leave like Aelita during the first season.
Franz was not the only member of Project Carthage who planned to escape The Men in Black by virtualizing his family. There was a whole team of people working on Project Carthage who The Men in Black are after, and all those who weren't captured by them escaped to virtual worlds powered by various supercomputers all over the globe, which Jeremie calls Replikas and mistakenly assumes were created by XANA. Like Aelita and William, many of them have no memory of being human or are possessed by XANA.
  • Which means they were probably all killed when the Multi-Agent program destroyed all the Replikas .

Both the missing fragment and virus business are both true.
X.A.N.A. did steal Aelita's human memories, but he didn't place a virus in Aelita. The virus placer was Franz Hopper. This kept her in a comma if the Supercomputer was turn off. He assumed the gang will believe it was done by X.A.N.A. and Jeremie would try to work on anti-virus. Any anti-virus won't work because the cure for the virus was Aelita's missing human memories. This was to kept the kids busy until he can find Aleita's human memories from wherever X.A.N.A. place them. He got them sometime after the kid took care of X.A.N.A-Franz, so he took over Sissi to give them a message. In the end, after X.A.N.A. escape, Franz give Aelita's memories which removed the virus from her.

Code Lyoko takes place in the same universe as Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad

At the end of the Christmas Episode Servo defeats the main villain of the show in a one on one fight. But right when he heads off searching for a way to return to home from the digital world a they all got amnesia and the whole world was set back five days in time!

My theory is that it was a Return trip that somehow got overclocked, (X.A.N.A, Kilokhan?) and didn't work entirely as everybody who was in Sam's basement just before they did the Return-To-The-Past program remained there. This must mean that the program has a longer range than the Lyoko Warriors realize and it was once overclocked off screen and maybe some flaws in execution. Though how they solved that function and the issues with it are unknown. Admittedly I can't justify the vast differences in appearance and origin from the "Digital Domain" and Lyoko but this is a much better plot than how Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad actually handled it.

  • Other Guess: Syber Squad is an alternate universe where they had vastly different combat avatar's, Aelita was never a factor, they don't know how to shut the Virtual World Down, and they had never discovered return to the past and only used it once unknowingly. What change caused the warriors to be American and not require a virtualization scanner to go in is anyone's guess.
  • Before I forget guys can you tell me how too add a WMG page for Syber Squad? I can't figure it out.

Aelita died when The Men in Black kidnapped Anthea.
The Aelita we know and love? She's an AI Franz created to replace his dead daughter, using her memories and DNA.

Alternatively, Franz created her from the original Aelita's DNA only, having been unable to scan her and retrieve her memories/being smart enough to realize giving her fake memories could bite him in the butt later. When he restored her memories in "The Key" he also gave her the rest of the original Aelita's DNA code (thus why she was able to be devirtualized normally from then on). As for why she has memories from before she was created? The answer should be obvious.

Season 1's "The Trap" takes place in on Oct. 12 , 2003.
According to "The Trap", it's been one year since the gang meet Aelita. Here's a theory how I come up using the pre-sequel X.A.N.A. Awakens".
  • Oct 7, 2002: Jeremie decides they isn't enough parts in the building for his mini-robots.
  • Oct 8, 2002: Jeremie turns on the Supercomputer and meets Maya for the first time.
  • Oct 9, 2002: Jeremie writes down his meeting with Maya in his computer dairy.
  • Oct 10, 2002: Odd comes to Kadic. Ulrich and Odd's first journey to Lyoko. Yumi and Ulrich meet each other.
  • Oct 12, 2002 — Round #1- Odd does his first spiky hair. Yumi's first journey to Loyko. Sissy's first squealing on the Lyoko Warriors. Aelita learns her name while putting in "Code Lyoko". First "Return to the Past, now!" by Jeremie.
  • Oct 12, 2002 — Round #2: Find out about X.A.N.A. The gang decide to kept: Lyoko, Aelita and X.A.N.A. a secret.

