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"Maybe on Argentina, maybe in the future"
He's more serious than it looks.

Acid Rain is an argentininan webcomic created by FLR, because, in his own words:"Because I felt like it.".

The setting is a fairly typical Cyberpunk, set in Argentina which has been on a dictatorship since the seventies (and counting).

The year 2056, Daniel Jünger, a mercenary, who tries to live as better as he can, taking odd jobs, from the most mundane, to including murders, not that he's happy with his life, he's even shown being stressed because of this. Shit hits the fan when he interrupts a robbery in a local market, he engages in a fight with a thief, and ends with Daniel badly injured and the thief dead.

Moments later he escapes because he doesn't want to end up in jail, after all, a murder it's still a crime. Daniel collapses in a back alley, where he's found by Nimsi, and contracted to fight against the country dictatorship, after deliberating, he reluctanctly accepts.


Art-wise, it has a gritty, somewhat realistic style, but it's still VERY unpolished. It doesn't rely on facial expressions for gags, and it's fairly serious, with little comedy. It has a lot of Shout Outs. It's kind of NSFW for it's violence and nudity too.It can be found in here, and start reading, here, the author wants to release an entire volume in the site, either to read online or download in .cbr format.Currently on hiatus due the author studying and engaging in other projects.


Acid Rain contains the following tropes: