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    Pooping The Charts 

Pooping the Charts is a compilation video series of mashup music videos that have been heavily edited (and manipulated) by cs188. Each video link goes to a video uploaded by a different user as shown on the link, which certain parts on the user's video may have been minor edited for no reason.

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     Misc. Main Channel YTP 
  • My Little Porno: Friendship with Benefits
    • The beginning:
    Rainbow Dash: Louder.
    Fluttershy: Yay.
    Rainbow Dash: Louder.
    Fluttershy: Yay.
    Rainbow Dash: (so quiet that she's barely audible) LOUDER! (lol I did the exact opposite of what you expected)
    Fluttershy: (inhales deeply while sucking a whole watermelon) Yaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    (Fluttershycheer.exe has stopped working)
    Jack Black: Look, we can go inside! (walks towards Fluttershy with a censored erection)
    Elmo: Stop!
    Jack: Aww man! Okay, Elmo, you cock blocker!
    • "My little PENIS frieeeeeennnnndddds~!"
    • "Ugh! Here I thought I'd have time to learn more about the Elephants of Harmony, but silly me, all this ridiculous dick-sucking and butt-fucking has kept me from it!"
    • "I am so frustrated, I could just scream. Jizz Cream." [Deep Breath] "A meme." [REAL BIG DEEP BREATH!]
    • "Don't worry, Spike, we'll all get to suck some dick together. LAWL LAWL~"
    • "Great! 'Cause I gouged out my insides!"
    • Uh oh
      Twilight Sparkle: I just hope Princess Celestia isn't upset with us for jizzing in the salad.
      Princess Celestia: FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU!
    • The following line, which has essentially become a meme:
    Celestia: Oh twat! The Grand Gralloping Grala is gralways grawful! That's why I was thrilled you were not sober!
    • "This country owes its very existence to the strength and courage of mesothelioma, a disease uniquely linked to mesothelioma. Fortunately, many worked in areas contaminated by asbestos. Attention: if you or a loved one was diagnosed with amoilehtosem, you may be entitled to die. Shitting in the automotive industries may have put you at risk. Please, play Risk. Call 1-800-90-90-90-90-90-"
    • "Could you fuck 15 cats under a rock?"
    • And this little gem:
      Geico Guy: Is Gaben really fat?
      Gabe Newell: Uh, no.
      Geico Guy: Bullshit, you smartass! (lulz now episode 3 is never coming)
    • Jack Black pleasuring Fluttershy.
      Jack: Awesome! Awesome! Glorious! -Fluttershy letting out soft screams-
      Elmo: Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh...
      Jack: OK, Elmo- Wait a minute! 1, 2, 3... we found an orgy!
    • Hearing Fluttershy singing "Killing In The Name" is oddly hilarious.
      Fluttershy: MOTHERFUCKER!!
  • Fascism is Magic (Re-upload)

  • Robots having sex all over the arena floor
    • "Let's go to our battleboard and get our battleboard!"
    • The reporter and the teams in the pregame show.
      Basenji: Well the [bleep] is to lift them up with the PINGAS, push him around and avoid those nasty ass cutting things on the front.
      Reporter: Sounds like COCK.
    • The Darkness team's pregame report is pure gold.
      Member 1: How ya doing I'm Scott Millenbaugh, and this is my good friend Scott Millenbaugh and uh, we're here to [bleep] some robots, eh, we're GAY. And this is Darkness here with our driver, Scott Millenbaugh
    • "The dog gets LAID!"
    • The post game is even better!
      Mick Foley: Basenji was boned.
      Basenji: Well, I thought I was doing well until I completely f***ed up.
    • The Caramelldansen at the end.

