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Since Death Battle often uses characters from series that are still ongoing, it's all but inevitable that, as time goes on, various details and events depicted in Death Battle become Hilarious in Hindsight. Showrunner Ben Singer refers to occasions where this happens mere days, weeks, or months, after an episode is announced or aired as the "Death Battle Curse". Considering that this subpage exists, you could say it happens a lot.


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    Season 1 
  • Zitz vs. Leonardo isn't the last time a turtle and a toad goes up against each other on the show. Nor is it the last time the turtle wins. Ironically, the fighting styles of the combatants using these motifs are reversed that time around, with the toad being a ninja while the turtle has a more direct combat style.
  • Kratos vs. Spawn became this after the two appeared as a Guest Fighter in different entries of the same franchise, not just once, but twice.
  • In Vegeta vs Shadow, when Shadow goes Super, Vegeta remarks "Wow. What a ripoff." Cut to Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’, which sees Frieza returning with a new Golden Super Mode. Prophetic, no?
  • Certain remarks in Mario vs. Sonic (2011) are worth a chuckle now that both characters had a rematch in 2018, such as Wiz's claims that their rivalry would "meet a decisive end".
  • Luke Skywalker vs. Harry Potter: Just like with Goku vs. Superman and Robocop vs. Terminator, Luke and Harry would have a rematch in rap battle form.
  • Starscream vs. Rainbow Dash
  • Eggman vs. Wily, ever since their franchises had a crossover.
  • One of the most common complaints about the Peach vs. Zelda fight was that Zelda never transformed into Sheik during the fight. Come Super Smash Bros. 4, nearly two years later, Sheik became her own character instead of being part of Zelda's moveset, meaning that Zelda literally can't turn into Sheik mid-fight anymore. Of course, whether this is Hilarious in Hindsight or Harsher in Hindsight depends on whether you're fond of the announcement or not.
  • Link vs. Cloud:
    • One complaint regarding the battle was how Link was able to throw several bombs at once, when previous incarnations have shown him capable of only using one at a time. Come Hyrule Warriors, now Link can spam his bombs well after Death Battle depicted him doing so! (Despite the fact that Eiji Aonuma stated that the game is non-canon.)
    • Here's one that came out of nowhere: Whether or not you agreed with the outcome, as of Smash 4, you can now settle it in SMASH! For an extra bit of hilarity, based on Smash 4 tier-lists, Cloud beats Link, the opposite result of their clash in Death Battle.
  • Batman vs. Spider-Man:
    • After the fight, Boomstick comments "And all of Wayne's money, and the commissioner's men, couldn't put Batman together again." Batman is one of the very few Death Battle losers to come back for another match, let alone two.
    • The episode became this when it was announced that Batman alumni Michael Keaton had been cast as Vulture in Spider-Man: Homecoming.
  • Pikachu vs. Blanka:
    • Neither of the fighters once paralyzed each other, either through electrical discharge or through Pikachu's Static ability. The match was made before Gen VI, where Electric-type Pokemon became immune to paralysis.
    • Six years later, Blanka would appear as an enemy spirit in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's World of Light mode, and it's possible to fight him as Pikachu at that point. What's even better? Blanka (as Donkey Kong) has the Screw Attack item equipped.
  • Goku vs. Superman:
    • When discussing Superman's strengths and weaknesses, it's stated that "even the buildings in Metropolis are more valuable to him than his own life". One of the main complaints of Man of Steel was the amount of damage to the city... which, in turn, became a major plot point in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.
    • After the fight ends, Boomstick happily exclaims "It's over! It's finally over! We never have to hear about it again!" Cue the fan outcry, meaning the episode ultimately did little to even slow down this debate. Then there was a rematch; the first ever Death Battle rematch. Suffice to say, it wasn't over after all. This would go on to become a running gag in the show itself, with Deadpool insulting the hosts about it in Deadpool vs. Deathstroke and Ben Singer, the voice of Wiz, getting visited by a living Goku toy in the ad break in Kirby vs. Majin Buu, in addition to this spin-off video.
    • To win the Beam-O-War between his Kamehameha and Superman's Eye Beams, Goku combines the Kaio-ken with his Super Saiyan 4. Cue Dragon Ball Super, where Goku actually does just that with his Super Saiyan Blue while fighting Hit.
