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    First appearing in Touch Detective 


The lead character of the game. As a young girl, she runs a detective agency with the help of Cromwell as a continuation of her father’s detective work. She seeks entrance into the Great Detective Society—by the second game she’s achieved her goal, but dislikes her given nickname for it: "Touch Detective." In the second game she finds herself one of the only people capable of stopping the Cornstalker, Inspector Daria aside, and again must solve every mystery.

  • Blonde, Brunette, Redhead: The blonde to Penelope's redhead and Chloe's brunette.
  • Embarrassing Nickname: She actually really hates the title Touch Detective, and it was granted by a misunderstanding when her touch list was submitted to the Great Detective Society instead of her case report.
  • Kid Detective: Takes after her father, and becomes officially accepted into the Great Detective Society by the first game.
  • Only Sane Man: In a cast of zany, Cloud Cuckoo Lander characters, Mackenzie is the only one with common sense.
  • Parental Abandonment: Her father is confirmed as deceased and her mother isn't mentioned.
  • Wise Beyond Their Years: Illustrated most clearly in the first game's third episode — she's the only one of the children who can't see Noel the snow fairy, who is invisible to adults. She can only sense him.

"Nnf nnf nnf nnf (Hail to the fungus!)"

A living mushroom that is kept as a pet by Mackenzie and travels with her as she moves about town. He also comes in handy when secret documents need to be destroyed.

  • Amplified Animal Aptitude: He's a living fungus and yet very clever, with no explanation given for this.
  • Extreme Omnivore: Mackenzie makes use of this to dispose of any materials that need to be disposed of.
  • Series Mascot: He's on almost all promotional material.
  • Team Pet: He is Mackenzie's pet and serves as part of her mystery-solving team.
  • The Unintelligible: He can speak with little grunts, but it seems only Mackenzie can understand it.

"Dream the dreams that have never been dreamed."

One of the girls that lives in the condominiums in town and friend of Mackenzie. Her parents are very rich, and thus she enjoys a lavish lifestyle. However, she is rather air-headed, and has been known to disappear for a time, or even not talk to anyone (including herself, except for pantomime) for a whole week. Many of the mysteries Mackenzie solves focus on her.

  • Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny!: She often interrupts conversations or herself with song and dance routines.
  • Blonde, Brunette, Redhead: The redhead to Mackenzie's blonde and Chloe's brunette.
  • Cloud Cuckoo Lander: Even her hair has little cloud-like puffs in an almost visual lampshade; she's notable among the rest of the cast as a daydreamer and airhead with the sweetest dreams.
  • Leitmotif: Hers is "Dream a Sweet Dream".
  • Mystery Magnet: Particularly in the first game, if Penelope wasn't the victim of a crime she was the one reporting it to Mackenzie as its witness.

"All you need is love. ...And chocolate fondue."

Another girl in town. While a friend of Mackenzie, she tends to be her rival in trying to solve cases and dubs herself as "Chloe the Super Sleuth" while on a case. Chloe generally takes actions before figuring out their consequences and has ideas that Mackenzie doesn't generally care for. She also has a habit of showing up seemingly out of nowhere.

  • Blonde, Brunette, Redhead: The Brunette to Mackenzie's blonde and Penelope's redhead.
  • Cloud Cuckoo Lander: She's this as well as Penelope, believing that All Myths Are True even to an extent that Penelope knows is ridiculous.
  • Inspector Lestrade: She's the most energetic (and also the most stubborn) of the main cast, who often hits upon key points in the mystery while still reaching the most wrong conclusion possible.
  • The Lancer: Serves as one for Mackenzie—she even lampshades it in-game if you speak to her at a certain time.
  • Leitmotif: Her song is "Ranting and Raving" and it isn't hard to guess why.

"Numquam Moribimur! That is Latin for 'We never die'"

Mackenzie's butler, and a genius inventor. After Mackenzie was accepted into The Great Detective's Society, he decides to train her manners, although some of it annoys her. Apparently, he's served in her family for 300 years.

