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Given the fact that this page was created after one trailer, this definitely bodes well comedically.

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  • The official first trailer is introduced by Kevin Hart and Ed Helms. The two begin arguing about whether Captain Underpants really counts as a superhero, with Ed asserting that he absolutely counts.
  • The first trailer opens on George and Harold sitting in Mr. Krupp's office to be lectured... except Mr. Krupp is just sitting there, glaring at them in silence.
    Harold: Mm-hmm.
  • The trailer has a brief montage of some of the pranks George and Harold have pulled, capped by terrifying a teacher with a tiger. The tiger may be fake, but the teacher's (hilarious) scream of terror sure isn't. The boys are unrepentant.
    George: Some of those must have been really hard to pull off.
    Harold: Like that tiger?!
    George: Oh, that tiger was crazy!
    Mr. Krupp: (screams in frustration and bangs his head against his desk)
  • Mr. Krupp seems to be a little too invested in his plan to place George and Harold in separate classes.
    Mr. Krupp: I'M GOING TO ANNIHILATE YOUR FRIENDSHIP!! (laughs evily)
    • What makes this scene funnier? We can clearly see that they live right next to each other. It's not like they can't see each other whenever they want outside of school. This is basically totally pointless on Mr. Krupp's part.
  • Captain Underpants' first act as a "superhero" is to jump through a glass window (leaving a perfect Captain Underpants shaped hole through it) and get hit by a car. George seems very reluctant to put a stop to it.
    Driver: OUT OF THE ROAD, BOZO!
    Captain Underpants: Why, thank you, vehicle person! (jumps over a fence, followed by a crash and a cat yowl) Ow!
  • "I take to the sky, LIKE AN OSTRICH!!" The camera then zooms out to show the Captain riding up an elevator in a superman flying pose with two other people. Both people are pressed up against the elevator door to get as far away from him as they can, with the woman repeatedly hitting the open-door button.
    George: Wow. He is super dumb. (facepalms)
  • The Captain's attempt to fight a "giant monster" (really just a giant inflatable gorilla) goes as well as you might expect.
    Captain Underpants: (hanging on to the inflatable as it bounces up and down) I think I'm starting to tire him out!
    • Even funnier if you look closely, George and Harold continue to chase after and attempt to catch him with a crane!
  • The trailer's introduction to Professor Poopypants.
    Professor Poopypants: Hiya class! I'm your cool new teacher! Not some scary guy with a secret evil agenda!
  • Captain Underpants' confidence against Poopypants is backed up by what is probably the wrong source.
    Captain Underpants: (whispering to George and Harold) Guys! I totally got this! (double thumbs-up)
    Professor Poopypants: (also whispering to George and Harold) Yeah, totally, he's got it.
  • Harold's reaction to the action scene montage near the end of the first trailer.
    Harold: When it's cut all together like that, you really get a sense of the scope!
  • The final scene with the mime that Captain Underpants "sets free".
    Captain Underpants: Poor soul! You are trapped in some sort of invisible box-like prison!
    Harold: Is it OK that I'm kind of loving this?
    George: Yes and no.
    Captain Underpants: I will set you free! (punches the Mime with a honking sound effect, knocking him over)
    George and Harold: Oooooh!
    George: But mostly yes!
    Preview clips 
  • George and Harold discover how to change Captain Underpants back into Mr. Krupp (water on the head) and vice versa (snapping their fingers), then enjoy a good few seconds of doing both in rapid succession just to mess with him.
    George: (after doing it a few times) We should probably stop.
    Harold: Yeah, we probably should.
    (They continue)
    • At one point, they hand Krupp a phone and he angrily answers "Hello?!" then snap their fingers. Cue Captain Underpants answering the phone with a cheery "Well, hello!"
    • Mid-switch, they randomly throw water balloons at Krupp, who instinctively juggles them while wondering out loud how he knows how to do this. They snap their fingers afterwards, making him turn back and forth between Krupp and Captain with each balloon he drops.
  • George explaining Professor Poopypants' problem with himself, which was shown in a promo video where Ed Helms and Kevin Hart discussed the film with children:
    George: Your problem is that you can't laugh at yourself!