    • Also in Dragon Ball Super, Goku ends up fighting Jiren, a Superman Substitute. The result: Goku wins, but only by himself and Frieza pulling a Heroic Sacrifice to Ring Out Jiren, despite Jiren being far stronger than Goku.

    Season 2 
  • Death Battle previews for the He-Man and Lion-O fight seemed to imply that Lion-O's ability to control cats would be used on Battle Cat, which had some fans complaining that Death Battle was essentially breaking its own rules to give Lion-O an advantage in their fight. Needless to say, the battle itself made quick work of that little issue.
  • Ivy vs. Orchid came out only a few days before Double Helix revealed a sneak peak that Orchid would be in Killer Instinct for Xbox One.
  • In Fox McCloud vs. Bucky O'Hare, Wiz describes the latter's nemeses of the Toad Empire as "amphibian Nazis... if Hitler was Skynet." The episode that comes after? The Terminator vs. Robocop.
  • Much like Goku and Superman, Robocop and Terminator had a rap-based rematch.
  • Didn't like the outcome of Terminator vs. Robocop? Now they can have a rematch in Mortal Kombat!
  • Mario vs. Sonic came before dedicated animators started animating. As a result, Luigi and Tails's fight is far more visually spectacular.
  • Kanto Starter Battle Royale:
    • Though "hilarious" might not be the right word for either episode, Blanka biting Pikachu's head off was later attempted by Charizard to Blastoise. Charizard's attempt failed, and he lost his wings (and life) as a result.
    • Nearly three years after the episode aired, Pokémon Sun and Moon, the first all-new generation after that Death Battle, added a Battle Royale feature for the first time in series history.
  • Fulgore vs. Sektor:
    • After the episode's conclusion, Godzilla was announced as one of the two combatants for the next episode. This becomes even more amusing in that not only did the fight come out the same day as the Godzilla (2014), but in said film, Godzilla kills the bigger Muto in a rather Mortal Kombat-esque way.
    • The fight ends ends with Fulgore blowing Sektor to pieces with a Devastation Beam, prompting Boomstick to quip that the "Devastation Beam lives up to its name." Almost three years later, the Devastation Beam played a key role in Fulgore's Ultimate Combo in the 2013 Killer Instinct game, which gave it the power to utterly vaporize its victim, making it even more lethal than depicted. Boomstick would be proud.
  • Around the same time the show started, The Spoony One made his own Deadliest Warrior-type show known as Deadliest Character, which was only one episode due to the fact that Death Battle was more popularnote . The only episode was MechaGodzilla vs. The Megazord with James Rolfe even helping with the MechaGodzilla section. At SGC's Death Battle Panel and Godzilla vs. Gamera premiere, not only did they state that James Rolfe helped them with this fight, but one of the characters they previewed to be later in another fight was Tommy Oliver from Power Rangers, with his own Zord. Ironically, in the Deadliest Character, Mecha Godzilla lost to the Power Rangers; in Death Battle, Godzilla won his match while Tommy, piloting the Tigerzord and eventually the Mega Tigerzord, lost his.
  • Kirby vs. Majin Buu:
    • Kirby channeling Ryu during the battle is even funnier now that Ryu himself is a playable character in Smash Bros. 4.
    • Even more so, Kirby defeated Buu despite being considered the underdog of the fight. Then the "World of Light" trailer for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate shows Kirby surviving the annihilation of the Smash world while deities like Palutena and Rosalina or god-slayers like Shulk and Bayonetta weren't as fortunate.
  • Gaara vs. Toph:
    • During Magfest, the hosts outright stated that Naruto would be a series that wouldn't be featured in Death Battle until it ended. True to their word, Gaara vs. Toph was revealed to be in production shortly after Naruto's Grand Finale aired.
    • The memetic "Bending Options" statement spawned from Gaara vs. Toph has become this after the release of Gaara Hiden: A Sandstorm Mirage, in which Gaara now canonically has the "Magnet Release Kekki Genkai", which, to make a long story short, basically makes Gaara a metalbender, airbender, and advanced firebender (lightning) as well now. The irony is that Death Battle made a point of using Gaara only after Naruto ended, but barely any time had passed after the episode when new work featuring Gaara was being released, contradicting their research and justifying what they were afraid would happen in the first place.
