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Wryte once punched the sun because it was in his way. That sun is now a black hole.

Wryte is a sepia-toned chrysanthemum from the west coast of the United States. He played the character of Calven Hobbes in the fora RP Mythril Aces, and found roleplaying a character of a different biological kingdom to be an engaging challenge. More recently he began playing the character of Giselle Furst in the fora RP War of the Magical Girls. As a genderless plant, playing a female character presents him with no greater a challenge than playing a male character; a feat which he has mastered, as evidenced by all these male pronouns.

He can also be found on deviantart, tumblr, and livestreaming his art on picarto.

Current Works

  • In Galglen (formerly Sidetracked): When Fada, warrior princess of the Ra bandit clan, and Morn, sorceress of the enigmatic Urub tribe, get in each others' way on the road to Valendum, the two women soon find themselves facing execution. They must work together to escape and find their way through a land to which neither of them belong in order to save Fada's clan from a scheming merchant king, put to rest the ancient sins of the Urub, and prevent the return of the eldritch horrors in this young adult fantasy novel.
  • Carmen's Quest: When Carmen the Flaming Blade was approached by an old friend with a job offer, she never could have guessed the adventure it would lead to, spanning kingdoms, continents, and even dimensions to unravel the mystery of the divided world in this Chrono Trigger-inspired throwback JRPG.
  • Bugged Run: A Pokemon fancomic based on the 3rd gen remakes of Red and Blue. Hero of Another Story Chrys Elis is determined to become the Indigo League Champion with a team of nothing but Bug-type pokemon. It can be read on deviantArt or its own dedicated tumblr. This comic was started primarily as an art exercise, so expect lots of Art Evolution (the comic went from black and white on a blank field to full color and backgrounds by page 11, for example).

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