    Professor Poopypants: Oh really, Oprah?! Is that my problem?
    • What makes Professor Poopypants' line even funnier for some people is that when he says this line, he sounds a little like Gunter (not the penguin), another character Nick Kroll voiced.
  • From the "Resume" clip on 20th Century Fox's website:
    • While trying to find his resume in his case, Professor Poopypants pulls out a lit stick of dynamite (which explodes behind him as he tosses it away), a battle axe, and a medieval spiked mace.
    • If you read Professor Poopypants' resume closely, you'll see that his birthday is on April Fools' Day, he lives on 3.14 Smartypants Boulevard, and that he doesn't have a phone.
    • Poopypants' overall brutal honesty that he has no teaching experience and is very obviously a dodgy character, and the Captain's utter obliviousness.
    • Professor Poopypants' answer to Mr. Krupp asking him if he has ever babysat children before:
      Professor Poopypants: (while jumping onto Mr. Krupp's desk) I would never sit on a baby!
    • Harold noting that Professor Poopypants wrote he was in a "very dark place" for the last few years, and that his job title there was "Revenge Seeker".
    • This bit at the end of the clip:
      Mr. Krupp: Well, you seem terrific! You're hired!
      George and Harold: WHAT?!

    The Movie 
  • The film opens with George and Harold humming the DreamWorks jingle.
  • "A long, long, long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…"
    Egg Salad Sandwich: And guess what? I'm rotten! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
  • Harold is less than happy about Mr. Krupp ripping up their latest comic.
    Harold: Mean ol' Mr. Krupp. Hates everything fun, like comic books! (camera pans to the torn up comic pieces still floating in the air) Recess! (the scene changes to drawings of three kids playing jump rope until Mr. Krupp cuts the rope with scissors) Christmas! (the scene changes to a drawing of a wintery setting of Santa riding in his sleigh before flooring it back the way he came after Mr. Krupp jumpscares him from the chimney of his house) Even kittens! (the drawing of Mr. Krupp uses a flame-thrower on the kitten with a gratuitous censor bar blocking the graphic details of the carnage)
    George: Oh my goodness, did that really happen?!
    Harold: Well, no. Not technically… BUT IT MIGHT AS WELL HAVE! (beat) …I'm sorry, I-I'm still mad about the comic.
  • "This morning's school sign is supposed to read "Sewage Plant Field Trips Are Today'. So can either of you explain why it now reads... (outside cut to the sign) 'COME SEE MY HAIRY ARMPITS'!?"
    • When George asks Principal Krupp if he has any proof that he and Harold were responsible for the sign gag, Krupp declares his gut feeling is all he needs.
      Krupp: The proof is here! (clutches stomach) Inside my gut!
      Harold: He must have a lot of proof in there!
  • The boys showing off how much of a Sucky School Jerome Horwitz Elementary is and how miserable their peers are.
    George: Hey, Tommy! How's it going?
    Tommy: (drearily) Same old, same old. (closes himself inside his locker)
    George: (sighing) Poor kid…
    • There's even one kid playing a Captivity Harmonica just outside one of the classroom doors. George gives him some spare change.
  • Melvin's introduction.
    Melvin: Well, well, well. I heard you both got into a bit of the ol' trouble today.
    George: How'd you hear that, Melvin?
    Harold: Did you tattletale on us?
    Melvin: Maybe I did, maybe I didn't. (Beat) I did. Someone has to stand up for The Man.
    George: No one has to stand up for The Man! That's the whole point of "The Man"! He stands up for himself, Melvin!
    Melvin: Respectfully disagree.
  • Harold and his love of dolphins is both this and utterly adorable.
  • The collective Head Desk of the whole science class (sans Melvin) after hearing the announcement of the mandatory all-day Invention Convention being held on Saturday. It's also the third one held that MONTH.
  • The flashback to George and Harold first meeting each other as kindergarteners is adorable, but how do they first meet? Laughing over the name "Uranus" as the teacher goes over the planets of the solar system.
    • Each time the teacher turns around when she hears the two laughing, the boys go completely silent. She finally catches them when they can no longer contain themselves after she mentions in her lesson that Uranus is also known as a "Gas Giant".
