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With a series as long as Death Battle and bringing in many memetic series into the fights, the show itself would have a lot of memes.

  • Wiz's proclamation of Gaara's sand being "still sand" and nothing out of the ordinary has spawned a large array of "X is still X" jokes on the Screwattack forums... mostly taking the piss out of the meme's origin.
  • "Hoo boy, here comes the rage from the "X" fanboys!" said by Boomstick in Kratos vs. Spawn has since then become a widely used statement across both YouTube comments and the Screwattack forums.
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  • For some reason, Tifa's death just seemed to get a lot more attention, with many people taking fanart of her death and pasting on a Boomstick-style pun.
  • The reasoning for Superman's victories, "No Limits", is almost always brought up during a debate of him and his opponent, usually with a lot of snark among the fans.
  • "Pillars" has become an inside joke of mockery, pillar related feats are strangely used for a lot characters who, by the Versus Community majority and research team, should not have won, examples being Link, Yang, and Ganondorf. This has lead to the joke that pillars are god-tier feats.
    • Subverted for Ragna. He was shown in his analysis tanking a punch through SEVERAL pillars... and still lost.
    • A sub-meme from the pillar feats is "You tanked a/an X? Yeah well I TANKED A PILLAR!"
  • "Super Lava" from Bowser vs. Ganondorf has quickly become a great mockery-related meme, as the de facto example for downplaying and contradiction in Death Battle.note 
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  • Death Battle is biased against X! Both used genuinely by fans of franchises with a bad track record and sarcastically by those who make fun of people who say Death Battle just prefers whoever wins their fight.
  • "SOUL CRUSHING RESEARCH" has become one after viewers began to take note of Ben's constant use of this phrase... though as with most memes listed here, it's typically used to snark at the show, given how badly they mess up sometimes.
  • Despite the controversy of the scene, Tai punching and then kicking Red is also a minor meme. Unbiased or non-raging fans even declare the scene to be absolutely funny.
  • Mewtwo vs Shadow has generated many spoon related memes. Explanation 
  • "The point of impact is never directly shown" flared up very quickly after Tracer vs. Scout as a sarcastic response to any character surviving an explosion, no matter how blatant the displayed feat is.
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  • "The Soldier can't actually rocket jump" is a semi-common sarcastic response in the TF2 community to Tracer vs. Scout after the hosts argue that the BLU team get killed easily by a single rocket, so the RED team must be the exact same and Soldier can't really rocket jump... and his rocket jump in "Meet The Soldier" wasn't directly shown.
  • "Watch the episode better" or some variation is often used by Ben Singer as his retort to those questioning/countering his verdict, first appearing in his (now defunct) account. As to be expected, the community picked up on this quickly. And even more to be expected, it's yet another mockery meme.
  • "If you had an X that could beat Y, would you even want him?" from Boomstick at the end of Goku vs. Superman 2. Usually in response to stomp battles or battles that are jokingly labeled as a stomp. The most common retort to this common post is either a continuation of the quote from the episode, a bastardization of said continued quote, or a Blunt "Yes".
  • For a while, Amy Rose vs Plank became quite the meme. Explanation 
  • After one of Metal Sonic's attacks (V. Maximum Overdrive) was shown to involve blasting forward at high speeds, people immediately compared it to another meme from Spongebob Squarepants courtesy of Plankton stealing a Krabby Patty. It only got more popular when the outcome of the fight was shown:
    Metal Sonic: "You'll never beat me, Zero! Not if I shift into... V. MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE!" (slice) "...I knew I should have gotten the turbo."
  • SPOILER: The [Insert similarity between the fighters here] wins. Explanation 
  • The fight's inaccurate. [Insert Character here] didn't say [Insert Catchphrase here]!/ Where was all the [Insert meme here]? Explanation 
  • Raven vs. Twilight Sparkle's a pretty strong matchup. Explanation 
  • The bizarre split-second in Sora vs. Pit where Sora get cartoonishly punched in the face by Pit's Upperdash Arm. Some people thought it looked wrong and out of place, while other people thought it was the was one of the funniest moments in Death Battle.
  • Pretty much anything related to Doctor Fate regarding pizza thanks to the dub over they did for the Doctor Strange vs Doctor Fate preview.
  • Ryu vs Jin is canon to RWBY. Explanation 
  • Yang's got the Satsui No Hado. Explanation 
  • SO LONG, GAY HEDGEHOG! Explanation 
  • This shot from the Mega Man Battle Royale has been used as a meme similar to Abbacchio joins in the beatdown, or mocking the cancellation of Mega Man Legends 3. Note 
  • "Ew! I stepped in loser!" Explanation 
  • Scissors Explanation 
  • This shot of Weiss was pretty funny, but others have taken the liberty to edit it into... NSFW variations.

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