  • Amazing Technicolor Population: He has blue skin, which may be related to the hints that he's a vampire.
  • Cloud Cuckoo Lander: He gets in on the zaniness of this world as well, such as seeing the game hide-and-seek as Serious Business.
  • Gadgeteer Genius: He's made a lot of inventions that help Mackenzie in her cases.
  • The Mentor: In absence of Mackenzie's father, he serves to help guide the girl along in her mysteries.
  • Old Retainer: He's served in Mackenzie's family for centuries.
  • Parental Substitute: He appears to have taken over as Mackenzie's guardian after her father's death.
  • Not Using the "Z" Word: He has an iron-maiden like bed, he's over 300 years old, hates garlic and crosses, and has blueish dead skin, all pointing to him being a vampire - this is never mentioned in-game.

"It is not only fine feathers that make fine birds."

The landlord at the condominium where Penelope lives; she provides some help in Mackenzie’s cases, particularly whenever Penelope is involved. She also used to work in the Circus that went through town until it was closed down, able to expand like a balloon.

  • Balloon Belly: This was her trick in the circus, her ability being to literally puff up and float around like a real balloon. She can even be popped like that.
  • Funny Animal: An anthropomorphic bird that even has a mighty peck to use against those who anger her.
  • Parental Substitute: She seems to serve as one overall for the girls of the condominium living away from home—when Penelope went missing, for example, she was the one who hired Mackenzie to look for her, not the girl’s real parents.

"I know it's only rock n' roll but I like it."

Penelope's neighbor living on the floor directly above her and a part-time worker at the Naked Bones shop in town. The two start out on poor terms in the beginning, but sort out their differences later.

  • The Bus Came Back: After moving back home in the second game, she returns when the work on the condominium is finished.
  • Ceiling Banger: One of their initial sources of conflict—Daisy thinks Penelope is too noisy and bangs on her floor to get her to quiet down. Penelope thinks she’s trying to communicate through morse-code and bangs on her ceiling, much to Daisy’s ire.
  • Little Bit Beastly: She has cat eyes.
  • Perky Goth: She’s got a very gothlike exterior, but isn’t that dark as a person after befriending the girls. It's also revealed that she wanted to try on girlier clothes, although accidentally ripped them in the process.
  • Put on a Bus: She moves back to her hometown after Beatrice has work done on the condominium.


The tenant from room 202 in Beatrice's condominium, a strange girl that is usually sleeping and claims to be the Princess of the Underworld. When she is able to speak to Mackenzie, she only opens the door enough for her eyes to show. In Episode 1 of Touch Detective 2½, she works in the dart shooting range stand.

  • By the Lights of Their Eyes: Just her eyes are visible in a swath of darkness when she opens the door.
  • The Faceless: Her eyes are all that are ever seen.
  • Hikikomori: She never comes out of her room and entertains strange notions of being princess of the underworld. She is friends with Penelope, however, and moved into the condominium on her recommendation.


The tenant from room 201 in Beatrice's Condominium, a shy girl who doesn’t talk much to Mackenzie. In Touch Detective 2 ½, she lives with Melody while the Condominium is undergoing reforms.

  • Hikikomori: She’s shy and doesn’t too talk much to real people, but instead talks on chatrooms.
  • NEET: Is also this—doesn’t contribute much to society or the cases, while even Anna has a job.
  • The Voice: She never appears personally in the games and her official artwork is the door of her room.

"Let them eat cake."

The baker who works at the Sweet Mountain bakery and makes delicious sweets in the games. She's always trying new pastries and cakes with strange ingredients.

  • Cordon Bleugh Chef: She's a good baker, but she makes really really disgusting combinations in the course of her experimentation. Like eel shortcake.
  • G-Rated Drug: Her Sweet Dreams Cake is like this, with a lot of people acting addicted to them. It turns out they’re so sweet because she made the frosting with literally crystallized dreams.
  • Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold: She has gold hair in ringlets and is generally a very sweet and feminine baker, barring the occasional use of an industrial eggbeater and theft of people’s dreams, which she later apologizes for.
  • Human Resources: She used Penelope’s dreams as an ingredient in the frosting for her Sweet Dreams cake, stealing them and grinding them into a powder in crystallized form.
  • Supreme Chef: Most of her confections are generally very good, despite the odd ingredients—and her Sweet Dreams Cake is divine.


