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Numbuh 19th Century found someone to help him.
It's just a theory, but I'm pretty sure that in the 1800's someone would be bound to notice a child's disappearance. And a mystery like that is never forgotten. Also, keep in mind that the KND have grown up allies, so it wouldn't surprise me if he was eventually discovered and recognized by one of them and that adult helped him out.

Alternatively to the above Numbuh 19th Century turned into a villain
Think about it, he’s in a century where he knows no one, everything is brand new, and he has no memory except for the life he lived in a different century. He could have been taken in and then told what the KND did to him. A desire for revenge perhaps? It just might take awhile before he shows up.,

  • But then he would've reappeared in the series, so, maybe not. But, that is an insightful theory.

Numbuh 2's dad is still alive
In Operation: C.A.K.E.D-F.O.U.R., Betty refers to Hoagie's dad is the present tense, which would imply that Mr. Gilligan is in fact still alive. This troper's theory is that Hoagie Sr. is in the military (probably the Air Force) and the reason he's never seen in the show is because he's off doing military work—it would be a good theory as to where Numbuh 2 gets his love of flying and stuff from.

The Delightful children are clones.
In Operation: R.E.C.R.U.I.T., Numbuh One tells Bobby about the secret of the Dish Washers, and how that the unfinished scraps of food on the childrens' plates and used to replicate DNA. Now, notice how cloned Bobby has blue eyes. They look like the Delightful Children's. It is also the real reason why the Delightful children from Down the lane are so polite.

Father is part of the Black Dragonflight

Think about it! He is a dragon that controls fire in the guise of a wealthy man who has extreme disdain for anything he views as inferior or annoying (children). He also has no qualms on capturing and using children in experiments, much like Nefarian kidnapped the whelps of other flights to create the Chromatic dragonflight.

The whole "war against adult tyranny" thing is one of rebellion against a dystopia
If you think about it, the Adults seem to have sturdier, slightly more advanced technology. They've restricted access to basic sources of information ("PG-13 and up") and have required licenses for cars, passports for travel, money for trade, ID cards for all of the above and parental permission for many things that don't fall into that category.

What little access Kids have to these kinds of technology is either built from Adult trash or borrowed from Adults, and vastly inferior for the latter. Bikes can't compete with cars, pocket change won't buy you much and the closest they'd have to ID are library cards, which are only good to actually ID them and aren't valid as licenses or passports.

Even if they could (they actually probably can) fake the money, ID, licenses, etc., their very appearance makes it easy to pick out a Kid trying to get invalid access to Adult technology or privileges.


Sound familiar?

The WMG about "Earth is currently infected with the adulthood disease"? It's deeper than that.
On Earth, the KND just fight Adults and Teenageers mostly. The GKND's enemies, however, are never shown. Perhaps an alien race that abhors children?

And you would think the KND would mention the "disease" more than once unless it was vital to keep it secret. Why?

Here's the theory. In space, there is a horrifying Hive Mind race that has four stomachs and hates kids. They produce a viral agent that causes aging. One that can be replicated. And concentrated to accelerate the process. The aliens can't achieve the technology for the process themselves as they have no hands (yet they have flying saucers, but then again this is the KND universe so practically anything goes). So they do it slowly, then let the adults do it faster when their increased brain power allows them the technology to do so.

So what's the substance? Who are the aliens?


First, take note that kids hate vegetables, liver, and pretty much anything else that tastes funny. The viral agent has to be ingested to take effect. What is least like sugary foods yet tastes like them with the right additives that kids eat on a regular basis? What substance of that description is also recommended by doctors and dentists, and which parents make their kids consume, sweet additives or not? What could it be?

Any run through the KND's L.U.N.C.H.B.O.K.S. would probably bring up the following result...


Now the pieces start to fall right into place. Chocolate milk. Milk chocolate. Bowls of sugary cereal. Ice cream. Even grilled cheese or buttered popcorn.

And the aliens? You have just discovered the nature of the sinister Bovoids, ruled over by the diabolical Queen Cow. The "abductions" in farmers fields are just a cover. Soon the Bovoids will attempt to invade Earth, and only the KND will stand between them and conquest!

  • ...I freaken' love you, man.

  • Dude... If KND went on for at least one more season or had a spinoff series to showcase Numbuh 1's adventures with the GKND, they should've hired YOU as a writer, because you are freaking BRILLIANT!

  • *Stands and applauds you*

The whole "war against adult tyranny" thing is just a massive game of make-believe millions of people are in.
The battle sequences, fights in outer space, and life-or-death situations that we the audience see are just artistic renderings of what the kids are imagining, a technique often employed in shows that make heavy use of fantasy such as Rugrats and Muppet Babies. This would explain why 2x4 Technology can do things real technology can't, such as erase memory or fly to Saturn in less than a few hours. Why haven't Abby and Cree killed each other? Because the guns, the armor, and the prisons aren't real. Teenagers aren't really decommissioned; their friends just acknowledge that they've reached an age where such make-believe games are seen as immature, and they come up with an interesting explanation for why they have to give them up... except for the "undercover operatives," who don't care what their peers or parents think and want to continue playing. The parents of kids and teens who are sent to "prisons" in the Arctic and on the moon don't wonder where they are because nobody's really in prison; they're just pretending. The same goes for how kids like #362 appear to live on the moon and how cadets appear to stay in Antarctica for training. After all, the kids seem to know there's a limit on what is possible even for them and where to draw the line, as seen in the King Sandy episodes.
Number 4: Kuki, you're not gonna marry that dork, are ya'?
Number 3: Of course not! We're just pretending.
Sandy: Pretending? The king never pretends.
Number 3: What are you, nuts? I can't get married for real! I'm, like 10-years-old!
  • That seems like a very plausible theory. It puts everything into a new light actually.
  • I also have a feeling most of the adult enemies are just actors that the adults hire to give kids a thing to do. After all...IF, and this is a BIG if, where does KND get all its funding? The kids are all below the age of 13, they can't get jobs. It's the parents who are making the game 'real'. And all the parents and teachers are in on it since the 'game' keeps the kids away from what is the real threat-drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes.
  • It certainly would explain Operation: Moon...
  • Perhaps this explains why all the villains think they're villains — it's what most children expect!
  • That and Alternate Character Interpretation just made Father go from Affably Evil to the coolest dad ever for hanging out and having fun with a bunch of the neighborhood kids. Although the fictional status of the story has always been ambiguous, Operation: ARCHIVE makes things lean on the "it's real" end.
    • The crossover with Grim Adventures and the cameo of Ed, Edd and Eddy also hint that it's real.
      • Not necessarily. Cartoon Network could very well exist in the KND universe (much like how Futurama exists as a cartoon in The Simpsons universe, despite having the same Real Life creator). They could've pretended to be the characters in the show.
  • This may run even deeper. Perhaps the finale could be the adult version of the kids turning their childhood experience into a cartoon.
  • With this in mind, the explanation of the G:KND transmission: Nigel had to move far away (probably back to England), so his friends came up with this cool explanation for why he was leaving. They kept in touch via the Internet, though, and the game shifted online — now they communicate via video transmissions about their "missions" and such.

Each villain is a physical incarnation of things many kids don't like.
This is going by the above theory that it's one big game of make-believe.
  • Father represents what kids hate most about adults: their authoritarian nature, and disiplinary actions. The Delightful Children represent kids' fear of becoming more-or-less completely rule-abiding. Father really only wants the best for his kids, in the long run.
  • Teenagers are part Growing Up Sucks(kids imagine that they're against the KND, when teens have just grown out of it), and part inability to understand non-kid friendly activities that teens do. In truth, the teens just don't want to play along.
  • Mr Boss represents parents always being busy with work, so they imagine that he's a Corrupt Corporate Executive. He's more or less your average businessman.
  • Stickeybeard represents the fact adults are always trying to stop kids from having too much candy, so he's seen as a candy pirate. In reality, Stickeybeard may be a health nut.
  • Heinrich Von Marzipan is the Jerkass kid that steals people's candy for himself. Still, he's kind enough to play along with the KND game.
    • mean 'she', Maybe in this colossal, elaborate make-believe game it's a girl pretending to be Heinrich.
  • Grandma Stuffin represents that old lady who made horrible food, yet was so nice and important you had to eat it in order to be polite.
  • Chester is the dodgy fast food restaurateur, who had been arrested by the health department after a bunch of people got sick.
  • Knightbrace very obviously represents the kids' fear of dentists. In reality, he's a perfectly normal dentist.
  • Nurse Clayborne is a surgical nurse, who deals with the really squicky diseases and ect.
  • Count Spankulot is likely a manifestation of the one corporal punishment that kids fear.
  • There are few characters who aren't made up. They are:
    • That one mad scientist who's always looking for a perfect snow cone. The world is baffled that he exists.
    • The Toiletnator. He's a crazy homeless person who thinks the KND is a real organization. This is why no-one wants to put up with him.
    • Grandfather. In Real Life, he's as bad as he was in the show. Perhaps even worse. Picture a Real Life atrocity. Grandfather was in charge of one. He may not even be alive today, but was so horrible to Father he remains embedded in his memory. Guess what he did, I dare you.
      • Really? Most likely he represents certain images that children who really hate adults have of their grandfathers that aren't very...nice. That or perhaps a reflection of the old way of child rearing in the 19th and early 20th century, as well as the forced labor of children in factories in earlier times, and still in some cultures today.

