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So many of the lipsyncs. Especially ones where both girls give their all.

    Lip Sync Performances (Regular Seasons, 1-7) 

  • From Season 1:
    • Akashia is probably the first instance of a truly awesome lipsync when she performed to the song We Break The Dawn by Michelle Williams. Despite the fact the queen facing off against her (Tammie Brown) had decided she wasn't going to perform, Akashia still gave the song her all and thoroughly shocked and impressed Ru and the judges.
    RuPaul: Akashia, you motherfucking broke the dawn!
    • Ongina vs BeBe Zahara Benet is probably the Ur-Example of a lipsync that made eliminating one of them a difficult choice for Ru (who even had to step away for a bit to think about it, not helped by both queens having strong track records up to that point). Wig removals, intense face, strong body movements, many elements that would define future lipsyncs started here.
  • From Season 2:
    • Sahara and Shangela in the season 2 premiere set a high bar for the rest of the season. This, of course, is where Shangela debuted the death drop.
      Sonique: It looked like Mortal Kombat.
    • Sahara and Morgan's lip sync to Martha Wash's "Carry On." Pretty notable as quite a number of the queens have done a split during the lipsync, but Sahara may have topped them all by doing a jumping split and landing off the stage. The rest of the lip sync is deeply affecting with both Sahara and Morgan really connecting to the song. Ru cited it as one of his favorite moments on the show.
    • Special mention goes to Jujubee, who across Season 2 and All Stars, has lip synced a total of five times and was never eliminated because of a lip sync.
      • A particularly iconic moment for Juju is her lipsync with Sahara Davenport to "Black Velvet" by Alannah Myles, where she writhed all over the stage, gave seductive looks and gave tons of passion, looking more like a rock star than in the actual rock star challenge that episode.note 
    • Morgan McMichaels and Sonique's lip sync to Stacey Q's “Two of Hearts.” The two approached it with very different styles, with Sonique delivering acrobatics and and splits, "working every inch of the stage," while Morgan went with air tight voguing so precise that Ru called it among the tightest she'd ever seen. Ru admitted that it was a very difficult choice, with Morgan barely snatching the win.
  • From Season 3:
    • Manila Luzon and Delta Work lip syncing to Donna Summer's “MacArthur Park.” Both really connect with the song, with Manila edging out by performing in a highly powerful, emotional, and completely insane manner.
    • Raja and Carmen lip sync to Paula Abdul's "Straight Up." It almost immediately becomes a strip tease full of erotic lesbian skin-on-skin contact to the visible excitement of the judges' panel, the other contestants, and the jocks backstage.
  • From Season 4:
    • Dida Ritz vs The Princess, AKA Dida Ritz' moment in the sun. They were faced with the unenviable task of doing "This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)" while the song's original artist, Natalie Cole, was sitting on the judges' table that week. Dida Ritz did not take that lightly, and did such an incredible job, dancing her ass off and giving limitless energy, that Natalie - and the rest of the judges - were just living for the whole performance. Still considered an all-time classic by many fans.
    • Phi Phi and Sharon's lip sync may quite possibly the most intense in Drag Race history, aided by the season-long tension experienced between the two as well as the extremely high energy song. They became Fire-Forged Friends through it.
    • Dida Ritz and Latrice Royale lip syncing to Gladys Knight & The Pips "I've Got To Use My Imagination."
    • Latrice's beautifully heartfelt performance of "Natural Woman" — completely outshining Kenya Michaels, who does identify as a woman and came out as transgender after the show.
  • From Season 5:
    • Coco Montrese's lip syncs were both strong but extra points go to her lip sync against Jade Jolie with The Pointer Sister's "I'm So Excited", because of how strong both Queens were.
      • What made it even more CMOA was how extremely strong Jade Jolie was; it came as a surprise to many (however she did very well in an earlier lip syncing challenge herself)
    • Roxxxy and Alyssa lip syncing to Willow Smith's "Whip My Hair." Alyssa's been established as being a great dancer and her performance in the spoken word lip sync challenge was raved so she was expected to do very well, but Roxxxy more than held her own by giving a high-energy performance and employing some great tricks, including taking off her wig to reveal another wig. Not only did Ru keep both queens, but she later revealed that this is her favorite lipsynch in the entire series so far.
    • The entire lip sync between Coco and Alyssa, built up off of of several years and most of a season's worth of tension. Best summed up by the judges' reactions, which are a collective Jaw Drop.
    • Jinkx and Detox's lip sync to "Malambo No. 1" by Yma Sumac. Detox has already proven herself a strong lip syncer, with her infamous mouth wiggle making her a force to be reckoned with. But just when it looked like Rolaskatox would end up the finalists however, Jinkx's camp and comedy prowess proves to be beneficial for this song, with her own strong mouth movements complimenting the song and giving her the edge even with Detox holding her own.
  • From Season 6:
    • Season 6 in general is just giving us awesome lipsync after awesome lipsync. Although the first two had their flops (Kelly and Magnolia), every lipsync since then has been top notch. These girls are not here to take chances.
    • April and Trinity lip syncing to "I'm Every Woman" by Chaka Khan.
    • Trinity and Milk lip syncing "What a Man" by Salt-n-Pepa with En Vogue. It's notable on Trinity's end as she showed that even if it might seem like she's finished she's not and if she should ever fall into the bottom two again she'll come out victorious. Meanwhile, Milk also gets kudos for keeping up in the energy department; she wasn't going home easily and she worked just as hard as Trinity did.
    • Laganja and Joslyn lip syncing to "Stupid Girls" by Pink, especially when they simultaneously do a split. As Courtney points out, neither queen was looking at the other, so they had no clue the other person was going to do the same move. Everyone in the room cheered when it happened.
    • The lipsync between Trinity and Adore saw the two of them working perfectly together to give a fittingly sensual performance of Paula Abdul's "Vibeology" in front of the singer herself. What makes it even more meaningful is that this isn't Adore's first time having to prove herself in front of Paula, and she delivered against Trinity, who's no slouch in the lipsync department as shown above.
  • From Season 7:
    • Katya and Sasha lip syncing to "Twist of Fate" by Olivia Newton-John. While Sasha holds her own, Katya deservedly wins by really connecting to the song and employing splits, slow-splits, and back bends.
    • Jaidynn and Kandy lip syncing to Ariana Grande's "Break Free." Grande was a judge that week and she was visibly impressed by both of them.
    • Jaidynn (with Tempest) and Ginger (with Sasha) hilariously lip sync to "I Think We're Alone Now" by Tiffany. It's made all the more impressive that the pairs were conjoined, since their movement was somewhat restricted.
    • Kennedy Davenport and Katya's lip sync to Katy Perry's "Roar". In tribute to her drag sister Sahara, Kennedy replicates her jump split off the stage.