  • This poop; the first part of it is mediocre and nothing special, but then his praise of HoH SiS switches to a rape testimony.
  • Michael Becomes Increasingly Explicit, a hilarious recount of Michael Rosen's graphic childhood.
    • "My dad said that after the war, people all came home to keel over and die. There weren't gonna be anymore people, there weren't gonna be anymore crackhouses, there wasn't gonna be any more Walmart." (see: crack house)
    • "Look out the window! There's a window!" (i know you were all just DYING for me to use this joke again)
    • "There's my mum! She's doing my dad, and my dad wants really big tits in his mouth." *Michael inflates cheeks to an impossible level*
    • "My mum said to me and my brother, 'Tidy your room!", so we go, 'No!'. Then she said 'Eat shit.' It was then me and my brother ran her over with the car! That's a shame. Heh-heh. My mum died in the street, and everything was lovely once again. Wonderful. And then we went home."
    • "And then I noticed the woman opposite. Lollipop lady was walking home, with a lollipop stuck in her arse! Nice."
    • "When I was one, I was drinking spit! When I was two, I ate a red shoehorn! When I was three I started rolling up little blunts! When I was four, I ate my hamster! When I was five, I made a steak!" (EXPLICIT LEVEL INCREASING) "When I was six, I was breathing in queef!" (sniffs and sighs awkwardly) "When I was seven, I rubbed syrup on my sister's really big nipples. *pop* Nice."
    • "Sometimes my dad doesn't shave his hairy balls, like a great big bag of plums! Really good..."
    • "My dad's waiting for me to say something! I'm hoping he'll keel over and die!"

  • Ron Pitts Bakes a Super Manly Fudge Pie in his Pants

  • Bill Nye's Big Dick Theory

  • Gaston Pleasures Himself to the Sound of His Own Voice.

  • Legends of the XXX Temple (Part 2- TEMPLE RUN)
    • The lead-in to the show's theme (you know, when the camera is pushing through the jungle leaves) perfectly seguing into "Never Gonna Give You Up".
    • "Are you ready, Olmec?"
      • (beat) "Mexican cock."
    • "You two fucked yourselves, and it took a lot of practice..."
    • "Everyone knows that an Indian's residence of choice was a PENIS."
    • "Can you poop guess with a mystery?"
    Girl: Does your person wear a hataheroin?
    Boy: No.
    Girl: Uh-huh!
    Boy: No.
    Girl: Uh-huh!
    Boy: No.
    Girl: F*beep* you!
    Boy: (grins awkwardly)
    • "One partner from each teeeeeeam will fasten his flap to the pole, and get ready to fasten his flapping DICK!! to the pole, and get ready to go back down onto his partner's long cock!"
      • Wait a minute...both players have a penis? That can end only two ways...
    • "But before we get started, we're gonna hear a bunch of bull SHIT!!!"
    • "Spin the ship's wheel, and you can descend into the shit. There, you must have the ass...with Kirk Fogg!"
      • "If you escape, you may enter the tomb of the ancient cocks."
    • "Push in the right Gaga, and you can descend into the Waa W. And the doorway may open by running into the sign—" *CLANG* "Ha ha ha ha ha!" *CLANG* "Ha ha ha ha ha!"
    • "If the correct door is unlocked, you can crawl into the King's ass, and plow through the temple gates! The choices are yyyyyyyy and yyyy alone. Good fuck."
    • "For just going into the temple, you get NOTHING! You LOSE! Then you'll both be going to Jamaica!!"
    • "She's gotta swing out on the rope and knock down the cock!"
    • "Into the room of the ancient woahs and-" *screams* "OHHHHHH SHIT!!!!" "Caught by a Pedobear!"

  • Bill Nye gets High in the Mountains (This one is age-restricted, although you can view it without an account at this link):

  • A Michael Rosen Christmas

  • Michael gets horny at the hospital

  • Daffy Duck takes LSD to perform fellatio on a rubber chicken
    • The title card changing from "Duck Amuck" to "Fuck a Duck".
    • "Stand back, motherfuckers! They shall sample my sample!" *Sample Text*
    • "Daffy Duck, he fucked an igloo.." *loud grunting and groaning noises* (SCENE MISSING) (Always wear a rubber, kids :)
    • "YOU SLUT!"
    • Daffy singing "Hey, Soul Sister".
    • "...Nigga?"
    • Daffy fighting with the falling ceiling and eventually standing under it like he did at the beginning. "lol daffy accepts defeat"
    • "If you weren't me, I'd fuck you right in the pussy!" "Don't let that stop ya, jackass!"
    • Daffy's parachute being erased and replaced with Bill O'Reilly.
    • "Stand back, Bulshiteers!"
    • Daffy entering the Mushroom Kingdom and looking utterly confused.

  • Vegeta wasn't expecting that... It has to be seen to be believed.