  • Haloid had Samus fight Nicole, the Dead or Alive Guest Fighter who's a Spartan similar to Master Chief. The pilot episode of Death Battle had Samus battle Boba Fett, Master Chief's return in DBX pitted him against Boba's father, Jango, and to bring things full circle, Samus eventually faced off against Master Chief himself in DBX.
  • The Nostalgia Critic would later review Segata Sanshiro's commercials, and he even made a comparison between him and Chuck Norris.
  • Solid Snake vs. Sam Fisher:
    • We saw Vegeta take on Shadow (and win) in the first season. Now in the second season, we have Vegeta's English dub voice actor Christopher Sabat participating in a Death Battle as Solid Snake, who also wins.
    • At one point, Ben joked that a Death Battle with Solid Snake would be easy to animate, with only a few gunshots in a dark room. In the episode proper, not so much.
  • Epic Rap Battles of History has pitted Darth Vader against the infamous European dictator Adolf Hitler three times, each with him emerging victorious. After that, Death Battle saw Vader facing off against another European dictator, Dr. Doom. From the looks of it, Hitler will be quite pleased with Doom for dispatching his archrival.
  • Goku vs. Superman 2:
  • In the Yang vs. Tifa battle, when Wiz mentions that Yang's team, Team RWBY, is lead by her sister Ruby, Boomstick sarcastically replies "Yeah, like that isn't confusing". In Volume 3, Episode 1, Ruby says the same exact thing when conversing at her mother's grave.
  • There's another similar series called Fatal Fiction which does the same thing as Death Battle. Fatal Fiction released their Mega Man vs Astro Boy episode before Death Battle released theirs, and concluded that Mega Man would win. In Death Battle, Astro Boy wins instead, in part because the show uses a composite Astro Boy rather than simply using one incarnation like Fatal Fiction did.
  • Fatal Fiction has an episode of Pikachu vs Agumon, concluding Pikachu wins because he has resisted flame attacks before, unlike Agumon with electric attacks, and is faster. Another part of the conclusion states that Greymon, and its further digivolutions, will be more than enough to stomp Pikachu. Considering what WarGreymon did to Mega Charizard X here, it's definitely proven to be correct.
    • Later on, Charizard (Though Red himself never canonically used it) would acquire access to a brand new ability, Gigantamax, in Pokémon Sword and Shield.
    • About 5 years after the Death Battle released, the Digimon film Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna would release, and in it, Tai and Agumon obtain a new, WAY MORE powerful friendship-powered formnote  , Agumon -Bond of Courage-. To say the gap between Digimon and Pokemon has widened is an understatement.
    • Meanwhile, in Digimon Adventure: (2020), the Tai of that continuity would manage to unlock more forms for Agumon, specifically BlitzGreymon, an alternative Mega form, which is capable of using electrical and plasma based attacks. While these attacks would likely be weakened due to Mega Charizard X's Dragon typing, it would definitely have allowed for Tai and Agumon to easily take down Charizard due to its weakness to electrical attacks.

    Season 3 
  • Dante vs. Bayonetta:
    • On December 15th, 2015 Death Battle announced that the premier episode of Season 3 would involve Bayonetta fighting an unknown opponent (later revealed to be Dante). This was announced on the exact same day that Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U had announced that Bayonetta would be featured as their very last Guest Fighter. As Death Battles have to be planned weeks, if not months, in advance, there was absolutely no possible way the creators could have known about Bayonetta's Smash reveal before making the announcement.
    • The episode was almost the second time the characters would have met. After Bayonetta's announcement for a Death Battle, but before her opponent was revealed, Hideki Kamiya revealed that he had been approached about Bayonetta appearing in Project X Zone 2, alongside Dante.
  • Flash vs. Quicksilver:
  • The Take That! video against Silvermania had Mewtwo facing Vegeta. Not too long after that, Mewtwo faced Vegeta's opponent, Shadow, in an actual Death Battle. Even funnier, the result of the latter fight means that Mewtwo and Vegeta both stomped same opponent in less than three minutes individually. This has led a small subset of people to imagine Mewtwo and Vegeta celebrating over their both of them killing Shadow and wiping out Silvermania.
