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This article is about the contributor. For the fictional character of the same name, see the Gundam SEED Character Sheet.

This article is about a contributor who is suffering from Alt-itis or has otherwise drastically reinvented him/her-self as a Troper. Up-to-date information may be found at Haken Browning.

Recipe for Adult Swim: take Fox Network seconds, idiot plots, choppy animation, and infrequently nude hookers with the bodies of 55 year old chain-smokers giggling about a first kiss like they were in 5th grade. Mix in some Tim & Eric and poorly-scheduled anime and bake in Atlanta. It's kind of like watching the Disney Channel narrated by your ten year old nephew after a blow to the head.
-Andy Waltfeld twists [as]'s recipe for Code Geass to his own acerbic tastes

The same, but with less gratuitous swearing. Sure, let's go with that.
-Andy conceding to the latter (and less vocal) of two members of the Tropic Thunder Hatedom

Some say that he can get five bars of sun playing Boktai on a moonless night, and that he'd been editing as an unknown throughout December because he was running from Nine Ball. All we know is, he's not the Stig, nor is he the Stig's Troper cousin, though he HAS been mistaken for Top Gear producer Andy Wilman.

Yep, named after THAT Andy Waltfeld, and about as much of a Bunny-Ears Lawyer as his fictional predecessor.

Initially joining to build cred for clarifying and adding Wicks for Code Lyoko (not to mention taking a side in the Jeremy/Jeremie debate), he generally takes to a decidedly offbeat combination of Entry Pimping and Wild Mass Guessing for his current obsessions.

Currently numbered among those obsessions:

Not so currently among them, on account of series or game completion (or lack of edit inspiration):

And some stuff that Andy has little to no intent on editing, but is playing, watching, etc. or wants to do so:

Back before twenty fucking hackers, a trojan, and a replaced computer made him quit caring about YKTTW, Andy did his share of new trope launches. To wit:

This Troper provides Examples of:

Made Of Win Counter: 2

People or Author-Type Entities Andy Has Creeped The Fuck Out: 3

ANDY'S NOTE: This is not a list I'm particularly proud of. Especially not in the wake of certain events.