    Lip Sync Performances (Regular Seasons, 8-13) 
  • From Season 8:
    • Robbie Turner delivered a fantastic lip sync to Faith Evans's "Mesmerized" in roller skates. Oh yeah, and that clip of her in previews falling backwards off the stage? Completely intentional, and it paid off damn well.
    • Naysha Lopez and Chi Chi Devayne's lip sync to Blondie's "Call Me." Both delivered an appropriately high energy performance, with Chi Chi Devayne edging out Naysha.
    • Chi Chi Devayne and Thorgy Thor's lip sync to "And I Am Telling You" from Dreamgirls. Towards the end, a strand of glass beads in the back of Chi Chi's dress got caught in her heel; it snapped as she stood up, dramatically raining beads on her during the climax of the song. This became a defining moment for Chi Chi and ultimately saved her from elimination.
    • Bob and Derrick's lip sync to Sylvester's "You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)." While Derrick goes for a high-energy performance, Bob really connects with the song while pulling a schtick to bring out her personality in the lip sync, scoring her the win.
  • From Season 9:
    • Aja vs. Kimora Blac's lipsync to Bonnie Tyler's "Holding Out for a Hero". When you tell Aja to lipsync for her life, she lipsyncs for her LIFE!
    • Charlie Hides vs. Trinity Taylor's lip sync to Britney Spears's "I Wanna Go". Trinity had just came off of a bad critique and took complete responsibility for her team's shortcomings, effectively sealing her place in the bottom two. Although Charlie only bobbed along, thus sealing her fate, it did not stop Trinity from putting on a show with flips and spins galore.
    • Peppermint became known as the lip sync assassin of the season with a fierce performance to Madonna's "Music" against Cynthia Lee Fontaine. Between fast body movements, making the robot a gag-worthy move, and symbolically shooting Cynthia as if she knew the result of this match, poor Cucu didn't stand a chance.
    • Aja vs. Nina Bo'Nina Brown's lip sync to CeCe Peniston's "Finally". Nina's voguing and breastplate-shaking against Aja's energetic acrobatics and spinning jump split makes for an extremely close call for Nina, the winner.
    • Sasha Velour had two this season - both in the finale. The first one was a lipsync against Shea Coulée to Whitney Houston's "So Emotional". As she'd never lipsynced before in the season proper, nobody knew how Sasha would do in a lip-sync, but the minute Sasha took off her wig and revealed all the rose petals underneath, it was all over for Shea. In interviews after the finale Sasha revealed that if she had gotten Britney Spears' "Stronger" she had a pair of scissors hidden on her that she would have used to strategically cut up her wig on stage, still hiding all the rose petals inside it.
      • And then she goes head-to-bald-head with Peppermint performing Whitney Houston's "It's Not Right But It's Okay", where she deconstructs a face mask (starting with the mouth the second the song begins, as a Take That! to Valentina). She proves to be such an intense lipsyncer that it wins her the crown, in a major upset.
  • From Season 10:
    • The season starts strong with the lip sync between Kalorie Karbdashian-Williams and Vanessa Vanjie Mateo to Christina Aguilera's "Ain't No Other Man". Many viewers upon seeing this Bottom 2 were convinced that Vanessa would handily send Kalorie home due to her somewhat reserved behavior up until that point. However, Kalorie ended up giving an unexpectedly high-energy lip sync, tearing off pieces of her money dress to make it rain and... well, giving the judges body-ody-ody. It's Kalorie that sent Vanessa home.
    • Monét X Change vs Dusty Ray Bottoms lip-syncing Nicki Minaj's "Pound the Alarm" — which includes a death drop fake-out from Monét and Ru telling the other queens at the end that THAT is how you lip-sync for your life.
    • The season 10 episode 9 lip sync between Eureka and Kameron to Patti Labelle's "New Attitude" is a feast of comedy, athleticism, spot-on lip movements, synchronous jump splits and priceless reaction shots from the judging panel. The high-energy performance of both queens (and probably the fact that they both had great track records so far) led to the first double-shantay in a long time. "Now that's what I call a lip sync for your life!"
  • From Season 11:
    • Mercedes' and Kahanna's lipsync to "Work Bitch". Both queens gave very high energy performances with many tricks, but it's Kahanna that goes home.
    • In "Diva Worship", ALL 6 queens on the bottom team lipsync for their lives simultaneously. The only time that many queens perform on stage is during a lipsync extravaganza or a musical performance.
    • Ra'jah gives justice to the Davenport family name in all her lipsyncs. Fans often cite her Curb-Stomp Battle against Mercedes to James Brown's "Living in America" as "how to win a lipsync three seconds in". No wonder the queen who finally sends her home, A'keria, is another Davenport!
    • Ariel takes a hard fall in her lip-sync against Shuga. While she is actually eliminated as a result, viewers have to give Ariel props for getting up and carrying on as if nothing ever happened and delivering a good performance.
    • Brooke and Yvie's lipsync in episode 8. After both of their abysmal performances at Snatch Game, Ru decides to make them lipsync for their life. Both queens pull off amazing dance moves and acrobatic stunts, with death drops, flips and handstands. The lipsync is so good that Ru announces a double shantay. It should be noted that Silky, who won the Snatch Game, was so sure that Yvie was in trouble after a poor Whoopi Goldberg impression, but Yvie and Brooke's performance was such an instant classic that they actually overshadowed Silky's win.
    • Vanjie pulls out 2 amazing back-to-back lipsyncs. First, to "Hood Boy", where she completely captures the essence of the song while wearing a latex bodysuit, eliminating Dance Battler Plastique.
    • The next episode, Vanjie goes against Shuga Cain to "No More Drama" by Mary J Blige. Vanjie uses her caftan and hair whips, and throws her jewelry off the stage bit by bit, for an emotional lipsync. Shuga Cain went all out with the emoting, but Vanjie was truly tired of this drama.
      RuPaul: Vanjie, that was magic. Shantay you stay.
    • The final lipsync for the crown, set to "The Edge of Glory" by Lady Gaga. The awesomeness was expected, since it brought back together Brooke and Yvie, but while the former resorts to Boring, but Practical jumps and acrobatics, Yvie really connects with the spirit of the song, aided by her gorgeous gown and mirrored headdress (making it look like she had three faces - plus a fourth on the back of her head), and manages to win the crown.
  • Season 12:
    • We kick the season off with a bang as Gigi Goode and Widow Von'Du are given the All Stars treatment, and have to lipsync to win for the week. They have the unenviable task of doing "Starships" right in front of Nicki Minaj herself, and Widow goes batshit with high energy splits and moves, while Gigi goes an entirely different direction and plays it for silly comedy, which is a sight to see coming from someone previously so poised. Widow takes this one, but really, both of them delivered.
    • Jaida has one where she manages to show poise and out-camp the comedy of her opponent Sherry Pie to "Call Your Girlfriend" by Robyn. She is obviously declared the winner of the Lipsync.
    • Heidi managed to survive losing her wig, a fit only done by another great lipsyncher Ra'Jah O'Hara. However, she is also the only Queen to put her wig back on as if nothing had happened. Overall, she fit Kim Petras' song "Heart to Break" very well while also doing the infamous robot dance.
    • After being given the worst critiques and being named as the worst by her fellow Season 12 sisters, Widow Von'Du brought out ALL the fire and passion to Chaka Khan's "This Is My Night", who was also sitting right in front of her. Honorable mention also goes to Jan in the same lip-sync, who put up a high energy fight with reveals and death drops.
    • Jackie Cox delivering a campy and emotional lip-sync to Katy Perry's "Firework" all while wearing a hijab, a powerful lip-sync performance that some could deem as a political commentary. Up against Widow Von'Du, who wore a black power-themed look, and also delivered a fantastic, heartfelt performance.
    • The makeover episode has Heidi and Jackie lipsync to "Kill the Lights" by Alex Newell. Both queens are appropriately dressed for the disco number, with Heidi pulling off high-energy dance moves, and Jackie serving a campier and character-based lipsync. In the end, it's a double shantay.
  • Season 13:
    • Ru gifted us with a premiere full of lipsyncs, bringing the girls up in pairs (and one trio) so we could get a long series of performances. Standouts include:
      • Symone vs Tamisha Iman, to "The Pleasure Principle." Symone immediately established herself as a force of personality, serving face, being silly, miming along with the keyboard melody and just being a lot of fun. Tamisha embodied the Janet Jackson of her era, and especially having it be so recent after she's recovered from cancer, she gives her best shot. Sadly, she gets knocked out by Symone.
      • Olivia Lux vs Rosé to "Ex's and Oh's." A powerhouse of a lipsync where Rosé and Olivia both had strong performances, comedy mixed with true lipsync artistry. While a guitar solo is usually something that gets someone sent home, the fact that Olivia pulled it off so well and made it work was truly something incredible. Olivia may be brand new, but she's got some talent, enough to knock Rosé into the Sashay pile.
    • Symone vs Olivia Lux to "Break My Heart", where it showcased two queens taking a song in a direction that was their strong point and really put on a show to the point that either one of them could win. Olivia took the song more literal and gave it a comedic twist, while Symone put out a good old fashioned lipsync that would make Dida Ritz impressed (as well as Latrice, who called it the best lipsync in recent memory for her). As one commenter on the youtube video said;
      I believe in a Symone & Olivia Lux supremacy
    • Denali deserves her own section for the caliber of lipsyncs she puts out. She lipsyncs in her first three episodes (one nonelimnation, one for the win, and the third a proper LSFYL) and each one in stellar.
      • Her first lipsync is done in ice skates but she still knocks it out of the park, even doing a cartwheel, and while she loses it is the most contested loss of the episode.
      • She gets a chance to fully show us what she's capable of in her lipsync against Rosé now that she's lipsyncing in heels and not ice skates, and girl does she DELIVER. She hits every beat cleanly, she serves face, she duckwalks to the bridge, and it shows that Denali is a true lipsync assassin.
      • Her third lipsync to 100% Pure Love by Crystal Waters was so stellar that Ru immediately told her she won the lipsync then went continued to praise how entertaining the performance was before finally telling Denali that who ever has to lipsync against her in the future is going to have a bad time. After the performance, fans started commenting that they would be okay with seeing Denali lipsync every week if she continued to put out these kind of performances.
    • Lala Ri's lipsync to Fancy by Iggy Azalea, turning it out all while wearing an outfit that was LITERALLY falling apart on stage, and even turning Joey Jay's money-throwing gag into her own moment by picking up the discarded dollars as though they were tips.
    • Continuing Season 13's streak of incredible lipsyncs, Kandy Muse and Tamisha Iman's lipsync to Blu Cantrell's "Hit 'Em Up Style (Oops!)" is amazing, with Kandy serving face and emotion, and Tamisha giving soul and dancing all after revealing that she has an ostomy bag.
    • Elliott with 2 Ts and Lala Ri's lipsync to Kelly Clarkson's "Whole Lotta Woman" is a whole lotta awesome, Elliott backs up her much-touted dance training and redeems herself from her premiere lipsync loss. It's even more impressive that she managed to knock out lipsync assassin Lala, who held her own very well during the performance.
    • Kandy Muse and Symone's lipsync to Fifth Harmony's "BO$$" is amazing, Symone gives perfect face, attitude, and a very tight lipsync, Kandy gives high-energy moves and floor choreography, and the pair are even in sync at points of the song. Symone is declared the winner, but Ru can't bring himself to eliminate Kandy either!
    • Utica's lip-sync against Elliott to Company B's "Fascinated" makes the list because of it's surprising turnout, with Utica completely defying all our expectations (given her first episode showing wasn't great) and killing the lip-sync with comedy, perfectly timed moves, and even some impressive floor choreo.
    • Tina Burner and Utica's lip-sync to Black Eyed Peas' "My Humps" was epic, with Utica's spooky-yet-sexy character take on the track winning the judges over.
    • Symone and Utica lip-syncing to Ariana Grande's "No Tears to Cry", Symone looked absolutely breathtaking during the lip-sync, the light hitting her shimmering gold dress in all the right ways as she perfectly emoted the song.

