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What do you mean, "that's my only line"?!

  • Odd roasting Sissi in "Frontier."
    Sissi: Hey what are you two dorks up to anyway?
    Ulrich: None of your business.
    Sissi: [suspicious] Oh, with that kind of answer, now I'm sure you're up to no good.
    Odd: Careful you, Sissi. Well, actually, Jérémie's working on a new project to make worms intelligent.
    Sissi: Huh?
    Odd: [out loud in class] That's right! And he would like to test it on you! [he and Ulrich have a laugh]
  • "Zero Gravity Zone": Tamiya recording Ulrich's butt while reporting the soccer match against Lincoln.
  • The Big-Lipped Alligator Moment mentioned in YMMV. "BREAK BREAK BREAK DANCE! HERE WE GOOOOOO!"
  • In "The Chips Are Down" Odd suggest that in order to prevent Yumi from moving away Ulrich should marry her so she can get a green card and Yumi jokingly tells him "why don't you write a letter to the president", what's more he attempts the latter.
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  • During Odd and Yumi's "Freaky Friday" Flip:
    Odd-in-Yumi's-body: And if you hadn't noticed, I have a dynamite body! Better than yours. There... for example... [scratches his/her back] something's itching me in my back. It's a... I think it's the strap to your... hmm?
    Yumi-in-Odd's-body: DON'T YOU DARE TAKE IT OFF, YOU HEAR!?
  • Same episode, Odd messing around with Yumi's body, flirting with Ulrich just to mess with Sissi (leading to a hilarious misunderstanding when Sissi leaves Yumi in Odd's body with a message about it for Ulrich), coming at school disguised as a Neko-girl and leading to a photo of Yumi and Ulrich together in the newspapers. Cut to Yumi's reaction at the end of the episode:
  • Same episode again, something about hearing Jérémie, who's staunchly insisted on stating what he's doing every single time he sends the gang to Lyoko unless he's being smothered or strangled, get confused with his terminology while doing his usual scanner routine of calling every thing he does and then eventually just giving up and skipping that bit is comedy gold.
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  • In one episode, Sissi, after being scared by one of XANA's specters, is sent by Ulrich to hide in his and Odd's room. Cue Odd partially awakening and noticing Sissi:
    Odd: Uh? What's that? A dream?
    Sissi: Oh, Odd, I'm so scared! May I sit next to you?
    Odd: [sounding completely disinterested] Oh, it's just a nightmare and soon I'll wake up!
  • In "A Great Day", Odd gets the better of Ms. Herz after a Return to the Past:
    Odd: Wow! Hey, being a good student is so cool!
    Jérémie: [Wink "Ding!"]
  • Odd ending up cloned in three, and the numerous resulting gags.
  • Before that, when Jérémie says he has a surprise for Odd, Odd's response is to hope it's not food because Jérémie can't cook.
  • All of XANA's xanatified victims in "Bad Connection". They're just so hilariously DUMB.
  • In episode 49, the gang finds themselves without weapons in Sector 5. So how does Odd take out a Creeper? Improvised boxing match, complete with sound effects!
  • Practically everything William clone says. The line he delivers in front of William's parents take the cake:
    William Clone: To be specific, I'm a digitally-generated random polymorphic energy field controlled by a basic non-evolving behavioral program.
  • In the episode "Contact", Milly asks Sissi to sum up the plot of the movie for the Kadic News:
    Sissi: Uhm... well, that is... uh... it's a love story, and at the same time it's a thriller with suspense! And of course, it's got a good dose of psychology, andandand... and it's very funny! A real comedy, and quite satirical.
    Milly: ...So you have no idea.
  • The surviving Tarantula in "Revelation", upon Franz Hopper finishing decoding his diary for the protagonists, just walks away from the tower with a huffy gesture that practically screams, "Screw This, I'm Outta Here!."
