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     Major Characters 

Pauly Falzoni

"Hey! Come back with those pizzas you Stooge!"

Pauly is the main protagonist, pizza delivery man, boxer, and aspiring "fil-um maker". His favourite derogatory comment for people is "stooge", originating from a comment a teacher once made to him. Pauly has been one of Bobo's longest-serving employees at Fat Pizza and has provided Bobo with some good ideas over the years

Played by Paul Fenech
  • Butt-Monkey: He has his fair share.
  • Catchphrase: "Stooge./!"
  • Captain Obvious: He has his moments like this.
  • You Need To Get Laid: Not as lucky with the chicks as his mates.
  • Cool Car: He has cool cars over the years. Until the fourth season his original tradmark car got towed away and destroyed so he has the fastest car that the speed camera couldn't catch on. In the next season 'Melbourne Cup Pizza' his minibike got a flat tyre and went to this old man name Mario Lambrettoni's house and he asks Pauly a favor to bet the number 5 for the world cup. Once he gave him all the money he was awarded for a Ferrari. The Ferrari is alot less faster than the previous one.
  • Deadpan Snarker
  • Hair-Trigger Temper
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Pauly is an affable person, when he's not beating people up or getting into trouble.
  • Kangaroo Court: He has been there multiple times.
    • In 'Politically Incorrect Pizza' he and the old disabled man were sent to court. The old man pushes Pauly with a broom causing him to fall off and hurt his back and Pauly's got his revenge.
    • It happend again in 'Small and Large Pizza' this time it is about his car.
  • Large Ham: Since Paul Fenech is the creator of the show.
  • Mr. Fanservice
  • Sensitive Guy and Manly Man: Manly Man to Davo and Sleeks Sensitive Guy.
  • Sexual Karma: After being cheated by his cousin out of meeting with some Italian chicks, Pauly manages to get away long enough to attract the attention of two Italian girls who take a liking to him and they have a threesome.
  • The Trickster: He does stooges around him.

Sleek the Elite

"Cause I'm Slicker than Sleek"

Sleek is so named because he is "slicker than slick", an aspiring rapper, ladies' man and a pizza delivery man who self-titled himself the "Lebanese Lover" or "Lebanese Legend". He was the main co-star in the first two series and the movie.
Played by Paul Nakad

Bobo Gigliotti

"Fat Pizza Pizzas, they're big and they're cheesey."
Watch out!
Bobo is the psychotic pizza chef and the owner/manager of Fat Pizza. He has little patience and those that cross him usually end up on the wrong end of his chainsaw. He is a horrible boss, imposing dreadful working conditions and abuse.

Played by Johhny Boxer

Habib Halah Habib

" Take it easy, Uleh"
"Oh Ma God!"

Habib – meaning "Friend" in Arabic. Habib featured as a supporting character in the earlier series of Pizza; a friend of Sleek's, he is a stereotypical young Lebanese (Bilgiç is actually Turkish) drug-dealer and fence of stolen goods (typically mobile phones). He played a larger role in the theatrical version of Pizza. In 2003 after the loss of Sleek, he was employed at the shop as a deliveryman, a position he regularly uses as a front for his illegal activities.

Played by Tahir Bilgic

Robert "Rocky" Shekazbah

" Call all the cousins"
Habib's cousin.
Rocky is a self-stylised "Lebanese Rambo". A tall, muscular, homophobic egotistical Lebanese friend/second cousin of Habib (often role of enforcer), seems to be able to score with any number of young (and likely underage) women.

Played by Rob Shehadie

Davo Dinkum

"I'm Feeling Good!"
Davo after he got sacked.
Davo Dinkum is a stereotypical bong-smoking Aussie bogan. Being the only non-"choco" at Fat Pizza sometimes leaves him at the end of discrimination, but he gets on well with the drug-dealing Habib. Introduced in the movie, he has appeared since. Since 2005, Davo was sacked from Fat Pizza and now he is unemployed, spending most of his time smoking his bong, getting drunk and looking for chicks (the vast majority of them pot-smoking bogan chicks that reside in Hashfield). He is the one who wears thongs as training footwear.

Played by Jason "Jabba" Davis

Claudia McPherson

"How many times I told you not to put magic tricks on me. Wanker."
Super Hot Model
Although pronounced "Clow-dia", the name is an obvious play on models Claudia Schiffer and Elle Macpherson. She is dimwitted, rich, blonde, bulimic, and attractive. She is a regular customer at Fat Pizza and often has run-ins with both Pauly and Sleek.

Played by Annalise Braakensiek.