All the normally-impossible stuff happens because it's manifested into reality through the imagination of those involved, an alternate set of physics, or a combination of both.
Not being "real" in the same way as other things prevents parents from wondering where their kids are or how that huge hole appeared in the wall. It protects people from being seriously injured or killed in explosions, house crushings (Op. P.I.R.A.T.E., anyone?), and the like.

This also explains how operatives, who should all be real people, can meet with other operatives halfway around the world in a society which doesn't appear to use the internet or long-distance phone calls. After all, it's impossible to have a world-wide game of make-believe that easily.

Codename Kids Next Door is a criticism against adultism
Duh, it is about kids rebelling against adults.
  • And a pretty vague criticism at that, given the heroes' own selfishness.
    • It could be a Not So Different style criticism: kids are frequently taken to task for their selfishness, but the adults in charge of discipline are frequently attempting to achieve selfish gains for themselves (e.g. Father), and thus are in no more position to determine what is right than the kids are (and have more power than the kids do, besides).

Father's birth name is Benedict Wigglestein.
In "Op: ZERO," Father's first name is revealed to be Benedict. "Op: ARCHIVE," although Word of God confirms it to be non-canon, introduces an adult named "Mr. Wigglestein," who is the first adult to rebel against children (a la The Animatrix); he bears an uncanny resemblance to Father. Put them together, and you get one hell of a name. His brother, Monty Wigglestein, took his wife's surname "Uno" when he married because he wanted to distance himself from his once-evil father.
  • Supported by "Op: INTERVIEWS." Father has a director's chair with the initials "B.W."
  • Isn't Benedict Uno-Wigglestein being Father, a confirmed canon already?
  • Monty probably never changed his surname because he never had a reason to. With his memories wiped he didn't have the association of his dad being evil. Ben did have his memories and wanted to separate himself from his father and brother.

Numbuh One is the ancestor of Captain Picard
  • Oh come it's so obvious their related.
  • Not only that, but the GKND is what eventually becomes the United Federation of Planets.

KND exists in the same continuity as Children of the Corn.
That's right. You read it, you can't un-read it. Maybe the CotC were inspired by the KND, or maybe they're an extremist splinter group. Maybe they're what the KND dwindles to in the future. Or maybe they're the earliest version - they're who wrote #0's book. ((Insert any number of theories here - MAYBE ALL OF THEM ARE TIME LORDS LOL!))

Any way you slice it, it's too perfect NOT to work.

Numbuh 362 was purposefully misleading Numbuh One in "Op: GIRLFRIEND."
362 wasn't out of character in suspecting Numbuh 63.5 was part of the "Splinter Cell" and harassing One to pursue him. She had heard rumors that the Splinter Cell division (who was the GKND) was putting One and Lizzie in danger in an attempt to break them apart. Unsure who to trust and who could be watching, 362 attempted to drag One away from Lizzie without revealing her true motives. She assumed that the Splinter Cell couldn't target both kids. If they couldn't, then Lizzie, an innocent bystander, wouldn't get hurt.

Sector V is located in Virginia.
Most sectors are named after the location that they are in. They visited the beach on many occasions. They live in a place with a diverse population. And it didn't take Numbuh 1 long to walk from the White House to the Sector V treehouse.
  • Supported by The Movie. Sector V targets the Colony Drop at Grandfather, who's standing in front of the Delightful Children's mansion somewhere in the northeastern United States.
  • Alternatively, Sector V could be in Connecticut, chronologically the 5th state of the USA, continuing with the "5" theme.
  • Or the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio. "Operation: A.R.C.H.I.V.E." has Nigel's wild Conspiracy Theory involving the first adult city being named "Cleveland." Perhaps he was inspired by the soul-crushing depressiveness of the nearby city proper.
  • Vermont, anyone? That's the first place that came to my mind. maybe I'm just weird like that . . .

Mr. Boss was fired before becoming a full-time villain.
In his first appearance, he tried to send his employees' daughters (and Numbah 4) to Neptune. Now, while crossing the Moral Event Horizon is perfectly normal for a Corrupt Corporate Executive, doing something like that violates about elevendy billion laws, including union rights and FAA permits. And if the government didn't crack down on him, then the board of directors would probably have fired him for trying to get rid of their own spoiled daughters. And even if that didn't happen, attracting the wrath of the KND, a multinational militant organization complete with space cannons and the G-rated version of nuclear weaponry, is generally bad for business.

Also, we don't see Mr. Boss in his company after his introduction episode. Coincidence?

  • This is going along with the above that the entire thing is an elaborate game of make believe, but three of Sector V's Agent's Parents work for Mr. Boss, justifying them seeing him again. Though this is kinda flimsy since 86 goes to the same school as Sector V...

The Boyfriend Helmet isn't a toy.
Number 5 never explicitly says it's a toy, nor what type of magazine she has that it's advertised in. And if kids read magazines they're not supposed to in our world, then they certainly can in the KND world.

It's not marketed to little girls at all. It is the latest advanced gadget for the adult BDSM crowd. We know from Operation GIRLFRIEND that Lizzie has a sister old enough to get married; she could have had her sister buy it for her... or stolen one her sister had already bought! Squick!

This theory is in no way serious, as it would ruin the Rule of Funny.

Father killed Hoagie Gilligan, Sr.
A theory with little basis that nonetheless originated after the premiere of C.A.K.E.D.F.O.U.R., which revealed a) that Number 2's dad is dead, and b) Father apparently hated him.

Delightfulization is Intercision.
It's a process that deprives a person of their individuality by turning them into a soulless zombie obedient to all authority. And it's designed chiefly for use on kids. Unfortunately, the Phlebotinum Overload Father refers to in Operation: Z.E.R.O. that destroyed the machine also gave him the key to perfecting the process without killing the subject.
  • Corollary: Father is incredibly skilled with that process, since he can do it without killing the victim and without seeing the soul of the victim before it's intercised.

Chad is an egomaniacal Well-Intentioned Extremist who either lied about being a Fake Defector or has deluded himself into believing he is one.
Number 274: I've been running this show for five years. Five years! I can't let all I've worked for, all I've accomplished be ruined by a bunch of snot-nosed brats!

Chad was Supreme Leader for less than three years (as seen by the flashback to Three Years Ago in MAURICE when Number 100 was Supreme Leader), but his reputation as the Best operative went to his head and made him believe that the KND owed him for all their success even before he was Supreme Leader. Even when he turned 13, he was so convinced that he was still the only one who could successfully lead the KND, he was willing to destroy the Moonbase to protect his secret. His goal, even when he jumped off the slope with that scheme, still seemed to be to remain Supreme Leader rather than revenge ("None of you are gonna tell anyone about my birthday!"). His explanation to Number 1 about doing it to stop Cree from doing it later doesn't fly: destroying the villain's target before they can destroy it does not count as stopping them!

He also was not literally behind every success Sector V has accomplished for 4 seasons; if he had been, the "Splinter Cell" would have recognized him as the Best operative. He only believed (or told himself) that he was, just as he told himself that everything he did as a Turn Coat teenager was for the greater good of the KND, a plan to help them — a delusion stemming from his conflicting need to be the Best KND operative even after starting to hate them because they tried to decommission him.

Unfortunately, somewhere down the road, Chad discovered the true identity of the "Splinter Cell" as a cover for the Galactic Kids Next Door and their true goal. He wasn't trying to warn Number Infinity about a betrayal at the treaty signing in TREATY; he was demanding to know why they chose Number 1 instead of him (in his own swelled head, he's still the Best KND operative). To save their secret, Number Infinity lied when he apparently told Number 5 that Chad was still "one of us."

  • Corollary: With the intention of proving himself to the GKND, Chad chases Nigel into space and becomes a Well-Intentioned Extremist antagonist. Numbuh Infinity attempts to stop Chad by going into space as well, and eventually ends up becoming his Morality Pet.
    • The GKND teaser [1] flips this WMG on its head! (Although a Jossed is still up for question until more information is released.) Instead, it appears that Nigel becomes the Well-Intentioned Extremist, and Chad ends up becoming his Morality Pet!
Number 4 was also a candidate for the Galactic Kids Next Door.
In INTERVIEWS, Number 2 explains his knowledge of the GKND and their choosing Number 1 as their first operative from Earth this way:
"Science nerds stink at keeping secrets from each other."

The scientists in A.M.I.S.H. weren't being kidnapped, but neither were they secretly meeting to watch a Doctor Who marathon. Number 2 learned of their connection to the "Splinter Cell" after the end of that episode.

The mission in P.L.A.N.E.T., which Number 74.239 (part of the GKND) was in charge of, was another test, like the kind they were seen frequently giving to Number 1 (and presumably other operatives) in Season 6. Number 2 knows this, which is why he accidentally lets slip, "I just need a quick word with the test subject... uh... astronaut before the launch."

