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Character Sheet for players of the FRPG, Mythril Aces. Entries are split into the Centauri and Federation factions and organized by rank.

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    Centauri Confederacy 

Military Lady Julia Zalez - Satinel

Current captain of the Centauri carrier Castellan.

Ensign Captain Hector Bouchard - Reluctant Cannon Fodder - Fauxlosophe

Second in command of the Centauri carrier Castellan.

  • Cowardly Lion: Will suit up in a mook frame and fight along side the aces when ordered to, all the while griping about his imminent demise.
  • Custom Uniform: He likes to add personal touches to see how much he can get away with.
  • Deadpan Snarker: To the point of being the Meta Guy at times.
  • Neo Gallian Jerk
  • Insane Troll Logic: Indulges in it at times to convince others of awful plans and ridiculous things. To his horror, sometimes it works.
  • Mildly Military: Does everything he can to mock and undermine authority.
  • Ultimate Job Security: Spends most of his time mocking superiors and Knights but his seniority prevents him from getting fired.

Trio Knight Lorraine Helena K.R. venne Bannikberg — Lady la Blanc note  - SpainSun

Leader of the Bannikberg Knights Regiment, a Centauri Knight squadron. A cool yet passionate woman. She pilots the modified Stalker, Voice of Silence.

Trio Knight Alexei Niktokov - Bolt of Azurelockonlockon
A Centauri pilot. An old friend of Lorraine's who brought him over to her regiment to act as her second in command. His frame is a customized Excalibur.

  • The Berserker: Has a bit of this in battle. But mostly when people do something cowardly or stupid. Which makes them...
  • Berserk Button: Literally. Alexei does not like it when people interfere with his job.
  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer: Alexei is a vicious pilot, and is profoundly honor-bound, always properly addressing his superiors. The rest of the time, he's a chirpy, eccentric fellow who loves yo-yos, and will talk your ears off at the slightest chance he gets.
  • Characterization Marches On: Used to go beserk, but is now more collected, but still violent.
  • Glass Cannon
  • Knife Nut
  • Meaningful Name: Alexei means "Defender", Whereas Niktokov means "Nobody's son".
  • The Slacker: Hates work. He actually prefers going to prison between the field and being stuck at the foundation.
  • Super Soldier: Alexei was produced by a program to create these before it shut down due to lack of funding.
  • That Makes Me Feel Angry: when he's raging.

Trio Knight James "Jimmy" Stuart - Golden Wings - Scholastica

A Centauri pilot. He is cheerful and talkative. His frame is an Invoke.

Eighth Knight Roxanne Bishop - Brazen Rocket - Satinel

A recently promoted Knight sent to Lambdadelta to showcase a prototype "Firefly" transformer frame.

Eighth Knight Earl Vieillard - Centurion - Fauxlosophe

A veteran of the Gainsborough campaign on Aeris. Recently promoted to 8th Knight and sent to serve in the Bannikberg Knights Regiment.

Fifth Knight Colette Fortescue - Violet Chevalier - daltar

A Centauri Knight, transferred into the Bannikberg Knights Regiment after her transport shuttle crash landed into the vacation planet of Yokolit. Owner of a cute space cat.


Sixth Knight James Weinz von Strantz - ''White Paladin' - CommandoDude


Sixth Knight Leonard Reitman - Liquid Sabre - Fusionman

A casual Knight from the Centauri controlled areas of Lai Dame.

Eighth Knight Gabriel Leon - Steel Phoenix - rabbitRider

The illegitimate son of a high-ranking noble, who yearns to prove himself and earn glory on the battlefield. Currently the newest member of the Bannikberg Regiment, and it shows.

???? Knight Issac Alesci - Pale Spector - darksidevoid

A member of the Praetorian Guard, and currently assigned to keep tabs on the Bannikberg Regiment after their little adventure involving a third party prison ship.

Trio Knight Tsubaki Karamoto - Iron Camellia

Alexei's mate and the Chief Engineer of the Bannikberg Regiment. Also a super soldier from the DeWitt Foundation

Centauri sapience-grade AI Sen - LockonLockon[[note]]made available for use to all Centauri players[[/note]

An AI that served with Alexei on his old regiment, is said to have saved his life several times. Operates the turret defenses of the castellan.