A fortune teller who lives in town and gives helpful hints to Mackenzie throughout the games. She works in the House of Illusions.

  • Crystal Ball: Her main method of seeing the future, although she tells fortunes with other methods too.
  • Fortune Teller: She serves as this in her shop as well as once being one in the Circus.
  • Leaning on the Fourth Wall: She cryptically conveys to Mackenzie that she can't help her at the moment since she hadn't touched on all the plot flags yet.
    Katrina:"Flags are the road signs that guide the gods of fate. None of us can escape from this binding curse."
  • Ms. Exposition: She serves this role a lot in the first game—if anything supernatural is involved in the plot, she will be the one to explain how it works in detail to Mackenzie.
  • Third Eye: She has a decorative one as part of her outfit and as shorthand for her clairvoyant abilities.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: She’s got purple hair underneath that cap.

Myron & Myrtle
Myron (left) and Myrtle (right)

Two acquaintances of Katrina that guard the door of her fortune-telling house in Touch Detective, Myron being a red man with short hair and Myrtle being the blue woman with long hair. They only communicate by making gestures. In Touch Detective 2 ½ they work as private security guards at the Department Store. Like many in town, they used to work in the Circus.

  • Broken Bridge: They serve as obstacles by their role as security guards—often keeping Mackenzie from visiting Katrina's shop until she reaches the right point in a case.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: The rough Myron is the red to the polite Myrtle’s blue, and the two are even color-coded.
  • Those Two Guys: They show up with little relevance to the plot except as blocks to the next area. Their most involved moment in the game is when Mackenzie questions them about the Circus Master.
  • The Voiceless: They speak by gesture only.


A shark who used to work in the circus by making shows with the tattoos on his back. After a tragic incident ruined his career he wanders low on money, eating sweets at the Sweet Mountain Bakery.

  • Disproportionate Retribution: He tries to kill all the fleas in the first game’s final case in part because one of them bit him on the back, the resultant flea bite ruining his act. It's a little odd since the bite would have surely healed eventually...
  • The Freakshow: He was a variant of the Tattoed Man in the circus, who put on shows by making his tattoos dance.
  • Funny Animal: He's a yellow shark.
  • Sweet Tooth: The best way to find him is to visit the local bakery; he's always eating something of Antoinette's.
  • Threatening Shark: He's one of the scarier residents of the town and often very gruff and mean to the rest of the cast.


A dwarf who once used to work at the circus, before settling down to run a hotdog stand. Later on in the second game, he opens up a ChocoBanana stand. Although too short to be seen by the player, he has a big attitude.

  • Cordon Bleugh Chef: When he comes up with the idea for choco-bananas. His hot-dogs aren't too bad though.
  • Only One Name: Just "Shorty" — which may even be a nickname.
  • The Voice: We only ever see his voice coming out from behind the counter of his latest vendor venture.


A woman that likes to tell fortunes in her free time, giving strange divinations in the Shopping Plaza, in front of the Naked Bones clothing boutique. She refers to Katrina as master. In Touch Detective 2 ½ she is shown to work as a receptionist at the Department Store.

  • Amazing Technicolor Population: Her skin is a shade of reddish pink.
  • Fortune Teller: Even claims to work under Katrina, the town’s resident Fortune Teller. Her fortunes are a little nonsensical sometimes.
  • Our Zombies Are Different: She acts like a normal, if eccentric, person with a job and regular clothes and hair despite her condition. She does have a ghastly expression of horror on her face, however.
  • Perpetual Expression: Her face is always frozen in some kind of despairing scream.


A very health conscious person that appears in the Park in Touch Detective and in the Forest in Touch Detective 2 ½. Often he's exercising or trying out new methods to stay healthy.


An ordinary salaryman who says that he works in IT. He's often found in the Shopping Plaza. When you find him in the first hide-and-seek game he refers to himself in the third person as "Kung Fu Ninja".


A woman that is always hanging around the Shopping Plaza.


A businessman that considers free time very important. In Touch Detective he goes to the Shopping Plaza or to the Planetarium to rest, and in Touch Detective 2 ½ he stays in the Forest.

"Stars are the street lights of eternity."

