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  • Often used as a gag in Looney Tunes, Tom and Jerry, Tex Avery shorts, et al.
    • In the Looney Tunes short A Corny Concerto, when Porky trying to undo Bugs' fingers around his chest. However, once he does so, Bugs is revealed to have a bra underneath! As Bugs Bunny screams like a little girl.
    • The episode where Spike the bulldog screams like a woman, after seeing Tom's fake dog-mask walk away on its own with Jerry underneath (because he thinks it's a real head), deserves special mention.
    • Parodied in the Tex Avery short Who Killed Who?; the detective does a girly scream upon meeting the killer face-to-face... but first he uses a small pitch-pipe to find the correct octave.
    • In the Looney Tunes short ''Hare-Breadth Hurry", Wile E. Coyote does this when he sees a large patch of glue in the road placed by Bugs Bunny, before attempting to stop.
    • Porky Pig is prone to this in his modern appearances.
  • The Simpsons:
    • Homer frequently lets out a high-pitched scream in response to scary or disturbing things.
    • In "Bart of Darkness", a house-ridden Bart becomes convinced that Ned Flanders had murdered his wife Maude. It turns out Ned accidentally over-watered Maude's favorite ficus while she was away at a Bible retreat, and the high-pitched scream of horror Bart originally heard was actually caused by Ned discovering the dead houseplant.
  • The Human Torch does this constantly in Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes. As does H.E.R.B.I.E.
  • Spongebob Squarepants:
    • SpongeBob usually screams like this in the early seasons. Curiously downplayed in the later seasons and entirely absent around the beginning of season 5 onwards.
    • Squidward too. However, he screams like this more often later on.
  • Mr. Turner from The Fairly OddParents! is prone to this trope, as his girly screams are provided by Tara Strong, who also voices his son, Timmy. Lampshaded by his own wife, no less.
  • Johnny Bravo does this a lot in seasons two and three. (He also has a distinctive guttural yell of fear — it's funnier than it might sound.) In the Spanish dub, he does even more often.
  • The Ren & Stimpy Show:
    • Occasionally a character would scream like this (one famous example is used as the page image here). Depending on the situation, they would either have Billy West or John Kricfalusi do it themselves, or dub in an inappropriate female Stock Scream. Lampshaded once, where Stimpy actually says "Scream like a girl!" while doing so.
    • Stimpy can pull off a very good one in the German dub. If there was a "pitch human speech was never meant to reach", this would be it.
  • On The Venture Bros., Dean Venture screams like a girl in the episode "Love Bheits", prompting a eunuch to quip "I'm fixed, what's your excuse?"
  • Duckman's scream has, on a few occasions, sounded exactly like a little girl.
  • In the Rocko's Modern Life episode "Nothing to Sneeze At", Ed Bighead does this after seeing his wife swelled up with green glob.
  • Adventure Time:
    • The earl of Lemongrab doesn't scream like a little girl so much as he screams like a schizophrenic woman on her menstrual cycle. Okay... He screams like that pretty often, due to his high, uber-puberty voice.
    • Finn also screams that way when he's startled. Like in the episode "Burning Low" when he's about to leave the Tree Fort to see Flame Princess, only to see Princess Bubblegum at the door.
    • In "Evicted!", this occurs to Jake after their window opens suddenly.
      Finn: It was just the wind, scaredy cat.
      Jake: I wasn't scared! I was singing! I was singing my "scream song". WAOH...WEAOH...WEAAAAOOOAH.
      Finn: You're a total wuss, man.
  • When Disney took over Doug, it became rather obvious that Roger Klotz now had someone else providing his voice whenever he screamed in terror. While (in the Nick series) the title character didn't scream like a little girl, he sure did have a high-pitched scream!
  • Transformers Animated
    • When a massive stack of metal falls on him in the episode "Autoboot Camp", Sentinel Prime screams like a little girl.
    • So does Grandus, when he encounters the "scary organic" Captain Fanzone in "This is Why I Hate Machines". For some perspective on that last bit, Grandus transforms into what looks like one of those vehicles they use to carry the space shuttle around, and is the Autobot equivalent of a sumo wrestler.