    Lip Sync Performances (All Stars) 
  • From All Stars 1:
    • Honorary Mention to Alexis Mateo who did it four times, and only got eliminated against Raven (All-Stars), who is also a strong lip syncer and because she switched with Yara Sofia.
    • Raven and Jujubee's lip sync to Robyn's "Dancing On My Own" due to the raw emotion involved, doubling as a Tear Jerker. Unlike most lip syncs, there's no dancing, no drag gimmicks, just two friends holding each other as they both burst into tears. It's so heartbreaking, even Rupaul isn't able to send one of them home, telling them 'fuck it, they can both stay!'
  • From All Stars 2:
    • Tatianna and Alyssa's lip sync to Rihanna's "Shut Up and Drive" where they not only Lip Synched For Their Legacy, but also for their lives to return to the competition. It goes so well Ru lets both of them back in.
      • Alyssa Edwards is the first queen to been in two lip-syncs that resulted in Double Shantays.
  • From All Stars 3:
    • Aja and BendelaCreme's lip sync to "Anaconda." Both queens go very high energy and completely connect with the song, but Ben edges Aja out by going completely over-the-top and reducing the judges AND the other contestants into laughing fits.
    • Bendela and Shangela do "I Kissed A Girl" which becomes fanservice from Shangela who disrobes into lingerie. Not to be outdone, Bendela keeps trying to make out with her, to the point of mounting Shangela after she does a death-drop. To no one's surprise, it's a double-shantay.
  • From All Stars 4:
    • Valentina redeeming herself on the Lipsync For Your Legacy in episode 2. Not only does she perform impressive moves without any acrobatics (while serving serious body), but she also knows the words this time around, and managed to beat Monet X Change, a lip sync assassin of her season — to an Ariana Grande song, no less!
    • Manila does Whitney Houston's "How Will I Know" justice, by serving face and playing the whole thing like a giddy, lovestruck teenager. It's a classic, old-school Drag Race lipsync right down to how she blithely stands right in front of her opponent, without any need for flashy dance moves. She shamelessly steals the show from Trinity, a season frontrunner.
    • Naomi's lipsync against Gia Gunn in the Return of the Queens episode to Ru's "Adrenaline". Much ado has been made in the fanbase of the producers giving her little to no screentime during the season, so when given the opportunity to really shine, she shined. The bend back move? The camera cuts to Michelle and Ru's jaws dropping. She brought the comedy too, getting to showcase more of her "Pose" sensibilities.
    • Latrice Royale and Monique Heart pull out all the stops in the same LaLaPaRUza Lip Sync For Your Life to Ru's "Sissy That Walk". Wig Both have wig reveals. Both do the splits, which Latrice never revealed she could do on her earlier seasons. Neither girl wants to go home. And neither does.
    • Again, Naomi in the Best Judys episode to Judy Garland's "Come Rain or Come Shine". She delivered so fiercely, Latrice gave her stamp of approval in much the same manner that she did for Dida Ritz's legendary "This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)" lipsync.
    • The final lipsync puts Trinity and Monét, both strong lipsyncers, against each other. Both bring out such amazing dance moves and comedy (special mention to Monét's identical pussycat wig reveal) that they are declared joint winners of the season.
  • From All Stars 5:
    • The season's lipsync gimmick of having the main challenge winner go against a returning Lip Sync Assassin immediately pays off when India goes against Yvie Oddly to Ricky Martin's "Livin La Vida Loca". India gives a very high energy performance but she's demolished by Yvie's comedy, even higher energy, and acrobatics.
    • Miz Cracker vs season 2's Morgan McMichaels is insane - dancing, death drops, goofy comedy (including a miming of cunnilingus), it's all here. It results in a rare double-shantay!
    • Miz Cracker vs Roxxxy Andrews, from season 5 and All Stars 2, to "One Last Time" by Ariana Grande. Miz has some good, high-energy dancing, and she's completely outclassed in stage presence by Roxxxy's slinky, seductive performance, featuring two reveals, including a "Thick & Juicy" belt wrapped around her butt. Also a Funny Moment just for the Refuge in Audacity.
    • The final three go head-to-head-to-head, set to "Make Me Feel" by Janelle Monáe. Jujubee looks fierce as always and puts forth the kind of sensual performance she used to do in season 2, while Miz Cracker busts out some tassels out of nowhere. And then there's Shea, who - in a performance that would make Janelle proud - did an awesome robot, to compensate for a dress that doesn't seem like it's made for dancing, and it's so out-there that it's no surprise that she wins the crown. And for the record, Janelle Monae was very proud indeed.