  • Gamer Chick: Often downloads video games to Alexei's slate computer in her free time.
  • Genki Girl: When she's not operating on official terms, she is energetic and loves to talk with the crew.
  • Space Ship Girl: Used to be one of these, she was modified to be a Portable AI, allowing her to transfer between systems easily once booted.

Blau the Space Octopus

An octopus species genetically engineered to live in space, rather than in the water.

Military Lord Dain Keller - Steel Citadel - Gaunt88

Former captain of the Centauri starship, Castellan.


    Earth Federation 
  • Rag Tag Bunch Of Misfits: The Federation squadron has never flown together before, having just been assembled prior to the beginning of the story.

Captain Mikal Quasp - Midnight Death/Angel-01 - zzzdragon

Captain of the Federation starship, Seraphim. Also a former frame pilot. His frame is modified Quicksilver.

Commander Calven Hobbes - November - by Wryte

Commander of the 195th Ace Squadron. He pilots the customized Quicksilver, Echo.


Lieutenant Flint Zechran - Wrench - Fluid

A young, relatively inexperienced ace despite his proven combat skills. Not prone to making the wisest decisions. He pilots the upgrade Magellan, Magus.

Lieutenant Jaedong Lee - Tyrant - neobowman

An ambitious Federation pilot looking to use the military as a springboard to power. He pilots the heavily modified Stalker, Swarm. Refers to himself as Lee Jaedong, in Korean name fashion.

Until the official art is done, this is Piper's look.

Lieutenant Piper Lee - Scrap - Absynthe

A Federation pilot. Her frame is a customized Magellan.
  • Cute Clumsy Girl: Sort of. More clumsy than cute.
  • Plucky Girl
  • Heroic BSoD: Piper was transferred to the Seraphim when her entire squad was killed in a Centauri sneak attack. She escaped because she was, as usual, running late; she arrived just in time to see everyone gunned down and blown to bits. The past six months have been a Heroic BSoD for her due to therapy and her dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder. She hides it well.
  • Wrench Wench to an extent. Good at minor repairs but is trying to teach herself more about her frame

Sune Arrows - Banshee - Atomic Nut

A former pirate, turned mercenary, that would eventually join the Federation due to a bizarre chain of events.

Lieutenant Rohiko Testbug - Callsign - neobowman
The new (actually sane) recruit
No tragic history or anything. Joined the military because of the money and eventual pension. Basically, it's just her job for that particular time in her life. It just so happened that she was an excellent frame pilot and became an Ace. It's her fourth year in the military and third as an Ace. Is a skilled general all-round pilot and is a nice person.

Lee Cooper - Coop - ReDead

A fighting man to the core, he is always seeking stronger opponents.

Barney D. Joseph - Bravo Juliet - by romanmyth

An aged Ace who came out of retirement because he was bored with civilian life.

Carson Hawkins - Nitro - GiG

Jay Ibarra - Knell - play by Hydrall

Varina Davis - Skydive - by Parable

Jill Gui - Dakka - MaskedAndDangerous

Loam Heartfield - First Ace - Hydrall

A veteran Federation pilot, popularly known as the First Ace. He wrote the book on modern deep strike warfare, apparently literally, and has fans on both sides of the war. He pilots an old Titanius. Currently on Lamia.

Federation Automatic Mission Assignment System, or Amas

The AI that presides over the Federation's Aces, supervising their missions without input by the higher command. It doesn't bother to check if missions are legal, though.



Ruthless prison warden

Delorelai vai Bizekbirg

  • Axe-Crazy - Has been this way since childhood. She's unstable, but also a really good frame pilot. Better than Lorraine, in fact.
  • Combat Sadomasochist - see Nightmare Fetishist below.
  • Evil Cannot Comprehend Good - Really doesn't get why everyone is so crazy about this whole "life" thing.
  • Misanthrope Supreme - Delorelai considers most life in general to be a blight upon the universe and disgusting as a whole. There are a few people—a very few—she likes. Mostly those who think the same.
  • Nightmare Fetishist - Death and gore are things she is into. Like....really into.
  • The Rival - An absolutely hate-fueled version of this with Lorraine. An exaggerated example, perhaps.