    • Melvin, who was sitting between them, is not amused:
    Melvin: I don't get it. It's just science guys.
    • When the flashback ends, two hands come on screen to pick up George and Harold respectively and take them off screen as part of the transition, then one of the hands comes back to remove Melvin from the scene as well by flicking him off screen.
  • Sad Worm. A worm that was sad.
    Harold: It's still a work in progress…
  • During the introduction of the treehouse:
    Harold: Yep! This is where the magic happens. Not like actual magic, no (nervous laughing)…we're not practicing the dark arts!
  • George and Harold's "Saturday" music number, followed by George's mom reminding them of the day-long mandatory Invention Convention they have to attend at school. Cue the sunny morning weather immediately changing to a thunderstorm downpour, and the animals prancing around them attacking each other.
  • Melvin's very long, very boring presentations at the Invention Convention.
    Harold: Make it END!
    George: This is the stuff of NIGHTMARES!
    • The inventions themselves are pretty ridiculous too. To name a few (other than the Turbo Toilet 2000), there's the Robotic Sock Matcher, the Electromagnetic Lint Collector, and the Binder Binder…which is just an impractically oversized binder for storing binders.
    • The presentation gets so boring and monotonous that even Krupp falls asleep in his chair.
  • During the scene in Krupp's office after he finally catches the boys in the act of pulling a prank, he starts off with his usual scowl, when it suddenly cracks into a Slasher Smile. George and Harold are visibly unnerved by this.
    George: What's happening to his face?
    Harold: I think he's smiling?
    (they both start to shiver and their breath becomes visible, as if the room got several degrees colder)
    Harold: I'm so cold... so... so cold!
  • The exchange between Krupp and Melvin when the former has trouble trying to get the video to play on the TV.
    Melvin: It's on AUX. Change it to video!
    Krupp: It's not my TV, it's your turtle!
    Melvin: You're doing it wrong.
    Krupp: I THINK I know how to work my own office!
    • When he finally does get it working, at one point in the video Harold proudly states: "We're so guilty!"
    Harold: Wow. That's a nanny cam… it's got really good picture quality.
    George: Is that high def? 'Cause you can really tell that's us…huh.
  • Right before Mr. Krupp reveals his punishment for George and Harold, we get this exchange.
    Harold: (worried) Are you gonna tell our parents?
    Mr. Krupp: No. Your parents are obviously total failures.
  • Harold's fantasy about being stuck in separate classes is played out with live action sock puppets.
    • "You'll have a weird haircut, and I'll be wearing a suit for some reason…"
    • Then some robots that look like the ones from the 1st book come and declare war on each other.
      George: Whoa, whoa, whoa! WHOA! Why are the robots shooting other robots!? Aren't they supposed to be friends?
      Harold: I don't know! I'm the artist! You're the writer! THAT'S WHY WE NEED EACH OTHER!
  • The first time we see Krupp and Edith awkwardly flirting with each other is both cute and amusing.
    Edith: I just made this tuna casserole and I noticed it had your name in it…in jalapeño peppers.
    Krupp: (sniffs it) Well it smells…spicy!
    Edith: Yep…that's 'cause it's been dry-aged for a week.
    Krupp: I have no idea what that means, but it sounds very time consuming.
    Edith: It took a week.
    • George and Harold have their own thoughts witnessing this:
    George: Ewwwww!! They like each other!
    Harold: Oh no, George, I think it's much worse. They "like-like" each other!
    George: What are you talking about? Adults don't "like-like" other adults!
    Harold: Well, you probably haven't seen it at your home since your parents are married. In my studies, like-liking seems to end in marriage.
  • While searching Krupp’s office for the Tattle Turtle, George and Harold instead find everything he ever confiscated from them over the years, which leads to this:
    Harold: Look at this! He’s got every issue of Captain Underpants we’ve ever created! You think he reads them?
    George: I was kinda hoping that we appeal to a slightly cooler demographic...
  • In response to George threatening to hypnotize Krupp, seconds from finalizing the boys' separation papers, after Harold desperately begged him to do something:
    Krupp: WHAT?!
    Harold: What?
  • Then after George details the creation of the 3D-Hypno Ring and Krupp scoffs his threat to hypnotize him with it:
    George: What do you think? I got it out of a cereal box!