The following is a theory of how the gang learn that no one can be brought back with a "Return to the Past" without a death of a human.
The second X.A.N.A attack. which happen sometime between "X.A.N.A. Awakens" and "Teddygodzilla" had the virus-like program effect a whole bunch of spiders. Jim told them the kids to get lost until the adults clean the spiders out. The Lyoko Warriors head to the factory — squashing the spiders on the way. The gang got to the factory, virtualized into Lyoko, deal with X.A.N.A.'s Bloks and then Aelita shut down the tower with "Code Lyoko". The gang used the "Return the Past" to get rid of the spiders at Kadic. Sometime later, they is a report on a group of spiders dead in the woods outside of town — the gang reason those were the same spider that X.A.N.A had control over and reason that returning the past won't be restore any human or animal.

XANA had already planned to possess William.
XANA had noticed how the monsters' AI was no match for human ingenuity and decided to capture a human of his own. He then sent one of his specters to the real world for the sole purpose of implanting memories in William that should have been erased in a return trip. He new that the team was getting desperate at this point and would make the half-baked decision to bring a complete amateur to Sector 5. This would make William an easy target for two reasons. 1) William had no experience on Lyoko, let alone Sector 5, an area that still provided a challenge to the veterans. 2) He new that William would not take it seriously based on observation from the real world and the behavior of the others when THEY were first materialized. This put XANA in the perfect position to capture William, who had the same advantages as the humans (ingenuity) as well as a major power buff from XANA. This also gave XANA a human agent that he could materialize without activating a tower (thus alerting the Lyoko Warriors.)

