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  • All-Star Cast:
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  • Box Office Bomb: Tenkai Hen: Overture. It was originally meant to be a trilogy that would even show the return of the Gold Saints. However, these plans were obviously canned due to its enormous cost and poor reception.
  • Completely Different Title: Known as Los Caballeros del Zodiaco (Knights Of The Zodiac) in Spanish-speaking countries, Os Cavaleiros Do Zodiaco in Brazil, and Les Chévaliers Du Zodiaque in France.
  • Cross-Dressing Voices: Averted. Except for pre-puberty boys, the anime went extra length to have female characters voiced by actresses and male characters voiced by actors, which helped the audience quite a lot in clearing Viewer Gender Confusion.
  • Directed by Cast Member: In the Latin American Spanish dub of the TV series, Jesús Barrero was the ADR director as well as the voice of Seiya.
  • Dueling Dubs:
    • As of 2020, three English dubs have been produced. When the show aired on Cartoon Network in 2003, the first dub was produced by DIC Entertainment at Kaleidoscope Studios in Toronto, but it only lasted 32 episodes in the US, and 40 episodes on YTV in Canada. For the unedited DVD releases that same year, another dub of the first 60 episodes were recorded at ADV Films in Houston under sub-license from DiC, but ADV was unable to record more episodes because that's all DiC had licensed. In October 2019, after Netflix acquired the rights to stream the series in North America, a new dub was once again recorded in Houston, this time by ADV's successor Sentai Filmworks, but using the new cast from the 2019 reboot. Notably, this is the only dub to cover all 114 episodes, with the final 41 being released in April 2020.
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    • Due to corporate politics involving Toei, the Hades Saga OVA's received two dubs in Latin America, one made for TV with newer actors at Larsa and La Cuarta Pared, and one made for DVD with as much of the original cast as they could get at CBAudio.
    • There is a intense rivalry in Brazil between fans of first dub, from Gota Mágica studios in 1994 (based on the uncensored version) and the one who took more liberties, and the second one done by Alamo in 2003 (based on the censored version) which was more faithful with the original source.
  • Dueling Works: With Fist of the North Star. Both are manga that ran in Weekly Shonen Jump in the mid-to-late 80s where the constellations are the power motif.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • Many fans affectionately dub Shiryu as the "walking blood bank," for obvious reasons.
    • Seiya is known within the South American fandom as the "cockroach saint", since he is considered a plague who nobody can kill (even Chuck Norris!).
    • Shaka is constantly called Barbie or Aino Minako/Sailor V due to the characters' very similar looks.
    • And Camus... oh Camus, he gets way too many nicknames that are ice related. Some are cool and some are downright ridiculous. He's even known as 'penguin'.
    • Deathmask. His lack of a proper name has had fans coming up with various hypotheses. One of the most popular is Angelo. Carlo is another frequent choice.
    • Among Saltybet betters, Seiya is known as Yuri Di AAAAAAA because the MUGEN Seiya yelling Yuri and screaming at the top of his lungs often.
  • Jossed: The identity of Seiya's older sister and Marin's little brother. See Luke, I Am Your Father in the main section.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes:
    • DIC Entertainment's edited version of the anime only lasted 32 episodes before Cartoon Network cancelled the series in April 2004. Outside of VHS and DVD releases, their version has become hard to find. This dub also covered episodes 33-40, but they only aired once on YTV in Canada, and haven't been seen since.
    • With ADV's liquidation in 2009, their release of the first 60 episodes are completely out of print and DVD copies are expensive to find. Fortunately, in October 2019, Netflix began streaming the series in North America and Australasia in 2019 with a new dub by Sentai Filmworks and is much easier to find in a digital format.
    • While in Japan, all five Saint Seiya movies were released in a set, the US only had a set that features all but Tenkai Hen in it in 2013.
    • The first Brazilian Portuguese dub ran on Rede Manchete from 1994 to 1997. The second one, on the other hand, is still in circulation to the point where it has been streamed on both Crunchyroll and Netflix.
  • Missing Episode: As mentioned above episodes 33-40 were never aired on CN in the U.S., 33-36 aired twice on YTV and 37-40 only ever aired once and never again.
  • The Other Darrin:
    • Gemini Saga, originally, was performed by two people; Akio Nojima played his good side, while Kazuyuki Sogabe voiced the evil one. The latter was considered better and eventually continued to voice the character in the third movie, even after being redeemed. Following his retirement, the character was given to Ryotaro Okiayu despite Nojima still being active.