Kids Next Door were founded by Peter Pan.
They're clearly unclear on any history, including their own, so their archives cannot be trusted. But they resemble the original Lost Boys in many things. They live in trees, both on top as Peter did by the end, and inside as the Lost Boys originally did. They battle adults and anyone else who tries to tell them what to do. Anyone who breaks the cardinal rule of "no growing up" is violently ejected from the organization. And to top it off, they can make people forget their past.
  • Ergo, Neverland is on another planet, the "Galactic Kids Next Door" are the Lost Boys, and they sent the original Book of KND that Number Zero used to start the Kids Next Door on Earth.
  • The reason the KND never flew is that Earth has no fairies; perhaps they all died out before the KND came. KND was established on Earth because an ancestor of Grandfather (probably related to Captain Hook) had been defeated by Peter and escaped to Earth, causing an operative to be sent to pursue him. This operative was one of Peter's most trusted boys and carried the Book of KND so he could start a permanent outpost on Earth to help Neverland guard against other adult villains. However, he was found and either killed or brainwashed through Grandfather's ancestor's machinations, leaving only the book behind in the hands of an Earthling child. ("Killed" is more likely.) The story was later passed to an adult, who promptly took the story and wrote a book about it, changing some details and inserting some philosophic themes. The name of the original operative was never known. We only know about him from the nickname that the adult gave him in his book: The Little Prince. However, thanks to his sacrifice, the KND on Earth was established to combat Earthly adult tyranny.
    • Alternatively, the KND universe is Neverland in the future. It would certainly explain a lot, such as the blatant movie parodies and references, the Great White Asparagus, why aging is treated like a disease, why candy is more sought after than gold and jewelry, and some of the things the rest of you have already mentioned. One way or another, the magic of Neverland made changes (girls having larger roles than storytelling and cleanup duties, the movie references, more racial diversity, etc.) to keep up with the times.

The KND take place in the same dimension as Ed, Edd n Eddy.
Double-D (who was been shown to build technology as sophisticated as aircraft and weather satellites out of cardboard and whatever other junk he finds lying around the alley) is either related to Numbuh 2, or is a former member whose mind was never erased when he turned thirteen.
  • Double D is in the sixth grade which will make him 11 or 12. It is entirely possible that he still is in the KND (just one of the older members).
    • It's likely that each of the Eds were in fact members, as they each have their own special talents that would've been at least useful in the KND (Ed's strength and knowledge of horror fiction, Edd's smarts and aptitude for building, Eddy's charisma and street-smarts). They could be either current KND members, decommissioned after very recently turning 13, or (knowing their luck) dishonorably discharged for too many screw-ups.
  • Supported by the crossover episode "The Grim Adventures of the Kids Next Door". Billy calls the Eds in the opening sequence, but is told by Eddy to "Call the Kids Next Door. They're cheap."
    • Apparently, these all also take place in the same world as The Powerpuff Girls.
      • Further supported by FusionFall. Cartoon Network's original series do appear to take place in the same universe, but they aren't as apt to do crossovers.
      • In a way it's one of the few things ported over from Cartoon Network's history, they were born out of a company that was practically king of crossovers devoting several series to be nothing but crossovers!

And because she has trouble finding her Mr. Right, she acts like she hates all males as her way of letting off the steam of it. Or...

Numbuh 86 is a lesbian.
Though that might not explain why she garnered a soft spot for Numbuh 19th Century.
  • Or why she said that Numbuh 4 was cute in operation END...
    • Another explanation could be that ...
      • A lot of children, and adults actually, have crushes that either aren't sexual or don't reflect their sexuality. She could be Bisexual or a lesbian..Or just a kiddy little girl who dislikes boys.
  • She DOES have a rather extreme desire to prove her self to Numbuh 362...
As an anendum Numbuh 86 grows up to be Fransizka von Karma.
  • Does her repition of "stupid" remind you of a certain Prosecutor? Her Does Not Like Men nature is responsible for her Les Yay with Adrian Andrews.
  • Oh my God that is the best observation ever brb loving both these characters more now
  • Does this mean Miles Edgeworth may have also been a KND operative? Are all prosecutors previously KND operatives? This would make for an iteresting fanfic.

Numbuh 86 is really in love with her father.
All little girls love their fathers, but there is this thing called an Electra complex (the gender-reversed Oedipus complex) that can go a little far sometimes. They are clearly very close, seemingly closer than her and her mother, she hates her younger brothers, who are rivals for their father?s attention (DO YOU MIND! DAD AND I ARE TRYING TO HAVE A MOMENT HERE!), and the few boys she do find cute reminds of her father: Boisterous, sloppy and aggressive (Numbuh 4) or patronizing and protective (Numbuh 19th Century).

The Kids Next Door are responsible for the adult conspiracy in the first place.
Initially, there really were one or two unpleasant adults out there (Count Spankula leaps to mind as a possible "patient zero") that the Kids Next Door fought against. But then they started the practice of mindwiping any member that reached their teenage years.

As the newly-brainwiped person grew up, they were left remembering only bits and pieces of those five or so years of their lives, and slowly grew bitter at the thought that they'd had a boring childhood, with the only fun part being something they can't even remember. Once they reached adulthood, they decided to take out their sucky childhood on other children.

Therefore, the brain-wiping process perpetuates the evils of adults, and as the KND continues to recruit, it just keeps setting up more future adult villains.

All of the adults in the world who aren't supervillains are actually former KND operatives.
Since there are a few grownups out there that aren't monsters, it's possible that a tiny fragment of their memory remembers being agents. Hence them not being evil.

Numbah 5 grows up to be Foxxy Love, or she and Cree are two of Foxxy's illegitimate children handed off to a pair of loving parents.
Same hat, same way of speaking, same tough attitude.
  • Yikes.
  • This would explain why Numbuh 5 is the only one of Sector V to know where babies come from...
  • Thank God I'm not the only one who couldn't help but see that...

The first names of the Delightful Children from Down the Lane start with the letters C, F, D, T & L.
UNDERCOVER reveals the boy with the football helmet on the far right of the formation to be named "Lenny" and ZERO reveals the tall shaggy-haired boy in the middle of the formation to be "David." Note that the acronym DCFDTL also has an "L" at the far right of the acronym and a "D" in the middle. This might mean that the first initials of the Delightful Children from left-to-right correspond with the letters in their acronym from left-to-right.

If we eliminate the "D" in the beginning of DCFDTL for the sake of not using the same initial twice, then from left-to-right the first initials of the Delightful Children are:

  • Blond lanky girl - "C"
  • Short blond boy - "F"
  • Tall shaggy-haired boy - "D" (Who we already know to be named David)
  • Stocky pigtailed girl - "T"
  • Football-helmet boy - "L" (Who we already know to be named Lenny)
    • So their names are possibly Catherine, Francis, David, Tia, Lenny etc?
    • If so, this troper is personally partial to the unnamed DC being named "Clarice,""Fanklin" and "Thelma."
  • Word of God confirms their names to be Bruce (blond boy), David (tall boy), Ashley (bow girl), Ogie (short+ stout girl), and Lenny (helmet kid)
    • "Ashley" and "Ogie" are fan names.
    • The comic book tie-In confirms that the blond boy's name is "Bruce".
    • The Rainbow Monkey website revealed that "Ogie's" real name is Constance.

The Delightful Children represent absolute conformity.
  • They have a hive mind, speak together and wear incredibly normal clothing. However, since absolute conformity is impossible, they collect weird things like toenails and occasionly do not do what an adult tells them. This is what really makes them insane, because they have been brainwashed into conformity, yet it is impossible for them not to have quirks. Note that they don't even seem to have mind of their own. THEY ARE HIVE.
    • That explain why Numbah One hates them, because he's pretty much the younger version of Captain Picard who has a hatred for the Borg.

The Delightful Children deliberately sold out.
  • Even in the course of their career as KND operatives they may have been more eager to grow up or cooperate with adults then they were willing to admit to anyone else. They may have been either tempted too much by Father's powers, or too eager to sample whatever power the adults had and willingly went along with Delightfulization in order to gain the advantage. Of course once on the adults' side, the now Delightful Children realized they'd burned their bridges and that no other child, let alone a former KND member would ever want to associate with them again. They may consider being on the adult side worth it, as they tend to stick together despite lapses, with their "hive mind" their best way to cope with their self-imposed isolation/desertion. Their brief relapse to their old Sector Z selves in Op: INTERVIEW may have been a last fling with their former roles, but secretly they knew they'd betrayed themselves and their old friends; that ultimately they would never really be trusted again, hence the temporary nature of their reversion.
And of course some kids are just brats and like being brats; the Delightfuls found a rather interesting way of being nasty.
  • Jossed. The Delightfuls are unwilling KND operatives who were victims of Father's delightfulization experiment.

The Delightfuls are Father's real children
  • Sector Z were the five children of Father and an unseen woman (mabye more, since Lenny is Black), and when Father found out about their KND antics, he used Delightfulization as a punishment to them for going against his will.
    • They could possibly be adopted foster children, placed by various families as mentioned above, esp if Father said he could "help" them. Of course Father may be just evil enough to go around "making babies" on his own (sort of), which makes his plans more long-range than anyone thought.
    • What, if anything, happened to the unseen "Mother", no doubt with mop and apron poised?
      • He may have been deemed the more sane parent in the divorce. (which is saying a lot, knowing Father.) Or maybe she was accidentally killed by the KND, leading Father to use Delightfulization as a punishment?
    • Jossed. The delightfuls are KND operatives who were victims of Father's delightfulization experiment.

Father is a Firebender
  • I am very disappointed in all of you for not coming up with this yet. Anyway, he might even be a distent relative of the Fire Nation Royal Family.