    • Skywarp does this when he sees that Prowl has caught up to him after attempting to escape him and Lockdown.
    • Soundwave in the original cartoon. Given that he's supposed to be a cold, heartless Decepticon, it's surprisingly hilarious.
    • In the Transformers: Prime episode "Scrapheap", Bulkhead lets one out when the lights go out, and Miko makes fun of him. Miko then lets one out when she freaks out over a spider. She IS a little girl though, so it's okay for her.
    • Almost any incarnation of Starscream, especially when confronted with something painful.
  • Neil, of Class of the Titans. Very bad for his image.
  • Space Ghost Coast to Coast: Space Ghost took this one step further. The body snatcher pods arrived, and he screamed once. Trying to leave the building, he finds it's been covered by the monster from The Blob (1958); another scream. Then, he flies back into the studio and babbles incoherently in a little girl's voice before clearing his throat.
  • Futurama
    • The Robot Devil.
    • Bender does this when Roberto tries to stab him in "Insane in the Mainframe". Bender also screamed in Leela's voice while under the influence of the emotion chip in "I Second That Emotion", when El Chupanibra was about to eat Nibbler.
    • Fry did this a lot, especially in the episode, "Roswell That Ends Well", when, after traveling through time, ending up in Roswell, New Mexico, he sleeps with his grandmother, and inadvertently becomes his own grandfather.
    • The Professor also let out a high pitched, and rather long scream in "Bender's Game" when the Planet Express crew discover the Nibblonians being held captive at Mom's headquarters.
  • Xiaolin Showdown
    • Jack Spicer panics and screams like this very frequently, especially everytime someone is out for his blood.
    • Dojo also does this in one of the earlier episodes.
  • Michelangelo in the 2003 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon does a pretty good girly scream when he's freaked. Donatello sometimes panics too. Example of Mikey's manly screaming.
  • In the South Park episode "Preschool", Cartman screams like this after being threatened by a bully that had just been released from juvie and had a score to settle with the boys.
  • Drawn Together does this a few times. Captain Hero: "I said I'm on the phone!" Also the driver of the Satanmobile: "You just killed the one-legged man!" ... "Stop this truck right now!"
  • Nick Dean in The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius does this when he encounters Poultra.
  • Blitz from Road Rovers is known for this.
  • Courage the Cowardly Dog is known to indulge in this from time to time, for example in the episode "Son of the Chicken From Outer Space" (5:45 in this clip).
  • Dexter of Dexter's Laboratory screams like a little girl when also dressed like one.
  • Toad of X-Men: Evolution has a high-pitched girly scream.
  • Cyborg of Teen Titans. Come to think of it, pretty much all the guys on that show do this, but his is definitely the most girly.
  • Subverted in Megas XLR.
    Coop: Jamie, quit screaming like a little girl!
    Jamie: It's not me, dude, it's him. (points to driving instructor, who screams again)
    Coop: Oh. You, quit screaming like Jamie!
  • Odd Della Robbia, a few times in Code Lyoko. Notably at the end of episode "Guided Missile". Ironic since he's dubbed by a male voice actor, unlike other young boys in the series who have Cross-Dressing Voices.
  • The Powerpuff Girls:
    • The Mayor does this for several seconds in an early episode.
    • Mojo Jojo also does this in "Meet the Beat-Alls" when he discovers Moko Jono's true identity.
  • ReBoot: Bob, Dot, Enzo and Mike the TV get trapped in a Dungeons & Dragons type game and come across a giant spider. Cue high-pitched scream. Bob looks at Enzo. Enzo looks at Dot. Dot shrugs and points at Mike (the source of the scream).
  • Ben 10: Alien Force After Ben sees a television advertisement for Sumo Slammers the motion picture, he does this in a very fan-girly way.
  • King of the Hill
    • Bobby Hill. Including the time when Hank told him not to scream like a girl when he got him in a rose contest. Bobby still does it.
    • Inverted for Hank, who has an impressively masculine scream ("BWAAAAHHHH!") that's plenty funny on its own.