    • George basically admits he's just making crap up because he's grasping at straws on what to do to prevent Krupp from separating them and hoping for the best… but then it actually WORKS!
      George: I honestly didn't think that would happen!
  • When Captain Underpants lands face first on the ground after jumping out the windownote :
    Captain Underpants: (cheerfully) Well, that was invigorating!
  • All of Captain Underpants' initial failed attempts to help people. ALL OF THEM.
    Harold: (nervous laughter) Sorry, sorry! We're so sorry!
    George: Okay listen, let's not be punching people though…
    • Really, Captain Underpants as a whole is just a laugh riot with how hammy he is:
    Captain Underpants: HALT! Do you sense that?!
    Harold: Noooooo…?
    Captain Underpants: (scoffs) Well of course you don't! You're not a superhero like me! Come, sidekicks! Evil! Lurks! WITHIN!
  • Captain Underpants' "fight" with the inflatable gorilla and the boys chasing after him through town on a crane.
  • After Captain Underpants accidentally stops some bank robbers, George and Harold tell him there aren't any other villains around. Cue Professor Poopypants saying being a science teacher is the perfect cover and laughing evilly as a storm springs up.
  • After the boys find out what changes Principal Krupp into Captain Underpants and vice-versa, they take advantage of this fact by repeatedly switching him back and forth, which means Krupp is constantly being splashed with water and re-hypnotized.
  • There's a shot of Krupp's driver's license that the boys use to return their hypnotized principal to his home. It lists that his eyes are "cold", his hair is "fake", he lives on 3.14 Curmudgeon Drive and that he signs his signature as "Principal Krupp".
  • There's a brief gag of George getting into a short tug-of-war match with passerby's dog over an unconscious Captain Underpants' cape.
    George: Bad dog!
  • The boys are very unnerved by Mr. Krupp's house and speculate over-the-top potential "horrors" that reside inside it:
    George: Probably wild dogs in there…
    Harold: Probably torture implements…
    George: Rabid rats!
    Harold: Brains in jars!
    George: Jars with plucked out eyeballs!
    (the two nervously unlock the front door)
    Harold: AAAAHHHGH!
    George: Why'd you scream?
    Harold: I just assumed there'd be something scary, but… it's actually a really nice place.
  • The boys grievously overestimate how much control they actually have over Krupp/Captain Underpants.
    Harold: You know what? These shirts were WAY premature!
    George: Yeah! Definitely!
  • George and Harold having Captain Underpants pose as Mr. Krupp plays out exactly how you'd expect.
      • Captain Underpants' idea of "acting mean" is roaring at students and walking in a Zombie Gait.
    • Special mention goes to the bit with the stamp and the water gun.
    Captain Underpants: This would be interesting to put my eye up to!
    • Captain Underpants sending all the school teachers to detention. And making them copy lines on a chalkboard.
      Captain Underpants: They have a real attitude problem!
    • The ENTIRE bit of Captain Underpants trying to ask Ms. Anthrope for Professor Poopypants' file, only to repeatedly flub the words of what he's supposed to ask to George and Harold's growing exasperation:
      Captain Underpants: I need the bio on the gooey fence creature!
      George and Harold: "Science teacher"!
      Captain Underpants: Er, uh, the dewey tense preacher!
      George and Harold: (groan)
      Captain Underpants: (stuttering) The rio on the Lah Blah Re-HA!
      Harold: Oh, come ON!
    • Captain Underpants doing a sign gag himself, writing his catchphrase.
      Captain Underpants: How many a's are there in "Tra-La-LAA"? I'll just go with eleven!
    • Also this gem:
      Captain Underpants: Sidekicks? Are you sure my secret identity requires these… restricting, uncomfortable clothes?
      George: Yes! Positive!
      Harold: 100% positive!
    • And this:
    Harold: Just sit there and look angry for no reason!
    Captain Underpants: (cheerfully) You got it! (makes an angry face) Grrr!
  • As mean as he is, some of Mr. Krupp's Affably Evil moments are pretty hilarious.