The astronomer met in the second episode of the game. Quite an enigmatic character, he watches after the little girl Lynsey.

  • Conspicuous Trenchcoat: Complete with the fedora, it makes him look more than a little creepy. Which proves correct when it's shown he's the culprit of the second case.
  • Knight Templar Parent: It's unknown if Lynsey is really his daughter, but he acts as her parent—and part of that includes kidnapping other little girls and turning them into dolls so she won't be lonely.
  • Mad Scientist: Mad, at least, over his obsession with stars. There's also how he was completely willing to turn people into living dolls to be friends with Lynsey.
  • Villainous Breakdown: When Mackenzie tries to take away Lynsey's "doll," he turns an even darker shade of red and goes crazy with rage.


A small girl that likes stars, dolls and chocolate, and so often visits the Planetarium to see the stars and get the free chocolate. She is always carrying a hand puppet named Lini, whom she speaks to and is spoken to as though it were a real person. She has a close relationship with Ogden, the Planetarium astronomer.

  • Consulting Mister Puppet: She often does over what to say and who to talk to.
  • Creepy Child: She's secretive, talks with a doll as though it were real, has an arguably creepy model in-game, and lets the astronomer kidnap other girls to turn into people-dolls so she can play with them. The Bonus Episode of the first game shows she's still at it
  • I Just Want to Have Friends: She's a very lonely girl — all she wants is friends to talk to on her own terms.


An organ grinder from Touch Detective that is usually performing in front of the Planetarium. He rarely speaks, usually ignoring anyone who talks to him unless you’re extremely persistent. He too was part of the Circus before settling down in town.

  • Amazing Technicolor Population: His skin is purple, and that’s not the only weird thing about him…
  • Frankenstein's Monster: He has a bolt on his neck and a stitched set of trousers, paying homage to the monster.
  • The Igor: Serves this role to the astronomer, although spends all his time playing music. He uses this music to lure Penelope into the Planetarium.
  • Karma Houdini: He helped the Astronomer kidnap Penelope, but while the Astronomer gets taken in for police questioning, Lugol is left alone.
  • The Quiet One: He doesn't speak unless Mackenzie talks to him 72 times in the Bonus Episode. In the second episode, he talks briefly and cryptically of how he lured Penelope to the astronomer if you give him the appropriate item.


A snow fairy stranded in the ice-skating rink in Episode 3 of the first game, left behind by his family when they moved on after winter. In order to fly away and rejoin his family, he needs to regain his strength by the girls making it snow it winter.

  • Everything's Better with Sparkles: He sparkles on-screen as both a visual indicator of where he is to the player and because he’s magic.
  • Invisible to Adults: It’s only possible for someone to see him when they have the innocent belief of a child—Penelope and Chloe can see him just fine, but the more mature Mackenzie cannot and adults can’t even sense he’s there.
  • Our Fairies Are Different: Chloe describes him as tiny, see-through, and floating.
  • Tsundere: he’s a male variant for Chloe, having a crush on her and calling for her when he’s in pain, but using a barbed tongue and insults to conceal his feelings.

    First appearing in Touch Detective 2½ 

Inspector Daria
"Always stretch out before you chase a criminal."

A red-headed inspector who has no patience for Mackenzie. She tries to solve cases before Mack can when The Cornstalker is involved, as the self-proclaimed rival of The Cornstalker. Among other things, however, she often throws out her back while making her extravagant entrance poses and gets motion sickness when traveling.

  • Aloof Ally: She tries to be this kind of heroic type to Mackenzie and her friends, but she’s way too incompetent to succeed.
  • Fiery Redhead: She's got flaming hair and a hot-blooded attitude.
  • Inspector Lestrade: Takes over this role and demonstrates even more incompetence than Chloe.
  • In the Name of the Moon: She often attempts grandiose gestures and declarations of this nature, but ends up injuring herself in the process.
  • Rapunzel Hair: Her hair is quite long compared to her tiny body.
  • Unknown Rival: Daria tries hard to be the rival to the Cornstalker, but he’s only interested in Mackenzie.

The Cornstalker
"It is better to take what does not belong to you than to let it lie around neglected."