    Lip Sync Performances (Drag Race Spinoffs) 
  • UK Season 1:
    • The very first episode has Vinegar Strokes vs Gothy Kendoll (Goth-y Ken-doll), set to Dua Lipa's "New Rules." Vinegar describes her lipsync as "The Vinegar Strokes Show," and she lives up to that boast by jiggling her boobs at the judges, doing two wig reveals in a row to the beat of the song, and generally steamrolling over Gothy.
    • Blu Hydrangea vs Cheryl Hole, set to a remix of Cheryl Cole's "Call My Name." Blu gave it plenty of emoting and power - maybe too much - but Cheryl Hole was performing in front of her heroine, guest judge Cheryl Cole herself. As such, Cheryl Hole danced like her life depended on it, up to and including nearly snapping her leg in half with a death drop. See you on All Stars, Blu.
  • UK Season 2:
    • Bimini Bon Boulash and Joe Black's lip-sync to "Relax" immediately set the bar for the lip-syncs to come and made it clear that the lackluster performances from Season 1 weren't going to be repeated in Season 2, with Bimini sliding into the box splits all while lip-syncing on her head, and Joe giving face and camping the song up.
    • Tayce vs Cherry Valentine, to "Memory" from Cats. The music was light years away from the typical songs used for lipsyncs, yet Tayce manages to give a performance full of passion using only facial expressions and limited movements. The shot of her face in full light, with an immaculate mug smeared in fake blood and pulling a Kubrick Stare, was an immediate reference for fan art.
    • Tia Kofi beating dancing queen Asttina Mandella to "Don't Start Now" by Dua Lipa was certainly a moment, especially after Asttina had hyped up her dance skills since the minute she walked into the werkroom, and Tia was being criminally underrated by her fellow contestants.
    • Ginny Lemon and Sister Sister's lip-sync to "You Keep Me Hangin' On" by Kim Wilde. Ginny quit the competition in her own classy, yet fabulously punk way by walking off stage as soon as the lip-sync started. As jaw-dropping as that moment was, the best moment goes to Sister Sister continuing the lip-sync all by herself and turning it out as if Ginny was still on stage.
    • Tayce and Ellie's lip-sync to "The Last Thing On My Mind" by Steps was incredible, with both girls pulling out all the stops, special mention goes to Ellie's cartwheel into a dip. Neither girl ends up eliminated and BOTH move on to the finale, with Ellie managing to claw her way to the end without a win and Tayce surviving her FOURTH lip-sync!
  • Canada Season 1:
    • Juice Boxx vs Lemon. No one wants to be the Porkchop, of course, and this lipsync exemplifies that, with two great dancers just going absolutely all out to "I Really Like You" by Carly Rae Jepsen. Lemon just edges out poor Juice Boxx, but Brooke Lynn takes a moment to acknowledge that this is what a Lipsync For Your Life looks like. (If you remember what Brooke Lynn was capable of on her own season, you know that's high praise.)
    • For her second time in the bottom, Tynomi Banks goes all out in her lipsync against Anastarzia Anaquway to Deborah Cox's "Absolutely Not" in front of Deborah Cox herself, who Tynomi has been a dancer for in the past. Starzy even copies some of Tynomi's choreography towards the end of the song as a "reprise" to Tynomi's move just before her.
    • Ilona Verley and Tynomi's lipsync to Avril Lavigne's "Girlfriend", which came after an emotional breakdown on stage that actually halted production. Both queens slayed the song, particularly after Tynomi had Ilona promise to give it her all even if her heart wasn't in the lipsync, but at this point it was Tynomi's third time in the bottom and Ilona sent her home.
    • Priyanka vs Kiara, to Céline Dion's cover of "I Drove All Night." Pri gives passion, while Kiara gives energy, and it's a barnburner from start to finish. It's a lipsync that almost makes you forget the Snatch Game just happened. Kiara has to sashay away, but she went down fighting.
    • Priyanka vs Ilona, to Allie X's "Hello". Priyanka once again puts the passion and mixes it with a hefty dose of comedy, air-drumming to the beat of the song and appropriately greeting the judges during the chorus (first with the Queen's Wave, then a goofy hand wave which leaves them in stitches, especially Allie X herself). It's no surprise that Pri manages to send Ilona packing.
    • Episode 8's lipsync between Lemon and Rita Baga to Alanis Morissette's "You Oughta Know" starts off with Rita pulling her contact lenses out and continues with Lemon doing handstand splits on stage, Rita crawling on her hands and knees, and viewers being treated to the entire song in an epic lipsync that results in Lemon going home.
  • Thailand Season 2:
    • Throughout the entire season, the queens have been absolutely terrified of Vanda landing in the bottom with them due to her reputation as a FIERCE lipsyncer. When she finally does land in the bottom 3 with Tormai and Genie in Episode 7, she does not disappoint. She hits every beat and does not miss a single word, even though the song is completely in Thai, a language she is unfamiliar with. Expectedly, she is the first to be declared safe.
    • Angele vs Kana is a high point in the entire season. Following a heartwarming moment where the judges encourage Kana to give it her all after shes willing to sacrifice herself for Angele after landing in the bottom again, both Kana and Angele put up an amazing lipsync which brings both the contestants and judges to tears. Both queens really go all out, with high energy dance moves, gags, and comedy, it ends up in a very deserving double shantay.
      • With this, Kana Warrior survives her 4th lipsync, a first in the entire franchise.

    Season 1 
  • Ru's question of "who should go home tonight, and why" has become a staple of the show every season, and it's been pretty intense reality TV most of the time it's been said. To this day, however, no one has ever given a more iconic answer to this question than Shannel. Her "World of Cardboard" Speech leaves everyone taken aback, even Ru, and it deserves to be quoted in full:
    Shannel: I am so glad you asked this question. I nominate myself. Because I don't want to be here anymore. [Jaw Drop from Merle Ginsberg] Since day one, I have been judged really hard, and I'm very frustrated that you can't see the personality, because I am so fucking real, you have no idea. And I don't feel I'm being understood here. I am beautiful! I'm a beautiful person internally and on the outside. And it's so, so frustrating to me that that image does not seem to be conveyed. Week after week, when we come into an elimination round, I am so negatively critiqued!
    Ru: The truth is, you are beautiful. You are really beautiful.
    Shannel: Thank you. Thank you. That sounds so nice to hear.
    Ru: It's true! And I... I... I'm sorry, I... I thought I told you earlier, I really did. I would not like you to leave. You are a great contender for this contest.
    Ru: [looking very disappointed] Thank you, Shannel.

    Season 2 
  • Say what you want about Tyra Sanchez, but her "Country Realness" ensemble where she pulled off three distinct looks with one outfit is one of the most memorable runway walks in the entire series.
  • Tatianna going off on Tyra Sanchez and her diva behavior during critiques, cementing her reputation as someone not to be messed with. Pandora and Jujubee pointedly back her up, Jujubee in particular getting a moment of Awesome herself for firing back at Tyra with this epic line:
    Jujubee: Girl, I know I’m gorgeous; you don’t need to tell me anything, Miss Thing. Just get yourself some manners so you won’t look so damn stupid. [Tatianna actually laughs]
  • Sonique gets one in the reunion for being the first contestant to come out as transgender, a monumental moment for the show.

