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"Faux's evil plans never get past the third whiskey bottle."-Parable

Laconic; A cranky old Veteran with a thing for culture, world building, philosophy and language which keeps him coming back occaisionally to TV Tropes. Will speak French and try to figure out/insert Irish Gaelic at every opportunity, though his fluency at both [especially written] is questionable at best.

Long version; Fauxlosophe has been kicking around for fivish years now, having joined up for the Mythril Aces RP, eventually even getting his own spin off. Both ran very successfully for about two years and a year respectively and are fondly remembered, leading to a reboot which aims at more nuianced gameplay and storytelling, which can be found here. It has recently undergone a purge in absent members and we are now happily taking new applicants (regardless of what the original post says).


Since then, he became a relatively prolific member of the R Ping community for some time, even netting 3rd place in a general election for RP mod behind Daltar and Parable. Yet, while his free time shrank and interest waned somewhat with time, he still remembers the site fondly as it saw him through highschool and into graduate studies.

He also goes by Meta Ad Infinitum occaisionally, and for a long time edited and ran a Philosophy themed RPG designed from the ground up refered to as Dungeons and Discourse, inspired originally by the Dresden Codak strip of the same name [though he and his cohorts would later distanced ourselves from the original strip]. The community is currently defunct but the rules are entirely usable, with the odd notification of someone running a D&Dis campaign coming to his inbox.


Right now, outside of summers and other breaks, his spare time tends to be pretty sparse and he tends to keep his participation fairly minimal and limits himself to games where he knows the GM and/or many of the players. His focus now tends to be on indepth world building, nuanced characters and gallows humour, while balancing players' wants with storytelling and plot needs... though he's not above the occaisional pulpy raunt with friends.

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    Parable's Analysis 
Faux Analysis: Elaborate worldbuilder with a language fetish rivaling Tolkein himself. Favors serious and mellow characters with very precise ethnic origins, sometimes stooping to outright snarky cynics. Stories are filled with numerous plots, Chekhov guns and detailed NPC backstories. Will write songs and poems in other languages for a single scene or player. Suffers fools poorly. Will actually kill a character.

    Currently Running: 

  • Sphaera II: Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean (In Planning Stages)
  • Mythil Aces: (Re)Union (Assistant GM)

    Dead Campaigns: 


    Quotes About Faux: 


"Let us conquer the world! Strategitian Faux. What should be our next move?"-daltar

"Faux, I already have a plan for crushing their hopes of rebellion."-Darksidevoid

"I can complain when Faux's cruel overworking drives it to ache"-SOCR

"Goddamn ninja you are, Faux."-Darksidevoid

"fun. do you live in like, Upper Hell, or something?"-Blixty Slycat, aka. Spain Sun

"And I'm still planning your demise!"-daltar

"I love the way Faux doesnt act like hes important whatso ever"-rabbitRider

"Faux is smarter than that cat."-rabbitRider

"Faux, why do you disapprove of -everything-?"-Hydrall

"also, I found something which explains Faux's G Ming philosophy:"-rabbitRider

"Faux you're a horrible person"-Lockon Lockon

"Faux is perpetually disappointed"-Lockon Lockon

"Faux and Parable are minor threats." -Blixty Slycat, Then know as Spain Sun

"Faux is coming to the states, god help us all."-rabbitRider

"You're not a time lord, Faux."-Lockon Lockon

"Faux and sarcasm, like bread and butter"-rabbitRider

  • "Now we're apparently plotting to brutalize Faux."-Darkside
  • "Always an enjoyable pastime."-Scholable

"Sometimes I think you have no sense of morality... then I think... 'what am I talking about, I've known this forever'."-rabbitRider

"[Faux is] the anthropomorphic personification of philosophy and cynicism"-Hydrall.

"Also, what Faux said is right."-Tachikaze

"Faux's evil plans never get past the third whiskey bottle."-Parable

"Faux is the guy you prefer at your side so he doesn't have a clear view of your back."-Hydrall


"[Faux]'d be a terrifying boss. Like Ron Swanson. But actually caring."-Rena

Comments and Vandalism below the line

You realize the fact that you bugged me to get an actual page renders you an enormous hypocrite, right? :P -Darksidevoid

  • Not really. I'd be a hypocrite if I complained that you needed someone to get you to start a page or if I didn't have a page myself. The way I see it, I'm just starting a tradition of people bugging people to get pages after having been bugged themselves.

... - Evil Children

  • ...?

You don't spend enough time online. - rabbit Rider

  • I do what I can but unfortunately, I require sleep.
    • The irony of these posts is highly amusing. - Parable

Traitorous Angle? Who took half my territories on the last turn out of spite? I was your loyal servant! -Rena d'Arc Mage (Seewhat Ididthere? Huehuehuehue...)

  • Hardly Chronic, I merely make a note to pay back in kind.- Kaiser Falsoph.

I'm vandalizing your page Faux. NOT SO FUN WHEN IT HAPPENS TO YOU, HUH!?!?! - GIG

  • Actually it kinda is. I'm hoping more people get on doing this.
  • Hmm, I appear to have forgotten to vandalize you. CARRY ON. -Hydrall

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