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  • Tim complains that the Boss Baby has stolen everything good about his life, even the special bedtime song, "Blackbird," that his parents wrote just for him.
    Boss Baby: Your parents are Lennon and McCartney?
    • A short while later, this exchange happens:
      Boss Baby: See, the thing is I'm no ordinary baby.
      Tim: Oh, no kidding.
      Boss Baby: I'm on a mission...(Points his finger upwards) from above.
      Tim: Are you the baby Jesus?
  • As part of a ploy to pretend that he's now getting along with the Boss Baby, Tim forces him into a sailor suit. Tim's parents see this and then reveal that they have a matching one for him, followed by taking a photo of the two of them together in the sailor suits.
    • Later on, Tim's parents spy on him reading Hansel and Gretel to the Boss Baby. Realizing they're finally getting along, they both leave them alone, and when they do, Tim and the Boss Baby stop reading it.
      Boss Baby: Let me get this straight: the story is about cannibalism and burning people alive?
      Tim: Yeah.
      Boss Baby: No wonder kids are so messed up!
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  • When Tim and Boss Baby meet Francis Francis and they learn he was Super Colossal Big Fat Boss Baby, Francis starts sucking on his old pacifier, to Tim's disgust.
  • Pretty much anytime the Boss Baby starts reverting, cooing and giggling over stuff like an actual baby.
    • For that matter, anytime he throws money at people after something unfortunate happens, usually caused by him. This even carries out to the epilogue, when he gives some cash to Tim's daughter after she complains she wanted a horse instead of a sister.
  • The Boss Baby takes Tim on a journey to see how Baby Corp works by using magic pacifiers which when they both suck on them together, they are transported as specters to the company, allowing them to see everything, but nobody can see or interact with them. At one point during this sequence, the father opens the door to the room and sees them both sucking on the pacifiers. He does a double-take, seems to decide he doesn't want to know just what his sons are doing, and quietly walks away.
    • A while earlier, when they both visit Upper Management, the Boss Baby tells Tim that the place is indeed run by babies.
      Tim: So this whole place is run by babies?
      Boss Baby: Yep.
      Tim: My dad says 'Those who can, do. And those who can't, supervise'.
      Boss Baby: Your father was a hippie.
  • When Tim and Boss Baby disguise themselves as an Elvis impersonator and Boss Baby starts talking to another Elvis guy with the same mumbling drawl, complete with subtitles.
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  • After the Boss Baby reveals that he will write a memo to Baby Corp about the new puppy that Puppy Co. is going to release, Tim complains that it sounds boring. Then the Boss Baby gives a speech about the importance of memos, and how they can change the world. Tim's reaction after he's finished?
    Tim: Wow. When you explain it like that, it still sounds boring.
  • The Boss Baby's reaction when Tim tells him about Puppy Co.'s "Take Your Kid to Work Day."
    Boss Baby: People take children to a place of business? Why?
    Tim: Because it's awesome!
    Boss Baby: It's disgusting!
  • Tim and Boss Baby getting ready for their big mission to LTD's "(Everytime I Turn Around) Back In Love," which includes Tim powdering Boss Baby's butt. And Boss Baby farting. In time with the rhythm.
  • The scene where Tim evades the Boss Baby and his team after he records them talking at the meeting earlier on is, for the most part, a Moment of Awesome (partly set to the theme tune of S.W.A.T. (1975), to boot!). But when Tim uses the trampoline to jump to the open upper window of the house, the Boss Baby urges Jimbo to give him upsies to reach him...only for Jimbo to overshoot and send him crashing through the other window.
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  • The Boss Baby finds that Tim has been crying and doesn't quite know how to handle it at first...
    Boss Baby: Where's HR when you need them?
  • Boss Baby trying to convince Tim that he was hearing things when he catches him talking on the phone by unconvincingly speaking in Baby Talk.
    Boss Baby: Uh, goo-goo ga-ga?
  • The captain's announcements throughout the flight. "Ladies and gentlemen, and those in coach..."
  • The Elvis impersonators. All of them are way to into characters, constantly posing and speaking in Elvis grunts or even song titles, subtitled, of course.
    Elvis Impersonator: Devil in Disguise!
    Subtitles: The ghost of Elvis!


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