  • Tracer vs. Scout:
  • Just like with Link vs. Cloud before it, Ken vs. Terry can be recreated in Super Smash Bros. with the arrival of both fighters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Even funnier is that, unlike Link vs. Cloud, both Ken and Terry are third-party characters who were introduced to Smash after their fight, making the prospect even more unlikely back when the episode aired. Terry was especially a surprise since, unlike Ken, he was part of the Fighter's Pass DLC, meaning until he was announced, no one expected his appearance.
  • Zoro vs. Erza has Zoro's feat of slicing Pica's mountain-size stone golem form in half with a single strike as one of the main reasons he wins, since it's a level of strength Erza hasn't shown a comparable feat to. Some time after the battle concluded, Fairy Tail had Erza slice a giant meteor into thousands of pieces with one strike from her sword, while only having the use of one arm at the time and all her other bones broken.
  • At the end of Deadpool vs. Pinkie Pie, Deadpool crashes the Death Battle Cast podcast and it seems that he's about to kill Ben and Chad before it becomes a Bait-and-Switch. The Marvel TL;DR of Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe has him pull this off with the show.

    Season 4 
  • Lara Croft vs. Nathan Drake was originally an episode of Super Power Beat Down.
  • Scrooge McDuck vs. Shovel Knight:
    • The outcome of the episode, with Scrooge winning, became this as literally a day after the battle, a trailer for DuckTales (2017) surfaced on the internet.
    • And then again just a short two weeks after the fight, when it was announced that a collection of Disney NES games, including the two Ducktales games that heavily influenced the creation of Shovel Knight, would be given a remaster and rerelease as the "Disney Afternoon Collection".
  • Venom vs. Bane:
    • The episode was well-timed, considering that Eddie Brock (the most famous host and the one depicted in the episode) would be rejoining the symbiote soon.
    • A couple of months after the episode's release, it was announced that Tom Hardy, who portrayed Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, had been cast as Eddie in Venom (2018).
  • Overlaps with Harsher in Hindsight because holy moly, that death was gross: In 1 Minute Melee's version of Natsu vs. Ace, Ace beats Natsu by overloading him with fire and making him burst like a balloon. A pretty silly and clean death, all things considered. Death Battle's version of the fight, on the other hand, has Natsu turn Ace into nothing but ash, which we see in excruciating detail. The difference between those two endings couldn't be any more different, on more than one level.
  • Metal Sonic vs. Zero:
    • In 1 Minute Melee, Meta Knight was very Out Of Character and on the receiving end of a horrific Curb-Stomp Battle against Zero. In DBX, not only is he in-character for the most part, he's also on the giving end of an even more one-sided Curb-Stomp Battle against Link!
    • In his canon, Zero's been known to fight against several evil animal robots. His opponent being Metal Sonic, who's an evil animal robot, makes this matchup all the more hilariously coincidental. And like the aftermath of his battles against evil animal robots, he achieves victory.
    • One of the Never Live It Down things that Zero is known for in the fandom is dying (and being resurrected). Which makes it all the more hilarious when in Death Battle, DBX, and One Minute Melee, he survives every one of his opponents, who end up killed — at least until Noctis showed up, anyway.
    • The episode made use of Johnny Yong Bosch's voice clips for Zero throughout the fight. Naruto vs. Ichigo, on the other hand, used a voice actor for Ichigo... who does an uncanny impression of JYB's voice, is credited as Adam Park, and has a link to the Wikipedia article on frogs instead of a Twitter profile.
    • Prototype Zero being able to shrug off everything or simply parry everything that Mega Man throws at him in Mega Man Unlimited becomes this after you see this episode. He's estimated to be tough enough to survive the explosive force of an impact similar to the meteor that killed the dinosaurs.
  • Balrog vs. TJ Combo was released a week before the hyped mega-fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor, which the former won using counter-punching and outboxing, similar to how TJ defeats Balrog.
  • Wonder Woman's actress, Gal Gadot, went on record saying that she believed Diana could best Thor in a fight, around the same time her movie came out. Chris Hemsworth, Thor's actor, would later agree with her. Months later, both were announced as combatants against each other. Turns out they were right on the money.
