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Note- alignment tropes are not YMMV for this series, as they are actual D&D characters – their alignments can be detected.

    The Order of the Half-Price Hero 

Merthuvial, Rogue 10/Exemplar 11

"Hey! I get to be useful in combat for once!"

Kribnefka Teruntkerik, Kobold, Warlock 12 to Sorcerer 21.

"I'm pretty sure just being around us is an alignment hit."
A Kobold who began the revolution against the Chromatic Oppressors. Chairman of Kobolarus, a kobold-founded communist nation that allows immigrants of any race or religion. Currently engaged in fighting Tiamat. alongside Kurtulmak.

Dartak, Kobold Cleric 19

A Kobold cleric of Tamara, and Kribnefka's oldest friend.

Dressmar Swooping Falcon, Dragonfire Adept

  • Chaotic Neutral
  • Chaotic Stupid: Even among the Half-Price Heroes. Case in point, Dressmar, the original owner of the greater rod of wonder, an item that could destroy enemies, is just as happy when it gives him a paint job, shrinks him, and creates leaves out of his body.
  • Confusion Fu: GREATER ROD OF WONDER!
  • Pyro Maniac: In Tolstoff Keep, Dressmar spends about half an episode burning everything in every chamber that is without a name.

Lulu, Human Monk 21

  • Drunken Boxing: As he is a chaos monk, this is what the other players this gives him his martial prowess...

Matt Tennant, Half-Dragon Dread Necromancer 18

"Is that another innuendo?"

Yaseilex Aisafflam, Half Fey Grey Elf Archivist 3 Wizard 1 Paragon 3 Mystic Theurge 11 Ruathar 3

An elf who is very much in the wrong campaign.

Sibas Sin, Sorcerer 11/Nightmare Spinner 1

  • Bag of Holding: More like "bag of hoarding" for Sibas, who keeps EVERYTHING he sees, down to moldy rugs and silverware.
  • Comedic Sociopath: When presented with any obstacle at all, Sibas almost has to make a Will save not to Kill it with Fire. For example, during the filler pilot, he nuked a gang of more than a half-dozen commoners.

Kakua, Barbarian 11

Afonchwyn, Nymph 7 Ranger 12

Yaseilex's cohort. Before Power Creep, Power Seep was by far the toughest member of the party.

    The K-Team 

Asifa Skullhunter, Kobold Druid 8

A Kobold paleontologist with an unnecessarily high charisma score. She's quite beautiful by kobold standards, but spends most of her time wildshaped because Kobolds can't hold up their own weight.
"Look, we don't have a way to cure their insanity, so why don't we just kill them and then I can cast Reincarnate?"

Imblix Darkseed


Iothcaex, Half-Dragon Kobold Paladin

Genghis Kant

    The (Second) Order of the Half-Price Hero 
The post-timeskip Order. After the K-Team prevented Tharizdun's resurrection, a new group moved in to the old guild hall.

Jafar (Human Cleric 5/Walker Of the Waste 10

Krezznorg Strongtoss (Martial Monk 9/Hulking Hurler 2/Cancer Mage 1)

"Krezznorg, that's three halves!"
A Half-Orc Half-Minotaur Half-Fey. Removed from the game due to balance issues. Died in Hell, and went on to build an afterlife more suited to his tastes- the Plane of Hitting Things, a constantly regenerating landscape which sends violent creatures at him.
  • Accidental Misnaming: Jafar calls him Quizno's.
  • Improbable Weapon User: Krezznorg's armaments have included a pirate ship, an orcish basketball (a 7.5 foot wide sphere of lead), a jail cell door, an orcish discus (a manhole cover),the corpse of a Pit Fiend, and the "KREZZNORG ROCKET FACE!".
  • Super Strength: Carries a ship around like a backpack. Takes part in numerous orcish sports, including Orcish Kickball, Orcish Soccer, Orcish Basketball, Orcish Fencing, and atomized an Pit Fiend with a single attack. Due to the way the digital character sheets work, his carrying capacity is listed as "Infinity."
  • Third-Person Person

Rhythm (Monk 2/Paladin 2/Warlock 8/Hellfire Warlock 3)

An early prototype of the Warforged, created by artificers by the names of Lumen and Crafty.

Ziltoid the Omniscient (Mind Flayer Bard 5)

Clint "Eagle Eye" Evans (High Elf Ranger 5/Deepwood Sniper 7/Cragtop Archer 4)

Kita the Kinky Catfolk (Catfolk Exoticist 17)

Mentak the Magnificent (Changeling Wizard 5/Beholder Mage 1/Elemental Savant 10)

A money-obsessed changeling who has become a Gold Elemental through the Elemental Savant class. When someone said "money can't solve all your problems", he bought a ring of telekinesis and a sack of gold bullion, setting off to become an adventurer.

  • Chaotic Good: And one of the few characters to live up to this.
  • Instant Awesome: Just Add Dragons!: His familiar is normally a Pyroclastic wyrmling... which he can change into other dragons or familiars thanks to a Changeling Wizard class feature.
  • Money Fetish: He bathes in it, lives in the most luxury he can reasonably afford, and has Spell Thematics (Money). This means his magic missiles are blasts of pennies, his Fireballs melting coins, and his Gust of Wind blows prommisory notes.
  • Voluntary Shapeshifting: Comes with the Changeling package.

Botharug the Mighty (Kaorti Monk 6/Fiend of Possession 6/Legacy Champion 2)

"Who the hell do you think I am?!"
A Kaorti who possesses an iron golem called "The Crimson Face", which he combines with seemingly random objects (a castle, a mirror universe, a lake) to create new bodies. Before his forcible conversion, he was an orc living in a monastery. Afterward, he took up adventuring as a way to thwart the kaorti and do some good in the world. Carries a lead tent with him to avoid the harmful effects of the material plane.