Mama Giliotti

Bobo's Mama
Bobo's overbearing Italian mother who actually owns Fat Pizza. Despite her being quite physically abusive, Bobo still loves his Mama and still lives with her.

Played by Maria Venuti

Lin Chow Bang


Bobo's diminutive mail-order bride from Vietnam. The Fat Pizza movie partly dealt with the arrival of Lin Chow (and her family), and as such she only appears since 2003. She has not been seen since 2003 after the Department of Immigration deported her back to Vietnam due to Habib and Rocky informing both the police and Immigration so they could avoid drug dealing charges and time in jail.

Played by Tuyen Le


"Oh Mah God"
an obese Greek-Australian girl who was Habib's girlfriend and now wife, whom she refers to as her "Habibi". She is a voracious eater, and she accompanied Pauly and Rocky in the "Pizza World" mockumentary. In Los Angeles she asks a tourist centre if they have star map, but one that marks all the fast food places rather than celebrity residences. In the recent series of Pizza, it is revealed that Toula has a gang of obese girls called the "Fat Chick 12" (because although there are only 6 girls in the gang, they are as large as two people). It is also revealed in the recent series of Pizza that Toula is an obsessive control freak, domineering and controlling over every aspect of Habib's life, especially in the later stages of their engagement and after Habib married her.

Played by Rebal Wilson


"Um, maybe you shouldn't do that, Toula."
Rocky's girlfriend.
Katrina, or Kat for short – a best friend of the obese Toula, and girlfriend to Rocky. In the recent series of Pizza, Katrina started to develop a crush on Pauly since Rocky was not treating her right. She has broken up and re-united with Rocky several times (much to the torture and torment of Pauly who is keen on having Katrina as his girlfriend). In World Record Pizza, she joined Pauly, Habib and Kev in their trip around the globe, much to Rocky's disgust, so that Pauly can try to get Katrina. However, before they left Brazil to return to Australia, Katrina decided to stay in Brazil with her new boyfriend. She has since re-appeared, featuring in the Season 5 episode 'Doctor Pizza'.

Played by Katrina Spadone

Kev the Kiwi

"git on thuh puhss."
A stereotypical Māori-Australian, who is obsessed with alcohol. Whenever on/off duty, he will sneak to a local pub to "git on thuh puhss." Kev often uses New Zealand slang including "choice!" and "bro'". He also has a small rivalry with Junior. He is always seen with his sunglasses on.

Played by Kevin Taumata


The Apprentice Chef.
Bobo's apprentice chef, who, like Bobo, abuses the other employees. He and Kev have a small rivalry, and sometimes fight each other for reasons unknown. Sometimes Junior would add Samoan-inspired ingredients on pizzas, such as pig snouts and turtle meat and cooked meat in a Hungi.

Played by Andrew Ausage

DJBJ (Big Jams)

"You look like a poof, mate"
Big Jams
A young employee, who is more abused and yelled at from Bobo and Junior more than the others. He enjoys playing his turn-table but is also clumsy and a weakling, resulting in occasional accidents and injuries (e.g., a snake chasing him at Uluru, being electrocuted by fiddling with plugs on Melbourne Cup Day).

Played by Alex Romano

Chong Fat

"How ya going, alright?"
An Asian-Australian.
A stereotypical Asian, who tries to get into Australian culture, eating pies and sausage rolls and talking in outdated slang.

Played by Anh Do

Murray the Cop

"You got a problem?"
Murray is a Cop who tries to give Pauly a bad day.

Played by Murray Harman
  • Corrupt Cop: He tries to make Pauly's life a living hell by detaining his cars for false excuses such as 'lacking an anti-hoon emissionary filter'.
    • In The Movie, Habib twice drives by police signs (that usually say things like "Now Targeting: Speeding) that say "Now Targeting: Lebanese", and "Now Targeting: Habib"
  • Deadpan Snarker
  • Hair-Trigger Temper: He usually gets really upset when things go wrong.
    Murray: "How the Hell did he get my PHONE!"
  • No Indoor Voice
  • The Rival: To Pauly.


"They tried to bash our cousins?! Everybody text all your cousins!"
"Rocky! We're coming!"
Mohammod is Rocky and Habib's cousin.

Played by Ashur Shimmons

Omar and Mohammod 2

Mohammod 2: "You sure this stuffs gotta blow up?"
Omar: "What'd you talkin' about, what do I look like, a dickhead? Dickhead.

Habib's cousins and best friends. They were introduced in Pizza in 2007, when they helped Habib do an insurance job on the old Fat Pizza premises. They are often shown to be with Habib and Rocky in most episodes. Omar was shown to be friends with Pauly when they went to the fireworks factory in Canberra to pick up fireworks for Habib.