  • The Chronicles of Rage-icalfaith360
    • "What do you do when you wannawannawanna watch your favorite diarrhea re-enactments?"
    • "Radicalfaith360 is doing drugs right now!"
    • The awkward Pepsi scene. Listen to your mom right now.
    • "I love fecal matter! I'll shit anywhere!" [Metal Gear Solid enemy noise] "That's the power of the Big Toilet City!"
    • The Rugrats sequence.
    "Stu....what are you doing?!"

  • Bill Nye Is Going To Run Out Of Molecules

  • Escape from HOH SIS
    Narrator: [Interrupting Richard eating ice cream] Richard, do you want the JoJ?
    Richard: No. I no longer need the JoJ.
    Narrator: [As Richard's lower lip quivers] But, you need foundation repair...
    Richard: Not anymore.
    Narrator: [As Richard's eyes grow bigger and bigger] But, you want the JoJ the first time, right?
    Richard: Never. [Walks off the screen]
    Narrator: Dammit! Come back right now, you asshole, and say you want the JoJ!
    • Wesley driving off the narrator with a gun.
      Wesley: I'm a very up-front guy and I'm gonna hafta tell ya how it's gotta be done [holds up a gun and cocks it] so I don't have to come back out here.
      Narrator: Holy fuck!
    • "And you're outta money, right? Call HoH SiS right now for a FreerF!"

  • We're Looking Into The Future, Chuck
    • "Oh, boy! Ham!" (starts chopping the heck out of the ham) "Chuck, could you shoot yourself?"
    • (parents walk out the door) " it this Friday?"
    • "We're looking into the future, Chuck. Young man, you're going to be here." (cue picture of Chuck's grave)
    • "Table manners are silly"
    • (And now for some complimentary explicitness that you might have been waiting for)
      • "Say you're having sex with your boss for pleasure and relaxation. Say he's thinking about a good sex position; put your dick in the boss's ass. Would you give the JoJ?"
      • "At least you can fuck your mother. It's only common courtesy." [Cue Imagine Spot of Chuck humping the mother] "Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck..."
    • Stupid Statement Dance Mix at the end.

  • Paula Peen Consumes Family Members on the FooF Network
    • "Get a free $2 gift card when you buy 10 Caribbean menus"
    • "That's right, f**k you! Hurruh! HurryrruH! Free trays! Only at G.I. JOJ!"
    • Paula Deen's book, "My Whole Career", burning in the fireplace.
    • "She taught me how to make my worst pot of chicken...I dumped everything out."
    • "My cooking is passing gas."
    • "It's really important that you get a big raaack. I'll never forget the day I had a big raaack." *color bars*
    • "I think the simpler things in life are associated with death."
    • "This is one of the treasures in my kitchen, y'all." *spatula becomes toilet brush* "And it came out of my grandmother's back."
    • "There's three ingredients: plain corn meal, sauce (*Sorry, I couldn't resist), and Grandma. And you can hear my grandmother sizzling."
    • "The food is really kind of a vehicle."
    • "My grandmother tastes the best. Look at that horse." (Yes, I do realize how old that is. AND I DON'T CARE) "She was so good. I never realized just how tasty my grandmother was."
    • "Super long taco boner to satisfy a big tight ass."
    • "Introducing the 99-cent Super Pooper Taco!"
    • (salad?)
    • "COCKO BELL"
    • "I can taste my mother — that beautiful, red-headed woman — standing on her stove, flipping the bird."
    • "I love that connection that Southern cookin' has to losing my damn mind!
    • "The food is really kinda hairy."

