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While the fight animations depicted in Death Battle are often visually impressive, especially from Season 3 onward, some fights look better than others. And when a show runs for as long as Death Battle has, the faults add up over time to a point where they need their own subpage.

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    Season 2 
  • The sprites of Fox McCloud were clearly not vectorized properly in Eric Marte's animation software, resulting in ugly streaks of grey either at the edges of his limbs and face, or surrounding the entire sprite.
  • Terminator vs Robocop:
    • During the fight's intro, when the viewers have a POV shot of both combatants scanning their opponent before the bullets start flying, there's a Blooper in the Terminator's POV where Robocop's brain is accidentally labelled as a human heart.
    • Some of the things on Robocop are occasionally Off-Model. Parts of his model were highlighted poorly in some shots (like when he and Terminator are on the rooftop) and any level of proper lip-syncing was either cut for time or just ignored. His usually small and pointy finger also looks a little Uncanny Valley-esque and ridiculous as well, not to mention his posture when holding his handgun has his elbow bent slightly backwards.
    • During the scene where the Terminator is slowly walking up to Robocop while blasting away at him with his shotgun, during one of the camera shots focusing on the Terminator, one of the buildings has textures that are clearly glitching out, while the building itself has a massive garage door clipping through it that's obviously not supposed to be there.
  • During the Battle Amongst the Flames that occurs during the Pokemon Battle Royale, the wall of flame is clearly made out of separate pieces, causing unevenness in the heights of the fire. A good example can be seen right before Blastoise starts pumping water into Charizard's mouth.
  • The water in Godzilla vs. Gamera looks off, having weird reflection properties. Godzilla's atomic breath and dorsal spines also look a little off.
  • Deadpool vs. Deathstroke: When Deadpool throws away Deathstroke's head, it can clearly be seen fading quickly as it rolls away.
  • In Hercule vs. Dan Hibiki, some of Dan's limbs vanish mid-flight after he explodes.
  • Guts vs. Nightmare uses sprites of Cinder for Inferno, even though though they don't really look alike.
  • Iron Man VS Lex Luthor
    • The lip flaps in this episode look off. Thankfully, we don't get too many close ups of them talking, but when we do, it's pretty bad.
    • In addition, there's a single frame after the Batmobile gets destroyed where we go into Tony's suit. Just before we see the animation, there's a really low quality shot of Tony's head in the suit that looks like it was for the basis of the animation.
    • The end shot shows Tony destroying Luthor's Warsuit, using the Proton Cannon... although it creates a weird contrast as the Cannon uses its old 2D sprites on top of Iron Man's 3D model. Granted, this was probably done for a reason.
  • Beast vs. Goliath:
    • The initial upload accidentally omitted some text from Goliath's analysis, and the "FIGHT!" animation and sound clip do not appear to start the battle between the two.
    • The sprites for Goliath come from the Gargoyles game from the Genesis, while Beast uses a more detailed set inspired from the Marvel vs. Capcom games, creating an obvious artstyle clash.
  • Solid Snake Vs Sam Fisher:
    • When Snake begins to use his Octocamo to turn himself invisible the 3D model vanishes in an odd way causing his eyes to be visible if you happen to be looking there. It's quite disturbing.
    • Additionally, although Fisher shoots and visibly destroys the computer holding the data early in his fight with Snake, it uses the undamaged model when he forces Snake to retreat with SMG fire.
    • When Sam says "Gotcha" after he retrieves the data for the last time, the background music quiets down to borderline silence. This is especially notable since the rest of the fight doesn't have such audio problems.
    • In addition, the blood on Snake's hand when he gets shot by Sam in the bathroom looks too bright and colorful for actual blood.
    • Grim's clothes and hair have a visible sheen, making both look a bit plasticky.
    • The sunset in the opening doesn't look like an actual sunset.
  • Darth Vader vs. Doctor Doom:
    • Darth Vader's sprite looks incredibly shoddy and cheap, particularly when compared to Doom's more detailed Marvel vs Capcom sprites.
    • There's also a part where there's an exit sign that is clearly inverted.
  • During some points in Goku vs Superman 2, Superman's S logo is clearly shown inverted.
  • The crowd in Hercule vs. Dan Hibiki is comprised out of random pixiliated shapes.

    Season 3 
  • Dante vs Bayonetta:
    • The Bayonetta doll Dante picks up at the beginning of the fight clearly clips through his hand.
    • Bayonetta's ruffles and Jean's hair suffer from obvious clipping problems.
    • When Dante catches a bullet in between his teeth, it's still in its casing.
  • The sprite used for Ganon in the Bowser vs. Ganondorf episode comes from A Link to the Past, clashing with the aesthetic of the rest of the episode.
  • The Flash's sprite in Flash vs. Quicksilver frequently switches between having blue eyes and green eyes between frames.
  • Joker vs Sweet Tooth:
    • Needles' flames look more like paper than fire.
    • Blink-and-you'll-miss-it example; The metal bar impaling Joker in the stomach is no longer visible (not even in the background) when Needles lifts him by his neck.
    • At the very end of the fight, as police arrive to figure out what just happened and arrest the victor, one of the cruisers clips through some potted plants with the top of the plants themselves jutting out from the hood of the car.
  • The arms for Carolina's model look really off. They hang incredibly low and her shoulders are so sunken into her torso that they look almost non-existent.
  • Hulk vs. Doomsday: When Hulk's headless body falls to the ground, it doesn't look like it's actually in the fight. It looks like it's moving in front of a green screen.