    Party of Bardz 

The classic Five-Man Band who, using The Power of Rock, fight for good the world over.

De Muse Ixkul, Bard 5/Lyric Traumaturge 5/Sublime Chord 8/Archmage 2

Zeken Yeshallfind, Bard 10/Seeker of the Song 10

Harmon Ikka, Bard 10/Lyric Thaumaturge 10

  • Manipulative Bastard: An illusionist and an enchanter makes for a strong confidence in one's ability to get their way, though he doesn't have the negative, "villainous" connotations that tend to come with the term.
  • Master of Illusion: Creates illusions of dense fog, a maze, an electrical cage, etc. to get the enemy to not see them, which then combos with Gladys' team True Seeing ability to let the party see them, making a one-way illusion.
  • Mind-Control Music
  • The Reliable One
  • Weapon of Choice: The Songbow, a shortbow that gets a Charisma bonus to attack rolls for the price of one usage of bardic music (aka one step below the mythical use-activated True Strike weapon)

Quintby Ingmeen, Bard 5/Memory Smith 5/Sublime Chord 10

  • The Big Guy
  • Chaotic Good

  • An Ax To Grind: While rocking out
  • Boisterous Bruiser
  • Genius Bruiser: Underestimating his INT is a bad idea, for he can use this to his advantage, like a poker player faking a tell.
  • Instrument of Murder: The "Ax" and drumsticks
  • Large Ham: His catchphrase includes "I have sampled the finest wines and ales of the thousand planes, I've delighted in our most beautiful groupies, climbed the tallest mountains, tasted the flesh of the most powerful bulls, lions, and sharks this world has to offer, and drink tiger blood with every meal…"
  • Pay Evil unto Evil: With a giant battleaxe
  • The Beastmaster: An army of thousands of llamas (each costing 50 gp) at his beck and call. He wears sweaters made from their wool.
  • Undying Loyalty: To the party.
  • Wrestler in All of Us: When fighting Mordenkainen, he realizes fighting him with magic is pointless. So he decides to piledrive him, drop a lion on him, and a flying elbow drop.

Gladys Eeya, Bard 5/Worldspeaker 5/Virtuoso 10

    The Amnesiacs 
A group of adventurers with large chunks of missing memories.

Evahld, Son of Niel, Azurin Totemist 2

A law-seer from the tribes of Ice Barbarians at the far northeast of the Flanaess. He has trained under his village's shaman to gain a measure of the power of the Totemist, channeling the power of magical beasts and nature.

Burner, Warforged Dragonfire Adept 2

A Warforged created long ago for the sole purpose of causing collateral damage and destroying structures before getting trapped in a cave.

Timothy John Thaddeus Wellingsley the Third, Elf Wizard 2

An elf Wizard, former butler to a dread necromancer.
  • Servile Snarker

    Season One Antagonists 

Elder Elemental Eye, aka Tharizdûn

It Which Is Many

Celn the Oracle of Unstoppable Magic

Onesimus the Infiltrator

  • Anti-Magic: Works as an effective Power Nullifier AND he can still fight in melee like no one's business.
    • Combos well with Celn.


Edwin Tolstoff


    Season Two Antagonists 

Durmkvist Kohl, Master of the "Screw-You"

Father Snave

Xyzzy the Obnoxiously Invincible

    Season Three Antagonists 

Commander Opulix

    Season Four Antagonists 

Anti-Magic Party


    Season Five Antagonists 

The Respawning Goblin

    Notable Non-Player Characters 

Many of the important characters from the Greyhawk setting make appearances from time to time. These are the ones unique to this show.


Rebecca/Casae Thokash

"Hey, everybody!" (immediately followed by everybody else shunning the creepy girl)
A Grey Elven girl. Was originally Yaseilex's apprentice.
  • Cheerful Child: ...Until she gets a vision.
  • Creepy Child: "That was creepily adorable." – Matt Tenant on Rebecca threatening the party Noob
  • Go Mad from the Revelation: Whenever she sees the future with her augury ability, since she has a tendency to always see the worst possibility that could happen during the time.
  • Insistent Terminology: Yaseilex's player created her and calls her Casae. No one else does (thanks to LittleKuriboh).
  • Mad Oracle: Rebecca, whenever she peers into the future, gasps and changes her voice from adorable to creepy.
  • Oracular Urchin: Almost exactly this trope
  • Talkative Loon: Rebecca, when hit by an insanity spell, started spouting random words and phrases.
  • Waif Prophet: Qualifies, as she is a child who sees into the future.
  • Word Salad: After going insane from an encounter in the cultists' temple, this happens.

Uthreth Aisafflam

"Did someone order a Deus ex Machina?"!!
Yaseilex's grandfather, a powerful wizard.

Steve Popo, Hugglelord of the Cuddlepits (Mr. Popo)

"I am the Iron Angel, the Hand of Dispater!"
  • Coup de Grâce: His M.O. is to paralyze his opponents with a critical hit with his +5 Vorpal/Paralytic Burst greatsword "Dark Angel's Hand" that divides into bastard swords (one with vorpal, then other with paralytic burst, with the one that is used by the greatsword being chosen whenever the two recombine) or his Lynxpaw (i.e. rapier + ball and chain), which he is especially likely to succeed in doing (he can threaten a crit on a two with the latter).

  • Note: The name is derived from an online poll on the show's Facebook page, which contained three options: Mr. Popo, Steve, and Hugglelord of the Cuddlepits. Since they all seemed to be almost as popular as one another, the Dungeon Master just made them all in his name.


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