Father is Mrs. Thompson's ex-husband.
At the end of "'Operation: D.O.G.H.O.U.S.E."', Mrs. Thompson tells her class "that they should never accept a necklace from their angry ex-husband," obviously implying that the necklace that cursed her into the form of the Queen Weredog was a "gift" from her ex. We know that Father's got definite anger control issues, so "angry" could point in his direction. We also know he hates kids, and therefore would love to use his ex-wife's profession as a teacher as a way to plant a homework-eating werewolf in the middle of an elementary school. Finally, if he turned the KND into a zoo in "'Operation: G.R.A.D.U.A.T.E.S.'", it's probably not outside his abilities to create a necklace that spreads werewolfism.

Earth is currently infected with the adulthood disease, but in a stable condition.
Numbuh 74.239 states in "Operation: I.N.T.E.R.V.I.E.W.S." that adulthood is a disease, sweeping the galaxy. If that's the case, though, why do we (humans, animals, plants, etc.) all eventually grow older? Are we infected with adulthood?

About eleventity buhmillion years ago, Earth was a world without adults, where kids were free to be kids forever. That changed when a Meteor of Doom made of pure, highly concentrated adulthood struck the planet spreading the disease across its surface. Adulthood itself wasn't evil, but many of those kids who became adults abused their power, turned themselves and others into senior citizombies and would have left the world an agified wasteland, like the countless other planets that were infected and quarantined in the past.

However, us Humans Are Special. A Ragtag Bunch of Misfits not all that different from the KND sectors today discovered a crashed 2x4 tech starship tangled in the branches of a massive but young tree. It was a ship from the Galactic Kids Next Door, and its pilots had been attempting to destroy the meteor of concentrated adulthood before another planet was contaminated. The dying GKND operatives with their last breath urged the earth kids to take the escape pod from the ship into deep space, where the rest of the GKND can locate and rescue them. The kids refused at the last minute, scrapped together some 2x4 tech and destroyed the minor Eldritch Abomination at the core of the asteroid and the source of all adulthood.

Earth's atmosphere was still infected, though, and from now on, every breath of earth's now-polluted atmosphere a kid took would gradually make him or her older. So the Ragtag Bunch of Misfits decided to use what limited time they had left as kids to defeat the other evils unleashed by the astroid. They became the first earth KND operatives in the first earth sector and heralded in the first of many ages of the Kids Next Door.

  • This would explain why the KND headquarters is kept on the Moon. It's the only place away from the contaminated Earth air.

Numbuh 3 grew up and founded the Fireside Girls.

Maybe when she grew up, she never had her brain washed. She remembered everything, and began the Fireside Girls to teach little girls about it.

Plus, it makes sense.

  • No, Fireside Girl Jamboree confirms that the Fireside Girls were founded by Eliza M. Feyerside. Unless Numbuh 3 grew up and changed her name to eliminate any proof of her relation to the KND and founded the FS Gs since the KND disbanded years ago. They were trained, without realizing it, to fight adult tyranny, which would also explain why time travel and giant robots, among other things, are in their handbook.
    • It's not impossible that Numbah 3 passed her knowledge on in secret to a trusted outside friend, Eliza, to throw her enemies off the trail.

Numbah 1 is actually a kid with Leukemia, and the KND is all a dream he's having
You know how numbah 1 is really pale, and bald? He's actually in the hospital with Leukemia, and the KND is really Nigel dreaming about the childhood he'll never have. That's why the KND is capable of doing so much impossible stuff. His distrust of adults stems from the fact that, well, ever since he was little adults have been shoving needles in him and putting him through surgeries. The other operatives of sector V actually are his friends. Most of the villians are people he actually knows. Mr.'s Wink and Fibb? Two boring old guys down the street who actually do live together. The delighfuls? Those snobby kids down the street who act like little angels in front of adults and then turn into little assholes as soon as the grown ups leave. Nigel blames them for his hair because it's easier to deal with than the truth. His comment about his hair never growing back was his way of coming to terms with the fact that he's terminal. His hair is never going to grow back, because he's never getting out of chemo. He looks the way he does even in his dreams because he's been in chemo for so long he can't imagine himself looking any other way.
  • ...well now I'm just sad.
  • Well, now. That's
  • Incredibly depressing theory, but actually very possible, if you look at the events in I.N.T.E.R.V.I.E.W.S. symbolically. Nigel's departure into the "Galactic KND", leaving his friends on Earth, parting with them forever. Making himself believe that he's the chosen one, from all of the kids on Earth... S'cuse me. But the very ending of the aforementioned episode could indicate that he got better.
    • He says goodbye to his friends and his parents and ascends to a higher plan of existance, surrounded by advanced machinery and people in white coats. So ...
  • Slightly different interpretation: Nigel caught Leukemia when he was very young, but was eventually cured of it (it can happen). He created the KND make-believe universe partly to vent his bitterness against adults, whom he blames for his baldness.
  • I just rewatched Operation I.N.T.E.R.V.I.E.W.S with this in mind. I cried. So much.
  • This may explain the {flanderization} of characters and things later on. Hmmm...make that leukemia AND schizophrenia.
    • Also explains the "evil" nature of his uncle Father; from Nigel's view his uncle became someone who grew increasingly remote and unhelpful, who apparently ignored him and his pains in order to take care of his own children (and Nigel's cousins) the so-called Delightfuls.

    • Jossed, if you consider the Billy and Mandy crossover special canon. Billy calls the kids next door for help, and they come to help billy, so that would mean numbah 1 does not have leukemia, and the other members are definitely real.

The Ice Cream Men are drug traffickers.
The ice cream trucks are just a front. They don't serve to kids because Even Evil Has Standards. However, they know about the KND and have no problem with attacking operatives who deliberately disrupt their business. While trafficking is their specialty, they sometimes do mercenary work for supervillains if the pay is good. Op. I-SCREAM was a plan by the Delightful Children to either destroy the Kids Next Door or push the Ice Cream Men toward being mooks.

The DCFDTL were Killed Off for Real in OP INTERVIEW.
Ex-Sector V mentions that the events in INTERVIEW were the last time they encountered the DCFDTL. Also, what else other than vengeance for his dead children could possibly make Father pursue Numbuh 1 for what has to have been decades?

Kuki's mom was like her as a child.
Her name is Genki which could be a Meaningful Name. Kuki turned out to be just like her and look at how she was as a child.
  • In operation CLUES Genki had this weird mini-psychotic episode, where she freaked out over her daughters not letting her play with the rainbow monkeys she never had as a kid. When she did that her voice got all high and girly like Kuki's, so it seems to me that while similar in nature, little Genki was deprived of frilly things through her childhood and that's why she grew so sour. Maybe Kuki's life as a teenager was full of similar disappointments?

Stickybeard is some kind of shapeshifting extradimensional entity.
His ship moves between dimensions so the extensive property damage when it sails is just an illusion. His pirates and munitions materialize upon leaving the ship, so they cause real damage. He hoards candy because it was the first thing he liked about our universe. He took the form of a pirate due to some bizarre Theme Park Version of humans.

The Kids Next Door used to use real weapons.
But then some kid shot Marvin in the face and Marvin's parents got mad and sued the KND for eleventy billion dollars. This forced the KND to make a few cutbacks, ultimately resulting in 2x4 technology.
The Five Main Characters have doubles in Firefly
Numbuh 1 is MalNumbuh 2 is WashNumbuh 3 is KayleeNumbuh 4 is JayneNumbuh 5 is Zoe
  • I think that's more to do with the Five Man Band dynamic than anything.

Numbah 4 has a learning disability.
Numbuh 4 isn't really dumb. He has a severe learning disability that, at the time he was in the kids next door, hadn't been noticed yet. The audience doesn't pick up on it because we really don't see him doing school work that much. Most of what we know comes from people's comments about how he is a terrible speller and has a poor memory. Think about it. Impulsive, short tempered, doesn't listen well, has difficulty spelling even simple words, has a misunderstanding of the english language... the signs are there. Sometime around 5th grade or early middle school, a teacher probably notices, and gets him help. It turns out he's actually sort of smart, and so with help he's able to catch up and even takes an advanced course or two in high school. When he hits college, he actually does well because he's spent the last six years or so working hard, so he's used to it and doesn't flounder in the harder environment. From college, he gets into harvard med. He only seems stupid to us right now because he's spent the past five years falling behind.
  • Is his learning disability the fact that he earnestly believes that there is no difference between learning and making stuff up? Because he just makes stuff up. Like how to spell words. Or history.
  • No, he just does that when he's really frustrated. He can't remember what the right answer is, so he just goes, "Aw, screw it," and puts down the first answer that pops into his head.
  • Possibly jossed? In Operation R.O.B.B.E.R.s Wally admits that, at least for his spelling homework, he was making up the answers as he went along. He wanted to impress Ms. Thompson with his new creative spelling ideas.