    Season 4 
  • If you look closely in Sub-Zero vs Glacius, when Glacius melts right hand and then presumably proceeds to melt Sub-Zero, Sub-Zero teleports behind Glacius and rips his spine out, however his Right hand is magically better while his left hand is gone.
  • Balrog vs. TJ Combo: Balrog has an unfortunate tendency to clip through his robes during a few shots, particularly his back. Luckily, he throws them off at the halfway mark when things kick into high-gear, removing the problem entirely.
  • Lara Croft Vs. Nathan Drake: Drake's hair suffers from bad lighting, making it look akin to expired sweetcorn.
  • Sephiroth vs. Vergil:
    • When Sephiroth stabs Vergil for the final time, he's using his wounded model where he's bleeding. Before and after this scene, Sephiroth is shown no worse for the wear thanks to having used a healing spell earlier.
    • The faux-slow-mo effect in the end is broken when Sephiroth's hand starts jittering erratically.

    Season 5 
  • In Batman vs. Black Panther, Batman's Batmobile changes from the 1989 movie version to the pre-Batman: No Man's Land version and back to the 1989 movie version.
  • Raven vs. Twilight Sparkle: Raven's soul self looks... weird, appearing to be a bird shaped black form made of very obvious crude drawing of black lines/filling.
  • Near the end of Ryu vs. Jin, the camera cuts to Jin getting up, but before his animation actually starts, leading to a couple of frames where he's awkwardly frozen in place.
  • Due to difficulties of animating it, Afro suddenly loses his headband for most of Samurai Jack vs. Afro Samurai, and suddenly regains it for a few shots.
  • Optimus Prime vs. Gundam has a few minor graphical oversights:
    • In the beginning of the fight animation, when Amuro enters the Autobot Ark by cutting through the exterior with the Beam Saber, a decal suddenly appears on the wall halfway through the cutting animation, which glitches through the beam and stays in the forefront, even staying in place for a brief moment as the screen whites out from the flash.
    • The Gundam's arm clips through its shoulder when dodging Optimus's axe. This wouldn't be as notable if it weren't shown in slow motion, making the error way more obvious.
    • At the very end of the fight, the Beam Saber inexplicably disappears after the Gundam explodes, despite clearly being impaled through Optimus's right arm in the shot preceding the explosion.
  • When Roshi vs. Jiraiya goes into slow-motion after Roshi uppercuts Jiraiya's Shadow Clone in the lead-up to the climax, Jiraiya's sprite has very obvious aliasing as the camera slowly zooms out, affecting not only his outline but several of the details on the sprite itself.

    Season 6 
  • When both combatants' bullets collide during the Sniper Duel portion of Black Widow vs. Widowmaker, the bullets are still in their casings. Word of God states that the error was caught late in development, but left in as a result of time restraints as well as being a way to show that Widowmaker's bullets were of a larger caliber.
  • At several moments in Ben 10 vs Green Lantern, Hal can be seen wearing two rings. Heatblast's hand drawn first appearance has the Omnitrix on the right side of his chest instead of in the center, and in a few frames, he completely lacks the Omnitrix.
  • At the end of Weiss vs. Mitsuru, Artemesia's whip appears to be suspended in the air for a few frames.
  • Johnny Cage vs. Captain Falcon:
    • When the action moves to the racetrack, with the fighters dueling on top of moving F-Zero machines, the sprites of the vehicles are clearly flipped in a few shots, with the decals (such as the vehicles' numbers, and the name of the Blood Hawk) being backwards as a result.
    • The barriers on the sides of the racetrack are misaligned in some of the pseudo-3D segments, resulting in some clipping and tiny, clearly unintentional gaps, particularly in the shot where both fighters engage in a Pummel Duel while the Blood Hawk navigates several wild curves.
    • Falcon’s lower legs in the last shot look oddly short and disproportionate to the rest of his body.
  • After Edward lost his automail arm, it shifts from left to right at certain points in the fight.
  • At the end of Dragonzord vs. Mechgodzilla, Kiryu's Absolute Zero Cannon ends up hitting the side of a cooling tower. In the next shot, however, the tower appears untouched.
  • Ganondorf vs. Dracula: When Dracula uses Demonic Megiddo on Ganon, the gems on Ganon's body and swords are unaffected by the attack's lighting.


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