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Lifesaver Les: "So you're looking for a fuckin' blue, are ya? Hey? Well fuckin' come on, COME ON!"
Rocky: "What'd you start us for, mate? Chillax.
Lifesaver Les: "I'll fuckin biff ya, mate!"
Habib: "What did I do?
Lifesaver Les: "Well, if you wanna own the fuckin' beach, you have to go through FUCKIN' US! Cause we own the FUCKIN' beach! Our Grandfathers fought World War FUCKIN' 2 on this fuckin' beach, alright! And if I were you, I'd FUCK OFF!!"
Habib: "Rocky, look, what's he saying? His Aussie Accent is, like, hard to understand.
Lifesaver Les: "You, you and you and you, FUCK OFF!!!" '
Rocky: "I think he said, 'Who wants to start a WAR!!!!'"
Pizza episode 'Beach Pizza'.

Murray: "Oh right, who's the fuck-wit with the fireworks?!"
Bobo: "Habib!"
Habib: "I can't hear what's going on, uleh, but I'm not involved. I swear to God, I'm innocent."
Rocky: "Bobo, it wasn't Habib, bro. He doesn't like crackers!"
Habib: "It was the oven, uleh, I swear to God."
Rocky: "The only cracker in here is Officer Jacks Crackers." '
Habib: "What? What'd you say?"
Murray: "Fuck off out of my face, halal breath, or I'll come down on you like September 11!"
Rocky: "Yeah? And I'll give you a Cronulla Riot, you big zup!"
''Habib: "Speak louder, uleh.
Pizza episode 'Cracker Pizza'.

PM John Howard: "Bloody Wog Hoons."
Pizza episode Cracker Pizza.

Old Disabled Man: "Please climb the rope, I need help!"
Pauly: "Mate, you gotta be kidding, it's two stories!"
Old Disabled Man: "Please, I'm disabled!" '
Pauly: "Yeah, if I climb this rope, I'll fall off! I'm gonna be disabled too! I'll join your club!"
Old Disabled Man: "Please, I'll give you a reward!"
Pauly: "Reward? How much?!"
Old Disabled Man: "I'll give you a thousand!"
Pauly: "Oh, for a thousand bucks, I'll do it!"
Pizza episode 'Politically Incorrect Pizza'.

Dr. Freeman: "Get that fuckin' Pizza!"
''DJBJ: (Screams) Ah ha ha (screams) No! no! no! What about my Doodle! The fuckin' Doodle! (Whines)
Register: "How long do I have to wait?"
Pizza episode 'Doctor Pizza'.

Bobo: "Fat Pizza Pizzas! They're big and they're cheesy".
Ronnie Mc Doggle: "Yeah, it's Ronnie Mc Doggle here, mate. Where's my Small Hawaiian? I've been waiting for over, OVER AN HOUR! WHERE IS IT!"
Pizza episode 'Freaky Pizza'.

Habib: "What do you mean you ate all those pills, uleh? All of them?"
Davo: (coughs) "I thought they were lollies".
Habib: "I can't believe it."
Davo: "F**kin' starting to feel weird, mate."
Habib: "All those pills are full strength, uleh loc. Every single one is, like, stronger."
Davo: "I'm feeling (deeper voice) GOOD!" (opens eyes)
' (cuts to game)
Bobo: "No!" "No!"
Habib: "Oh Mah God!" "Oh Mah God!"
''Bobo: "No!"
'(Cuts to Davo)
' (Davo laughs)
''Bobo: "Move him over there with the other bodies."
Pizza episode 'Quaratine Pizza'.

Davo: "Hey junkie! Take that, you dog!" (farts)
'Pizza episode 'Melbourne Cup Pizza'.

Jim Smith: "I'll have another slice of Bobo's special, thanks."
Bobo: "You'll only get one".
Jim Smith: "This sign says it's all you can eat."
Bobo: "Read the fine print".
(Jim reads the fine print)
Jim Smith: "What a rip off."
Jane Smith: "Where's the alcohol, mate?"
Large Lady: "We should be pissed by now."
Everyone: "Yeah!"
Fan Lady: "And it's so hot in here! Why don't you have fuckin' Air conditioning?!"
Everyone: "Yeah!"
Stomach Rumbling Guy: "And on the phone, you tell you had this big screen TV?
Everyone: "Yeah!"
Pizza episode 'Melbourne Cup Pizza'.

Pauly: "Alcohol's not a drug, you stooge".
Pizza Season 1 episode 'Road Trip Pizza'.

Leonard the Nut: "Bobo! (farts) I poo poo in my pants!".
Pizza Season 3 episode 'Brand New Pizza'.

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