Either all of Sector V got a promotion, or this is only part one of the KND's story.
In Operation I.N.T.E.R.V.I.E.W.S, Numbah Five states that she was promoted to supreme leader after the events of the story, leaving Sector V down to three members. It has been shown that Sectors can have more than five members at a time (Look to Operation G.R.A.D.U.A.T.E.S. for an example), but the smallest long-term group of KND ever shown is about four. Why is this? Because if the leader leaves, the second in command takes over; if second in command leaves the team is sunk. the only exeption to this is non-sector members, who are on call at any time at moon and artic bases. It would stand to reason that these more dutiful members are higher-ranked. So, depending on your point of view either the members of Secor V became one of these higher-ranked members on request from Numbah Five, or one of these higher ranked opretives got promoted to new Sector V leader. This opens up many doors for KND speculative fanfiction.

Johan Liebert is responsible for the entire war.
It turns out that his actions of murdering adults since he's a kid are recorded. With this, Johan plans to use this war to cause The End of the World as We Know It. If this keeps happening, he will succeed.

Numbuh One has a crush on Numbuh Three.
No, seriously. Despite his dating Lizzie, the evidence is there. In Operation Z.E.R.O., Numbuh One says some sort of emotional bit of information about his relationship with each member of Sector V, but for Numbuh Three, he just says "Kuki..." and holds her hands. In "Operation W.H.I.T.E.H.O.U.S.E." Numbuh Five asks him "Who had a crush on Numbuh Three... and don't say Numbuh Four." He then smiles in response. There are many other moments that suggest this, but I'm not in the mood to list them. But you see what I mean, right?
  • In the same vein as this:

Numbuh One has a crush on Numbuh 362 and she feels the same.
There is evidence to suggest this as well. They share some surprisingly deep moments in conversation during "Operation: I.T." and "Operation: G.I.R.L.F.R.I.E.N.D." where she asks him to have lunch with her (after playfully threatening to make it a direct order). They certainly respect each other well enough and she seems attracted to him even after berating him for his reckless tendencies. Furthermore in operation F.U.T.U.R.E, the Boys Next Door's leader looks strangely like both of them with Nigel's blue eyes and unique head shape (Even having an eye patch that looks suspiciously like Nigel's glasses) and Rachel's blonde hair suggesting that he is possibly their grandson.
  • I think Rachel liking Nigel is pretty damn obvious, but if Nigel does return her feelings, then he must be Oblivious to Love (including his own) or we would have never seen Lizzie.

Numbuh 1 goes out with Lizzy because her bossiness fuels a secret desire of his to be controlled and dominated that he's still to young to understand
Numbuh 1 spends all his time ordering his team around and telling them what to do he always has to be on top of things (plus his parents don't exactly do to much to control him) so maybe in a sort of twisted way having someone else boss him around has become a fantasy and eventually a fetish that his prepubescent mind isn't capable of understanding and so caused him to seek out the most bossy girl he could find, there's also his supposed crush on Numbuh 362 she's certainly does spend a lot of time yelling at him... besides all that what else could he possibly see in Lizzy?

Numbuh 1's mom was a paramedic or police officer when she was in the KND
Her numbuh was 999, which is the British emergency number.

Kids Next Door is the past of the Spy Kids series

Numbuh 5 (as the supreme leader of the kids next door) eventually met up with Devlin, the head of OSS and then the KND became part of the kids division of OSS

One of the Meddling Executives has friends in the American Dental Association.
This show does a good job of making sugar unappealing. Do you want candy after seeing Stickybeard? I sure don't. I posit that Mr. Warburton was asked to make the show tooth friendly by portraying candy as gross looking and sugary cereal companies as morally gray. Knight Brace was conceived as a Take That! to this request, even though the actual dentist is portrayed positively.

has a hand in creating and/or funding some villainsWe know that they test KND members to find who is deserving of joining them. Villains are frequently arrested, sent to the KND prison, but somehow escape and manage to start causing trouble once again. Also, there's the question of how some of them manage to get such high tech technology. Theory? Some villains are intentionally created, freed from prison, or funded by the GKND to test the Earth branch so they can select opperatives. Not all of them, but some that aren't major threats.

The KND is a socialist origination
Remember being the leader means having a "willingness to share you candy with every one" and that they also seem to ration things like ice cream?

The KND is funded by good adults
Let's face it, a lot of the stuff the supervillains do would outright sicken any normal minded person (case in point, Knight Brace), and someone questioned were the KND got their funding. Well look at it this way, most normal adults are not skilled or smart enough to take down the supervillains, particularally high powered ones like Father, so they fund the KND, who are very good at it. Yes, it puts kids in danger to some extant, but it stops the extremely abusive adults from doing harm to them, as the kids can defend themselves on the spot. Just an idea.
  • Child soldiers? Definitely. Child sacrifice? *shudder* Maybe, maybe not. Either way, I wonder if this means that C:KND is somehow connected to Hunger Games?

The DCFDTL gave Numbuh 1 cancer, which got cured soon after.
Numbuh 5 mentions that the last time the Delighful Children took a kid, they did something she can't forgive, which Nigel say was making him bald. The DCFDTL have shown a strong desire to kill Numbuh 1, even against Father's orders. It's possible they gave him cancer to infinitely dispose of him without it being traced to them. After Numbuh 5 rescued him, he got treatment which left him bald.

Numbah 5 has a crush on number 1.
Numbuh 5 is extremely concerned with his welbeing. there's over evidence of this if i remember right, but i'll have to go watching some episodes again to find them.

The ones behind the KND's seemly improbable tech are A) Sparks or B) Whispered
How else do you explain the KND having aircraft and other forms of transportation (they busted out mecha few times a well) beyond what kid should have or be expected to make much less their improbable weapons.

also for support for my idea for the whispered idea in the manga and novel's of Full Metal Panic! Tessa designed and made the ECS stealth system at the tender age of 9.

Numbuh Five has a crush on Numbuh Two.
I'm surprised this wasn't up here before, but maybe it's because in the end they're an Official Couple. While Numbuh Five may tease him for being a nerd, and may react harshly to him cracking a joke, it's hinted at that she's jealous of any other girl he flirts with. In Operation UNCOOL, she seems to very irritated with how gung-ho Numbuh Two is to save Numbuh Seventy-Eight, but then is outraged to find out he really wanted to save a Yipper card. In Operation: COUCH, when he comments that Numbuh Ten is, "easy on the eyes," she quickly elbows him and glares at him. Also Word of God says she might secretly like his jokes and puns, but is in denial. This would explain why she always gets angry at him when he jokes, compared to the characters who just groan and move on with their lives. It'd also explain why she apparently uses jokes similar to his when he's not around.

KND is in the same universe as Red Dwarf
They changed their name to the space scouts in the early 22nd century. Rimmer's and his 3 older brothers were their own sector, and much of their evil was part of an elaborate, long-term (and unauthorized) hazing. This also explains his obsession with becoming an officer: As a child, his brothers held him back from becoming anything important within the KND, and he never really got over it.

Numbuh T is a number
This is probably one of the most far-fetched WMGs, but....T is technically a number.It's a variable. In physics and algebra, "t" usually denotes time. The numeric value of variables always change so Tommy's number could mean that with time, he has potential to become something great.No?? Yes???

The KND is funded by the United Nations.
Related to the "funded by good adults" theory above. In addition to fighting supervillians, the KND act as a kind of worldwide militia, keeping their local communities safe and defending their citizens. It also helps explain why they have what amounts to military-grade weaponry and space forces: the UN gave them the money, resources, and permission.

Numbuh One's balding from the Delightful Children and Numbuh Five's Greatest Failure are separate incidents.
It's possible to make the connection of when the DC made Numbuh One bald is the mysterious incident that Numbuh Five grimly refers to as "you-know-what" when offered temporary leadership of Sector V again in "Op: FERAL." However, based on what we know from the show, this is unlikely:

Three years ago from "Op: MAURICE," Five was the newest member of Sector V. "Op: TREATY" reveals that some time after that One was bald before joining the KND, and thus had his encounter with the DC before he was an operative. This means that in order for both incidents to be the same, Numbuh Five must've been Sector V's leader when the DC made him bald, which seems unlikely if Cree (who seemed to be the leader at the time of the "MAURICE" flashbacks) was still a KND operative and Five was the junior operative.

It's more likely that they were two separate incidents. The first when Five was a junior operative and the DC gave One a hell of a Traumatic Haircut, and the second when Five was the leader of Sector V and was so unpleasant that it made her renounce leadership. Thus by the age of 11, Numbuh Five has experienced two traumatic Noodle Incidents in addition to the betrayal of her sister and her candy-hunting partner.

  • Number 5 could still blame herself for whatever happened to Nigel even if she wasn't the leader of Sector V at the time.

Bruce and Ashley are twins.
I don't know if this has been confirmed or not but they look like twins to me.

The KND, and everything related to it, was created through the power of imagination of children

One day, before the first age of the KND, a group of kids was looking to have fun. So they imagined that they had bad guys to play with, plus incredibly sophisticated equipment and facilities. And through the tremendous power of imagination, these things became a reality. Unfortunately, the kids eventually lost control of their game, and now the villains want to hurt them rather than play.

Numbuh 5 has a crush on Numbuh 4 and she is in denial about it

Think about it:Abby keeps teasing and playfully insulting Wally,which is tipical for young kids to do with their crushes;the fact that she teases him about his crush for Numbuh 3 could be a way to forget about it/I Want My Beloved to Be Happy kind of thing.And in both Operation SNOWING and Operation AFLOAT she is the most desperate when Numbuh 4 is captured/eaten (in the latter,she even shouts "NOOOOO!Not Numbuh 4!".

