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  • The Quintessential Phase of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy had a couple of suggestions that Arthur, possibly due to bouncing through parallel universes, was remembering some of the scenes that were in the books and TV series but not the earlier Phases of the radio series, much to Ford's confusion.
  • The DiscContinuity Guide, a website analysing the Big Finish Doctor Who audio dramas, lists each story's Mythology Gag (if any) under the heading "intertextuality".
    • The audio The Kingmaker had clips of the Fourth Doctor (voiced by John Culshaw) dictating notes for a book called Doctor Who Discovers Historical Mysteries. This is a parody of the Doctor Who Discovers books published by Target in the seventies.
      • Not to mention that Richard the Third was played by an actor who sounded suspiciously like Christopher Eccleston and uttered the word "Fantastic!" with a Northern accent. The Fifth Doctor also writes a letter to be delivered by himself two years in the past. It is ultimately delivered by a "big eared Northern chap."
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    • Minuet In Hell features Nicholas Briggs as a madman who believes he's the Doctor. Briggs had previously played the Doctor in a series of fan-audios ... including the original version of Minuet In Hell!

      The Briggs Doctor also appears in the Doctor Who Magazine comic strip a couple of times, once as an unspecified "future Doctor", and once as a fake Ninth Doctor.

      Cameos by Briggs in other stories suggest that his Doctor is actually an Alternate Universe Second Doctor, coming between the Nick Scovell First Doctor from the stage play of The Daleks Masterplan and the Arabella Weir Third Doctor from the Doctor Who Unbound audio Exile.
    • Frozen Time also contains references to Briggs's fan audios, being a sequel to Endurance with Ice Warriors instead of Silurians.
  • Star Trek: The opening of the sequel to "Spock Vs. Q":
    Spock: Good evening everyone, and welcome. I am Spock.
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