A professional thief and master of disguise. He's always trying to steal the rarest and most valuable items in the world, sending a calling card to announce himself before each heist. Always calls Mackenzie "Touch Detective", though no one knows how he knows about it. He appears in each episode in the game, attempting to pull off his heists only to be foiled by Mackenzie.

  • Evil Laugh: His "WAHAHAHA", which he gives after almost every other sentence.
  • Gentleman Thief: He’s good looking and even has his own calling card.
  • Kick the Dog: Insulting Silver's singing and then leaving after he had shown up intending to steal him. It all was for the best, since it ended up keeping Silver safe from him, but it was a really hurtful thing to do.
  • Master of Disguise: He’s often disguised as one character or another in each episode, and even wears an elaborate corn disguise.
  • Villain Takes an Interest: He takes an interest in Mackenzie following the first episode.
  • Worthy Opponent: He regards Mackenzie as this, unfortunately for Inspector Daria.

Mayor Tom

The mildly corrupt mayor who is even more of a turkey than the ugliest politicians. Always panics or faints if anything happens to his items.

  • Dirty Coward: He’s quite to panic and faint if he’s threatened in any way, but doesn’t seem to have as much a problem with other people getting in danger.
  • Emotional Fainting: He faints dead away when something scary occurs.
  • Funny Animal: He’s a turkey and fits the stereotypes of them to an astonishing degree.
  • Sleazy Politician: He built a museum just to brag about himself and his accomplishments while selling off the real artifacts.

Miss Yvonne
"The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources"

A famous noodle-chute designer and the owner of the clothing boutique Naked Bones of the first game. She makes an appearance from the first episode on.

  • Fat Bastard: Female equivalent, with a round belly and face and a not-very pleasant personality.
  • Fur and Loathing: She's a spoiled hack and wears a dead foxlike animal around her neck.
  • Gonk: Her character design with huge lips, no nose and a very round features.
  • Only One Name: It’s not clear if Yvonne is her first or last name, but it’s her only one.

"...Hey! No freeloading!"

Also known as "Jack the Devil". He's the conductor of Train 19, appearing in the second episode of the second game. He's notorious for his temper and hates freeloaders, i.e. anyone without a ticket. Because of this, he relentlessly checks the passengers for their tickets and will throw someone off the train if they don't.

  • Berserk Button: Not having a ticket, or in other words freeloading.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: He not only throws people off the moving train when they're freeloading, but if they do anything that upsets him—like Miss Yvonne spilling noodles all over the floor.
  • Expressive Hair: His hair waves up when he’s furious and stays down when he's calm.
  • Glowing Eyes of Doom: His eyes glow bright yellow when angry.
  • Nightmare Face: He has a very scary face usually, but it comes even more demonic whenever he’s enraged, complete with glowing eyes and black hair on end.


A petty, smooth talking salesman who cheats on his clients to make a profit for himself. He shows up in just about every episode with another scheme to get rich.

  • Black Bead Eyes: He has just two round little beads for eyes, unlike most characters. This gives him a more shifty look than most.
  • Con Man: He's a very, very successful one, and is able to con just about every character he runs into (other than Mackenzie.)
  • Framing the Guilty Party: One of his plots in the game is to frame the Cornstalker for the theft of a rare collectible by trading it with another bag and allowing the thief to walk off with it. Meanwhile, he gets to keep the real thing for himself. Unfortunately for him the Cornstalker knew what he was up to.
  • Too Kinky to Torture: Or at least a downplayed version, in that he claims to love being interrogated.

The Fossil Hunter

An ancient person from Touch Detective 2½ that excavates fossils and is a friend of the Seabottom Dwellers. He’s a statue missing an eye in the third episode of the second game.

  • Cool Old Guy: Especially given that he hunts fossils and has been at it for centuries — he knows a lot about his trade and about the mysterious Seabottom Dwellers and isn't easily intimidated.
  • Eye Scream: His whole eye is missing, just leaving an empty socket. Apparently it’s not a big deal to put it back in though.
  • Taken for Granite: He turns to stone when his eye falls out. Putting it back in restores him to normal.