    Season 3 
  • Shangela becomes the first queen in the show's herstory to get a second chance in the following season, and she does so by popping out of a giant gift box.
  • In the Season 3 premiere, Raja became the first contestant to win both the mini-challenge and the main challenge.
  • Shangela ripping Mimi Imfurst a new asshole after being accused of having a sugar daddy is still considered by some to be the greatest moment in the herstory of Untucked. Shangela fans know this entire rant by heart:
    Shangela: Time out, hold up, hold up sweetheart, let's get it together before you wanna read. I don't have a sugar daddy, sweetheart. Everything that I have, I worked for, and I worked for to get, and I built myself so I need you to know that 100%. I don't have a sugar daddy; I've never had a sugar daddy. If I wanted a sugar daddy, yes, I could go out and get one, because I am what? Sickening. You could never have a sugar daddy because you are not that type of girl. Baby, everything I have, I worked for, and I've gotten myself. I've built myself from the ground up, you fuckin' bitch! [throws her drink at Mimi]
    • Humorous footnote to this: when Mimi is later eliminated after her infamous lipsync, you can hear Shangela shout "WOO!" from the back of the room. Ouch.
  • Shangela in the stand-up comedy challenge, with her lady pimp character Laquifah (obviously, the entire routine is also a Funny Moment). Since Shangela had experience doing comedy before the show, she utterly kills it on stage, and easily wins the challenge.

    Season 4 
  • During the Pride Boat Parade Extravaganza, with much made of what Pride represents, Willam just slaps a bunch of pictures of himself on his float (star-shaped photos, mind you), and walks out on the runway with it while wearing a super-skimpy denim number with the butt hanging out. And wins the challenge. Talk about Awesome Ego!
    Willam: You know what my boat reminds me of? A winner.
  • Latrice starts to sing and makes everyone in the room follow her and dance. This is why she's a true Miss Congeniality: she's able to bring joy in every moment, no matter the circumstances.
  • In the Season 4 reunion, Willam calls out Phi Phi for her egregious behaviour throughout the season.

    Season 5 
  • In the second Untucked for Season 5, Serena ChaCha begins showing her true colours and tells the queens that their language (read: regular queen speak) is ghetto. The result? The queens descend on her like vultures and begin reading her to filth.
  • Jade Jolie confronting Alyssa Edwards about her antagonistic attitude. Especially since Jade had before mostly been shown as bubbly and soft, but this showed she's more a case of Silk Hiding Steel.
  • Ivy Winters coming out on the runway on stilts. Could someone pick Ru's jaw off the floor please?
  • Jinkx Monsoon winning Season 5's Snatch Game with her Little Edie impersonation, coming out on top after the other queens give her crap for picking an obscure figure and for her style in general, being more about comedy and camp rather than glamour.
    • Any time Jinkx wins a competition or scores highly, since it always comes after being doubted and second-guessed by the other queens. As of 2018, she still holds the record for the longest time in a high or winning position, at nine consecutive weeks.
    • The fact that Jinkx was the first queen to win two challenges in season five.
    • In "Sugar Ball," Jinkx may have landed in the bottom two for the first time, but she still got a MOA when she broke up Rolaskatox by sending Detox home. She completely owns it in the lip sync, which is especially ironic since the other girls had been doubting her ability to win if put up for elimination. Remember that Detox is definitely no slouch in the lip sync department, with her famous mouth wiggle.
  • Alaska's Defend Your Life speech.
  • Detox's look in the finale. She showed up with her body painted grey and a bunch of jewelry on her, looking like she'd just popped out of an old black & white Hollywood movie. This look was such a classic that it became the basis for a runway challenge in season 8.

    Season 6 
  • Bianca Del Rio, in particular with Magnolia Crawford and Adore Delano in Untucked.
  • You say what you want about Laganja Estranja, and a lot has been said, but her Season 6 entrance with a picture-perfect death drop is the gold standard by which all other entrances are judged.
  • The Snatch game has three awesome performances:
    • Adore Delano; good lord, her Anna Nicole Smith impression is perfect.
    • BenDeLaCreme as Maggie Smith, whose answers are in calligraphy.
    • Bianca Del Rio as Judge Judy, who has a grand old time shouting at everyone for the entire game.
    Bianca!Judy: BALONEY!!!
  • The rap 'Oh No She Betta Don't '. Ben and Bianca are hilarious in the best way, Joslyn gives a surprisingly strong verse and Adore delivers her strongest performance yet and ends up winning the challenge.
  • In the Season 6 comedy challenge, the girls must perform stand-up comedy in front of a live audience of senior citizens. Despite a series of lukewarm performances, Trinity does very well, and even Ru is just about brought to tears with how proud she is of her.
  • Adore winning the Drag Ball challenge, as previously in the same episode she actually has a minor breakdown and is in tears in front of RuPaul during her walkthrough. It's also awesome because Ru constantly tells her queens to apply their talents towards other tasks they feel they're weak in, and they constantly don't get it. Adore, for all her ditzyness, actually does get it, incorporating her distinctive personality and acting skills into her looks, with Bob Mackie himself saying her looks weren't really that strong, but her performance in each role sold him on the outfits.
  • The Rusical challenge in season 6. Being skilled vocalists, Courtney and Adore delivered hard. Ben also held her own and managed to land in the week's top 3 with her performance. Fans were craving for a full-length version.

    Season 7 
  • Violet Chachki's reversible black sequined/red plaid outfit for the Fall Fashion Show mini-challenge. She almost literally knocked Carson Kressley out of his seat out of pure shock at the flawless transition and reveal.
  • Violet. Chachki's. Waist. For her "Death Becomes Her" look, she struts the runway with a waist so cinched she actually walks the stage with an oxygen tank ...see for yourself here. According to her, it's eighteen inches — less than half her shoulder width.
  • In Season 7, Kennedy's Little Richard and Ginger's Adele are both so hilarious and flawlessly executed that they tie for winner, a first for the series.
    • Kennedy pulling off successful male drag on the show is pretty awesome in itself (compare to last season with the flummoxed reactions to Milk's impression of Workroom Ru).
  • Season 7 had a special dance challenge where each contestant was paired up and had to dance in half-man half-girl drag. Everyone did exceptionally well, to the point where Rupaul herself was having an obviously hard time deciding what to do since none of them did that poor.

    Season 8 
  • In season 8, Kim Chi, Robbie and Naomi sing a punk song about chicken wings... And absolutely knock it out of the park.
    • From that same episode, Kim Chi, Thorgy and Acid Betty all look absolutely stunning in their runway looks.
  • In Season 8, Bob The Drag Queen did a Snatch Game first by doing two impersonations. First, a spot-on (and hilarious) impersonation of Uzo Aduba, followed by switching characters mid-game to an even funnier Carol Channing. No one was surprised when Bob won the challenge.
  • Violet Chachki stunning everyone in attendance by upstaging every drag queen present at the Season 8 finale. During the winners' runway, she showed up in a breathtaking hooded ballroom gown, cinched for the gods, dripping in opulent jewellery, covered in bugs and makeup that made her look like she was a corpse, and sporting a latex crown that seemed to grow right out from her skull. It was glorious.

    All Stars 2 
  • The talent show in the first episode gives us perhaps Tatianna's greatest moment, when she comes out with a little spoken-word piece called "The Same Parts." Tatianna wowed everyone in attendance and made Katya's life with this piece. (Katya still quotes this performance on UNHhhh to this day.)
  • All Stars 2's transformations runway challenge brought such spectacular results from every single queen that on Fashion Photo Ruview, Raja and Raven didn't boot a single look (in fact, they gave a couple of the looks a "shoot", a step above and beyond their normal "toot" for looks that they like).
  • All Stars 2: Alaska found herself in the bottom for the first time. During a conversation between her and Katya, the latter (who was among the best of the week and could eliminate her) said "Party" and there was a moment of silence. Alaska freaked out in an extremely brattish way.
    • Even more awesome, earlier in the episode, Alaska had called Katya "Adore" as a way to shade her. Katya had found a way to subtly return the favor as a joke.
  • In the All Stars 2 reunion episode, Ru talks how the proudest achievement of her career has been using her platform to launch 100 drag queens to international stardom. At that moment, the screen fills with all 100 RuPaul's Drag Race contestants as of Season 8. It's hard not to just pause and stare in awe and remember what each queen brought to the show.