  • You got MY vote. Correct me if I'm wrong, but her jabs at #4's expense don't seem nearly as sharp as those towards #2. (On another note, in both incidents you mentioned, #4 was the final victim each time.)

A little info about the Teenagers

As we've seen in POINT, most teenagers don't care about the KND vs. Adults conflict. Yet every teenager after that is hostile. Why? I don't recall hating kids when I was a teen! In fact, I loved them!

I've got an idea: Maybe the Teen Ninjas we see are a PMC group. Since in the real world, adults will pay teenagers looking for work, the Teen Ninjas are simply hired goons for Father's Army. They're not cheap, but they have great skill.

At the same time, the ones we've been following are merely loyalists. There also exists a faction of separatists who turn against Father for their own varied reasons, specializing in units like Drill Teams or stuff like that.

Kuki can't speak Japanese very well

Let's ignore that in Operation TRIP, everyone in Japan speaks perfect English. I like to think that Kuki is dissociated from Japan that either she can't speak Japanese, or she can't speak it very well. Her Japanese is broken, and she doesn't know any of the cultural standards.

What makes me think this? First of all it's funny. Second, a big clue is in her name: Kuki. Mr. Warburton responded when asked that it's supposed to mean "air", which is incorrect because "Kuki" in Japanese means "flower stem". But, the word "Kuuki", which is close, actually means "air". It's possible she's been misspelling/mispronouncing her name all this time.

The ranking system is as follows:

Hostile/Dangerous: Species hostile and/or hazardous to the Galactic Kids Next Door (e.g. the San 'Shyuum (Prophets) and the Jiralhanae (Brutes), the Combine, the Reapers and the Collectors, the Daleks, the Sontarans, and the Cybermen, the Angels, the Drej, the Romulans (or more specifically, the Tal'Shiar), the Incubators, the Hirogen, Species 8472]] (AKA the Undine), the Elachi, the Cardassians (or more specifically the Obsidian Order and the True Way), the Iconians, the Tholians, the Breen, the Fek'Ihri, the Terran Empire, and the Borg, the Necromorphs, the Kzinti, the Irkens, the Shivans, the Scarrans, the Metarex, the Heartless, the Nobodies, and the Unversed, the Deceptions, Blentrons, and Vehicons, the Drakons, etc.).

Unknown/Unimportant: Species either not technologically advanced enough to know about the GKND or that are just ignored by the GKND, and in turn are ignored (e.g. the Yahg, the Vorcha, and the Keepers, the Eosapiens, the Unggoy (Grunts), the Devidians, the Smurfs, etc.).

Neutral/Unaligned: Species that are not aligned with the GKND, its allies, or its enemies (e.g. the Atraxi, the Geonosians and the Noghri, the Boov, the Luxans and the Sebaceans, the Klingons, the Letheans, the Gorn, the Nausicaans, the Orions, the Ferasans, the Jem'Hadar, the Vorta, the Founders, the Deferi, and the Remans, the Leviathans, the Rachni, the Hanar, the Elcor, and the Batarians, the Utroms, the Vortigaunts, etc.).

Allied/Friendly: Species aligned with the GKND and its cause (e.g. the Wookies, the Vasudans, the Benzites, the Caitians, the Romulans (or more specifically, the Romulan Republic), the Cardassians (or more specifically, the Depata Council), the Pakleds, the Ocampans, the Bajorans, and the Trill, the Geth, the Volus, the Krogan, and the Quarians, etc.).

Represented: Species who have an actual operative working in the GKND (e.g. the Sangheli (Elites) and the Huragok (Engineers), the Turians, the Drell, and the Salarians, Humans as of Operation: INTERVIEWS, the Bolians, the Saurians, the Rigelians, the Ferengi, and the Betazoids, the Darkstalkers, the Hobbits, etc.).

Fully Integrated: Races whose KND branches have been absorbed into the GKND (e.g. the Asari and (formerly) the Protheans, the Mon Calamari, the Quarren, the Chalactans, and the Kel Dor, among others, (historically) the Gallifreyans and the Time Lords, the Banneck, the Vulcans, the Andorians, the Tellarites, the Regulans, the Talaxians, the El-Aurians, the Liberated Borg, and (formerly) the Preservers, among others, the Mobians and the Seedrians, the Autobots, etc.).

Numbuh Four grew up to be Robert Chase.

We know he grew up to be an intelligent, Australian doctor. Why not that intelligent, Australian doctor?

The Uno family are descendants of Aku

It's not hard to see the resemblance between Aku and Grandfather. They also have similar powers.

She knew it wasn't Nigel, but decided to go along with it until the right time. However, when she did, Mandy convinced everyone she had the same "virus" and had Rachel locked away.

The show spans over a year and a half

In Operation: C.A.K.E.D.-F.I.V.E., Numbuh 1 mentions that the Delightful Children's birthday happens five times a year. There's been 7 cake episodes: C.A.K.E.D., C.A.K.E.D.-T.W.O., C.A.K.E.D.-T.H.R.E.E., C.A.K.E.D.-F.O.U.R., C.A.K.E.D.-F.I.V.E., S.I.X., and I.N.T.E.R.V.I.E.W.S.. Plus, at least one comic example.

There was no Galactic KND

It was all done to mislead Father. In truth the cake WAS that big and not a spaceship. However, it was possible that Numbuh 1 had reached 13 and had to be decommissioned, or something happened that made him choose to "retire". But since he was the best operative of the KND, he was allowed to "end it with a bang" and able to eat a big cake held together by rockets. The Delightfuls did die so father was out for vengeance. If they had told him the truth, Nigel's family would have all been in bigggg trouble. As for Numbuh Five saying "welcome back" at the end.....most likely he was recomissioned too, but why? Because he's dying(they were pretty old at that time) and someone wanted him to know of what he lost before he dies?

That Alternate Universe ... before the DNK reformed, I could imagine the "villains" as this ... Father and the Delightful Children were already shown
  • Mr. Boss: A janitor that is forced to work because of speaking out against the DNK and was sentenced to the Brocolli Mines. However, he escaped and was outraged to find out that his daughter was apart of the organization. He tries making plans of sending DNK Members and adults to Pluto, but he's too poor. After the defeat of Negative Numbuh 4, he and his daughter were able to make peace and Mr. Boss got a more respected job.
    • Fridge Horror here: Mr. Boss in the positive universe genuinely loves his own children, but hates all others. So, his negative counterpart must love all other children, but hate his own. It probably explains Negative 86's shy, meek behavior.
  • Knightbrace: A dentist who sees how adults have neglected their teeth, so he tries to make the adults have their teeth done, much to their chagrin. He serves as a dentist mascot now.
  • Chester: Oh, Chester. Chester does weird crazy stuff to all of the adults. He has probably killed a few adults and DNK members to try and support the cause. Chester gets sent to Brocolli Mines by the reformed DNK because of his bizarre behavior.
  • Toilenator: Actually competent in this universe. He's considered the leader of the group and is the one who has the secret meetings. He and his members plan to take out the DNK and hope for the world to become a better place. Toilenator rigs toilets so they can send kids to secret bases, liberating more children. When the DNK reform, the Toilenator becomes their greatest ally.
  • Common Cold: Gives children sicknesses they don't have to be slaves for their sick period. When the DNK reform, he instead tries to make adults who still believe in the DNK sick..
  • Gramma Stuffum: Makes delicious food ... for the children to eat. She normally sneaks food while the adults or DNK aren't looking. As for those two? She forces them to eat digusting food.
  • Chad Dickson and Cree Lincoln: Chad and Cree were working for a liberation movement, but Chad was actually an agent for the DNK, spying on the liberation group and getting the DNK to work one step ahead of the liberation movement.
  • Numbuh 362, although not a "villain", wasn't present in the episode. Maybe she was considered afraid and dumb. The Toilenator probably captured her by tricking her into a trap or something. One the DNK reformed, she was probably released. As for her younger brother, he probably has no fear of being touched and is considered a pleasant character, similar to Negative Numbuh 86.
    • This troper sees Negative 362 as more along the lines of Negative 86's subordinate, similar to how Positive 86 was often seen in 362's shadow later in the series. She's not as level-headed or authoritative as depicted in the original universe, instead much more temperamental, extremist and even misogynistic against girls (the polar opposite of misandrous, which 86 is).
    • She could've also been one of Negative Numbuh 4's bodyguards (like Negative 86) while he was still the DNK Supreme Leader. However, the relationship between the two was probably along the lines of abusive, given how Negative 4 constantly threatened to send any and all who got in his way to the Broccoli Mines.
  • Grandfather: A benevolent Big Good who ruled the world as a Utopia were adults and children were both happy, until Negative Numbuh Zero overthrew him. May have been restored following the DNK Heel–Face Turn.

Nigel's parents come from Britain and Nigel moved to the United States when he was three, right? Well ... the thing that confuses me a bit is that Grandfather's Reign of Terror apparently took place in the United States ...
  • I'm starting to think that Monty/Numbuh Zero met his wife in Britain ...
  • I'm inclined to believe that after his defeat Grandfather moves his family to England. Ben and Monty grow up there and when he was old enough Ben moved back to America (which is why his American accent is more pronounced). Then Monty moves there with his dad, wife, and child so many years later. Nigel was 3 he wouldn't remember his grandpa moving with them or around the same time.