  • The Bad Prince of Breaking Fresh Wind
    An absolute trainwreck or monumental extravaganza of a testicle bag's worth of sources inside a video longer in minutes than you can sustain your viagra-induced erection.
    • "Now this is a story all about how my life got fucked up so bad, and I'd like to take a shit right in my chair, I'll tell you how I became the princess of a town called Balls."
    • "In West Uncle Phil-adelphia one day, I started shooting some people in my neighborhood."
    • "And my mom got scary and said, 'You're moving with your auncle and untie in Bel Air."
    • "…and then she gave me my ticket, I said might as well stick it up my ass."
    • "Yo, this is badass. Drinking paint out of a champagne glass."
    • "I whistled for a cab, and when it came near, the cab ran over a cat. If anything I could say that this cat would not be all right. I put my Walkman on and said, 'I might as well kick it into the sewer', but I thought 'Nah, forget it'"
    • SHEESH
    • "…you gotta get up first thing in the morning, head out to Ames."
    • "Dinner is served, lube-a-lot bam-boom!"
    • "Here are the condiments for your fish: tartar sauce, dill sauce, lemon sauce, cock sauce, dick sauce, arsely butt sauce, sauce, sauce."
    • FFFFFFFTTT "Is that gas?"
    • "What haaaappened is that I shit on the living room rug, that's what happened. This total butt malfunction."
    • "Pull out the hose — Pull out the hose — Pull out the hose —"
    • "I have been having sex on the living room rug with your uncle this entire time, but I did it for very gay reasons." (*worst splice of "gay" anybody has ever heard) "Yum."
    • "Now listen, I gotta shit this morning. Here we go." (Winnebago Man enters a porta-potty) "It's gonna be very hot, very uncomfortable for everybody." (farting noises) "God damn diarrhea! I gotta just keep shitting, a full five inches that you can put up your fucking ass if you want to."
    • "I don't want anymore of the fucking Doors ["Break On Through" starts playing] No more Doors. [Jim Morrison appears, singing] FUCK OFF! [Hit with a brick] No more Jim Morrison."
    • R.I.P. Jim Morrison. Died from a brick on through to the other side of his head
    • "Hi Ashley...wanna see my penis?" "Pass."
    • "I guess I'd better be getting back to reality."
    • "Well, the fiirrrst thing I do is eat a giant dick, suck my own brains out, shit in the sewer, eat a giant vagina, demand an energy-efficient car, fuck some chicken strips, micromanage a dude's balls in my mouth, promote a bathroom, turn into a Jew, turn into a Russian, approve homos, go to the bathroom in my car, call a sex line, get an erection, run a giant fish on Debra's pussy, puke on my own computer, swallow some black chicken birthday ball soup in my bathroom window, now I'm a bagel!"
    • "Sauce." (this 0.7 seconds is DaThings1 approved)
    • Joey Fatone: It's time to play FamilimaF FeueF! Give it up for Steve Harvey!
      Steve Harvey: Hey, welcome to fast food, everybody! I'm your man, Steve Manly. It's the Poor family! The Top 6 answers on the board. Name something that might get broken if a wife catches her husband cheating.
      Chris: Vase.
      Steve: Vase?
      (board starts to reveal "A glass/vase/dish", then turns it back over as the buzzer sounds)
      Amy: His cock.
      Steve: His cock!
      (board reveals "His 'dong'/nose/body")
    • "Dikekike's 15 inch cock sex center orange insurance."
    • "Why do I got a sudden urge to sh[bleep] my drawers?"
    • "You're athletic too? I should've known by your bulging foreskin!" "They do draw stairs."
    • The scene with the Winnebago Man as Flappy Bird.
    Winnebago Man: "FLY fly FLY fly FLY fly" *smack* "Jesus Christ. Gotta do it again, right now." Fly FLY fly FLY fly FLY *smack* "Shit. That ain't funny anymore. FLY fly FLY fly FLY fly" *smack* "God damn sus of a bitch!"
    • "Lettuce, get the fuck out of here."
    • "I need a way to shohs. Did I make a steak? Did I sus too loud? Did I leave my life to chance or did I shit my fucking pants ants ants ants? Fucking blow the cock blow the cock sex sex I'm cummin' I'm cummin' sex sex cock cock cock"
    • The Breaking Bad / Billy Mays end scene.
    Billy Mays: Hi, Billy Mays here! We did not order a pie.
    Walter White: We've got dipping sticks.
    Billy: It doesn't matter. Damn it, Walt. We did not order any fucking pizza!
    Walter: Can't we at least just sit down and eat a piece of pizza?
    (door closes, a tear forms on Walter's eyes)
    Billy: Good, go away right now!
    (Walter throws the pizza on the roof)
    Billy: Damn it, why did you throw pizza on the fucking roof? You are fucking unbeliveable, Walter White! I'm gonna stick my meat so far up your ass right now, you'll have to remove it with surgery, guaranteed. But I'm not done yet! I want your truck to look really damaged, watch this! I'll put a giant hole in your windshield with this hammer in one easy motion! And I'm gonna cut your brake line? Why, because fuck you, that's why!
    (Walter runs over Billy's hand and starts shooting him)
    Billy: You shittin' me? Geez oh man. Wow, what a death.