    Season 9 
  • Season 9 Premiere... LADY MOTHERFREAKING GAGA!
    • Gaga's entrance also deserves special props. She walks in wearing full costume to the point where the contestants are openly stating that she's this season's Derrick. The confession cam proceeds to introduce her as "Ronnie" (complete with her hair up looking a little like Farrah) before she takes off the cap and lets her hair out. In the workroom, it's only when she takes off her mask that it dawns on the other queens, who collectively piss themselves. Well played, Gaga, well played.
    • The queens have to recreate some of Gaga's looks, and in a complete reversal from last year's Kimonogate, we get varied outfits that are often perfect copies of the original. As Gaga pointed out, the originals were made by professional designers working in teams, while the contestants have to do this by themselves and on a budget. Charlie, Alexis and Nina in particular manage to nail the detail and styling.
  • After a liver cancer scare last season, the surprise return of Cynthia Lee Fontaine (and the Cucu!) is a triumphant moment.
  • From Season 9's semi-final, "Category Is" by Peppermint, Sasha Velour, Trinity Taylor and Shea Coulee — who all wrote, recorded and lip-synced/performed their own rap verses. Not only did they all completely kill it, but it ended up with NONE of them being eliminated and all four of them qualifying for the final.
  • Aja and Farrah in the reunion, calling out Valentina over the Miss Congeniality award, took some major balls.

    All Stars 3 
  • All Stars 3: For the Variety Show, four of the ten girls (Shangela, Aja, Kennedy and Chi Chi) went with dance-focused numbers. Aja went out of her way to request a platform from the production team, who were reportedly baffled about what she might have in mind for it. Hers and Kennedy's performances warrant special mention here:
    • In Aja's own words to the other girls: "I’m not going to tell you why I deserve to be here — I’m just going to show you." She came out guns blazing (or katana unsheathing, as it may be) to her original track "Level Ya Pussy Up", going through two outfit reveals while simultaneously voguing, duck-walking and death-dropping with astonishing precision. She capped off her performance by death-dropping off of the mainstage platform, pointedly being prefaced by Milk asking, "Is she gonna jump from there?" It's also worth noting that Aja actually wanted the platform to be higher, but Kennedy asked for it to be lowered for... well, keep reading below.
    • Clearly not looking to be topped by anyone, Kennedy followed this performance up with her own high-energy affair replete with high kicks and cartwheels... including a cartwheel onto the aforementioned platform. This stunt deserves to be highlighted in particular because while Aja's earlier death-drop was obviously impressive (impressive enough to win her a spot in the episode's Top 2 no less), Kennedy's cartwheel was not only essentially an inversion of this, but it wasn't something anyone on the show had done up until that point. (High altitude death-drops and splits, while effectively still being the nuclear option on the show, have precedent, notably including Kennedy's own off-stage split in her notorious Season 7 lip-sync against Katya.) Also, the filming crew deserve props for keeping the platform out of frame until literally the moment Kennedy's leg made contact with it.
  • The Rudemption Runway in episode 2 of All Stars 3 has the queens revisit their most infamously bad outfits from their respective seasons, and they all do a fantastic job, with the judges giving really minimal criticism on the looks.
  • As of episode 4 of All Stars 3, Ben is not only the first queen to win Snatch Game twice, her season track record of 4 wins is already on par with Sharon Needles' record-setting win-count in Season 4 (which has only been met so far by Alaska in All Stars 2 and Shea Couleé in Season 9). Her showing has been so strong that by the time of this episode's airing, she is actively judging herself based on whether or not she wins the final lip sync because by the standards of All Stars, there is literally no other metric by which she hasn't won yet.
    • As for the other winner of the episode, Shangela nets herself a second win, demonstrating the sheer magnitude of her growth since Season 3 and definitively proving to the audience that she's not here to play games... mostly. The other aspect of her performance that's remarkable is how she's using her caché to completely mold the dialogue of the season. While Ben has been attempting to "fairly" use her elimination vote effectively as an extension of the judges' critiques, by contrast, Shangela is more than living up to her Season 3 reputation for playing the game and has consistently used her elimination vote as a way to remind the other queens of who not to cross.
  • In episode 6 of All Stars 3 Ben wins her fifth challenge, the most of any contestant on the show thus far, and chooses to eliminate herself, as she realizes that the crown means more to her competitors than to her. It's one of the only moments in the show that leaves everyone, including Ru, stunned.

    Season 10 
  • Blair St. Clair confesses during critiques that she was once raped during her college years, and then discusses the effects it had on her afterward. The Vixen, for one of the only times in the season, shows her Hidden Heart of Gold, immediately comforts Blair, and says:
    The Vixen: I'm very shaken... and I can't wait to find that motherfucker.
  • Kameron Michaels practically redefined "lip sync assassin" this season. She wound up lip syncing five times over the course of the season, and every time she was on the bottom she just would not go home, turning it out every single time, and only falling to Aquaria in the finale.
  • During the reunion, Ru busts out the reading glasses and allows the queens to let off a little steam after some emotional discussions. We get some good reads, but Dusty Ray Bottoms of all people just goes off, tearing into Kameron and Eureka, and even throwing some pitch-black comedy at Blair, leaving everybody in hysterics. Who saw that one coming?? note 

    All Stars 4 
  • Gia Gunn, always the resident shit-stirrer, tries to bring up a falling-out between herself and Farrah Moan from six months ago, right as Farrah is getting ready to go on. Farrah isn't so easily fooled, and responds to these mind games by verbally nuking Gia off the face of the Earth:
    Farrah: Yeah, well, some of us don't have to, y'know, force storylines to get their airtime.
    Gia: ...
    Monique Heart: COME THROUGH, FARRAH!!!

    Season 11 
  • In episode 3, while unfortunate for Team Mariah (whose fumble is only matched by the notorious Shakesqueer challenge in Season 7, curiously also a third-episode challenge), there has never been in perhaps the entire history of Drag Race a more thorough trouncing in a team challenge. Team Britney took the ball and ran with it so fiercely, the only real deliberation on the mainstage was how to choose a girl to eliminate from Team Mariah. Team Britney was immediately handed the challenge win, and Nina claimed a well-deserved victory for coordinating it and simultaneously stealing the show.
  • Depending on whether or not you specifically enjoy the show's drama and big personalities, Untucked Episode 7. Drag Race hasn't seen a pile-up this spectacular in years, with rapid succession arguments between Yvie, Silky, Vanjie, Ra'jah and Plastique. The mood strongly harkens back to Season 5's Untucked.
  • Episode 8's runway had Brooke Lynn doing an amazing outfit AND wig reveal in one smooth motion, shocking both viewers and judges, who were so gagged they considered saving her from elimination despite her disastrous Snatch Game. Ru absolutely shits a brick watching it.
  • Episode 9's challenge, the magic show, practically rehashes what happened with the evangelical talk show. The Mighty Tucks dominate over The Black Magic, and it's confirmed how strong of a live performer the winner - Nina West - is.
  • Really, Yvie Oddly is a walking MOA. She suffers from Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, which not only allows her to be extremely flexible and pull off some amazing stunts onstage, but she states that she is in constant pain because of it and she anticipates that it will eventually render her physically disabled. But in spite of this, she powers through and is a genuinely fierce queen — when she rolls her ankle during the gymnastics challenge, she constructs her entire runway look around it and plays it for comedy, and even demonstrates her acrobatic skills to Alyssa Edwards in the following episode, while wearing a bandage and noting how much her ankle hurt while she did it. Also during that episode's line-dance she completely hams it up while playing the fiddle and is absolutely hilarious even while not being able to stand. And THEN in episode 8 she and Brooke Lynn have a double shantay after one of the most iconic lipsyncs in the series. All of the other queens doubted Yvie — in episode 11, nearly EVERYONE said that she deserved to go home — yet she goes on to win the entire season, even though she only had ONE challenge win. Determinator, right there.
    • To expand on one part of this: there was a comment Silky made to Ru in the workroom about how Yvie should probably go home because she's been working hurt. Yvie is very unhappy about this, so right after Yvie puts on a memorable demonstration of her flexibility for an astonished Alyssa Edwards - with a sprained ankle, mind you - she walks off stage by the other queens, and Silky receives this burn:
    • Her lipsync against Brooke Lynn in the finale deserves a mention. Notably, she actually DOESN'T have a reveal — just that rhinestoned face on the back of her head. Yet she absolutely NAILED it while just relying on her insane acrobatic skills, in a ballgown, no less.

