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In the year 2069, after the planet Earth has been ravaged by countless calamities such as wars over dwindling natural resources, comical levels of climate change, and white trash rapping demons emerging out of Hell at a worrying pace, what little remains of humanity have either mutated beyond recognition or turned to anarchy. In an attempt to create order in the world, the militia known as H.U.M.M.U.S (Humans Under Mutation or Maybe-not United to Serve) was created out of the ashes of the U.S Military. The once-proud group, which was initially composed of human super soldiers and specialized combat-trained mutants, quickly degenerated into a ragtag group of rugged mercenaries, bandits, and bloodthirsty mutated monsters. But they're gonna need all the help they can get against the two prevalent groups of humanity's adversaries; the Cybrogs, who are Ax-Crazy, machinery-encased resurrected teenagers with liquified food products substituting for blood that were once programmed to do menial service jobs but gained sentience and rebelled, and the Skumm, a strain of algal infection which formed a hivemind with the help of
nanobots built for medical purposes and promptly created monsters out of a good deal of humanity.With H.U.M.M.U.S's president mysteriously assassinated without a trace of evidence, and with the Cybrogs and Skumm both taking responsibility for the murder and arguing over which of them did it, it appears that yet another war is imminent. With the three major factions of life on Earth up at arms, each will send their most elite soldiers to fight over key areas of the world (like Gary, Indiana) in a bid for complete world domination.

A Tabletop Game that has been in the works for over 2 years, Rebel Skumm is a PVP Adventure Board Game, structurally designed to resemble more of a board game version of a Hero Shooter. The game and its components will be downloadable for free once it is in a finished state. While the game will get official add-ons and balance changes, players will be heavily encouraged to create their own characters, items, custom rulesets, and maps for the game.


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