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  • Elvira's House of Horrors has a few, owing to both its license and extensive use of Public Domain Feature Films:
    • Torgo is depicted with goat legs on the backglass, a reference to Manos' director attempting to depict him as a satyr (which was hampered by the notoriously low budget).
    • Eegah! is also depicted holding a can of shaving cream, referencing an infamous scene from the original film where he applies some before lapping it up.
    • Before Elvira starts speaking during the introduction to a Haunt, the logo to her longtime series Elvira's Movie Macabre is visible.
  • Jurassic Park (Stern) alludes to both the film it's based on and Data East's original pinball adaptation:
    • For the former, Dennis Nedry’s “Ah-ah-ah!” screen shows up as the tilt warning, and using the ball save occasionally prompts a female voice to say "I think we're back in business!" (a quote from Ellie after restoring the park's power).
    • For the latter, there's the use of a T. rex toy that moves around and eats the ball (on higher-tier versions, at least), the "Smart Missile" feature (albeit in name only), the CHAOS Spelling Bonus, and the phrasing of "Raptor Tri-Ball" (originally an attempt to write around Williams Electronics' trademark on the word "multiball").
  • Stranger Things alludes to the original series frequently:
    • There are some allusions to Dungeons & Dragons - the virtual kickback on the left outlane is called "Spell of Protection" and the Mystery animation shows the result being rolled on a d20.
    • "Morse Code" has the player gradually translating a message through completing specific shots. Said message ultimately turns out to be "Friends don't lie, never ever, no matter what!".
    • While the playfield being covered with imagery from the show is normal for Licensed Pinball Tables, the lights used for the two seasons' modes subtly incorporate imagery from each: season 1's are wrapped by Christmas lights (like the ones Joyce sets up in her home), while season 2's are placed on top of Will's scattered drawings of the Mind Flayer's tunnels.
  • Rick and Morty references the original show frequently:
    • The front of the machine has a message reading 'PEACE AMONG WORLDS", a reference to a joke from "The Ricks Must Be Crazy".
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    • The ball save is referred to as the "Immortality Field".
    • Gromflomite Battle Multiball is based on a scene from the series' pilot. The instruction card (written in-character as Rick) further alludes to it by referring to the aliens you kill as "robots" – in the original episode, Rick tells this to Morty as a means of getting him to shoot them (which is almost immediately disproven).
    • Getting a tilt warning leads to the game displaying a plumbus inside the cabinet being jostled.
    • The megaseeds are taken straight from the pilot episode, as is the implication that they're being stored in an unsavory place – getting enough of them to get onto the high score board leads to the player being honored for their "Superfluous Butt Capacity".
    • Several fake Mystery awards include allusions, like "Real Fake Door", "Heistcon Pass", "A date with one million ants", "Shoney's Gift Card", "17 Schmeckles", and "The recipe for dark matter".
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Stern) references the cartoon it's based on in several places:
    • The plunger lane lists the four turtles in the same order the original series' theme song introduces them in: Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, and Michelangelo.
    • Similarly, the initial descriptions of Raphael and Michelangelo refer to them as a "cool but rude bruiser" and a "party dude", respectively.
    • Several animations pertaining to Weapon Hurry-Ups mirror shots from the intro's animation (such as the turtles grasping their weapons and Leonardo slashing the screen).
    • Each Episode opens with a title card patterned after the original series (down to the music sting).
    • In a non-series example, the concept of a spinning pizza disc is taken straight from the original Data East table.
  • Aerosmith: The mode "Rats in the Cellar" opens with a shot of an exterminator van labelled "Permanent Vacation", the name of one of the band's albums.
  • While Avengers: Infinity Quest is specifically based on Marvel comics rather than the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the premise takes cues from one of Thanos' appearances in the latter. Specifically, the heroes need to travel back in time after he acquires all the Infinity Gems, just like in Avengers: Endgame.

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