Think about it. The Supercomputer is an incredibly high-tech device, and it couldn't have possibly worked perfectly back when it was brand new and with Aelita's dad at the helm. As per Finagle's Law, anything that can go wrong will go wrong, especially with something that uses a lot of Applied Phlebotinum that can and will be prone to Phlebotinum Breakdown. Sometimes the Scanner cabinets would malfunction while Franz was in them, displacing him somewhere else in space (but always on a planet, except for one case where he ended up on the International Space Station) or somewhen else in time, cutting him off from the Supercomputer as if the Scanner had been a teleporter. In order for him to get back home, he would need to build a new Lyoko Supercomputer and link it up to the one back home—using plenty of Applied Phlebotinum along the way — while Aelita stayed behind to keep XANA in check (prior to his rebellion). After completing this new Supercomputer and its related components, he would recreate whatever Phlebotinum Breakdown that caused the Scanners to malfunction to return back to the home computer, as if he were using a Portal Network. Or, if he ended up on Earth in the same timeframe as the one he entered the Scanner in, he'd build the Lyoko Supercomputer just to make sure that he had a backup computer should the primary one fail and then just booked a flight back to France. The result is a massive network of Lyoko Supercomputers, several hundred of which XANA had direct access to on Earth (and one on the International Space Station) that he reprogrammed to create his Lyoko Replikas, and a handful more scattered through out time and space, each fully functioning and located in a secret location that no one would think to find.Known Supercomputers like this are located in or on:
  • Mobius, which is located in a secret facility on Angel Island so well hidden that not even Dr. Eggman didn't find it and is powered by the Master Emerald and has a backup Hydrogen Fusion Engine for power if the Master Emerald should fail.
  • The Citadel in 2183 CE, where Franz learned about the Reapers and the true origins of the Citadel, and encoded a warning message to anyone who would find the Supercomputer, but is so well hidden that not even Cmdr. Shepard would know about it. Unfortunately.
  • 19th Century China, which was reached when Franz tested a theory concerning moving a human's consciousness and physical mass back in time via a Return to the Past that caused him to get separated from the Supercomputer (and France), and where Franz built a massive version of Charles Babbage's Difference Engine and served as a personal adviser to the Foolish Magistrate (whom, fittingly, had been forgotten by the big guy entirely), and bore witness to the kittening of the Foolish Magistrate's cat. The Supercomputer is now so rotted out that it's unusable, but it is usable if one travels back in time to this location.
  • Installation 03, where he was able to build a Lyoko Supercomputer only using some Forerunner junk he found. Needless to say, the Covenant weren't too happy when the found out what he had done, and attempted to destroy it before deciding to study it.
  • Equestria, where he built a Lyoko Supercomputer in the forgotten basement of a warehouse in Canterlot, and where, in 2004, a team of Royal Guard Ponies led by then-Lieutenant Shining Armor tried to explore it and resulted in a catastrophe that had most of the team drowned in the Digital Sea.
  • The Moon during the construction of the Moonbase, where he built a Lyoko Supercomputer with a fusion reactor similar to the one in Angel Island, allowing the KND to complete construction of the original Moonbase, and after the events of Operation: Z.E.R.O., allowing them to build a bigger, better Moonbase.
  • A planet on the other side of the galaxy in the far past. After he left, a bug in the computer caused him to create cyborgs hellbent into reaching perfection by assimilating every sentient in the universe.
  • Persona 3 Tartarus. Franz made one there while helping the Kirijo group learn more about Shadows and Persona, consequently making Aegis.
  • The computer inside the Sailor Soldiers' headquarters. The girls later turned it off and sealed the base when XANA tried to use it to attack Tokyo.
  • The basement of SciLab. It proved to be a real boon in developing sentient AI (NetNavis), but the dimensional link meant that when XANA rebelled, part of it fed back to the Cyberworld, corrupting it just enough to trigger the Alpha Revolt. Or possibly vice versa, Alpha corrupted XANA. The link was broken in the process, possibly by the Security Navis sent to hunt Bass.EXE, but the supercomputer technology was kept and repurposed.
  • Somewhere in the post-apocalyptic future, in a place cut off from the rest of the world known as Vein, the Gaol of the Mist. Franz didn't really plan this one, but still managed to make it work with some scrap he found around the area (and possibly the help of some sympathetic Revenants who were also familiar with Pre-Great Collapse technology). That way, he hoped that should XANA ever get corrupted and survive to that future, the people of that time period would have the means to fight back after he left, or at the very least limit his influence. Unfortunately, the area in which this Supercomputer is hidden is no longer safe to explore, as the miasma has become too thick and the place has been overrun by the Lost, meaning that even the bravest Revenant would think twice before venturing there.
And various other locations. Feel free to add to this list.

The Return to the Past does restore people killed by the XANA attacks; the Warriors just think it doesn't.
  • Now bear with me because this examines two incidents involving the main characters. In "Killer Music", Odd flatlines right before the Return to the Past (and I do mean the kind that medical professionals would recognize as "patient deceased") but is perfectly fine after time resets other than not having any memories of the period before the reset. Secondly, in "Cold War", Yumi is trapped under a tree in sub-Arctic temperatures in standard winter clothing; she's dead, no ifs, ands or buts but again, as soon as time resets, she's perfectly fine. Granted, only the audience knows about the first one but had Jeremie been told about the latter, he'd have quickly figured out that the Return to the Past brought Yumi back. And there are probably other examples of this kind of thing. So how did they come up with the theory that Returns to the Past don't restore those killed during the attacks? In the time between "XANA Awakens" and "Teddygodzilla", a person that the Lyoko Warriors knew well (not close exactly but well) died during the attack, possibly while one of the Warriors was trapped at the school during the attack. After the Return to the Past, the person still ended up dead and the phrasing of how in their obituary convinced the Lyoko Warriors that they hadn't been brought back to life in the first place; however, unknown to them, the person died because of causes that had nothing to do with XANA at all and the Return to the Past actually did temporarily restore them before they died again. Basically how deaths relate to the Return to the Past is this: if there's no reason for you to be dead in the reset timeline, then you'll be just fine, though Lyoko Warriors may experience memory absence (they aren't typically aware of this because the events are usually things their fellows don't want to talk about. "Killer Music" is a good example; Odd isn't told what happened in the original run of things because Ulrich still felt guilty). However, if you would have died from non-XANA-related causes (heart attack; old age; etc.), you'll be returned to life but shortly after, those non-XANA-related causes will kill you off. If this became canon, they'd probably have an episode where one of the Warriors is killed off in a way everyone on the team knows about. The XANA attack necessitates a Return to the Past and everyone is prepared to deal with the fallout of their friend being dead...when said friend walks back in and asks what's wrong. The group is forced to reevaluate their theory and adjust it.