Utnapishtim Onaki

  • Axe-Crazy - Might actually be worse than Delorelai in this regard.
  • Gender-Blender Name - The Utnapishtim of Sumerian legend and myth was a man.
  • Nightmare Fetishist - Considers herself an artist. Her medium is killing people.
  • Meaningful Name - In-Universe example, as the project she is the sole survivor of was originally meant to create immortal soldiers. This was changed to a more realistic goal early on, but the names remained.
  • Misanthrope Supreme - Cares about a few people, much like Delorelai. Hates humans in general though, and doesn't even consider herself one.
  • Obfuscating Stupidity \ Obfuscating Naivety - Pretends to be a childish moron when Doctor Onaki is around/listening, which is most of the time.
  • Puppy-Dog Eyes - Does a deliberately disturbing version.
  • Super Soldier - Considers herself superior to humans.

Dr. Halsey Onaki


People who showed up on Ossetia during the subplot there. Mostly minor characters.

Maximilien venne Bannikberg

Archduke of Ossetia and Head of the Bannikberg House, a stern nobleman and former frame pilot himself (who lead the first group of pilots to ever call itself The Bannikberg Regiment). Disapproves of Lorraine's choice of career, but has come to begrudgingly accept it.

  • Blue Blood
  • Badass Beard - A dreadlocked beard, we might add.
  • Badass Grandpa - Current Archduke of Ossetia, one of the main discoverers of the ROZUM plot, this isn't even taking his frame days into account.

Lorraine A.D. venne Bannikberg

Archduchess of Ossetia, something of a lovable kook.

  • Cloudcuckoolander - Probably the straightest example that has shown up thus far.
  • Name's the Same - As her daughter. Which caused no small amount of confusion on Leonard's part.

Clovis venne Bannikberg

Heir to the Ossetian throne, Lorraine's older youngest brother.

Malachi venne Bannikberg

Lorraine's younger younger brother, not seen much.

Erszebette "Rizzy" venne Bannikberg

Lorraine's little sister. Adorably energetic.

Jenyfr venne Bannikberg

Renowned author, musician, and playboy (or playwoman, as the case may be). Lorraine's cousin, tried and failed to hook up with Isaac.

Uno Knight Bartholomew Tolkien, Smaug

Hot-Blooded Captain of the Ossetian Royal Guard, claims to be a decendant of JRR Tolkien.

    Other Characters 

Shahalan Captain Moral Dor

The hilariously fanatical and incompetent 'leader' of the Shahalan Republic's military forces.

The Revolution Subplot Characters

Lenin Spacey

Large Ham wannabe revolutionary. Frequently quotes political hip-hop. Leader, Founder, and one of only a handful of members of The Centauri Confederate Communist Party

  • Expy: More of a pastiche, really. But he does borrow heavily from both the real Lenin and other prominent Soviets as well as various political hip-hop figures like Chuck D, KRS-One and Micheal Franti. Of course, this is all exaggerated to comedic proportions.
  • Large Ham: I will NEVER SURRENDER!!
  • Rebel Without a Cause: Maybe?

Leo "Bro" Stein

The conspiracy theorist archetype taken to cartoonish extremes. Drinks nothing but coffee, as he believes all water to be laced with sedative drugs.

Ziggy Barone

Chipper CCCP member. Also indulges in unspecified recreational drugs.

Prison Ship

Fourth Knight Arthur Zhuktakov

A strong, honorbound Knight Lorraine meets onboard the prison ship. He has been there for almost a year now. He is from Ossetia.

Dorothy White

A Federation Engineer met by Lorraine onboard the prison ship. Ten of her eleven years in engineering were spent on civilian work before she was drafted to frame repair for the Federation. Her opinion of the war is low.

Jarit Delorean

Lorraine's deceased boyfriend and the son of Federation defectors, died in battle after being caught in the explosion of an enemy frame. His death was mourned throughout the Confederacy.


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