Assuming that Operation A.R.C.H.I.V.E.S. isn't canon, Numbuh Zero's rebellion against Grandfather must have happened before July of 1969. Also, Numbuh Zero's around 50 years old.
  • Assuming that Numbuh Zero was 10 years old when the rebellion happened, that must mean that Numbuh Zero was born around 1957-1959.

Numbuh Two's mom used to be a member of the Kids Next Door, and something happened to her similar to what happened to Tommy in Operation G.R.A.D.U.A.T.E.S.
  • That's she's the only one of the operative's parents that's aware of the KND and the villains they face. She's also aware of the technology. The other KND operative's parents are oblivious to most of the KND, especially Numbuh 1's and 4's parents - and similar to how Numbuh 5's parents are oblivious to the fact that she and Cree are secretly enemies.
    • She probably escaped her decommissioning or pulled something like Tommy did to keep her memories.
  • It was confirmed in The Movie and Operation I.N.T.E.R.V.I.E.W.S. that Numbuh One's father and mother respectively were former Kids Next Door operatives Number 0 and Number 999. Also, maybe she is one of the operatives who didn't get decommissioned.Since she is aware of their adventures and technology,she must have been allowed to keep her memories after turning 13. She became a member of the TND and was forced to retire when she became an adult

The KND world is a sealed of pocked dimension whose guardians are the adults.
Every child, upon hitting their teen years, is then revealed the truth about how Real Life operates and is given the choice to leave or to stay and uphold The Masquerade. (If they try to break it, it's immediate expulsion.)

No wonder the teens are so bitter—if they leave, they're completely unprepared for life in the real world, but if they stay, they can't participate in any of the fun and they get to look forward to disillusioning their younger friends and siblings.

Numbuh One was accidentally molested.
In "Operation: B.U.T.T.," he loses his swimming trunks and ends up in a middle-aged man's basket to hide. His eyes widen when the man reaches into the basket and he squeals as he jumps out. Though it was unintentional, the man touched his privates.

Numbuh One is able to get a shadow suit like Father
After all they are related. Grandfather mentions "our heritage" to Monty in ZERO which could mean the powers. It does seem to pass down a family line his uncle, grandfather, great grandmother (The Annoyingly Cute Triplets), and great great grandmother (The Annoyingly Cute Triplet's Mother) all have. Mr. Warburton confirmed that it is possible in an interview.

The KND Universe is an alternate universe that Tom Warburton went to as a kid.
When Tom Warburton was a kid he had a treehouse. In this treehouse was a portal to another universe. Mainly the KND universe. He went into the treehouse and went to the KND universe and couldn't get back to our world. Tom saw Sector V fight adults, and he learned about the KND. He managed to convince them to let him join.

There Tom became an operative on Moonbase. He would eventually became fascinated with Sector V. Tom then looked through their mission reports and interview people who knew them.

When he turned thirteen, Tom fled back to his treehouse and stumbled back to our world, though oddly the same age he was when he left. Inspired by the KND, when he grew up he created a show on the sector he thought was interesting. Thus, Codename: Kids Next Door was born.

The book of KND, is a Necronomicon for children.
Makes sense, doesn't it?

The reason that Numbuh One is not shown as an adult in the final episode... that Cartoon Network could not afford Patrick Stewart, the only actor who could have done the role justice. Just picture him with sunglasses and that is Numbuh One as an adult. Heck, Numbuh One was even in the Galactic Kids Next Door, and Stewart has some experience in a similar role as a starship captain in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Abigail wears contact lenses.
She was originally meant to wear glasses and the Cartoon Network site once said they were a secret. Likewise, two versions of her have been shown wearing glasses

This possible video of a sequel series.
Whether or not this is legit or a REALLY good fan film, it seems that The Galactic Kids Next Door really were the Splinter Cell after all
  • And it has been confirmed as rather legit according to a post on the creator's blog

Numbah One is dishing out a Cool and Unusual Punishment in the GKND teaser.
The next part of the reveal is scheduled to come out on April 1st, and there have been hints of a continuation starting from two years ago, which makes it unlikely that this will be a straight-up Bait-and-Switch for April Fool's Day. If there's going to be any funny business, it's probably going to have to do with the vague contraption Numbah One is activating.

Numbuh One will get a What the Hell, Hero? moment from his friends when/if the new KND series gets greenlit.
  • It would be in the very first episode or so as they run into him.

The new KND series will air on [adult swim].
  • This is a WILD guess...but... Maybe it will be a show targeted toward older teenagers and adults moreso than younger children ages 10-13 or so.

The entire series is a satire on Communism.
  • Think about it, the Kids Next Door is the rebellion against tyrannic adults, who represent various Tsar leaders, or whatever Russia was before Lenin took over. The adults believe in what is 'right' for kids, but the kids have to rebel because whatever they are doing is just too boring. There are also references to a Serbian detention center in Gallahager Elementary. The KND operatives represent various communists who want equality for all children. The DCFDTL are former KND opervatives, and represent the Stalin of the Russian Revolution. The Delightfulization process is essentially what happened to Joseph Stalin when he gained power over the motherland. The DCFDTL wear identical fancy clothing, and tend to treat themselves higher than other kids, and are always involved with cake, which they always plan to eat by themselves. Also, if you remember Operation E.L.E.C.T.I.O.N.S, the DCFDTL used various forms of propaganda to set the students against each other, just like how Stalin ordered the many classes to report on each other in order to ensure total power. Besides that post: The Russian sector has a freaking Sputnik replica.

The majority of enemies the KND face were caused directly or indirectly by Grandfather and his reign.
We know the first time, Grandfather only enslaved kids (though it's likely the adults didn't have it very good either, given Grandfather's level of evil), it's possible he had enforcers. The majority of the villains the KND face now are descendants of people who worked for Grandfather in some way or another to enslave children and run his Villain World and imprinted their respective mentalities on their descendants. IE, perhaps Grandma Stuffum was the daughter of someone who made gruel for the children under Grandfather's rule, Mr. Boss is the grandson of a slavedriver, ect. Alternatively, many of them have Grandfather's reign as their direct or indirect Freudian Excuse. As for the various monsters, they were all created by Grandfather to torment children (and in some cases adults) in some way, shape, or form for his own amusement. This is especially true for monsters like the Queen Tie and her brood, who seem to exist for a very specific enslaving reason. Hey, the guy traumatized his own son of a vegetable, would you put it past him?

Their guns transform kids' clothing into very polite, proper outfits, not quite the uniforms that the Delightful Children From Down The Lane wear but a lot closer to the Delightful ideal than to the street clothes usually sported by the kids of Sector V. But their weapons clearly can't Delightfulize children entirely: the kids of Sector V simply shake it off once the Proper Patrol leaves, changing into their normal outfits. There might be at least two reasons for this: the Proper Patrol is underfunded and can only afford a lesser version of a Delightfulization weapon, or the in-universe evil technology level as of Season 1 just might not be up to personal-scale portable Delightfulization. In fact, one might wonder if Father or some other major villain is actually funding and equipping them for the purpose of getting them to test out portable Delightfulization weapons...

Stuffum is secretly a Metalhead, and a fan of GWAR
She DOES have a knack for singing it, as shown in F.O.O.D.F.I.T.E..

Kids Next Door and South Park share a universe.
Think about it: They're both focused on kids, set in worlds full of surreal terrors, where adults are completely incompetent when they aren't outright evil and every child is smart enough to count as an adult. In particular, South Park: The Stick of Truth revolves around a massive war where Your Mind Makes It Real and LARPing a knight or wizard is Serious Business. It's even got the Big Bad Government Guy who eventually wants to steal the Stick of Truth, effectively enslaving children's imaginations.

The Galactic Kids Next Door, if released, may only be a mini-series

The Off-Beats and the Populars are agents of KND.
The Off-Beats and the Populars are their own "numbuhs" as well - but the branch suffered a schism due to half of them (Tina, Beth, and the other three) getting captured and subjected to the treatments that were either a precursor of or a failed attempt to recreate the "Delightful kids". However, this did not work as intended - as the kids still retain a sense of individuality (except for three of the boys, who do whatever Tina says) but have fooled all the adults (Sans one) into thinking that the treatments worked. (Note how they always behave after Beth shouts "Adult!"). They still maintain contact with the other group that escaped though, the "Off-beats"... and in fact, have an agent within them who has fooled the adults into thinking that the peer pressure has made him as susceptible to the "hive mind" as the others. This agent is Billy - whenever he is thrown out of the Populars group, he actually goes right to the Off-beats' meeting points, gives more sensitive information, and then is back in the populars apparent hive mind. (The entrances are of course the trash cans that they are nearby when he is "Thrown out") Whenever the populars interact with the off-beats, it's antagonistic, but it's actually a secret code - they are giving messages about things they learned from the adults (Who trust the brainwashed populars to an extent) to the off-beats. Of course, there is some legit hard feelings towards each other - the Off-beats don't like that the Populars let themselves get caught or that they keep up the charade (and legit treat the info that comes from them and Billy with skepticism) while the populars think the Off-beats are old-fashioned (And August won't share his tech with them). AS for the off-beats, Tommy and Rapunzel are scouts, Betty-Ann gives secret codes to other field agents via her bongos (a la Gabriel Knight), and August & September develop tech for the group to use. The episode where the Populars steal Betty-Ann's glasses was all a ruse - Betty-Ann's glasses are hollow and allow for concealment of messages in it. So under the guise of bullying Betty-Ann, hid an important document inside her frames and allowed the Off-beats to "Take them back". Many of the Off-beats, well, off-beat behaviour is part of an act to reduce suspicion from the adults - since the Populars acting like "spies" actually led to the schism happening anyway. Beth still loves Tommy, but the pressure of keeping up the "Delightful child" is too much to allow her to depart from the group. September meanwhile is also a spy - in fact, in the valentine's day special, February the cat is another spy and was held up in trying to meet with September (back when he was still a field agent, rather than a local commander like he is here.)