Code Lyoko takes place in the same universe as Mega Man Battle Network

I think the following is the reason that the elf-like head of Aelita's Lyoko form stay after Season 3.
As you know in "Just in Time", Jérémie brought one hair of Aelita into the real world — and he screw up her Annex Program. This problem allowed her to enter codes into Towers on Lyoko. After Lyoko was destroyed by X.A.N.A tool, William. Franz send data for Jérémie and Aelita to rebuilt Lyoko. Long the way, Franz send a bit of information on virtualized human avatars for Lyoko. The Annex Problem for Aeltia's Lyoko form is in her head. So Aelita just changed the body of her Lyoko form.
The characters from Code Lyoko are mirror opposites to the characters from Rugrats/All Grown Up.
  • Yumi Ishiyama is Kimi Finster.
  • Elisabeth Delmas is Angelica Pickles.
  • Ulrich Stern is Tommy Pickles.
  • Odd Della Robbia is Dil Pickles.
  • Jeremie Belpois is Chuckie Finster.

The Return to the Past sends data connected to Lyoko back in time and applies it to the real world.
Once you're virtualised or killed by one of XANA's attacks you become part of the "Lyoko Network". At that point, your data is sent back in time along with Lyoko and imprinted on your physical body at the point you're sent back to. That's why XANA-related deaths aren't reversible. Alternatively, XANA is a dick and everytime it kills someone it adds their data to the Lyoko Network so reversing time just kills them earlier.

XANA learned his electricity attack from watching ‘’Star Wars’’
In the show, XANA uses this from time to time against the Lyoko Warriors. This Troper believes that XANA got this ability after looking through any databases it could sometime after the supercomputer was turned back on and discovered the scenes in both ‘’Return of the Jedi’’ and ‘’Attack of the Clones’’ where Force Lighting was used. After which, XANA then adapted himself to being able to use a similar technique. And considering the year Code Lyoko is primarily set in, it would be very likely that someone would of had both movies running around on the Internet.

Aelita is a half human-half alien hybrid with Anthea being a Xybrian
Aelita's pink hair seems to be genetic in origin thanks to photos of Anthea. Xybrians are known to have multi-colored genetic hair, such as pink hair for female Xybrians. Lyoko could possibly be built utilizing Xybrian technology, most notably through the way that the supercomputer utilizes mind storage abilities in a similar vein to Xybrians' mind gems inherent to them. It could also be that the Lyoko Warriors gain their powers in the real world thanks to this psychic link to Xybrian technology. Also, Xybrians are known to have psychic dreams/visions which is what Aelia manifested in strange ways when she thought she was just a computer program.

There is a good reason for X.A.N.A.'s more esoteric abilities.
While X.A.N.A. is an AI program, it was built from a Miraculous that had been digitized. The Kwami was either torn apart in the Virtualization or forever lost to cyberspace, and Project Carthage used their virtual essence to create X.A.N.A. Hence why X.A.N.A. is so hard to kill, and can possess people: those are the results of lingering traces of magic deep within X.A.N.A.'s code that belay the AI program's true origins. (Regardless of whether X.A.N.A. knows of this doesn't matter: it is not the entity it was created from.)

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