Played by Anthony Salame (Omar)
Played by Alex Haddad (Mohammad 2)

Ruby (Mama Juggs)

"Hi Bobo"
Mamma Juggs for ya.
Ruby is Bobo's ex porn star girlfriend. She is better known as Mama Juggs.

Played by Angela White

     Minor Characters 

Jim Smith

''"Where's the Beer, where's the beef, wheres the big TV?, They're not here in 5 minutes, I want me f*cking Money Back!
The Big Bloke
Played by Jim Webb

Lifesaver Les

"Well if you wanna own the fucking beach, you have to go through fucking us!"
"I'll Fuckin Bif ya mate!"
Played by Gary Who
  • Arch-Enemy: Though he wasn't evil. He just thought Habib and his cousins wants to own the beach.
  • Awesome Aussie: Since he is an Aussie.
  • Berserk Button: Don't remind him to take over his beach or else he'll bash you.
  • Cluster F-Bomb: He uses it in every fuckin sentences.
  • Grumpy Bear
  • Hair-Trigger Temper: He has a fuckin temper.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: He then relies the Lebs said "Own the Bitch", not the beach. And later after Habib and Rocky tell him they were suppose to have a riot and they start bashing again.
  • Sir Swears-a-Lot:
    Lifesaver Les: "If you wanna own the fuckin beach, you had to go through fuckin us, cause we own the fuckin beach, Our Grandfathers fought in World War Fuckin 2 in this fuckin beach. Oh right, If I were you, I FUCK OFF!!"
  • Workaholic: He owns the beach.
  • You No Take Candle: The Lebanese (like Habib and Rocky) thought his accent was hard to understand for them.

Aussie Pub Guy

''"Fucking Arabs. They're taking over the fucking beach! LET'S GET EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Played by Craig Ward.

Ronny Mc Donny (the original Ronnie Mc Doggle)

"Where's my Small Hawaiian?"
Ronnie Mc Doggle is on the phone.
Played by Andrew Doyle

Ronnie Mc Doggle

"Oh, you malarka! Look what you did to my Mc-Car! You Mc-beep-ed it!"
Ronnie Mc Doggle from the Movie.
Played by George Kapiniaris

Koala Guy

Oh Right, Junkie piece of filth, you think you're so tough trying to rob an old men.
Guy in a Koala suit.
  • Arch-Enemy: To Pauly.
  • Bearsare Bad News: His Koala Suit.
  • Big Bad: He was one of the 4 Pauly's enemies in 'Refugee Pizza'.
  • Butt-Monkey: He got bashed by Pauly.
  • The Reveal: In 'Refugee Pizza', He was not wearing his Koala Suit. The reason why? Because He now works at the tool shop and when he saw Pauly. He wanted revenge.

Golfing Doctors

Give us that fuckin' pizza!
Played by Bill Bentley (Dr. Freeman), John Tomatalau (Dr. Jones) and Terry Meller (Dr. Skatefield.

Old Digger/Workcove rGuy

"Mate, he said he wants to find some Lebs!"
"I can't speak Arabic, can you?"
Played by Bill Drury


Played by Kristy Lee Allan

Alan Ford Jones

"Send these hoons back to wog land, that's what I say".
"That's what I say."
Played by Tim Carroll

John Howard

"Bloody Wog Hoons."

He is a Prime Minster

Played by Phillip Scott

Leonard the Nut

"He made me disabled!"
Played by Renzo Bellato

Old Disabled Man

"You kept me waiting for two bloody hours, you said it'll be forty minutes. Just because I'm old doesn't mean you treat me like a dickhead."
Ted Bullpit in Pizza.
Played by Ross Higgins

Dazza and Shazza

Played by Chris Franklin (Dazza)
Played by Jakalene Malanovic (Shazza)

Bikie Leader

"We orderd pizza 50 minutes ago. So wheres the f*ckin food?!"
Played by Angry Anderson
  • Badass: He and his Gang had a big fight with the Fat Pizza employees in the Season 4 premiere.
  • Big Bad: The Bikies have guns, he's gotta be this trope.
  • Cool Bike: Every Bikies have motorcycles.
  • Jerk Jock
  • The Leader: He's the leader of the bikies.
  • Mean Character, Nice Actor: He's not really angry in real life, AT ALL.

Beafeater Street Guy

"I ordered that fuckin pizza, because of you, my wife has fuckin left me!"
Played by Michael Zarakis


Played by David Gubbay

Stooge Teacher

"Class, take a good look at Falzoni, a prime example of a STOOGE, wasting his talent on boxing!"
"A Stooge!"
Played by Gary Who


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