  • In The Weekenders, Tino making these was something of a running gag (a trait he inherited from his father). One episode even has him worried he's too effeminate (becoming Tina in an Imagine Spot).
  • Often done by Sid on Hey Arnold!, usually to something no one else considers frightening.
    • Who can forget Eugene? This happens occasionally, usually whenever something bad's about to happen to him.
  • Jackie Chan Adventures: Wesley Rank lets one out when he sees a giant snake.
    Rank's Camera Man: Rank may not know how to treat little girls, but he sure knows how to scream like one!
    • A young Valmont lets one out in the episode "Through the Rabbit Hole".
  • General Skarr from The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy as part of being the world's Butt-Monkey, most notably in one episode where he is caught on fire by Grim's scythe in his vain attempts to prevent Billy from destroying his beloved garden, where he continues to screech until Grim puts the fire out by stomping on him... poor guy never catches a break.
    • Billy is also capable of screaming like a girl, especially when around bugs.
  • Mr. Bogus often screams this way, most of the time.
  • Stu Pickles also has a rather girlish-sounding scream on Rugrats (making chocolate pudding at 4 AM, anyone?).
  • Many male characters in Total Drama tend to scream like this.
  • In Garfield's Halloween Adventure, Garfield and Odie both scream like this during the song "Scaredy Cat", whenever they come across a trick-or-treater who is not what it appears to be. This doubles as Hypocritical Humor, because just before making the discovery, Garfield continuously sings that he may be a lot of things, "but the one thing I'm not is a scaredy cat."
  • Kowalski in The Penguins of Madagascar. Does it best in the German dub, given that the same voice actor also does Stimpy.
  • In Earthworm Jim, the title character does this often. He is voiced by Dan Castellaneta, and the scream is exactly the same one used for Homer.
  • Chuck from Motorcity has made this into an art form. There isn't one episode in the entire series he doesn't scream. Other characters comment on it, too.
    Kaia: Is everyone okay? I thought I heard a lady screaming.
  • In the 3-2-1 Penguins! episode "Lazy Daze", Captain Zidgel screams a scream identical to Michelle's scream when giant ants ruin a picnic.
    • He does this again in "Oh, Mercy" when Cavitus attempts to fire a marshmallow blast at him.
  • Stumpy from Kaeloo sounds just like a girl when he screams. It's even more noticeable in the French dub.
  • Hank from Hotel Transylvania: The Series.
  • Nate from Da Boom Crew
  • Snively from Sonic Sat AM has several comical traits: a nasal voice tone, a goofy appearance, and when he is on the receiving end of abuse from his uncle Robotnik, a high-pitched scream.
  • Dr. Eggman occasionally does this in Sonic Boom.
  • Gary Goodspeed from Final Space does this on a few occasions.
  • Finn from Storm Hawks, who has a girlier scream than Piper.
  • Jack from Hidden Side screams like this when a gloomed Parker tries to attack him and Douglas.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:
    • Bulk Biceps, the manliest and bulkiest pony ever, naturally screams like this for comedy effect. He lets out a very high-pitched scream in "A Rockhoof and a Hard Place", when Rockhoof tries giving him a massage. He also Screams at Squick in "Rainbow Falls".
    • "Castle Mane-ia": Applejack and Rainbow Dash let out high-pitched shrieks when they first lay eyes on the Pony of Shadows, distinct from their usual deep and raspy screams, respectively.
    • "Princess Spike": Spike lets out a really shrill scream when Twilight suddenly wakes up.
    • "Stranger Than Fan Fiction": Toward the end, one of Caballeron's henchponies lets out a really girly shriek when the Cipactli gets the drop on them.
  • The 7D has a few examples:
    • Bashful has a high voice, so his scream is even higher.
    • Grumpy does this in "The Littlest Giants" when he sees the mechanical giant.
    • Lord Starchbottom does this frequently.
  • George Beard has a habit of doing this every now and then in The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants.
  • In The Crumpets pilot, Bother's scream sounds more like a little girl than his twin sister Blister.


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