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Hi, I'm Poptard.

You probably don't know me, and I am also likely unfamiliar with you. So let's you and me be mutually ignorant of each other's true identities.

However, if you wish to know about me, keep on reading. Then you won't be so ignorant anymore, you ignorant person.

In case if you can't already tell, I'm a young nerd in high school. I'm actually very timid. I fear reprecussions from posting anything anonymously online. Somehow.


I'm a huge videogame fan. I sometimes spend over 4 hours each day on them. At least until I found TV Tropes.

I usually don't tend to skip over things. I like to read and analyze, ever since TV Tropers ruined my life. And if I do skip oversomething, it probably wasn't worth my attention anyway.

Some of my favoite works include:

Some of my recent activities on this wiki include:

  • Adding images to the Fallout New Vegas Character Sheet
  • Adding images to the Slayers Character Sheet
  • Edits, additions, and whatnot, like the other tropers.
  • Lots and lots of Trope Pages for My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fanfics.

The pages I've created include:

I've also joined a Play-by-Post Game on the forums, Pokemon Creations Egg. See my misadventures as Shane Van Graff as he journeys throughout Unova intent on becoming the richest trainer in the world. However, it appears to dropped dead.

Even better, I'm the GM of a another new Play-by-Post Game, Fallout: Blood and Sand. Join if you want. Or don't. But you can't since it appears to have been shot in the head and buried outside of Goodsprings.

Warning: Everything and anything is subject to change without notice. No exceptions.


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