The events of the series is just the kids playing with their imaginations.
This theory is directly inspired by the cancer theory which is Number 1 having cancer and the series being set in his imagination. The kids are just regular kids playing with their imagination, The delightful children are just kids who are afraid of getting into trouble with their parents, KND believed that the delightful children were brainwashed by their father after their own parents kept telling them to be more like them. Number five's sister is just a normal teen who is imagined as a villain who occasionally causes problems for KND for her own amusement alongside her friends or when she really needs something from the KND. Finally the galactic kids next door were just kids who lived in another country, Number one had to move away with his family to another country and KND wanted to play one last game with him before he moved and they imagined that he joined the galactic kids. The events of Operation Zero are just his family getting involved with the game and the delightful children were allowed to play the game as well which allowed them to "escape" their brainwashed state but had to stop playing. Number one's baldness is just because he prefers to have a buzz cut hairstyle or he has Alopecia. The villains were imaginary views of adults, family members or kid stuff.

This explains why KND has technological advancements and the adults are oblivious to episode events, it's just kids playing with their imaginations. Not all theories have to be depressing or involve cruel events such as cancer or domestic abuse, granted that galactic kids is a depressing idea but it was a sad episode for fans. This theory originated in the Youtube channel channelfrederator (as I am aware).

King Sandy really is just pretending.
He got bored of just playing "King of the Sandcastle", and decided to be a evil/crazy king instead...pretending that he ISN'T pretending and NEVER breaking character unless his Mom calls. His big cousins play along because they find his Method Acting antics fun.

The whole "adulthood is a disease" thing isn't true; it's just used as a cover for something more nefarious.
Basically, someone who was rendered an immortal child has a grudge against adults in general for something adults connected with him caused and takes this anger out on every other species in existence, with the options for planets being "decommissioning" or "empire where children rule and you're immediately demoted to slave class once you hit 13". This naturally has dire consequences but this person is so caught up in their hate and anger that they can't see it and use every aspect of their power to squash anything that might convince people like Nigel not to side with them.

The INK is a rogue faction of the KND.
The members of INK were once a sector of the KND's French division, but ended up deserting due to some unknown transgression. To avoid the obligatory mind wipe that comes with leaving, they went to Pinkerton Academy, the location of which is unknown to everyone except for a certain few (the students and the teachers). When they found out that there was adult tyranny happening at the school, they were more than willing to take up the fight against it and created their own team to do so.

Earth isn't actually diseased, but rather the GKND believes it is due to in-Universe Critical Research Failure.
So far all sapient species the GKND have encountered are incredibly long-lived by human standards, and never undergo rapid physical change like we do during puberty. However, an actual lifespan-shortening, incurable disease (or possibly multiple diseases) is sweeping across the galaxy, affecting different races differently. The GKND is basically a militant CDC, charged with containing this disease at all costs - upon reaching Earth, they see Humans with lifespans in decades, and assume that this isn't our natural lifespan and that puberty and aging are the disease's side-effects upon humanity. To them, 'kid' and 'adult' don't mean young and old so much as clean and infected - it's very possible they don't have a fairly fixed age cut-off point for childhood like we do. Thus, humanity is able to function fine, and undergoes physical changes necessary for procreation, while to the GKND we appear diseased.

There's a reason Lizzie and Constance look so similar.
Lizzie and Constance (the pig-tailed girl in the Delightful Children from Down the Lane) have a very similar character design, and he show poked fun at this on one occasion. However, it's later revealed that Constance, and the rest of the Delightful Children were once the decorated Sector Z of the Kids Next Door. Lizzie is also revealed to be a Galactic Kids Next Door operative who was conducting a covert operation on Earth. The human form she takes is simply a holographic disguise. Since most of the GKND's info on Earth probably comes from its terrestrial counterpart, it's possible that Lizzie based her human appearance after one of their top operatives.

REAL weapons like firearms don't exist in this world.
In Operation M.O.V.I.E., pay attention to the movie poster for "Violence: The Movie", one of the characters in the poster appears to be holding pop guns instead of real guns, this might establish in the world of Kids Next Door that REAL weapons like firearms do not exist and the KND use 2X4 tech as improvised weapons therefore we never see the KND nor evil adults use REAL weapons.

Numbuh 4 has Autism.
First, have we ever seen Numbuh 4 hug someone on purpose? Second, most people with Autism often have a hard time in school because of their condition and may be called dumb for that reason. But when someone helps them understand it in a unique way (usually catering to their interest), they learn faster and better than other non-autistic classmates, and usually excel in STEM fields. Word of God has already confirmed that he would grow up to be an intelligent doctor, which seems like a natural progression for that scenario. Lastly (this is speculation here), Numbuh 4's boyishness and hatred of everything girly come from a 'Phase' or 'Special Interest' that he might have, as many Autistic people have a 'special interest.' Speaking as an Autistic troper myself, anything that would be outside of your current interest would be seen as disgusting or awkward.

Numbuh Three has the same kind of fire powers as Father
Her eyes lighting up in flames whenever she's angry isn't just a cartoony exaggeration. Further evidence: in operation H.O.T.S.T.U.F.F. she uses fire powers she's never been shown to have before, after turning up the thermostat in her house so high it turned into a volcano and going crazy when her sector mates attempt to turn it back down. These powers are extremely similar to those used by father, the ability to generate and withstand extreme heat, and throwing curtains of fire. How she got these powers is less obvious, as she is not in any known way related to Father or Grandfather. Perhaps they are a recessive gene that exists in the population?

The DCFDTL are from Boston or Philadelphia.
In the episode about the fourth ice cream flavor, they refer to sprinkles as "jimmies". Numbuh Five chews them out for using the term, but clearly, she's never been to Boston or Philadelphia, where the term is popularly-used.

The GKND doesn’t know about Grandfather and if they did they would be scared of him.
If you type in Grandfather into the rainbowmonkey’s website nothing comes up for him. In fact it says inexact just like number 0 and 999. If they’re reaction to Father is DANGER DANGER DANGER you can imagine how they might react to his dad. If he was revived would they abort their mission or do it much sooner?

Numbuh 362's favorite color is purple
Just a fun little theory, it's the one color that carries over from all of her past outfits. In M.A.U.R.I.C.E, the younger her wears a purpleish red t shirt dress. In F.U.G.I.T.I.V.E. her belt and arm bands are purple. By G.R.A.D.U.A.T.E.S her boots are a shade of purple. In her remaining appearances the stripes on her sweater are purple along with the sabers. Plus her robe is purple in I.T.

If Galactic Kids Next Door does become a real series, Numbuh 362, Numbuh 60 and Cree will all become BreakoutCharacters.
  • For most of the character descriptions, it is something silly or lighthearted. However, Numbuh 362 and 60 are both listed as fugitives on the run and Cree has apparently been captured along with Chad. I don't feel like these are simple throwaway lines. For my thoughts on the roll they could play, Numbuh 362 and 60 could be part of a resistance group already in place that the main characters meet up with and Cree could try to make up with Numbuh 5.

The Fourth Flavor’s taste is different depending on who eats it.
In F.L.A.V.O.R., we never hear what Numbuh 5 thinks the Fourth Flavor tastes like, but it’s implied to possibly taste like a sundae, since that was the “Flavor of the Day” password. Then in Operation: Z.E.R.O., after Numbuh Zero has his memories restored, he calls Blurpleberry ice cream “the closest thing to The Fourth Flavor he’s ever tasted”.

The reason why Harvey hates being touched comes from the events of Operation: Z.E.R.O.

He was very much most likely traumatized from seeing everyone and then himself getting turned into a zombie. Some kid had to be traumatized by that so why not Harvey?

Harvey doesn’t seem to display this issue before the events of Z.E.R.O. So this trooper doesn’t know if there was any problems before the events of the movie.

Delightfulization slows down aging.
In Operation: ZERO we learn that the delightful children is really Sector Z. Matt, numbuh 101, calls Sector Z legends and never mentions how long they were missing for.

In a fan interview Mr. Warburton does say that the Annoyingly Cute Triplets from Upon the Hill are delightfulized. They were active in the middle of the 19th century (Hoagie calls numbuh 19th century a Victorian operative in a tie in novel) putting them at the earliest from 1837. One of them produced Grandfather whom then had Numbuh 0 and Father. Why did three generations (counting Nigel) pass in only about 150 years or so? It is very possible that that one triplet had once delighfulized Grandfather.

Numbuh 0 was the supreme leader
He founded the seventh age of the Kids Next Door and defeated his father. It's likely that he wanted to make sure that KND was running like it was supposed to when he found the book and stayed in charge.

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