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BEHOLD. I am...COMMANDODUDE, A commando, who was a totally awesome dude...And henceforth, my online moniker nickname became...


You may be wondering...who is this...Commando Dude...

Well, the most you could possible know, is that he is a 19 year old college student...from Cuhlifohrnia. Who would love nothing more then to veg out at his computer watching various Anime. In fact, he has a particular penchant for a certain kind. You could even call obsession.

But, I digress, anymore and I'd have to kill you.

Ah, I'm just kidding.

But beyond that, I friken LOVE everything Halo, all that is yuri, and have been accused of being a total siscon.

I'm generally pretty amiable, but, because I am Literal-Minded, I tend not to take jokes at my expense very well.

Just do yourself a favor and Don't piss me off. Because I will hold a grudge.

Try not to overindulge my ego, it can get to my head really quick.

     My Creed 
  • Anybody's lifestyle is tolerable as long as they do not affect anyone else negatively.

  • Always research the facts.
    • Always question the validity of the facts
      • Especially Statistics.
    • The truth is always to be preferred.
      • If I don't know the truth, I don't automatically assume my reasoning is sound enough to be right.
    • It's okay to be wrong
      • It's okay to not admit that I was wrong as long as I adopt the truth from then on.
    • Willful ignorance is a crime to society at large.

  • Never be a hindrance

  • Prejudice is not to be tolerated.

  • Vote smart.
    • Never vote Republicant.

  • I am not required to adhere to other's moral standards
    • Particularly religious standards
      • As long as I don't break my own creed.
    • The law is not always right
      • I am not ethically required to follow the law if the crime is victimless. Regardless of the legal consequences.
    • It's okay to lie to the police to protect myself.

  • I am not required to, nor should I allow my peers to influence my decisions, behavior, should I not wish it.
    • I should make decisions based on rational thought not popular opinion.
      • It is okay to use whatever words I feel are acceptable. I have a freedom of speech.

  • An Eye for an Eye is perfectly acceptable.
    • Revenge should not be sought if the original offense has been repaid in an equal fashion.
      • Karma induced just deserts count as revenge paid off.

  • It's only acceptable to treat someone poorly when they have treated you, or others poorly. As with hostility.
    • It's okay to hold a grudge.

  • The coin toss is always right.


     Applicable Tropes 

Tropes that apply to da man behind teh avatar.

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    Mobile Suit Designs 

Here's where I dump all my ideas for Mecha

Oh look, this is the part where I get to list all the awesome shit I love.


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  • So this is a comments section? Anyway, I'm JasonTheHuman from FiMFiction and I've been waiting for someone to recommend my fanfiction on TV Tropes. So thanks!
  • Just so you know, I was totally tropin' that story before it was cool! ~Poptard