  • Naruto vs. Ichigo:
    • Ichigo was originally supposed to fight Yusuke Urameshi, but was ultimately pitted against Naruto. Later on in Season 6, Hiei, deemed to be Yusuke's equal, proved to be superior to Sasuke, who was on the same level as Naruto, who Ichigo was no match for. Which means that as badly beaten as Ichigo was, he escaped a much worse fight.
    • The link to Ichigo's VA in the fight is instead directed to the Wikipedia page about frogs. Jiraiya, the Toad Sage, happens to be the next Naruto character to appear in Death Battle.
  • Vergil vs. Sephiroth:
    • The match was announced not long after both concluded their rematch in One Minute Melee. With Vergil's win in the first battle and both fighting to a draw in the second, their third match (with proper research this time) decisively concludes the trilogy with Sephiroth's victory.
    • Devil May Cry 5 reveals that Vergil survived Dante... exploding him as noted in his rundown and actually became even stronger than was shown in the analysis.
    • The twist in Devil May Cry 5 that Big Bad Urizen and new hero character V are Vergil split into two beings becomes this as Sephiroth himself under went something similar in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.
    • Sephiroth's voice actor for the fight, Kamran Nikhad, later came back to voice Mario the following season. The most striking moment of Sephiroth's reveal trailer for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is of him seemingly impaling Mario.
    • The day Sephiroth was announced for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and the day Vergil is finally made available as DLC for Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition are in such close proximity to one another that it almost cannot be coincidence.

    Season 5 
  • Black Panther vs Batman has the battle take place at a zoo. At one point, the two fighters are attacked by various animals, one of them being a rhino that T'Challa makes quick work of. Surely enough, come Black Panther (2018), T'Challa is once again pitted against rhinos during the final battle with Killmonger's forces.
  • The outcome of Jotaro Kujo's appearance in the main Death Battle series and his DBX against Yu Narukami share many similarities: both fights have the eventual loser of the fight being the one who instigated it after a perceived slight, and both losers are reduced to a big bloody smear on the ground courtesy of a Time-Delayed Death immediately following Star Platinum's use of The World. Ironically, while it was Yu who was killed in the DBX episode, it's Jotaro who's reduced to paste in the official episode.
  • Less than three weeks after appearing in a battle against Frank West, Sony would announce that a remake of Leon Kennedy's debut game, Resident Evil 2, was in development. Not only that, but for added hilarity, the remake was released within a few days of yet another highly-anticipated title: Kingdom Hearts III. Both of their protagonists - Sora and Leon - not only appeared in back-to-back episodes but won both of them handily.
  • Samurai Jack won his Death Battle against Afro Samurai, and it won't be the last time we'll see Jack.
  • Only a few days before Carnage vs. Lucy came out, a movie about a slender killer with tentacles targeting teenage girls was released in theaters.
  • As Ben pointed out, a trailer for a new series based on Transformers: Generation 1 was released soon after Optimus Prime vs. Gundam had been announced.
  • Nightwing vs. Daredevil:
    • Nightwing has often been portrayed as having had a falling-out with Batman, which led to their split when he was still known as the first Robin. He'll have the chance to exact his revenge in a roundabout way: Ben Affleck, the most recent man to don the cowl of the Dark Knight at the time the episode aired, infamously played Daredevil - Nightwing's opponent - over a decade prior. Judging by the outcome, he got his revenge.
    • A few days before the episode was released on RoosterTeeth and a full week before the fight was released on YouTube, Batman #55 had Dick Grayson get shot in the head by a sniper and survive. Among other consequences, Dick abandoned his Nightwing persona and changed his first name to Ric - ironic, given Boomstick's jokes towards his name. Whether this is Hilarious or Harsher in Hindsight depends on personal interpretation.
  • Mario vs. Sonic 2:
    • Less than 24 hours after the episode was released worldwide, Nintendo released a new Halloween themed skin of Mario for Super Mario Odyssey as a zombie. Even though Mario didn't die this time around.
    • The art improvements mentioned under Luigi vs. Tails would come full circle with the release of Mario and Sonic's rematch, which was created by dedicated animators and featured truly fantastic visuals.
