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Pizza is a 2014 Indian Hindi-language horror film directed by Akshay Akkineni. The film stars Akshay Oberoi, Parvathy Omanakuttan and Dipannita Sharma, and is The Remake of the 2012 Tamil film of the same name. Kunal Malkholkar (Oberoi) lives with his wife, Nikita (Omanakuttan). She is an aspiring writer of horror and he is a pizza delivery boy. Kunal has recurring nightmares about ghosts, which he blames on his wife's love of horror movies, but does not believe in ghosts himself, although Nikita assures him that he will have his moment when he will come to believe. Otherwise, his life is pretty good until his boss starts to bring in priests to work to bless the place... and he learns that his boss's pregnant wife is possessed by a spirit named Anjali... and then Nikita learns that she is pregnant, when they're only able to afford their current lifestyle due to insurance money from Nikita's parents' death...


And then, he makes the fateful pizza delivery to the bungalow, where he is trapped by the ghosts of those who were murdered there, seemingly all because he didn't have enough change on-hand.

This film exhibits the following tropes:

  • Cell Phones Are Useless: Kunal's cell phone variously loses its battery, has no signal reception, or just dials the wrong people, because it's under the control of the ghosts.
  • The Ending Changes Everything: The entire haunted-house segment is a story that Kunal and Nikita made up to explain the missing diamonds. And then, of course, the final pizza delivery scene...
  • Ghastly Ghost: The ghosts shift in appearance, but often show up in decayed form, with the wounds that killed them clearly visible, and often using the sudden shift into their Game Face to scare the protagonist.
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  • Ghostly Glide: In the initial nightmare, the ghostly man in the elevator slides motionless around the sides of the elevator, face to the wall, before finally attacking Kunal.
  • Haunted House: The bungalow is a classic haunted house with glowing lights visible from under the door, no cell phone service when attempting to call for help, rooms shifting back and forth from dilapidated to completely neat and clean, all of the doors locking and the windows becoming tough enough to shatter baseball bats that strike them, ghosts jumping out at the protagonist and appearing right behind him, shifting portraits, ghostly music and voices... which might be an early indication that it's all a story that Kunal and Nikita made up.
  • It Won't Turn Off: The house phone is unplugged, and yet Kunal keeps getting calls on it...
  • Never Recycle a Building: The murders at the bungalow happened four years ago. It's still sealed up with crime tape and apparently completely undisturbed.
  • The End... Or Is It?: After Nikita and Kunal meet to get their stories in the hoax straight, Kunal goes for one last pizza delivery to a birthday. For Anjali...
  • Treacherous Spirit Chase: Nikita shows up at the bungalow and is apparently ambushed by the ghosts as Kunal can only watch through the peephole of the front door. After that, Kunal repeatedly hears her calling for help, only for him to run into more ghost trouble trying to find her, culminating in a scene where he finds her, and is leader her to the front door, when it's revealed he's actually holding the hand of the ghost.
  • Undead Child: One of the ghosts at the house appears as a child, and addresses Kunal as "Papa", with it being ambiguous as to whether they are the ghost of the child who died at the house, Kunal's unborn child, or Anjali looking to be reborn into the world.
  • Unreliable Narrator: The entirety of the haunted bungalow experience is a story Nikita came up with to explain the missing diamonds.


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