    Mr. Krupp: Well, if it isn't George Beard and Harold Hutchins. To what do I owe the pleasure? Is it perhaps... THIS!? (Lifts his pant leg to reveal the Tattle Turtle taped to his leg, which happens to contain evidence incriminating the boys)
    Harold: Oh no...
    Mr. Krupp: Nice try. Turtle and I have become quite attached. We're inseparable, actually. I carry him everywhere I go...INCLUDING THE SHOWER!!!
    (Sudden close up of the Tattle Turtle, which now has a look of horror on its face as a single tear rolls down its cheek)
    George: (Shudders)
    Harold: Poor Turtle...
    • When Harold takes the Tattle Turtle from Krupp's leg and places it into his backpack after George hypnotizes Krupp, there's a cut to the look on the Tattle Turtle's face that can only be described as "you're my savior".
    • There's also his announcement at the Invention Convention:
    Krupp: Our science teacher, Mr. Fyde, is no longer with us.
    (loud gasp from the audience)
    Girl: He's dead!? (starts crying)
    Krupp: What?! No, not like that! He wanted to spend Saturday with his family! Haha! So I fired him! I'll find a replacement next week.
    • When Krupp recalls closing the Music and Arts programs in favor of investing in the "expensive door" enhancement to his office, it shows him stuffing one student's art canvas into a tuba to stop another student from playing the instrument before walking away cackling.
  • Melvin's inability to perceive humor and how much pride he takes in being the school snitch warrants several chuckles.
  • George, Harold and Captain Underpants meeting Professor Poopypants for the first time:
    Captain Underpants: Well HELLO, citizen!
    Poopypants: Hello! I was just admiring the view from your…broken window, it's in the shape of a man! Anyways, I'm here to apply for the new science teacher position!
    Captain Underpants: (shaking hands) Excellent! I'm disguised as an elementary school principal!
    George and Harold: (groan miserably)
  • On his first day as the science teacher, Professor Poopypants writes his name on the board as "Professor P". In yellow chalk.
  • "If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?"
    Girl: Oh, oh! Peace on Earth!
    Professor P: Unattainable.
  • Professor Poopypants' first impression of Melvin.
    Professor Poopypants: Oh, look at this. We've got a grade-A suck up. Good to know, good to know.
  • Professor Poopypants' lists the names for the parts of a human child's brain as follows: the "Thinking-About-Candy-opolis", the "Fear-of-What's-Under-the-Bed" lobe, "The-Only-Thing-I'll-Eat-is-Pizza-Chicken-Nuggets-or-Buttered-Noodles" lobe, the "As-Soon-As-Someone-Else-Has-a-Toy-I-Want-That-Toy" interior lobe, and the "Haha-Guffaw-Chucklomatus".
    • Look closely, and you'll see Melvin taking notes on this and treating it as factual information in the background.
    • The notes on the brain diagram itself list the aforementioned names.
  • After George and Harold are sent to the principal's office by Professor P, where they nonchalantly discuss their suspicions of their new teacher… not realizing at first that the Captain has reverted back into Krupp.
    George: We've got to do something about that new science teacher!
    Harold: Yeah! It's like he's even more of a villain than Krupp!
    Krupp: What!?
    George: I didn't even think that was possible!
    Harold: Tell me about it…
    • The boys' Dull Surprise when they do realize the change, and promptly snap their fingers while Krupp is in mid-yell back into Captain Underpants.
    Krupp: Where is the respect?! I AM YOUR PRINCIPAL! (slams fists on desk, catching George and Harold's attention)
    George: Wait, is he Krupp again?
    Krupp: (face turns red) GEORGE!
    Harold: Yep, pretty sure he is.
    Krupp: (flails arms wildly, making the face pictured above) HAROLD!
    Harold: How did that even happen?
  • Just about every time Krupp and Captain Underpants are swapped back and forth.
  • When George and Harold discover the "P" in Professor P's name stands for "Poopypants", cue this delightful musical number.
    • The icing on the cake is Captain Underpants finishing off the musical number:
    • This exchange that immediately follows:
      Harold: (holding up a pair of pants) Captain, you forgetting something?
      Captain Underpants: (briefly looks down at his pants less lower body before posing with a goofy grin) Oh look at that! They came off again!
      George: (facepalm)
  • Poopypants locking two girls in a cage for laughing. Why?