  • The Best Foundation Rape-Air
    • "Stop the drinking problems right now before it stops you from enjoying your crack."
    • "Tell-tale signs include tell-tale signs." (Tell-tale signs include: Tell-tale signs; tell-tale signs; most importantly, tell-tale signs)
    • "They can also arrange for third party professional professionals to circumcise your foreskin at no charge. They can also toss bricks in your windows. Damage." (CRASH) "Obviously, MBR engineers are serious alcoholics."
    • "Hi, my name's Gecko." (GEICO gecko appears)
    • "And they gave my grandparents head, and we had them doing several different—" (We don't need to know the specifics.)
    • "Jizz really really all around."
    • "And their website, I have a tear… is MBRGFRMFGFFFBMFDR dot com. Definitely not worth it!"

    • Opening introduction is a gag. Try to hold your laugh, please.
    On your mark ("Mark"), get set, we're riding on the Internet. Cyberspace, cyberSEX.
    Interactive Ass Site, a window to the Web-a-tite, searching for Reality.
    Take a spit on the Internet!
    • The Jam Family / All in the Family
      • "Now here's a little background: I got the whole family installed in our computer." (doesn't know what he's doing)
      • "Now that I'm on the internet, I'd rather be on my computer than doing a homework assignment!" "Which makes me happy as I would sure like them to go to hell someday...." (pause) "Makes me happy." (eating a flying hot dog)
      • "Rich keeps up with the stock market and our sock market and our cock market and our grave market…" (This is technically a headstone, not a grave, but I think you get the idea) "…and our Doc Martens market. And I haven't been able to get Rich off ever since."
    • The Friends Arrive The Friends Arrive The Friends Arrive The Friends Arrive
      "Take a pee on the Internet"
    • Oetting Online (Jell-O)
      "You're going surfing on the Jell-O-net"
    • The Basics/The Google
      "You're going surfing on the search engine"
    • Internet Safety
      "Take a shit."
      Andrew: Is this like sex?
      Dasha: It is sex.
      Peter: That's right! First, Mom had to get under Dad, Dad had to open the hole, andddd give her the dick. And then he came on her tits.
      • This:
      Andrew: Don't they have chest games?
      Peter: (as a picture of a woman's breasts show up on screen) Yeah!
      Dasha: No.
      • "All the kids enjoy the tits!"
      • Chat session:
    LatinoFriend55: Hey buddy, how's it going?
    LatinoFriend55: I am very hurt by that, Peter.
    PeterJamison623: lol jk jk
    • "Hate Latinos on the Internet!" I'M KIDDING JEEZ
    • The Egypt scene.
      • *The kids find an Egyptian protest image on the Internet*
      • "Amazing! It looks just like it does in out history books, only it seems more real, like we're there...." Lisa daydreams and flies around the clouds and soars through worldwide historic and ancient landmarks and goes close to the Statue of David's penis
    • The Parents Arrive
      • "We looked up school stuff." (sure ya did...)
      • "I can't go another day without the internet!" (an image of the Statue of David's penis floats around her face) "Don't tell her about the gay stuff."
      • "Snot just for boys."
    • Constructing A Bomb To Decimate Your Pathetic Neighborhood
      "You're going surfing on the—" (cue bomb explosion)
      • "Let's start with some important facts on bombs."
    • "But honey, did you know that you could die on the internet?"

  • Three St00ges Invent Slaps Dick Comedy

  • Michael Rosen experiments on the cat
    • "They said Michael Rosen goes from house to house, asking for some chocolate cake." (I BET HE DOES)
    • "Take the bagels out of the bagels."
    • "Don't teleport!"
    • "Quite often, we used to jizz on the cat."
    • "My mum and dad said, right, you can wash it up. WASH SHIT UP."
    • "We used to have Dave Mustaine over for our Sunday dinner in the middle of the night."
    • The Michael Rosen Hallway.
    • "My brother shows me a tiny co—" "Michael, you make this way too easy for us."
    • "The QUIET.
    • "I've got a secret weapon, Luigi!"
    • "Now, he's got his back to me, so I take a slimy crap in his orange juice. It's filling up with dirty sphincter water."
    • "YouTubePoopers can't be trusted to do anything nice! If I had the time to try and sue the pants off them…"
    • "Clit cake." (I'm 99% certain someone else already used this joke, but I can't remember who.)
    • "And now I've got the taste of it in my mouth and I can't stop myself so I go GIT DAT DUT GAT JAH JAH hombenghahomehgna. I can't stop myself! Hombenghahomehgna inhale woodchuck-a whabntahhwasghtnwwggbb!"