    • A year prior to the rematch, 1 Minute Melee did their own version of Mario vs. Sonic. Like the rematch, the fight begins because Sonic's cocky attitude gets on Mario's nerves (he criticizes Mario for constantly saving Peach and bragging he could do better). And like the rematch, Mario beats Sonic this time.
  • Roshi vs. Jiraiya: On October 12, a fan made fanart of Wiz and Boomstick using the Super Crown, and this went noticed by Ben and was shown on Death Battle Cast. During Jiraiya's preview (and his analysis in the episode proper) we actually see what a genderbent Wiz looks like with him using Sexy Jutsu.
  • Thanos vs. Darkseid:

    Season 6 
  • When Boomstick realizes the similarities between Aquaman and SpongeBob, he prepares to sing the SpongeBob theme song before being cut off by Wiz. "Aquaman vs. Namor" came a day after Super Bowl LIII infamously teased "Sweet Victory" for a few seconds before switching to "Sicko Mode".
  • A few months before the Mega Man Battle Royale, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate featured the four non-Classic Mega Men as unlockable Spirits. Comparing each Spirit's base Power stat (not factoring in other factors such as passive skills or Support slots) at maximum level from weakest to strongest (and in the case of X and Geo Stelar, being upgraded to their final form), the ordernote  is identical to the outcome of the fight: Mega Man Volnutt, Full Armour X, Star Force Mega Man, MegaMan.EXE.
  • After Thanos vs. Darkseid and Aquaman vs. Namor, Black Widow ended Marvel's streak of two losses. Guess whose solo movie was announced for the year after (before being delayed due to COVID-19)?
  • Captain Marvel vs. Shazam: Mere hours before the fight was announced at the end of the YouTube release of Black Widow vs. Widowmaker, Shazam star Zachary Levi stated that he didn't want to be pitted against the aforementioned Captain Marvelnote . It didn't take long for the DEATH BATTLE crew to hear about it.
  • Speaking of Ben 10 vs Green Lantern, fans who still don't like the way Ben was handled and killed will get some catharsis when Hal was just as brutally killed in Justice League: Apokolips War. Bonus points for the Paradooms holding onto his hand that had the ring, his primary weapon, to prevent him from attacking before killing him, exactly how he defeated Ben.
  • Weiss vs. Mitsuru:
    • If we're going by BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle tiers, it's no wonder that Mitsuru stomped Weiss. .
      • In their post-battle interactions in BBTAG, Weiss mentions how she pities whoever would be Mitsuru's opponent. Which becomes hilarious considering the outcome of the match.
    • Jello Apocalypse recently made a So This is Basically... episode based around RWBY. When he introduces Weiss, he says that her power is "To lose every battle she fights in." Come the episode, she takes another loss.
  • In the week after Ghost Rider vs Lobo, comedy advice podcast My Brother, My Brother and Me answered a Yahoo Answers question about who would win in a fight between Ghost Rider vs Everybody.
  • Another one that relates to Deadliest Character: the fight was supposed to be between the Megazord and Mechagodzilla, but the Dragonzord intruded on the fight as a way of making fun of Deadliest Warrior's questionable results. Thanks to Death Battle, Mechagodzilla has been given a chance to take revenge on the Dragonzord for ganging up on it. It did.
    • In Deadliest Character, the Dragonzord in Fighting Mode finishes off Mechagodzilla by impaling it with the Power Staff. This happens in Death Battle, except Mechagodzilla survives and takes advantage of it to perform its own Finishing Move.
  • Several fans have raised questions about the Power Rangers' potential to get a cheap win by having easy ways to take out the opposing pilots, usually by teleporting into their cockpit. In the Dragonzord's fight against Mechagodzilla, Tommy indeed takes out Akane by shooting her plane down... which only serves to make matters worse for him as Godzilla's soul takes over.
    • This also marks the second time Tommy shooting down his opponent's companion that enrages them into killing them too. Killing Noin accidentally is what drove Zechs to kill him first and shooting down Akane is what drove Mechagodzilla to go berserk and kill him.
