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Drinking Game / Saint Seiya

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Drinking game for Saint Seiya.

Take a sip:

  • Whenever any Silver Saints claim that no mere Bronze Saint can defeat them.
  • Whenever Seiya refuses to fight a girl.
  • Whenever Shiryu gets injured.
  • Anytime someone cries.
  • Whenever an attack throws the opponent in the air and the person caught into the attack smashes headfirst into the ground.
  • Whenever Shiryu takes his shirt off. Bottom's up if he removes his Cloth.
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  • Whenever a Gold Saint has to remind a Bronze how astronomically outmatched they are. Two sips if it's specifically about the Seventh Sense.
  • Everytime there's a Pope shower scene.
  • When the Once an Episode shot of Athena in distress is shown. Two sips if someone wishes her well or wished they could take her place.