    Professor Poopypants: Because I hate laughter, and children, and I'VE GOT A CAGE IN A BRIEFCASE!!
    • Before he figures out they're laughing:
    Professor Poopypants: What's wrong with your faces? Are you choking? Do you have to sneeze?
  • While one does feel sorry for him and he genuinely doesn't understand why his name makes him a laughing stock (as in his homeland, ridiculous names are the norm), Professor Poopypants' flashback scene is still pretty entertaining.
    Nobel Moderator: Is that really your name? (trying to refrain from laughing) It's not some kind- some kind of joke?
    Poopypants: (confused) No, it's not, like, "a joke". It's a traditional name in New Swissland!
    Nobel Moderator: Am I pronouncing it right? "Poopypants"?
    (Nobel committee laughs)
    Poopypants: More or less, except the emphasis is on zee "poop".
    (Nobel committee laughs harder)
    • As the crowd laughs at him, Poopypants goes off on a rant about how his invention should make him a celebrated, famous celebrity, who should be dating models twice his size, be featured on talk shows, and supporting charity causes he'll say he cares about but not really.
    • The Nobel Prize itself is the "Nobel Prize in Inventing Stuff"
    • This:
    (flashback ends and the scene cuts back to the cafeteria full of students looking at him in stunned silence)
    • Also, George and Harold's Oh, Crap! moment when they're caught as the guilty party responsible for exposing his Unfortunate Name to all of Jerome Horowitz Elementary.
      • How George and Harold escape punishment for this is hysterical. Poopypants brings them to see the principal and shows him their comic, but because it's Captain Underpants he's talking to:
        Captain Underpants: This is not a comic! This…is a HISTORY BOOK!
        Poopypants: What?!
        (George and Harold laugh in the background)
        Captain Underpants: It must be taught in every class, and you yourself must teach it! Because that is how GOOD it is!
        Poopypants: I don't understand! I thought we'd, like, be on the same page here!
        Captain Underpants: What page are you on? I'm on page nine!
  • Poopypants getting hit by three separate vehicles one after another is every bit as hilarious as it sounds.
    Poopypants: Hey, watch where you're going! You just hit Professor Poopypants!
    Driver: (off screen) Poopypants!? (laughs)
    Poopypants: That's not funny! THAT'S NOT FUNNY! (is hit by a second car)
    Poopypants: If I had insurance, you'd be in—(is hit by an ice cream truck and tossed off screen) Okay, I'll admit that was surprising.
  • After the "1812 Ofarture" concert, the following reviews pop up on the screen:
    "Surprisingly Appropriate" —Harold's Piano Teacher
    "Four and 1/2 stars" —Random Guy
    "Classy" —George's Grandma
    "MASTERFUL" —Dav Pilkey
    • The fact that Captain Underpants conducted and held the concert all because George and Harold asked him to.
  • Professor Poopypants telling a little girl that his ice cream truck is closed due to Ebola.
  • Captain Underpants' repeated failed attempts at drawing.
    Captain Underpants: Come on, Captain. Draw! Move your hand in the shape of a person! Why does it look like a chicken?! Argh! This whole visual storytelling thing is hard! (sees Harold's drawings) Ooh! That's good!
  • The kids on sugar highs is hilarious, if also a bit terrifying.
    • Then George and Harold get in on the bandwagon.
    George: Harold, I really want some sugar.
    Harold: Me too!
    Harold: (uncontrollably fidgeting in a fetal position) WE MADE THE WRONG CHOICE!
    George: (running laps around Harold so fast, he creates a mini trench) THIS DID NOT SOLVE ANYTHING!
  • As much of a Tear Jerker it is during the scene where it starts raining after the carnival goes disastrously wrong, which leads to George and Harold being separated, a keen-eyed fan noticed that when Krupp lands in front of them and is understandably pissed, there’s steam coming off of him. That’s right; Krupp is literally “steaming mad”.
  • After enlarging the Turbo Toilet 2000, Prof. Poopypants prepares to rampage, only for it to run out of fuel.
    Poopypants: I can't believe it! Poopypants has no gas! You can't write this stuff!