A young man who has recently moved to the town and opened an antique shop. He often gives Mackenzie information on antiques, and sometimes gives her useful items. His shop seems to be closed quite often. Mackenzie thinks he is rather cute, perhaps having a mild crush on him.

  • Did I Just Say That Out Loud?: Asking Connor about Mayor Tom, he'll reply that the mayor is very quirky, which makes him hard to imitate—keeping in mind that the Cornstalker imitated Tom in the first episode. Mackenzie doesn't think much of this, however, only that it was a weird thing to say.
  • Paper-Thin Disguise: Well, his facial features, hair, height, and even voice are all comparable to The Cornstalker, but ironically no one ever notices. His name also starts with a C, for crying out loud.
  • Precocious Crush: Mackenzie has one on him, thinking him cute.


A young man appearing in the second game’s second episode. He’s dedicated to making the rail conductor’s life hell by freeloading, due to a grudge against him.

  • Animal Stereotypes: Fitting with his freeloading lifestyle he, like Friday, shares ratlike features with a snout and rodent teeth.
  • The Artful Dodger: He lives for the purpose of freeloading.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: His grudge against Jack, where he tries to undermine him and his job, is because the conductor, in the course of his duty as a conductor, hole-punched a rare ticket he had.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: His hair is a greenish blue hue.


Ace's rodent apprentice, known as "Friday the Freeloader" and appearing in the second episode of the second game. He aids in antagonizing Jack the Devil by riding the trains without a ticket.


A tough, hairy archaeologist who seeks to find rare artifacts, fossils and relics and make a name for himself. In Episode 3 he seeks out ancient artifacts in the Pyramid and discovers an amazing Amber Orb inside.

  • Bold Explorer: Fits this character type, and is a particularly disruptive kind.
  • Carpet of Virility: A self-proclaimed tough guy, he's got a massive amount of hair all over.
  • No Indoor Voice: He does a lot of shouting when he's excited—and he's excited a lot, especially when it comes to his artifacts.
  • Meaningful Name: Crosses over with Punny Name, his name is Harrison and the first thing you’re sure to notice is his hair problem.
  • Wild Hair: His hair completely covers his body, making him appear as a kind of Yeti.


A living puppet that sleeps for many years, originally mistaken for a corpse by Penelope while he slept in the greenhouse. He could sing beautifully until a freak accident makes him lose his voice. While he seeks to fix this, he’s also targeted by the Cornstalker for being a rare and valuable item.

  • Clockwork Creature: He's a clockwork doll that can be wound up by a key.
  • Curtains Match The Windows: His eyes and hair are both green, causing him to look uncanny since most humans have plain black eyes.
  • Dreadful Musician: As a result of his accident his once beautiful singing voice is completely awful. Eventually his voice is restored when Colleen flashes through the glass of the greenhouse.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: His hair is green, although since it turns out he’s a puppet it’s not too abnormal.


The mysterious young curator who runs the haunted mansion and appears in the fourth episode of the second game. The haunted mansion actually holds a dark secret about her and the other attractions in the mansion itself. She has a hidden connection to the doll named Silver.

  • Cute Ghost Girl: She appears as one as fitting a curator for a haunted house. To no one's surprise she’s a real ghost – that being how she was able to listen to Silver sing so many years ago.
  • It's All My Fault: Blames herself for the accident that broke Silver's voice, as she accidentally caused it while listening to him sing.
  • Peek-a-Bangs: Has one eye covered by her hair, fitting her shy nature.
  • Rapunzel Hair: Her hair is even longer than her body.


A race of extraterrestrial creatures appearing in the final episode. They’re summoned to the Wallaby’s department store when all the Seabottom Dweller artifacts are combined. They share a resemblance to the Seabottom Dwellers, in fact sharing a common ancestor.

  • Alien Invasion: Well, they’re only summoned by accident in the end of Part 1. Part 2, however, features them planning to destroy all beef on the planet.
  • Aliens are Bastards: Their appearance has them planning to destroy all beef on the planet to punish humanity for the select few that stole the Seabottom Dweller artifacts.
  • Aliens Steal Cattle: This trope is played with by the second part of the fifth episode. Rather than steal the cattle, they plan to vaporize it.
  • Precursors: They’re precursors for the Seabottom Dwellers.


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