    • When the series began streaming on Netflix in October 2019, a new English dub was recorded at Sentai Filmworks in Houston using the same cast from the Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac reboot ONA.
  • Overtook the Manga: The whole Asgard arc is created after the Sanctuary Chapter which surprisingly enough became one of the fan favorite arcs. On the other hand, they created several episodes in the Sanctuary Chapter which led to some confusions notably with the introduction of the Crystal Saint as Hyoga's mentor when it was later revealed in the manga that Hyoga's mentor was in fact Aquarius Camus. It was handwaved by making Camus the mentor of the Crystal Saint who was still the mentor of Hyoga the Cygnus Saint, thus establishing some kind of "coherent" hierarchy.
  • Playing Against Type: Mitsuko Horie as Hilda. Prior to that, she had played only cute girls and had a career as anime OP singer, and then she's hired to play the Brainwashed and Crazy Princess of the Nibelung... Horie herself lampshades the trope when she's asked about this in interviews, recalling each time how shocked she was when the role was offered to her.
  • Promoted Fangirl: Shiori Teshirogi, the author who writes Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas, was actually a shoujo author who once met Kurumada. Saint Seiya was always her favorite series and she jumped at the chance of making a new story when Kurumada pitched the idea to her, and what was originally thought to end up being a rather brief series has exploded in popularity.
  • Real-Life Relative
    • Ikki and Tatsumi despise each other, but did you know that the two actors who play them, Hideyuki Hori and Yukitoshi Hori are really brothers?
    • If a man sees an Amazon's face they either have to love them or kill them. Seiya and Shaina were forced into this dilemma, but in real life, Toru Furuya and Mami Koyama did get married. Unfortunately it failed but they are still friends.
    • Seiya and Shun's Latin American Spanish voice actors (Jesús Barrero and Jose Gilberto Vilchis respectively) were uncle and nephew respectively.
    • Saga and Seiya's Brazilian voice actors (Gilberto Baroli and Hermes Baroli respectively) are father and son, respectively.
    • Mitsumasa Kido was originally voiced by Pedro D'Aguillón in the Latin American Spanish dub. By the time the Netflix ONA was released, D'Aguillón had already died of diabetic ketoacidosis, so his son Pedro D'Aguillón Jr. voiced him instead. It should be noted this is not the first time D'Aguillón Jr. has voiced him before.
  • Relationship Voice Actor: In the original series, Seiya was dubbed by Toru Furuya (Amuro in Mobile Suit Gundam), Shiryu was dubbed by Hirotaka Suzuoki (Lt. Bright in Mobile Suit Gundam) ; this pair of "best buddies" is also noticeable in Dragon Ball, where they played Yamcha and Tenshinhan respectively. (Also, what to say of Dragon Shiryu's Japanese voice actor finally done in by... Cancer); Also, due to Writer on Board (Kurumada wanting to change Shun's voice actor triggered Toru Furuya and everyone else's resignation, much to everyone's chagrin) and Executive Meddling (Toei wanting to get Saint Seiya done with) combined, in the Hades Inferno and Elysion arcs, Seiya and Ichigo Kurosaki now share the same voice actor, whereas Shiryu is now voiced by Suzaku Kururugi. Katsuyuki Konishi replaced Hideyuki Hori as Ikki and Ginyu.
  • Role Reprise:
    • When the second Brazilian Portuguese dub began airing on Cartoon Network in 2003, most of the original cast members returned to reprise their roles. However, there were a few exceptions due to retirement or Author Existence Failure.
    • Most of the English cast of the Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac reboot reprise their roles for the 2019 Netflix stream of the original anime. Interestingly enough, Marty Fleck (Mitsumasa) has the distinction of being the only surviving original cast member to reprise his role again from the ADV dub.
  • Troubled Production: The Hades Saga: Inferno and Elysium. Kurumada was so upset with Toei that he fired all five of the Bronze Saint voice actors, casted new ones note , and got another studio to do the animation that was so bad that most of the scenes were mostly traced from the manga.
  • What Could Have Been:
  • The Wiki Rule: The Caballeros del Zodiaco wiki, which is in Spanish. There exists an English wiki, Seiyapedia, but it's not as extensive. There's also Saint Seiya Pedia, which is French.


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