  • "Memorize these elements: Oxygen, Berilium, Boringilium, Lameium…"
  • When George and Harold frantically try to inform their teachers about the giant robot toilet rampaging through town, their teachers mistake it as a plea that they need to use the restroom and exasperatedly tell them to "just go".
  • The bit where Captain Underpants tries to fly out the school window, only for the window to close on his cape, leaving him dangling. After a few struggles, the hem of the cape rips, and Captain Underpants falls to the ground. George and Harold's reactions to this are equally hilarious.
    Poopypants: I bet he thought that was going to be cooler!
    • Just before the two duke it out, there are close-up shots of the Turbo Toilet/Poppypants and Captain Understands glaring at each other... and then a close-up to TT's handle. Poopypants' hand pops out to flush it, and the battle starts in earnest.
  • Arguably the funniest fourth wall joke in the movie referencing the small film budget:
    George: Freeze! The following sequence contains scenes so intense, horrific and violent-
    Harold: And expensive.
  • The Curbstomp Battle between Captain Underpants and Poopypants is presented in Flip-o-Rama just like the books. Midway through, it gets interrupted after George questions Harold's liberal use of dolphins.
    George: Wait, what!? Why are you always sneaking dolphins into the movie?
    Harold: What do you have against dolphins anyway?!
    George: I don't got nothing against dolphins! It just didn't happen!
    Harold: (standing up and unintentionally leaving footprints on the page) Well, SO WHAT!? W-WE GET TO SAY WHAT HAPPENS IN FLIP-O-RAMA!!! (beat) I like dolphins! The dolphins are in!
    George: …Fine, fine. Let's just keep going.
    Harold: You sure?
    George: Yep, positive.
    Harold: Thank you.
    • Also Harold's frustration when he accidentally rips one of the pages and how the flip-o-rama comes to an abrupt end:
    George: (holding onto Harold's hand for dear life as the former hangs from the top of the Turbo Toilet 2000) What happened to the Flip-O-Rama!?
    Harold: I ran out of paper.
  • The Turbo Toilet 2000 using Captain Underpants as a paddle ball.
    • Nearly all of the expressions the Turbo Toilet 2000 emotes.
  • When Professor Poopypants has George and Harold along Captain Underpants in his clutches.
    Professor Poopypants: You two little numbskulls thought you could distract me with this idiotic naked man?! Am I right?
    Captain Underpants: I'm NOT naked!
    • Prior to that, Professor Poopypants scans Captain Underpants to determine his threat level, the results reading ZERO for strength, agility and intelligence.
  • The reveal of Professor Poopypants' full name:
    Professor Poopypants: THERE'S NOTHING FUNNY ABOUT Professor Pee Pee Diarrheastein Poopypants Esquire!!!
    Harold: (hushed disbelief) Sir... are you saying your FULL NAME... is Pee Pee. Diaharreastein. Poopypants. Esquire!? (eyes shining with unadulterated joy)
    Professor Poopypants: Uh huh.
    (cue the boys cracking up)
    • Even funnier: somehow they took his name from the original series and made it so much worse. It was originally "Professor Pippy Pee-Pee Poopypants." Congrats, film team, on going up to eleven on that one!
  • George and Harold prove to be harder to crack when Professor Poopypants uses his Anti-Humor machine to zombify them, as they keep finding things to laugh about such as the Professor's name and hair.
    Professor Poopypants: WHAT?! My hair's cool, I thought!
    George: Are you kidding me!? It's almost as funny as my hair back in kindergarten! Remember that afro!? (continues laughing with Harold)
  • This exchange between George and Harold's brains:
    Harold's brain: Potty humor?! Ugh! That is, like, the lowest form of comedy!
    George's brain: (appalled) DON'T YOU SAY THAT, HAROLD!
  • When Poopypants later traps George and Harold again… in a makeshift cage of his enlarged lip balms.
    George: Why does one person have so much lip balm!?
  • There's a moment where Melvin briefly debates between getting extra credit and survival when the Anti-Humor machine starts to malfunction.
    Melvin: Extra credit or survival? Extra credit or survival?! I CHOOSE SURVIVAL!!!
    • Poopypants being knocked around like a pinball inside the Turbo Toilet 2000 after it starts going haywire.
