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    Pooping The Charts 

Pooping the Charts is a compilation video series of mashup music videos that have been heavily edited (and manipulated) by cs188. Each video link goes to a video uploaded by a different user as shown on the link, which certain parts on the user's video may have been minor edited for no reason.

    Musical YouTube Poops 

    Main Channel YTP 

'''The Jam Family/All in the Family
  • "Now here's a little background: I got the whole family installed in our computer." (doesn't know what he's doing)
  • "Now that I'm on the internet, I'd rather be on my computer than doing a homework assignment!" "Which makes me happy as I would sure like them to go to hell someday...." (pause) "Makes me happy." (eating a flying hot dog)
  • "Rich keeps up with the stock market and our sock market and our cock market and our grave market…" (This is technically a headstone, not a grave, but I think you get the idea) "…and our Doc Martens market. And I haven't been able to get Rich off ever since."

The Friends Arrive The Friends Arrive The Friends Arrive The Friends Arrive
"Take a pee on the Internet"

Oetting Online (Jell-O)
"You're going surfing on the Jell-O-net"

The Basics/The Google
"You're going surfing on the search engine"

Internet Safety
"Take a shit."

Andrew: Is this like sex?
Dasha: It is sex.
Peter: That's right! First, Mom had to get under Dad, Dad had to open the hole, andddd give her the dick. And then he came on her tits.
  • This:
Andrew: Don't they have chest games?
Peter: (as a picture of a woman's breasts show up on screen) Yeah!
Dasha: No.
  • "All the kids enjoy the tits!"
  • Chat session:
LatinoFriend55: Hey buddy, how's it going?
LatinoFriend55: I am very hurt by that, Peter.
PeterJamison623: lol jk jk
  • "Hate Latinos on the Internet!" I'M KIDDING JEEZ
  • The Egypt scene.
*The kids find an Egyptian protest image on the Internet*
"Amazing! It looks just like it does in out history books, only it seems more real, like we're there...." Lisa daydreams and flies around the clouds and soars through worldwide historic and ancient landmarks and goes close to the Statue of David's penis
  • The Parents Arrive
"We looked up school stuff." sure ya did...
"I can't go another day without the internet!" (an image of the Statue of David's penis floats around her face) "Don't tell her about the gay stuff."
"Snot just for boys."

Constructing A Bomb To Decimate Your Pathetic Neighborhood
"You're going surfing on the—" (cue bomb exlposion)
"But honey, did you know that you could die on the internet?"

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