    UK Season 1 
  • Scaredy Kat winning the very first mini-challenge. Repeat, Scaredy Kat - a 19-year-old bedroom queen - winning the very first mini-challenge. Talk about Beginner's Luck!
    Divina: Scaredy Kat. Is the winner. She just got birthed. What is this about???
  • The Snatch Game nets Baga Chipz and The Vivienne a rare double-win, for their impressions of Margaret Thatcher and Donald Trump, respectively. Michelle actually called The Vivienne's Trump impression the best Snatch Game performance ever.
  • During the girl group challenge, Divina's group is recording their vocals, and on a whim Divina sings the song's main riff in whistle tones. Producer MNEK completely loses his shit, and in confessionals he compares it to hearing Mariah Carey sing. When Divina was talking up her singing range, she was not fucking around.
  • Divina gets fed up with The Vivienne not taking her seriously, and goes off on her with an epic "World of Cardboard" Speech during an argument. It instantly became iconic in the fandom.
    Divina: You clearly don’t value what I do as a drag queen. Tell me anybody else in this Werk Room who has a four and a half octave range! Tell me anybody else who can sing in five languages! Tell me anybody else who can do all that while doing the splits! Tell me anybody else who has fifteen years of directing production shows!

    Season 12 
  • Heidi has one in episode 3. She got mitigated critics last week and got chosen as one of the two least threatening Queens this week. However, she manages to become the highlight of the episode and is applauded for her comedic and star quality by both the judges and the Queens in Untucked.
  • Also in episode 3, Dahlia storming off the stage during her elimination was seen by the fans as audacious, to say the least.
  • Heidi gets another one in Untucked when she angrily calls out the other queens for picking on Aiden, in one of the most intense Cluster F Bombs in the entire series. It's not uncommon to see Heidi fans point to this moment as when they truly fell in love with her.
    Heidi: At the end of the day it doesn't fucking matter! Bitch is safe; leave her the fuck alone! I'mma worry about Heidi right now, okay? Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you and fuck you!
  • Ru quickly hesitated when Gigi decided to do Maria the Robot for Snatch Game, thinking a robot might make for poor improv, but Gigi has the balls to tell Ru that she "did not share those concerns." It was a big risk, but Gigi was hilarious as a Jerkass robot, and surprised no one when she won the challenge.
    • Smaller moment from the same episode: it also wasn't a surprise that Aiden Zhane went home after a go-nowhere Snatch Game performance, but upon elimination, she gives a humble, respectful speech, gets to the back, and then gives us this iconic exit:
      Aiden Zhane: And also, I will not leave this competition being the quiet bitch, so on that note, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! [walks off to cheers from the other queens]
  • Heidi winning the Droop episode makes her one of the rare Queens to have her first win after lipsynching twice, an achievement that only Raven and Coco Montrese were able to do.
  • Jackie Cox's Stars and Stripes look: an American-flag hijab and kaftan. Jackie, a queen of Middle Eastern descent, tells a heartwrenching story during critiques about the treatment of her family in the US. She proceeds to win the lipsync to Katy Perry's "Firework" in one of the strongest lipsyncs of the season.
  • This season truly sets a new standard of star power. For several challenges, the judges admit that absolutely no one did poorly and are splitting hairs trying to find critiques for the queens.
  • Jaida Essence Hall winning makes her the first Pageant Queen to win a regular season, and she worked her ass off to get it.
    • The finale, put together over Zoom during the coronavirus pandemic, coming off as strong as it did, is a testament to all the teamwork involved, from the queens to the production crew.
    • Aiden Zhane made her outfits for the season on a low budget, and got a lot of heat from some fans for looking half-baked. As part of the "digital red carpet" from the finale, Aiden served this glow-up that blew everyone away, including this season's Pit Stop recapper, Bob the Drag Queen. All of a sudden, fans want Aiden on All Stars!
    • Nicky Doll revealed that Jaida went into the season with one week less preparation time than the other contestants because she was cast later than the rest of them. In spite of this, Jaida made every single one of her dresses (except for her yellow tulle dress) and looked amazing in each runway.

    All Stars 5 
  • Jujubee was in the very first reading challenge in season 2, and won. Ten years later, and Juju's Still Got It, reading the girls to filth and winning the same challenge a second time - tied with Blair, whose surprisingly strong showing is kind of awesome in its own right.
  • India Ferrah's performance in the talent show is an incredible comeback for her, considering that when she was first announced, many fan's reactions where either "Who?" or "Why is she in All-Stars?". She comes out guns blazing for a dance extravaganza with hair flips a-plenty, and a fire she never quite got to show on season 3. One would think she'd be an easy candidate to win the week. And that's exactly what happens!
    • While she's only declared safe, Mariah comes out for the same challenge with a powerful spoken word piece about gay rights and racial segregation, and uses red paint - smeared all over a mirror and her own dress - to represent the "stains on the walls" left behind by those who have fought and died for those causes. This was filmed a year prior to airing, so Mariah couldn't have known how poignant and powerful the message would be in the Black Lives Matter protests in 2020, but on its own, it's still a startling dose of reality. Before she leaves the stage during critiques, guest judge Ricky Martin personally showed his appreciation for Mariah's statement (echoed by a lot of fans).
  • Ongina's Rudemption read after Miz Cracker said she would eliminate her:
    Ongina:You're not Bendelacreme and you wish you were.
  • It took a decade, but in episode 3 Jujubee finally won a maxi challenge.
  • The finale looks from Derrick Barry and Jujubee. Derrick finally has an opportunity to show that she can, in fact, break out of the infamous Britney Box, and her powder blue dress and crown serves elegance that doesn't look like Britney Spears at all. As for Jujubee, her final runway look before the lipsync is a reference to Buddha, in the form of a gorgeous golden bodysuit with an orange sash that turns into a train. It's almost universally considered the best look of the finale, and possibly the whole season (which is saying a lot if you remember Shea Coulée's bodysuit from episode 2).

    Canada Season 1 
  • In episode 2, Anastarzia Anaquway tells a haunting story in the Werk Room, about the struggles of being queer in the Bahamas, who are much less friendly to LGBT lifestyles than in Canada. More to the point, she's actually lost friends to hate crimes, and was the victim of one herself, being shot multiple times upon arriving home one night. Not only did she survive, she drove herself to the hospital. After Starzy healed from the incident, she immediately sought asylum in Canada and never looked back. She still has a bullet in her kidney. This story is a devastating Tear Jerker, but the fact that Starzy survived to become such a decorated, accomplished queen, cements her as a Determinator.
  • Scarlett Bobo in episode 2, coming out on the runway and accentuating her look with a fire-eating routine. Holy shit!
  • Scarlett Bobo proved to be quite a Determinator this season, going a full eight episodes being safe and never in the bottom, surely a record. In episode 9, she finally wins a challenge, and it's the Ball challenge no less.
  • Priyanka winning the crown makes her the first queen of Indian descent to win a season. The fact that she won while done up in a traditional Indian look only adds to what a great moment this is.
    • She's also the first Queen who was twice in the bottom to ever win.