  • George tries to return a shrunken Captain Underpants back to his normal size and has the latter stand on top of Harold's finger to get a good shot, only to miss entirely and enlarge Harold's entire right hand instead.
    Professor Poopypants: Ha ha! Give him a big hand for that one, everybody!
    • George then tries to shrink the now giant Professor Poopypants, but misses AGAIN and shrinks the school.
    George: ...Oops. (awkwardly sets the invention down and steps away from it)
    • This:
    • Harold later using his enlarged hand to his advantage in the fight against Poopypants over the Shrinking/Enlarging Ray doubles as a Moment of Awesome.
    Poopypants: Did you just slap me?
    Harold: Yes, I did! And you deserved it!
    Poopypants: NO I DIDN'T! Your hand is HUGE! That hurt a lot! Give it back! It's mine!
    Harold: No! Hands off!
    Poopypants: No fair! No backsies!
    Harold: Give it to me!
    Poopypants: Just give me that—
    (ray gun goes off and shrinks his head)
    Poopypants: (high pitched) NOW LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE!!
  • The majority of the hijinks that ensue with the Sizerator 2000 with various people and objects being shrunk or enlarged.
  • Captain Underpants putting the school back down sideways.
    Captain Underpants: There! Like it never happened!
    (facepalms from George and Harold)
  • A shrunken Poopypants escapes on a bee and is unintentionally abetted by Captain Underpants.
    Captain Underpants: AAAAHHH! A BEE!! (swats both bee and Poopypants far away into the distance)
    Poopypants: (distantly) I'm freeeeeeeee!
    Captain Underpants: Come on, guys! Pretty sure the bee wasn't the bad guy!
  • The policeman only sounds mildly annoyed seeing the leftover mess from a (albeit very bizarre) near-successful world domination attempt.
    "What the HECK happened here!?"
  • The police running away screaming in terror from the enlarged blue bird.
  • George and Harold reflecting on making their greatest comic book hero a reality:
    George: ...I can't believe we made him.
    Harold: And he's even dumber in real life…
  • George and Harold deciding on how to affirm their friendship despite remaining in separate classes:
    Harold: Pinkie swear?
    George: No, that's lame. Mm-hmm.
    Harold: Oh, got it! (spits into hand)
    George: Eugh, no! What!? No! That's not sanitary! Can't we just do like a verbal declaration of friendship or something?
  • This exchange at the end when George and Harold are watching Mr. Krupp and Edith after they set up the two of them on a date.
    George: You know, it feels good to do something nice for Mr. Krupp.
    Harold: Yeah, you know what? It does.
    George: Promise we’ll never do it again.
    Harold: Promise!
  • The ending where George and Harold decide not to bring back Captain Underpants again after all the trouble he caused… only for Mr. Krupp to snap his fingers, summoning the Captain Underpants persona, and the two having to chase after him again. That's right, in his panic at the attack of the Talking Toilets, Mr. Krupp accidentally turned himself into Captain Underpants!
  • The Running Gag of Ms. Anthrope waiting on hold for a chance to win a billion dollars because George and Harold used that to distract her so they can sneak into Mr. Krupp's office. During the credits, the boys see she's still on hold and has been for the whole movie. They go back to the phone, which startles her and she accidentally hangs up. Cue her scream of rage.
  • The fact that Captain Underpants' Leitmotif includes a choir singing "Underpaaaaaants!"

    Meta/Fan Art 
  • Several actors from the movie, "Weird Al" Yankovic, and Dav Pilkey himself participate in an underwear-throwing contest at the Red Carpet that can be seen here
  • This
  • This picture Nick Kroll posted of himself, Ed Helms, and Thomas Middleditch
  • Part of how DreamWorks persuaded Dav Pilkey to grant them film rights: giving him a tour of the studio with everyone wearing underpants over their actual pants, which made him laugh.
    • Thomas Middleditch, the voice of Harold, did the exact same thing at the premiere of the movie.
  • This was David Soren’s response when The Boss Baby got nominated for Best Animated Feature at The Oscars instead of Captain Underpants.
  • The joke with the "Certifried Fresh" on Rotten Potatoes is even funnier due to how this film is actually Certified Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes.


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