  • Caillou's Ebolaween Twentyfourteen
    • "Caillou's Big Furry Finger Up The Butt Show! Or some shit."
    • The Running Gag of Caillou's dad masturbating.
    • Caillou helping his mom with the "JoJ-Lantern" by drawing his mom's..."twins".
    Achievement: Draw Mommy's boobs on a pumpkin
    • "Clementine's family was upsetting Caillou. In fact, he hated them!" *Caillou shoots Clementine* "MOMMY!"
    • "ROSIE IDIOT!" *Rosie slams into a wall and screams*
    • The entire Billy Mays scene.
    • "Caillou was doing crafts... but he wasn't really." *trollface* "Caillou was making a fucking mess."
    • "Why don't you two play a game with CaillU2. U2 YouTube Playa."
    • "Caillou picked, and picked, a whole bunch of boogers. He kept on eating them!"

  • Kanye West Gets Hard For Beyonce's Chest
    • "I'm really happy for you, Imma let you shit, but Beyonce had one of the best shits of all time!" *Surprised Beyonce closeup with bathroom noises*
    • "I'm really happy for Beyonce!" *Taylor Swift looking upset*
    • "Beyonce had the best tits of all time! *Chest closeup on picture of Beyonce*
    • "I'm really hard for Beyonce's tits!"
    • "MAS-TUR-BATE!"
    • "I'd like for Taylor to come."
    • "Maybe...Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time."
    • "Imma finish on Beyonce's tits!"

  • Caillou's Horny Halloween Rapefest (age-restricted), takes Crosses the Line Twice to new levels:
    • Caillou swinging on a rope, and the rope breaking and sending him offscreen.
    • "Mommy, mommy, can I have some Jews?" "Nononononono, Caillou."
    • "Caillou thought it would be fun to rape Rosie for Halloween. But he wasn't the only one with that idea."
    Grandma (caressing Rosie): There's a good girl, Rosie. Close your eyes, Rosie...
    Caillou's Mom: "Why don't we find you a different costume?" *pulls out costume* "How about this?" *shows a mask of an African-American stereotype and a T-shirt reading "Fried Chik'n"*
    Rosie: "K.K.K."

  • CAN YOU HANDLE MORE?!?!?! (age-restricted, you'll see why)
    cs188: "Y'know... I look back on this video and ask myself... How the hell did I combine these three things into one video: 1) A children's Spiderman toy 2) A woman's shower sex toy, and 3) Gabe Newell ? I don't remember what I was on when I made this video.

  • Super Circumcision

  • Michael's Bathroom Fiasco
    WARNING: I don't recommend watching this while eating. That is all.
    • "When I was 65, I had really big trouble in the bathroom. [...] I sit down on my toilet to take a dump. And I sit there waiting for the poop to come out, but it was absolutely stuck in my anus."
    • "Anyway, after a few hours of this, I said, 'this is a big waste of my time'. And I get the toilet plunger. I stand up and stick it onto my butt and I start pumping away like mad, and I try and I try to get that crap out." (shouts in pain) "It's hurting, but I'm not taking no for an answer." (screams painfully)
    • "Then I noticed the plunger was stuck to my bum." (facepalms) "Great! So now I get the Michael Rosen lube. Oh, it was lovely."
      • No, that's NOT why he needed the lube.
    • Michael's mom offering him an apple while he's on the toilet.
    Michael: Mom, why the fuck would I want an apple? Will you go away?!
    • "Meanwhile, I got dribbles of poop coming out of my butt all over the floor. So I start sliding on the shite-y floor..." "Slam! Ka-boom!" "OW!"
      • "And I lay there with soggy lumps of doo-doo all over my hair and face! Oh no, this is horrible!"
    • "Perhaps, I thought, when I got up this morning, I won't have to put my face in a chunk of shit. But NO! Why should I get a break?"
    • "She opens the door and that really does it." "WOULD YOU BELIEVE IT?!"
      • "Do we take a dirty shit in the sink and fiddle-diddle with the toilet plunger at 9:30? And why is your poop everywhere but the toilet?" "Ah, mum, just wait a sec, I can explain! I was not fiddle-diddling anything!" Mum says, "You can't fool me. Why do you have lube?" (double facepalm) "SHIT!"
      • "I never felt quite so horrible in all my life! So, that was that. I never saw Mom again!"
    • "Later that day, my poop turned into chocolate cake. So I ate the lot. Wonderful! And I had loads to eat." (eating noises) (But it magically turned back into poop again.) ""BLEAH!"
    • "The Michael Rosen Farty Time!"
    • "I rubbed my dick, I rubbed my dick, I rubbed my dick. Not long after, it was very hard."