     Drag Race Thailand Season 2 
  • Seeing as how runway plays a much larger part in whether or not the queens lipsync, its expected that the queens absolutely turn it for every single runway. And what's more is that, most of the time, the queens garments are constructed before the runway! Not from scratch, but still. Here are some highlights throughout the season:
    • Episode 5:
      • Miss Gimhuay and Bandit absolutely DESTROYED the runway. Miss Gimhuay came out in a scooter decorated to look like a bike, and even had and LED fire and smoke reveal underneath her jacket. Meanwhile, Bandit perfectly executed 3 distinct and beautiful looks in 1, with each seamlessly transitioning to the other. Season 1 and RPDR US All Stars 5, who?
      • Even though she landed in the bottom due to her outfit, Maya B'Haro was able to pull off a jaw-dropping stunt where she lit and her hands on fire and even pranced off the stage that way. Now THAT'S how you make an exit.

     Season 13 
  • While the charismatic Symone goes on to win episode 2 as a whole - to the point that both Ru and Ross take time out to call Symone a star, which RuPaul does not do for just anyone - the episode is also an understated one for Elliott With 2 Ts. At the beginning of the episode, she's "eliminated" by the other Porkchops, only for Ru to turn the tables and invite Elliott to participate with last week's winners. While the other winners, especially Kandy, are leery of Elliott from the get-go, she proves any and all doubters wrong, with well-received runways and a solid performance that's easily on par with the others, including a picture-perfect split during the musical number.
  • Denali's verse and routine in Phenomenon scored her an uncontested win among the fans. Her verse was so strong that it was regarded as the only one in recent years that could contend with Katya's Read U Wrote U
    • As a whole, the Porkchop group managed to turn the tables with their performance video garnering more views than than Condragulation. Even Kahmora's verse, while goofy, was seen at the level of Roxxxy's verse iconicness.
  • Symone has been having one hell of a streak. Winning her first lipsync, and then back to back Challenge wins on the episodes she was on. Although she's not the fastest in episode length, to gain two challenge wins (that belongs to Alexis Mateo and Sharon Needles), she is the fastest in appearances to gain two challenge wins (not counting episode 1, her first and second episode, she racked up wins).
  • Special shout out to Denali's mom, for being a badass indigenous woman who's a 6th degree black belt.
  • In episode 10, Ru finally drops the big question: who should go home tonight and why? As always, everyone gives reluctant but polite answers... except resident Motor Mouth Kandy Muse, who when Denali singles her out, stands up for herself and her partner Gottmik, and goes off into a minute-long rant that belongs here just for the sheer audacity. She shades Tina, Denali, Olivia and the judges in one breath. Amazing.
    Kandy: Uhm, first and foremost I wanna say that I didn’t know Tina Burner owned flames or the colors orange, red and yellow. You’ve never seen Tina walking down the runway lookin' like a ho, like this [gestures to Gottmik] looking flawless. For number one. And for number two, me and Gottmik had the hardest challenge in this entire group. Cause I’m big and she’s little and yet we still made it work. All these bitches have the same size, so there’s no excuse why they should look as weak, and Olivia and Denali look like the weakest out of everyone on the stage. Just my opinion.
  • Even though she was eliminated the episode prior, Denali is arguably the true winner of the soft drink branding challenge because, unlike the queens who were there for that challenge, Denali actually created her own soft drink and marketed it before the season began, completely selling out a month before the episode even aired.
  • While Kandy successfully exploited Genre Savvy and led the Nice Girls Roast to her first main challenge victory it was Utica's Insult Comic routine that would be remembered for its, um, So Bad, It's Good tendencies. Her awkward, unusually harsh reads of the room ended up getting her heckled in a Moment of Awesome for guest judge Loni Love.
    Utica:'s just as hard to swallow as Loni Love's comedy career.
    Loni: You're the one bombing.
    • The routine then Crosses the Line Twice when Utica tells RuPaul to stand up after calling her a fashion icon. Ru responds naturally - by Flipping the Bird with both hands then miming getting fisted. This is in reference to a long running claim that after walking the runway Ru switches out the bottom half for sweatpants before sitting at the judging table.
  • In episode 13's Untucked, the pressures of getting to the top 4 catch up with Kandy, not helped by getting criticism over her messy runway look, and she has a panic attack. She winds up spending a good portion of Untucked with a set medic, with even guest judge Cynthia Erivo making a point to check on her. Despite this, Kandy gets back on the main stage, is unsurprisingly put in the bottom, and sends Olivia Lux home in a hard-fought lipsync. Again - right after a panic attack.

     UK Season 2 
  • A'whora's "Lockdown Supershero" look in episode 7, easily one of the most polished looks to ever be made entirely in the Werk Room. Her win that episode was no surprise to anyone.
  • This season's winner makes history. Lawrence Chaney is not only the first winner from Scotland, but the first plus-sized girl to win!
    • Credit should go to one of the runners-up. Prior to the pandemic break, Bimini Bon-Boulash was usually safe with one bottom placement, fading into the background a bit. After the break, she came back with a vengeance, got four wins in rapid succession and became a huge fan favorite. Probably one of the most epic glow-ups in Drag Race herstory.
    • The other runner-up, Tayce, is a rare queen to survive four lipsyncs, the last of which was a double-shantay, which cemented her as one of the all-time great lipsync assassins in the franchise. It kept her afloat right up till the final three.

    Other Examples 
  • When 25 Drag Race queens (along with five others) performed with Miley Cyrus at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards, dressed in elaborate monster-themed outfits. Not the first time drag queens have graced the VMA stage, but the first time each one was a star in her own right and added individual touches to the performance, such as Laganja's show-stealing death drop, Gia Gunn's voguing, Carmen Carrera being the most naked by far, etc. It ties in with Miley's biggest pet cause being GLBT advocacy. Even if you dislike her music and/or stage antics, it was a powerful moment nonetheless. Here is a list of all the involved queens.
  • Delta Work won the Primetime Creative Arts Emmy for Hairstyling on a Multi-Camera Series. To date, as of 2018, while Ru and the Drag Race production team have won multiple Emmys, this is the first time an individual Rugirl has won an Emmy for her work on the show.
  • During season 12, Ensemble Darkhorse Jan started Jan's Jukebox, where week after week she'd record a cover of all the lip sync songs on her season, with an accompanying video. The result was Awesome Music, and it only made Jan fans love her more. This is one such effort, of Robyn's "Call Your Girlfriend."
  • Like Jan before her, season 13's Denali recreated each of her lipsyncs from the show, sometimes even in ice skating routine form, and posted them to her Youtube channel. Being a Dance Battler and lipsync assassin, these videos are utterly amazing each time but two deserve a special mention:
    • "Chicago Drag Excellence", set to "100% Pure Love" by Crystal Waters. Not only does Denali feature next to her the queen she eliminated, but she also showcases the performers of the Chicago drag scene with ample spotlight, including previous contestants Dida Ritz, Laila McQueen, the Vixen and Detox (and a voiceover cameo from reigning All Star Shea Couleé).
    • Her lipsync to "Shackles (Praise You)" by Mary Mary. She had to wake up at 3 AM and hike in drag down a mountain, in order to film the lipsync and hike back up before the sunset. The result is an amazing video of Denali skating in full drag on a frozen lake, surrounded by snow-capped mountains. Scenery Porn at its finest.

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