  • The Dragonzord VS Mechagodzilla fight was released on September 4th on Youtube, by sheer coincidence, it was also the birthday of one Jason David Frank, who played Tommy in the original Power Rangers. Many tweeted Ben saying they really must have hated Power Rangers for the Dragonzord to lose on Jason's Birthday.
  • The live-action segment of Deadpool vs. Mask has Mask wearing a Kansas City Chiefs shirt. The Chiefs ended up winning that season's Super Bowl; Mask must've been manipulated the win for them.

    Season 7 
  • Static defeats Miles by overloading him with electricity and sending him to the sky. In Spider-Man: Miles Morales , this same exact scenario, albeit altered, happens in the ending, where Miles takes in a ton energy enough to destroy a place as big as Harlem and is forced to take it up a skyscraper before going to the skies with some assistance from a friend before exploding it all out in the air. Unlike in the Death Battle, Miles survives this.
  • Alejandro Saab returned to voice Jason and fought Leonardo, a sewer dweller. Ironically, Saab voiced a different type of sewer dweller earlier this year, being the voice of Yuri in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.
  • A common meme for War Machine is his "Sunday Best" from Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes. In a pure coincidence, the episode goes up for FIRST members on Sunday.
  • Goro vs. Machamp:
    • This episode had been done by other video creators over four years ago. The outcomes were the same, with Machamp winning. Machamp even won his fight with the thousand punch flurry shown in the former video.
    • As revealed in the Goro vs. Machamp Q&A, as soon as the team made plans for both Sindel and Goro to feature in Season 7, Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion’s Revenge had been announced.
    • This also isn't the first time a Nintendo character voiced by Kestin Howard kills a Mortal Kombat character by punching him so hard he explodes into Ludicrous Gibs. The first time was Season 6's Johnny Cage vs. Captain Falcon.
  • Cable vs. Booster Gold:
    • Following Deadpool, the X-Force entered Fortnite, which included Cable. As Ben pointed out, a few days before the fight came out.
    • The outcome of the fight is a bit funnier if you remember how Deadpool vs. Deathstroke, another Marvel vs. DC battle between a grizzled, no-nonsense fighter whose personality was similar to Cable's and a silly but highly effective antihero, ended. Turns out that there's a damn good reason to Beware the Silly Ones.
    • During Cable's preview and Booster's rundown, Boomstick references Back to the Future by mentioning the Grays Sports Almanac and making a pun about Michael J. Fox's name. Come episode 4 of spinoff series Death Race and the DeLorean became one of the racers and did time travel though thanks to the episode's rules of making sure the racers' pizzas stay intact alongside with the usual rule of racing to the finish, the car was disqualified despite being the first to cross the finish line.
  • Toonami used to have a bump where block host TOM took a weird potshot at American Dragon: Jake Long by saying Naruto could probably beat the titular character in a fight. Jake Long's fight with Danny Phantom was announced right after Obi-Wan vs. Kakashi, where Naruto's mentor ends up being cut down by the Jedi Master. Bonus points for Obi-Wan technically being a Disney character.
  • Shortly after Danny Phantom vs. Jake Long was announced, Butch Hartman tweeted the following: "Good luck to Jake Long because Danny won’t be the only one Goin’ Ghost!". Come the actual fight, and Jake ends up reduced to a ghost thanks to Danny vaporizing his body with a charged Ecto-blast.
    • The fight itself becomes this because of all the crossover fanworks between the two characters.
  • Aquaman's general Memetic Loser status (prior to Injustice: Gods Among Us and the DC Extended Universe) becomes this due to The Seven Battle Royale, where The Deep, an Aquaman Expy, proves to be the single worst performer in Death Battle history. The Deep has the shortest rundown in Death Battle history, which ends with Boomstick saying he sucks, with even his own teammate Black Noir nodding in agreement. Then A-Train kills The Deep in the opening seconds of the fight. Even Michelangelo, the previous record-holder for quickest death, outlasted The Deep.
  • The Winter Soldier isn't the first Marvel anti-hero to face the Red Hood in a live-action fight to the death. And he's not the first to kill him, either.
    • Speaking of Super Power Beat Down, Jason Todd's not the first former Robin to battle against the Winter Soldier. Though, he fails to kill Bucky where Dick succeeded.