  • Sausage to Mr. Trump
    • "Hello, Mr. Trump. I'm on a quest to have disgusting sex with you."
    • "The reason I climbed your tower is to discuss an important matter: I'm selling hoodies."
    • (teleports in after walking away) "I can respawn".

  • Charmx's Long-Awaited Ass Reveal
    • Charmx's logo replaced with a picture of Charmin toilet paper.
    • "W-w-w-w-w-w-what is up my ass today?"
      • "What is up, my internet friends a sndeirf tenretni ym pu si thaw? I am Xanax."
      • "I am Gas-X."
      • "I am Charmander."
    • The "Can we hit [X] likes?" notice keeps being changed, such as "Can we hit 5 likes?" and "We can't hit 500 likes? Fuck you."
    • "Today, I'm going to be reacting to 'YTP: Anthony Sullivan wipes his penis on Charmx'"
    • "cs188 just made this fucking shit a few days ago. I'm gonna be reacting to 'YTP: Caillou's Caindy Cai-hole Caitastrophe'. Now this is by cs8-8-8-8, I have hiIiIiIgh expectations that this is gonna be horrible."
    • "I'm going to be reacting to a XXX adult film, and the video's called 'Michael's Awesome Titties', and I am so excited because Michael Rosen is so fucking sexy."
    • "Cs188 is like one of those people who wipes McDonald's on his bum."
    • "Anyway, that's a tissue. Then there's my computer that's a tissue. And I'm pretty sure a large portion of you don't want to see tissue videos."
    • "If you guys like this video, make sure you dislike this video!"
  • We Are Number One BUT SHOUTED BY BILLY MAYS AND IT'S REALLY LOUD is cs's hilarious take on "We Are Number One".
    • "Now listen, Everyone! Here's a little lesson in trickery, This is going down in this turkey!"
    • Anthony Sullivan as Sportacus
    Anthony: (while chased by Billy and his mooks) Hi, Anthony Sullivan here!
    • One of Billy's mooks repeatedly stepping on a branch.
    • Billy's reaction to one mook falling into one of the traps.
    Billy: What the hell?
    • Billy disguises as Vince Offer and uses the Slap Chop to knock out Anthony.
    • "Now look at this net, that I just found. When I say go, get ready to throw away that smelly toilet brush." (a toilet brush flies on top of the screen)
    • Billy yells "You stupid dumbasses!" when the mooks throw the net over him.
    • "Now watch and learn, here's the deal, he'll slip and slide on this Zorbeez!"
      • After his mooks slip on said Zorbeez, Billy yells angrily "WHATTYA DOING?!"
    • Anthony Sullivan energizes up by eating an InstaBulb and escapes the cage with a DualSaw.
    Anthony: Escaping's easier with the InstaBulb!
  • Michael's Massive Farty Time
    This video absolutely stinks. A semi-sequel to "Michael's Bathroom Fiasco".
  • [YTP] National Giraffeic Teaches You Slnimals
    • "...and if you're lucky enough, you might see them take large poops, about a dozen or so, which is kinda interesting to picture."
    • The speaker's constant "Um"s.
    • "...but, when food is scarce..." "Hi, it's Scarce here." "...they will move into other areas where the vegetation is dead." :( "But they will drink large quantities of soup."
    • "And within a few hours, the calf can die." (picture inverts, usual sad music plays) :(
    • "IT'S PORN"
    • "But-but-butbutbut, they're pretty animals..slnimals. They have a cape." "One of those capes you can wear when you fly." (Giraffe flies to heavily distorted Superman: The Movie theme)
    • "Giraffes are incapable of moving around." (cue sad music and :( face)
    • "I-I-I-Interestingly, giraffes tend to disappear" (giraffe vanishes) "for an extended period of about 400 to 460 days, and then they usually dance." (dance music plays as goofy giraffe prances across the screen)

     Self-YTP and Alt. Channel YTP (cs188creations)