  • In episode 68 "Opening Act", Yumi, before fighting XANA-William, mocks him, saying that he is still a rookie. Said "rookie" then proceeds to devirtualize her.
    Yumi: You may be possessed by XANA, but you're still a rookie on Lyoko, William!
  • In episode 78 "Experience", Ulrich is in the doghouse for forgetting Yumi's birthday, so Odd gives him a hand by buying a present for him to give to Yumi. Later that night, it turns out that Odd bought a gift for Kiwi, too, but Ulrich thinks a necklace is a little classy for the dog. Back at Yumi's place, she opens Ulrich's gift and discovers... a squeaky-toy dog bone.
  • The reveal of Jérémie's specter program is pretty funny.
    Jérémie Clone: Hey everybody!
    Aelita: You've already finished all you have to do?
    Jérémie Clone: Piece of cake sweetie pie huh? What you think? Sure am done, you're lookin at the man! [to Yumi] How's it going kid, you must of got all dolled up for me today? You won't believe the vibes I'm feeling right now.
    Yumi: Hey, go back being Jérémie will you?
    Jérémie Clone: Hm? It's just that, whenever I see you, I don't feel like I'm myself.
    Odd: XANA.
  • During the episode Final Mix, Jim is collecting everybody's tests, then stops and sees that Odd made his into an origami swan.
    Jim: ...Well done, Odd, that's one of your best yet.
    • Made funnier in the next scene, where Jim wonders to himself if their teacher will let him keep it for his collection.
  • Two words: Odd's jokes. Speaking of jokes, here's one of his classic gems that is combined with another funny moment:
    [Jim attempts an Rhythmic Sport of Gymnastics demonstration but twists his spine]
    Odd: Hahaha! Rusty Squeaking Gym teacher, so that's what RSG stands for, huh!
    [Ulrich and Odd laugh at the joke]
  • When the William Clone starts to try "personal initiatives, like trying to imitate Odd's stupid stunts" like launching stuff across the cafeteria with a fork (Odd was using food, William is using a glass cup).
  • The voice of the Blond Agent in "False Lead"; seriously, who did they get to voice this guy? He sounds like he sucked on helium before each take. Makes what could be a suspenseful episode into an unintentional comedy when he opens his big mouth.
  • In the episode with XANA-possessed bulldozers, Jérémie's sleepy friends provide great scenes.
    • First up are Odd and Ulrich.
      Jérémie: [bursting into Odd and Ulrich's room] Odd, wake up, XANA's attacking! ODD, WAKE UP!
      Odd: [sleepily with one eye open] Huh? What did you say about carpet tacking?
      Jérémie: Ulrich, wake up! [Ulrich remains asleep; Jérémie shakes him] IT'S A XANA ALERT!
      [Ulrich finally sits up and removes a set of earplugs]
      Ulrich: [groggily] What didja say?
      Jérémie: [at the top of his voice, prompting Ulrich to cover his ears] I SAID IT'S A XANA ALERT! XANA'S ATTACKING!
      Odd: Hey, do you always sleep with those things in your ears?
      Ulrich: Yeah, Odd. Always. And one of these days I'm gonna tell you why.
      [Odd looks puzzled]
    • And then there's Yumi.
      [Yumi's phone rings and she reaches to grab it]
      Yumi: [groggily] Do you have any idea what time it is? [beat] Bulldozers, what bulldozers? [beat] WHAT?!
  • Emily punching Odd's lights out for starting a rumor that she's in love with Jim.
  • Yumi's little brother Hiroki. He is an avid in-universe YxUnote  shipper and repeatedly tells Yumi to go out with him, much to her embarrassment.
  • While fighting one of XANA's Polymorphic Clones, Odd ends up frustrated and asks it to turn into a weakling just to please him. The clone then immediately turns into him.
  • This line from episode 83, "Hard Luck".
    Jérémie: Ulrich, I bet you want some good news.
    Ulrich: Yeah.
    Jérémie: Sorry, I don't have any.


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