    • Even funnier is that Death Battle's Winter Soldier is played by Tyler Tackett, who also played Daredevil two seasons earlier. Winter Soldier and Daredevil have both faced off against another former Robin, Nightwing, in Super Power Beat Down and Death Battle, respectively, and both have lost. Clearly, Death Battle's Winter Soldier has avenged both of them indirectly by defeating Red Hood.
  • Venom vs. Crona isn't the first time a Klyntar Symbiote faces against a pink-haired female-looking anime character, as Carnage vs. Lucy happened a few seasons before and also not the first time the Klyntar Symbiote loses thanks to their opponent using one of their known weaknesses (Heat from Lucy, Sound from Crona). The final words of both fights are "I hate you", with the key difference being that the loser of Carnage vs. Lucy says it as a "Facing the Bullets" One-Liner, while the winner of Venom vs. Crona says it as a Pre-Mortem One-Liner. Boomstick even lampshades it in the post-fight analysis, when speaking about Venom's defeat:
    Boomstick: Man, these symbiotes really need to stop picking fights with pink-haired anime characters!
  • On the topic of the above, Batgirl Vs Spider-Gwen isn't the first time a member of the Batfamily ended up dying at the hands of someone from the Spiderverse.
  • Rock Lee's voice actor in the show, Mark Phillips, is well known for his work in RDC World 1. In one of their most popular videos "When People Take Anime Too Far Part Two", he even imitated some of Lee's techniques.
  • Similarly to Captain Marvel, The Hulk is a Marvel character who dies twice, both from decapitation and by being blown up or vaporized, and loses to both DC and Dragon Ball.
    • Even funnier is that in Season 3, Hulk was killed by Doomsday, who is famous for having killed Superman, who killed Broly's fellow Saiyan Goku twice in Seasons 1 and 2. By killing Hulk, Broly's managed to outdo Goku himself.

    Season 8 
  • The very first matchup of the season is Yoda vs King Mickey. Both are characters that the team originally didn't want to put in Death Battle for various reasons.

  • DBX's Saitama vs. Kenshiro came out the same week as Toonami's airing of The Lone Cyborg. One of the villains Genos and Saitama fight in the episode is Armored Gorilla, voiced by Kaiji Tang. Genos shows up to fight Ken on Saitama's behalf in DBX, and Armored Gorilla is the only villain he beats by himself in the OPM episode.
  • In the Darth Vader vs. Magneto episode of DBX, a pinned-down Vader ends the fight by throwing his lightsaber into Magneto's head with the Force. Something similar happens in The Last Jedi, where Vader's grandson, Kylo Ren, ignites Rey's lightsaber (which used to be Anakin's) into the head of a Praetorian Guard, who sports a red helmet like Magneto, while said guard has him in a chokehold.
  • The DBX between Aigis and Noel happened a month before BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle was announced. Both combatants are playable in the game.
  • Ken's fight against Blaziken plays out eerily similarly to his reveal trailer in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate; easily besting his initial opponent, being challenged by a Fire-type starter Pokémon, and getting beaten by them.
  • Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite was released eight months after Iron Man vs. Mega Man X, and has both combatants playable.

    Misc. & Other content 
  • Wiz's annoyance with all the various fictional universes having metals stronger and lighter than titanium is hilarious thanks to creation of a "High-Entropy Alloy" that's both stronger than titanium and lighter than aluminum.
  • In a similar vein to Epic Rap Battles, JT Music has let several match-ups have either rematches or even matches before Death Battle itself.
  • In trailers leading up to the release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Mario, Mega Man, and Luigi bite it, the first two by Ridley and the last by Death. All three of them got killed in their respective Death Battles (or, in Mario's case, his first) too.
  • As of Johnny Cage vs. Captain Falcon, every time that two characters who are Moveset Clones or Echo Fighters of each other in Super Smash Bros. have both appeared in Death Battle, both fighters in the pair have shared the same outcome in their respective battles:note 
    • Mario and Luigi both lost their fights against Sonicnote  and Tails.
    • Ryu and Ken both lost their fights against Scorpion and Terry Bogard.
    • Ganondorf (as Ganon) and Captain Falcon both won their fights against Bowser and Johnny Cage.

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